Pandit Bhimsen Joshi sings for Shri Mataji

London (England)

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Pandit Bhimsen Joshi sings for H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. London (UK), 30 September 1985.

Comment 1

Now the one, the first one is going to singing Telekamor (?​). It says that instead of washing your body so clean if you cannot keep your heart clean.

Everybody goes for pilgrimages but who, they do not see to cross the… cross the illusion, which you have crossed. You have crossed the illusion. The desires do not go up, go away, so how do/will they cross this ocean of illusion?


Comment 2

A poem composed by Shri Namadeva, whom you know that very well, and he sang about the Pandarinat Shri Krishna who is in Pandanpur, which you have seen and Namadeva was a great poet.


Comment 3


Keep the tea ready, all right? Please.

This is here the Atulsi diasa(?) And asking for one boon from God singing all that, he comes to the position where he says that: „Oh Lord give me the blessings of devotion to God.
All this (indistinct) … bhakti…

[Woman speaks in hindi]

That is your job to look after me, but give me the devotion. It is Gods job, no doubt, to look after you, but he is asking for the bhakti, the devotion, and just see the devotion is flowing, see?


Comment 4

In this beautiful composition by the great Tukaram, he describes himself in a very beautiful way that: „I’m less than an atom and a molecule. But now I have become greater than the skies”.

It’s beautifully said in this one but at the end of it he describes also, in the middle he describes actually the Kundalini, because he says that Trikuti has fallen and in the ghata that you know the ghata is the kumba where is the light, that’s the part, very symbolical you see, he doesn’t say Kundalini directly, but in a very symbolic way he has described Kundalini in this one.


The third word is after realisation, after getting the light. What he says: „Now I am left only for doing good to others, nothing left in me, only farukkara(?) Arufkar (?) is to, English oblige (?) is not the word.. ..but to do good to others, to be charitable
.. I’m only left for that, nothing else is left”.

So in three stages, he describes himself so beautifully


so we knew about atoms long time back


Comment 5

This is a very powerful composition by Shri Dnyanadeva. Now here he is saying that: ‘Oh Lord,
You have got the gonguri, the one we cover – the shawl, the one I gave you, that one is so beautiful and so great. Sangali means is good, but my is why so bad? „Why is it so bad?” he is asking a question to God, its a little quarrel with God I should say but the second, the first verse he says beautifully that ‘Your, this gongori has been made with swagata’, means You yourself have woven into it through Your subtle gunas and all Sat Chitt Ananada within You. While mine is full of the six enemies, [indistinct] I have got all the three heeds(?) coming from the three nadis, all those I have got in my gonguri, so Yours is so good why not mine?

The third one he says: Hindi
and he takes the name of Rakumali and Vithala as you know Vithalas’ power is Rakhumai. You see in the colloquial language we call it ee Rakumai, of course, we tell us.. its Lakshmi but we call it Rakumai ee and this one Rakhuma and the Vithala are my parents, and then he says that Muni and Rishis when they do meditation and sing Your song. Then all my doubts are finished and my whole attention is dissolved at Your Lotus Feet by which I have lost all my temptations ..hindi.. temptations, temptations and that’s what has happened to me. Do you follow? What a powerful poem it is.
And the way it was sang. I must say he put full bhakti into it, so beautifully sang that I wish Gyaneshwara was here to hear it.

Comment 6

It is such a great exponent of Divine music I should say. Such a great personality like him to come down, to a humble place like this, and to sing us the praise of God and of devotion. I have no words to thank.
What can we give him when he brought the complete brindaban here? What can you say to him? Just, we all thank him very much, may God bless you and hope you will come back again and then we will have a proper big arrangement for him to have his music and to enjoy.
May God bless you all.