Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Like a Drama (Arrival)

Kingsley and Ruth Flint's flat, Strasbourg (France)

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Talk to yogis. Strasbourg (France), 9 October 1985.

Like a drama it is that you have to reach a climax point, otherwise … I’m saying it is like a drama that it has to reach a climax point. And I see the game has started now this way creating an expectancy and little suspense, and then ultimately you arrive on the scene. Yesterday it was said that there’s no chance at all, so I wondered, “What’s happening now?” I said, “If there’s no chance, then how can I go?” Then I said, “I’ll have to sneak in somehow.” And it worked.

It is becoming very interesting now, Sahaja Yoga. Formerly I remember that when you went to any place there would be a straightforward march, no problem. But without events it’s not interesting, and when there are certain events one should not get upset but to watch for the climax. For you also in your personal life and individual life and collective life you’ll find such things happening now, you’ll find this kind of happening in a very dramatic manner. And then they report it to Me that “How, Mother, dramatically the whole thing took place and how it all worked out so well.”

But the biggest thing is that we are getting now such good Sahaja yogis who are so very matured. And it’s so encouraging that there are still so many sane people left in this mad world. And the madness is also of different varieties. I find there are some people who are stupid because they are egoistical and they do all kind of stupid things. And they like only the things that are stupid and they don’t like anything that is dignified or deep. This is the big problem but when they are stupid they waste their life and ultimately I don’t know where they are going to end up.

And when they are not stupid, they are mad caps.

Translator: Idiots?

Shri Mataji: No, that’s different.

Translator: That’s another category.

Shri Mataji: Another category.

Translator: Possessed?

Shri Mataji: No, no, mad caps are not possessed, no, no. Mad caps are bumptious people, people who are bumptious. They are bumptious by nature, they talk big, they give big stories, I mean, they don’t know what they are talking. They say they talk through your hat, means the ego has pierced through the hat. Not the Kundalini, but ego. So that sort of people, they come out. So this is one of the sides.

The another is the people who are idiots, idiotic. In Sanskrit it’s called as murdhas. Murdhas are the people who are idiotic. In Sanskrit the stupids are called murkhas and the mad caps are called as bhaskalas and the ones who are idiots are called murdhas. But the modern style there is one more and that is “confused.” In Sanskrit it’s brahmith. They must be having all these at that time also [some?] because how do they have the names then?

Now if you ask anyone these days they want to say that they are confused because by that they try to show that they are very aware. And you talk to them about Sahaja Yoga, to them it is absolutely out of the blue, so they just look at you blankly and they say, “We are confused.” Could this be left out? If you try now to tell them anything about Sahaja Yoga, to such people, they will just put up a blank and they will not understand, for them it is out of the blue, so they say, “We are confused.”

Of course these qualities were existent before but regarded as very bad and ridiculous, but nowadays people are proud of it, that’s the worst part. Now all these are related to the brain, quality of your brain. If there is any problem like this, that means something wrong with the brain. Now also we have to understand that this is the age in spirituality to enlighten your brain. So how do we try to make our brain understand Divine? Through experience. Like first the experience of realization and then the experiences of lots of miracles in personal life or collective life. Then we get a blessing, a kind of enlightenment; and that enlightenment is the faith, is the shraddha. Then we start accepting the Divine, “Oh, that’s the truth.” And the truth cannot be explained because it is the truth. It is so evident, like you see somebody’s eyes and you don’t put a scalpel in the eye just to find out and analyze it immediately, do you? But you would like to use it because it is the truth. Once we understand that we should not go on analyzing anything, just seeing it as the truth, we’ll have no problems.

Like now, My coming here. In Sahaja Yoga when we go subtler and subtler our analysis also becomes subtler and subtler. Then we start thinking, “Why is it not working out Strasbourg? What Strasbourg people have done wrong? What’s wrong with France?” But the truth is: I had to come to France, but in a very miraculous manner, you see. That gives you greater joy, greater excitement and everlasting joy because you all enjoyed that excitement.

So if you realize that the truth is not always starkingly like a scorching sun, but it slowly comes out of the clouds and shows you its face and just disappears to tease you a little bit because it loves you. And love is the thing that understands how to excite your joyous points, how to give joy to you through your Spirit being drenched in love. Nowhere you will find in the world such play of beauty. So we reach the conclusion that truth is joy, it is beauty and it plays with you. And one should not be worried. It sometimes becomes like a little naughty child and sometimes like an old ancient sage, sometimes fresh like a morning breeze or could be a dark night for you to rest.

To see the beauty of truth, one should not analyze, but see for yourself what’s coming next. Like today I met somebody, a Sahaja yogini, at the airport and she looked so morose and unhappy, I was surprised. I said, “What’s the problem?” So she said, “Mother, I have to work very hard these days in the business and I don’t like it, I do not get sufficient family life, my home life and I feel very unhappy.” I told her there are many who say, “We have too much home life and no outside life, so we are unhappy.” So there is all the time excuse to be unhappy.

Now I told her, “It is not how much time you spend with your family that is important,” because she told Me that “Whenever I stay with my husband I quarrel with him.” I said, “You get five minutes and five minutes you quarrel, you better get one minute so it would be something better.” If you get more time then you’ll quarrel more. So if you look forward to these five minutes, intense feelings can come up, “Oh these are the only five minutes we are going to meet, so be on the guard and let’s enjoy it fully.”

Because human nature is very beautifully made to enjoy the expression and manifestation of truth. But we have to develop our sensibility. I told them that you don’t think you are working, you just don’t think. You think, “Mother is working for us,” and then you will see, you’ll enjoy the work much more, you’ll enjoy your life and you’ll enjoy your family life also. I’ve seen people who don’t produce any work but all the time they are very hard worked – I don’t know what they produce.

It was to Me a great idea that I came by this plane. Because I could do many things which I could not have done by any other plane. Because I had to buy a watch, ladies and gents, and I had to also buy some pearls but I didn’t have any time. So by this plane, because it’s a Swiss plane, I could buy that. I’ve done My shopping in the plane for My trip to India and I have also done My sleeping in the car. So I have done all the work without feeling tired.

So the another thing which is so important about truth is that let the truth present itself and you just receive the blessings of truth. Suddenly you’ll find something will happen that you never expected you could do and you can manage things better. All your lives, all Sahaja yogis’ lives, it’s patterned like that, is all made, all the patterns are all the time made by truth for you. But if you should not belong to anyone of these categories I have told you and if you are not possessed you will have that sensitivity to see the different hues of beauty expressed by the truth. That is how life becomes so beautiful everywhere. You don’t feel tired, you don’t feel unhappy, you don’t get angry but you just enjoy.

Another thing perhaps you are not aware that once you start seeing the miracles of truth you will be surprised that whatever you say comes true, whatever you desire happens. And you become so powerful that sometimes I’m afraid of you. If you have decided that I have to come to Frankfurt, jolly well I’ll have to come. I’m not confused. Because all My life now is dedicated for the well-being and benevolence of humanity, completely, entirely. Now all My priorities are according to that. Not only that but I find all My life is chiseled out beautifully to be that. And I enjoy it and I do not analyze it at all. I’ve no time to analyze nor brains to analyze.

So today’s modern problems are because of too much analysis our brains have become like that. So tell your brain not to analyze but quieten itself completely. In that peace only you can feel the ripples of joy. So you should never be disturbed at all, should never be frantic at all. You should always be convinced that Mother is just somewhere there. Maybe I may not be even knowing your name, doesn’t matter. You are already enrolled in My heart, so what is there to worry. And the Divine knows who is who. You just try to see your powers, what powers you have got. That’s how life becomes so beautiful. In this Kali Yuga we have taken birth to make this life extremely beautiful for everyone; that is our job. And that will only happen when we will become aware of all that Divine is giving us.

So today is a special day of enjoyment and you shouldn’t mind if I play such tricks with you, and also know that it is all for your greater enjoyment and excitement and for testing your patience sometimes also. You see, you must know that as you reside in My heart, I also reside in your heart and I know what’s happening. You have to put Me in your heart, what can I do. And then I know everything about you then you shouldn’t mind it, now you can’t hide it. So many a times when you say, “Mother how did you know?” I know because you put Me in your heart. Like bugging, like that you have done yourself and so now I know all the tricks of the trade and if I play with you, you shouldn’t mind.

Now you remember your early days when you came to Me, you were in a very bad shape, you see, so I didn’t play any tricks with you that time. But now you are masters and when you become masters, say, in swimming you do all kinds of diving. So all kinds of mirth and frolicking has to be there. So now I think we should introduce some more words in French language because they did not know “joy”, they did not know “mirth”, they do not know “frolicking”. And we should enrich every language. Like now you are using lots of words like bandhan, niranand, all these are Sanskrit words and bandhan is actually a Marathi word or a Hindi word, which are introduced there. In the same way you can introduce some of the good French words in Marathi language, it would be a good idea.

So this is how life is, we should all enjoy, we should be very happy and with this joy only I’m sure in this Strasbourg we’ll do tremendous awakening. Like we came late today compared to other passengers and when we went with our passport, Renata excused saying that, “Sorry we are late.” So the gentleman said, “Those who come first will be the last,” and you have come last so you will enter in the domain of God first. Just think of it. So what a sweet thing to say, what an indication of what’s going to happen, of his sensibility also, I would say, how sensitive he was. This is what it is that one has to understand that we are Sahaja yogis of a very high caliber, very matured people. And we should never be upset with anything; even for Mother we should not be worried. All right, thank you very much.

May God bless you!

Because, you see that, England is a funny place. Wherever you get the place for Navaratri, I’ll be there. Whether it is in France or in Switzerland or [INAUDIBLE]. But they take it for granted, they just take it for granted. English are like that, you see, you have to little bit put them on the competition. Because I think they’ve had too much of Me and don’t realize what it is. There are some very good ones, no doubt, some very, very excellent people but some of them do really take it for granted. I think that you have to handle it that way, I mean inform the English that if you can’t do it, let’s do it somewhere else. So, I think it could be done because it is only next week but there must have been some arrangements made because they wanted to have a big program on Sunday, organize a very, very big program – Warren?

Anywhere, I don’t mind, but we [INAUDIBLE] that all of you should be comfortable and there should be sufficient place for all of you to [INAUDIBLE]. I don’t know if they are aware how many people are coming, I don’t think. But I have a feeling that this might be the last puja here in the West and there will be many who will be coming.

First time when we came to London there was such a [INAUDIBLE] fog that we had to get down in Frankfurt. And, you see, the people couldn’t get their food for eighteen hours. And there were four, five hippies, who were very hungry, on the same table we were sitting. I’m sure they must have taken some hashish, so, you see, I started looking after them. And I would go and get them butter and cheese and this and that from the counter, you see, for them to eat. And they were eating, [INAUDIBLE] of everything, [INAUDIBLE] of everything. And my husband also joined them but he gave up very fast. And they were still saying, “More, more.” I didn’t know what to do, they were eating and eating and eating. But I was happy because I liked to feed you, I liked them very much. Then I went again to get something from the counter and I found that [INAUDIBLE] had run away. He just run away, you see. When I came back, they said, “What happened?” and I said, “He has run away.” “Has he taken everything?” I said, “Yes, there’s nothing there now, it’s finished.” So that was the first introduction. Because my husband said, “You’ll be very happy here because people eat so well.” That’s Frankfurt. I hope there will not be repetition of the same experience. Better if you people don’t come there, may be you will have hard times. Because after all, you see, I hope I won’t meet some hippies there again.

So, I’m looking forward to this book fair also, my attention will be there. And you all should give it a bandhan as well because our book is for sale there. And another thing is that Navaratri is very good because these nine nights represent the main nine incarnations. Where the Goddess took the form of Shakti and killed the negative people. But those were easier days because negativity was understood by people and nobody sympathized. So this is what one has to understand that don’t sympathize with negativity. You’ll spoil them all. And always you’ll find such sympathies bring forth your character also that you are also slightly negative. Because to fight negativity in modern times is a very difficult task. You cannot kill anyone: if you kill somebody, then may be that such a person is a brother or a sister or something of somebody. Or such a person would be himself or herself a seeker. So best thing is to separate like a contagious disease, keep that person out, no sympathies. And get the person cured and enjoy the life, otherwise that person is not going to be helped. It has become a very individual fight. And it’s so troublesome and so disgusting. So to help me out, you should not take any sides with negativity. That’s how you can help Me the most. This is what it is the Navaratri, the Puja that I give you powers to fight the negativity. That’s how you cure people. May God bless you.

May God bless you! Today’s program was very successful, and I hope the same thing will happen in Frankfurt. It’s a very successful program I must say. There were lots of people, they got realization. I think the lecture was also very well done, so it’s all nice. I’m very happy for today’s program.

May God bless you!