Talk Before Shopping, You have to become

Kingsley and Ruth Flint's flat, Strasbourg (France)

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Talk to yogis. Strasbourg (France), 10 October 1985.

How many are the new Sahaja Yogis in Strasbourg please? Are there any new ones here? From Strasbourg. Yes, that’s true you are, I know that. Is there someone there? Good, it’s beautiful people.

The responsibility on the new Sahaja Yogis is much more because the load of the truth they have to bear on one side, load of the truth they have to bear on one side to the Sahaja Yoga and another side to the other people. Because in the beginning we are related to other people, sometimes we get confused. We’re related on their own grounds, you see, that’s the problem is, not on our grounds. So one has to have a flexible personality in Sahaja Yoga, to bend down, to pull out people and to hold on to the truth.

In the beginning you may find certain things so stunningly different, but stunningly doesn’t mean shockingly and maybe that others will start trying to tell you something that may, may hamper your progress, those who are not Sahaja Yogis. As if you’re in the intermediary state, just now say, for example, then what happens that you see the other people who are there and you see Sahaja Yogis who are there. Now the Sahaja Yogis who have not matured much come up to the same level, a sort of you get attacked by them or sort of interested in them and then you find them up to your level at the most, or lower, then you get disappointed. But this may not be with everyone because most of you who are very great souls shoot up very fast and see the truth and I feel that about you people in Strasbourg. And as you have to get great Sahaja Yogis here I’ve no worry on that point.

What frightens Me sometimes is that the Sahaja Yogis who are matured and who see something on you which is putting you down get sometimes frantic and start frantically behaving towards you in the sense, they might say, “Stop it, stop it, don’t do, don’t do, what are you doing?” like that. The situation is such that they see somebody with a dagger at your back, you can’t see and they shout, “Get out of it, get out of it,” you see. Then this might upset you because you’ll think, “What are they? They’re very arrogant,” or maybe that they have tried to be frantic or something. And that is why I always say that the leaders have to be very patient and understanding and cooperating and should see that through proper guidance and proper love they can give confidence to the people who have come newly.

Sahaja Yoga cannot spread very fast, one must know, because you have to become. The seed has to sprout and has to become a tree and it takes time. So maybe you may find around you people may not suddenly accept Sahaja Yoga to that extent. But you should not worry, maybe your father, mother, sister, somebody very close might oppose. Even husband and wife may not understand because it’s a different level you are, like an egg cannot understand the bird but little bird which is born just now has to be looked after, has to kept in such a way that all the shells drop out and all the wings are cleared out so it can spread its wings to fly.

There are two types of shells we have actually, one is of ego, another is our conditioning. So you should locate what is the problem is like and watch it as a little bird would watch the shells around, not to be identified with your shells but to separate them and get out of it. It’s very easy after getting your realization to get out of it, only thing you have to stick on to the truth.

It is the truth that you were seeking and it is the truth you must love. Maybe the truth may not be what you have conceived. Like Freud I would say, he never loved truth, he loved his own concept and he went after his own concept, you see, misled everyone. So truth is not your concept, it is what it is. We cannot change it. First you see the truth, then you become the truth, and when you become the truth you become the joy. Then you become the source of joy too. Those who see you know that there is joy in this person, they see purity in such a person, they feel love in such a person. There’s another kind of some people whom I’ve met which was real sad for Me that they said that, “Mother you’re so pure, how can we be pure? We have done this mistake, we have done that mistake and we have spoilt ourselves, how can we be pure like you?”

So I’m like a soap, use Me. I don’t mind, anyway you want to use Me, use My photograph, every way, My name, every way, whatever way you want, you use Me and cleanse yourself. And soap doesn’t get spoilt by that, does it? And you can think that this soap never disappears because this soap is the source of all the soaps and you all become the soaps then. So you have to just really enjoy yourself, that’s the sign, when you enjoy yourself I know you are matured. Joy is My child and I want My children to be joyous, bubbling with joy.

I am very happy I could come to Strasbourg and such a lot of joy came to all of us, to Me and to you all and that we have done a good program. But don’t be enamored by the program we had, there are always setbacks. For example in Hampstead we had three hundred new people, new people and only five turned up and one stuck on. And those who stuck the handbills and all the posters were so disappointed about it. It will all work out, don’t you worry. The soil is not so good maybe. If they do not germinate here I’ll take them to India and germinate it, doesn’t matter, we’ll work it out together. A special responsibility on us that we are here to completely transform this universe into the Kingdom of God. Now you have entered into that domain, station yourself properly there and pull out as many as possible.

So this is how we are going, all of us are going to work out, you have brothers and sisters all over Europe, all over America, all over India, all over Malaysia and Hong Kong and last of all and not the least, Australia and New Zealand. You suddenly see them somewhere jumping out. Like Ruth once went to Switzerland and suddenly she felt for someone that as if there were vibrations from that person. To make it short, she went to the lady and asked her, “Who are you? Are you a self-realized person? Are you a Sahaja Yogi?” She felt the same way about her and she just embraced her, she said, “Yes Mother has given me also realization.” And she told Me that, “My life in Sicily was really getting bored without Sahaja Yogis and with Ruth only I was so much enamored that we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, the life was changed completely.”

Like everybody will feel, like you will know all of them, Djamel, he’s from Algeria, so his mother wanted to go to Mecca. So he told his mother, “Why do you want to go to Mecca, Mecca has shifted now to London, better go to London.” And she came, she came with her husband and she got her realization.

It’s such a great thing that we are in this new world and we are entering into this beautiful new domain of God where He has prepared all beautiful things for us. So I hope you’ll make it convenient to come to Navaratri Puja wherever it is, it makes no difference to Me and that if you can come to India, will be good idea, but be prepared, it’s very spartan. Maybe you may not get any food and maybe you may have to go lot of trouble but whatever is the experience of the Sahaja Yogis, you ask them and then you will know what it is like.

It’s beautiful today to be here and I can see a nightingale there, sitting down just to listen to us. What do you call nightingale in French? Rossignol?, good, rossignol. All right.

May God bless you all.