The Right Heart and the Qualities of Leadership by Dr. Rustom from Nirmala Yoga Vol.5 No. 30, Nov-Dec. 1985

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„The Right Heart and the Qualities of Leadership”

“The Lord God Almighty is Absolute Sovereign of the Universe”. Amen.

The Movement in the unconscious is always from left to right to centre. The heart chakra in both left and centre represents divine protection and a sense of security, translated in human terms into protection by the parents. In the Right heart; this becomes protection of the Father and the King—or Leader in modern terms—And its ruling deity is the Lord Rama, as Incarnation of the Lord Vishnu, sustainer and pervader of the universe.

It is well known that in all his incarnations, and in his unincarnated state the Lord Vishnu serves eternally the needs of the universe and his Mother the Shri Adi Shakti unstintingly and unselfishly. One can never find a single attempt at self glorification by the Lord; only unstinting devotion, service, surrender and submission to the Shri Adi Shakti and the Lord Absolute.

He who is Lord of the power of wealth—the Lakshmi tattva—takes none for himself, but distributes all unselfishly throughout the universe. In total detachment he regulates the lines of the Universe, without any personal attachment. In the Sahasrara his Sahasrara is the Sahasrara of the Virata, in the Mooladhara likewise. In the Agnya he is Shri Mahavishnu, the Lord Christ, who disposes all things and matters within the Universe.

The Lord Rama as king always served, and sought for himself neither wealth, nor glory, nor comfort, as Maryada Purushottama—he was an example to his people—and conscious of being so—voluntarily, took on the 14 year exile in the forest, and the exile of his wife — a form and aspect of the Shri Adi Shakti. He surrendered to his children—and through them became the Father of Nations.

If one searches the whole Ramayana it would be impossible to find one example where the Lord became or behaved selfishly—For the tenor of his entire life was service and duty, And his brothers served him in this—and in this he was supported by the Shri Ganesha tattva—whose motto is also service, duty, purity, and support,

The relevance of this is that if one is a Sahaja Yogi and one’s right heart catches, it is not all service and duty and unselfishness and devotion, to the Sangha of the collective: not ‘we’ but rather an “I” js keeping in. Right sided negativity always ends up in the Ego: “I can do this, “I am this. Look how great ‘ am—But really it is the Virata which is greatest, “Akbar’~-the comparative form of Kabir (great)—i.e. greater, (the greatest is the absolute the beyond).

And both are epithets of God as Virata, in the Koran. Hence one who says “I” am great, without any reference to the Virata, is anti-God in his essence—and blasphemous in his speech. But he who Says, ‘We are Great” or “I am great only be- Cause | am part of the Virata and of God the Almighty—and therefore serve Him taking Nothing for myself”. is great. For Greatness lies only in the Eyes of God —not of men— and only He can confer this title, otherwise it is futile, empty, imaginary. It is easy now to see what a Right heart catch is, especially in a Sahaja Yogi if he is a leader.

A Sahaja Yogi has to be very pure. There is a story in Mediaeval Europe, that the Lord Christ was like a Pelican, for it was believed, that the Mother Pelican nurtured her children by taking blood from her own heart and feeding them. It is a beautiful story, born of the Unconscious, indicating how, at the level of Centre Heart, the Omkara takes on the virtues and qualities of his Mother the Shri Adi Shakti, and out of ‘profoundest’, love for Her, feeds Her children—with the Love and blood of his own Heart.

A Sahaja Yogi leader needs also to be like this—for leadership is not leading but serving—with the blood of the heart—and an impure heart cannot lead, for it is like a machine without its dynamo or power. The essence of Sahaja Yoga is to be an instrument for the transmission of our profoundly Holy and Divine Mother’s love—to all mankind and the creation—and without that all and everything loses its meaning.

Right sided and Supraconscious negativity has to destroy love—for it cannot survive with Love, but is downed, destroyed and suffocated by it The essence of right-sided negativity is power, hatred, and control;—all anti God activities. Love is the essence of God the Father the Almighty—and a radiation of His Grace throughout all the Universe.

It is well known, the Lord Rama was profoundly loving throughout all the Universe, as was the Mother Shri Sita, and the Lord Hanumana—profound in his devotion. So were the Lords Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna. The subjects of Ayodhya loved them

and were loved in return—the whole story is play and intermingling of different forms of pure love, and the attacks of negativity on this.

Above the right heart is right vishuddhi: and below, the Liver—and it is well known that supraconscious negativity loves to attack these two Chakras—So it is only the Love and devotion of the right heart, the power of the Shiva Tattva in Lord Rama, that can overcome this. Let us be aware of this and work to purify ourselves and the Shri Holy Sangha of our Mother’s Feet as the Lord Christ washed the feet of his disciples. Amen

—Dr. Rustom

(Nirmala Yoga Vol.5 No. 30, Nov-Dec. 1985)