Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Racism, Evening Program, Eve of Diwali

Tivoli (Italy)


Evening before Diwali, Tivoli, 16 November 1985.

You see only I am understanding and we are understanding from Maharashtra and this is to be done by many people so it’s different type.

But a here they are saying that you should surrender to the Mother, that you have been to Kolhapur to the temple of Mahalakshmi. And you know the Mahalakshmi is the central path of Sushumna and there they go and pray to the Kundalini Ambe. That now you have awakened in the Mahalakshmi Temple.

They go and sing there. That’s the Mahalakshmi temple and there they praise the Kundalini because Mahalakshmi is there but in Mahalakshmi’s channel of the central path the Kundalini has to awaken. So today today it’s the Ambe. It’s surprising that in the Mahalakshmi Temple that they go and sing this song of Amba, isn’t it?

But the reason is that they want that in the Temple of Mahalakshmi only the Kundalini can rise so they are addressing Amba. That’s the beauty of this song. You follow my point. You extend it.

Today is the great day my joy knows no bounds.
[To Gregoire] Translate it. [Laughter]
Gregoire: In which language Shri Mataji? French? Italian?
Shri Mataji: Italian.

I do not know how to thank people of U.K. and some of them who took such a great lead to manifest this new collectivity. Of course, I do not want to name them because they will feel embarrassed.
But the whole thing started on a very low note and I think your Mother played some tricks as well [Laughter. Applause]. And the drama went on, it reached its climax when we arrived in Rome. With all this I can see the visions of My dreams coming true. It is unbelievable how the whole thing worked out so beautifully and it is really so gratifying to see here how in this short time such beautiful arrangements were done by the Sahaja Yogis of Italy.

Guido: Hum.
Shri Mataji: Embarrassed. I didn’t take any name. [Laughter. Applause]

And so now we have to realize it has a very big symbol that we all have gathered to this great city of Rome. As I said, Europe is the liver. That means all the attention is in Europe. But the attention, if does not have the heart it is absolutely not integrated, nor it is enlightened. But when the heart is sleeping how to bring heart to the attention? But some tricks here and there played so well that the heart like a lion leaped and we are here. [Laughter. Applause]

The joy of all the Sahaja Yogis is now going to fill the attention and new powers will be developed for all of you and you will all feel responsible for spreading Sahaja Yoga. It has to happen. Thus we realize that through effort we all can achieve the impossible.

Brahmarandra is the heart, is the heart chakra [Shri Mataji touches her Sahasrara]. And unless and until there is heart into our work we are not enlightened people. All our efforts will be futile. Without the attention the heart is useless. So this beautiful meeting that has taken place is writing in the skies with the warmth of the heart and light of the attention, that the glorious days have come for us to enjoy our complete freedom, freedom from all our enemies, all our ignorance. I have been to America also and I find America is doing very well so I am sure also the brain will join very soon and we all will be combined into a very integrated force.

Americans have got into problems of very serious nature, of very horrible diseases which I predicted two of them, one which comes from AIDS and another one where a brain goes off, a person becomes mad at a very young age. Third disease that I told them will be coming very soon where people who suffer from ego will be captured by ego. In that case the conscious mind will be taken over by ego. That means unconsciously you can walk, you can move about but consciously you won’t be able to even move your finger. That means you will be completely immobilized. The West is in great danger because in the West only you find this horrible disease called racialism. All the racists would be first completely paralyzed. They won’t be able to move their fingers.

Even among Sahaja Yogis, I am very sorry to say, there are some racists. Because Grégoire said just now I am sorry to say that so many girls who are married in the West are extremely unhappy. And already I’ve received a notice from Sahaja Yogis from India that they don’t want to marry any Indian girls to Westerners. I know of Sahaja Yogis who ill-treat their wives, in England, in Switzerland and in many places like that. To overcome this all such yogis should beat themselves with shoes themselves or ask their wives to beat them, that’s what they deserve. It is a very dangerous sign because they will get immobilized and Sahaja Yoga will get a bad name.

It is so imminent and I am so much worried that I would say that Sahaja yogis it come to know such a man to get hold of him and give him fifty one shoes nicely on his head. And all such racists must know if they had married anybody from their own country they would have had nice slaps on their face every day. All this is very saddening some times even on this day when I am sitting before you I have come to know of stories that I am shocked the way people behaved.

You have to know that India is a blissful country. That’s why we go there. From that blissful country to come these horrid countries it is not easy. I know how difficult it is. I have called all this Sahaja Yoginis that you go and learn something from them. Instead of that, you start criticizing them. It’s better that you have no more of them here. This is the reason I brought them here because you don’t know anything. They know so many things about your country. They have learnt your science, so many things, why can’t you become a proper Sahaja Yogi to know that they know more than knowledge of the roots? And that will give Me greatest joy when I will see there is not a single racist left in Sahaja Yoga. If in Sahaja Yoga somebody gets immobilized or paralyzed, please don’t blame Me because I have warned you on such a day when you all are here and I did not want to say all this things today but there is no other way out.

So today is the day where we celebrate the New Year in India as it is the dates in India and here are different but today is New Year of the Shalivahanas of My forefathers. If you’d asked these people, they would have told you about Shalivahan. Now I have to tell you everything so what’s the use of bringing them here?

We have two calendars in India – one is Vikram and the another is Shalivahan. And when Shalivahan defeated Vikaramaditya, Shalivahanas dynasty called Babruvahan was the name of the king. He defeated Vikram. Babruvahan was the king in that dynasty.
And that is how today is the New Year for all of us because we are Shalivahanas. Because they were the worshippers of the Goddess and they use to carry the shawl for the Mother and on this day they take a shawl and put it on a kumbha, which is the representative of the Kundalini, and raise the flag.

So today is the day for that. Diwali was actually yesterday when I arrived here and I saw the Diwali of the lights all over. So yesterday Narakasura was killed in the morning time and put in the hell and in the evening they celebrated it with lights.
That’s the day people say that the Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, visits your house. And all the houses which are lighted well receive the blessings of the Lakshmi. Our Lakshmi Puja in Italy has this symbolic value that Lakshmi should shower Her blessings on Italy and also on all those who came by plane to worship Her from London. All the other Europeans are already blessed. I mean you all had experiences of the blessings of Lakshmi, didn’t you?

But wherever there is the dirt there the attention of the Mother goes. And that is how we have this beautiful Puja here though tomorrow I will tell you in a subtle way how it is important to have this Puja here.
So today is a day of a new year and we should think why do we have new years – what is the need to have a new year? We want something new that you start something afresh to ourselves, to others, to your Mother, to your Guru. That you have to get out of the clutches of ignorance and darkness. That you have to get out of the bondages of ego. That you have to become absolutely a free glorious personality. And that you have to fight the superego influences and all the bad conditionings should be thrown as torn clothes and should wear new beautiful clothes of Sahaja Yogis.

Let all the people, let all the Sahaja Yogis raise their voices from the top of their houses and top of their mountains, the top of their higher positions. Broadcast to the whole world, inform the whole people that you have found the truth and everybody has to find the truth, otherwise there is no escape. That you have found the joy and that everyone has to find it and everybody must work to get to it. Today only I was talking to some Sahaja Yogis and I said, during war how much people sacrificed their families their children their homes they went on the battlefields, fought for some stupid people and gave up their lives there, they lived in all kinds of conditions. But in Sahaja Yoga when every step we are blessed, every step we are protected, every step we are loved, we are not willing to sacrifice anything whatsoever.

Today you have to take a vow because it’s a new year’s day, such a great day when we are here to say that even if we have to give our lives we give it for Sahaja Yoga because one life can save thousands. Then why not do it? One life has Christ saved so many of us with our Agnya chakra. Sahaja Yoga no doubt is fun and joy. But it is sharing.

You have to share and you have to get more people to share it. For that you have to have tremendous patience. I have seen some people have a proper understanding of approaching every type of people. That’s a very difficult stage and difficult areas are where people work but some can work that way. But when the Sahaja Yogis in the second stage come and are realized then there are some who know how to settle them and in the third stage by their own shared example of discipline they discipline them into Sahaja Yoga standards.

Let us face ourselves and ask how many of us are doing any one of these jobs or are we only on the receiving end?
You all must have social events to meet each other and talk to each other but it’s to decide also how you are going to expand Sahaja Yoga. But there are people who can do all these three things together. I would request each one of you should rise at your own level, rise higher and try to spread Sahaja Yoga in the proper way.

So today the first and the foremost vow is, as I told you, that we have to get cleansed up in such a way that we become free of ego and super ego. We should get rid of our ignorance and darkness. And the second vow as I have said that you have to become the light to remove the darkness and ignorance of others. By sharing My problems, by sharing My anxieties about them – those who are lost – and not to be involved into your own personal anxieties and petty things. My problems should be your problems now because you all belong to Me, to My body, to My being.

And I request you to join hands with Me, with full determination and complete attention and the heart of a lion. That’s the emblem of England. So this is what we have to do. You people are so generous in Rome that you have the heart of the lion really. So pour some of it into the hearts that have come from England also. And meet each other with great affection, with great love and with great understanding that you are all the great foundations of a great, very great vision of your Mother. I hope you will not fail Me and you will promise in your heart tonight that will do the things that I have requested you to do.
May God bless you all.

Grégoire said we should say these vows aloud. I think that’s a good idea. Let us see by saying aloud if it works out. It should be said inside.

[Grégoire says the vows that are to be said aloud].

[The first vow is said collectively three times: “Shri Mataji we take the vow to be free from ignorance and darkness”.]

The second one should be to be the light of Sahaja Yoga and to spread the light of Sahaja Yoga till the end of our lives with all our strength, and with all our heart. You should say with strength and heart.

[Second vow is said collectively three times: “Shri Mataji we take the vow to become the light of Sahaja Yoga and to spread the light of Sahaja Yoga with all our hearts and strength until the end of our lives.”]

Thank you very much. May God bless you.

Om Shri Jagat Mata Adi Shakti Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai !