Diwali Puja: It’s only the Sahaja Yogis who can blacken or enlighten the Name of God Almighty

Tivoli (Italy)


Diwali Puja, Tivoli, Rome, 17 November 1985.

Today we have assembled here to celebrate the Diwali, the Deepavali. Actually, only after Sahaja Yoga started, the real Diwali is taking shape. We had many beautiful lamps, and we had lot of oil to burn, but there was no spark, to enlighten the deepas. And the wick, as you call it – is called as bati in Hindi language- is like your Kundalini, so the Kundalini had to meet the spark. The beautiful lamps were all a waste, purposeless, pointless. And this is the great blessings in modern times, that so many lights are enlightened and we are having a Deepavali of human hearts. When you become the light, you don’t worry about the lamp, how it looks, how it is to be made, it’s all done. You just have to worry about the flame, about the oil, because it’s the oil that burns and gives light.

In Sanskrit language – which is the language of the Gods – the oil is called as “snigdh”, ‘snigdha’; is something that is soft but is ‘snigdha’. And ‘sneha’ means ‘friendship of love.’ And the poets in other [Indian] languages have used this word, in different way calling it ‘neha’. They have sung the praise of this love. Every poet, every Saint has used this word in their beautiful poetry, whether they were in separation or they were in the meeting, in the yoga, in the union. This love is the thing that gives the light.

If this oil is not clean – contaminated, you get the smoke – but is pure, then it gives a brilliant light without any smoke. But when this oil is fragrant then the light gives the fragrance as well. The oil is made from various things. The one that comes from the Mother Earth cannot be used because it’s very materialistic, it gives carbon. Like petrol, kerosene, it pollutes the atmosphere. Then the one that comes from animals, who are – some of them, are very much worshipped in India, they have a very particular type of snigdha or we can call it ghee or oil which is giving a light which is very soothing and peaceful.

So when matter evolves into animal state also the oil evolves. But when this oil is rubbed onto the feet of a Saint, it gets the fragrance. In the same way if this oil is brought in contact with flowers it gives fragrance. So the feet of a Saint are like the flowers on the tree. And when the flower falls on the ground, the Mother Earth, it’s so delicate, it’s so sensible, it doesn’t hurt Her. It falls with great reverence as a great homage to the Mother Earth.

In the same way a Saint has to be gentle, gentle in the way the moonlight falls upon this Earth. It is light without any burning in it, no scorching. That gentleness one has to develop, out of the oil that is the love in your heart, which lubricates everything, which removes the frictions and soothes.
You have seen the way nature works. We never see a flower opening out, we never see the fruit coming out of the flower. It is so gentle and so slow that the movement is not seen by these human eyes. Because the Nature wants you should not be disturbed by the movements. The Nature cares, so you people do not feel the growth, the movement and the explosions of the evolution or we can say the movement of Nature’s own behavior.

In the same way a Saint, a Sahaja Yogi, has to move very smoothly in the society of Sahaja Yogis. It is with the Sahaja Yogis, I said; not with the non-Sahajas. Nature reacts to anything that is foreign. It throws out anything that is not Sahaj. In the same way, a Saint should not accept anything, anybody who is foreign to Sahaj behavior. When it deals with the matter, with the materialistic people, then it acts with the greatest wisdom, as the tip of a root. It moves with majesty, embeds itself into the Mother Earth going round all hard rocks and holding them together; it makes the tree to stand up erect.

The sign of life is that it goes against the matter, the one that is jara. Like the tree goes against the gravity; like the great human beings have lifted their body against the gravity in a straight posture. In the same way, if you see, the flame goes against the gravity.
Nobody has heard of fire going from the top floor to the ground floor. It starts from the ground floor and it goes upward. But the fire also comes from the matter which is burning. So the matter has to be burnt, if you want to rise. If your attention is all the time towards baser things, materialistic things, towards physical pleasures, you cannot rise. You may do any amount of meditations, use My Photographs, come to My Pujas but if your attention is imbedded it’s like you are standing on a crocodile trying to get into a boat.

Now, that doesn’t mean when a flame burns it gives up matter, but it gets detached and it burns it. So this body, this mind, this ego, this superego, is all to be burned to keep this flame burning all the time.
You don’t have to give up anything but to use the same thing for a higher life, and that is what should be the aim of every Sahaja Yogi.

Actually after getting Realization, you just start spontaneously giving because you are the light. But respect your light and the light of others. The darkness is too much and we need so many lights to remove this darkness. These lights are to be maintained, to be looked after, to be loved.

As you know very well, I cannot do it alone. For example the source of electricity, if you use to burn, you may have a big explosion. It has to go to various bulbs to give a nice, spread-out light. And you are the channels, you are the ones who are going to express Me. I am just the potential energy, as the energy is coming from somewhere which is stored and if I asked you, you would not even know where it is stored.

It is through your behavior, through your pure lights, through your fragrance, people are going to know God Almighty. There are some, which can blacken the Face; they are lights no doubt, but can blacken the Face if there are impurities, blacken the Face of the Divine, blacken the Face of your Creator. And that is what, one has to be careful, that we are not blackening the Name of God by our misbehaviour.

Now listen to Me very carefully, if there is no light out of the lamp, it does not blacken nor enlighten. But if there is a light it can blacken as well as enlighten. It’s only the Sahaja Yogis who can blacken or enlighten the Name of God Almighty. Say, for example, if you have a fake man, he doesn’t blacken the Name of God because he is himself black, so nobody’s bothered about that. If there is a person who is teaching about God or talking about God, about religion and making money out of it, he blackens his own name. He does not blacken the Name of God Almighty. The Name of God, cannot be blackened, It’s ever shining.

But it’s only a Sahaja Yogi which can form that cloud to cover It. They can only finish the hope of this world. They can only bring the real destruction of this world. They will be held responsible. And they should be punished in time, so that the Name of God should not be ruined. For they have been given the right to enter into the Kingdom of God, others are outside.
They are the only ones who can abuse the right. Those who are outside this building cannot spoil it. You have the special privilege to enter into this beautiful building. You have got this right because of the great things you have done in previous lives.

And if you now want to spoil it, you’d better understand that you will be very severely punished. The light which can enlighten can also burn. But this light will burn all those who try to burn the Kingdom of God.
So on a Diwali day let us know that we should have the lamps, burnt in such a way that it has purest of pure love in it. Not a lip service, lip service of love, but from your heart, it should pour, like the Nature pours all its blessings upon you.

Then, wherever the flowers of your feet will touch, the Nature will blossom with joy. There will be a Deepavali. Like I was told when, before coming to Rome, Italy had no rain. The Mother Earth was parched. And as soon as you all Sahaja Yogis came on this Mother Earth, it started pouring.
So the purity of love is to be understood with complete discretion, because this purity acts; it acts in the nature, it acts in the human beings, it acts into everything. The action is the same as the action, the gentle action of the Mother Earth.

Those who come in contact with such a personality start suddenly feeling the soothing, the settling, of the whole being, into a blissful state.

State of benediction. But I don’t know, after this word, how much has gone wrong, because our words are corrupt. Our words are corrupt, they do not express what they mean. They are not also pure. They do not reflect what is to be reflected.

So, it is for us to create new meanings of the words, give a clear vision. When you want to see a clear vision you put a powerful light before the mirror. Clear vision of the expression in language, in gestures, in behaviours; and a clear vision of the Divine. Let people see in your light, the beautiful dream coming true.

In My childhood I used to think My dreams are too fantastic. Will they ever materialize? I used to collect small, little stones, and I would say: ‘Will there be people, who are not the stones but who are the hearts?’ By God’s grace, I have met you. I thank you very much for accepting Sahaja Yoga. But this invitation that is extended to you should not be such that, I will be blamed for giving it to people who never deserved it. Please do not let Me down.

There’s one small thing, I come from a country which is not so sophisticated in the modern world, but is very much embedded in Truth, and I’m happy you respect that country despite it’s unmodernised, natural existence, and you are proud of a Mother who comes of such a country. This is the Deepavali which is celebrated in that country for thousands and thousands of years. And this is the first time in Rome, which is the center, of Europe, because here is the seven hills, expressing the whole of seven chakras. That is why a big torch had to be brought from England in an aeroplane to enlighten these seven chakras of Europe.

The Kundalini rises from mooladhara and goes up to the seventh chakra and touches the Sadashiva’s place but in this case from Sadashiva’s place, the light has come down, to enlighten and respect all the chakras from their heart. In the beginning of the awakening of the Kundalini that’s what exactly I do, is through your fingertips, the awahana, the invitation to the Kundalini, is sent. Unless and until it passes through these centers it cannot open it out sufficiently for the Kundalini to rise, and then the Kundalini rises. So the invitation first has to come from the heart chakra here.

So the desire has to come down first of all, the power of desire has to come down, from the heart, to make the Kundalini rise. So the Kundalini acts – the power of action takes place.
So the responsibility of England and the responsibility of Europe is very great. Unless and until all these chakras are cleared, Vishuddhi cannot be pushed aside. So we have to consolidate first in Europe and also in England. I started it in England then in Europe. Once we have consolidated it well, I’m sure Sahaja Yoga will be very easily established in America. India there’s no problem, as you know; and that is going to work out very easily and once India is awakened the Kundalini will start moving very fast, with great dynamism. But first these upper chakras must be put right. Otherwise how can Kundalini come out?

So, you realize your responsibility, that we have a force in India, no doubt. But how will it rise if there are obstructions? You are a part and parcel of this universe, you are not hanging somewhere else from India, so India has to depend on you.

For your Sahasrara I have already made all arrangements in the sense I am here in Person. I have come down from Kailasha, on this Earth. So, that’s how I have arranged the whole drama. But the middle actors are very important. They should not act like clowns, or stupid idiotic people. It is becoming quite idiotic, the atmosphere, I must say, you feel as if you are among idiots or lunatics.

So, these ridiculous things that are happening around us should not impress us but we should really use them for amusing ourselves. And you have reached that ascent that you can see these things are coming there because of the decadence. And the decadence is the ruin, is the destruction of the chakras also. So though it is stupidity, idiocity, we have to pick up people out of them, to support the chakras. And to be very careful with the people who are not Sahajas who are sticking on in Sahaja Yoga. And now the time has come to throw them out permanently and they are not to return back.

Only the veeras [ed: warriors], the courageous, can worship the Mother. And I hope you are all that, and today is the great day when I am worshipped by all the veeras and veeranganas.

May God bless you all.

May God bless you.

So now, today’s Puja is not very long, but there’s one more thing after the Puja. Today is the day when another type of a rakshabandhan takes place here we call is the bhayadwij in Hindi, and bhaubij in Marathi, meaning today is the second day of the moon. And this is the day that a brother goes to the sister’s house and she gives him a bath, I mean if it’s a small boy or even if it’s a big man doesn’t matter because we don’t take the bath the way you people do. So he’s given a nice bath and a massage and oiled and then, when that’s over, then she does the aarti of the brother and makes good food for him to eat. With all that, then brother gives her something, just as a token of gratitude. Is a very beautiful thing we do as bhayadwij.

So today that’s the second part of it where the purity of relationship between all of you is established and worshipped. And is very important in Maharashtra specially because they don’t use rakshabandhan as one of the things so much as they use bhaubij.

So after this you all can have a nice Samelana- is the meeting which is the holy meeting, together, and talking to each other, to your rakhi brothers, sisters and all that, you can have for a while. And a sister who has tied a rakhi can give a little morsel of food into the mouth of the brother today – that would be a good idea. May God bless you.

The Italians are so artistic, are they?
Ganesha Puja you can just – if you have got the kum-kum, you put it in the – thing, and I’ll have My Feet in that [?] and I’ll rub on it, and you all can take the hundred and eight names of the Ganesha if you want, or of the Lakshmi, whichever way you like, because that’s the one which is to be used. So put this money also with that, with the kum-kum and I’ll rub My Feet. So first you can say the Aarthava Sheersha and then the Devi’s Names.

First this, that you will say the Atharva Sheersha, all those who know can say it, with it you know that, and that will be said once. After that… This will be said with the kumkum on My Feet. After that this money can be poured on My Feet, and I’ll have to rub it with My Feet, and this money can go to all of you as Prasad.

Shri Mataji asks the pujari if they have any chandan, sandalwood oil. Probably he replies there is none, because She says: “Doesn’t matter.” Oil is poured on Her Feet and She rubs them together, while Sahaja yogis recite a prayer to Mahalakshmi. Afterwards some coins are poured onto Shri Mataji’s Feet.

Shri Mataji asks: These are from all over? You know?

Pujari: These are from Italy mostly.

Shri Mataji: Only Italy?

Guido: Also from Germany, England…

Shri Mataji: I hope you all have given. Better put. Swiss, German. Just bring some of the coins. Put the coins. Now you go on saying.

Many go to Her Feet to offer coins, so much so that after a while She says: “Enough, enough!”.
While more coins are offered, Shri Mataji asks for more oil to be poured. It is poured onto the coins between Her Feet. She continues rubbing everything together with Her Feet.

Shri Mataji: Some more oil can be put. That’s all. Oil for the Kubera.

Then the five sacred elements are poured onto Her hands while a sahaja yogis reads out the English translation of the aarti.
For the Devi Puja, Shri Mataji calls on stage seven unmarried ladies who “would like to be married”.

Shri Mataji: How many are you? One, two, three, four, five, six…One more. No one?

Then a yogini named Alison stands up and reaches the others among the exultancy of the public and the general laughter, also of Shri Mataji. Then the girls do the Devi Puja.
Then seven married ladies from Rome are called to finish the Puja. Afterwards a gift is given to Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: What’s this?

Guido replies (not very clear) that it is a mangala sutra given by the Sahaja yoginis from Rome.

Shri Mataji: It’s beautiful.

She puts it on. Applause.

Afterwards the children come on stage to offer flowers to the Feet of Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Thank you very much (…) May God bless you. Thank you. (A child gives Her a drawing) May God bless you. Let’s put the flowers now. Have you put the flowers? No? Have you put? Did you put any flowers? Come along. Have you put the flowers? Come along, take one flower. Take this one. At least the children must be taught English, you see, is important. Otherwise it will be difficult. You must teach them English language.

Afterwards She vibrates the Prasad, then the aarti and namaskar. Then She says: “Please don’t stand. (…) Bend down.”
Also Gregoire explains further, if there is no space to do namaskar, that one should be seated or bend down, keeping the head towards Shri Mataji, but one shouldn’t stand.

Eventually Shri Mataji meditates in the posture of Lakshmi with Her left hand open as if to give, and right hand raised in blessing: May God bless you. May God bless you. May God bless you.

Guido shows Her some decorated leaflets which are going to be the puja souvenir.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Now, this money should be taken by everyone, one each, one coin, whatever you get, may not be your country. What’s the time? (Inaudible answer). See (…), in time we are.

Guido: The English have brought 500 of Your pictures.

Shri Mataji: For what?

Guido repeats.

Shri Mataji: Beautiful.

Guido: Shri Mataji, with Your permission we would like to show You the collective presents.

Shri Mataji: Collective.

Guido: Yes. Collective, absolutely collective.

Shri Mataji (touches the Mangala sutra): But this is what, is gold?

Guido: Is silver plated in gold.

Shri Mataji: All right. Silver plated gold, or gold plated silver?

Guido: No, no, silver plated in gold.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see. OK, don’t mind.

Gregoire translates to the public that everyone can go and take a coin for themselves.

Shri Mataji: And every child can also have one”.

Guido translates into Italian. He translates ‘children’ as ‘bambini’.
Shri Mataji: Bambini, also, yes. Bambini is a (…inaudibile) name, bambini.

(To a yogini) This mangala sutra you have to keep with you yourself and next time I come for Puja, every time I come for Puja.
(Aside) Please send Caroline for this one, you’ll have to verify the (…inaudible).

One more present from the Italians: some posters of William Blake paintings.

Shri Mataji: Just show them. This is William Blake, for Italian Sahaja yogis (…).

The Italians also give a pearl necklace.

Shri Mataji: That every time you come. It’s too expensive. Look at that. How can (…) with jewels every time, you can’t do that, it’s too expensive to be given such an expensive thing like that. Why such an expensive one? Too much. What a beauty it is. Is very expensive, is too much. You’ve given Me everything now. Too much, I mean, why to spend money like this now?”

Shri Mataji shows it to everybody smiling and shaking Her head: Thank you very much. Is funny that I have to every time say this instead of saying thank you. I have to always say ‘why such an expensive thing’?

Then everybody starts laughing as they see two yoginis from Rome bring two dogs on stage.

Shri Mataji: That’s the best! Oh, thank you very much, thank you.
Guido: We wanted something symbolically to offer the heart of all the Sahaja yogis.

Shri Mataji: Oh, thank you, beautiful, rather expensive though, alright. May God bless you.

Guido tells the yogis that the last time that Shri Mataji was in Alsatia, She said there are beautiful dogs and it would be nice to have them in India.

Shri Mataji: You should take them to India, from here, I’ll see that they are getting.

The yoginis hand one of the dogs to Shri Mataji who puts it on Her lap.

Shri Mataji: What dogs are these? Alsatians? They’re Alsatians. Nicely settle down, doesn’t want to get down (…). Is an Alsatian, beautiful.

Guido: It was the only couple available in Rome!

Shri Mataji says to arrange their sending to India. Guido suggests: “With the Indian sahaja yogis. Shri Mataji: When they come. Guido: With the certificate… Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, yes.
Shri Mataji puts down the dog – who doesn’t want to get down – and takes the other one.

Gregoire: Some dogs are really lucky!

Shri Mataji: They are the best dogs, I think …(inaudible). Shall we give them the same names?

Gregoire: One is male and the other a female?

Shri Mataji: Doesn’t matter!
Gregoire: Doesn’t matter.
Shri Mataji: Thank you. Now what is that? We will have to take another plane, I tell!
Gregoire: This is a collective present from Milano, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Collective, again! Collective. What…(inaudible) collective, eh? Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I’d better thank you before opening. It’s two bowls and a beautiful tray. Thank you very much. Beautifully. Thank you very much.

A present from the Sahaja yogis of Adelaide ashram (in Australia).
Shri Mataji opens the big parcel and looks with wonder and appreciation.
Shri Mataji: Have you developed this? So beautiful. Everything is beautiful. Is very beautiful photograph.
Then She turns it to show to the people and touches the frame. Gregoire says that a yogi named Antonio has made the frame on the basis of the colours of the picture.

Shri Mataji: Better write down all the things, you see, who has given what…. Where is she gone? Danielle (?), write down all the presents that they’ve given, from where (…). That’s very important now (…). Dany, get a paper and a pencil and write down. This one is from UK.