Evening Program

Hammersmith Town Hall, London (England)

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1985-11-25 Musical Program, Violin Flute Tabla, London, UK

On behalf of all the Sahaja Yogis and all the guests present here I would like to thank the great artists from India Mr Dutta and Mr Kulkarni and Mr Kothari. All of them have been so much engrossed in creating a joyous atmosphere for you that I really got lost in today, the ecstasy of the beautiful melodies they play …I have no words really to express because after this nothing can be said any more …But just to be enjoyed as [unclear /name of someone ] has said that you have to go into a pensive mood to enjoy all these beautiful moments…that we have today witnessed …May God bless you all! I am very much thankful to him and it’s a very good beginning for our exhibition. Now I would little bit as we say in Marathi [unclear /its in Marathi ] I would like to present them with some little, very little whatever was possible by [unclear 1:37:26 ] I am sorry that the whole thing was arranged in such a short time that we couldn’t get all the Sahaja yogis here but in any case, you can hear the tapes and everything very well and you can enjoy the beautiful rendering of all these beautiful melodies. I wish some of you could learn something out of this and would one day show as the beautiful artistry of creating such melodies and such beautiful ecstasies out of these notes …Thank you very much!
May God bless you!

Especially for Mr Dutta …I have to say a very intimate feeling that I have for him …HE came to the wedding of my eldest daughter and there he played this music but especially his uncle I have heard him so many times …He was such a great musician and a very very humble man and he died very early in life but he created such an impression on all the people But more than that his grandfather who was Vishnu Digambar Paluskar was a very great saint and a yogi and he was studying with 2 Pmuslim great people called Sadarang and Adarang and they …He was actually working with them and he picked up all the music that they used to sing. And one day one of them was sick So they said now who will replace him …He said alright I will sing and when he started singing they were amazed at him and they asked him who is your Guru …He said you are my Guru …They said you have to give some guru Dakshina He said what is the Guru Dakshina …he said the Guru Dakshina is that you have to promise that you will not sing in a “Mahfil” means in a program like this When the people are sitting you are not going to sing music or anything …You are not going to sing to people like that …So he promised them …As a result of that to keep that promise he started teaching music …And his son is a great [unclear] Paluskar who sang this great music of “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram “
and I think I still have that record and you all have enjoyed that …So I am very happy that Mr Dutta has been here to give this pleasure to us …And to show us the great heritage he comes from …For the first time, I have heard you and he is another great budding artist and a great artist I would say that will show one day like his guru as you have heard in chaurasia you can see the inkling and the great exposition of a beautiful rendering of his Guru also …May God bless you both of you…And Kothari Sahib has been very kind to play the rhythm of Shiva today in a very beautiful manner …Thank you very much and I also thank him for keeping the tune …:)
He kept the concord. You see the concord is to be maintained ….and he kept the concord all right and is such a great thing. And of course, you all have enjoyed them so much and I have to thank you also for appreciating this music in your heart’s content …Thank you very much!