Public Program on William Blake’s Birthday

Hammersmith Town Hall, London (England)

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Public Program: William Blake talk. Hammersmith Town Hall, London, 28 november 1985.

It is such a honor for all of us to pay this homage to the great poet, printer and a prophet that was William Blake*.
When I first came to England, they have been telling Me that England is a place of scholarship and you can see lots of museums and exhibitions and suddenly I told the Sahaja Yogis that I would like to go and see Tate Gallery for William Blake’s paintings. They were surprised because I seldom go to any one of them, specially the libraries and the books. And when I went there, I saw this great poet, this great personality, pouring out His heart with such concern, with such honesty, with such understanding and perception of the Divine to the people of England, to understand the great powers of Divinity. But to My surprise there were some funny people; they had brought some magnifying glasses and they were looking at the drawings and were watching the private parts of people. I said, ” Look at these wretched, absolutely baser people, who cannot see the sublime, the highest, which He wanted to paint,” and they were taking photographs. I was surprised the way people reacted and then I realized how tormented He must have been in His lifetime to live with such people, who have no sense of Divine. He must have cried in the wilderness; He must have wept; He could not have been accepted, it’s impossible. Such low level minds cannot accept something that’s sublime and great and My heart bled with pain. Oh God! Why did He take His birth in a place like this? To torment Himself, to torture Himself, saying something which cannot be accepted. But it’s not so. I knew who He was, what He is doing, why He was here. We do not know about Him much, because from the books you can’t understand who He could have been.

He was an Incarnation of Bhairavanath. That’s whom you call the St. Michael, or St. George, who is as you know the Saint Angel of England. That’s why He had to incarnate and for Him, this was His role, to talk about Divine in a open, fearless manner. He had to use symbolic language, He had to use. It’s not difficult to understand Him at all; if you are a realized soul, you’ll read through it, sometimes laughing, sometimes weeping, enjoying the whole drama, what He has tried to explain. When I read Him I am amazed at His sense of humor; how He openly comes out with such remarks. I feel He is like Markandeya in India, or Kabir Dass in India, who slashed the whole society with their sword all the time to see that they are brought to the proper shape, without fear. But so gentle, if you read the Song of the Thel, it’s so gentle; and all of them who were Him perhaps or of the same style, extremely open, straightforward, you can say even blatant and extremely gentle.

The vision of Christ, that He has described, is the one which He sees through His own enlightened eyes and He sees that the vision is completely distorted, is the opposite of what Christ was. I also felt the same way. I took My birth in a Protestant, Christian family and I was shocked the way the Christians were. I said ” Are these the Christians?” Now the point He brings forth is very clear cut, you can understand, that in the mannerism if you are gentle: “I’m sorry” , “I’m afraid”, ” I doubt.” Just look at that. It’s very commonly we use this language. He says that Christ was not a gentleman of that kind. I also say I’m not seeking election, I’m not here to please you, but I am here to make you please yourself; to enjoy yourself, to have your all wealth, enjoyed, manifested.
That is how He also put the vision of Christ before you, that He was not a gentle man, who would go around and be extremely gentle to people and nice to them, superficially, only the mannerism of it, but He would be so gentle with the people who are lowly. He created Divinity out of fishermen, who were ordinary people, uneducated, absolutely we can say, people who were one of the lowest in the strata of society. He picked them up and made them Divine. He didn’t go to the ministers and the prime ministers and the governors. He did not. When you see all the great people who are supposed to be looking after the religion part of it, they are busy only with governors and they are only busy with the kings and the queens; who must go and bow to them. They are politically activated people.

How can a Divine person get into this mess of politics which human beings have created? But we don’t understand it, because we try to rationalize everything and thank God He’s the one who talked against rationality; and against all the intellectual ideas of putting down Christ to the mere level of a human being, because He was Himself Divine and He could understand Christ. He was so much pestered and actually persecuted that He used to get depression sometimes and He had problems of money, problems of convincing His brother and sister, everybody trying to make Him feel uneasy.

Such a fine soul came on this earth to talk of Jerusalem. What did He mean by Jerusalem? What is Jerusalem? We go to Jerusalem for pilgrimage. Why? Because Christ was born there. England will become Jerusalem when Christ will be born here. But how many of English people today care for the spirit? English language itself is such a funny one, that we use the word spirit for drinking, the spirit that you call alcohol; spirit for the dead souls, which hang around, many more here, and spirit for the atma, the spirit. When He came on this earth, the industrial revolution had not taken its respite. People were still entering into those ‘mills’ as he calls them and He saw the scribes how they were behaving and He saw the whole myth of religion. He does not know that all the religions were doing the same nonsense everywhere, not only Christianity. You go to any other country and see every religion is the same style of a nonsense, which is opposite of what the prophets told them, of what the incarnations told them, of what all the great sages told them.

This is not only about Christianity, but still nobody can forgive it, because Christianity has a special fervor, has a special role, has a special meaning, that’s what He’s tried to also say, that Moses came on this earth to lay down the code of conduct, morality, the moral thing, and also He describes Milton as a person who describes a Deity who is above everything, a puritanical Deity. But He describes the Divine humanity. Also He describes the Christ who came on this earth for the emancipation of human beings; not to tell them: “Don’t do this and don’t do that.” That was all right at the time of Moses in the beginning of it, the code of it, and He calls it a ‘moral’ Christianity, meaning ‘immoral’ must be, because if you force someone, into something and pass such laws and regulations at this time, modern times, it’s going to be impossible for human beings to follow and they’ll fall into some other traps.

Strict rules of anything, imposed on people who are not Realized souls, can push them into some sort of problems, they can become criminals, they can become violent as a reaction and we see the reaction today acting, that the hypocrisy of the whole thing is exposed. Like in India or anywhere else, they will say: “You should not be attached to money, give the money to the church, to the temple, to the mosque, to all the people to enjoy it.” The kind of life people led in those days in the name of God, was no model for anyone and that’s how poets like Him were born again and again. I would say that in Lebanon a great poet, like Kahlil Gibran, was born, and then in India we had so many such poets, who just lashed the society and lashed all these ideas of the intellectuals, the ideas of the religions, the ones who were trying to curb them. Because there was no genuineness, there was no sincerity. If we are honest people, we really mean it, then let us face it and see for ourselves what we have to achieve.

So that is how He came as a poet, a remarkable poet, the way He rhymes it and the sense of humor He has and the way He unfolds the beauty of words as any poet should do. In Sanskrit it is said, vakyam rasatmakam kavyam – poetry is full of rasats; rasats means the essences, the explosion of essences through words. If it could be done, then the magic of it is called as poetry and that’s what you find in Blake. Such a great poet; poetry is only great when it talks of the Divine and when it talks of the baser things, takes you to the baser things. The other day I heard one Australian poet and I was amazed at his bathroom singing, it was horrible; how can you call it a poetry which sings of baser things of life, which takes you to the baser things and pleasures? But He has very clearly, if you can understand Him, has said, “What are these books for? This is to collect money out of them.” Now how do you collect money? By playing on the weaknesses of the people, pampering their ego, pampering their greed. All these things, if you can do, you can very nicely befool them and they feel very happy and nice, that: “Oh what a book it is.”
But one thing good has happened out of this, leading the way of Freud, making him Christ; all that has led to problems and people now realize, now realize, that’s why the prophecy was there, that’s why He was a Prophet. He warned people of what is going to happen, but who is bothered? He was treated as an insane personality. If you go to the lunatic asylum, everybody will think you are insane, that’s the way lunatics look at a sane personality. His wisdom was condemned. People thought that He is getting all these hallucinations, He’s talking out of [through] His hat, because they have no brains to understand, they have no enlightenment, they have no perception, that’s why they treated Him that way. Now He is dead, of course they’re selling His books, making big money; selling His plates, what He painted, but when He lived, nobody bothered. And now they can use Him the way they like.

I’ve met some very funny people here, in this respect, the way they have shown great interest in Blake in saying that: “He says that a naked woman is the best.” I said: “Where? How could He say such a thing?” He was innocence! Now we do not understand what His innocence is also. Just like Markandeya describing His mother, her breast and everything, like a little child, a child doesn’t see sex in a naked body, he does not see. And the beauty of a woman He describes. That means all women are walking nude, everywhere, now. Are you exciting the innocence of people, or you are exciting the baser self of the people? We have to be natural, are you natural?

All these perversions and all these diversifications has come because man does not have a simple mind, he’s a crooked person. This ‘crookery’ has to go from the mind. That is important; but if I say that, I’m not doing My job here, I know that. I know for definite that is not the way it is going to work out. That’s why Christ, the One who said: “Forgive, forgive them.” Otherwise how can God meet man, with this ‘crookery’, with all this kind of cunning, how can God reach man without forgiveness? He cannot reach man if he listens to Moses, can He? He cannot. If He has to come to human beings, He has to forgive and that’s what is in Sahaja Yoga in the beginning, we tell: “You must forgive everyone, you forgive yourself, don’t feel guilty”. Now in Christianity just the opposite has been done, let us face it and know for yourself that you have to go and confess to the priest. The priest also gets mad with your confession, you are already mad. What is there to confess in the ocean of forgiveness? It just dissolves.
What a message Christ gave us that the greatest weapon we have got is to forgive others and forgive ourselves because God forgives us and this is the message we have to know, that we have to forgive ourselves. Instead of that, for all that we do wrong, all that we try to do against our Spirit, we feel guilty. And moreover if the teachings are such, that “you better feel guilty”, all the time what we are doing is to feel guilty and catch on this chakra on the Left Vishuddhi, to such an extent, that in the West wherever I go, I tell them: “First of all, you just say one mantra, ‘’Mother, I am not guilty’.” Take it out of you ! Who are you to feel guilty when God loves you so much ? He has made you the epitome of evolution, you are at the highest point, why should you judge yourself and feel guilty? Is He not capable of forgiving you? Have you no faith in His ocean of love?
But this is the basics of the mistakes that are committed in the name of Christ. I’m telling to the priests, now who is a priest here, coming from theological college, can you learn about Divinity in the theological college? Did Christ go to any theological college? How did He get it, how did He get the knowledge? Through enlightenment, enlightenment has to be there. The way He has clearly stated everything, nobody liked it, because of vested interest. Everybody has vested interest. Nobody is sincere, honest, and they want to exploit others to make money. You cannot make money in the name of God. Is sin! Such people can never enter into the kingdom of God. That’s why Christ has said: “You’ll be calling Me, Christ, Christ, I won’t recognize you.” That’s a fact.

So if you have to be a truthful person, just a truthful person, do not feel guilty about it. Do not feel you have committed sin. There’s a little story in India that one missionary came to a village in India. Indian people are in the villages very simple, you know, they are not so sophisticated. So when he was going, they praised him a lot, “Sir, we are thankful to you that you have told us what is sin and that we are sinners.” They didn’t know they were sinning. And this is one of the things that Blake brought forth for us to show that Christ was a person who brought a new message over Moses. Of course Moses was needed at the time when Jews had to come up, that was the time they needed it and He brought these shariat laws; it was Moses who started but Muslims are following them. Now when today we are in this twentieth century, sitting down here, we have to see what is the prophecy of this great man, William Blake. Can you imagine, His birthday was in this month, Guru Nanaka’s birthday in this month, Mohammed Sahib’s birthday on this month, all these great people were born on this month. Now, this month also we celebrated the Diwali. Such a great month is this one and in this month those who are born have to be great people.

In the whole understanding of Blake, I find a single lonely man, plowing this land with the seeds of wisdom. I’m here just to reap it; He’s the one who planted, watered, made ready by Shakespeare, you can say; you have had many great poets here, Wordsworth another one who really is enchanting and beautiful. I think Wordsworth must have seen the fate of William Blake and he said better describe the nature, forget about human beings; he must have thought of it, thinking it to be an incorrigible land where He cannot sow anything. But whatever it is, what Blake has done is to give you a new vision and a new idea, because in the West, Christ has been shrunk to a position of someone who was just a human being and now, when you hear the way people describe Him, I’m amazed. From where did they get this vision? Have they got eyes or are they blind to talk like this about Him? I hear the bishops talking like that, all your archbishops talking like that. Have they no fear of God? What’s going to happen to this country if you talk about Christ like that? And you are going to have now pictures and films showing Him to be a unrighteous personality, showing His Mother naked. No respect. Even Blake, I don’t know if you have noticed it, He paints human beings naked all right, but not gods. Christ He never painted, He never paints them that way, the respect. While we, the great intellectuals of modern times are trying all these tricks, just to bring forth the wrath of God upon ourselves.

The second point about Him was that He was a printer. We should think why did He become a printer? Why Blake took to printing? He has described Himself the hell where the books were created and how He has described, how at every chakra we created a devil and put them in the libraries. I’m … that’s why against the books very much, Myself. But why did He become a printer? It’s very important to know and why He wrote so much about printing. We see the media today. The media, that’s the devil He described. The media is the one has ruined you completely believe Me – just to make money out of you, playing upon your weaknesses, making your children and you weaker and weaker, the society completely being destroyed, systematically. This is the media He wanted to hit, that’s why He took His birth and became a printer. He could have been anything else. No poet was a printer in England or anywhere else. It was Blake, who became that. The reason was He wanted to show that this media is the one and let Him cut it at its root. But as you know, evil grows, whether you like it or not and today’s media we cannot understand to what extent it has destroyed us, our roots, our faiths, all our sublime and righteous visions.

I know that I Myself was asked by your television people and all that, to come down and talk to them. But amazed at the way the people told Me that an Anglo Saxon brain, God knows who made that brain, cannot understand anything that can be done without money. I said you first get your Realization, otherwise I’m not coming to your programs, or to your televisions.

That’s the triumphant pride of Christ you can see in His crucifixion. He didn’t care, He could have gone fallen at the feet, you see, as our politicians do, morning ‘til evening, moving from one place to another. He would have gone to the scribes and the Pharisees and said: “Oh, please forgive, I will serve you all My life, I’ll sell everything.” He would not accept that bribe. He went with that triumphant pride on the cross. But what does it show? What does it show? That we, the stupid, crucified that great Personality and today are we not again crucifying Him?
That’s why I say that He was a great Prophet, because He makes prophecies that, if you do not take to the right path, if you do not take to the higher seeking, all these things will show. Now we have to understand, because it concerns us, this is what is happening to us, to us, to our children, to our families, to our society, to our country. Let us face it and understand that compassion of God can fail in such horrible, blazing hearts, which doesn’t have any understanding of the Spirit.

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Sahaja Yoga came on this earth long time back, much before I came on this earth, and today it has come to England, we should say I came here twelve years back. It took fourteen years for Blake to write Jerusalem. And I think after fourteen years also if I could really feel satisfied that I’ve been able to do some justice to Him in this Jerusalem that He wanted to build, I’ll be very much grateful to you all.
But it’s not so! It’s a very disappointing thing. People don’t want to listen anything, they want to listen to something that they like, that you have to play on their weaknesses; all the time tell them that whatever wrong you are doing is a good thing; go ahead with it.
Now the compassion and love of Christ can work out miracles, no doubt. It can work out, because He came for us. The whole universe was created for us. It is for us to receive all the blessings of the Divine. It is we who are going to become the Spirit. As He said: “You are to be born again”. But the conditioning, of the subtle conditionings of these surroundings and the atmosphere, the history and all that, is so much embedded in us, but we don’t realize and are not aware, that we have to look upward.

Blake’s life was another crucifixion, I feel. When I read Him, tears fall continuously sometimes. What a son of a great Father, who said Christ was not bothered about His parents. He ran away from the house at the age of twelve years. That means all the boys are now running from their houses at twelve years taking to drugs; that’s the best way we can pay homage to Him, by running away from the houses taking to drugs, because Christ ran away from the house at the age of twelve years. And He said: “This is My Father’s business,” that’s what He writes. “What do I care for the parents?” That does not mean that you should not respect your parents, but it means that: “I am at a higher seeking, I have a higher seeking, I have to move in another direction. You have lived in this direction, whatever it is you have balanced your life, but I have to ascend.” And this is the message He has tried to put forward before you, very clearly. That is so obvious, so clear cut. Wherever He’s so fiery, wherever He’s so compassionate, wherever He’s so gentle, wherever He’s so modest, the inner line is one that: “Achieve your ascent; achieve your higher being; become that.” He has prepared grounds for us here in England. As I have told you many a times, England is a very important part of the universe, which I don’t know how many Englishmen realize. It is the heart of the universe; it is small, but so important.

But what do we get from the heart? What do we have in the heart? Racialism. If Christ comes here, you’ll throw Him out because He’s not English, or do you believe that He was English?
What do we get? We can’t love our children, we kill our children, we ill-treat them. You are sitting in the heart of the universe. This is the heart of the universe and what do you have to give to the world? The Spirit. The Spirit resides in your heart and that’s why Blake said that England has to become Jerusalem, because it is the heart. That means Spirit has to come in the attention of the universe, otherwise things won’t work out, but from where is it going to come? This Spirit, where is going to be awakened? It is going to be awakened in the human beings, and where are those human beings – in the heart? Where are they living? Even those who have come here, immigrants and all that, they are gone cases, useless, good for nothing. And those who are living here are already lethargic; the heart is lethargic, it cannot pump anything out of it.

First it was over pumping, tried to impress the whole world, and now after the impression, it is in depression. This heart has to awaken, to make the whole world a spiritual being. Do we realize our responsibility? Do we understand this, what is the role we have to play as a spiritual being? You have to play a role as a spiritual being now; but we are not, we are busy with all other nonsensical things, but with the Spirit. I have labored for twelve years, as I said, and I think I’ll have to stay here for two years more, fourteen years, and then only maybe, I hope so, Jerusalem will start showing its results in this country. You can do it, you are the only ones who can do it, nobody else. You are entitled to that. God has chosen you to be born here, with a purpose.

But you can’t talk to any one about religion, they don’t discuss religion. But what religion? Religion which contains all the religions of the world. Religion which is the inner balance, the tranquility within you, which gives you the ascent and we don’t discuss it. This is out of etiquette, we can discuss all the drunkards and all the pubs of the world, but we cannot discuss such a horrible thing like religion, which is so innate and within ourselves. You cannot have anything in the newspaper about it. But, He has described all the fake gurus and all the satanic people with such a strong description of all these and you see them and thousands follow these nonsensical people, pay them money, become beggars, but they don’t want to come to reality. Why, I ask Myself, why it’s happening like this? No use going to any excuses. Here is someone who has given you such a lot of explanation. Holy Ghost, He says, and Holy Ghost? A vacuum, you ask anyone.
I was surprised, when it was asked to some very big bishop, “What do you think of Holy Ghost?” He says: “I’m agnostic.” “Agnostic?” Then, Rabin, he asked him: “Then what are you doing here?” He said: “I am doing my job, as you are doing your job.” Rabin, he understood, he stayed all quiet.
He’s agnostic, he doesn’t know anything about Holy Ghost. What is Holy Ghost? William Blake has said: “It resides within you.” Why don’t we find out where does it reside? Why not we go out of the way to find out? Bible cannot contain Christ, the whole universe cannot contain Christ. Let us go out and find out what others have to say about it. But we are very insular self-opinionated, great people sitting here in complete lethargy. We have no time! We don’t think anybody to be considered about it, let us go out and see. What is Holy Ghost is very simple: Holy Ghost is the Kundalini. See, you use logic, not rationality but logic it’s different. If you use your logic, you will see that we have a Trinity, Holy Trinity. We have God Almighty, all right, and we have the Son and the Holy Ghost. Have you heard of any father having a son without the mother? Then who is the Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. Automatically you come to that conclusion, but Mother should not be mentioned.

That’s why Blake has said about the daughters of Albion, because He knew the way the women were suppressed in this country, very sophisticated ways. In Sanskrit it is said: “Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devata “Where the women are worshipped, there remains the domain of the deities.” Where they are worshipped, and they have to be worshipful, not the harlots, in the brothels and the women who walk nude and show off their nudity to excite the baser self, but the ones who are worshipful, where they reside, reside the gods.
So these women were suppressed and suppressed to such an extent that they did not want to talk about God as a Woman, anywhere. So Holy Ghost is something abstract, a dove. All right, it’s a dove, then what. What does it do, the dove? Why is it so important that we should have blessings from the dove? Nobody explains, it’s a mystery.
We have to live with a mystery; everything is a mystery, the banking is a mystery here, the where does the money go is also a mystery. It has something to do with the mafia, that’s also a mystery, then the Masonic people are organizing the Switzerland bank is also a mystery. Everything mysterious and hidden and kept aside, “Oh, that is not to be said, this is just ‘overseas banking’ Oh good, very good name.” It’s ‘overseas banking’, it is this, it is that, and we carry on with this hypocrisy, we carry on with all these false notions, “Oh that’s all right, that’s all right, that part is all right.” This is not forgiveness. What is the forgiveness for the cunning? What is the forgiveness for the crooked? What is the forgiveness for Satan?
Discrimination is needed when we talk of forgiveness. Forgiveness is for the people who think they have committed sins. It’s only in thinking you commit sins, otherwise you do not. Look at a dog, look at a tiger, look at all these people, if tiger has to eat the cow, it eats; does it commit any sin? It does not know about a sin. “Now I didn’t know what is sin is,” he will say that: “I didn’t know it was a sin, you see I just ate it, but what is the sin?”
Just to condemn someone all the time: “You are the sinners, you are the sinners, you did this sin, you did that sin.” Human beings, they are the temple of God. With what care, with love, affection, delicacy they are created. For what? This lotus has been brought out of the mire of illusion for what? To be condemned? To be trampled? To be ill-treated in this way, that too in the name of God?

Lotuses are created to be offered to the gods, with their fragrance, to illuminate the whole world. They are the poetic genius of the Lord, as He has described. While we look at human beings as something to be exploited, to be suppressed, to be oppressed and so, as He says, there are two types of people, and He has given horrible names to them, who try to oppress the people, who try to devour the people. And He calls that the religion now has become the compromise between the two. While the innocent suffer, while the simple suffer, while the seekers suffer, while the good suffer, that’s the fact.

Let us all of us join together now and get our Realization, become the Spirit. Is the easiest thing to do for you, because the Holy Ghost, which is the Kundalini, is within you. In the triangular bone She resides and She can be awakened. Now one may say that: “Why didn’t He talk about Kundalini? Whatever He talked, who listened to him? Whatever He said, who tried to understand? Till today I don’t find many people have understood Him. Whatever He manifested, who bothered to know about it? And if He had talked of something more, it would have been obscure. But He says: “I don’t care for the idiots for whom My sayings are obscure.” He says clearly. He has used only thrice the word ‘idiot’ I think, many times ‘stupid’ and so many times ‘the fools’. Above all that, to Me, all of them are God’s own children. I know how He was angry. I know why He was angry and I also understand Him that He thought that, before Sahaja Yoga coming here, let Me scold them, let Me give them a thump, let Me open them with a big blow, so they are ready.

But in His criticism, I read, they said He was not acceptable because He went too far. Same with Me. People don’t accept Me because I go too far. I must try to please them. Am I seeking your votes that I should try to please you? I have to tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. I want you to accept it because that’s what I am here for. I’m here for that, that you accept the truth and get it. I’ll do my level best. I can make food for you, I can give you good food to you, I can give you presents, I can do whatever a Mother can do for Her children. But when it doesn’t work out, She has to shout sometimes.

She has to say things clearly, because you have to get it. Now you cannot force it on people, this is the biggest problem is. You cannot force Self-realization on to people, you cannot do it by force. Say if the- supposing Russians tell Me, they are very much interested to know about Sahaja Yoga, no doubt, but if they tell Me that: “You come to our government and give them realization”. I cannot, I cannot do it. You have to be free people. When you are free, then you are abandoned, see, the wages of freedom we are paying. Nobody is free, in New York if you go, I have to take out all these ornaments, which I am supposed to wear because of My family. I have to go there without a purse, I have to tie up my purse inside here see something, otherwise they’ll rob it.
Nothing is safe.

So this kind of a freedom which leads to violence, to butchery; actually the way we have butchered our children, butchered our elders, the way insulted every one of them, all that goes hand in hand with freedom. This is no freedom, this is absolutely unleashed abandonment of the brutal self within us. So whether you go to Russia or to here Sahaja Yoga is in a problem, whether you go to the left or to the right, I just don’t understand, where will it prosper, where freedom is used with wisdom, with respect. If you cannot respect the freedom of others you do not have the freedom at all, you have never known the freedom, you have never enjoyed the freedom. So the freedom of human beings has to be respected and when this freedom is respected, then only you can get your realization and then only you can enter into higher freedom, into complete liberty that Blake has described.

There are seekers, so many seekers in this country, and so many are lost, so many are lost. There have been people who are saved by Sahaja Yoga, who have been taking drugs, overnight they gave up, overnight. How? It’s a mechanism within you, God has built that, that power of the spirit when it enlightens you, you just become so powerful, you give up. But beforehand if I say, “Don’t have this and don’t have that”, you cannot do it. You do not have that power of the spirit. Most of the incarnations who came before Christ didn’t realize this point, that human beings are not enlightened, they don’t have the power of the spirit within them. Christ realized it and He said it openly, “You are to be born again.” Not only that, but He said, “First of all forgive, talk of forgiveness.” So that they settle down, that they are not paranoid, that they are not upset. Let them be settled down in peace and in compassion and then awaken their kundalini and then give them realization.

So then you have the power, then there is no temptation, nothing like that. Will you tempt Christ with anything? You cannot. In the same way you do not get enslaved to any temptations. You rise in your own beauty and glory, and your own strength and power. You don’t have to get subdued to anything. This is what is Self-realization. Sahaja Yoga came to London about twelve years back when I came. Now I am not an immigrant for your information, at all. I just came by chance, I should say, or by God’s ordained programming. My husband got elected to this job out of hundred and thirty-four nations, you see. He was elected , we came here, just because he was elected, not even appointed, but elected, and elected four times unanimously. He is the senior most senior secretary-general. So we had to come here, and that’s how I’m here, otherwise I may not have ever come to England to teach Sahaja Yoga.

With Blake, One feels compelled to try and try and try to establish Jerusalem, whatever may be the case, whatever may be the disappointment, whatever may be the disgust, doesn’t matter. One has to do it. He had such faith in the England’s soil that we have to build the Jerusalem. But first, everyone of you who are here must get your realization and humble down before your realization. You are not to be arrogant with it. He said Christ was not humble before human beings, but before God He was. Before His Father He was. In the same way, you have to be humble before your spirit and before your Self-realization and you have to get to the higher state. It’s surprising that in India, we had all this knowledge all these years, but we were supposed to be heathens, I don’t know what else they called us. We were supposed to be slaves. Nobody wanted to know anything about it, the knowledge of the roots existed and our intellectuals also never bothered, they always followed Oxford and Cambridge traditions. With this Oxbridge business, we never got through people to tell them about this great knowledge we had in that country and everything subsided.

This knowledge is not meant for India, is not meant for any particular place, is meant for the whole world, as your knowledge of science, all the knowledge of the tree is meant for the whole world, which you gave it to us, or to give it to all the eastern countries and people accept it. What’s the harm in accepting the knowledge which comes to you for your benevolence; only because it is from the eastern side you feel so insecure about it? From where did Christ come? He came from America? I think He must have run away. Despite that I must say among all of them, British are the most matured. But we run after Americans, we run after French, we run after everyone, not being aware of ourselves, what we are, we are wisdom. We are the people who represent the heart of the universe and time has taken, from Him to this time, that we have matured now. I hope we have matured enough to understand that there has to be a breakthrough.

When they published My handbills, you see, somehow it so happened that My face has come out quite black in that. I said, “Forget it, nobody will come to our program, if you show such a black face they’ll say, ‘oh, somebody coming from Africa is trying to teach us what is Jerusalem’.” So they had to re-do it, to show that I am not that black. What difference does it make, the skin deep color? The color comes from the heart, the beauty comes from the heart, the exuberance of the heart expresses that beauty on your being and the beauty of the truth is that, that it acts, it works. It just doesn’t decorate itself, it doesn’t try to take to ways and methods of luring people but it acts, whether you like it or not it acts. Let us work it out. Is simple. Instead of going into intellectual feats and going into the direction of finite understanding through your brains, let us go to the infinite; that’s only possible when you get to your spirit, which is infinite, which creates the collective consciousness within. Which creates, I say, which means knowledge, but knowledge does not mean what you know through your brain, but what you know through your central nervous system; that you can feel it, that you can feel the chakras of everyone on your fingertips. Mohammed Sahib has said, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak”. But look at the Muslims, they never, never talk of the resurrection, when most of Koran is nothing but resurrection. They talk of the doomsday because they have to make money by frightening people. Beware of the doomsday, you give the money, we’ll save you, we’ll give a certificate; at the doomsday you stand with the certificate, you’ll be saved. First they will go down in the doomsday.

This is for every religion, people have used it for very baser things, making money, creating political ideas. I can’t understand how can diamonds be thrown into dirt like this, and covered with that, and the fragrance turned into filth. It is beyond Me. The powers of human beings sometimes supercede that of God, you can see the way they can change the forms, they change the beauty, change everything that is reality, into something nonsensical and stupid. And they live with it, they don’t want to know about it; they enjoy it. “We are very happy people, what’s wrong.” What a waste, one feels, of this creation. One feels with what aspirations and visions these human beings were created on this earth. And then what should we do to make them understand what they are, to make them aware with that perception, with that vision of the Divine that they are? Sometimes, I also cry in the wilderness and share some of the pathos of all these poets who came on this earth and suffered, and suffered, and suffered.

I hope today, with all this anguish, whatever I am telling you, you will try to see that sincerity is the only way you can understand yourself. No books , nothing, no conditioning, no denial, nothing can convince you but the sincerity to know the spirit, which is within you and this sincerity I call it as the pure desire. If you have that pure desire, which is the power of your kundalini, you will get your realization. Now, just now, the shoot. That’s all is needed, the pure desire to be the spirit, nothing more than that. But when it is awakened, then it is to be looked after, that’s very important; it has to be looked after, it has to be kept burning, it has to be maneuvered and kept at a point that you start growing more and more. I need not tell you all about Sahaja Yoga, it’s going to be too much for you, but how Blake has worked for us. So many poets have done this job and now the new great poets are coming to finish us off, to please the media, to make money, befool us, using flowery words, pleasing sentences, taking us to hell directly. Beware of them, beware, save your children from them, save the whole community. The whole of England has to be saved because if the heart dies, the whole universe will die.
May God bless you.

The Sahaja Yogis didn’t want Me to allow you to ask Me questions, but I think better ask Me some questions.
Q…..about the chakras….

Shri Mataji: Yes sir. That’s what I said, that I didn’t talk about them because it would be too long a lecture but we have got a book on this, a little book and there it is all written though I say that before realization don’t even read that book, can create problems. You can know all about the subtle side, the chakras and everything without paying anything, without any effort. There are people now in England, you will be surprised, so many of them are excellent Sahaja yogis who are experts and they will tell you all about it very clearly. We have got books to explain. As you see there are seven chakras are shown here. The lowermost is the Mooladhara Chakra, is the innocence.

Q:…can you see it with your eyes, outside the body, can you see it?
Shri Mataji: If you see something then you are not that. And people have seen it because they were not that, because they moved on the sides, on the sympathetic nervous system, what we call the Ida and Pingala. When you go on sympathetic nervous system you can see it from outside. Like this building you can see it from outside, but when you are in it you don’t see it, you see only the inside. So that’s what it is, when you ascend, you need not see anything, you become, you get the powers. People have seen it no doubt, but that one should not ask for. I can see the glass – better to drink the water. Now what else?

Q:….what do You do with all Your wealth, all your money?
Shri Mataji: My money? Are you from the bank? What I do with My money – what do you want Me to do? What sort of a question is this? Ask a simple straightforward question madam I don’t understand what do I do with My money, I don’t do anything with it. Actually My husband manages his money, I ask him whatever I like. Of course he earns a lot no doubt, he earns very much. I sometimes tell him, “I’m ashamed the way they give you money,” because he doesn’t even pay any tax you know. Of course I do spend some money on Sahaja Yoga, I must confess I have to sometimes, what to do? One has to and these people have their own ashrams, where they stay, and look after it. For this hall they must have collected some money I don’t know, I don’t know what do they do with their money, I don’t know, I have no idea, I’ve never seen that. They are honest people, they all know all about it. I don’t know anything, I have nothing to do with it. This is the aggressiveness, “What do I do with My money” Just look at this. Yes sir?

Q….a man has mental illness, he wants to know whether he’ll have it after he dies….
Shri Mataji: No, no, no, just now you can cure it. Why to think of death? You can be cured of your mental illness at least, minimum, that could be done.

Q….How can you tell that it’s Self-realization? You feel a breeze but how does it become…
Shri Mataji: You see, when you feel the cool breeze is the beginning of it, all right? Now you have to see what this cool breeze is, all right? Now if you go to a college of science or a college of medicine what you have to do is to see what it is, isn’t it; and to see whatever it says does it prove. Now, when you see the cool breeze in your hand, what happens that it is, as I said, is the compassion of God say for example, you just believe in the hypothesis just now. Now what is this compassion doing, is made you a computer. On the fingertips you can tell what centers are catching, of yours and of others, so you become the diagnosis. Now if you know a little few gestures by which you can handle this power, you can cure them. That’s the minimum, all right? You can know from this whether you have mental problem or you have emotional problem, or you have physical problem and of what nature. This is how is the self-knowledge starts, from the very basics.

What’s your problem with you, first let us see the problem on the centers, all right? Then you move forward when you go with it, then you understand what’s the problem with others; then what’s the problem in the collective; then what’s the problem of this country; and if you know how to solve them, sitting down here, you can do it, you can solve it. But this is the breeze which has to be felt first because this is the breeze which we call as the all-pervading power of God. Now, just because I say you should not believe Me, because blind faith is of no use, but you can experiment and see for yourself. Even little children know. They can tell you what is catching in you, what chakras are catching. You can have ten children, ‘fold’ their eyes, put them before a gentleman, immediately they’ll raise this finger or this finger. Supposing they raise this finger, means this person feels terribly guilty. He must be a Catholic that he feels so guilty. That the children won’t say but you will know that this is the chakra is caught up here because he’s feeling guilty.

Like that you can go on finding on your own being like a laboratory the whole thing becomes like a computer because it is knowledge, knowledge through your central nervous system, through your evolutionary process. But you have to practice and understand what it is. If I give you a car, how will you know it moves unless and until you get into it and know how to drive it, isn’t it. You have to give some time, not much, but you enjoy, best part of it you enjoy doing the whole thing. It just flows automatically, you don’t have to do anything about it.

But one has to learn, little bit, what it is. Before realization you don’t have to do anything, it just forms spontaneously as the seed is sown in the Mother Earth, all right? Then when it comes out, then you have to look after it; the same way you have to look after your realization, respect it. Then you become the masters. We have one master standing here and we have so many. They are just like you to look at, but they know so much and they are so humble. They don’t go about with a big plate on their heads “I am the master of this and master of that” nothing. They are doing all their jobs, they are doing very well, they are blessed and also they are helping people to get their realization. You’ll be surprised in Sahaja Yoga very difficult to get an unemployed person. All of them are employed. If they are unemployed they get employment with God also. Basically they are employed by God. All right?

Q… is this the only way to get realization?
Shri Mataji: Yes, of course; there cannot be another, God could not make thousand and one, could He? That would be too much of a headache , like as you sprout the seed, how do you do it? Spontaneously. Sahaja Yoga means spontaneous, living process is always spontaneous. Now supposing we want to sprout a seed and we take out the primule, push it out and push it inside the Mother Earth, will it sprout – no. You have to take advantage of the powers of the Mother Earth, to sprout a seed, isn’t it?

Q. …saying she has not come across Sahaja Yoga in the religions, that there are many religions.
Shri Mataji: In the religions there’s no … religions are no religions, that’s the trouble is. I have told you all this just now that there is nothing, they will never mention that is sensible, but it’s not so. I would say Sikhism, we can say is the latest religion. I mean there are so many verses about, much later than Islam, Sikhism came on this earth and they have said that, complete description, I mean you don’t understand Hindi otherwise I would have told you – Ida, Pingala, Sushumna – everything they have described – Kabira has described at such length that we have in India a great poet Gyaneshwara and He has described all about kundalini. If you go in Maharashtra and tell them that somebody is going to awaken the kundalini, they’ll all rush, they know all about it.

How many years did Christ live? How many times He could talk to people? How many of them accepted Him and how many of them understood Him? He went to a wrong place, I tell you; all were deaf, dumb and brainless. How will they understand? How could He talk about Kundalini when everybody was after His life? But He did talk of Holy Ghost, He talked of the Comforter He was going to send. He talked of so many things in that short time. Do you know for four years I was struggling with seven hippies in London; for four years. I must say, it’s very creditable for Him in three and a half years to talk so much. How many years Blake had to work hard to talk to you? Is it easy to talk to people about truth? Very difficult; everybody is extremely intelligent and wise, nobody want to listen to anything, do they? But in India we have a tradition; we know it; that you have to ascend. The whole thing works out that way. If they talk of kundalini, not in the North so much, but in Maharashtra, if you go, if you go in the South, you’ll be amazed six thousand people, seven thousand people come in a village. They have seen it, these people have seen it, they come in bullock carts, they come in, any way that is possible for them, buses, and trains, and they walk miles together when they hear I’m there.

Once I was coming from a program in the night and suddenly I found lots of people lying on the road. I said, “Who are these people?” They said, “Mother we couldn’t reach Your program, we were late, You give us realization here.” I said: “All right, have it.” They had it, they are the ones who’ll get much faster than anyone else, I know, that’s why I don’t mind spending some time here. Once I go there, you will see the whole country would be ablaze, I’m not telling you lies, you ask the people who have been there. They are very different type of people, to them most important is their spirit. If you tell them what, the way we talk about Christ here, so disrespectfully, without understanding, they are shocked. Any Indian who is a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu, doesn’t treat the way you treat Bible. The respect they have has come to them traditionally. Of course you don’t judge Indians by the Indians who have come here. They like your company, they are this type, they are materialistic, they want to have money, they have come here to earn money, but the people who are in India in the villages, not in the cities, are still seeking, seeking God, they’re very simple people, humble people.

Traditionally we have known for thousands of years. I talk of Markandeya who was there twelve thousand years back, who incarnated here as William Blake. Twelve thousand years back He said the same thing which is said in England after twelve thousand years, because that time I don’t know what was here, may be only jungles, I think. And that is also waste, isn’t it, tell Me, isn’t it? How much could Christ talk about kundalini? He talked of Holy Ghost. But why stick on to that, now I have come to talk to you. Better take your realization; when He came, they talked of Moses, when Moses came they talked of Abraham. What about the present, I am with you, why not have your realization? All religions were built for this day, that you get your realization, to give you the balance, to give you that property by which you ascend. Like when we have an aeroplane, we fix it up properly; in the same way they wanted to fix you up, but the religions went astray, they made people crooked, the things they fixed, wrong bolts into wrong places, the whole aeroplane is in a tattered condition if it flies, it will all fall down. Better give up all those ideas. But kundalini is such a great force, it’s such a great force; it comforts you, it cures you, it builds up all your centers and slowly moves upward and when if you get realization, also it goes back, attends to all these problems that you have. It’s such a mother she is. Any other question, please?

Q. Why are you to be known as Mataji, Mother?
Shri Mataji: I didn’t follow.
Yogi: Nor did I. Why are You to be known as Mataji?
Shri Mataji: As Shri Mataji? That’s the title they gave Me, what can I do? In India. You have to be an Indian to understand that. There are certain things described, about Shri Mataji. If you have read any books, of Adi Shankaracharya, or of Markandeya Himself, then you will know and the qualities described there of such a person, if they find it in someone, they call that person by that name, isn’t it? Like Gandhiji was called as Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma means a bigger spirit than others, because he had that. He didn’t care for himself or his own family, everything for his own, but he thought of the whole country; that’s why he was called Mahatma. Now, but I didn’t call Myself; if others want to call I think is all right, I have no objection. You can call anything, whatever you see, you can call that. By calling that, what is your objection? Can I ask you this question? Beg pardon? [No objection] No objection. All right, that’s all right. See, then it’s all right, if you understand that it is must be some reason also.
(Further question from same person)

Q. Do you have some divine power?
Shri Mataji: That you better find out; I am not going to be tactless on that. Christ said what was the truth, that He was the Son of God, all right, but they crucified Him. I don’t want to get crucified so soon.

[INAUDIBLE Q:] But the one who is an Indian, who is an Indian and Englishman. [Hindi]. You see it is for an … Indians understand it better. [Hindi]
I’m sorry I’m speaking in Hindi because I have to little bit chastise the Indians here, I hope you don’t mind. [Hindi]

Now, what is another question please? Yes please?

Q. Yogi: Mother, she is asking if you can cure physical ailment, I mean the answer’s yes, that comes from Self-realization, no question.
Shri Mataji with your permission, the majority of people have come for the experience and are anxious to have, I may be mistaken, but I think most people would like to stop questions and …

Shri Mataji: But sometimes you know those who want to ask, let them ask, otherwise the brain will again put out a question. Now madam, what is it..?

(SY. She’s asking You, Mother, what life was like for You as a child)?
Shri Mataji: As a child? I mean that’s another story; you come and see Me, I’ll tell you all about it. Why do you want to know about My past and future? Let us at the present time to get your realization; makes no difference what I was as a child, or what I was as an old woman.

Yogi: … She’s asking whether you have an opinion about the growth of interest in spirituality in England…
Shri Mataji: What spirituality?
Yogi asks questioner: spiritualism or spirituality? Questioner answers: spiritualism.
Shri Mataji: That’s the witchcraft, revived; very, very dangerous. Ah, is very dangerous, never go near that, all this parapsychology and all those things. We have described all these things in our book; you can have a look at it. Is a very comprehensive thing, Sahaja Yoga is. Is the witchcraft, you may call it spirituality, because a spirit can be also a dead soul as I told you, in English language. There is no ‘ism’ about God. It’s infinite. ‘Isms’ are all finite things.

Q. SY: she’s praising Your lecture, Mother, and saying now that….she’ll go back to read Blake again.
Shri Mataji: I’m very happy, I’m very happy that you say that, madam, it’s really such a great poet, but you’ll be surprised in India, none of them brought Blake. We never read Blake there, never; you see we studied English language, we studied Shakespeare, we studied so many things, but never they mentioned Blake, you know. I don’t know why. In the whole education system of India, they never mentioned Blake.

[another inaudible question …]

Shri Mataji: That’s very nice, such books you must read. Such books you must read.
[Here someone disclaims in Sanskrit]
You see there’s a Sanskrit scholar here, but the greatest Guru is the Mother, don’t you think so? The Mother is the Guru of the gurus. But it’s very difficult, because guru is a hard stuff, you see. A mother has to be very soft, kind, gentle to manage the show, but the guru can be very hard and they are very hard people, but Mother as a guru is a difficult task, it’s very enjoyable.

Now I have given at least eleven lectures on Guru tattwa, all right? So you can take tapes from them, you can read it and you will enjoy it very well. Here the Guru tattwa is expressed in the Void, there, where the ten Gurus actually incarnated basically and they reincarnated. Say we can start from Adi Nath, then we can come to other ones like Nanaka, Janaka. Janaka was much earlier, then we can say Abraham, Moses. All these were Guru tattwa, Socrates, all these were Guru tattwa people, the people who came as Prophets; the ones who came on this earth to teach us balance, to teach us the code of life. That was also important part, but that was forgot. Why? Why the code, why the religion? Religion is for the ascent, to build you up.

Q. ?Tattwa
Shri Mataji: Tattwam assi, that’s what is the tattwa there; tattwa is there; tattwa is nothing but your kundalini is your tattwa, is the principle….

Q: [INAUDIBLE] Parvati, Shiva; She’s also called as Kundalini.
Shri Mataji: Of course. Yes, yes, it is all over, same thing. I’m just giving you the gist of it.

SY: She’s asking, Mother, who was Mother Durga, she’s asking about who was Mother Durga?
Shri Mataji: A very direct question; I told you, I’m very tactful, I’m not going to confess anything. You better find out, it’s better to find out. It’s nice, isn’t it? To find out yourself.

Yogi: …I’ll explain, Mother, the program is that tonight will be the experience of realization and we have another program on Saturday evening, here in the same place, which will be for this knowledge part; after realization, the knowledge makes more sense, so it’s better to get the experience…
Shri Mataji: But our experience is very funny, I must tell you that for My program, even if there may be one thousand people, for getting realization, after that they just get lost, never grow. That’s only more in England, they just don’t … they’ll get lost, I think they must be going to the pub after that. I can’t explain why it happens but they just get lost, they don’t want to know anything anymore. I don’t know why, I cannot explain, I mean, is something I cannot explain. All right, let’s have it now.

So now, if we are all settled down, it’s very simple, Sahaj also means simple, Sahaj; saha means ‘with’ ja means ‘born’; is born with you, this right to get this union, this yoga, is born with you, is within you and is the living process of the living God so it is spontaneous. Everything that is living is spontaneous and should happen to all of you, no doubt about it. You don’t have to do anything as I said but you have to receive the power within yourself, to invite the kundalini to rise. Now first thing I have to request, I hope it is not too much of it, that we have to take out our shoes to touch the Mother Earth. Is very important because the Mother Earth is the one which sucks in, for a while. I don’t know, is there a carpet there? Be in a mood of reception, and also of well-being, in a happy mood, because this is the greatest moment of our lives.

Now as I said that these fingers, here five, six and seven, on the same way this way, represent the two sides of the chakras within us, the sympathetic sides, so we have to put our hands like this, just like this, simple as that. And sit, not crossed legged but putting both the feet with respect, towards the Mother Earth, in parallel to each other. Now maybe some of you must have started feeling the cool breeze, I don’t know, might have, because today’s lecture was rather too terrific and William Blake must have worked it out I’m sure. But otherwise is very simple. Now we have to do is to ourselves awaken our own kundalini, which is very simple, which I will tell you. In the heart resides the spirit so first we’ll have to put our hand to our heart. I will tell you one by one. And then in the upper part of your stomach where the guru tattwa is here, the principle of guru is there. Then in the lower part of the abdomen, where it is the divine, or we can say the pure knowledge that exists and which works. This is the center through which the pure knowledge, the pure technique, works. Then we take this hand again back, same way, up to this point where, it is here, when we are guilty we catch this chakra. Now here works our self-confidence, our faith in God that He forgives us. Then we put our hand on top of our head – this is the Agnya Chakra, which is very important. Here we forgive everyone; then at the back of the Agnya Chakra again, where we have to say that, “If we done any mistake, oh God forgive us”. These are the two sides of the Agnya Chakra. And then you put your hand, stretch it, put this part on the fontanel bone area, the soft bone which was on top of our head and press it hard and move it hard, for a while. That’s all one has to do. I’ll tell you one by one.

First and foremost thing is, we have to close our eyes, because eyes take out our attention; but attention will be sucked inside our body in the sense it will go through the – just like this cloth – it is spread out, but as kundalini rises, She sucks it in and then pierces through this attention, enlight[en]ing all of that. It’s a happening that takes place without any trouble whatsoever. As a result of that, what you get is the cool breeze coming out of your head; you can also feel the cool breeze in your fingertips; then later on in your hands and you get that shine on your skin. Christ has said, “The face that does not shine cannot become the star.” And then you get that glint of shine of the spirit in your eyes. That’s all, is not the point, is much, much, much, much more but just a wee bit that we have to today testify and later on to find out have we got realization all right, then can we work it out, can we do this, because later on we have to play our role now as a spiritual being, that’s the point one has to understand.

So now, have respect for yourself first of all; and not to feel guilty at all. You are the temple of God, really believe Me you are made that way, only the light is to be kindled and that is in your heart. When the kundalini rises, she’s something like an energy that does that because when she pierces through, this is the place where the God Almighty resides, who is reflected in our heart as the spirit and the all-pervading power, which is the Primordial Mother, the Holy Ghost, this vibrations that you feel, the power of God, the love of God which is represented within us as the kundalini, rises and unites us, our attention to the Divine. The spirit enlightens the attention and by that enlightenment you know, on your fingertips, on your central nervous system, through your new collective consciousness about yourself and about others. Through Sahaja Yoga you know how to cure, improve, and through this happening, through the spirit you enjoy because spirit – the nature of spirit is satchidanand, means it is the truth, it becomes the attention and it is the source of joy. Without getting realization you can be happy and unhappy but you cannot be joy, which has no dualism. You become the source of joy. Such a person, when he meets someone; he sees someone, he looks at someone, just a kataksh is sufficient to raise the kundalini – just a glance is sufficient to cure that person; just a thought, can give comfort to the other person. Miracles after miracles, so many miracles that as Sahaja yogis say, “miracle’ has lost its meaning Mother, in Sahaja Yoga,” that’s true. So miracles of miracles and every moment you feel that God is looking after you.

When this great volcano burst, exploded in Mexico, a miracle happened they say, that the children were saved. The wrath – no this was not in Mexico but later on more in Colombia, because Colombia is sending all kinds of these horrible things all over the world, making money out of it. The wrath of the Mother Earth poured that mud and the people were drowned but the children survived. Their heads were above the mud, the body inside the mud. The same Mother Earth looked after them because they should not be burned so She covered them with the mud, why? Because of the innocence in them. Those who have even the slightest innocence in them will become realized souls, no doubt about it – slightest, a very wee bit. All the seekers are a special category of people and they have to become realized souls.

So forget about the past, forget whatever you have done in your seeking, whatever you are told, whatever you are branded with, just forget it and forgive yourself, once for all. This is I am telling you this because this is one of the biggest problems of the West that everybody sits down with a bad, horrible trouble here and sometimes I feel it so much that I can’t even hear people. Is terrible. This portion is so bad here so I have to request you that please forgive yourself. You are the glory of God, without you God has no meaning also. It is He who is anxious, much more then you are, to give you realization. Just help Him out a little.

All right. Let us see. So we put our both the hands like this, close our eyes. Now you have to keep the left hand all the time towards Me, because is the desire, is expressed through it is the power of desire in the left hand which expresses that you want to have realization. The right hand is the power of action so you move your right hand but don’t open your eyes. You have to keep your eyes all the time shut, just the opposite of mesmerism as you can see. Now please close your eyes; now put your right hand on your heart.

Now here you have to say, or ask Me a question, “Mother am I the spirit?” You may call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, whatever suits you. “Mother am I the spirit?” is a fundamental question and if you are a computer it will answer. “Mother am I the spirit?” Ask the question three times please. Put your left hand properly, please close your eyes; everybody should do it, please. It’s uncivil not to close your eyes; please close your eyes because others may feel self-conscious so please close your eyes, to be courteous.

Now you have to take down your right hand on the upper part of your stomach, on the left hand side, we are working only on the left hand side. Here is the principle of the master. If you are the spirit, automatically you have to ask the second question, “Mother am I my own master? Mother am I my own guru?” Please ask this question, you have to ask this question three times again, without fear, with all confidence you ask this question, you are the spirit, you are your master.

Now move your right hand on the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side, lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side. This is the center of the divine work, of the divine knowledge or the pure knowledge, of the technique of divine manifestation. At this point I cannot force you to do anything, as I told you, you have to be free, I can only request you and here I say that you have to ask for the divine knowledge, you have to ask for the pure knowledge and when you ask for it the kundalini will start moving. Here with sincere heart, in a humble way you have to say, “Mother may I have the pure knowledge, Mother may I have the divine technique?” Ask this question six times because this center has got six petals.

Now to make the way easy for kundalini, we go along the same centers upwards so you put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen, to make it easy for the kundalini to rise you have to open this center by asserting, by saying “Mother I am my own master”, by saying “Mother I am my own master”, ten times because there are ten petals, ten Sat gurus basically who incarnate ten times, of Prophets, the Masters.

Now raise your right hand on your heart, press it. With the same confidence you have to say twelve times “Mother I am the spirit, I am the spirit, I am the spirit”. Just assert, that’s a fact, that’s the truth. Press it with your fingers. Now, twelve times, have full confidence in you, believe Me you are the spirit, you have to just become in the sense it has to come in your attention on to your central nervous system.

Now raise the right hand on the left hand side of your neck, in the corner where the neck and the shoulder meet, press it hard, take it backwards, press it hard. This is the most difficult center in the West, as I told you, that we feel guilty all the time but as I have told you, God is the ocean of love, ocean of compassion, but above all He is the ocean of forgiveness. He’s the ocean of forgiveness. When He’s the ocean of forgiveness, what guilt can we have that He cannot wash away or dissolve it? So just you have to say sixteen times because there are sixteen petals, to say sixteen times with full belief in yourself, “Mother I’m not guilty, Mother, I’m not guilty, Mother, I’m not guilty” sixteen times will you please say that “Shri Mataji I’m not guilty”. If you still feel you are guilty and you can’t forgive yourself, better say it to punish yourself hundred and eight times, if that pleases you.

When you forgive yourself you have to forgive others and so the greatest message of Christ, that we have to forgive others you have to put your hand to the center which is the adornment or we should say which adorns Christ, on the Agnya Chakra on your forehead, please put your right hand across,. Press it hard and here you have to say with full belief in yourself and in your powers that, “Shri Mataji I forgive everyone”. Some may say that’s very difficult but what do we do when we forgive or not forgive – no logic in it. But when we say that, then we are out of the clutches of other people, so please say, “Shri Mataji I forgive everyone. Now say it with your whole heart, how many times is not the point, please say it with your whole heart. Now you move your hand backwards onto the back side of the same center – Agnya – press it hard. Now here, you have to say once only without feeling guilty at all, without feeling no remorse, no condemnation, to God, one for your satisfaction, “Oh Lord, if I have done anything wrong, please forgive me” but don’t feel guilty, that’s very important. Even without saying He has forgiven you. Better.

Now raise your right hand on top of your head, stretch your … stretch your palm, press it hard on the fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood, press it hard, move it seven times. Again here I cannot force anything on you. You have to say that you want your Self-realization that, “Mother, please give us our realization. We want our Self-realization. Please give me my Self-realization” and press it hard and move it seven times and say that. I’m sure it will work out.

Now bring down your hand, slowly, and bend your head a little bit and feel with your left hand if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. Try to bend your head a little, little bit and about four inches above the head, bend it a little, that works out better sometimes. With your left hand, right hand towards Me and with the left hand you see the breeze. Right hand towards Me and then with the left hand you see, you can feel it better, with the left hand on top of your head; first with the left hand. Aah. Now put the left hand towards Me and with the right hand just see if it is blowing because it should come in both the hands. Open your eyes, open slowly and watch Me without thinking. Let us see if you can do it – just without thinking, just watch Me, without thinking. There’s no thought in your mind, no thought. Now just put your hands like this, are you feeling the cool breeze in the hand?

Now put your hands up in the air, like this, and in your heart ask a question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask the question, put it up nicely, ask the question three times: “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the brahma shakti? Is this the all-pervading power of God? Ask the question. Now put down your hands and see for yourself if you feel the cool breeze. All those who have felt the cool breeze on the head, coming out of the head, or on their fingertips or in the hands please raise your hands, both the hands. That’s Blake. You all have become Blake. May God bless you.

So many. May God bless you. But I must warn you, after this don’t talk about it because it is beyond reasoning. Secondly you must come back, must all of you come back and work it out. Those who haven’t got realization will also receive it. Those who have got it, will establish it. Please come back. You will enjoy the silence, the stillness within. But that’s just the beginning of it. We have to go further. Otherwise you won’t be able to manifest it properly. It has to be looked after. It’s just a shoot that has come out, a little shoot we have to look after it. May God bless you all. Thank-you very much. Why not sing Jerusalem to them … will be good idea.

Yogi: Mother with Your permission the music group would like to sing one song for You but before that we have a little memento of this evening which we would like to present.
Shri Mataji: You want to sing, all right? You have all the arrangements here. All right. If you don’t mind, just sit down for five minutes.

Yogi: So Garuda take wing.
While we were preparing the program of Blake’s Birthday Festival Mother, we found out there was an Exhibition of Blake’s work in London in one of the galleries and we very much wanted to give You something that was made by His own Hands and with the good wishes of all the Sahaja yogis of England we’ve been able to do it for You.
Shri Mataji: Oh that’s too much, that’s too much Gavin, that’s too much.

Yogi: No it’s something special Mother, we hope that it’ll be our pledge to try to do some justice to You as You’ve tried to do some justice to Blake.
Shri Mataji: I’m so proud of Him, really. Can you – I am not good at opening. Done so well. Ohh. What a beautiful one. Trigunatmika. Do you see the trigunatmika is there? What a vision. I mean how can you understand Him without Sahaja Yoga … picture, you cannot … May God bless you. Thank-you very much

Yogi: This is the engraving of the Daughters of Job from the illustrations to Book of Job.
Shri Mataji: What is?
Yogi: Daughters of Job.
Shri Mataji: Trigunatmika. Three Powers – the Comforter, and the Counselor and the Redeemer, three Powers, which you will know, later on. We have those three Powers within ourselves. Go ahead.

Shri Mataji: Thank you very much.
[The mike is not all right. Loudly.]
Song: ‘Seek and You Will Find’.

Song: ‘Jerusalem.’ Yogi: We’d like everyone to stand up to sing Jerusalem.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you all and bless this country. God bless you.

*(about William Blake)