The Land of Yoga

Vaitarna (India)

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Talk on the shores of Vaitarna river, India Tour, December 15th, 1985

We have come into the land of Yoga. And in Yoga, one has to receive the blessings of peace and truth. So this land is the land where peace must reside. And you are the ones who are going to create that atmosphere of peace, here and abroad.
The nature in this land, or in any land, is very congenial to the divine happenings. First, they told me that in this place it will be very cold and all of you will have to wear sweaters. When I came here, I was really perspiring. So how nature has also welcome Me!

In India, it means a very unsophisticated, simple and ancient country, the vibrations are felt with great ease and it has maintain its holiness. But the people from this country, who believed in the holiness of the atmosphere, by leading a holy life, are taking to many things which may not keep the same level of holiness.

Never, in the history of this country also, so many saints have opted on this holy land. Today you all have come here to enjoy the gift, the warmth of the love of the Divine, and also to emit and manifest that love in your own country.

I have to request you for one thing, that the culture of this country is bound by the spiritual consideration, by the consideration that ultimately, we have to ascend. Of course, now we have a lot of hypocrites, many more than the real things [saint?], but still, the culture has such insight; it respects all other cultures, as long as it respects the Spirit.

So when you come to this country, you must also respect the culture of this country and try to understand why a thing has still been carried on traditionally for so many years. Thanks to heavens that we haven’t become that affluent to forget God, but still we have many, many people in this country, who think that getting money, getting affluence, is the only way to be happy. It is you who can fight/figure [unsure] it out to them that when you got all your affluence also you had to come to God to get your happiness and to enjoy.

As you must have seen now, in the course of Sahaja Yoga, that it is a very, very deep feeling within us, it is not what you discuss or argue or think. That is the process we followed earlier, when we were not Realized souls, when we had not entered into the Kingdom of God, that we could discuss, talk, argue, or we could aggress and we could manipulate, manufacture. But when you become, then your best quality is to be, to absorb, more and more of divine knowledge. It is not a mental thing nor a mental absorption, because, so far, we have used only mental projections. But now, the whole process has to be changed and you have to use your own growth, through the awakening of your Kundalini, through the raising of your Kundalini, through the maintaining at that level.

The transformation has taken place no doubt. But to go further, you cannot use your mental capacity, but to use your spiritual capacity. This is what we forget, that the process that we used, so far, doesn’t work out. Once you realize this point, I’m sure your India Tour, you will definitely enjoy the absorption and the sap [unsure] of God. At the very outset, I must say, I expect a lot for this trip. I expect that a very good quality of Sahaja Yogi have come from abroad, and they are going to fully establish themselves in the Tour. If we have another Tour, well and good. Even if not, let us accomplish it in its full way.

Now this land has a very good resting point for us which has been actually in a way donated by the Divine. It is along the river Vaitarna, and in Sanskrit language “Vairtana” means the ocean of illusion. “Vai” means whatever is perverted or which is not the right thing, which is improper, the illusion. When you see the illusion you do not see the right image.

So this is the river which takes you across the ocean of illusion. “Tarana” means the one which salvages, is the one which gives you salvation. Along this river, to have our school would be a great blessing I think and it’s a great thing that we can do. Here, now, as you see it’s a very large area, we can even have ten schools here. But in any case, for the Sahaja Yogi children, now we find, there is a big solution, that they could study in a proper atmosphere, in the company of the beautiful nature and simple villages, so they develop a temperament that is peaceful, that is glorifying or glorious and the one that is full of hope for the whole universe.

With that hope, we have taken this land here and I hope the day will come when we’ll have very beautiful little, little houses for the little children to stay here.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi