Devi Puja

Brahmapuri (India)

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Devi Puja. India Tour, Brahmapuri (India), 27 December 1985.

Shri Mataji: Ask her. Nathalie, come here. Join hands with Danya.
Are you all right, Ray, now?
Put kumkum to everyone. Just take that, see, you can leave that here. All the ladies, put it on.
[Cut in the video]

Yesterday one boy stood up and asked Me a question, that: “When we are such a yoga bhoomi, we are such a holy country, why is it that all the discoveries in the science are made in the West?”
“Very good question,” I said. I said: “That is the knowledge of the tree, as I have told you; that’s the knowledge of the tree. And what have they achieved is now the end of it, and now they want to know the knowledge of the roots. That’s why they are here.”
So to know the knowledge of the roots, first of all, we must have humility about it. We have not known this knowledge yet, never known what is in the Kingdom of God. As Krishna has said, this tree grows downward and the roots are in the brain – clearly. So it is an ascent to go to the roots, it’s a different style. Kundalini has to rise upward to go to the roots, and to enter into the roots what we have to do is to know about it.
Now all these things, like I said yesterday that you put on “bindi”. Now this is also – thank God, despite all changes in the Bible – it’s written in the Bible that you’ll be known by the mark you’ll be carrying. Now let’s see how many are courageous, even in India, to carry this mark? That’s why you people catch so fast. One of the reasons why you people catch, first of all, the eyes are not steady. You are not used to the steady eyes, you see, as the Indians have very steady eyes. They are, from childhood they are taught: “Where is your attention?” All the time they are asked: “Where is your attention?”

[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi: There are some Western Sahaja Yogis standing at the back. Please give them a chair to sit, since they are not able to sit on the ground.]

So where is your attention?
Now the attention is so disturbed all the time and that’s why you catch very fast, and when you catch from your eyes, it goes through your Agnya Chakra. Now this [bindi] is the protection of Agnya Chakra; it’s actually the blood of Christ that you wear. But people must have that courage. They’ll wear a cross, but not this.
In the Western countries, it’s very difficult for people to have that much courage to put on this. They will have excuses: “Mother, we’ll lose our jobs,” this, that. Every sort of an excuse is there. But if you are courageous people, then you have to start wearing it some time. Maybe in the night you start first, then in the daytime. [Laughter]
Slowly, slowly you can creep into it. That’s the only thing I think you people have to wear, that’s important. That will be a good idea, because you will not catch. Because you go outside, your attention is outside, you see what’s happening outside, the atmosphere is bad. Moreover, if you put this on, it will not only protect you, but also protect others. They will have a new idea. After all, you will dress up like them, you are just like them – you have to be. But you have to protect, and for protection you have to wear something like that. I found that when I went first to England they used to laugh at Me, looking at My red mark. I mean, if they wear lipsticks it’s all right, even if they are clowns, if they are hippies, they are punks, it’s all right. But if you wear a proper thing which is scientific, it’s most scientific.
So to understand the science of the roots you must understand what it means, why this culture is like this: because it is more towards the roots, the movement is not towards the tree. And the tree, where it has ended up? Beyond the Mooladhara Chakra.
So now they are returning back. To go from the leaf to the roots is very difficult, but to go from the roots to the leaves is easier. So for this ascent we have to be humble, to know about the knowledge – knowledge about the roots.

Now why they put on, all of them? Is this is the reason, that to protect your Agnya. First of all there’s no entry. That’s why, once an Indian gets Realization, he ascends. He doesn’t go on catching again; I mean, this doesn’t happen here. This is one of the things one has to do.

Then the second thing is the puja. The puja has its effect on everyone, but according to your depth; and that’s for that you have to have shraddha, faith. If your mind is still thinking, you cannot achieve much in puja. While for Indians, to attend a puja is the highest. They don’t mind My lecture, anything; if they miss the program, doesn’t matter, any music program is all right, any kind of discomfort is all right – as long as they can attend to puja.
Today, people have come from two hundred to three hundred miles for this puja, all the way, because they know this is the knowledge of the roots. For that you have to do the puja. If you have to ascend, you have to do it. But you are still in the same level; if you are still thinking about the tree style, then you’ll go downward. To move inward, you have to have all these instruments. One of them is of puja.

Now for puja, are we prepared? Are we in that mind, whatever time it has to start, we’ll start? First of all, we have tied our watches quite tight. Thank God, I lost My watch last night!

So now the watches have tied us up so much that now eleven o’clock puja means eleven o’clock. It’s not like that – it depends on. It is the natural growth of our being, it is the natural working of our growing. When I came here, you’ll be amazed, all My right side was paralyzed, absolutely paralyzed. Right foot was paralyzed, I just couldn’t move My legs, and all the feet had become like a fossilized stuff, and I didn’t know what was happening. The reason is, everybody has been thinking too much.
Now the attention should be how we are, what are we doing about ourselves, that’s very important; how far we have achieved. But on the contrary, the attention is disturbed by many things. One of them may be the marriages, that marriages have to take place, what’s going to happen and all that. But at puja time it has no meaning. Nothing has importance than but to develop yourself, and this is what it is: at this time you have to develop your roots. And to develop your roots, it’s a different science altogether.

The another thing is that you can achieve the movement of the tree by aggressiveness, by aggressing. But when you aggress in the human mind, then you are drawn towards the Mooladhara more, towards the gravity force, and you go down towards the dead; the materialism starts coming up. Because it’s upside down, human growth is upside down. You know the brain is here, not at the feet. It starts from the brain, the growth starts from the brain; as you know as doctors that the whole thing is here and the nerves go down, they do not start from the feet. So when you start putting your attention to your outward growth, you go towards materialism- automatically. Then you find matter has nothing to do, you have fossilized yourself. So then you come back.
Now you have to change your attitude completely towards this new learning, and this new learning is that you have to develop a humble attitude, first of all. And secondly, what are we going to achieve in our ascent through learning the different tantra, the mechanism, the divine mechanism – how to work it out.
The person who is extremely efficient in the other field might become completely inefficient in this field, absolutely useless: possessed, aggressive, good for nothing, hot-tempered, hot-tempered, and also devoid of any love, affection, compassion.

Like they were shocked to hear that people kill their children in England, they couldn’t believe it. They can’t believe even one child killed like that. They think that English are perfect people, how can they kill their children? They are very perfect according to Indians. Indians have no idea as to what kind of life they lead there. So when I told them: “You are sadly mistaken, they are very unhappy people. Don’t think that by developing radios and all these things, they are happy. They are all mad. They sit before the television, then they can’t do without it, they become televisions. And the television is exploiting them, putting wrong ideas into their heads, and they’re brainwashed, they are very conditioned” – they can’t believe it. They can’t believe that people could be that cruel in the West; because the growth is towards materialism, so they are becoming gross, insensitive, immoral, and also devoid of any compassion and love.

So first of all, as I said yesterday you should say: “I’m not French”. You should say: “I am not a Westerner.” Let’s see, that may work out, work out better. “I’m not a Westerner.” Maybe when you enter a university – supposing you are in Oxford University and then you go to the Cambridge University, you have to wear the badge of the Cambridge University. In the same way now you have changed your nationality, I think you should say: “I’m not a Westerner now anymore.” Maybe the passport might say anything, doesn’t matter. But you have a special privilege in India as Sahaja Yogis, you know that. As Sahaja Yogis the government has accepted you. If you want to stay here forever, they’ll have no objection.

So this, whatever is now we think works out on the tree level, has to be changed. Here everything becomes united, synthesized. The whole tree is synthesized in a seed. So if you have to become the root, you have to come down to the position where, how to synthesize.
Now grouping is a wrong thing. If you group yourself as English, this, that, or Indians or anything, is wrong. In Sahaja Yoga, we don’t believe in all that. There is no differentiation between one Sahaja Yogi and another Sahaja Yogi, because it is Vishwa Dharma. But we said it is Vishwa Dharma, but we are not out of it as I said. We are not yet in the same pendal where we should be. We still separate, we are still different, we have to still mix up from one country to another country. We have to all become one with each other, understanding each other. Then only the problems of the West will go away.

As a result of this right-sided movement I feel that people are really becoming idiotic. I categorize them as idiotic or stupid, and all that. I mean I don’t how, what categories they will fall into later on, where there have been not such categories before. I mean, they might form a new dimension of stupidity.
This is what I feel, that unless and until you now learn about this new “yantra”, the new method: in that you don’t see to the physical comfort, you don’t see to the so-called emotional pampering. All these things you don’t see, but where do you go? Into innocence. The quality of the matter itself is innocence, the essence. So the quality, I should say, or the essence of everything, you become. You become the essence. But for that you have to move inward, and the inward movement is only possible when you understand and respect, and think yourself privileged to be able to do all this.
But you have to understand why I tell you. I have nothing to gain out of you. Now one should not think I’m trying to make you Indians, but supposing you wear here three-piece suit and a tie, what will happen to you? I mean, you’ll all get boils in the body. According to the climate you have to change, and you enjoy this dress very much because it is very comfortable. You enjoy the river baths, it’s very comfortable. In this country that suits you better.

So in the same way this new life that we are entering in, we have to understand that the outside is not important – the inside is important. And for that whatever is to be done outside, we have to do it, we have to do it. We have to learn it, we have to understand it, what is this, what is that. Now, because you are scientists, you are Westerners, you have an advantage over Indians, I should say, or in science, all right. In this science, they have an advantage over you. Doesn’t matter, it’s all right. They chose this place to come in, you chose that place to come in, because you’re brave people I think, first of all, and secondly that you wanted to do some good there maybe. But for that you must learn.
Like we say our scientists here are brave people that they are trying to learn science, they want to go abroad and learn about it and bring some science to us. In the same way, now you are the ambassadors from all these countries, of Divinity, ambassadors of Divinity.
You have to carry Divinity, because it has been worked out in this country. As you can see clearly it is so, accept it! There’s nothing to feel bad about it. Because you’re attached to a certain nationality and all that you think, there’s nothing to feel bad. In India people feel very proud if they have to go abroad to learn science. Even if they are vegetarians, they don’t mind doing biology dissection or anything because it is science, it is knowledge. So for knowledge’s sake, you have to do all these things. And once you realize that for knowledge’s sake you are working it out, it’s going to help you a lot.

This one, this today’s puja, it has a special meaning because yesterday was Datta Jayanti, means the birth of Dattatreya. And you know the story of Dattatreya, most of you know the story of Dattatreya, that Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha tried to take a test of Adi Shakti, called Anasuya. They came to Her place and asked Her for alms. And it’s supposed to be a great privilege in India to give alms to others, to – I mean, it’s a great privilege to attend to guests, it’s a great privilege to be generous, it’s a great privilege to distribute things to others. It’s a great privilege.
Like yesterday, you see, My sari for this puja was left somewhere out. So I had bought a sari for some lady here, so she said: “I would like this sari to be presented at the puja.”
But I said: “I’ll return it you.” She said, “That’s a greater privilege, too.” They didn’t mind the sari was left out, they said it’s a greater privilege – the attitude.
So the attitude is to be changed, that so far we are going downward, now the attitude should be upward. And for that, we have to understand the method by which we are going to climb up.

Like you have to go to the mountains, you must know how to do the mountaineering. You cannot just state yourself: “Now I’m going to Himalayas”. Nobody will allow you. So one has to qualify, and in qualifying you have to have that humility, otherwise it won’t work out.
So I have to make a very clear statement, that you change your nationality from the worldly nationality to the heavenly nationality. And there, whatever is needed, we’ll be doing it, we’ll be accepting it, we’ll be managing it. For that, you don’t have to change anything like that, but you have to transform yourself into a new personality; new personality, where you are safe.
Now just see, putting on that, how much Agnya has come down. Just see. My foot was paralyzed, absolutely paralyzed when I walked in. I couldn’t walk! I didn’t know how I was going to take bath. I had to massage it, and then it came down. So just see putting that, just see that, how powerful it is.

See? Vibrations started flowing?

But people are somehow in the West very much frightened that they will lose their nationality. I mean, because, I feel, because the way they went all out to destroy all the world and to destroy them, and put their own nationality on others. If you go to America – like yesterday I said, “Thank God Columbus did not go to India, he went …” I said, “Thank God, Hanumana pushed him on the other side.
Otherwise we all would have been finished here!” This- you see, poor man, he didn’t want to do all that! But all those followed him just went and finished. You can’t find one aboriginal, one person from those old Indians in Argentina. I went to Argentina and they said, “In the museum you can find them”– just imagine! Not only Argentina but also other places, like I went to Chile: not a single person. Only in Bolivia I found some of them, that’s all. But it is such a mixture there too, because I think the people ran away to the hills and managed themselves. And whatever picture they have put about them, as if they are the cruel. Poor things, they have been all killed absolutely by white men, no doubt about it. It’s horrible to go and kill others, go into their land, occupy it because you have got machinery, everything, you can kill all of them.
All this has been done. Now we are entering into a new era where we have to love. We don’t have to aggress, we have to embrace. This is another era altogether. That aggression of Napoleon is over now. It’s a new thing we have started, into another world, when we have to get more people, we have to synthesize the whole thing. And when you aggress, you start analyzing – nothing to analyze.

Shri Mataji [to someone]: Are you feeling better now? Put on little bigger one. See, you have a big forehead, then put on big, the very big – why do you put the little, small one? It’s on her head.) Fashion should not be done in these things. There should be no fashioning as far as your religious duties are concerned, you should not. There is nothing like fashion. Fashion is a human affair, it’s not divine.
Look at these trees, how do they fashion themselves? Towards the sun. Every leaf is exposed to the sun, every leaf; because it has to get chlorophyll, it has to get the power of the sun in itself, so the every leaf is towards the sun. They don’t do any fashions, do they?

So another point is the individualism that is started in the West is nonsense. To show off that: “I’m something different,” you become stupid. But to be one with everyone is the real individualism, I think. To be like everyone is the best. It’s very difficult, it’s very difficult to become one with everyone, because ego is so much. Some people have ego which hurts others, and some have whose ego is hurt – both just the same. So to overcome all these things, forget about that kind of attitude of descending downward. But for the ascent whatever is required is you look upward to God, look upward to Him with complete faith – shraddha. Then I don’t have to touch you, you need not see Me. It exists everywhere, you can get the blessings everywhere. You don’t have to do anything special for it – just that shraddha. But for that, certain mechanisms are to be put right, specially the Agnya needs repairs, quite a lot. That wheel is out of gear, and that must be put right.

Mr. Patankar was yesterday was rather angry with the so-called educated people. They are educated in English language, that’s the problem, the language is like that. They think no end of themselves. He said: “They didn’t touch Your feet.” If they learn English language they will not touch My feet, because in English language touching the feet is regarded as something horrible, I think. That’s why he felt very sad about it.

But this is all architecture has come from England, everything has come from Germany or from France. Our telephones have come from France. No wonder they work like this! [Laughter]
It’s all the French who brought this, and again they have got a big – I don’t know, if I meet Rajiv Gandhi I’ll tell him that at least don’t give telephones to French. They has given such a big, very big order to the French. And now the helicopters they are buying from England, thank God they’ve stopped it. God knows what will happen to the helicopters, coming down in India from England. Like that, you see, they now are depending on the Third World for their progress, because they don’t know where to send their own things which are created by their machines. But the way they do it: I mean, just imagine the kind of phones we have here, all done by French, not Indians. Why blame the Indians for that? Is done by the French, horrid! They have been like this since long, and they are just the same. And again now we have given order to the French, because we thought only French can cure the French telephones. I don’t know what they are going to do any justice to us or not. So, as that machine is to be worked out, our own machine is to be worked out; and that machine is gone downward.

Let us raise it up, upward towards God in surrender, in understanding, because you are specially chosen people in that area. Like the lotuses, you have to come out of the mud, and don’t imbed yourself in the mud more and more. Try to push yourself out of that, so that the fragrance of Divinity will spread in that mud, and make the whole of that Western world a beautiful place, beautiful place. Whatever has been done is done. I know one thing: without forgiveness, nothing is going to work out. Done is done. Erring is human, doesn’t matter; whatever is done is done. Whatever they have done is done. It’s all right, forgive them. Forgiveness is the only way they can come up. And when they are forgiven, they have to also realize now that “we have to rise”; because the world they have created has really ruined themselves. If they rise now the whole place can become fragrant, as I told you, like the lotus that comes out of the mud.
It’s a very wrong idea people have here about the West, that you are the happiest people living around. So it is better that we tell them that: “No, we are not happy there.” You, what you have got is something precious. They also try to follow you, and that following is going so far that maybe one day you will have to come and teach them Sahaja Yoga. Because they are on the other side of the circle; they are now trying to learn English, master English language, and becoming sahibs. They will come out with tailcoats, and you’ll have to tell them that better wear your dresses!
So we should be wise, we should be sensible, and the stupidity and the silly temperament that we have developed, we should give up. Suddenly people bubble out, I see that. You see, there’s no balance. The maturity shows when you have a balance. You should be happy, I know; but all the time smiling, putting up a show, or sort of suddenly coming out with funny remarks and silly remarks, shows you are not matured enough. You have to mature. In Sahaja Yoga you mature, and if you do not mature then Sahaja Yoga has done no good to you. So you have to be very, very careful about that part.
I hope I’ve been able to tell you all about it.

At 26:56 Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi:
[Translation:] Now what should I tell you? I was just praising you, just praising you in front of others. I tell them not to behave like stupid people, and for you I must tell you that you need not blindly imitate them. Whatever we have got is a very great heritage. It should be carefully maintained. By looking at these people, if we try to imitate them it will be a foolish behavior on our part. Their life is not balanced but has gone to extremes. I have stayed there for twelve years. Thus I have spent a TUP (twelve years) so I just wanted to tell you that you should not blindly follow them.
Though old is gold, whatever is oldish (junnat in Marathi) is not good. So oldish is not good. The concept of oldish has also come recently. For example, from the Muslims we have learnt to harass the women, from the English we have learnt to give dowry.
Now we have entered a new rules (of life) and in these new rules we need not give dowry (to our daughters who are married). The daughters have been given half the property. This system is correct, that the daughter should take half the property. But here the daughters will not take, and neither give. Thus we should not learn these things from them. We should keep to our behavior of remaining humble, to lead a balanced life as taught to us by our ancestors, and discard whatever is oldish. There are many oldish customs lingering in us.
For example, the domination of Brahmins in the temples has to be given up. They all have nicely fooled us. Secondly, the custom of fasting (in the name of God) has to be given up. I’ve told you hundred of times not to fast, but eat whatever is needed for the body, but people tell Me that “we cannot give up fasting.”
But the worst oldish, very dirty habit we have acquired is consuming tobacco. We are not able to give up tobacco, because we do not have enough strength (to give up this habit). Tobacco, mishri (chewing tobacco with lime), who has brought these things to our country? From where did the word “tobacco” (tambakou in Marathi) come? There was no word for tambakou in Sanskrit language. It has come from somewhere outside. We did not cultivate tobacco earlier. It is the English who have brought it to our country. The English have brought it here. That’s why we call it tambakou, which has come from the word tobacco. Where is the word tambakou in our Marathi language? It has been brought here from outside. Initially the Muslims cultivated it to some extent in our country, but these people (English) have brought cigarette and other things here on a large scale. They use it on a mass scale in their country. They have also exported tobacco and ganja (sort of a drug) to China. In our Marathi language I never heard of the word ganja and charras (another sort of drug). If you try to consume ganja and charras you will become like the English. It’s up to you to decide. Thus whatever is given to us.

At 29:55 Shri Mataji speaks in English:
We never had tobacco in our country, you’ll be surprised. There’s no word for tobacco in Sanskrit language. This was brought partly, of course, partly I should say, by the Muslims and then by the – the smoking was taught to us only by English. We didn’t know that, what was smoking, we never knew smoking business. Muslims did have a little bit of it, but that started quite late.
But actually this cigarette and this, all this has started after the English came in, “making it handy,” you see. They used to have hookahs. That was rather difficult to make, so they could do it only very little bit. It was a long time back in the Islamic culture. But the real, this cigarette business, this ego business has come from the English, no doubt about it. And the Portuguese, Portuguese and the French, they taught us all these things. So what I’m trying to tell them, that whatever is oldish should be given up. Whatever is old is gold, but whatever is oldish that we call as junnat, should be given up.

At 31:00 Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi:
[Translation]: We have the custom of wearing saris with thick borders. This is a very good custom. Thick borders symbolizes maryadas, and when we wear saris with thick borders we stay in our maryadas. Young girls can dress up whatever way they like, but young women, specially married women, should wear saris with thick borders. If you give up wearing saris with thick borders then you will lose all the art, all the art. Weavers will lose all the art of weaving. If we do not construct our houses as per the old style, then we will lose all the ancient art of building beautiful houses. These people like our houses built on the old style, not the new style. The reason is that the old style has got beauty in it, and which might be lost if we built houses anyhow. Even the earlier huts were much better.
Instead of this (losing our art of building beautiful houses, as per the old style) occurring at a later stage, once we lose all the art in the future it’ll be too late. Thus whatever is our ancient art has to be preserved, since it has beauty in it.
For example we have … type of saris which are called bugdya, nowadays the women do not even know the names of these saris. That’s why we should always use the saris which have been woven by us. They are good. I think saris with thick borders suit better for the married women. If the saris do not have thick borders, it does not suit them. Married women should always wear saris with thick borders. It is not an oldish custom, but is a very beautiful custom. It looks nice, it matches with the women, it looks graceful, it has got a look of a well-bred woman. It is our culture, which we should not abandon and become like them [like English].
We should not try to acquire their culture, because our culture is very great. If we pave our way by understanding what has gone wrong with their culture, then we can progress well. We can accept their progress in science, but in doing so if we lose our cultural heritage then we will become like them. They kill their children. Husband and wife cannot stay together even for two years. All of them stay in orphanages, waiting for death to come. In our society we have to preserve our goodness and kindness. Instead of that, we have acquired whatever is wrong with others. First we had learnt from the Muslims, and now we are learning from these people. If we absorb the dirt from them, how can our houses remain clean? We were supposed to be clean and well-mannerly people, and now we have acquired many wrong things from others. Thus we have to abandon these things and cleanse ourselves.
Now, I’ve told them what is the importance of puja but you know these things, so I did not explain it to you. But in puja one should have shraddha, and we should not quarrel during the puja. It does not matter who does the puja since everyone is equally benefited from it, depending upon the shraddha you have.
Your pitchers will be filled up as much you have the shraddha.

At 34:00 Shri Mataji speaks in English:
I would say for the ladies, can come and sit here this side a little bit. It’s very hot for you. Move forward. Specially people who are so hot should not sit that side. Better sit. [In Marathi: Please let those ladies sit this side. They cannot bear the sun. Let them sit here. They are our guests.]
Come along, this side.
If you had put something there, you could have managed it. Little bit also one must understand, that they are doing everything. We must also do something about it. Everything they arrange, we just come and sit down like gods; it’s not a good thing, is it? You could have – such a long time was there, why didn’t you put something there to protect yourselves? It’s not difficult.
Now for these. You come this side also. You can come this side. Come along.
[In Marathi: Please give them place to sit.]
Come along. You get up from there. Hello – you get up, three of you.
Come this side.

Gregoire: The ladies who are in the sunchine.

Shri Mataji: The ladies who are in the – No, you are all right, I think.
Are you all right, are you? All right, behind you. Behind you these people can come this side, a little bit move this side.
[In Marathi: Not in the sun, they are already in the sun. If we make some shade on this side.]
Is it all right?
[In Marathi: Let them sit. There is shade on the other side, there is shade. Sit in the front where there is shade. Please have a seat.]
Hello – you come this side. There is place for you here. Come here, this side. This side you come along. Ladies need not go there, so come along this side. [In Marathi: Let them sit.]
The men can come this side.
Yes, the men can come this side. No, no, you’d better come this side.

Gregoire: All the people in the middle, can you please move?
Shri Mataji: Why don’t you move this side a little bit?
Sahaja Yogi: Men in the middle please move here so that the ladies can come.

Shri Mataji: Also we must think what we can arrange, what we can help them.
Like yesterday, how they managed, arranged – when I went, they did not know I was going to the thing. When I came back, how they arranged for Me? How they were running. I mean, I’m also your Mother, am I not? Then we should think about these things: what we can do, how we can help them; everybody should.
[In Marathi: Just leave it, leave it just like that. Since they have not made any arrangements what can be done, let them sit as they are.]
You can move a little bit this side.
Hello – you move this side a little bit. You can also move a little bit. I don’t want you to get into sun, you’ll have trouble.
Sahaja Yogini: They are having the sound equipement.
Shri Mataji: No, but they can move the sound equipment a little this side. Just move it, a little bit.
Gregoire: Take your mats. Can some gentlemen take mats?
Shri Mataji: Ah.

As soon as the sun comes up, you see, it will be all right, but still.
[In Marathi: Just sit in the shade, sit as much as possible in the shade. If there is no shade you can sit in the front. In the puja it is better to sit in the shade. I am always standing in here above you. Do not worry. Please sit here in front of Me.
It’s better to sit in the shade. Is there somebody to say the mantras? Please call Gavin.]
Gregoire: For ladies there is still some place in the middle.

Shri Mataji to Gavin: Yesterday you didn’t come to My feet – you should have.
[In Marathi: Please leave it now, otherwise it’ll be late. Let them sit in the sun (if arrangements cannot be made to have shade).]
Shri Mataji to Gavin: Catching on the left Heart and left Swadishthan. Yesterday you should have come, because you’ll be doing in the pujas everything, so.
[In Marathi: Is there somebody here to say the mantras? Has Mr. Gholap arrived? Please call him. Does he know it?]
Shri Mataji to Gavin: It’s catching very badly – Heart, left Swadishthan.
[In Marathi: Say Atharva Sheersha. Mr. Gholap has not come. Where has Mr. Gholap gone? Has he not come? Please call him for doing the puja. Please start the puja with the Atharva Sheersha.
Please start now.]

Atharva Sheersha

Shri Mataji: 108 names have you got?
So you read it out first name, all right? And then they all should repeat it. Just tell them how to do it.
Sahaja Yogi: Firstly I will read a name like Shri Mata, and we’ll take the mantra: “Om twame wa sakshat Shri Mata sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mata.
Sahaja Yogis: Om twame wa sakshat Shri Mata sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.
Sahaja Yogi: Shri Maha Rajani.
Sahaja Yogis: Om twame wa sakshat Shri Maha Rajani sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.
Sahaja Yogi: Shri Deva Kary Samudyata
Sahaja Yogis: Om twame wa sakshat Shri Deva Kary Samudyata sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.

[108 Names of the Devi are recited. Cut in the video]

Shri Mataji: Don’t close your eyes. Don’t close your eyes. Please, don’t close your eyes. Watch Me. You’re worshipping Me, so no need to close your eyes now. Just watch Me, put Me in your heart.
You all must say clearly. Is important. This is all in Sanskrit.
Must say clearly and put your hands towards Me. All this is in Sanskrit.
Say it with your heart.
Now you can sing some song…
In the end Sahaja Yogis say: There is only one God and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the Shakti of God!

Shri Mataji: Inaudible.
Gregoire: Shri Mataji says: “It has to be made very clear that there is only one God but there are many deities, which are the different aspects of God”.