Talk of Yogis, Dr. Rustom, Gregoire

Ganapatipule (India)


International Sahaja Yoga seminar in Ganapatipule

Gregoire de Kalbermatten speaking on day one of the international Sahaja Yoga seminar in Ganapatipule, Maharashtra, India.

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Dr.Rustom speaking on day one of the international Sahaja Yoga seminar in Ganapatipule, Maharashtra, India.

You see, here we are in the seminar and we are all Sahaja Yogis and we are having a good time, we are cracking jokes, we’re discussing things, etc., etc. But, this is all very well, I mean, one can enjoy oneself, in fact one should enjoy oneself because the whole creation has been created in such a way that we should enjoy ourselves. From the dawn of the creation, the Shri Adi Shakti of the Universe has played out a drama using Her Deities, using all the powers that She created, to create a Universe so beautiful that it should be possible for us to live in it in complete joy and complete enjoyment of our existence.

If one gives you an example… Yesterday we sat and we listened to ragas. These ragas themselves were inspired by the Shri Adi Shakti in realized souls those who gave them to the world. The whole thing has been created by Her in different aspects. So that we should enjoy ourselves and so that we should not be miserable.

And why does She want us to be happy? Because it is when you are happy and relaxed than the power of God can work on you, to raise you to a great height for which you are destined.

You see, this whole drama that has taken place is not a drama without purpose. Within it lies something that is profoundly important and that something which is profoundly important is the awareness of God the Absolute the Almighty. And this is the whole purpose of Sahaja Yoga. All the different techniques we use are a bridge to this. You see, you have to understand what is Shri Mataji on this Earth. She is the Adi Shakti.

Now, how many people know what is the Adi Shakti? The Adi Shakti is the power of God Almighty Himself. It is the highest manifest thing in the Universe. When this thing takes Avatara in the Universe for the first time, there must be a profound significance behind this. And this profound significance must be the awareness of the Lord the Almighty. In your body are placed the various chakras of the tantra. The instrument. Tantra means instrument. What are this chakras for? And people spend a lot of time cleaning them, taking them out, putting them in salt water, putting them back again. But for what purpose?

You see, you have to think for what purpose. Try to think why you are here instead of doing things routinely. The chakras raise the awareness of the human individual from step to step, higher and higher until it can reach the throne of the Almighty Himself. That is their purpose. So, those who do not use it for that are like a man who has a Rolls Royce who takes it apart, puts it in oil, puts it together again, starts the engine and goes nowhere.

You see, the whole tantras have been given to you to raise your attention to the Absolutely the Almighty. The whole of Sahaja Yoga has been given to you to raise your attention to the Absolute the Almighty. Your friends are given to you for this purpose. And the Shri Adi Shakti Herself has appeared before you to give you this.

Now, there is no doubt that Shri Adi Shakti is Mahamaya. What does Mahamaya mean? And why is She Mahamaya? You see, you should question these basic fundamentals. After all, God is the Prime Architect of the Universe. There is nothing that He does that is purposeless. You have to understand this. If we have purpose in what we do in our limitations how much greater is His purpose?

You see, if a long time ago, more than 1,400 years ago, Shri Adi Shankaracharya told human beings, “You are the Absolute, there is no difference between you and God the Almighty, Adwaita.”

Now, if you are the Absolute, the Atma unless you are diluted, there can be no creation, isn’t it? Because if you are always aware that you’re the Atma Tattwa, how can you be involved in creation? You’ll always be lost in meditation on your own existence. You have to understand this basic fact. So, the Mahamaya was necessary for the creation. She was necessary for the evolution of the creation. Because by playing out dramas for you she evolves you. And it’s only when you reach a certain level that She can liberate you from herself. So, that you see beyond the Maya, the Absolute.

Now, there is a saying in one of the Puranas that, “The Devi can only be worshiped by those who are both, intelligent and brave.” And She cannot be worshiped by the stupid and the cowardly.

This is very important, you see, we have been given brains. We haven’t been given brains to sort out trivialities of life. We have been given brains to chart our course to the Almighty the Absolute. She is not going to spoon-feed you. Beyond a certain point you have to find the course for yourself. The reason for this is that unless you do so you are not worthy to be presented before the Almighty. Only those who are using their courage and their intelligence, the strength of their desire can find the course, are worthy really to come before Him.

This is all part of the evolution of mankind. To understand and appreciate the Almighty you have to have an awareness that is capable of receiving it. About two years ago Shri Mataji came to Riyadh and I’ve written a Sanskrit poem which I presented to Her. And She began to complete it for me because it was incomplete. And one of the verses was, “…how can I pour all this into such small cups? …”

You see, because the awareness, the brain is not yet developed to the point it can take the radiation, the full weight of radiation of the Almighty into it. So, how are you going to develop the brain? After all, the brain is the Agnya chakra. You develop the brain by focusing it on the nature of the Almighty the Absolute. Contemplating it every day of one’s existence. In this way the attention goes up to it. And the nerves in the brain get refined. The petals of the Sahasrara get refined to the point that they can receive the grace of the Absolute and His awareness. The Shri Adi Shakti is His Shakti. She is the power by which all things are done. She is the one who refine your brain for you. But you yourself have to put your attention there. It is very easy in Sahaja Yoga because one is left alone a lot to put one’s attention on trivialities.

A chakra may catch. But what does it matter? The catch may release within five or ten minutes. So, why bother about it? That we know that the catches move from chakra to chakra. That the movement of the kundalini moves from chakra to chakra. So, what is the purpose of concentrating on things that are trivial?

In the past, you see, many great seekers came on this Earth to seek God. After what are you seeking? What does seeking mean? It means to seek God. They had no Shri Adi Shakti to help them. You have it here in front of you. So, you should take advantage of it. And try and become fixed at that point which is the Absolute.

And you may all be here in a collective but the relationship between you and the Absolute has to be individual between you and Him alone. And when you see Him, you don’t see anyone else. You see. It is very good to be in the collective, it is very good to be with each other to enjoy each other’s company but your relationship with each other should be such that it fosters that ascent to the Divine the Absolute.

We have to be very clear. The whole purpose of Sahaja Yoga is this ascent. The great Goddess Herself the Shri Adi Shakti has a devotion to our Lord which is indescribable in human terms. The whole play between the Almighty and the Shakti is something which is one of the profoundest mysteries of mankind and of the Creation. And the deepest desire of the Shri Adi Shakti is the ascent of Her creation and Her children to the throne of the Almighty as an offering to Her Lord. Just as we, when we present an offering to Shri Mataji if there are flowers, we take out the worst flowers, we present only the best, the most perfect. So, when the Shri Adi Shakti offers to Her Lord Her Creation it is something at a level far removed from this. And only the most perfect that can be presented before Him.

You see. You have to understand this. As human beings we have no importance. Except, in so far as we play a part in this play between the Lord and His Shakti. The entire creation can be discarded, if it does not serve this purpose. Cause there are only two things which are real in the Universe and that is the Lord and His Shakti. All else is superfluous to this and of no importance. At the end of creation only those two things will remain.

So, you must not take lightly what is happening. You are the essential parts and pieces of this drama. This very profound drama which is the basis and the internal root of the Universe. Have you ever considered why the Mooladhara chakra has four petals? What does it mean? Why four? It is four because if you combine the Lord and the Shakti in the Sushumna where Their feet rest you will find four feet resting. It is the… that is why it is the ultimate purity because it represents the combined feet of the Lord and his Shakti and that is given as a throne to the son, Ganesha, the Lord, the Omkara to sit on.

These things are very important, very profound. To be the seat of the play of the Lord and Shakti one needs extreme purity, extreme wisdom and extreme awareness of what is happening. The whole purpose of this creation is that and that alone. The creation was not made for you to iron saris. To worry about your dhobi [laundryman]. These are totally irrelevant. They won’t even last a century, leave alone eternity. Nor is organization there. You can organize till you’re blue in the face but unless the desire of the Absolute works you will not get another Sahaja Yogi.

You have seen this. Many of you have. We had many wonderful experiences in the early days when we turned up at empty halls in spite of massive publicity. You see, you do not do anything. Lord Krishna when He came He said, “You do not do anything. I do it all.” So, the human being who deludes himself into thinking he is doing. He is not doing. He said, “Act! You have to act. But leave the results of your actions to Me.” So, act without expectation is what He is saying.

Now, how are you going to awaken? What you are going to do? You see, when one acts, everyone knows what the left side is what the right side is. One acts by the right using the power of desire of the left. This is something that is well known to everybody. Through which chakra does one act? Which is the chakra of activity? Who will answer it? Of creation? You must all know this, it’s basic stuff. The Swadishthana. Ok. The Swadishthana is on the right, is it not? And the Shuddha Ichha is on the left. So, what is the bridge between the desire of God the Almighty and action? It is the left Swadishthana chakra. Correct? And that is why all boots go and sit there. To disconnect your action from your desire. Very simple, you see. Wherever the boots hit hard you must know that is an important chakra.

Now, you see, although we are human beings, we are by the grace of God enlightened souls. This means that the entire tantra of the Universe is present in miniature within us. This Shri Mataji has done and She said, “I’ve placed you there. Now, what you do with yourself is your affair.”

Now, as the Shuddha Ichha of the Universe … Does everyone know what the Shuddha Ichha is? The Shuddha Ichha is the pure desire of the Universe. Now, what is the pure desire of the Universe? The pure desire of the Universe is God, the desire of God Almighty Himself. As this flows through the Ida nadi of the Universe and is carried by the Goddess Shri Mahakali to be placed, deposited within the kundalini. So, this flows within your left side or can flow within your left side if you desire it. To inform your activities.

Now, you see, unless you are connected your activities are without meaning. It is like ants scurrying around not knowing what they are doing. So, first, one has to establish within oneself the pure desire. Let it flow within your Ida nadi. How would you do that? It’s very simple. You pray to Shri Mataji and you say, “You are the Shuddha Ichha of the Universe and I worship You as such.” If you just do that, pray to Her, pray to Her, is this, She will flow with such force within your Ida nadis that She will break anything that is in your left Swadishthana and flow into the right. To inform your activity. You cannot catch on the right side if your left side is strong. You see.

So, that is the first stage. If you do that the Shuddha Ichha, you don’t need to do more than this, the Shuddha Ichha will flow through all your chakras, it will eventually break open the barriers that are in your brain and infuse with enlightenment and nectar every nerve fiber and cell within your brain. As it does that your whole consciousness and awareness will be altered. As it is altered your awareness will be filled with the awareness of the Absolute. As it is filled with the awareness of the Absolute you will see Shri Mataji clearly for what She is which is the Shakti of God Almighty Himself. We will not say, “Shri Mataji did this, Shri Mataji did that,” you know, all the Maya and the play. Some people fill tragic one minute, happy next… This is all nonsense. If you are based in yourself you will remain absolutely stable in the sight of your parents, in the sight of the Almighty. You do not shift from day to day. You don’t doubt yourself. You cannot become Nirvikalpa until you know this. Because part of the Nirvikalpa is not just doubting God or Shri Mataji. It’s very easy not to do that. It’s not doubting yourself as an extension of Them. Because as Shri Mataji said, She has made every single one of us into a part of Her body. So, to doubt oneself is in a sense to doubt Her.

Now, people try to avoid recognizing what has been done to them by getting Realization in Sahaja Yoga. You don’t want to see that they have been made a part of the body of God Almighty Himself in a sense of His Shakti. Because this means that you can’t behave in the same old ways you used to behave. You can’t be attached to the same old things which you used to be attached to. You have to change, you see.

Ready? Ok. And this is something that people don’t understand. And this is an avoidance of Sahaja Yoga, this is running away from it. The essence of Sahaja Yoga is the fact that people have been …, human being has been taken, they have been given realization, they have been made part of the body of the Divine and they have been given the opportunity to raise their awareness to the highest level to attain God realization. That is it. It’s very simple. Everything else is a waste of time. And one has to recognize that although we may be Sahaja Yogis we do not run the Universe; the Universe is run by us. I mean, run for us by the Almighty. And run by us for the Almighty. We cannot decide this has to happen, this has to happen, we have to have twenty people next week. Cannot happen. God decides how many people He wants, He decides where and when, you just have to be instruments.

Not one of us can change the Universe even so much. Unless we do it in the… on the crest of a wave which precedes from the Almighty and work as instruments. The old days of siddhic Yogis who ride on clouds and transform mountains and hurl thunderbolts are over, you see. That was meant for people who are right sided. Who wanted to do things themselves. That is not us. We are parts of the body of the Goddess. And each one of us has to be like e nerve cell. When the brain tells us what to do, we have to do it. As such we are all collective. That is the true collectivity. And if we… each of us recognize that we are a nerve cell in the brain of the Goddess, permeating Her whole being then the whole boundaries between nationalities, and this and that which keeps Sahaja Yogis apart dissolves. We all realize we are one, we are the same, that each one of us is individual and each one of us has an individual relationship to the Almighty. And all sorts of misidentifications fall away.

Now one speaks a common language, no doubt about it, it is real. And this is the common language of vibrations. If you are there you do not know how but you communicate with people who have a different language. It’s so simple really.

So, I wish really in this lecture to make you aware of what is been given in Sahaja Yoga. What has been done by the Great Goddess in Her absolute nature and for what purpose. So that you do not waste neither time nor energy on other things.

There is nothing greater than this. And since the Goddess Herself is All Powerful, beyond time, beyond everything. So, your awareness has to be of a nature that can comprehend that and be one with that awareness.

You can become one with Her in awareness, no doubt. And see things as She sees things. But for this your brain has to develop, you see.

So, this is what one has to do. And really the rest of it is not important. At that level, it doesn’t matter how time passes. At that level, it doesn’t matter whether there are miracles or not because the whole concept of a miracle is non-existent. Everything follows the desire of the Absolute. Who makes the rules that arbitrates between a miracle and a non-miracle? Humans beings. It’s not God. For God there is no such things as a miracle. Everything is possible to Him. So, what I’m saying is hitch your awareness higher, hook it at the higher level, keep it there. So that you see really what is happening. And do not, in spite of everything that has been given, continue to move in the same circles, low circles that one inhabited before one’s realization.

This is very important. This is so important that I don’t know how to say it. Work to increase the structure and capacity of one’s brain, so that you can comprehend that which is Absolute.

I do not know if there is anything more to say to this. I remember once a long time back when I first met Shri Mataji, Gregoire was there, lots of other chappies were there jumping around with me. I remember one, early one morning after we slept with Her in a flat in London, I was talking to Her and She says… you see… we were talking about Maya. And I said, “Mother, I wish I could go beyond Maya.” And She said to me, this was some seven or eight years ago, and She said to me, “One day you will, you will catch me.” She said, “You will catch me.”

And what I’m trying to say, is that this is what we should all aim for. Try to go beyond that. And you can only go beyond that when you can touch the feet of the Absolute. The Absolute is like a mountain peak which raises above the clouds. You cannot rise above the clouds until you rest on that mountain peak. So, you cannot rise above Maya, it is impossible until your awareness touches the feet of the Absolute. Because above Maya there is nothing but the Absolute, The Atma Tattwa. You know, the Atma Tattwa rests in the Heart of God the Almighty and ascends to dance in the Sahasrara as Sadashiva.

So, the heart is a very important organ. Rajabhai said that when Shri Mataji gave him realization, She said, “You young men have such hard hearts.” And She was true in the sense. Most people do have hard hearts. Not necessary their fault. It may be the result of their experiences in this world.

But one’s heart should be like a lotus. I don’t know how many of you have touched a lotus. But the petals are so soft, like silk. The heart of a man should be as soft as that. You see, we have got our realization regardless of everything we have done. By the grace of God, the Almighty, by His compassion, profound compassion, profound love for mankind, for the children of His Shakti. He has granted – He says forget everything, forget it, forget it. Forgive, you see, I forgive them. I forgive them. We have to be the same in our hearts to the rest of the mankind. When the disciples of Christ, Peter I think, once came to Christ and asked them: “How often should I forgive my brothers, seven times?” And He said, “No, seventy times seven.” And what He meant was infinitely.

You see, one cannot be a good Sahaja Yogi, this is my belief, unless one is kind, and one is gentle. Kindness and gentle doesn’t mean weakness. It means being soft, trying to further the other person from one’s heart, caring for what Shri Mataji once called in Her lecture, caring for his hita [benevolence]. Try to see what is… how to do that which is best for him, how to manipulate him in such a way that he raises. It means, going beyond oneself, you see, when someone is harsh with you, is he harsh with you? If you are Atma how he can be harsh with you? If you are the Atma you can bear it all. And in spite of that try and resolve.

The only thing we cannot really be expected to tolerate is any insult to the Goddess Herself. There we have to be strong and firm. But it doesn’t mean that we take justice in our own hands. Justice is …, belongs to the Almighty, not to us. Christ also said, “Judge not that ye be not judged.” Made it very clear, that we have no right to judge. We are not going to be sitting there, at the end writing out who should go to hell and who should go to heaven. It is going to be done by someone else. So, we cannot judge. We have to leave it to God to judge and for us to execute. We cannot abrogate to ourselves any of the qualities of the Almighty, such as justice, judgment, decisiveness, planning. These belong to Him. We merely execute these. But when we are kind to a fellow man, to any living thing that moves, within the context of its dharma on this world, we make the Lord happy. By this I don’t mean that one goes around like jains, not trying to kill insects because it is in the dharma of the insects to be crushed beneath the feet of man. We’ve been both created this way that it has… it is an inevitable outcome of living a normal life.

One doesn’t go crazy, you see. We have to eat. Chicken, I mean it doesn’t mean you don’t slaughter a chicken to be kind to it. We have to live within the boundaries. But there is no place for unnecessary cruelty in this world. The Lord is not cruel. And if we are to partake of his essence and of his nature we have to be like Him.

So, the message I’m trying to give you is that in spite of all the splendor that surrounds the Goddess and there must be because She is, after all, the Shri Adi Shakti, do not forget that the deepest desire in our heart, the Shuddha Ichha, is to raise you to the feet of Her Lord as offerings worthy of Him. And in all Her drama She tries constantly in Her movement to bring you to that point. And I tell you that there is nothing else in the Universe worth bothering about except this fact. If you love your Mother try to be worthy to be offered by Her to Her Consort.

And if you love your Father try to be worthy to be offered to Him. And if you love Them both this will work out inevitably because Their love will work through your heart, and the two will mingle, and you cannot help but ascent. Live by your hearts not by your brains. That is not by your egos and superegos and question the inner desires of your heart. Do not question them. You cannot question them. They are beyond logic. Live by your heart. If you express your heart you will lead to such a sense of satisfaction with life that you cannot be angry with anyone. You will be so happy all the time that it’ll be effortless for your Parents to lift you to that level which was your destiny at the moment of your creation.

That is all I have to say.

Jai Shri Mataji.

I don’t know if there are any questions …