The Innocence of a Child & purpose of Ganapatipule, Evening Program, Eve of Shri Mahaganesha Puja Ganapatipule (India)

The innocence of a child, Ganpatipule (India), 31 December 1985.

I had a special purpose in coming to Ganpatipule, apart from that it was a very beautiful place and very relaxing for all of you. The reason is – I found this place had vibrations which will clear you out very easily, first of all. But you have to desire it, really, ardently. You should have that desire otherwise the Kundalini may not rise. That is a very important point; […]

Musical Program (Afternoon) Ganapatipule (India)


04:47 [Shri Mataji] Mr Dayal from Satara

04:54 [Sahaja Yogi] Mr Dayal from Satara please come along, if Mr Dayal is here then come on the stage.

05:30 [Shri Mataji] Dayal if you are present then come front

06:24 [Shri Mataji] James06:27 [Shri Mataji] Is Mr James here06:41 [Shri Mataji] Ray are you here08:09 [Shri Mataji] Now we will have a program presented by Delhi people, how long is that?

08:17 [Sahaja Yogini] Not long it is 45 minutes08:21 [Shri Mataji] Too many things to be done, […]