Musical Program (Afternoon)

Ganapatipule (India)



04:47 [Shri Mataji] Mr Dayal from Satara

04:54 [Sahaja Yogi] Mr Dayal from Satara please come along, if Mr Dayal is here then come on the stage.

05:30 [Shri Mataji] Dayal if you are present then come front

06:24 [Shri Mataji] James
06:27 [Shri Mataji] Is Mr James here
06:41 [Shri Mataji] Ray are you here
08:09 [Shri Mataji] Now we will have a program presented by Delhi people, how long is that?

08:17 [Sahaja Yogini] Not long it is 45 minutes
08:21 [Shri Mataji] Too many things to be done, alright, finish it up, fast, oh yes 45 minutes

08:31 <Song/Bhajan starts>

54:32 [Shri Mataji] Did all people from Pune sit, who were supposed to come today not earlier, Bhikule & others came? came now?

54:47 [Shri Mataji] Ok sit sit, I saw Dhumal  but others, ok
55:07 [Shri Mataji] We have so many programs so let him sing later on 
55:13 [Shri Mataji] One song let him sing  and then 
55:24 [Shri Mataji] It’s not working, I think the
55:55 [Shri Mataji] Sing now

55:59 <Song/Bhajan starts>

1:12:30 [Shri Mataji] This was Kabir dasa’s thing he told me before hand, but i wanted you to hear it and see for yourself what a great poet Kabir das was, what a great personality he was and he specially wanted to sing a Kabir dasas bhajan before me that’s what my brother told me and i am happy you all have enjoyed it very much  
1:12:57 [Shri Mataji] We have certain functions to be done today, so the music will come later on after food i think that would be better then we finish our functions today which are few and then the food.
1:13:17 [Shri Mataji] Today when will be the food served?

1:13:19 [Sahaja Yogi] In half an hour
1:13:20 [Shri Mataji] About half an hour we have, so we have to be fast about it, so all these functions have to be done and then you have your food and then we will have again our music session today, moreover we would like to announce the wedding list everything today only
1:13:50 [Shri Mataji] First of all we will give the list of all the countries that are going to receive the sliver for pujas, the Indian centers are not included, we have got, thank God you know this, I, i think i am also learning  how to adjust the micro phone and all
1:14:24 [Shri Mataji] Alright, now first of all, can you put 1  more mic for someone there, he will give you the list of the centers, the list of the a…. list of the leaders, first the list of the, first the 7 centers will be coming  which he will read out, then the other 7 centers, then  the list, then the 2 major centers, then we have list of the leaders that’s the 2nd  then 3rd will be the list of the ladies who we think to be helpful and worth encouraging for guidance and working out the Sahaja Yoga in their own countries, we have chosen 1 lady from every country 
1:15:51 [Shri Mataji] Then in the 2nd group people didn’t get ghongris (blanket), but they have got I think you have got, I gave you the shawls, the extra shawls, I don’t know who has the extra shawls, they are not yet brought i think but we can get them or you can collect them from someone who has got it
1:16:24 [Shri Mataji] Alright, who has got the extra shawls, who has collected the extra shawls, extra shawls no no 
1:16:41 [Shri Mataji] Alright, all the nation group leaders have to distribute, there are three more left out, those who have got less three they should take it also there are ghongris (blanket) which must be given to the national group people who have to distribute to their own people who have come for the 2nd group, that should be collected from every national group leader
1:17:06 [Shri Mataji] ghongris (blanket), No no they are here, from the 2nd group, so we keep all these together, now you should see your national group leader will be coming just now one after another, so you will know who is the national group leader, now can somebody announce 
1:17:31 [Shri Mataji] and all the men have to get their white dhotis, now these dhotis can be worn  tomorrow after bath if you like for puja or for marriages whichever way you like, but we will give, we have given distributed most of them but those who haven’t got it can take it from Harsh, but don’t take 2, it has got 2 pieces one to cover yourself up  and one for wearing  but for the married couple we will give you all the things tomorrow, tomorrow  morning we are going to have the haldi (Turmeric) at about 9:30 or so about breakfast time on the sea beach then we will have after the haldi we’ll give you, the girls will be given all their presents and the boys will be given all their presents, they have to dress up  by about say I don’t know what time you start but be ready about fiveish because we are getting the bullock carts for you, for the boys  and for the girls so we’ll  all tell you  tomorrow all about it, but today is the day for all the leaders and centers to come in for the silver that is given by me to all the centers
1:19:04 [Shri Mataji] Also I have given Shri Ganesha to every one of you as a present, all of you 
1:19:14 [Shri Mataji] Which could be taken from your group leaders so every group leader must know how many people they have accordingly they must take Shri Ganesh from Harsh, this is the one I am giving it  to you, and should collect the ghongris (blanket) as well as the shawls from your group leaders, the people who have come now so now we’ll  have the people from our centers for the sliver, one after another

1:19:54 [Sahaja Yogi] Before we distribute this I want you to know first of all that Shri Mataji has spent a lot of time choosing these presents, it’s a remarkable event that’s been taking place in the background and she has spent days together and she has been working it out and got absolutely beautiful things not only for the centers, we offer some small amount in puja but what she spends I can’t believe it frankly it’s impossible to believe I just have to turn my eyes away from the accounting part of it because it’s an impossibility, actually for the marriages the married couple let’s take that as an example the marriage couples are paying 1,500, she is spending 4,500, this is almost unbelievable, but it’s just indicative of our divine mother
1:21:04 [Shri Mataji] No no ,I, 2000 is coming out of you people it’s true

1:21:11 [Sahaja Yogi] mother no accounting explanation, any way this is first of all a list of silver which mother has very generously but for all the centers
1:21:22 [Shri Mataji] But yet I have not yet given to the Indian, that I will be doing later on, just only for the, this is only for the western and Australian centers, Indians I have to still.
1:21:38 [Shri Mataji] You are eastern that’s why I made sure you are separated

1:21:57 [Sahaja Yogi] so first of all its Switzerland 
1:22:02 [Shri Mataji] All this is the only best part of it that I got it all this in pure silver, absolutely 100% silver

1:22:27 [Sahaja Yogi] Austria [UNCLEAR] is being received by Herbert, for France Michelle is receiving for Patrick. Italy, Spain, USA, Canada. Italy [UNCLEAR], Georgio is receiving for [UNCLEAR]. Spain, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Belgium, Holland, New Zealand, Germany, Algeria. Spain Jose Antonio
1:23:18 [Shri Mataji] Come one after, after all of them in line

1:23:22 [Sahaja Yogi] Michael [UNCLEAR] for Canada, Spain Jose Antonio, USA 
1:23:39 [Shri Mataji] Come along, come along, ok ok that’s different

1:23:45 [Sahaja Yogi] Kristine we are waiting
1:23:48 [Shri Mataji] This is going to USA

1:23:57 [Sahaja Yogi] Kristine will receive upon the on behalf of the new leader of America who is Dr Wallikar. Kristine will be in charge of the East coast and Dave [UNCLEAR] the West coast. So Hong Kong Peter will receive on behalf of… ohh himself. Havia on behalf of Bolivia, [UNCLEAR] on behalf of Belgium, Antonio for Holland, Brian New Zealand, [UNCLEAR] perhaps for Germany, Rene for Belgium, Antonio for Holland, Brian for New Zealand, [UNCLEAR] for Germany and [UNCLEAR] for Algeria. And Shri Mataji has chosen two beautiful plates one for the United States, I beg your pardon for the United Kingdom, Gavin please to receive on behalf of the UK and James from Australia
1:26:30 [Shri Mataji] now, the, the leaders

1:26:35 [Sahaja Yogi] So ladies first Shri Mataji
1:26:37 [Shri Mataji] Leaders first

1:26:38 [Sahaja Yogi] Ok the men, so as well as to the centers Shri Mataji is now giving to all the leaders so they better all stay at the front please, all the same people and the ladies who took on their behalf. First of all Australia James, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Holland, New Zealand, Germany, UK and Algeria. So, now you know the generosity

1:27:23 [Shri Mataji] USA , alright, otherwise come along

1:27:25 [Sahaja Yogi] Kristine

1:27:29 [Shri Mataji] Switzerland, take his name, Anu, Anu,take their names, this is for the leaders

1:27:39 [Sahaja Yogi] Dr Wallikar,Kristine will take it

1:27:44 [Shri Mataji] Quite heavy

 1:27:47 [Sahaja Yogi] Canada Michael [UNCLEAR], Hong Kong, Peter Batten, Bolivia, [UNCLEAR] Herbert will receive for Austria. Patrick, Michelle will receive for France. For Italy Georgio will receive for [UNCLEAR], Rene will receive for Belgium. Jose Antonio for Spain. Antonio for Holland, Brian [UNCLEAR] for New Zealand. Hilde will receive for Hugo for Germany. Gavin will receive for the UK and [UNCLEAR] for Algeria

1:30:09 [Sahaja Yogi] Right, everybody stay, the men can move back and the ladies move forward as I call your names

1:30:16 [Shri Mataji] Take their names, so that they will be prepared,

1:30:17 [Sahaja Yogi] Shri Mataji has given a beautiful saree, I hope you will see them all, they are very very beautiful
1:30:21 [Shri Mataji] It’s traditional, you can open it out

1:30:24 [Sahaja Yogi] For Kristine from America. Valeire is she here, for the UK.

1:30:48 [Shri Mataji] I have also got their blouses made according to the sizes I had, Valerie
1:31:03 [Shri Mataji] Open it and show it

1:31:04 [Sahaja Yogi] JoyAnn Thomas

1:31:08 [Shri Mataji] Open it and show it, there is a blouse piece side <inaudible>

1:31:16 [Sahaja Yogi] JoyAnn [UNCLEAR] I will give your names and then you can be ready please, Maria [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR], Rose batten, Alexandra, Kristine has already received and Lorie and Ellan

1:31:31 [Shri Mataji] Take her name

1:31:16 [Sahaja Yogi] Elise, Maria, JoyAnn  [UNCLEAR] is receiving now from Australia


1:31:44 [Shri Mataji] Open it and show it on the other side

1:31:45 [Sahaja Yogi] [UNCLEAR], Patricia from [UNCLEAR] and Mrs Dixit from India
1:31:55 [Shri Mataji] Sharau’s mother and Batodekar bai, Batodekar bai
1:32:02 [Shri Mataji] Batodekar bai she is not Mrs, she is Miss

1:32:19 [Sahaja Yogi] Lorie [UNCLEAR], Alexandra from Italy
1:32:34 [Shri Mataji] Show it show it, you must show, [UNCLEAR] you must show your saree, show them 

1:32:50 [Shri Mataji] Be careful it has got your name as well as your… open it on the other side

1:33:05 [Sahaja Yogi] Rose batten from Hong King

1:33:14 [Sahaja Yogi] Maria [UNCLEAR]

1:33:17 [Sahaja Yogi] From Spain [UNCLEAR], Maria [UNCLEAR], no Maria from Germany, I beg your pardon

1:33:44 [Sahaja Yogi] Elise from Austria, Maria [UNCLEAR] from Switzerland, New Zealand [UNCLEAR], Belgium Patricia and Mrs Dixit

1:34:33 [Shri Mataji] Sharau’s mother, Sharu’s mother, Bhatodekar, Sharau ‘s mother is she present
1:34:52 [Shri Mataji] Sharau’s mother, come, and Bhatodekar bai is she present, ok, take Bhatodekar bai’s as well

1:35:22 [Shri Mataji] You take of Bhatodekar bai’s as well
1:35:24 [Shri Mataji] Now the ladies in the Indian centers have already given them their own sarees those where ever I visited, so only I have to still bring, give sarees to the centers like Madras, Delhi, Calcutta and that I am carrying with me, when I go there I’ll hand it over to them, because such a lot of luggage to be carried too much, so, because these sarees are very traditional Maharashtrian sarees and I thought the western people will like it but for them I have something else, may God Bless

1:36:12 [Sahaja Yogi] The group leaders have to come to Harsh with precise numbers of their group to receive Shri Ganesh, the little statue

1:36:19 [Shri Mataji] and also dhoti and ghongris (blanket) these are all, I hope because I counted all of them and bought all of them with number, proper number and everybody should get it 
1:36:34 [Shri Mataji]  alright
1:36:41 [Shri Mataji] alright , doesn’t matter, now what is it now tomorrow, today he announced the marriage list but tomorrow we will be giving you all your things of the marriage, tomorrow after you have finished with your bath so after taking your bath all the people are getting married should come here

1:38:00 [Sahaja yogi] So in true fashion in Sahaja Yoga, the excitement is remained until the end. 

1:39:42 So i will read the re-marriages first, would you like to meet them all Mother or shall I just read it, or would you like to meet

1:39:51 [Shri Mataji] No no its alright

1:39:53 [Sahaja yogi] So the re marriages are Robert and Genevieve [UNCLEAR] from the United States, from Boston center. Bagdam and Bridgette from Bagdam from Australia Bridgette from Switzerland
1:40:11 [Shri Mataji] What you can do is to make them stand and then they sit down its better

1:40:14 [Sahaja yogi] Stand so that we can all see you [UNCLEAR] 

1:40:17 [Shri Mataji] and then sit down

1:40:20 [Shri Mataji] Bagdam, Bridgette both of them together, now stand it in proper way

1:40:24 [Sahaja yogi] Bagdam and Bridgette

1:40:28 [Shri Mataji] where is Bridgette

1:40:30 [Sahaja Yogi] Hiding under the tree
1:40:34 [Shri Mataji] Alright, it’s all right, it’s all right
1:40:42 [Shri Mataji] Then the first one, first one again, now the first one

1:40:46 [Sahaja Yogi] Robert and Geneviev, Geneviev’ here, Robert

1:40:51 [Shri Mataji] Yes alright

1:40:55 [Sahaja Yogi] Philippe and Christine [UNCLEAR], Christine, Philip, Philip here, Lewis and Carol Garido, Carol, Lewis, David and Gillian Wood, Gillian, David, not here, I think he is a little sick Mother

1:41:33 [Shri Mataji] He should get alright by tomorrow

1:41:37 [Sahaja Yogi] Herbert and Alice [UNCLEAR], Herbert and Alice, Kamal and Milka [UNCLEAR], Milka and Kamal

1:41:56 [Shri Mataji] I didn’t see

1:42:07 [Sahaja Yogi] One lost Husband

1:42:11 [Sahaja Yogi] [UNCLEAR] and Marie Duran are they here, yes, one two
1:42:16 [Shri Mataji] Good

1:42:23 [Sahaja Yogi] Rene and Anyas [UNCLEAR], Rene and Anyas, Luigi and Maria bailey, Luigi and Maria. Michelle [UNCLEAR] and Ana [UNCLEAR], Ana, Louie. John and Melissa [UNCLEAR], Melissa is John here, John is not well, [UNCLEAR] Javier and Silvana, and if they make it to the dress maker Peter and Babette Watson. Now the marriages, so that we can all see you will all the married people stand within the light please, stand with in the light, come forward if you have not already inside the tent, Godfree Siemens of the United States to Celia Parera of Australia

1:43:59 [Shri Mataji] Where is Godfree? come here come in the light

1:44:02 [Sahaja Yogi] Come in the light everybody, William Gibb and Elizabeth [UNCLEAR] Williams from Australia Elizabeth from the United States

1:44:22 [Shri Mataji] Dania, I will have my chasma (spectacle) 

1:44:27 [Sahaja yogi] [UNCLEAR] of Italy to [UNCLEAR] of Australia. Edward [UNCLEAR] to [UNCLEAR], Ed is from Canada [UNCLEAR] is from Austria. Mark Mangle of the UK to Sharon Lavender of Australia. [UNCLEAR] of Australia to Sabina [UNCLEAR].

1:45:18 [Shri Mataji] Now there, Sabina from Austria, Sabina is here

1:45:20 [Sahaja Yogi] Sabina is from Austria, Tony from Australia. Herman [UNCLEAR] from Austria to Christine [UNCLEAR] from France. Helmet [UNCLEAR] from Austria to [UNCLEAR] of Holland. Edwin [UNCLEAR] from Austria to Adriana [UNCLEAR] of Italy. Frank Lord of the UK to Maria and it can’t pronounce it [UNCLEAR] of Germany. Ian Bishop of Australia to [UNCLEAR] Sylvester of Australia. John
1:46:37 [Shri Mataji] just a minute

1:46:49 [Shri Mataji] Bhikule from pune, come here

1:46:54 [Sahaja Yogi] John Cob Australia to Arian [UNCLEAR]. Gavin Brown to [UNCLEAR]. Brian Wells to [UNCLEAR]. Kevin [UNCLEAR] of the US to [UNCLEAR] of the US. [UNCLEAR] of France to Elizabeth [UNCLEAR] of France. Brian [UNCLEAR] of Australia to Lilian [UNCLEAR] of Canada. Bala Ganesan of the UK and the US and formally Canada to Rajini of India. Russell [UNCLEAR] to Aruna Pandit. 
1:49:12 [Shri Mataji] You should have found out first of all if she has come or not
1:49:24 [Shri Mataji] Just now I will find out

1:49:27 [Sahaja Yogi] Any one from Paithana here
1:53:24 [Shri Mataji] Russell if you don’t mind come along this way

1:53:30 [Sahaja Yogi] Russell, Russell just come forward
1:53:36 [Shri Mataji] Come this way please

1:53:37 [Sahaja Yogi] Robert [UNCLEAR] of Australia to Belinda [UNCLEAR] of the UK. Manfred [UNCLEAR] of Austria to [UNCLEAR] of Australia. David [UNCLEAR] of the UK to Judy James of Australia. Lawrence [UNCLEAR] to Lalita Indumati, Lalita and Lawrence. Yuri Wild of Australia to Janet Chapels of Australia
1:54:35 [Shri Mataji] Good

1:54:38 [Sahaja Yogi] Georgio [UNCLEAR] to Evelyn [UNCLEAR] of Austria. Richard Danone of the US to Palm Lien of Australia
1:55:04 [Shri Mataji] Good, I know you very well Richard, I am happy

1:55:15 [Sahaja Yogi] Alfred Strangle of Austria to Shaminda Lakanphal of Pathankot in India

1:56:10 [Shri Mataji] Dhananjay is set, Dhananjay

1:56:15 [Sahaja Yogi] I will simply say Mr Verma
1:56:18 [Shri Mataji] Mr Verma, stand up, stand up, Namaste

1:56:20 [Sahaja Yogi] Mr Verma to Kim Lance of Australia, from the beautiful little village of nearby to Pune which we stayed at Talwadi, Vasantrao Chauhan to Sarita Mafat of Australia. Vasantrao, Juan [UNCLEAR] to Subhanjali Saxena, That Shri Mataji is the list at this stage

1:57:23 [Shri Mataji] Engagement you have not announced of our

1:57:44[Sahaja Yogi] I now announce all the engagements, some people are not here but with the people who are here kindly stand up

1:57:52 [Shri Mataji] There is a one mistake we have committed is that about this Russell which we will announce later on, for Russell

1:58:04 [Sahaja Yogi] So the engaged [UNCLEAR] of UK to Windy [UNCLEAR] of the USA

1:58:13 [Shri Mataji] Just a minute
1:58:32 [Shri Mataji] Just a minute

1:58:52 [Shri Mataji] Its good excellent, Russell and Leela

1:59:13 [Sahaja Yogi] So Mother has just introduced Ruselle and Leela
1:59:29 [Shri Mataji] Vikram Verma and Meena

1:59:31 [Sahaja Yogi] Vikram Verma and Meena
1:59:39 [Shri Mataji] Where is Vikram, be happy

1:59:54 [Shri Mataji] Now engagements still continue, lots of engagements

1:59:59 [Sahaja Yogi] Russell [UNCLEAR] of Australia who is not here to [UNCLEAR]

[UNCLEAR] who is here, [UNCLEAR]of Australia who is here to Pascal [UNCLEAR] of France. Robert Hunter of the UK who is not here to Natalee [UNCLEAR] of Belgium, Allen Nicks of the United States to Dominic [UNCLEAR] of Belgium. Allen is not here,

Ian [UNCLEAR] of the UK to Claudia [UNCLEAR] of Austria. The marriage to be and engagement of Bose [UNCLEAR] to Jeannette [UNCLEAR] who is here, Mark [UNCLEAR] of America of Boston to [UNCLEAR], [UNCLEAR] is from Belgium, Mark here. Pramod from Sangamner who is possibly here to Amanda Morphett, David Morphett’s sister who is still in Australia, Pramod is here [UNCLEAR] of Australia to Sangeeta Gaikwad of Pune

2:02:23 [Shri Mataji] Stand up, Sandhya stand up

2:02:47 [Sahaja Yogi] David Morfett of Australian to Sandhya Misal of Sangamner. [UNCLEAR] of 48 Brampton square to [UNCLEAR] of Australia. [UNCLEAR] of Austria to Cathy [UNCLEAR] of Australia

2:03:39 [Sahaja Yogi] Karan Khurana who is living in the United States and about to set up a new center in Ohio to Sonu Mahajan from Delhi, She is Yogi Mahajan’s niece, Steven [UNCLEAR]  of United States to [UNCLEAR] neither of them are here, Mother has blessed the engagement and my little sister said that she wasn’t on any list so i’ll read again [UNCLEAR]  to Dania Williams

2:04:34 [Shri Mataji] Stand up now

2:04:42 [Sahaja Yogi] Mark [UNCLEAR] to Christine [UNCLEAR], Mark [UNCLEAR] of Australia to Christine [UNCLEAR] of the UK, Richard Harrop of the UK to Fiona Middleton of Australia, Eric [UNCLEAR]
2:05:08 [Shri Mataji] No, they haven’t stood up, I didn’t see them

2:04:56 [Sahaja Yogi] Richard Harrop and Fiona Middleton
2:05:15 [Shri Mataji] both are sick?
2:05:25 [Shri Mataji] Alright all sick people should come and see me, specially who are getting married

2:05:32 [Sahaja Yogi] Eric [UNCLEAR] of France to Tina [UNCLEAR] of UK, [UNCLEAR] of Austria to [UNCLEAR] of the UK, [UNCLEAR] 
2:05:58 [Shri Mataji] She is there I can see you, it’s all right, it’s alright

2:06:03 [Sahaja Yogi] and last, but may be not finally the last, Horacio [UNCLEAR] to Allison Roberts of the UK

2:06:17 [Shri Mataji] Where is Alison, she is sick? 
2:06:36 [Shri Mataji] That’s the list

2:07:53 [Shri Mataji] Mrs Naik
2:08:00 [Shri Mataji] Now, tomorrow as I said, tomorrow we will have first of all
2:08:19 [Shri Mataji] Session of haldi which should actually start much earlier, would take some time, if you all could be there say by 8 o’clock would be good idea so you could go for your bath about 10 o’clock and would be better to finish it of fast because it takes some time for haldi to be played and haldi to be done, so and wear your very very ordinary sarees and ordinary clothes for men and then after the bath at the sea, come back have your another fresh water bath and then come down here but give preference  first for bathing to the marrying people, if they come here then we will allot them  the father mother uncles and all those things but first of all, the people who are getting married should come here tomorrow  about 11 o’clock, should be alright, by if you finish your say haldi and all that and bathing by 10 o’clock or 10:30, let us put it 11, 11 o’clock o clock, by 11 o’clock they should be in, adjust it the way you like, haldi  would be there by 7, those who want to come for haldi can come at 7, but in any case 8 o’clock the haldi can start, you have your bath finish it and by 11 o’clock all of you should be here specially the people who are marrying and those who are marrying should sit in front here so that we will know who all are getting  married, the  engaged ones also should be there but engagements we will manage them just after we have arranged the married people, everything tomorrow then we will start with the engaged people, the engagement will be very simple, they will have to come and come and  touch my feet that’s all,  nothing more than that so the engagement will also take place tomorrow in the morning time, and evening time then we are going to have the marriages, now the
2:10:38 [Shri Mataji] I am sorry not tomorrow day after I am saying, tomorrow is the puja day, day after, not tomorrow, tomorrow you are going to have a bath for the puja that’s all, day after I am telling you, tomorrow just forget, tomorrow is simple, it’s my job so we will have puja tomorrow and evening time  we are going to have, what is the presentations and all that, so tomorrow is over, day after tomorrow, alright, all these haldi and all that, so be prepared for it, now water

2:11:26 [Sahaja Yogi] A big omission we forgot to announce, Brian and [UNCLEAR] for re-marriage

2:11:53 [Sahaja Yogi] I think I better ask, is anyone else been left out, we might have 
2:12:09 [Shri Mataji] All right, better announce this

2:12:10 Any once else been left out, any problems just come in we will have a word about it back here

2:12:21 [Shri Mataji] If I tell tomorrow will it work, after thinking and discussing

2:12:33 [Shri Mataji] Is it done now

2:12:40 [Shri Mataji] Now before going, I mean after finishing your dinner you can come here and you can take your Ganesha’s and things like that, they are all here or before going whichever way you like, here everybody can get a Ganesha here, one Ganesha

2:13:17 [Sahaja Yogi] Ok don’t forget group leaders to take the Shri Ganesh now please, come up and get it from Harsh now 
2:13:24 [Shri Mataji] One by one and go for your dinner, now one more thing is what has happened to your things with which you are playing

2:13:32 [Sahaja Yogi] Where are the symbols, the small symbols that we use

2:13:35 [Shri Mataji] What you call that symbols, little ones 

2:13:42 [Shri Mataji]  what has happened to that, you don’t have at all, no no not the new ones the old ones had it
2:13:56 [Shri Mataji] for the 2nd group I can buy but what has happened to the first, I had bought for all of you long time back, that Manjiri (symbols), you haven’t brought them 
2:14:12 [Shri Mataji] why don’t you bring that, that is important, alright, that is very important

2:14:20 [Sahaja Yogi] how many have got them, three only

2:14:55 [Sahaja Yogi] I want some immediate action to please from the western Sahaja yogis, will the men first move very quickly now to have your food, we are rapidly running out of time, Babamama wants us to go immediately all the men to please take your food immediately, the group leaders can collect the Shri Ganesha’s and distribute them later but please move quickly, Ladies be prepared to move in about 10 minutes, please be quick while you are eating and no talking and come back please come straight back
2:15:46 [Shri Mataji] I went to Bolivia, and to my amazement I found they had the Condor as the emblem of their Navy, so I asked them why do you have Condor as the emblem of your Navy, so they said that there is a saying among our old aboriginal people that a God called Vishnu came on a Condor from Bharat our country India to Bolivia.
<In Hindi Translation  start>I had gone to Bolivia, so I asked the people that why is the Navy having Condor as the Flag, why do you believe in Condor, the symbol was Condor, So they told the aboriginal, very old aboriginal tell that from your country means from Bharat (India) God Vishnu he came on Condor, We were amazed hearing it, the country from where Vishnu ji came on Condor, these people have come from that country<In Hindi Translation end>
2:17:15 [Shri Mataji] Did you understand, should I translate in Marathi, understood
<In Marathi Translation  start>There is one country called Bolivia, I had visited there, their Navy flag is symbol was Condor, so how I asked what was the link with Sea and Condor, they told no, God Vishnu from your country came here this is what our aboriginals told so we use Condor as our Symbol, means in that country at some time Vishnu would have travelled in Condor, that’s they told us and we were surprised how they know Vishnu’s name and he travelled on Condor how do they know that, now on Condor <In Marathi Translation end>
2:18:16 [Shri Mataji] the Condor is spreading its wings [UNCLEAR] for the wings of liberty, wake up my Indian people and stir the flame of the inner self, the mother is calling you to your freedom, there in the valley of the Andes, clad in flaming red of the Volcano, Panchmaha, the Mother Earth, you call it, you call it a Pachmaha

Mother earth is Pachamama, Pachamama,Mother earth is boiling with full fury, the roots are burned out, open are the branches of the new tree of the life of the Latin America continent

2:19:13 [Sahaja Yogi] Mother this songs are for the auspicious of arriving Sahaja Yoga in South America and 1986 are two songs one a very popular from South America and the second one from Bolivia where you know [UNCLEAR] started Sahaja Yoga with my father making programs with your help is going, is doing very well 

2:19:58 [Shri Mataji] clap

2:20:08 <Song Starts>

2:26:42 [Shri Mataji] sit here, sit here, don’t sit out in cold, here there is a place, come here, Nipa you are not sitting in the cold right, come here, Mrs Venugopalan come here to the front, come here 
 2:27:08 [Shri Mataji] sit in front of Dania, there is a place there, sit there, let her be seated there

2:27:32 [Shri Mataji] Modi, did not come as yet

2:27:44 [Sahaja Yogi] Shri Mataji we would like to present this song

2:27:47 [Shri Mataji]  keep them in warmer, you see the people should adjust properly, this one also, also to Christine, will you have it properly done, yes, adjust it, you see how we adjusted the tabla and it was so much better, try to use them properly 
2:28:11 [Shri Mataji] that one also, always when they are playing the tabla on that one, is the tabla, this is the dagga, always put it on the tabla, alright that one

2:28:21 [Shri Mataji] and also you must keep closer to that, come forward keep it
2:28:30 [Shri Mataji] you can adjust it, little lower it is, just adjust it to your mouth higher.

2:28:37 [Sahaja Yogini] Shri Mataji we would like to present you this song as a song of great gratefulness, and in fact, we went to SaptaShrungi and we were climbing the mountains  and going down this mountain there were about to be dark and it was very dangerous because the Sun was  going down and there was no light at all and we had hardly any pocket lamps so at a moment we prayed you and just the Sun was away he went down and we prayed you with faith and suddenly I saw my shadow on the stones and I was amazed because there was no Sun, so I looked upon me and there was a very thin quarter of the moon 

2:29:33 [Shri Mataji] what

2:29:37 [Sahaja Yogini] A quarter of the moon, but so shiny that it gave light like the full moon and we could go down safely all these rocks and stones without any difficulty just by this very tiny crescent of Moon, Jai Shri Mataji

2:30:12 <Song starts>

2:32:09 [Shri Mataji] beautiful

2:32:40 [Shri Mataji] when will gondhal start, did the gondhali’s come, they are coming,
remove this all
2:32:57 [Shri Mataji] You better remove all these here this side and also if there are cords underneath that, I think you remove that, this cord also could be removed, this one, that, that orange one

2:33:21 [Shri Mataji] Better remove the orange one also, remove it, is it coming here 
2:33:30 [Shri Mataji] Can you not put it little this side so that it doesn’t fall into

2:33:43 [Shri Mataji] Don’t sit in the cold

2:33:57 [Shri Mataji] Modi

2:37:01 [Shri Mataji] Take out the mic and give it in their hands

2:37:12 [Shri Mataji] Remove all the mics and give it 
2:37:22 [Shri Mataji] Keep it up, they don’t need it, they don’t need it in the centre so keep it
2:37:35 [Shri Mataji] They don’t want it
2:37:39 [Shri Mataji] What do you say Baburao, do you want to remove it, Modi

2:38:34 [Shri Mataji] Come here
2:38:37 [Shri Mataji] Help a little

2:39:32 [Sahaja Yogi] By the blessings of Shri Mataji, Sri Baburao Parkhe and his troop they have come from Kolhapur to offer you a program known as gondhal. Those who have visited in here earlier trip Kolhapur and Sangli they know what is gondhal, gondhal is a prayer to Adi Shakti you pray Adi Shakti or Maha Lakshmi or Jagdamba or Maha Kali and request her and pray her for the betterment of any function or any program, now Baburao Parkhe is an Ex-Mayor of Kolhapur he has, he has devoted more than 25 years to this art of gondhal and now this year they are completing 25 years for their own organization known as Hanuman Bal Hanuman Mandal, 25 years they have been practising this and serving the society in addition to their normal social service, I will request all the Sahaja yogi’s here and the friends to be very patient and enjoy this gondhal who have come all the way from Kolhapur.

 <In Marathi> for our Marathi folks I request that these gondhali groups have come all the way from Kolhapur for Shri Mataji’s program, some songs of Shri Mataji were already instructed to them, not only this, before this they have performed 2 programs earlier and have recognized the blessings of Shri Mataji, this is a very big blessing which they also acknowledge and have come here by themself. They have also requested to invite them for future Shri Mataji’s program and so we have invited them, now their Bal Hanuman Mandal and especially for this gondhal sacred task, Baburao Parkhe has dedicated to it, he has managed to balance other social work and this special art Baburao  Parkhe and his team maintained and nurtured, all here enjoy the performance and Adi Shakti to bless them

2:42:39 [Baburao]  Adi Maya Shakti Mataji and all devotees, we are blessed to perform at  Mataji’s feet second time in Ganpatipule, We start with a prayer of Shri Ganaraya (Ganesha), today once again in this Mother place we have got an opportunity to offer our services at  Mataji’s feet, On Mataji’s birthday we had an invitation but we couldn’t get to Mumbai, but today in this place all the artists, all the devotees, all the children, her child and on behalf of all children I offer flower garland at Mataji’s feet, our performance may be haphazard and naive, with the blessings of Mataji I am sure you will enjoy and will take your devotion towards your ascent, with this assurance once again reiterating couldn’t go to Mataji’s Birthday and with offering Flower garland to Mataji’s feet we start this performance.

2:44:24 [Shri Mataji] What a Luck, that my children are sitting in front of me and appealing, it is a divine fortune

2:44:47 <Song starts>

2:59:18 [Baburao] The poet who is blessed by Mataji’s inspiration and today thru this song we will now express the love of Mataji, now at Mataji’s feet

3:00:07 [Sahaja Yogi] Jai Mataji

3:00:09 <Song Starts>