Shri Mahaganesha Puja

Ganapatipule (India)

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Shri Mahaganesha Puja. Ganapatipule (India), 1 January 1986.

Today we all have assembled here to pay our respect to Shri Ganesha.

Ganapatipule has a special significance because He is Mahaganesha. The Ganesha at Mooladhara becomes Mahaganesha in the Virata, that is the brain. That means it is the seat of Shri Ganesha. That means Shri Ganesha governs, from that seat, the principle of innocence. As you know very well, it is placed at the back, in the region of optic thalamus, optic lobe, as they call it; and it is the giver of innocence to the eyes.

When He incarnated as Christ – which is in here, in the front, at Agnya – He said very clearly that “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” It’s a very subtle saying, which people don’t understand what is the meaning of the word ‘adulterous’. ‘Adultery’ means impurity in a general word. 

Any impurity in the eye “thou shalt not have”. It’s very difficult. Instead of saying that you get your realization and clear your Back Agnya, He has said it in a very short form, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”.  And people thought “It’s an impossible situation!” Because He was not allowed to live long – actually His public life is limited to three-and-a-half years only – so whatever He has said has a very great significance, that your eyes should not be adulterous. When there is innocence there is no adultery. It means there’s no impurity.

For example, with our eyes, we see something and we want to possess it. We start thinking: the thought starts like a chain, one after another. And then we get into the web of horrible thoughts and then we become slaves of those thoughts. Without even our knowledge, our eyes are turned to things which are very gross and take you downward.

As Shri Krishna has said that: the tree of awareness grows upside-down, that the roots are in the brain and the branches grow downward.

Those who have gone towards materialism have grown downward. Those who have gone towards Divine have grown upwards, towards the roots. The main root, as they call the taproot, the main root, is innocence, is Shri Ganesha and He becomes Mahaganesha in Ganapatipule. Here He’s surrounded by the Father principle, the Guru Principle of the sea, the ocean, the Indian Ocean. That is, here He becomes the Guru.

When a Sahaja Yogi establishes his Shri Ganesha principle, he’s still a child. Of course his eyes start becoming purer and purer and powerful and glistening. You must have seen when the Kundalini gives you the Realization then your eyes start gleaming, like a spark is there in the eyes, you can make out a spark.

With ego it gets covered, with ego it blinds. With superego it is covered with tears. But when they are clear you see the beauty of the eyes, Shri Ganesha shining through your glances. The attention now starts flowing through the window of Shri Ganesha’s temple.

But when you mature, you become Mahaganesha. Then Mahaganesha is established in you and you become a satguru, you become a divine guru, you can teach others. Even a child could be that. Even a grown-up person may be stupid. It has nothing to do with age, colour, creed or caste. It is a state to which one can reach at any time. Like we can say here we had Gyaneshwara, who at a very young age composed the great Gyaneshwari. As you have seen yesterday, at the age of twelve years Gorakhnath established his Mahaganesha.

But if you do not try to ascend then you will remain at the same stage even when you grow old. So maturity is the indication. 

Here, as we see in Ganapatipule, Shri Ganesha is in his, its, complete, matured form so that we develop also our Mahaganesha within ourselves, and our eyes become pure, powerful and divine. With proper working out I am sure we can establish that state within ourselves.


Today we came to Ganapatipule, it has a great significance, among the Asthavinayaka – eight Swayambhus of Shri Ganesha). It is the place of Mahaganesha. Mahaganesha is Pithadhish (Governor of all pithas) and sitting on this pitha, he looks after (protects) all the Ganesha Swayambhus. He has the knowledge of all the Omkaras, as he has attained the Guru Tattwa (Guru Principle).

If we see in the surroundings, the ocean, so beautiful and clean is washing the feet of this Ganapati, because the ocean represents the Guru Tattwa, and with that Guru Tattwa, he washes the feet of Shri Ganesha and that is how it should happen with all the Sahaja Yogis. Ganesha Stuthi is done and then Shri Ganesha is established and thereafter with the Mahalaxmi Tattwa you have to become Mahaganeshas.

This state can be achieved by children small and big, elderly people, ladies and everyone, if they can attain the straight forward behaviour, which we call as “Saraliya” in Marathi or they say Abhodita or innocence, when it is once imbibed in us, we can achieve the Guru Pad (state). Whichever Guru, who does not have this straight forward nature and innocence, he can never be a Guru, he is a Aguru (false guru).

The person, whose attention is always on the Divine Power, only he can become a real Guru. The attention of normal human beings is perverted, it is not clean. For this Christ has said, that there should be no adultery in your eyes, means that if we put our attention on something, we start thinking a lot and strange thoughts come to our mind, as to how I can acquire this thing and why I did not get this thing, and other thoughts as to why and why not. If we see something and start thinking, then we should know that we have not yet crossed the Agnya Chakra.

Whatever thing you see, you should be able to go into thoughtless awareness, especially when one sees the Devis and Devathas (Gods and Goddesses), who reside in the heavenly abode of wealth and prosperity.

Once we attain the state of thoughtless awareness, no perversion will remain in our attention any more. The thoughts perverting the mind will not come anymore, so how will perversion influence you. That means like Christ said, thou shall not have adulterous eyes, they should be so pure, like the rays of the sun, when they fall on trees, they do no absorb the dirt, they nourish and nurture them, not only that but they also give them strength.

In a similar way, the Sahaja Yogis should have such radiance in their eyes, that they will be able to create a very pure atmosphere in the whole world. Purity in the atmosphere is what we need today, everywhere, so that peace, joy and divine power can prevail in this world. Only singing the praise of Shri Ganesha may not be sufficient, Shri Ganesha needs to be awakened within us and he should evolve to the state of Mahaganesha.

Only after attaining the state of Mahaganesha, can our country benefit and also through our country, other countries can benefit from this state. We are going to lead the others, but if we do not take up this responsibility, then I cannot say, what will happen of this whole world.

I have a request to you all, to remove all the adultery in your eyes. For this we have the mantra of Nirvichara in Sahaja Yoga. Do not allow the thoughts to dominate you, if thoughts come, then say “Yen Neti Neti Vachane”(Keep saying, it is not there, not there…) or say “Kshama Keli, Kshama Keli ”(I forgive, I forgive), so that this thought is destroyed and once thoughtlessness is attained, then the perversion of the mind is stopped.

Everybody should make an attempt, that your eyes are not adulterous. Like Saint Tukaram has said, “If there is perversion in the mind because of my eyes, then I do not want to have such eyes, better to be blind”. In one way, it is better being blind, than have perversion in the mind. Rather have inner eyes to see Divinity. When these two principles come together properly, then one can say that the Sahaja Yogi has attained the Guru Principle.

I bless you all, that here at Ganapatipule, the place of Mahaganesha, with his special grace, you all can attain your Guru Principle as soon as possible.

First they will take the twenty-four names of Shri Vishnu, so that this Sushumna Nadi will open out. Then they will say the Shri Sukta, is the one to awaken the energy within you. Then they will say the 108 name of Mother Gauri. After that pujan, when this puja is over, then we will be doing a [Hindi aside]

Eleven kundas we have got, and we’ll be doing the havana on eleven kundas. Because the Mahaganesha is the ruler, is the ruler of Ekadasha Rudra. So that has to be done with great devotion and dedication. I would suggest that first is finished this puja, you can have your food, and afterwards we’ll sit down for the havan.

(Puja is being completed with mantras and Aarti)

May God bless you all.