Last Evening Program

Ganapatipule (India)


Music and Talk, End of Weddings

Shri Mataji: In your presence, they are also very much inspired. I think the artists are playing so well, so beautifully blending with the whole atmosphere of joy and peace. I [know/note] all of you are enjoying it so much, and we cannot have you very close, but as many as you want, you can come and sit this side or this side just to hear them. There’s no harm in moving [round/out]. So if you want to come little further you can come along. But the bride and bridegroom have to sit where they are. And I know you are in very good moods, and the artists are also building up your moods beautifully, weaving beautiful thoughts into your minds.
This will be the last program we’ll be having here. So you all have to say farewell to everyone, and all your plans have been made by other people, and the artists are to be thanked again and again for giving this beautiful [climate/climax]. And above all, you must thank, you must thank My brothers I think those [who were worried OR who have arranged them all] and also for arranging good food for us. I wish you a very happy and prosperous married life. Make it a great success. We need very good families and excellent children to build up a new society [as well / this way / this year].
May God bless you all. This is the last music program we’ll be having, and after that tomorrow morning, whatever are your plans you can find them out from Doctor Bogdan. I don’t know how many people to thank.
But one more thing I have to say to all the people who came from Delhi, Madras and Calcutta, Bombay, that whatever inconveniences they had to go through, they should dissolve them in this joyous atmosphere of forty-eight marriages.
And, and [then] we thank [to] all the people, young people and old people and everyone who has contributed to this ocean of joy which we are enjoying here. I feel the heavens have come on this earth. The whole thing is so beautifully integrated into this beautiful melody of divine love. May God make you happy and Shri Ganesha gives you all the wisdom that is needed to lead a proper, righteous, beautiful and joyous married life. May God bless you. [Hindi]