Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: Ascent Is The Main Attention

Sangli (India)

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Shri Mahalakshmi Puja. Sangli (India), 6 January 1986.

I hope you all enjoyed your stay in Ganapatipule. The problem was that we could not arrange the cooking nearer your stay when you were here to walk a lot. But that walking was, I think, quite nice and must have helped you. It’s good for diarrhea and other problems that you have.

Actually, I had seen the place but I hadn’t seen the, all the hostels and residential places. But for your information now somebody has donated Me one acre of land free, free of cost, next to the sea on the other side. It’s beautiful. And you should all send him a letter of thanks for that. So for next year I’m sure we can organize something much better, in a much more collective way.

Now the next tour is going to be, as you know, via Pune, Rahuri, Akluj. And these places are of more importance to us, because Rahuri is a place where My forefathers ruled, so it’s a very powerful place, because they were great Devi bhaktas. Also all the Naths, like Machindranath, Gorakhnath, all these great evolved souls called as avadutas who were incarnations of the great Primordial Masters, worked in that area. They are the ones who talked of kundalini to begin with, openly. Then Pune, as you know, is called as Punyapattanam, is a very holy place since ages. And then you’ll be going to a place called Nira, which is a river named after My name, and this river has got lot of land around it which we have purchased, where we are going to do agricultural work. And also you will see there the Bhima River where you’ll have your morning baths, and you’ll enjoy the river part of it.

Also they have invited you for a function there. They have a very big function for two days. That’s why I am not coming, because I wouldn’t be able to do any programs during that time, but you enjoy yourselves there. Then you are going to another interesting place called Wani, which is a hill station and a very beautiful place where there’s a dam as well, and then you’ll be returning back. I’m taking this opportunity to talk to you because I seldom get time to talk to you.

Now, as far as these outside things are concerned, they should all nourish you for your ascent. You have to see how much you have achieved within, what kind of temperament you have developed, how much detachment, how much collective and how much generosity. All these things are to be seen. Judge yourself, don’t ask others to judge you. How much balance, how much wisdom, because all these things should settle you down in a way that gives you the necessary balance. I do not know how many years more we can do this, but I think it’s very good, because now I see the difference in the vibrations of people. Even before we had started in Ganapatipule and today, there’s such a tremendous difference. Actually I am getting cool breeze from your side now!

So the ascent is the main attention and it’s the main concern for all of us. You have come here for your ascent. I know there must have been lots of difficulties and lots of inconveniences; some people also burnt their skin – I am sorry for that. But in this country overdoing is regarded as something improper, and we should try to avoid overdoing anything. So by overdoing it we actually go to the right or the left, and so please try to avoid everything that is overdoing. For example, you may like your bath in the Bhima River very much, but that’s very nice at a point where it is shallow; but where it is deep, you should not go there. I’m only worried on that point because it’s still, one has to understand to keep yourself in complete control and not to go to places which are dangerous. Apart from that it is dangerous to you, it is dangerous to the whole of Sahaja Yoga movement and also to Me, because I get very worried and upset if you get anything.

So the main thing is that you should keep yourself in the center. Do not go to extremes in anything. Everyone respects you if you are in the center, but if you go to extremes they think there’s something wrong, basically wrong with you. And also it upsets the whole of the program. So My advice is that keep to the center, do not overdo anything, keep everything in proper shape; because it is strenuous for you people to travel like this, to face this sun. This is the coldest time in Maharashtra, so you can imagine that what else we could do? I mean, we have to achieve the results with the maximum of combinations.

And I am sorry for the people who got these burns; and actually because I had to treat them and all that I was so delayed that the whole program delayed, delayed, delayed – I mean, it was too much. But now, no more of this. Please don’t go in the sun at all, there is no need, you have had enough of sun. And the sun melts your brain, and that makes persons mad in this country: if we go in the sun we end up as mad people. So must be happening to brains also something, so it’s better not to go in the sun at all – keep it like that. Just for a while it’s all right, but don’t sit in the sun. It’s very inviting, I know, because you don’t get the sun, but there is sun’s rays inside this room, everywhere. So you shouldn’t go and sit in the sun at all. That may really give you troubles, because the sun in Akluj will be quite heavy, and I’m telling you also this because I may not be with you. So please look after yourself, that’s the only thing you can do for Me.

For yourself, you must do your meditation, you must worry about your ascent and don’t leave your things here and there, be careful. I am very happy the way they appreciated you in the Temple of Mahalakshmi, and that they respected you and gave you something in your oti, and that is something really very sweet of them to accept you so readily into their own style and into their community, you see. And they said that “We couldn’t make out who is Indian, who is not Indian,” because I think in Ganapatipule also your skin has become little less pale and maybe they said, “We couldn’t make out who is who.” So it’s very good that now things are working out that we are getting little, little homogeneous temperaments.

Regarding pujas, as we had three pujas before and the fourth one in Ganapatipule, here also you’ll have three pujas. In these three pujas I’m sure, this being a quieter group, you’ll achieve much more, and things will be very much better. If you have any problems you can let Me know, we can arrange all that. But one thing, be sure that you do not over-exert yourself, neither you starve yourself or overeat. Anything doing too much will not be good for this trip. Because I think in the second group we are going to achieve much more than what we had achieved before. So the second group people should try to keep to a normal life, more attention to the spirit, more attention to their ascent.

The last but not the least is the great news that so many others want to get engaged. I’ll be very happy to get them engaged, either in Pune or in Rahuri. It will be a very good idea, those who want to get engaged. And if there are some people who still want to get married, let Me know. Maybe we might be able to arrange something in Rahuri. But the best is that those who want to get engaged, it’s very easy to be done, and it will be a good idea. So let Me know before we leave Pune, anyone of such wants to.

Now if you have any questions or anything to be said, please say it now, because I won’t get such a chance to talk to you, this being such a small group here – otherwise always in a puja; now in Pune you’ll find at least five times more people than you are.

Yes? What’s she saying? …. Hard time with your attention – what? …. What is it?

[Question: She wants to know how to settle her attention, and how to go deeper in meditation.]

Your attention goes to which places, is the point. You try to see around more. …. You see, first of all in meditation you must discuss this, and there are many others who can tell you, they’ll work it out. And secondly the best way, you see, is to put your eyes on the Mother Earth. Concentrate on the Mother Earth is the best way. When you are walking, keep your eyes on the Mother Earth. If somebody is talking to you, keep your eyes on the Mother Earth. You see, then you’ll absorb everything better and you’ll be stationed better, all right?

That’s a very good thing to think about, that our attention should not be frittered away. Gradually you’ll settle down. I think most of you who have come for the first time will find it a little difficult in the beginning to adjust, but gradually you will. Because first of all our attention goes to small, small things, like “I have to sit on the ground” or “You have to go by buses”, or some sort of a filthy thing you see somewhere. So the attention always goes to the defects and the loopholes and to the filth, because attention has been like that. But then it starts going to the places of beauty. In little, little things you start seeing the beauty, in little, little things you start seeing the Divine. And then that’s the time you should know that your attention will enjoy everything.

But normally you see the attention, specially the kind of attentions we have, goes to the wrong things. What is the loophole? We start judging everyone, we start judging every place. Now see this place, if you sit here: to Me it is marvelous, to you it may be just made out of what – this tin business, this, that; all that you will start thinking. To Me it’s beautiful, because I see these beautiful saris spread here and the beautiful flower arrangements beautifully done, something so special. And the background and everything done with such care. How did they go there, and how did they have these things tied up? It’s remarkable. All these things come to My mind, and I start feeling very overjoyed that My boys have worked so hard to put all these things up and how nicely, how they must have arranged it. All these ideas come into My head and I feel very elevated. I don’t see the tins or I don’t see anything else. It is what you see, where your attention goes.

So try to see something beautiful. There’s so many beautiful things that one can see. Now where, what I see is the heart of My children, the way they have done it, isn’t it? If you are a deep person you can see how they have spread the saris sweetly, how they have spread the flowers, how they’ve done it. So it is the attention: where does it go? When you start seeing for yourself, “What is my comfort? I should have this, I should have that,” then there is no joy. But the joy lies in seeing the deeper side of what they have done for us, how they have worked for us, how they have brought things for us, how they have cooked for us with love. You are doing no work compared to what these people are doing, no doubt. You are moving like royal people really, to be …. And they had to do it. Specially Ganapatipule was very difficult place. People had to come all the way from Nagpur, fifty people came to cook your food. Money is not everything. Even if you pay money, you can’t do that. It’s love, it’s the feeling, it’s the attention, it’s the generosity of looking after the guests.

And that is how one should enjoy how much they have done for us, how we are enjoying it. That’s how your heart will become deeper and deeper. But if you have a convex heart which always looks at something that’s wrong, something bad, something this, or at things, “What should I buy, what should I purchase?” All that, that can go off, your head. But if you want to purchase something nice with a good heart, then you will just find it whatever you want. And you can do it very fast. When I did big yesterday shopping for all the centers and all that – worth, I think, in one lakh of rupees perhaps – for all the Indian centers, and I did it in no time. Because it was for them, I was much better off. If it was for Myself I don’t think I would have done so well. But you’d be surprised, I never buy anything for Myself, I don’t have time. You people give Me so much, I don’t have to buy, either.

So it is how you look at things, how you do things, how you work it out. And yesterday the shop I went to was all full of fragrances. Everything there was fragrance and everybody was feeling it. It’s just because I was enjoying the whole thing, enjoying it, doing for others. It’s not “others” – who is the other? Because Sahaja yogis are not the others for Me. I am doing for Myself, but My greater being, My higher being. That’s how you should look at things, all right? Then you will enjoy.

Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi:[*And now what I have to say to the people of Sangli is that here we did a puja quite in the past and also did once again recently; and also in Sangli a lot has come in the newspaper, and that is why a lot of work has been done. And here Sahaja Yoga can also establish itself here because the atmosphere is very nice and silent, and also all the people here are ready to help. So to the people of Sangli I want to give a small gift, and please they should accept it, this is My request. There is also one more gift, but it is still in the market. When it is here we will also give it. Who will take it?*]

I bought lots of things but they’re yet not delivered, so one thing I have to give them. [*Bring it, come now.*] So this is our Sahaja yogi, Mr. Tawde, who is a very big officer here. He has done this. This gentleman is Mr. Mali who is the district – what do we say for “district”? – he is the district agriculture officer here who looks after the agriculture of the whole district, and he got his realization in ’75. And now he’s posted here, so he came for the puja. All his family is here. So Mr. Tawde who has done all the good work for you, give him a hand! Also here there is Mr. Yadav Sahib who has published everything in the paper, and who is the newspaper gentleman here. Mr. Yadav – give him a hand!

They are so highly placed but so humble – just look at that. He’s the man who is in charge of the whole thing here, he’s the engineer. And he’s the gentleman who is in charge of the, all the district’s agricultural activities, he’s the officer in charge. And another one is the editor of the newspaper.

You see, when people get egoistical, they just don’t relate themselves to the surroundings. They don’t understand how far they are. It’s like a ball which you just give it a push and it goes up in the air, without knowing that it’s just a ball full of air. That’s why you call bumptious, you see? So those who really are solid people, who have some solid training and solid upbringing, they don’t get into ego trips, they don’t get into these trips. They, they first of all become very humble, and try to learn and become humbler, and again learn and become humbler. Like Newton has said that “I am like a little, I am like a little child collecting pebbles on the shores of knowledge” – a person like Newton, he said so. But nowadays I find there’s – it’s difficult to find people of that kind. But those who are very learned, in the West also I’ve seen them being very humble people; in their writings, in their whole behavior you can see they are very humble people. Humility is a sign of knowledge. When the tree is loaded it bends down. When it is loaded with fruits, it bends down. In the same way a person who has knowledge will bend, will be very humble.

Hindi talk: [*Now, today’s puja has really a lot of importance as it is today the Puja of Shri Mahalakshmi, and the importance which we have of Shri Mahalakshmi in Sahaja Yoga is of no other Shakti. Because Shri Mahalakshmi is the Shakti which we call as the Sushumna channel, She resides in it, and through Her the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. To make this Shri Mahalakshmi Shakti strong, in our evolution there occurred many events, and in this the important event was the incarnation of Shri Mahalakshmi. Shri Mahalakshmi took many incarnations, and She is so courageous that She took the form of a human body and took birth in this universe, and has done a lot of work.

[*It is surprising that nobody gave us information about all these incarnations of Shri Mahalakshmi, and nobody has the deep and detailed description about this. Now the Principle of Shri Mahalakshmi is based on the Principle of Shri Lakshmi. That means the Mother of Shri Lakshmi is Shri Mahalakshmi, we should say, the Mother of Shri Lakshmi. That means when Shri Lakshmi comes to humans, Shri Lakshmi is the one with balance, a woman in the form of a Devi. She is in such a balance that She stands on a lotus. She has two lotuses in Her hand. One of the lotuses is pink, and also in that lotus is also a tenderness. The meaning of the pink lotus is such that the person who is a lakshmipati, he will have Shri Lakshmi, that is in the character of that person will be this pinkness; that means will have sweetness in his character. He should not be dry.

[*The second thing is that if we would see a lotus, then in that lotus even if a bee comes into it, this bee gets also a place in it, and the bee has so many thorns, but even then it gets a place in the lotus. That means it is also welcomed. Therefore, the person who has Shri Lakshmi, he will welcome everyone, however the guest is. He will ask for the comforts of everyone, even if that person is small or big. He will take care of everyone according to their social status, he will be hospitable to everyone in an equal way.

[*Third thing is that – (Shri Mataji shows with the hands: left hand in a position of giving, and right hand in a position of protection) – the meaning of it is that one should be generous. And if in the hand of a person there is no generosity, then such a person is not a lakshmipati. Danat (the quality of generosity) is such a joy-giving quality, and it cannot be compared with acquiring anything. The person who attains the power of generosity, I think such a person is the greatest of all, because such a person has reached to the culmination point in the evolution of mankind. One should be able to give generously. As Shri Lakshmi donates with the left hand, in the same way a person who is lakshmiputra (indicating the Principle of Lakshmi in a man) should also give generously with his left hand in such a way that even the right hand does not know it. Giving with the left hand signifies giving very sahaj (spontaneously) without any effort. And all the desire must be only of generosity. And truly in this world there are so many material things; and I think for all these things there is only one importance and that is, these things we can give to others. By means of generosity we can show the greatness of our heart. We can show our affection and warmth, and that is why all these things have importance, otherwise there is no importance of all the material things.

[*There are so many statues of swayambhus. Amongst them the statue of Shri Mahalakshmi is considered as the most important by us in Sahaja Yoga. By Her grace our kundalini gets a path to rise, or She presents this channel for the rise. This channel, the channel of Shri Mahalakshmi is above Shri Lakshmi Principle. Now this (right) hand, this is like this. This hand is the symbol of shelter. It has two meanings: shelter – give shelter to everyone, this hand gives protection to everyone. But in reality we see just the opposite. The lakshmipatis put a lot of pressure and fear on everyone. On the contrary She (Lakshmi) is just standing quietly on a lotus, not showing off anything special about Her. Otherwise people need cars and this and that, to show that they are so wealthy and are superior in comparison to others.

[*On the other hand She is not putting any weight or pressure on others. She is standing so lightly, so delicately, that nobody should be troubled because of Her. The real lakshmipati will sit somewhere in the corner, will sit with complete faith and silence, and will leave quietly. Even if he wants to give something, he will give and say, “Shri Mataji, this is something which is my donation, but please do not disclose my name, and You accept it somehow. I have given this at Your Lotus Feet – finished now, I have nothing to do with it any more.” When I tell him that I do not take money but it is to be given to the trust (and for which we have to know the name of the donor) he will say, “You can put it in the name of anybody else, I have no objection. I have given this to You, I do not want my name to published. Only if You want to disclose my name to the income tax authorities I do not mind, but otherwise I do not want my name or anything.” He will be requesting very humbly not to disclose his name. This person we can call is a real lakshmipati.

[*The (right) hand of Shri Lakshmi is pointing up in this way. That means your attention should be above, towards a higher goal. So when a person becomes a lakshmipati, then his attention is such that he starts thinking, “Now I have become lakshmipati, but now, how can I attain God?” When this stage comes in a human being he has wealth, and he receives a lot of wealth. Becomes rich, and then when he gets the feeling of not achieving the inner richness, then one can say that the Principle of Shri Mahalakshmi has been awakened in him. And in that Principle of Shri Mahalakshmi the Kundalini is awakened. When She is awakened that is why we say, “Udo, Udo, Ambe” – meaning “Shri Kundalini, now you please get awakened.” We say this in the temple of Shri Mahalakshmi, because She can get awakened only through the channel of Shri Mahalakshmi. And thus She is awakened in the channel of Shri Mahalakshmi and then penetrates the chakras above, and comes up and completely penetrates the Chakra of Sahasrara.

[*Now let us see how many incarnations we’ve had of Shri Mahalakshmi. Firstly, the Principle of Shri Mahalakshmi is very close with a guru …. a relation of plenty of love and purity. Now if we see from the beginning with all the Adi Gurus, She was born to them as a daughter or as a sister. Like the daughter of Janaka was Shri Sita – She was the form of Shri Mahalakshmi, was the Principle of Shri Mahalakshmi. Sita was Shri Mahalakshmi, and She was the daughter of Janaka. Then the sister of Shri Nanaka, Nanaki – She was Shri Mahalakshmi. Her relation was of sister. In the same way, the daughter of Mohammed Sahib, Fatima, She was Shri Mahalakshmi. After Her, Radha: Radha was the form of Shri Mahalakshmi. After Her, Mary: Mary was Shri Mahalakshmi, and Her relation was of purity. She was so pure that with Her purity She gave birth to Shri Christ. So She was a form of complete pure Virgin. And as She was a form of Virgin, because of Her purity She got a son pure as Christ. So She was also Shri Mahalakshmi.

[*Because of these incarnations of Shri Mahalakshmi, our chakras at the top within are being fixed up. That means, Shri Rama’s Chakra is on the right side of the heart – here She is in the form of Shri Sita, here She is in the form of Radha, here in the form of Mary. And at this place meet the three chakras, and that is why Shri Mahakali, Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Mahasaraswati, all these three Powers meet. As these three Powers meet, they form one Power, that is Shri Adi Shakti. That is why in Sahasrara Shri Adi Shakti resides, but it is said so, that in Sahasrara Adi Shakti exists in a form of Mahamaya – Shri Adi Shakti exists, but She is in the form of Mahamaya. That is why the result of all these three Powers was like this, that Shri Adi Shakti comes into this world in the form of Mahamaya, and She can penetrate the Sahasrara of everyone. As you know, She is in front of you and you know all about it, so I need not tell anything more.

[*So in this way, out of this Shri Mahalakshmi, Shri Adi Shakti was incarnated. She has got all the three Powers of Shri Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Shri Mahasaraswati. All these three Powers are within Her. And only through this Shri Mahalakshmi Principle, our pure desire – which is Shri Amba, is actually Power of Shri Mahakali – can be awakened. She can do it. That is why is the importance of Shri Adi Shakti; because through these three Powers even if everything is ready, but at the last, for the work that has to be done there is the need of Shri Adi Shakti. That means the work is achieved through these three Powers. Even if this thing is very easy for us to achieve, we do get it easily, but still you have to work hard; otherwise that work cannot be done. It is quite difficult. If it would have been possible only by Shri Adi Shakti, then there was no need of doing all this confusion.

[*You have to work hard, and your support is required to accomplish the task. You are on the stage now, not Me. You can take My power and use it, but know that now you are on the stage. And that is why you are worthy of worship. You are special. What am I? Whatever powers I have, I have them since eternity; there is nothing special about it. But you should use them. You must receive it, you must achieve it, you should have mastery over it. This is the real desire of Shri Adi Shakti, this is Her pure desire. And for this pure desire She is striving very hard every moment. And in this you have all earned it, achieved it, accepted with love, and going ahead you have progressed in it. This is a very big satisfaction for Me. And in this satisfaction I forget everything, like how much I had to suffer in the past. In the past many years I suffered a lot. How much Sita had to suffer, how much Radha had to suffer, how much Mary had to suffer – I forget all that past. I feel as if nothing has happened in the past, and that whatever is happening now is something special.

[*But in this incarnation one thing is to be remembered, that Shri Mahalakshmi has incarnated in human form – in human form. But the Devi which we call as Shri Mahakali has not incarnated in human form. She always existed in the form of a Devi. That is why to come in the form of Devi is easy, but to come in the form of a human being is very difficult task. And to fight like a human being and live with the human beings is even more difficult. Also to live, keeping within the limitations of human beings, is much more difficult. All this work in the form of human beings was done by all the Devas, and today we are experiencing the auspicious fruits of all the work done in the past.

[*The great work done in Ganapatipule is worthy to be written in history, big work has been done, and it will keep happening every year ahead. My ardent desire is that it should continue at least for the next three, four years. And if this happens, then you people will also get the idea about it that what we started from Ganapati, that has reached perfectly to Sahasrara. All this is so aditi (primordial) that it is difficult to express in words. And all this you should receive. You should receive whatever belongs to Me, this is My only pure desire. And when this works out, then I do not want anything.*]

[*It is like this – put something under the feet and put kumkum on the feet. Put kumkum on the feet. Call someone, some women. Take something and take kumkum for the feet. More below. Take someone now. Call the ladies. Come, come.

[*Come. Take a spoon, you can also take a small bowl. Take this bowl with curved edges. There it is. And call the ladies. Take a bowl, sit. Take in the bowl.

[*You come, you come. Let the ladies do the puja. I will tell you what you have to do and you let them do it. Do not touch it, do not touch with your hands. Carefully, you should not touch the bowl even, you do not touch with hand, hold at the edges. Only hold at the edge, and now put. Say Shri Sukta, say of Ganapati “Atharva Sheersha” – say. Put, put.

[*Mantras start. It is correct. Let them do it. No hands. Hold so, hold here.

[*Now is so, all the men here, first remove this here, and tell them to wash My feet. Put water on the feet and wash them. Say Shri Sukta. Put – remove it.

[*Do not put hand. Remove this, in that dish.*]

This kumkum is very good because it’s been vibrated. You all should take a little bit [*give with a spoon to everyone*] later on.

[*Take water, you men come now …. Your wife is not here? …. You come, stay here.

[*Do not touch with your hands. Just bring water, not hot water. You wait now for two minutes, when the ladies come then we will call you.

[*Pour with the bowl.

[*Puja should be done with silence and peace of mind. Nothing will go wrong.

[*Now you see they did not use the word “poverty.” “Alakshmi” – that means what is not Lakshmi Principle – that they did not say “daridrya” (poverty) word. They did not say destroy “daridrya” but they said “alakshmi.” See how subtle it is. All that is inauspicious, that which is not in the Lakshmi Principle, all that – it covers a vast domain. This all is written after a lot of study, with clear and proper thinking. See the vibrations of it!

[*Oh, not into that. Earlier there was water in it, isn’t it? Do it now; what can we do, now it has happened? That is what I was saying. Now pour it; now is no use, there is no difference. Now do it like this, listen to Me now. Put water on My feet, and keep it aside without touching the water.*]

From kamal it goes to Vishwa, nothing in between! [*Did you understand it?*] The description of the Mahalakshmi, that She is very fond of lotus, and then She is fond of the whole universe. Nothing in between!

[*Rub it on your hands.

[*Now start hundred-and-eight names. Do you still have something on Shri Mahalakshmi?*]

And this is the thing one should understand, that Mahalakshmi Tattwa becomes the Viratangana, means the Buddhi, the brain – the awareness, we should say, She becomes that. Narayani Shakti, or we say Viratangana is the power of Virata in the brain. [*So lastly is the Principle of Shri Mahalakshmi*] – central nervous system is Mahalakshmi Tattwa also, in a way.

[*Now She has become Mahamaya, because of the Mahalakshmi Principle She becomes Mahamaya. When the Mahalakshmi Principle rises, then it becomes Mahamaya. That means for the Devi – Mahakali and Mahasaraswati when they get the cover of this, then She becomes Mahamaya. That means, that is the method of Virata, of Shri Krishna. To do maya is the method of Shri Krishna, divine maya. Mahasaraswati and Mahakali, when these two Powers Shri Mahalakshmi meets, then forms Mahamaya, the form of Mahamaya takes place. Because there is intelligence, everything is there, this happens through the Shri Krishna method. Like Shri Krishna, the Power of Shri Krishna. In the case of Kali Devi or any other Mahakali incarnation, what is with Her is visible to everyone, She does not hide anything. You see everything in front of you. She stands with sword in Her hand, and all Her hands are seen. Here the Mahasaraswati is pure, like She never marries, nothing: means like a woman, like a virgin, completely pure, the form of knowledge, wearing a white sari. But when the Shri Mahalakshmi Power meets with Her on these two Powers, then She gets a color. That means, then comes the variety, and starts everything that is Mahamaya form comes. Mahamaya comes because of these Powers. This is Shri Krishna.*]

I’m just explaining to him, what happens is this Mahalakshmi Principle starts after the Lakshmi Tattwa has been manifested itself: means when the Lakshmi has been shown through affluence and the satisfaction of affluence, then the Mahalakshmi Principle starts developing in us, that we think of our ascent. Then it happens that, that in our brain we have three Powers – is Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati – above the Agnya Chakra. There it so happens that two Powers, is Mahakali and Mahasaraswati, they are blessed by, they are blessed by the Mahalakshmi Principle. And Mahalakshmi Principle is basically the Principle of Narayana. Narayana is the Vishnu; and Vishnu becomes Shri Krishna. And this Shri Krishna Shakti which is here becomes Virata’s Shakti there – that is Viratangana.

But when She mixes up with these two, then the Mahamaya Power starts manifesting, because She’s – you know how Krishna was, He always used to play tricks, this that, hide this, do this, do – all those things start at this Power. So that’s why it is not so starkingly open. Like the Mahakali Power is so open; Mahalakshmi Power is a, is a hidden Power, like Mary. Nobody could have believed that Mary could be Mahalakshmi or Radha or Sita: simple, hidden away, but very powerful. But at the time of the Sahasrara it becomes Mahamaya. People don’t know how to find out the reality of the Adi Shakti. Do you follow that?

She is the one who sustains the whole universe and She becomes the Spirit, the Spirit of the whole Vishwa, which Vishwa Gyaneshwara has written. He has said, “Vishwatmake Devi” – the God of the whole Spirit of the universe. So She becomes the universe then.

We can have two foreigner men and two foreigner ladies can come up, who are married. You shouldn’t come, Richard, of all the persons. Please be seated. You’ll always have a chance. Those who cannot get this chance should come. He’s the first one to get up, I told you. Please sit down. Not from England, because English people get a chance always, please. Must be from Australia or some places where they don’t get a chance. English people should give a chance to others. You meet Me so often, you are there and wash the feet. Come along. Where is her husband? He’s English, is he? May God bless you. All right. So get some Australian people. Even if, I mean, you are not married to the same lady, is not necessary. But some Australians or Austrians or some people who do not get a chance. Spanish is good. All right. May God bless you. English are the most privileged people, I should say, aren’t they?

The feet you want to rub? You have never rubbed My feet? All right, come along. Now, hold it with the right hand, rub it with the left. You have rubbed it, My feet, haven’t you? You have rubbed. And you have rubbed My feet? Have you rubbed My feet? Have you rubbed My feet with water? You have done it, all right, then let him do it. This one also …. See now the vibrations. You put your hands there. Better? Better now? All right.

May God bless you all. May God bless you all. May God bless you all. May God bless you all.