Devi Puja

Pune (India)


1986-0108 Devi Puja Talk, Marathi, Pune, India, DP

[English translation from Marathi]

We have all gathered here for the puja today and to have a puja in Pune is our Divine luck, because in Shastras (scriptures of Hinduism) this place is called Punya Pattanam. Punya Patanam means the…all the punyas(virtues),all the good deeds that they did in their previous lives are poured into this place in which we are staying at present. How much we are going to add to it would now be seen. 

We should take Sahaja Yoga very seriously. There is no seriousness about Sahaja Yoga. It’s a huge thing. To be Realized Soul is a rare and a special thing. Nobody understands as Realized Souls we are special people, such a big process has taken place within you, and we have received a great blessings and wealth. We should be serious of what we have achieved and should be proud of it. This is not seen here. As you have achieved this so easily, it is not valued.

People don’t realize who is Mataji? As I am Mahamaya, it is not easy to recognise Me. But you can know Me from the photograph. There are so many instances from the photograph and a lot of examples that take place in your life. There are people who don’t take Sahaja yoga seriously, (Shri Mataji speaks aside – please tell them not to talk at the back) because of which I hear lot of frivolous things and I am surprised look at these foreigners, only their leaders have come, and they take Sahaja Yoga so seriously and achieve their progress. In Maharashtra where all the saints have shed their blood, and people are still not so serious about Sahaja Yoga. We pay a lot of attention in silly things. When all this happens in Pune, it makes me very sad. I realised on reaching Pune station that the vibrations of the people are not good. This got Me worried, now what new thing must have started here? So have decided will close one or two centers in Pune. May be then this negativity will not rise.

What happens is when we open a new center and new people come to Sahaja Yoga and they are not able to follow it, then they have to satisfy their ego. They do something or the other and create trouble. One of the sad things are people pay much attention towards money in Punya Nagari (Pune City). Because of this people are in dire state. Sahaja Yoga is not for beggars. If you are a beggar what can you give others? Sahaja Yoga is for affluent people. Sahaja Yoga is not for people who are poor by heart despite being materialistically rich. So such people should leave Sahaja Yoga. It will help both of us. These kinds of people will suffer if they practice Sahaja Yoga.

For example I will share a few things. We are having a Puja today and I am not feeling good to share this with you today, but feel I should tell you so that you will understand few things. In Mumbai in the beginning when I told people I don’t want money as Sahaja Yoga is not yet fully established. As the trust is not yet formed what will do with the money, where will I keep all this, so I don’t want to do anything, you people just wait till the trust is formed. In Mumbai people have lot of expenses, though they have a good salary. They said, “Mataji we want to give some money”. I told them, “I will pay money for the time being, let the registration happen, let everything work out properly then you people can give money”. After the trust was registered, then Mumbai Sahaja Yogis started saying, “Mother now at least take money from us. Take at least minimum Rs 1000/-“. They are so simple people. I have never imagined that they will pour 1000/- Rs and there was a fierce crowd to give money. I had already paid Rs 100,000/- in the beginning. But there was a fierce crowd to give 1000/- Rs. Then 17 people came and said, “Mataji we are falling short of some money”. So I said, “Now I am giving you, then you can pay Me back later. I am not in a hurry”. So I gave 17000/- Rs to them. One person was of Punekar style. He collected money from Me in front of 8 to 10 people and did not deposit it in the trust. So I asked him what happened. He said he lost it. “How can you lose 17000/-Rs?” And on that he is telling Me that it was all your black money. So what happened if it got lost? I told him, “I don’t have black money, I had brought from the bank, here is the slip. So how are you saying all this?” So this was the attitude of that person. After some time he got Cancer and he died. But I didn’t curse him or anything. He was like a son to Me. So why will I do this? But one thing you should remember once you are out of Mother’s Attention, then you will suffer and bhoots [dead spirits] will catch you.

People here in Pune are very miserly, if I tell people in Mumbai that you will pay Rs11/- for the puja, they will give minimum 51/- Rs., saying that we have to give only once. But when I checked the accounts, after deducting the expenses you have not even paid 7/-Rs per family. After deducting all the expenses, they gave me only 2007/- Rs for the whole year. So for per puja, per family you had paid only 7/-Rs. After checking the accounts, I saw that we are in a debt of 11000/-. For the last times and current puja, money was spent by foreigners on the canopy, so this money I will pay. So for My Puja I will only have to pay money or it will be paid by foreigners. You don’t have to spend for sari. They will spend the money and the virtue or the blessings you will take. Will this work?

We don’t want Sahaja Yoga for stingy people. Right now we want solid people in Sahaja yoga. We are looking for average people, nor rich or poor, but who are generous. So Mataji should spend on everything, building Ashrams and all. Now for today’s tent, I will only have to pay. So if these foreigners don’t come and if this situation continues, then I Myself have to pay for My puja on your behalf. The more you become miserly in Sahaja Yoga, the more you will suffer. I know a few people in this group who will never ascend, whatever they do. I know they are struggling for so many years. These are miserly people, though they have name, fame and are rich, still they are poor by heart. People with down trodden thoughts will never come up in Sahaja Yoga. They also bring others down. Then they face many problems like they fall sick, get cancer, their Ekadash chakra gets caught up. Then you complain to Me that we are suffering, this happened and that happened. Tell Me what did you achieve?

Yesterday I explained so many things. But I don’t think it made sense to anyone, as everyone was listening but nobody was hearing. I fail to understand what I should do for Pune. I want to come and stay here in Pune, but I don’t want to stay with misers. How much can I support these misers? The more you are stingy the more you become poor. Now suppose some of you pay 11/- Rs for the puja, but when I see the accounts, I have bought presents for you worth Rs 4500/- which I am going to give you now. We need silver vessels. You know we use silver vessels for the puja, Mataji requires silver ware. Or bring something of plastic now what to do? If Mataji is of misers, then it is ok to have vessels of plastic. So get something of plastic as it is very cheap or something made of tin. If you people are of tin level, then it is ok to use tin.

There will be no socialism or anything here. There will be only God’s work .Whatever best Qualities you have, you will offer it to God. All your efforts with mind, body and soul should be offered to God whole heartedly. There are 7 to 8 people who teach wrong things to other Sahaja Yogis. So misers should leave Sahaja Yoga. If they have decided that you should pay 11/- Rs or 21/- Rs per family, it is not much to pay. It is only for seven puja’s held during the year.  I suffer so much because of these financial matters.

These foreigners know a lot about the financial matters in Pune and they are not ready to come here. They have kept only one program in Pune. But I forced them, told them we will go, still they were not eager. Because they can read faces, there are so many misers and down trodden people. Some Sahaja Yogis are good no doubt. But some Sahaja Yogis are so psychological that these foreigners just don’t want to come to Pune. They tell Me, “Mataji we can go to Dehu Road; we can stay with the villagers, but not in Pune”. They don’t have problems in Mumbai, Madras, or Delhi. But they don’t want to come in Pune. 

They went to a place where Saint Tukaram Maharaja used to sit for meditation. They applied the soil on their forehead and said there are so many vibrations coming from this place. “In Pune we get hot vibrations from Pune Sahaja Yogis, so we don’t want to be in Pune”. Why have we come to Sahaja Yoga is to increase our inner wealth and we should try and earn this inner wealth. But there are some people who keep on grumbling like there are people in unions who always fight. Such are useless people. Such people should not come in Sahaja Yoga. People who are money minded should not stay in Sahaja Yoga.

People who are not money minded will prosper in Sahaja Yoga and will lead a good life. So just before we begin with puja, I want to say that money minded people should not stay in Sahaja Yoga. People who are ready to stay with love and respect for each other can stay in Sahaja Yoga. I don’t take anything from you. I always return it in the form of gifts so that those things can be used at the center, so whatever is offered to Me with My name on it should be taken; it is just for name sake. This will help to increase your internal wealth.

If you check the Rahuri center, more funds are collected at Rahuri center than yours. The Nasik center also collects good funds, more than your center. On this basis I have purchased silver ware for your center. It proves that a lot of miser and corrupt people stay in Pune. I now have a debt of 11000/- Rs, who is going pay for it? The foreigners here understand everything. When they check the accounts, as it is their funds and investment done by them, they ask what is happening in Pune. They will pay for the Sari, they will pay for the canopy (tent), they will pay for the puja, so what will you give? And this is beginning. From money matters only people are judged. If you stay properly and cleverly in Sahaja Yoga you save so much money. No money is spent on the doctor, no money is spent on the temples and pilgrimage, no fasting, no money spent on special pujas, no movies, no drinks- so no money spent here.

To get blessing from the God you need to connect to God, but you are connected to money so how will you earn the blessing as you are not spending anything on God. If you take 100 lives also you can never get connected to God with this attitude, Am telling you this. In villages people come and tell Me, “Mother please accept some money from us. If not more at least take 10 paisa. We will be blessed by Goddess of wealth Shri Lakshmi”. You know I don’t take money but for their satisfaction have to accept it. So now who ever speaks about money in Sahaja Yoga has to leave Sahaja Yoga. On your own you will give contribution to the leaders here. It is opposite in Mumbai. Though we don’t ask still we get so many funds in Mumbai. Normal people earn 1000/- to 1200 Rs is their monthly salary.

People who wash vessels at other people houses or who beg on the road, we don’t want such people in Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is not for them. Tomorrow you will say, “I will stand on the road with a bowl and ask for alms, whatever I get you can take from it. We don’t want such people in Sahaja Yoga”. We need cultured and self-respected people in Sahaja Yoga. You people don’t see what you are doing, how are you behaving, you don’t have attention on yourself. At least remember that now you have become enlightened souls. See these foreigners once they are enlightened they change overnight. Person who eats tobacco still eats tobacco; still he takes drinks, still plot against other people? No change? Does this have a meaning?

The other thing that bothers Me is disagreement between brothers (bhaubandhki). It is a curse for the people for Pune. I don’t know from when but it is a curse on Pune. I know you will not leave these foreigners also. Taking advantage of foreigner’s i.e fleecing the foreigners, the people from Pune should remove this from their behavior. You just make fun of everything. You don’t go deep inside. You make fun of everything and think you have become smart or over smart. Why are you behaving like fools? What are you people going to achieve? Why you don’t try and understand?

Sahaja Yoga is increasing in Pune day by day. But I am scared with such type of people there will not be any quality. It will be of no use if we just have quantity. I need quality. Stupid people should be removed; those who are not Sahaja Yogis should not be allowed for the puja. For new comers, unless and until they become proper Sahaja Yogis you should not allow them to participate in the puja. I will be ok if there are only 4 people instead of 15 wrong people. It hurts Me and affects Me a lot – physically and I have given you a place in My body. Who has done this for you? And you people behave in such manner, I suffer because of this.

So in this Puja, sit with such determination that I will cleanse everything and will have a fresh start. I will be totally involved in Sahaja yoga. Whatever is stupid will be left behind and will start a new life and will be a new person. Mataji has told us that you should be new person. We have to change the whole world this way. I know tomorrow in this Pune only we will have all lotuses blooming here. Because of this I want to come and stay in Pune. But I am not sure if you will stay in Sahaja Yoga. How many of you will stay in Sahaja Yoga it to be seen? Useless people will not survive in Sahaja Yoga. So take precautions. All have come here for the puja, all like to come for the puja, but to get the blessings of the puja, you need to be serious or should have the ability to understand Sahaja Yoga. It is like vain labour. Yesterday I know there were so many of them but they did not understand anything.

Another thing that should be removed from your mind is that – they try to keep Me away from you people, put restrictions on Me. First of all nobody has guts to do all this. I have brains; I know each and every one of you. If somebody does a little thing from here to there, I came to know immediately, if it was not so then I would have created and built such a big thing- Sahaja Yoga. I know each and every one and they follow My instructions. I only tell them that don’t call anyone; I don’t want to meet people. What they will say? The person who can control Me is not yet born, or to give Me instructions to do this, do it this way. I might say yes for the time being, but I will do what I feel is correct, I do understand things, much more than you. Just now I told you Ved Visharade, which means you, are trying to teach the person who has written the Vedas.

People say, “Mataji is influenced by them”. Is it so? Then why do you follow Me? If all come and start behaving like this then what am I supposed to do? There should be some discipline.

There are some good people also in Pune. They didn’t come to collect presents. So I asked them why? They replied that we have not made that much progress in Sahaja Yoga. We are not such great Sahaja Yogis. As foreigners spent they are going to get blessed, you people can keep radios and all. You want good karma or a radio. Foreigners making contribution and all should not be spoken. This is the sign of poverty of thoughts. This does not Bely you. Sahaja Yogis should not say all this. You are Yogi Raj, just think where I have made you sit. You are the king and you are behaving like beggars. Was in tears yesterday, whenever I come to Pune I am in tears.

If the canopy is at My expense how do you expect to get the blessings? Let few people do the puja, but do it from the heart. Money minded people should go to the market. You know I don’t accept money; instead I spent from My pocket. Nothing will be free in Pune; it has happened a lot of times, now I will not allow this to happen. Don’t behave like misers. The last but the most important thing, the person who eats tobacco will not come in Sahaja Yoga, and the ladies who apply tobacco paste, should not come in Sahaja Yoga. These people have no entry in Sahaja Yoga. These people only behave in such a way. Now also those people who are eating tobacco please leave or I will start harassing you. Don’t drink, not to apply that tobacco paste in the morning, this is done by our servants. So now we have only servants attending the program? Please do not bring Me to that state. I too need a position. About Me it is said in Pune that I am for harassed, poor and miserly people. I need to see some qualities in you. 

So on this day of puja lets resolve that we have committed lot of mistakes and won’t repeat it again. There should be no groupism. If a person speaks ill about anyone, that person should not be entertained. I will separately deal with that particular center that is very easy for me. I have appointed Mr Kulkarni as the leader and no one should challenge his authority. In case somebody crosses him I will personally take that person to task. If Mr. Kulkarni is at fault I shall deal with him directly, and nobody should intervene. I can’t connect with everyone directly. You should not force anyone. Take care of yourselves, change yourself.

You have come to Sahaja Yoga to enlighten yourself and not to belittle yourself. Do not be mean. Never say that I am doing this and I am doing that. Always say that this is done by Shri Mataji and see all your powers will be enlightened. If this is not done then you will lose all you powers. Don’t create a distance between you and Me. Stay under My shadow, there is lot of peace and tranquility. If Sambhaji Rao had not believed that instigator that Maharashtra would have been a different place to live. Same way I can see many Instigators here in Pune. Should not be influenced by them. People like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj should be created to make Pune great again. Please take a resolution. 

[Transcription from English]

I am sorry I has to speak in Marathi language because Poona is a very, very important; very extremely important place and the people have a special gift of God that they are born here. Punya (sounds like – nugarie OR nagari) is the name. Punya Patanam means the…all the punyas, all the good deeds that they did in their previous lives is poured into this. All the saints have praised this place. In the ancient times, in the ancient books it is written as this is a Punya Patanam – is the place, is the city of punyas [good deeds]. 

So in such a great place you all have come, you should be very thankful. I’m just addressing to them that you are born in such a great country, in such a great city and you have a special, very special responsibility. And that’s what I was advising them that these foreigners have come, they are also very lucky people to come to this great city of punyas. And by God’s grace I’m sure they will achieve a big ascent in this puja.

So let us all decide today not to worry about small, frivolous things but think of something higher that we want to achieve; the highest that we want to achieve in our ascent; the greatest that we want to achieve in our…. This is the place where you can achieve it and that’s why I’m going to settle down in Poona. This is the place where you are going to grow very big. Is the best place to grow great in your ascent? And that’s why is very important, today’s puja is extremely important.

May God bless you all.