Makar Sankranti Puja: a little advice about the growth within yourself

Rahuri (India)


Sankranti Puja (English and Marathi). Rahuri, Maharashtra, India, 14 January 1986.

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Today is a sad day for you people, we’ll be now parting. I may not be able to meet you in Bombay. Maybe for a year this may not happen for some of you, and I would like to give you a little advice about the growth within yourself.
It is believed by people that God is helping us and we are in His kingdom. So whatever happens He looks after us. It is true But as you are the instrument of the God you have to also look after yourself.
For today’s delay I would like to apologize but the delay comes because from Poona Mr. Kulkarni was to come and see us do this puja. Now I told him- he’s come now- that his wife is a negative lady, and he doesn’t understand his own importance, I would say. As a leader you must understand your importance. And another person who came, he asked, “Why don’t you come with me?” He said, “I have to come with my wife.” And that’s how this delay has taken place because he’s not here. He said he’ll come for puja so the main thing was first to arrive here in time without a negative force pulling him.

So we conclude that it is important that first of all we should know that in any way we should not try to have any negative forces attacking us or involving us or attaching to us. She may be your wife, may be your husband, may be your son, may be your daughter, may be anyone. You must see that that person is negative through vibrations and don’t have anything to do with such a person. Don’t have, never listen to such a person, never agree to what that person says and do as you please, because in vibrations you will know that the person is negative.
Of course that doesn’t give you a hand to sort of a destroy another person or to completely finish Sahaja Yoga in that person. But on the contrary with love and proper advice you have to tell that person that, “You are being negative, you are a negative person. We are getting negative vibrations from you.” Now that person may persist on the negativity, maybe because he does not know how to get out of it or maybe she does not know how to get rid of it or may be laziness. Maybe that her arrogance, because such people can be very arrogant and adamant and high-handed, could be very arbitrary also and could be so intelligent that they would cheat themselves with their own intelligence. They will not accept your advice, whatever it is. Try to tell them as far as possible, you have to go to a great extent, because you are not here for them, you are here for yourself and for God.
So you have no business to waste your energy with somebody who is a positively negative person. [Laughter] And in that the approach should be such that you try to help that person as far as possible.

Supposing she has some bad habits, she’s taking drugs, all right, try to take out that part, the drug and all that, try to do whatever is possible. Give a bandhan, beat her with shoes but your attention should not be completely towards one person who’s negative.
Normally in an ashram, I’ve seen, mostly one negative person appears and the whole ashram gets upset. It’s a very common thing because one nasty person can spoil the whole show. Like today I had to spend some money with another nasty person just for nothing at all, and because she’s negative I had to fight it out Myself, I did not know how others are going to fight it out. But you have to tell frankly on the face that, “If you want to go to hell you can go, if you want to go to God then you should change yourself, you have to transform yourself, you have to be all right.”
Everyone can get cured. Lazy lumps are the only difficult things, lazy people, because they have excuses. They are the most difficult things, lazy people are the most difficult people I have seen. If the person is not a lazy person, it’s very easy to make him do things. For a lazy person everything is difficult because he’s indulging into laziness.
But one must remember one principle of Sahaja Yoga which is very important. I think one should write it down in your heart. This is a very important essence of Sahaja Yoga, of how to grow, that you should know how to raise your Kundalini. You should know how to meditate and to find out about your problems, your defects and then remove them and raise your Kundalini. If you cannot raise your Kundalini you cannot improve in Sahaja Yoga.
Now the Kundalini falls off with many things, as you know, if you have defects. Even supposing you have a weakness for your wife, you worry about her, you think about her or your husband, who is a negative person, the Kundalini will be sucked down. It will be sucked down with all these negative attentions, any kind of a negative attention you have, it will be sucked down.
Shri Mataji speaks aside
Let him seat this side. Data, you seat here, you’re disturbing them. Alright? Come along, be a nice boy. Ah. Seat on this one, yes, on top of, good boy, very nice boy.

And such negative people always push forward, they’ll sit in front of Me, they’ll be just there to trouble Me. They’ll never understand that we should be at the back, they are very great show-offs. They will sit just in front of My eyes, I see them, just I put My eyes straightforward and the person is straightforward before My eyes. Is a sign that they are all the time trying to displease the Goddess, all the time. Of course your Mother is such a funny Goddess that She never gets displeased. But there so many others who get displeased. I wish I had known that, I really don’t know, I think I’m nothing but forgiveness and I just don’t recognize it. But it’s a common point. A person who is a very positive person doesn’t come forward much, keeps out, doesn’t force Me to do things. Otherwise they’ll force Me, “Do this, do this, sit down like this, I’ll have this.” Unless and until I tell you, you should not. Like I know some people, it’s a headache to be with them where they’ll ask, “Should I give you tea, should I bring this for you?” Why? I’ll tell you if I need it. “Will you take this, will you take that, would you have this, would you like a white tea or a black tea or a yellow tea ?” [Shri Mataji Laughs] I’ve no time to think about all these nonsensical things!
And that’s what distracts My attention from them and they don’t get – it’s a vicious circle -they don’t get My blessings.
Linda, you are the one, now go on that side, you know that very well and you are the one who’ll sit in front. Now I can tell you how many who are sitting in front of Me, most of them would be negative people, except for Alexandra, I can see that. Another is Martine. Is she there? Martine catches very well, yes, second one must be Martine, yes, come along. Martine catches very much. And you people don’t want to see that you catch, you people don’t want to see that you catch and then what happens that it affects the other person. The leaders are affected.
I can’t see, who is next? Now who is next, let’s see. Behind her, she has eye trouble, she has a problem, she should not sit in front, she should be on the side. It’s alright, I mean I need not worry that far but still, let her sit on the side.

This is, I’m just pointed it out to you, that you can make out a negative person who has problems. First of all, complaining type: Anybody who is complaining of nature is negative, anybody who complains is negative. I never complain, do I? Did I ever complain. I’ve been to all your programs anywhere, did I ever complain that the bed is not all right? Suddenly the other day I discovered the bed on I sleep is really hard like a rock, really. I just suddenly discovered because I sat on it. But I didn’t complain to anyone. I said, “It’s all right.” Because I’m quite comfortable Myself with it. So this is it that shows a person who’s not comfortable within himself is still negative and such a person should try to keep out of Sahaja Yoga. That’s the best way the person is going to be helped.

For negative people also you must remember you must try to keep out of Sahaja Yoga. Don’t try to show off, because such a person always wants to come forward. Why? Because he’ll be blessed, because he’ll be saved. It’s a kind of a, like a beggar coming to a rich man, but it’s not so!
In Sahaja Yoga it’s the other way round, everything is just the other way round, you can put everything the other way round, then you’ll understand. In Sahaja Yoga those who keep out of My sight are better blessed. Those who do not ask Me questions, whether I should have this or that are better blessed. Those who do not claim anything from Me are better blessed. Those who do not challenge Me are better blessed.
Miracles happen. Like in My passport, this has happened before also, I did not know in Australia, but Mr. Shivastava told Me that My passport has expired, I must get the validity again sanctioned.

When I came here, Warren told Me at least three times, then I asked Warren, “Should I go to Delhi to get it done because if I go to Hong Kong how will I do it, without a passport?” And then I said, “Let’s see.” I opened the passport – it’s already sanctioned till eighty-eight. So, you see, for that one has to understand that we must know our priorities; we must know what is important. For Me it was important I have to go to Hong Kong, I couldn’t find any time when I could go there, at a time when it would not be very hot. And just it worked out for Me, I don’t have to go to Delhi first and I’m now ready to go.
It has happened so many times and even if something goes wrong with My passport or anything because of negative forces, I use it for an advantage. So even if somebody is a negative person, use it for a positive thing. Now, example: I was going to America and I had sent My passport for visa and My husband who is so meticulous had taken it. And they gave the visa for the year ahead. When I went to the airport they said, “What? This is the visa for the one year ahead.” One year ahead, they had given. So they said, “You can go next year, not this year, the visa is for next year.” So I telephoned to My husband, it was a Sunday, he just got out of bed, he ran up and down, poor fellow, he said, “How is it I didn’t see?” I said, “You didn’t see. What has happened is that you didn’t see. The fellow who did it was quite speedy I think, so he gave Me one year ahead, so now better find out.” I mean, this is what happens to the speedy people. They’ll give you visa for one year ahead. That’s another extreme positivity. Now, then as a result of his running up and down, they all got shattered, you know the Americans especially felt, “Oh God, what a mistake it was.” So they gave Me visa for five years.

[Laugter and applause]

So instead of feeling unhappy about the negativity and making miserable faces and making yourself miserable and Me miserable with that, best is to laugh it out and use that negativity for your positivity. In the beginning only it happened that once we were going to Nasik, and while going to Nasik our car failed and everybody said, “Mother, your car never fails, how it has failed?” I said, “Let it be, it’s all right, it’s very nice here, I can look around, I can see around and all that.” They couldn’t understand why I was so relaxed about it. So the car failed and it took about one hour. Now the people who were Sahaja Yogis before never used to cure anybody, never used to look at anyone, never used to raise anybody’s Kundalini, all very frightened. But as I was not there, they felt very challenged because there’s such a big crowd there, they didn’t know what to do. So they said, “All right, we’ll raise your Kundalini.” That’s how they started doing it and it’s helping now, because now, that you are doing it. Otherwise they would not touch it !
So every disadvantage, every negativity is to be used for positivity. As I’ve told you before also an example of a little cell going inside the Mother Earth, sees a big boulder there, goes round it, ties round it again and again and again and uses it for further holding of the tree, for the support of the tree. That is what is wisdom.
That is what is wisdom and this wisdom comes through meditation, meditative method.
So you must everyday meditate and raise your Kundalini, otherwise you cannot grow by saying, “Mother, I love you, I love you,” writing Me ten pages letters, which is impossible to read, doing all kinds of things like that and asking Me questions morning till evening. Nothing, nothing is going to help you to understand Me or to understand yourself or to understand Sahaja Yoga or to grow in Sahaja Yoga.
You may talk, discuss, do what you like, to understand Sahaja Yoga is to best is to keep very happy. Happy faces, happiness within yourself, joy within yourself, try to see the essence of joy in everything, don’t try to criticize, make yourself miserable. But to raise your Kundalini every morning religiously, every morning, every night raise your Kundalini. The Kundalini is like the nourishment, the nourishment, the water of life for the growth of your inner being.
If you do not meditate, if you do not know how to raise your Kundalini, you better try to learn it. Negative people always avoid that because then they feel burnings, they feel this. Face it up for a while, doesn’t matter, face it up, clear out yourself and see that you raise your own Kundalini. Don’t blame your husband, don’t blame your wife, don’t blame your children, don’t blame your atmosphere, nothing of the kind. You can go in the jungles everyday, you can go anywhere you want to, if you want to do it, you can do it. But people must understand that now we are saints, and saints have to do that.

You’ll be surprised if you start meditating, most of your problems will disappear because all physical problems will be looked after by God. All material problems will be looked after. All other problems, family problems will be looked after. But the main problem is how to make you do it.
It’s like once you eat your food your tongue can taste it, it gets the saliva, it goes down, it’s all looked after, it goes down properly, down below it is all… the juices are secreted, they know that the food is coming, it is digested in different parts, as it is, it is all built-in. But you must put it in the mouth, and this is what is the mechanism of Sahaja Yoga is that you must meditate and raise your Kundalini. In so many ways, in so many styles, in so many angles I have said this again and again and again and again. But that’s what we do not do. And know your purpose, you must know your purpose.

Like as I said that the leaders do not know their importance at all. They behave sometimes in a manner which I can’t understand. They become so silly about their wives, their husbands that I cannot understand. That’s not important at all. If they’re leaders, they have responsibility.
Secondly, the leaders must tell off people who are to be told off, it’s very important. If you cannot tell off people, it’s no use. And that’s how the leadership is not going to be respected, if you do not tell off people who are negative. One negative problem comes in, immediately they’ll report it, I immediately know this is his wife or husband must be doing nonsense there. Immediately it is reported, “This is happening, that is happening,” is a sign of negativity. Immediately you can solve the problem, give bandhans.
The simplest way is to sit before My photograph and just say, “Mother, please this is the problem,” finished. There’s no need to take a telephone and telephone to Me at about two o’clock in the night. Just do that, but the trouble is you cannot because your system is not yet reached that point. It’s such a vicious circle. Your system must reach that point where the connection is absolutely there, you don’t care for leadership, anything, but you care for your inner growth. If your inner growth is in that position it will happen automatically. This is what it is, very difficult for people to understand that we have to be sensibly placed towards ourselves.
Now about the leaders I would say this about others also, that we have to be very, very sensibly placed about ourselves. Are we sensible towards ourselves? Some old people behave like children, some children behave like old people in the sense that start telling off, answering back, misbehaving. We must know our age, our group, everything and behave in a manner that is dignified. In a small age also if a child talks like a child, he can be very, very positive. I must tell you that I’ve had some very, very funny reports about some people which was so shocking that how did they arbitrarily behaved. And it’s only thing that is behind is the sense of leadership. I wanted to be leaders, this wanted to be leaders, that wanted to be leaders.
There’s nothing like leadership in Sahaja Yoga, you don’t know your Mother is too capable. She doesn’t need any leaders, you don’t know Her, better know Her. She’s too capable, very clever and cunning woman. She’s all-powerful and She knows everything about you, She knows how to handle situations. She’s not going to allow Sahaja Yoga to disappear because of somebody’s stupidity. Know that! Sitting down here I know about everything about everyone. I may look very simple, it’s not so. That’s why I have to tell you that you don’t consider yourself to be endowed with some sort of a special power as a leader. Only that you have the power through your Mother which you have to assert. So, “Whatever I’m doing is the Mother Who is doing it.” And when you do that you’ll be amazed that whatever you want will be sensible, whatever you’ll ask for it will be sensible – sensible means which is related to Sahaja Yoga. And whatever you do will be sensible. All your dignity, everything will pile up together, but foremost thing and the most important: at any cost you must meditate.
This is what I have to now tell to our Indians also but for you it is very important because now you are returning back to “the real place.” Like yesterday somebody said to Me, some westerner said, “Mother they are talking about why you left Vaikuntha and came to this India, is all right, but we would say why did you leave this India and came to us.” Then the answer was there that the God has become mad about the saints. Because of the saints and their company. But the saints have to be saints otherwise they become troublesome to Me. If I go to lunatic asylum nothing will happen to Me. If I go to, say, to a cemetery, nothing will happen to Me. But if a saint catches even a slightest thing, that troubles Me, tortures Me, not outwardly maybe, but inside. Because I’ve given you place in My heart, in My being, you circulate in My being. That is how I know about you. So if you really grow better, if you improve better it will be a thing of joy for you and the greatest joy for Me as well, that’s all I want that you should be, nothing else, nothing else.
Now one more assurance I want to give you that we are going to start certain projects in India. Now the time has come, we have acquired some land definitely now and we are going to work out some projects as soon as I settle down in India, we will start showing the manifestation of that. And maybe this kind of tour I may not be able to do after a few years. But then you yourself will be able to conduct these tours in your own country, go round because this is a training period where you will learn how to do this kind of thing. Of course in your country it’s rather difficult to get such people but how to contact… I started with one person. So I’m just a lady, housewife and if I could do it, why not you? [Laughter and applause]

So now go with a pleasant mind, enjoy yourself. It’s very difficult for a mother to bear all this because when I leave India I feel terrible about the Indians, when I leave you I feel terrible about you. It’s something horrible that I want that somehow or other we all should have one huge country of our own where we all settle down happily together.
So on behalf of you I would like to thank all the Indians who have done so much for us, given us all the comfort, according to them it was discomfort but according to you it was comfort. Now you are going on this tour, I would request you not to discuss other mundane nonsensical things on the way but discuss Sahaja Yoga. Understand, there are people who are just new, tell them about Sahaj Yog, let them know what is Sahaja Yoga is, also explain to them what is Sahaja Yoga.
You’ll be travelling now quite a lot and also you’ll be going to places where we are going to have our projects done. You can have a look at it, will be a good idea and also you think about what kind of projects we can have in this country which will help them to achieve better results in Sahaja Yoga. All these we have to discuss and this group is much more serious-type, I think, and it’s going to work out something seriously. About the future plans that we would like to have here and abroad and whatever are the dates and things you would like to do. In the month of May, June, July I would be in the West and May I would like to keep for America, if possible, at least the second half of May. The rest of it you can adjust it the way you want to have and also arrange your programs among yourselves whichever way you say is all right. This time it was desired that I should go to Greece, I don’t mind, I would like to go there and do the needful. [Applause]
I hope all the leaders have got the chains I have given to Warren.
Sahaja Yogi: It’s done Mother.
Shri Mataji: All right, it’s done now. I worry about all little, little things like that. ?” [Shri Mataji Laughs]

[English translation from Marathi]

Now you’re all here together. And you mixed with them. They served so much. Saints served. All of us are very grateful to you. You worked very hard. we just doesn’t understand how much to thank for that. But for you, these people have Bring some photos and other stuff.

We will give it to everyone after worship. Secondly, The songs that were sung or dance was done in the program yesterday. That makes these people are very happy. Mataji, thank them in the Marathi language on our behalf. They have said that. Especially the university people have done such a beautiful program with such hard work. They really appreciated that. The other thing is that people and the men of the university should think of contributing a little to my work. You know that we went to different places. we went to Ashtangaon, we went to Ganori village.

We went to Sangamner and many people came to Shrirampur too. In this place, you people should divide each other. Dhumal work very hard. He worked so hard to maintain Sahajyoga. This single man took everything on himself and Spend money for the Sahaja yoga. Wisely did it all. Also, everyone should take on his responsibilities. Because it is the work of the Lord. Who had the opportunity to get the power of the Lord and the work of the Lord So without any greed for domination or power or money. We must do this work in the greed of the Lord.

And make all arrangements within you. Which village will we go to? Who will go to which village? make all the arrangements. took a share of each work. Now, Mr. Kumbhojkar is here, I tell him, he should look here. and pay attention to everyone. Everyone should be given different places, locations. And before that, we went to Aardgaon, went to Musalwadi, And we have gone to so many places. Where is Renuka Devi situated?

“Manori”. We went there. We have been to many places like this. The main work is already done. But still, there is no consistency, integrity in this work. That you guys can do it . One day a week, take time out to set up your center. Whatever you want to run. Wherever you are convinced. You can take it and go there.

Ladies should go there and sing a few songs there. Call people. Because of the hymns(bhajan) lots of people will come. If women go and say hymns (bhajan), many people will be attracted. There is a program of hymns (bhajan). You come Even if you go once a week, it will be like doing a lot of work. Different tasks should be divided among yourselves. There are two parts to Sahaja yoga. first, you should raise your kundalini from Inside. Kundalini should be picked up.

Meditation should be done for this. But what to do with a lamp? If you put a lamp and put it in the distance, what is the benefit? Christ has clearly said that no one lights a lamp and puts it down in Lighthouse. So they put it on top. they do not keep it down. And it is a lamp that light up by the Lord has given to you. You should give light to others. And only when you enlighten others, you will find true happiness. And that is a circle of joy.

Now if I had explained to you in the example as nature, you would remember. There is a circle in Nature. Suppose you now sow a seed. Now that your farm is ready. Then the leaves of the tree falls. Why it Because it contains nitrogen. That nitrogen must go back into the cosmos. Well, why did the leaves of the tree fall back again? Because in winter the sunlight is less. that’s why they fall.

And after the leaves fall, the sun also warms the earth well. Next to these are the lands that are decomposed by nitrogen of fallen leaves. They regain fertility. They get Fertile. so you Can cultivate well in him. Same in Sahajayoga, you have stored energy in yourself. And increased your power. Now there is power in you. that power makes you better person. Your habits are gone.

You have become your own captain. After that, if we give it to others then what we have given, we get back. As the clouds rise from the sea and go up to the sky, why they work so hard? So they give water to the whole world. And then they are transported back to the sea by the river. It is so. Whatever you give to others, you will get it back just as good. And the joy of it, to see it. that view, is your personality. Your personality is seen in what you do.

What have you done? How do you see it? It’s like a mirror of yours. It is the mirror of your life. That shows what you did outside. But the key is wisdom. I am somewhat polite. I can do something irritating. I can say anything. Or I have an Eloquent speech on something special.

Or I have a lot of wisdom. Or I’m having something too much. I’m an artist. There is nothing will happen if you have thought like this. I’m just a Sahaja yogi. I doing work for the lord. I have no time to do other things. I just doing work for the lord. This is the work of the Lord that I’m doing. That is the most important Work.

Beyond that, nothing matters. If you decide to stay in this Thought. And with that understanding, you try to make a picture of yourself! It must be good. There will be no flaws. Keep looking at yourself. What do we see in the mirror? That our body is clean or not. just like that always look yourself. to see everything is fine.

Have we done any mistakes? Have we done some selfishness? Have we done something wrong? I ‘m just telling them with hypocracy, with a double standard you cannot manage Sahaja Yoga. You cannot cheat yourself, you cannot cheat others. Cheating is not allowed. If you do cheating, you will cheat your Kundalini. Kundalini knows everything. Then must-have some courage. Must work a little harder. And it should be noted that no one has such a privilege. Do the Lord’s work, gain the power of the Lord, and live happily in the kingdom of the Lord. Never found all three things like that.

People ask three things to the Lord. Samipya , that is, to be close to you. Saalokya, that is, you see. and Sanidhya you should be with me. Since we arrived you found all these three. Happen automatically. But we have given you the fourth thing. We have given you a very important fourth thing. That is Tadatmya. We have put you in our hearts.

Some Sahaja yogis are so good, that even if their thoughts come up, I feel like I am swimming in the ocean of happiness. And there are some Sahaja yogis. that I Don’t want to think about them. So all four of these things you got in Sahaja yoga. Which not everyone has got. Someone got Saalokya, Someone got Samipya, Someone got Sanidhya. But very few people have tadatmya.and those who have tadatmya, not got the first three things. Just got tadatmya. They never saw the Lord. They Never came close to the lord.

or Lord never with them. Only they had getting everything in Tadatmya. But now after you’ve got it all, You have to improve a lot. But the thing with them, they had been searching for the Lord for thousands of years. There is Sukrit and also Your virtue must be there. Without it, it would not be. But in this birth, we should be virtuous. It is true that we are troubled by the karma that we did in our previous lives. If we had behaved well in the previous lives, we would not have suffered so much. But now if I do more foolishness in this birth, then what is going to happen in the next life even after giving so much power by Aadishakti, I do not see the picture of what is going to happen in the next life.

I don’t see the picture. Because it is so fragile. What will happen? Because it never happened.The Lord never gave that much. No one has ever gotten that much. Even if you behave like this way, I don’t understand the picture of what will happen. I can’t remember this. how to look? Because it never happened. And so it is very much needed.

You have to see clearly and lean in Sahaja yoga. Especially the ego veil. These people are more educated, more wealthy, dutiful than you are. They understand, but you don’t, because intellect There is no intensity. No accuracy. Must have pure intelligence. Wisdom must be pure. Why does intelligence go upside down? because she is not clean.Want of pure wisdom. Once you get down to pure wisdom you will notice, why do I do this?

Why do I not think so? Why am I not okay? It will feel like that and then you will immediately have that power. And you better yourself. There are many rules of Sahaja yoga. They are very simple. Nothing difficult. You don’t have to do anything special. You must obey them. But most importantly, what we call passion, the persistence behind anything.

But in a word of perseverance, it seems like a little trouble. But the word Lagna is so beautiful that it has begun. So we need to keep clean. You should meditate daily. When we meditated today, what did we give to others? The Lord gave this fruit of happiness, what did we give to another? That should be considered. Great monks and saints, no one was rich. Only their avatar is big, but nothing else. Monks and saints did not have a big money.

But everyone has made a lot of donations and they haven’t asked for anything from God. Also you should. A little hard work for body, a little trouble, something happened. What’s the matter? We are doing God’s work. People have suffered a lot for God’s work? and you know all, you understand everything. but still, if you do not do this, I do not understand what is going to happen with you. I can’t even imagine what will happen. I mean it looks like it’s going to be terrible.

So please keep this in mind, Meditation-retention is something to do daily, get the kids to do it, and make self-improvement and stay in the path. In Sahaja yoga, we do not consider caste, religion as any distinction. Therefore, no religion, caste or religion is allowed. If you give in, that’s the wrong thing. Not at all. Okay now. If you want your daughter to get married in your caste do it but if marriage not happened in your cast you can do it in another cast. Your caste is not external but your thoughts on it should be broadened. We have fallen in love with the world. We have come into the world religion.

If our thoughts are not so powerful, then no human being can do Sahaja yoga. How many years ago Agarkar, Tilak had proposed this idea before us. But today this is going to happen in Sahaja yoga. We can fix all the social things in our country, political things as well as our financial things. If your thoughts become overwhelming. So we are really great. Look at the kids, Discipline children. Should look at the discipline of the child. How not to behave, how to act. Yet they did not come.

I have told you a hundred times that you should not wait for your wife. And you are the leader and the leader must understand the importance of himself. Everyone should take lessons. Come on. We are tired of waiting for you. And Bakare why didn’t you come early? Leaders should never make importance of the wife or their husband, not at all. Otherwise you’ll ruin us completely. Or we wight have to take out a rule that nobody who has a wife or a husband is going to be a leader. One of the two things. Or children. It’s terrible, it is sometimes. See now… What is your significance? There will be You have waited for your wife. Both of you should come early. Shivlekar told you to come soon.

So why don’t you come? the wife can come later. I do not mean to torture or harass your wife. But wherever needed, you have to come. do work at work hours. The wife should understand, But these wives are very wrong. they argue with the husband in everything. The wife from here is wrong. This is due to the severity. You may be surprised, I never call my husband in the office.

I Never used his car. I never tell his secretary to do any job. This is the record so far. You ask him. Once we just went to Australia and I wanted to go to Germany, Who is the ambassador there? That’s what I asked. And said, ‘Do you know him?’ I called him for this. So he climbed the steps and came up. Didn’t even take the escalator.

For five minutes they were saying, ‘Are you all right? What happened to you? Did the accident happen? I said, ‘ just listen. I’m fine’ Because I don’t call him. They know I will not call even if I die. that’s why he thought there must be some reason. As ever, no matter what. When they go out they ask me What do I bring for you? I Said, ‘Nothing.

just Come straight home.’ I don’t want anything. Always help with their work. and anytime you ask him I never complain about a single penny. That’s how marriage life runs. Always kept on crying. this is mine and all. Why not this woman come alone? Who is going to kidnap the them? Women force a lot.

Now it has started in Maharashtra. I can see. There is nothing lacking in coercion. They are scared of everything else. But they will do whatever they want. Very scared from above. You scare yourself. The rest of the world is scared of you. Never Dominate your husband. this is not allowed in Sahaja yoga.

The woman has her own place, the man has his own place. Rama left Sita, Sita left Rama, but in his own way. She left him. But she left him in her own way. Not left him in the forest, but left him in the world You don’t know your method yet. What is the Method of power, it must be learned. It is not at all tempting to force a husband to just show up. That’s what I tell girls these days. That means there will be no speech again. Tell your daughters, too, don’t dominate your husband.

Should be respected. There is a very special way to make fun of your husband. But she does not want to honor her husband. So that’s pretty bad. From a husband, you get power in your home. Power comes. There is prime minister and there is a deputy minister. if deputy minister try to talk in front of prime minister. that’s not good look. It happened once.

Tells you now because it’s time. Once I was in London. That time Mr. Bajpai is Foreign Minister. I don’t know who is Mr. Bajpai. They (prime minister) invited us to dinner, so we went. Mr.Morarji Bhai was your prime minister. He said that don’t give alcohol to anybody These people are addicted to alcohol and must be given alcohol. I don’t know he is the Foreign Minister. I said, “Well, you should give them alcohol, etc. Well, but do they do anything?

If they come to our country, do they sit on the plate and eat dinner?” Why did we act like slavery? I don’t know he is a foreign minister. saheb stopped me. There is your prime minister. Who are you to talk like that? If your Prime Minister says so, you should stand with them. Why are you stick your nose in this ? Even if you are the Foreign Minister. this same goes to the wife.

Adornment comes from there. don’t behave Inauspiciously. There are many experiences. I’m very surprised. And there will be ghosts like this. Women who behave this way will be demonized. Ghosts will not go away if the husband is not honored. Well, now we came here for worship, let’s sit down.

End of video 1

Second video
Same as video 1 then cut in the audio at 33: 12
I ‘m just telling them with hypocracy, with a double standard you cannot manage Sahaja Yoga. You cannot cheat yourself, you cannot cheat others. Cheating is not allowed. If you do cheating, you will cheat your Kundalini. Kundalini knows everything.
[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi for 20 minutes]

Audio Talk number 3:
Sounds a very good thing for us to have a summer here, and we call it a thing of transformation. But as a tropic of Cancer, Cancer as you know is a sign of the Mother. So this is the day they celebrate suddenly coming out of the cold to the heat, they eat something called Til Gur [ladoo] that is the sesame and the jaggery mixed together. And they tell people, “Eat this sweet and speak sweetly.” The reason is: when the heat comes up too much the mind can go off and one can become harsh. So they say now, “Eat this and speak sweetly.” Now the hot thing, it’s a hot thing to eat sesame and the jaggery but why it is given that is the end of it now. You have it and slowly come to normal. So it is given like that to show that now is the end of it, you take it and now you come to the end of it.
And in the same way we today we are finishing off this tour. We have had a tremendous, forceful, very fast, I should say absolutely telescopic programs. You have passed through all these programs in such a big way. Now, it has been too much, I know because the time was short, you see, we have to be that way in modern times. And maybe you must have escaped lots of experiences because of the speed.
So now when you go back you must again sit down and in your pensive mood try to see all the beautiful things that you have seen and forget all the ugly things and all the funny ideas. And enjoy whatever you have achieved as something enjoyable, as something knowledge. Go back on it, see for yourself clearly and keep it in your memories. I’ll be very happy if some people sit down and write diaries. All these things are beautiful you must have met beautiful people, you must have seen beautiful landscapes. Anything, as in Ganapatipule you have had some good experiences, should be written that way. And that will give you a better idea as to what we have gone through in this short time.

And as it is today coming to an end, also our winter is over now – we never had it according to you [Laugter]
So we are now entering into a real summer which I don’t want you to face. So you’ll be going back. And today is a special day but this day being decided by the Sun is a fixed day, is fourteenth, fourteenth of this month. So this is called as a Sankranti day. So it doesn’t change, all other things can change because they depend on the Moon but this is the only solar, you can say, only solar festival we have. In the Punjab they use lots of wood to create heat in the household, you see, as you have firewood. But something is left over, so they burn it at the end of it as we are doing today in the night, like last night as we did. The whole keeping awake we should have burned some fire as well outside. So they burn some fire and dance and sing around it to say now we have enjoyed the winter and we thank for that, now the summer is coming and we are looking forward to the summer. That is how it is, and today is a very nicely timed farewell day.
So may God bless you.

So one sentence you can learn now in Marathi that: “Til-gul ghya ani gud gud bola.” It’s rather difficult, the most difficult. Because “Til-gl” you cannot say, it’s only specially Maharastrian word. Even the Indians can’t say this, other Indians apart from Maharastrians. You can make them out on this word “gl” if they can say “gl” well and good, otherwise they are not Indians. They cannot sort of cheat us on that. [Laugter]
“Til-gul ghya” So there are two “gl” I that “Til-gl” and “gl” And “gud gud bola.” “Gud” means sweet and speak sweet , sweet.
The language, Marathi language to sound is not that sweet I think, because it’s more of a martial race but it is very, very deep I must say it’s very deep and could be sweet also if you can say “gl” otherwise it doesn’t sound. So you can learn this if possible on your way. A very difficult sentence called as “Til-gul ghya ani gud gud bola.” Is there anybody who speaks? Now in this one, nobody should speak loudly or shouting at anyone or anything, you have to say, “Speak sweet.”
May God bless you on this special day of Sankrant.
“Sankrant,” “krant” means revolution, “san” means the holy. The holy revolution.
May God bless you.
End of Audio Talk number 3

???? No audio for these parts

…their husbands, not at all. Otherwise you ruin us completely. We might have to take out a rule that nobody who has a wife or a husband is going to be a leader. One of the two things or children. It’s terrible it is sometimes.
(Talk continues in Marathi)
Side B, 24min 30s onwards
… and to understand certain things, which … this being the last puja, you have to do all the residual things like those who have not washed My feet had to wash My feet and everything has to be done this way so that we complete our tour and we complete our program in Maharastra. And now as it is you’ll be amazed that I missed one puja-sari somewhere so that also I have to wear today. And also whatever is waste that is now to be taken charge of sort of thing.
But today is a special day; is the day when the sun changes from the tropic of Capricorn, comes from the tropic of Capricorn, to the tropic of Cancer. And for us it is a summer.

… and light is [INAUDIBLE]. That they have given us six acres of land only for eleven thousand rupees. Where we’ll be starting the project of animal husbandry and all that. Then the second offering yesterday came in of five acres of land very near the lake where you were, just on the other side of the lake. Where we have to still think what projects we are going to have. Now lands after lands, you see. May God bless you.
Sahaja Yogi: Before we leave, Shri Mataji, this would be the last chance that all of us have to say farewell. Our devotion and our love has been there during the tour. We pray that we’ve grown a little here and that we are little wiser as a result of the vibrations of Mother India and all the loving attention You’ve given us and the patience You’ve had with our faults, and how we’ve often failed like little children. But each time we come to India, we learn a little more, we become a little more purer and we become closer to being that which You want Mother, just becoming the Atma. Jai Shri Mataji!
So farewell to you. I hope to see you very soon this year, and you have to forgive if there has been any mistakes or any trouble for you anywhere. Moreover, be careful when you travel or when you swim. As a mother is always worried about your well-being and a mother will never know that my children are now grown enough to look after themselves. So I hope you will look after yourselves, keep yourselves in bandhans, keep yourselves in balance and in complete enjoyment.
May God bless you all. Thank you, thank you very much.