Public Program: Satya Ka Swarup

Mumbai (India)

1986-01-21 Public Program Hindi Bombay India DP-RAW, 155'
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1986-01-21 Public Program: Satya, Mumbai (Hindi)

Title: The Nature of Truth, Mumbai

Salutations to the truth seekers of Bombay city.

From time immemorial, numerous texts have been written in this country about the quest for truth. The reason for this is that in this land of India, there are many hidden blessings about which we are unaware.

The atmosphere here is so pleasant that when you leave home, you don’t have to struggle like in London, where you have to layer up and spend 15 minutes getting ready before stepping out. There’s no such hassle here. As soon as you step outside, there’s a beautifully serene breeze blowing. Here, a person can live their life comfortably, whether in the forests, mountains, beyond waterfalls, along riverbanks; it’s all very peaceful. Such conditions aren’t as good in any other country. Either the country is too hot or too cold. Due to the extreme nature of the weather, people there have to constantly contend with nature, and in the process of this struggle, people become aggressive. You become invasive.

When I first went to London, I used to think that there is some divine wrath or curse here, that you cannot stand outside for even a minute. You cannot even breathe fresh air for a minute. As soon as you leave home, it’s closed, sit in the car and rush, and wherever you go, rush back home from there. There is no provision there to ever enjoy the delightful taste of fresh air.

Perhaps for this reason, from a mother’s perspective, I want to attribute the fault to nature itself, because ultimately, wherever it may be, humans are children of the divine. Due to this thinking, it is possible that humans may appear harsher towards each other there, and for this reason, they tend to look at the faults in its nature. Not only that, but how to conquer this aggressive nature through aggression, this tendency inherently reflects in their behavior and thoughts completely.

No one can bathe in the river there. The river is so cold, colder than the Ganges even. And if you happen to bathe there from anywhere, then afterwards you’ll get diseases that will haunt you for life.

When Columbus set out to find America, by the boundless grace of the Divine, I believe Hanuman Ji showed his grace that he reached there and not come here. If he had come here, neither would we have remained nor there Sahaja Yoga.

They finished everyone there; they killed every single person one by one. And now when I went there, in Argentina, Peru, even more so in New York and other countries, I asked where the original people of this place are, the natives? They said they are only in the news now; everyone else has been wiped out. Just imagine our condition if Columbus had reached here.

This is the boundless grace of the Divine that He went there in search of land. But people came to India in search of truth, because if truth is to be found in this world, on this Earth, then it is hidden in the Indian subcontinent. But our perspective is outward.

As I explained to you yesterday, our power of action, when it is upward, can only reach even to the roots. Because Shri Krishna himself has said that our consciousness or our way of working, from which our consciousness evolves, descends downwards, and it is only by ascending that we can reach our roots. And I told you yesterday that those roots are in this country, in this Indian subcontinent. And we, instead, are blindly following those who are descending.

Here too I see, the media there is very corrupt. They can never understand God, and the concept of self-realization will just fly over their heads. They cannot grasp anything called self-realization. It’s worthless to talk to them. You know the saying, “What’s the use of pouring water on an inverted pot?” But today, the situation here is the same, where even our people who are newspaper editors or others, who want to say something, they say it in the foreign style. It’s like dominating over everyone. Like, speaking ill of every single person. Write about the man who gives you money a thousand times, and don’t write anything about the man who doesn’t have money. Mostly, this is happening.

Initially, when we started Sahaja Yoga, people said to us, “If you will give us food at the Volga restaurant and show us the night dance, we will write two columns about you.” We said, “Please don’t even write a single line, please.” And that’s the newspaper we read at night. Such things are written in these newspapers, behind which lies a mindset, an ideology that is foreign. As for their foreign ideologies— I have nothing to do with them, but at least one should go and see what good has come from those foreign ideologies.

If a man has fallen into a pit, then one should go and see if he is in the pit or above it. Whatever commotion is above, we become impressed by it in that way. We are looking in that direction. And there you cannot find the truth. The truth is in this country, and in this country alone will you find the truth, but you will have to change your way of searching.

Truth is understood through your intellect, many people believe that, but intellect has limitations. It cannot know the truth. When a person somehow rushes his intellect, enhances his thoughts, which we call mental projection, and drives his mind in this way, he creates his own thing and presents it in front of the world as big profound evidence, like in psychology.

You may not have traveled as much as I have. I have been to Russia, China, and America, seen the ideology of every world, and been to Milan. There will be no country in the world that I haven’t seen. And I have found one thing everywhere, that everywhere a person draws something out of his mind and presents it. And the biggest thing is understanding this and then following it, and then that becoming ghost devours him.

So the desire to know the truth can only be felt by the one who has become its prey, who has endured the agony of that descent, its crushing. Whose soul is somewhat muddied within. Only they can feel it. We cannot feel it because we always think what they think. There should be some narrow alley even on the path we tread, which we should embrace.

To know the truth, intellect alone is not enough, it is insufficient. Therefore, the first thing one should understand with their intellect is whether the great saints and sages who have appeared in our country since ancient times, the great incarnations who have come, were all their words false? Did they all speak wrongly? They all said everywhere that you should attain self-realization. So were they wrong?

Yes, we believe that many people are thieves, now there are so many thieves in our country that I can’t understand who the thief is and who the policeman is. And by becoming thieves, those people eat everyone’s money, as they have told that they loot every poor fellow, caused a lot of trouble. But there should be at least one honest person, someone speaking the truth, but where are his supporters? They must be supporters of the same thief, because that thief gives them money.

Whatever these saints happened to be here, so much was written about them in our newspapers that people were impressed. Afterward, they went out and roamed around like emperors, buying Rolls-Royces, bought this, did that; and the whole world was impressed by this thing, that wow sir, how they have made befooled these people.

But the truth is inherent within us. We need to know the truth on our sensory nerves, on our central nervous system. Just as we know whether something is cold or hot, we need to know the truth on our central nervous system, meaning we should feel it, we should be aware of it. Awareness doesn’t mean we have to read books. How many books did Saint Tukaram read? Gyaneshwar Ji attained enlightenment at such a young age. Which university degrees did our saints take? 

And how many saints have emerged from those who take degrees? They come with those degrees to see how to befool people. When someone with a degree becomes a saint, then understand that everyone’s condition will deteriorate.

So, it should be understood that to know the truth, first we must delve into humility. So far, we have not known the truth. What we have known so far is what others have written, what others have read, what four people have told us that we know. He said this, she said that, he explained this, but we have not known anything on our Central nervous system. We have not known anything on our sensory system, we have not experienced it. With this humility, we come to know that the truth we know is quite incomplete. In science you know its truth because you know it is there, otherwise how would you know?

In carbon, there are four valences. You see this, that’s why you say they are there. What’s the big deal about it? You’re just stating the obvious. But for those that are unknown, about which you are unaware of, if you want to focus on them, then with humility, you should know that there is much more to learn. And the word “to know” also comes from the root “gya”, which means, it should be familiar in our sensory system. In Marathi, it is the word “ज़ाणी”. Understand this, that while you are manipulating your intellect or pulling out threads from it to make the whole world dance, you too will dance in it. Your children will also dance, and the whole world will keep dancing, but for no benefit.

The truth must be known. You should first establish it within yourself with humility. No matter whatever you are, until you are self-realized, you are unknown to us. Until the soul is not enlightened within you, you will not have that inner vision through which you will not understand our color or Kabir’s red color.

‘My beloved’s blush is redder than red, behold its brilliance, O red! When I went to see the red, I became red. I myself turned red.’ Which red color were they talking about? ‘Such vibrant colors were colored red.’ Can that red be seen by anyone? And by tagging his language ‘derogatory’ and so on, we have degraded Kabir Das Ji to such an extent. And by squeezing out his profound elements in this way, we have ended him up as a poet of a ‘Dalit’ class. And I was very surprised to see that in London they built Ravi Das Ji’s and Kabir Das Ji’s, both temples there. Such a great personality emerged from that place, and we didn’t even recognize it.

And as we sit and contemplate, we are deducing that the tailor, who became Namdev, was he the same Namdev who met Guru Nanak? Or are we deducing that he authored such a beautiful book called “Vivek Chudamani”, full of profound philosophical truths. Such greatness—this is what seems great to the intellectuals, where their intellect goes whirling. 

And how did they write such things in their ‘Saundarya lahiri’, like “You worship mother, and do nothing else”? So, these could be two individuals, not one. Our intelligent people have brought forth these ideas about how to search for the truth.

This is the pursuit of ego. It’s not just a glimpse of ego but a complete invasion on our society where an egoistic person thinks something in his mind, and because he knows how to read and write or he is a big professor or teacher or can speak, can give a speech, he puts an imprint on people. Or, many such intellectuals advocate. We heard the day before yesterday that they will go and earn a lot of money among all the Marwari people. These intellectual advocates and they tell poor people, “Look, Bhai, poverty is fine, there’s no harm. This is what you’re receiving due to past life deeds. But what deeds are you performing in this life? And what will be your next birth? So, the biggest thing in the elements of intelligence, the most important thing, is one thing, that there should be awakening of spirituality within us.”

When spirituality awakens, then only we understand the truth. Now, we people understand the meaning of religion as Hinduism, Christianity, this, that. But these are not religions. How can that be? When you explain Hinduism: it is said in Hinduism that there is the dwelling of the same soul in everyone, then how did you create casteism? When in your religion, people like Vyasa and Valmiki are called Brahmarishi, then how did you create casteism that religion is obtained from birth itself? When only the one who knows Brahman becomes a Brahmin, then how did you create casteism? Today, people are shouting in the name of casteism. The way to eliminate this cannot be through intellect. For this, one must attain the truth. Until you attain the truth, the casteism within you cannot be eradicated.

Obtaining the truth requires standing for righteousness in religion. What does it mean to stand for righteousness in religion? It requires understanding. Let us give you two examples, one of Lord Krishna. People think that Lord Krishna taught non-violence. Yes, he did teach non-violence, but for the poor, for those who are distressed. But for the wicked, he did not teach non-violence; he taught violence.

When Karna’s wheel got stuck in the chariot wheel and Arjuna had his Gandiva bow aimed at him, Karna said to him, “Look, you are also a warrior, and I am also a warrior, and you do not have the right to harm me when I am unarmed.” 

Then Krishna pointed his finger forward and said, “Where was your bravery when Draupadi’s honor was being violated?” ‘Strike!’

Those who speak of non-violence with Krishna do not know the distinction of wonder.

It is said: हंस: श्वेतो बक: श्वेतो को भेदो बकहंसयो: |

                           नीरक्षीरविवेके तु हंस: हंसो बको बक: ||

(Meaning) Though both the swan and the crane are white, when it comes to separating milk and water from their mixture, the difference between the swan and the crane becomes apparent.’

Until your discriminative intellect arises within you, you cannot understand what religion is. When Jesus Christ, who was the embodiment of eternal truth, the essence of the divine, was witnessing a prostitute being stoned, what could he mean by going to her? He went and stood there and said, “Among you who have not committed any sin, let him cast the first stone at me.” “Me, me cast stones,” and everyone dropped their stones. Because for those in whom the authority of truth resided, it is difficult to stand before them.

Try to understand, today in our country, there is no personality, no character, we are crying. Characterless, weak, vulnerable, in a way enslaved, chasing after money, whatever it takes, we are ready for it. The reason for this is that we have not yet understood what religion is. When you don’t have money, its okay, that’s why there is a need to loot the money of the poor, and if you, like I said yesterday too, drink alcohol, consume tobacco, smoke cigarette after cigarette, and then come here and demand our money, what for? To drink more alcohol?

Coming into religion means to live in moderation, to reside in a balance, which should be called moderation. Just as a person tends to go to extremes in everything, coming back from that extreme and staying in between is what religion is.

Many religions have been mentioned. Those who have become true gurus within us have made them. There are two types of women’s duty I have seen in my country. Either let men shoe beat you, or beat men. There is no middle way. Either Sita Ji is expelled, on a charge by washer man, from house, or a woman there earning insults for people. Husband’s duty, wife’s duty, mother’s duty, father’s duty. These are all duties of relationships. National duty, global duty. We are familiar with all of these, not unfamiliar, but we become dishonest. Saying something completely dishonest, that we know that duty but still don’t do it. That’s why I would say that these people from abroad, they don’t know it, they are unaware of it, and that’s why they do wrong deeds, okay, due to ignorance. Even though we are knowledgeable, even though we know about it, we cannot stand firm in religion. That’s why our religious strength is very weak. And the man who stands in religion is the most powerful person.

Money cannot bring any real power within you. I have seen so many wealthy people who stand trembling. They worry about whether they gave money to this person or not, whether they will face income tax issues, what might happen, and so on. “My son ran away with the money, my wife disappeared, this happened, that happened.” Power cannot come from authority. In fact, a person becomes so weak with authority because they become dependent on others. As long as others don’t give them authority, they keep standing wobbly, saying, “Brother, give me your vote, I’ll touch your feet, I’ll carry your shoes.”

A person cannot become capable through anything other than the soul. Only the soul can empower you.

But first, there should be the establishment of righteousness within you. And what will happen by building temples, mosques, and churches for the establishment of righteousness? If you listen to the condition of your temples, you will find that only God may save, and condition of the churches – ask me. And for the Mosques ask those who sit in there and give wrong advice, or those who shoot guns while sitting in temples. These people are not aware of religion; they are irreligious, committing great sins in the name of religion. Today, only we can say this; others lack the courage to say that this is not religion. Religion is the religion of humanity. It is not about going and collecting four people and seeing food and drink from missionaries and getting big Nobel prizes for you. This is not religion. Religion is where a person is balanced in his life, where there is complete equilibrium. Where he remains immersed in the religion of love. He performs all actions just naturally. If any such action happens within someone that is truly innovative, they will not feel proud of it. That’s the kind of person we would say is religious today. But you might ask, Mother, where will such people come from? That’s right, where will people of such religion come from?

As I said yesterday, Marx said that there should be people who become stateless, who do not remain in a state. There should be people who live with such love among themselves that there is no quarrel. The most divorces happen where Marxism is prevalent. So, what went wrong there? What they said was that we would create such a state, but they couldn’t. The reason for this is that there is no religion there. 

And establishing religion within us is very easy. When the Kundalini awakens, when Kundalini rises in our navel chakra, with its light, religion awakens within us automatically. Even a sinner becomes religious in religion. But for those who are inherently religious, the awakening of Kundalini is very, very easy.

Now, there are also many people who, in the name of religion, commit many wrongs. They are simple and innocent people. As they were also saying, we have seen many such people, both abroad and here, who got caught up in the whirlwind of gurus. Those who give money and touch their feet, thinking that our guru will go to heaven and take us along with him. But they are going to hell, and all those who go to hell are going with them. For them, by giving money, you are going to hell.

You should understand one thing that any guru who asks for money cannot be a true guru. You cannot buy God. You cannot awaken Kundalini by showing money. That is something a human can do, to tempt people with money. But Kundalini is a living power. It is pure desire. And no pure person can be won or bought with money. So, understand that if anyone tells you to give so much money for your Kundalini awakening or for your self-realization, then you should not believe in them. But then the question arises, why should this spiritual power be increased? And what is the benefit of having power in spirituality? This is entirely valid, a good point. If you are talking about spirituality, about balance, and should not go to extremes if you are talking about it, then why? When you see a plane, before it takes flight in the sky, it is observed whether it is balanced or not, whether all its parts are intact, and whether everything is fully connected or not. Similarly, through spirituality, the power comes in a person through which he can take flight. 

His flight becomes very easy and reaches straight towards his goal when he stands in spirituality. I am not talking about external religions at all. There are internal religions within us.

Just as carbon has four valences, these are its religions. Carbon’s religion is that it has four valences. And similarly, we have ten valences. We have ten religions. We should maintain those ten religions. And until we are not balanced in those ten religions, our flight cannot happen.

But today’s Sahaja Yoga is different; earlier, it used to be that the chakras were cleansed, everything was instilled in religion; disciples were forcibly examined and told to do such things that first immerse yourself in religion and then come to Yaman, in Yaman; there used to be Ashtanga Yoga. But we have considered this to be a very difficult thing. In today’s tumultuous life, it is very difficult for a human to sit down first sit to cleanse his chakras and sit and meditate for hours or wander in the forests; and I don’t feel the need for it. But there was one task, and that was to get them in meditation first, somehow; so that no matter it is just a sparkle in any way, and somehow fill their minds with the enlightenment of their soul. When you have to light a candle, what do you do? You clean it and then light it; then you see that it is still dirty, then you take it out again, clean it again, then when you see it in the light, it looks dirty again. But we thought that if we light the lamp first, then as soon as you see it, you will understand that the problem lies within our candle; and as soon as you become aware of it, you will clean it yourself. You will become your own guru, and then the need of the guru will end; and this is today’s Sahaja Yoga. In the very subtle middle path, where our Sushumna Nadi is, there is a Brahmanadi inside it, like a paper wrapped in three and a half layers, like a middle thread, and the middle part of it is very subtle, from where the Kundalini rises like a tiny strand of hair and pierces the Brahma Randhra. After that, when the compassion of the Supreme Being begins to flow, then along with it, many such hair-like strands, like lightning, rise up like wires, the Kundalini ascends through the six chakras, piercing through to the top.

The man who lives in balance, who has always followed righteousness, who resides in righteousness, who lives with his dignity, the Kundalini of such a man – swiftly – pierces through the entire Brahmarandhra and ascends. We have some such people among us, but they live in villages, not in cities. In cities, the condition is as it was before, the ego in a beautiful form, and we, submerged, in that ego, find it with difficulty.

It was just a few days ago, we wander more in the villages, you know. It must have been four or five weeks, there’s a village called Asta Gaon, which is a very, very small village. And in that village, people come on foot from far away, in the thousands, in the thousands. And I said, “Do it like this,” and gave a little balance, “Tell me how many people are feeling realized?” Everyone raised their hands and everyone said that they are feeling transcended. And they just became happy, their faces changed completely. And you say, “Ma! You prefer rural people more, and you only see those who speak Marathi (‘Ye kaae gaangale gaangale’?” / that’s what it sounds like), and you don’t know those who are urban.” I said, “Bhai! let someone, sound & healthy, come towards God. The people, who live in cities, as I told you yesterday, are heading to decline. Their consciousness always gravitates towards wrong things, where they shouldn’t go, but they go there. The reason is that we have chosen the opposite path. It should be reversed, it should be brought upwards. We should move upwards. But how? The whole system needs to be changed, as I told you yesterday.” Until this entire system changes, we cannot be alright, and it is our task to change it. When we become yogis, we will change our system ourselves. Humans have created this system, and yogis will create another system where we attain upward mobility. By attaining this upward mobility, you will realize the truth.

Now, what is truth? Truth can be said in a brief explanation that truth is that you are the soul. You are not the ego, mind, body, etc. You are the soul itself; this is the ultimate truth. And to know this, you have to be the soul. Until you become the soul, for you, everything that is useless is you. This house is yours, this is yours, and so long you say that all this is mine, till then you are not that. When you say that this is my car, meaning you are not the car. But when you become the soul, you say, “Mother, I am the soul, I am the soul,” this is the truth. But as soon as the truth manifests within us, what changes occur in our minds? First of all, with the manifestation of this soul, those who are intellectuals, light dawns in their intellect, and those who are emotional, their hearts begin to sway with joy.

I’ll tell you about this tomorrow, but today I’m talking about intellectuals. When intellectuals are enlightened, they see that as we sit here, we are feeling, in the vibrations of these fingers, what complaints this person has and what complaints we have. How are we experiencing this thing?

Once when we initially worked in England, you’ll be surprised, for four years, we fixed the heads of seven people, they were troubled. I said it’s better to work in Hindustan, but what to do, my husband has a job there, so I said let’s try to do something about them, we struggled for seven years. We worked hard on those seven people for four years. But at that time, when that gentleman crossed over, he said, “You say it, but I can’t believe that just by sitting here, you awaken to collective consciousness, and this collective consciousness manifests on your nerves, it influences them.” So how? So I said, “Okay, ask a question.” They started saying, “Well, my father’s letter hasn’t arrived for many days, and he hasn’t called. I want to know how my father is doing.” Okay, do this gesture and focus on your father. “Your father is down with very bad bronchitis।” Suddenly, her finger started burning very badly. He said, “Ma, what does this mean?” I said, “Look son, all this is your father’s chakra, and this, this is the purification chakra.” So in English, I said, “He must be down with very bad bronchitis.” And when I said that, he asked, “Is that true?” I said, “Yes, you call.” When he called, his mother answered the phone, and she said the exact same sentence, “Your father is down with very bad bronchitis.” After that, he said, “Okay, what do we do now?” I said, “Alright, let me tell you how to fix this.” And when he did it, an hour later her mother called and said, “I don’t know what miracle happened, but your father suddenly got up and stood after half an hour.” This is the miracle of consciousness, what we call Chit, this is the real Chit, in which the light of truth shines. You can do all these tasks while sitting here.

Until now, humans haven’t performed any living actions; they are only doing dead actions, as I told you yesterday. Living actions can only happen through the light of the soul, while Kundalini rises with the support of the fingers of the hands.

Today you heard Doctor Warren; his words are profound. He has at least given self-realization to four or five thousand people in Australia. And he has opened centers in twelve cities there. There are seven centers in Sydney alone. 

He has done so much work. And this man came here in a completely deteriorated condition, very ill. This soul has provided so much strength; this is indeed capability, this is what is said in Marathi, “समर्थाची आ वक्रपाहे असा सर्वमोहमंडल कोण आहे”.

Even our Shivaji Maharaj was a self-realized soul. Look at how pure his life was. If you look at the lives of Tukaram, Gyaneshwar Ji, Namdev Ji, Gorakha Kumhar, or anyone else, you will say, “How were these souls so pure?” 

Because they were self-realized. A self-realized individual remains pure, stays capable within them, and is in no way anxious; they always know that their protection is provided by the Divine.

You should enter the kingdom of God. In today’s era, people think talking about these things is foolishness because those who are foolish perceive others in the same way. But the truth is that what has been said in our country for thousands of years to attain self-realization is absolutely correct, and that is what I am reiterating today. By falling into the trap of these people’s words, you are committing another foolish act. First, by falling into their trap, you sold the country, and now, by falling into their trap again, you will also lose your most ancient and valuable possession.

Awakening the Kundalini is not something new. It is said that Markandeya Ji awakened the Kundalini 14,000 years ago. King Janak awakened Nachiketa’s Kundalini. At that time, only two people’s Kundalini would awaken because only two flowers would bloom on a single tree of Kundalini. But today, I say that the weather is like spring, thousands of flowers are ready, as written in the lecture of Nal-Damayanti, in which it is mentioned that only in Kal Yuga will such a time come when thousands of people, living in ordinary households, will attain self-realization. There is a scripture called the Nadi Granth, written by Sage Bhrigu thousands of years ago, in which it is clearly written about the kind of time that is coming when Kundalini awakening will happen naturally to people. But the discussion about Kundalini has been kept secret for thousands of years and nowhere else. In the sixth chapter of his Gyaneshwari, when Gyaneshwar ji wrote a commentary on the Gita, he couldn’t resist himself from describing Kundalini. But later, everyone was told not to read that sixth chapter because their stomachs would be upset. Those who are earning money in the name of God, their stomachs will be upset, so they said not to read the sixth chapter. Reading the sixth chapter makes people understand that Gyaneshwar ji did not advocate at all to do ‘Tindy’, never said to chant ‘Vitthal Vitthal’ while chewing tobacco for one’s health. He said to attain the Supreme through meditation.

The path of devotion is not just as it is said, “On the banks of Chitrakoot, amidst the crowd of saints, Tulsi Das applied tilak to the one adorned as Lord Raghuvir.” Gave him tilak too, and moved on. Didn’t recognize him. Didn’t recognize Hanuman ji. What’s the use? What is the condition of a person who has not attained self-realization, Tulsi Das ji has described this. Therefore, self-realization is very essential.

To attain self-realization, some people ask such strange questions like, “Why do you do it?” Brother, you go ahead, I would be very happy. Come, I’ll give you ten garlands. Give me a break. If you can do it, then what’s stopping you? Because I can do it, that’s why they are upset. But if you can do it, then that’s great. Please do it. This is not an easy task. Raising mountains like Kundalini is not an easy thing. But, what to say  for this, people keep talking all sorts of things.

What benefit do we get from this? We already have everything, we have it all. But without sharing, there’s no fun either. That’s why I say we are big capitalists and also great communists too. Because without sharing, there is no joy, and everyone keeps wandering around in the forests, among the poor, among the rich, everyone keeps running around, so that they can attain their self-realization. A mother’s desire is that when you have such great wealth within you, why shouldn’t you attain it? Why shouldn’t you attain that wealth? Why shouldn’t we let that wealth flourish within us and use it? Let us awaken its power. This is the heritage of our country. 

This is the heritage of our country. Understand that you have no other heritage, and this is the most valuable heritage. The day you attain it, the whole world will bow at your feet.

When these people came from abroad, they applied the soil of this land to their heads upon arrival. And when they went to Dehu, the place of Tukaram, and when they reached there, people told them, “Ma! they were rubbing their heads on the ground there.” I asked, “Why?” They began to say, “Ma! the consciousness that is there, was sprouting from the earth.” It’s as if the consciousness within us is bursting forth from within. Only a self-realized person can see this because they have found the truth. There is no need for you to search too much; you can know on your fingertips what truth is and what falsehood is. One person is there, he is false, and he is true. One thing is there, it is good, is bad. Which action should be taken? Your complete discernment occurs when you attain that consciousness, and from that consciousness only you understand everything. But not just that, you become something beyond, somewhere you become knowledgeable. And that knowledge cannot be described.

As it is now, Nanak Sahib has said, “Says Nanak, without recognizing oneself, doubts cannot be dispelled.” He said that until you recognize yourself, doubt cannot be dispelled. So those people engage in continuous recitation. Continuous recitation takes two and a half days. So they’ll put their finger here, it ends here, now someone else will come and grab that finger, then they’ll recite continuously for two days, then after that, they’ll bow down and everyone will fall asleep, they’ll drink alcohol. They’re cramming. “Without recognizing oneself, doubts cannot be dispelled.” What will one gain by cramming?

Kabir Das Ji has said something special, “The more one reads, the more foolish one becomes.” When I was young, why is Kabir Das Ji saying such a thing? How could this be? But there’s a big difference between reading and personality. When a person reads, if someone gives a lecture on the Bhagavad Gita, they think they’ve become Vyasa Muni. Ego stands in between, like a big enormous mountain. So when giving a speech, people boast big things, but inside, there’s emptiness. If you spend two days with them, you’ll realize, “Oh God! This hypocritical person talks so big, but he has no shame speaking like this?” Because there is no righteousness within him. There is no power of righteousness in him. The person who has the power of righteousness within him can never spend his life completely in such emptiness, speaking falsehood both inside and out.

It is important today for a person’s personality that you understand your soul. After that, you will understand your religion, know your body, understand your nature, know your temperament, and even understand your chakras. At least I say, if you have gurus, then keep your health good. While money is being earned abundantly, your health is fragile. 

Some are becoming paralyzed, some are suffering from other illnesses. And such people are very fond of intellectual discussions.

There was a guru in Pune, who is no longer there by God’s grace. His disciples came, some were paralyzed, some had kidney trouble, some had their eyes turned upwards, some couldn’t see at all, some became blind, some had this, and some had that. So I asked, “Bhai! what did your guru do?” Then those disciples, with a long face, started telling me, “Have you heard ‘Tarunonpae Garunonpae Karurnonpae’?” I said, “No, Bhai! I haven’t heard. Where is it? Where is it written? In which scripture?” No, no! It’s not in the scriptures, our guru ji has told us. Really? Where did your guru come up with this, going against all scriptures and telling things from his own side? A person who invents his own ladder and considers himself great isn’t living with vitality. Because vitality is something that starts from the seed, and from the seed comes its complete vision, like a tree, and then the fruit grows on that tree. It’s not like the fruit comes from the sky. That would be artificial. The foundation of all scriptures should be based on this. 

Now it’s essential that one scripture be written according to the customs of that time, and another scripture be written according to the customs of that time. But the person who summarizes them all is the true guru. The one who shows in them that this is wrong and that is wrong, that person is not a true guru.

Sai Nath, Sai Nath of Shirdi, when I visited their place, I felt great joy. They have written that criticizing any religion is a great sin. Religion is one thing. And those who follow that religion are sitting with their faces turned upside down. So don’t curse religion on the behest of those who follow it. Religion is one thing. 

And people use religion in such a way that they can live their lives with just this hypocrisy. 

Like once there was a big smuggling case in our Mumbai, and when they brought foreign liquor, they wrapped in the books of the Gita around them, all fabricated, so who would question the Gita? Similarly, that’s how religion is, put on ‘Tilak’ on the forehead, create a drama, take the name of religion and people will walk to your feet. There is no need to leave the world for religion, no need to leave the doorstep; if something is not caught, why leave it? Only when someone catches something, will they let it go.

Today it’s okay, we have our husband, he has a family, there’s a family of the father, there’s a clan (territory?) of theirs, living in that house, that’s how we’re living. Tomorrow, if you say we should live in the jungle, we’ll live in the jungle. We have our own Royal way. We don’t want these things, we want comfort, and we want air conditioning. These are the signs of beggars. And someone who begs cannot be a guru. Can someone who depends on your alms be a guru? If someone says, “Come and stay at my house for free,” will you stay? Those who don’t even have this much self-respect, you people consider them gurus, keep giving them money, keep listening to their nonsense, then what can be said about you? Such people get beaten up, their Kundalini is completely destroyed. I have seen despair in such a bad way that sometimes someone’s Kundalini-like something, someone has completely crushed it by beating them up. So many holes are visible in it, and poor mother keeps fluttering. How can I make him realize? How can I save him? So there should be a change, a change within you, and the change should be such that the world says this star is shining, it has sparkled. There is freshness on its face. He has become such a good person.

We’ve seen such instances where a person was a drunkard one night, such a drunkard that he was abusing me, and the next day, you couldn’t recognize him. Because a person becomes capable, so powerful that he cannot engage in any kind of dirt, any kind of evil, any kind of slavery. We didn’t need to tell saints or ascetics, “Bhai! don’t drink alcohol.” They didn’t need any restrictions on alcohol; they were so pure themselves that wherever they went, people left it behind. But not only that, when you attain the truth, there is a light, in that light when you look at others, you understand what troubles that person is facing and how to help them.

The biggest thing is that the light of truth is love itself, and in love, there is forgiveness. Everyone always wants to forgive someone. And when a sympathetic person comes and says, “Mother, please forgive this person,” I feel great pleasure. See how compassionately they say, “Please forgive them, they will be fine.” In this way, the person we consider truthful, we think that the one who embodies truth is just like Durvasa. Most of the people who talk about truth are usually like that, you cannot stand in front of them as they are very rigid individuals. But the one who knows the truth of the Supreme Being, they are like an ocean of love, they are an ocean of compassion, with just one glance from them, your entire inspection is done, not only that, but all your doubts can be dispelled. This is true, you can try and see it for yourself. But for those who are full of ego, Sahaj Yoga is not for them. It’s not for them. Sahaj Yoga is for those who want to come with humility, it is not for arrogant people. So please pay attention that for those who are full of ego, if they have come here to see some spectacle, it would be better for them to go somewhere else and see a better spectacle. Those who want to witness their own spectacle, who wants to see themselves, who do not want to delve into egoistic illusions, they keep sitting here. Through this, you will understand the truth, and understanding the truth never comes from intellect alone, but “seeing through the self”; is known only through the soul itself. It’s a remarkable thing that when the soul awakens within us, then only through this soul can we know the omnipresent nature of this soul. Therefore, Buddha first said, “Do not just believe in God, first talk about self-realization.” When people say they have no faith in God, this is true. When you talk about God, people start considering themselves as God. It’s better to first attain the soul. First, take the soul. Know the soul. And this is the greatest thing that as soon as we attain it, we enter into another kingdom, we become a new personality.

Now, many people also ask, how can poverty are eradicated from this? It can definitely be eradicated. Poverty is of the mind. Poverty is not about money. Poverty is of the mind. You will be surprised to know that when the vibrated water full of consciousness, if you give to your grains, then its crop can be ten times more. Right now, in our UNO (United Nations Organization), there is a disciple named Hameed, he is a Muslim from Iran, he has recently conducted an experiment, and it showed how big a tree can grow with vibrated water. He experimented with sunflower seeds. And in which you put a lot of fertilizer, it also remains smaller than that, and in which you do not put anything, it completely falls. This means that when you give a conscious full thing anywhere, it brings prosperity; prosperity comes. We go to the fields sometimes, ask whose field is this. A Sahaja yogi’s. Now we’ll recognize. Prosperity comes, and there is only one way to that prosperity, that you become the blessed divine soul. He has many hands, he has many blessings, there is no shortage of anything in his court, and his government is so efficient that just by saying something to him, it gets done. But first, you must establish a connection with him. Without a connection, if you trouble him, you will be caught. Therefore, it is better to establish your connection with him. The easiest thing; there is nothing to do in this. Natural. ‘J’ born “Sah” with you. It is your inherent right to attain such yoga. And if the Indians themselves do not attain it, then to whom shall I give my mind? This is for you, especially, and it is a great gift of yoga in this land of India, where Shri Ramachandra Ji walked barefoot in every particle of this earth. You may not see it in the sky, but I see all distant consciousness. As soon as our plane enters India, consciousness spreads everywhere. I wish you too find such eyes through which you can see this consciousness and describe it.

This truth has many forms. How much I can tell you about it in one lecture is so little. I have given many lectures on this, so much so that in England, I must have given at least two to three thousand lectures, both in English and in Hindi and in Marathi as well. Whatever language I learned, Marathi, Hindi, I learned in childhood, and I never learned Hindi, and I never learned English either, but in my opinion, as long as you speak from the heart, no language’s special quality remains. 

Just let the language reach the heart, that’s all that is needed. And what I desire is that awakening of your soul in your heart.

May the Supreme Being bless you all.