Talk to Sahaja Yogis and Music Program

Madras (India)



Mr.Murthi, also call Kaushi and her husband and this gentleman. All right. Call also kaushi and her husband will be more of south Indians should be here, this kamala. You also come along here. You also come along.

Sit down (to a sahaja yogi) put your left hand towards me and right hand on the mother earth. It will be good. Him his right hand towards me and left hand like this. .yours.. yours right hand towards me left hand up, right towards me left up. You are all right.

Those who have right side problems should put right hand towards me and put left up like that. Those who have left side problems should put left hand towards me and right hand on the mother earth. That’s all. Simple as that. It works out. And if both hands are all right you should keep both the hands towards me. That’s how it will work out. So the right hand towards me for those who have right side problems.

So we have to understand now unless and until the sahaja yogis in Madras become established we cannot achieve much results. That is one thing. This is the foundation. The foundation has to be very strong. Otherwise we cannot save other people because if we are ourselves not rooted down we will ourselves get uprooted. So we should ourselves be in such a position that we become absolutely beyond catching, any problems of that kind. Also in our thought we should be clear cut. Otherwise we cannot get hold of others.

Now as you know for definite that there is, has been two types of people in God’s seeking also. Those who are the people who say go on asking questions many questions because they have been to other temples this that ,why not this why not why not. For example this gentleman maybe like that. Are you asking questions, too many questions (asking a sahaja yogi) yeah because you ask questions because you are very right sided. But questions cannot answer. You have to grow into Sahaja yoga. So tell your mind to keep quiet. You see mind is also like a donkey. You must know how to control it. If you go behind the mind then it will kick you. If you go in front of it then it gives you its ear, you can hold it and do whatever you like. It uses your mind. So you don’t try to play with words. Try to grow, very important. Otherwise you cannot achieve anything, neither here nor there. So if you find water in one place, in one well then you must dig it in that place. You go on digging everywhere how will you have a well. So too many questions is not all right.

And there are some people also who come to sahaja yoga, maybe I don’t know about you what you do these days, but still the Kundalini is not sthira (stable). The reason is even now after this if you are going to some other places you will be catching. And you will be catching very badly because if you bend now before me you will see your Kundalini is not sthira (stable). Now you have to make your Kundalini first of all sthira (stable). Then you have to become in such a way that you become nirvichara (thoughtless). That’s important. Because only in nirvichara (thoughtless awareness) your Kundalini grows. That is one point you must understand. Now to become nirvichara (thoughtless) you see there is a mantra ‘Twameva Sakshat Shri Nirvichar’. But if you allow these vicharas (thoughts) to come all the time. If you start oh this thought is coming. I must meet that person. I must go there. I must. Then you say no not this. Nethi nethi vachane nigamo (UNCLEAR). Leave it, not that not this not this.

So Kundalini will stop your thought no doubt about it. But first of all you must see that both types of thoughts, one is a thought like questioning. Another is the thought of attractions for other things. Like somebody is going now, to say Tirupati (place in south India). Tirupati is all right. Nothing wrong with Tirupati (UNCLEAR). When you go to Tirupati what happens to you. When you go to Tirupati there are all these horrible so called brahmins around. They will put a tika (vermillion) on you. The atmosphere is not nice. The people are not really actually they are just trying to be funny. So when you go to Tiupati it is best is that first of all you establish yourself. And then go. Then you will see the vibrations you will be one with that. But without that you..(talking to sahaja yogi)It’s still shaking huh just see…now put your hands…sit down..

So allow yourself to be without thought. Now when you start doing that you see the thought comes then you should say ‘I forgive’. That’s the mantra for Agnya. If you say I forgive I forgive it will go away. But people who feel tempted still to go to other places do something else about it in the name of religion, must understand that they have to first of all cleanse themselves of that temptation. Because this body is always fighting the Spirit. All right. Fighting the Spirit. So this body is used to certain thing. It is used to certain ways. Now if I tell you an example there is a hatha yogi. I told him sit in a sahaj position sahaj asana. But he will not. He will take a, all that round about thing and sit down. He may stand on his head and do the dhyana (meditation). Even if you tell him, now you don’t have to do this, suddenly you will find him jumping on his head.(..laughing..). I say what’s the matter.

Now there was one fellow who used to do like this in Delhi, I was quite worried about him. I said let me see his vibrations. Actually he was possessed by a hatha yogi. He was possessed by a hatha yogi because he ran away during war. You see what happened that he was captured and then some or the other he escaped. While coming he went to some aryasamaj burning house or someplace where whatever it is. There some hatha yogi caught hold of him. So he (..laughing..) came. He had those hatha yogis on him. So he used to do all kinds of things. His wife said I’m so much worried Mother he is all the time. He said I have never been to hatha yogi, I have never done hatha yoga Mother. I’m telling you I just do it automatically. Then he started vomiting blood there was such a problem, his name is Mr.Rao. He was vomiting blood, doing all kinds of things. Took about one year for us to get rid of that hatha yogi. He said what am I to do, should I put myself in some frame I’m certainly going to die.

So a body gets used to a thing and then when it becomes a jada (UNCLEAR) it goes to the left side more and some badha (negativity) from jada shakti (UNCLEAR) can capture you. Once it captures you again you get it. Like saying some mantra. For example people have, say there is a mantra somebody saying that mantra is there. All right now you don’t have to say that, stop. They cannot. Because this habit is nothing but a slavery of the matter. Matter gives you the habits. And once you get the habit from the matter then it is not easy to get out till you raise your Kundalini. It’s a vicious circle. Because you cannot get rid of your habits your Kundalini cannot raise. So as far as possible you should try to keep your attention in the centre and say I’m not going to do anything. Give up. I mean when you tell them not to fast they will fast. No Mother one day I must fast you see. You fast all right but not in the name of God. Every day they do the same thing. First of all you neutralize yourself. You are not forgetting God, you are not insulting anybody nothing. The guru especially.

Look at this man yesterday what happened to him, how terrible he was and (..laughing..) today he is normal. But main thing one should understand that if you have to grow we have to be without any thought. And whatever we were doing before coming to Sahaja yoga gives us a thought. Like if they are christians they will talk about Christ all the time. Baba just now forget Christ. I’m sitting before you. Now where is Christ. Now I’m sitting. Where is Rama. Where is Krishna. Like Venugopalan said you see I don’t know anyone I only know my Mother. She has given me Realization. Now if you want to talk about others I will believe it because Mother says that’s true. But otherwise I don’t know them. Now I know only my Mother. She has given me Realization. But this is the trouble to stand in the present. Always we did that. When Rama was here, we used to talk about somebody else Parashurama. Then when Krishna came we used to talk about Rama. Now when I have come you are talking about Krishna. Where is he.

But sahaja yogis must understand now to neutralize all these things you give up everything. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to establish your meditation in a nirakar (formless) manner within yourself. For that all these akaras (UNCLEAR) in your head should be given up. I’m a sakaar (living form) living body before you. I’m not a dead body. All right. My Photograph is also of a living body. None of these Incarnations had a chance of getting photographed. Even their photographs even their murtis (statues) everything what they are doing, they are making a business out of it. They will make out of plastic. They will make out of something like a lead or something dirty, filthy stuff, sell it for two rupees three rupees.

Now this kaashi ka ganda (UNCLEAR) is very common. Horrible that one is. All these brahmins in Kaashi Vishweshara (temple in India) are Romans. Do you know most of the brahmins who are in our temples are Romans. They came from Rome when they were defeated, all these soldiers and came and settled down in Maharashtra, in Goa, that part Konkan. They became (UNCLEAR) and then they were because they were healthy people and all that, they came and they thought that hindu religion was good so they said all right we become brahmins. They started practicing I mean hindu religion rituals and all that. Because they were very meticulous they did it well. You must have noticed that sometimes foreign sahajayogis are better than the Indian sahajayogis. They are meticulous and they put everything properly. They understand (UNCLEAR). So Shankeracharya, Adi Shankeracharya thought these are very sensible people. They do everything nicely. So he put them in different pithas (UNCLEAR), also he put them in Kaashi Vishweshara. These people are there. Some of them he did appoint but some of them reached there because these relations this that they all were there. Now first generation might have been all right, second generation third generation they came down to their Roman styles. So most of these brahmins they all look alike. Whether you go to Kolhapur, you go to Kaashi Vishweshara, you go to Pashupatinath in Nepal. All of them look the same they are all (UNCLEAR) brahmins from there. Namboodari paad (Kerala brahmins) of course I think were taken to Pashupatinath. That’s what I heard that they were taken. But there also I found some (UNCLEAR). But maybe some namboodari paad were taken there to do the worship in Nepal of Pashupatinath. All kinds of horrible mantras they were saying. I was looking like that to them and they were quite worried why this Lady is getting angry. Then I went and told them why don’t you say your mantras properly. What is this. This is Shiva temple. What mantras are you saying. The got fright of their lives. Then they brought their books and started. So they are like that, thagavidya (UNCLEAR).

All right. That’s why I say just now to stop everything. Take to Sahaj method. Go deep into it. First achieve your depth in Sahaja yoga. Then you start going to other places you will see what is right what is wrong. How far to go with people. How far to talk to them. How far to do this. Now the people who are asking questions, anyone, they don’t ask questions to brahmins. No one. Brahmin says all right you fast on guruvar (Thursday), all right fast on guruvar. As if, brahmin is such an authority that whatever he says is correct. He says all right you bring your wife, cut her hair make her go on the ground and put water on her. All right that’s about, she does it. Whatever they say we start doing it. Whatever and most of the 99.9% things they have told is wrong. Firstly they are not Realized Soul. Secondly they are not even God fearing. They have made a business out of it. This is the problem. And the other brahmins poorer they don’t know about these brahmins who are there, what they are up to. If you go into details and see you will find that they are taking money from everyone brahmin and non-brahmin anyone. They are the best business people. Sitting down there making nice businesses. You cannot make business of God that you know in sahaja yoga.

So now from outside you have to go inside. From the gross to the subtle. Growing to the subtle is only possible if your Kundalini rises. So first of all finish the gross. Whatever it is. Don’t go to the gross things now come to the. Once you meditate what happens that your Kundalini rises. It rises because from My Photograph you get vibrations, so it rises. But helps the Kundalini to rise. But if you do not know how to do your meditation properly it won’t work out. So you have to cleanse yourself in your house, morning and evening. And must meet in the collective. If you don’t meet in the collective also you will get it back. I know of many cases. I cured them, they were all right. They were doing at home. Again they get it, into trouble. You must come to the collective. You must meet everyone. It is not. You are just sitting down here. All right I’m doing in the house I will not go. This is all a kind of an escape and remember that escape from God, is it a good thing. Why should we escape God. We should be all the time nearer God, in His presence enjoying it.

So the collectivity is important. But many people cannot become collective. I have seen that. It’s very difficult for them. And so many so called rich and all this kind of people who come with big position this that, they come and they get cured and all this thing. Again next day they are back on their seat. I say why I cured you. Now I have another trouble. Every year I’m supposed to cure them. I said am I supposed to cure you every year. The way you are having troubles all the time. Now you cannot tell them that you have to meditate and you have to grow deep. Your position your money will be left here. What will go to God is your Realized Soul. That is going to have an entry in God’s realm. Nothing else will go there. So remember that you have to enter into the Kingdom of God, with a Realized Soul, nothing else. If you remember that then you will know that first and foremost thing is that our growth must take place.

Now the growth of this roots which are in our head takes place only when we nourish it with Kundalini. To nourish it with Kundalini, the Kundalini must rise. For the Kundalini to rise well we must practice rising of the Kundalini and opening of chakra. Also in the collectivity when we are there this expands with the help of others. Because we are one collective being. That is who, Virat. Who is Virat is the brain. In the Virata’s body the brain is the Virata, heart is Sada Shiva and the liver is Brahmadeva or Hiranyagarbha, is the Hiranyagarbha. So we have got in the head we have got Virat, we have got Sada Shiva (pointing to heart) and we have got Hiranyagarbha (pointing to liver). Now that is reflected in you so you have got in your brain Shri Krishna as Virat. You have got Shiva in your heart and you have got in your liver Brahmadeva. This is what it is. So when it is all within ourselves why should we bother about other people.

All right. So this is what one should remember and Sahajayoga is not meant for people who are frivolous. It’s not meant. It’s not meant for people who are, whose heart is not clean. It’s not meant for people who just are selfish. Those who give to others only will raise. Before asking questions you ask one question to yourself what have I done about Sahaja yoga. How many people I have given realization to. If you are the light you have to give light. That’s the point. And this is what, where we miss many a times we don’t understand. Then only we can form a group which is integrated, which is one with God. That group is going to help us. Nothing else. You will find it difficult for Sahaja yoga to grow, naturally because we have to become something. Sahaja yoga is not that I give you a certificate, now you are paar (UNCLEAR), now you are a sahaja yogi, no. There is no certificate no membership, nothing.

You become means inside you become one with, antharyoga. So this antharyoga must be achieved and to achieve that you cannot do any ritual, nothing you just do meditation properly at home. And then you go to the centre. Now in the centre, of course there they have got records, I mean what you call they call My tapes you can listen to them. Every time you listen to one tape you will find new things. There is a very different style of a tape. So now if you listen to one tape you write it down what I say. You listen to another tape you write it down what I say. Then manan (UNCLEAR) all that. Think about it what Mother has said in it.

Now many people then come and say oh Mother has said so. Don’t say. Never use that. Mother has said so like (UNCLEAR), no. you practice it in your own life. You tell other people are very good. I have seen this very common. Mother has said so. I may not have even said it. Mother has said so, see that should not happen, Mother says so. What do you say is the point. What do you have to say is the point. What have you experienced is the point. What is your experience. So all these things can be corrected, if you try to understand Sahaja yoga in its all perspective. That it is nothing but the inner growth of our roots that is achieved through the ascent of the Kundalini.

Now there is nothing to give up also, like if I said don’t do this rituals and all that, that’s different. But you don’t have to give up like you give up your family, you give up your studies, you give up your what you call your jobs nothing. That’s all right. That you have to keep. And such people who talk oh I don’t feel like now doing job means they are not sahaja yogis. You have to be more dynamic enthusiastic, much more. It never happens I don’t feel like doing this, I don’t feel like, then it’s not. Slowly slowly you should find that your health improves. But if your health doesn’t improve, there is something wrong. Then you find your temper goes down. You become very normal person. Your body becomes soft not hard. Sikomallangi (UNCLEAR) you become komal (soft) in the body. Hands become komal (soft). Your talk becomes soft. Your behavior becomes softer, like some people we see talking like this. Then they become, their hands start moving in a softer way. Not artificially but really they become softer people, in their everything they become sweet and very magnetic. The whole thing works out in case you know that you have to improve everywhere.

So this behavior outward which is gross, improves. Secondly your interest in gross things goes away, not bothered about gross things so much. Your priorities change completely, entirely your priorities change. And of course as I told you mentally physically you feel very much at peace with yourself. No problem on that one. All decisions everything major decisions you can take with vibrations. There is nothing to worry. You have to use Sahaja yoga for something nobler. Like some people try to see vibrations for every small thing, should I use this spoon or this spoon see this vibrations. So you should not be childish. You have to be dignified about it. It’s God’s power, immediately if there is a bad spoon you won’t like it you throw it away. So you don’t have to see vibrations for this and vibrations for that. This is Mother please vibrate this. You can vibrate it. You have powers to vibrate everything, to rise Kundalini, to do everything. So I would request you to keep to this proper understanding of Sahajayoga and establish a very powerful Sahaja yoga centre here. It will be a very very nice thing if you can do that. May God bless you.

Music program

(At the end of the music program Shri Mataji speaking to the singer):

Itni jaldi khatam kardiya? Pata hi nahi chala. Kamaal kamaal hai (it’s over so quickly? Didn’t even know. Very nice). May God bless you. (Singer talking to Shri Mataji) I heard about that. May God bless you there and you sing even better and better and in this great world of sangita (music) may God give you a very great name.