Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Learn to love yourself

New Delhi (India)


Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Learn to love yourself, Hindi, New Delhi, India, 16 February 1986

[Translation from Hindi to English]


Time: 16:31 mins Speech starts

Seeing your heartfelt welcome, I feel overwhelmed.

Among Delhiites, as much as the love increases, that much the way to well-being will increase. The people who are indifferent towards love cannot grow in Sahaja Yoga. The amount of love we can give to others you can’t even imagine. Because the ocean of love lives in us. Till now we haven’t even had a glimpse of the steepness of love. God has made us, He has made us in love. The Chaitanya [vibrations] you know of and the Brahma [the All Pervading Power] you feel – this Brahma [All Pervading Power] is also His love. Only love is the truth.

When a man loves someone, or when a women loves a child or loves her husband – she will know everything about them. Still it is knowing outwardly. When you know about someone based on their vibrations, then you come to know everything about them, at once. This you yourself have experienced in reality. You know that on your fingers you can understand the vibrations, you can know yourself and you can know of others. But till now we haven’t yet got the faith that this Chaitanya [vibrations] is love. It is the love of God. It is the Power of love.

We often relate Power with destruction, we relate it to someone’s jealousy. But the love from God, when it seeps into us, it makes us calm. In English you can say ‘relaxed’. Any feeling of torture cannot come in us. No aggressiveness can be in us. Even when the Incarnations have been aggressive it is only against those who were against peace, who were against love, who were revengeful, rakshasas.

Now everywhere in the world demonic knowledge has spread. Krishna had told that when demonic knowledge spreads, it picks up speed. ‘What could be the reason for this?’ We should think. Demonic knowledge spreads quickly and why Sahaja Yoga spreads slowly? We need to think, that something so good, something so precious, spreads slowly. And something that is bad spreads quickly. The reason is that when the human awareness increases, it increases in the opposite direction. Shri Krishna has even told that movement in downward.

The roots of the tree are in your head. So what is the path to be taken to go towards the brain, for upward movement what is the path? You know that with the awakening of Kundalini, your attention does rise upwards. But when you are rising if you repeatedly keep coming down then in this ‘bandar khudi’ [jumping like a money] where will you reach?

Like in school we are taught that – one person worked for 4 days and went away. Then another person came destroyed the work for 2 days and went away. Then a third person came… In such a scenario how will the work be completed? Today it is built and destroyed tomorrow. Because we are rising against the downfall, we are rising against the heaviness, that’s why the downward pull increases. That’s why you need to put a lot of effort to rise.

Even though the Power of God is eager to confer you with beautiful upward movement just like a lotus. It has uplifted you also. But to remain in that state you have to put some effort. The effort is very beautiful – it is of love.

How do we describe love? The meaning of love is that whenever, whatever work you do should be for your welfare and welfare of others. Welfare should support the Spirit. The Welfare of the Spirit is love and is joy.

Now we have seen that the people of the world get attached to a certain conviction (notion) – ‘this is right, it should be like this’, ‘I think this is right, we should do like this’ – this we call as ego. Ego meaning – ‘me’, ‘I do’. I have told you many times that we don’t do anything. We just make something dead out of dead – so what do we do? Just think if a tree dies we make furniture out of it, then what great thing we have done? We have done nothing. From one dead thing, we made another. And by using the dead we also die slowly meaning habits get formed in us. Like we get used to sleeping on the bed, we cannot sleep on the ground. Then go around carrying the bed with you, over the world.

Because we have advanced from the base, there is attractions towards the base. The only way to break the cycle is – do we love ourselves? Do we love our self? If we love our self, then so many things get included – while doing something did we humiliate or insult ourselves? Like getting irritated, losing temper, getting angry for which we may feel bad also, but at the time it happened you lost your respect. One more thing, if we love our self then there should be such a setup within us that the person seeing us should say that a saint is standing here. You all have become saints. Some are half baked. I am not saying that all have become totally saintly. Even if you are half baked, you have become saints. You cannot roam around like unholy person. If your behavior is in such a way that a saint wouldn’t behave, then you are harming yourself in a big way.

Because first of all you should not have become saints. If you had not become saints, then people will say – its ok they are loafers, thieves, they are just like any other. Hundreds of them roam around. Many such people have been seen in the streets. But you are saints, sainthood has its boundaries which is respectable, which people have to accept. But how do accept if it is not acceptable? Till the love is not real; till there is no real love we cannot grow by false projection of love.

Now if we measure the love in such a way that what have we done for ourselves? We purchased land, built houses, our kids grew up, everything happened. But what did we do for ourselves? ‘Swarth’ – Self, Did we find the meaning of self? How did we serve our self? You can serve Mother later, first serve yourself son. In serving our self what should we achieve, what is our target – we should think. What should we achieve? We should completely take our place in the Kingdom of God with authority. We have to achieve that authority. What activities have we done to achieve it? What settings have we done with our life? What methods have we followed? We should think. In Sahaja Yoga, it has been told several times that if we have to move forward, if you have to grow this tree upwards, you should meditate.

Now people think “Mother, how is it possible through meditation?” See how it’s possible. Till the time you do not do meditation, your mind is a bit unsteady. When you meditate as per the method of Sahaja Yoga, then you go into thoughtlessness. Thoughtlessness gives you peace. Supposing you plant a tree in a place where there is earthquake every day, will that tree be able to grow? Where there is peace, the tree will grow there. Where there is no peace, everything is shaky, can a tree grow in such a place?

In whom the peace is established, only there can this tree grow. That’s why you should first go into thoughtlessness. For that I don’t see any other way, other than meditation. First we should meditate and establish our thoughtlessness. ‘For how long can we be in thoughtlessness?’ – we should think.

Like there is a beautiful picture, you see that and your become thoughtless, then you should think that your power is increased. On seeing any picture, if you get such feelings ‘if I can get this picture how will it be?’, ‘from where do we buy this picture?’, ‘what is the cost of it?’, ‘who made it?’ – meaning if the thought process starts, then think that we have started loving the picture not our self. Till we go on saying that this is mine, then it is not ‘I’, it is separate. When we have to bring up our self, when we have to grow then it is important that we stay in meditation and establish thoughtlessness.

Till thoughtlessness is not established, Sahaja Yoga will remain in talks. Till we cannot love our self, how can we love others? But the meaning of loving ourself is not that we accumulate a lot of wealth or have 10-12 vehicles, or we roam around luxuriously. Even those who achieve this, they come to Mother and say, “Mother please give us a remedy for this. So that we come out of it”. Even they are not comfortable.

Shri Mataji speaks aside: [Please close the door. Sound…]

Now the person who loves himself, he will look after everything. This body which belongs to God – which is the temple of God, how to keep it beautiful and clean? About this also there are many wrong thinking. Like these days in the modern world a new thing has come up that everyone should be thin. For this even if you get T.B (tuberculosis), you will become thin. Till the time you become like mosquitoes, you are not considered beautiful. What is the use of such beauty? The attraction of the body which takes the person on a downward movement, such a body is useless. Body should be such that from every part there is flow of vibrations. The parts of which the body is made of should be such that it is auspicious for all. The body should be such that if it touches anything that should be flushed and vibrations should start flowing from that. The beauty of such a body is Godly beauty. Running after external beauty and after image – sometimes they say ‘become fat’, sometimes they say ‘become thin’. Getting fat or thin or troubling the body in any other way, is absolutely not necessary in Sahaja Yoga.

Some people think that bathing ten times makes them strong. Some others think applying different pastes on the skin makes the body beautiful. All this is not required for you as all these things are working from within. You should pay attention – is our body in such a way that chastity flows through our every being? Looking at us do people get the feeling of chaste or unchaste? That is why I tell you again and again whatever clothes and etc. has been told traditionally, you use that.

The heritage which we have obtained since thousands of years is with us. Try to hold up the traditions. Traditional arts, traditional jewelry, traditional clothes – these are tried and tested in our country for thousands of years. You have to use them. You have to put them to use. But we are so influenced by the western countries that whatever is our culture – ‘San kriti’ [right deeds] – things which have been made pure, forgetting that we follow outside things.

Because of this the most important thing within us which we call as the Spirit – gets covered. There are thousands of such things in our country which decorates the Spirit not suppress it. But our eyes falls on external things very quickly. There is also a reason for that. Because you are human beings, you look outside. Once I had explained to you why it happens. But when we try to see our self, then we smile and think that how beautiful it is inside, how pure it is, how joyful! Leaving that why are we wandering? Because till now we have not yet achieved that state, we have not yet known that, that is the reason we are doing it. That is why we are not able to love our self, we love such things that spoil our Spirit, which we are not able to see. There are many such things in our life.

Now about the westerners, now I have lived there I see that for no reason those people are spoiling their life, they are going downwards. Raising them is very difficult. Making them understand is very difficult because they have no roots. Anyone who comes can bend them. If someone sweeps them in one direction, they go; other sweeps them in another directions, they go. But you have the roots. Only you people can bring them up. They themselves cannot rise. You have to help them. Recognize your roots.

This knowledge of the roots, which is inherent in Sahaja Yoga, the hidden knowledge in Sahaja Yoga is of the roots, you understand that. Secondly along with the physique, your knowledge also should be strong. That also should be like a saint. Earlier the Saints never went to any university, any college, they did not study. Many may not even be knowing how to read and write – such Saints also have been there. But they had all the qualities of a Saint. The biggest one –‘Aloo sa gunachi” [behold in the form]. “I had come to see the Formless, but you are here in Form”. Only a Sahaja Yogi can understand such language. Do we say such things to one another? Do we understand that the Formless is within you in the Form? It is in the Form and awakened within you? Do we have such feelings towards one another? Such reverence, such respect, do we have towards each other? The reverence a tailor had towards a potter – do you have? In this whatever position you are in – higher or lower it doesn’t matter.

When Namdev went to Gurunanak, He was welcomed with respect and He was told to write poems in Punjabi. You will be surprised that Namdev’s book is so big and the poems are in Hindi and Punjabi. So easily He has written in Punjabi and Hindi. There is similarity between Marathi and Hindi but Punjabi is not the same. Even I know Punjabi language. It is surprising that everything has been written so easily and beautifully that one has to read. Shri Nanak Saab respected him so much. Even in Granth Saab – Sakubai who was His maid servant, who used to wash vessels, even she is mentioned in Granth Saab.

From this you can understand that only a Saint can respect a Saint. What else do you do? There in Nizamuddin. You know that the Sultan at that time had said that tomorrow if you don’t bow your head in front of me, I will get your head cut off. And the next day his [Sultan’s] own head was cut off. Only Saints can understand Saints. First your Sainthood has to be alright, otherwise how do you recognize a Saint. If you are not getting vibrations, if you are not thoughtless, wherein the lotus of Sahaja Yoga has not blossomed in you, when your heart is closed then how can you respect a saint and who will respect you? It is straight forward.

When Saints are respected, then people think that we should become respectable. To achieve that respect, we should do meditation with humility. Through talks and lectures no work can be done. Just saying ‘we are Sahaja Yogi, Sahaja Yogi’, it won’t happen. Just having a certificate, it won’t happen. How much ever donation you give or not give, do anything, it won’t happen. Till the time there are no fruits, till then they will say “yes Mother, we know, this is just one among the rest, standing. We have seen many like that”. It should be fruitful. It should bear fruits. For that first you have to choose love. The love in which a person can see the truth and not only that, you get wisdom in that. You become wise in that love. With that love, with that attraction, with that softness, slowly this tree starts to grow.

It should be nourished. It should be nourished with love. You should respect it and nourish it, you should respect yourself and nourish it. It should be grown and it should be decorated in such a way that people see it and say, “Wow! How many saints Mother has made. Earlier only one or two were visible”. In those days there was one Namdev somewhere, one Nanak Saab elsewhere, one Kabir and somewhere one Gora Kumbhar. And later there were 2-4 more people. There was no collectivity of theirs. There was no Vishwa Nirmal Dharma on which they could stand. The meeting of so many saints and such beautiful collectivity was never there. But instead if you are seeing deformity, then you should know that you do not yet love yourself. Mother loves us so much and we don’t love ourselves. Making yourself pure and clean, more than that what service can you do to humanity? The more people see that you are such higher being, so noble – in reality not just lip service, then he will understand that a new Light has awakened within you. He will also desire that he too get that Light.

The only way in which Sahaja Yoga can grow I see is that when people see you and say that Sahaja Yoga is special. I had gone to Riyadh and they told Me, “Your Sahaja Yogi is a weird person”. I said, “Why?” He ill-treats his mother and calls himself a Sahaja Yogi. Third person said, “What Sahaja Yogi is that person, he stole something of mine and calls himself Sahaja Yogi”. The fourth person said, “Those two people keep fighting with each other and say they are Sahaja Yogi – husband and wife”.

So first of all the love should be seen. Feeling of love for one another, friendship. But being cunning is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga. The person who is cunning is a big fool according to Me. Why because he’s cheating himself, whom else is he cheating? Kabir dasji has told those who are fooling the world are fooling themselves, its stupidity. What is the pointing in cheating yourself? Atleast you should be true to yourself. “Why am I cheating myself?” “Why am I lowering my esteem?”

So whatever is within you starts showing on the outside. Slowly you will find that you become mild, attractive, enchanting – a special type of Yogi Saint.

This is what I request of Delhiites. In Delhi, in Sahaja Yoga, whatever I see I feel that these people don’t love themselves. First of all there is political influence here. There is a much higher authority over and above the government and that government is run on love, on faith, on joy. We have to stand with that government. We should strengthen this feeling and have complete faith that we will be, we will do it. Till you people don’t reach that state, you look after the welfare of this country. You cannot look after the well-being of your family, of no one. If your own feet are not firmly on the ground, then whom can you save tell Me? You yourself are swaying and if 2-4 more people come, you will drown. This is what happens. That’s why I notice that demonic knowledge catches up faster and pure knowledge with difficulty.

You believe Me, that’s alright, you have to believe what can I do? But believing should not be that – ‘we touched Mothers feet’, ‘we gave offerings to Mother’, ‘we gave flower to Mother’ – No. You should become the garland around My Neck. ‘You’ should become. Not the garland, ‘You’ become the garland around My neck. You become My grandeur, then I will accept that you believe in Me. The world should say, “I had met a Sahaja Yogi, and seeing him I felt there is something special”.

Like My husband used to think from the beginning only, “You are unique, no one can be like You. It can never happen, You do anything, even if You hit Your Head, it’s not possible.  All others will remain as they are, they cannot be changed”. When he saw so many people have changed then he said, ‘now I cannot be dishonest, enough. Now I have to agree that You have done something”. I didn’t do anything. The diamond that was within you, I got it out and kept it in front of you saying ‘son you are that diamond. You become the shine of this diamond’. I did not do anything else. And when that diamond comes upfront, then people also see and get astonished, ‘Sir, what were they and now what they have become? Earlier they were not equivalent to even the stones and gravel now they have become the diamond and shining in the crown of the Mother’.

The entire atmosphere, the entire universe, the five elements are at your feet, I am telling you. But you have to learn to love yourself. Now My love is such that I have given you a place in My body. You will be surprised that if you do anything wrong, then My body aches. This body is so unique that in love, it has contained everyone within.

Recently one child, who is a realized soul, he fell down the stairs in London and he was hurt very badly. And his brain was completely opened out. And the spinal fluid in the cerebro got filled with some sort of blood. I was in such a bad state that I was wondering, who is facing so much of trouble. As soon as I got a call from there and they told Me that Mother, a child fell down and all this happened, at the same time I became alright and there the child also became alright – there was no hope of his survival.

From this you can understand that how much Mother loves you. However you are, you are taken into This body. There will be some discomfort only, it’s alright. By taking you in My Body, you will be protected, you will be nurtured. I can properly take care of you, nourish you. Like a mother keeps the child in her womb, she nourishes the child in the womb with love, in the same way I have taken you in My body as a part and parcel. The one who thinks he is a Sahaja Yogi, he should think that his place is not only in Mothers heart but in the blood flowing through Her veins. I am moving around in the entire body, how should I be so that My Mother is not troubled? And if I do not have problems, then the problems of the entire Universe also goes away.

With that feeling, you love yourself. Then you will be able to love others easily, that need not be told. First love yourself. Whatever work you do, do it in a dignified manner. Don’t do any work like some frivolous person or a hypocrite. There are many people who try to show off that they are great Sahaja Yogis. But the Kundalini is stuck in the same place. Some people are there who go on talking. What have you understood about Sahaja Yoga? The knowledge has to be strong.

So I thought that there should be a class here in which women and men understand what is Sahaja Yoga? What is the Knowledge of Sahaja Yoga? Know about chakras. I have seen many people buying Advent like it is some holy book. They buy it, put a beautiful velvet cover and do puja to it every day. Like you have ‘Akhanda’ [unbroken/ non-stop] – like Ramayan reading, or ‘Akhanda’ what else – like Granth Saab. Please don’t make it ‘Akhanda’ [non-stop], I ask that much of you. Because they go on reading. Place their finger on phrase and read, then place their finger on another phrase and read, but nothing is going into the brains.

You should understand what is Sahaja Yoga?  All of you should stand tall. All of you should be able to give a speech like Me. You should be able to explain what Sahaja Yoga is like I do. It is knowledge, you should learn – practice.  Shri Krishna has told, ‘Abhyasena’ [through practice]. ‘We are Sahaja Yogi’, ‘We have become Sahaja Yogi’. Now some asks, “What is it?” –  “I don’t know it is definitely something”. That also should be there.

The vibrations, which we call Chaitanya Lahiriya, you should be able to examine it – ‘what is the meaning of this?’ ‘What is the meaning of that?’ so many things I have told you in detail. Every small thing I have told you, every secret also.  But if we don’t want to know it. So what, you just listened to My lecture, did meditation, so what? It should enter into your brains, it should be recorded [in your brains]. Not just that but you should know how to say it again. Only then it will be knowledge.

Just you getting your realization is not everything. There were many great saints, they did not even know all these things – poor people. If they had known, then they would’ve also given Realization like you do. But the many lives they lived and because of righteousness they had accumulated, they were born as saints. The amount of good deeds they had done, all that knowledge they had accumulated over thousands of years became clear to them. But for you, I have told you everything in one lifetime only. You did not have to undergo any hardships nor did you have to accumulate good deeds over many lives. It is like you deposit 1 rupee in the bank and you take back thousands of rupees.

Understand this – their knowledge was obtained by doing penance for many lives. All the great Rishis, Sadhus, Saints, were revered and were born among common people so that they could talk to them. But we are just ordinary people. We may have accumulated a bit of good deeds. Now in one life time if you can learn everything, even good deeds are not needed. Even they tell Me, one great Saint asked Me, “Mother we got it after doing penance for thousands of years, why did you give it to them in a minute?” I said, “It is My wish. I wished it, it happened. What can I do? It’s only a wish, why are you jealous?”

Such kind of talks. We should think that in one life we got everything. If you have to please Me, then don’t have any differences among each other. This opposition either comes from ego or superego which we call as mind. Above both, surrendering to the Spirit, be at peace with everyone.

In Madras I saw that if I put 2 men together and make them leaders, then things work out. Because here we have a lot of Punjabis – people who talk Punjabi and people who know English. That is why I have thought that Dr. Talwar and we already have Venugopalanji here, putting them together, lets run a vehicle with two wheels and see. It’s possible that later we may have to run a vehicle with 4 wheels. If not, it can be run without wheels also. The day it runs without wheels, that day it becomes a real vehicle. But right now let us run it like this [with two wheels]. And we should be decent and be within our understanding. Those who are not dignified, should not work.  We should see whether we are decent or not. Like I have told women should not go into administration, because we are the Shakti [Power].

Take an example of this fan. It is run on Shakti [Power]. Now if Shakti [Power] wants to become the fan what all problems it will create, tell Me. It’s alright if women do the administration of women, there is no problem. But when the women leaves her place and leaves the boundaries, then it is becomes problematic and even when a man leaves his boundaries, it is problematic. Our own characteristics, our own body; whatever the nature has made, you should not disrespect it. But it does not mean you jump over the head. This is not the culture of our country.

In our country about women ‘yatra narya pujyante tatra namanti devata’ [wherever women are worshiped there the Gods are worshiped], has been told. Where women are worshiped – she is the goddess of the house. If you hit her and ill-treat her will she bless you? She should be worshiped like a Goddess and she also has to be worthy. So Power cannot do the work of the fan and fan cannot do the work of Power. Shakti [Power] should be in its place, in its glory. Let the men move around like how the fan rotates let them move. Let them run, let them work physically. You people [women] just spend. Whatever they earn, there is no harm in spending it.

The new disease of the women these days is they try to be equal to men. Are you all gone mad, why? Sit comfortably. Also one more thing if you have to be equal to them, you should know that you are female embodiment. The work of a women is to spread love, spread peace, give comfort, give joy. With these Powers if you wish to do some work, without erasing your characteristics, but spread its light in the entire society. And if you get the Powers like Me, then what is there to say? Just sitting you will do everything.

Supposing I don’t like something, I don’t fight with anyone, I do something that such a thing doesn’t take place at all by itself. So you obtain such Powers. But you have to be in pure Power. If you behave like a man sometimes, sometimes like a women, it won’t happen. You be in your own feminine Power. Like we consider Sati’s Power. Then you can see that just sitting in one place you can make people run around. You have to be in its glory. We used to consider Sati’s power greater than Yati. Even Shri Krishna’s idol was considered less than Sati’s. He told, when He was cursed – ‘You will die, the entire Yadu clan will die’, He completed accepted the curse because it was from a ‘Sati’ [chaste women]. In front of a gravel from Mandodari [wife of Ravana], even the arrow of Shri Rama would return – that is the Power of the woman. Like Dhara -Earth, She is a woman. She has the Power to take away all the sins of the world in Her and from Her you get all fruits, flowers – this Ritambhara PrAgnya comes from Earth.

You can never say there is no Power in the Earth, because She is very Powerful.  When She erupts then she can destroy thousands. A women’s Power is also like that of the Earth – peaceful, steady, raising everyone, is a very great thing. Carrying the weight of everyone She is a great Power. Kundalini is also a feminine Power. Without Kundalini, your upliftment is not possible. So there is nothing low or high of being a woman. This is one of the characteristics and yours is another characteristic [masculine]. The person who respects both and understands and stays within the boundaries, whether a man or a woman, they reach a higher state.

In the life of Jesus Christ you can see that His Power was His Mother – She was the Power of Mahalakshmi. The Power of Mahalakshmi is very great. But when Her Son was crucified, because She said so. The way She tolerated it, though possessing the complete Power she allowed Him to be crucified to complete a play – that is greatness.  If you don’t have the Power, then it’s alright, nothing significant about being calm. But inspite of being all Powerful She allowed all the Drama to take place because it had to be done.  That is the greatness.

In history, Shivaji’s Mother’s example is given. The way she raised him – Shivaji, what she made him, she raised him to great heights. All the time she was willing to sacrifice her son. When they had to win Sinhagad, they got a letter from there – a girl name Kamal Kumari sent the letter that you are my brother, please save me otherwise I will lose my honor. His mother received the letter. Then the mother wrote to Shivaji, “If you are eating your food, you come here to wash your hands”. His mother did not go there to with the sword. She said, “By tomorrow you have to win this castle” – ready. “You have to win this castle by tomorrow and release you sister”. At that time Tanaji had come. Tanaji said, “Many Tanaji will come but not Shivaji, I will go”. The way they spoke at that time, it is surprising to hear. Such Sahaja, spontaneous talks of valor on hearing which you will feel that such respectable people are there in this country. But his mother was standing behind him. His Power was his mother. The Power of Shivaji was his mother.

Every man who rises up, behind that there is always his feminine Power. Till the time the Female doesn’t consider herself respectable, then she becomes flawed. It is very important to have this understanding in us. When we come in balance, then our society of Sahaja Yoga will become a model, very high and special, from which not just the society, not just India, but the entire Universe will be enlightened. It is a very great work. For that you make yourself worthy of the respect. In the entire world, such a work has not happened, it has not taken place in any era, you are doing such a special work. You are associated with such a great work. To perform this great work whatever you need to do, even that is great and for that respect, you should be completely ready.

Not like, ‘this is difficult’, ‘how to do it?’ ‘how to meditate?’ Sahaja Yoga is not for such frivolous persons. It’s not for such useless people. Ramdas Swamy told very clearly that you need special people for that. If that is not in you then good bye to us and good bye to you also.

When Gandhiji was fighting for Independence, at that time people sacrificed so much.  In our family I saw that they sacrificed everything. Our father in the jail, mother in the jail. So many kids at home. At the age of seven I used to carry the house keys and move around. But for Sahaja Yoga, no one is prepared to sacrifice. They surrender their brains but not willing to sacrifice anything else. ‘Sacrifice’ meaning what, what sacrifice is there in this? You have all kinds of blessings. For such a great work you really have to sacrifice a lot. You need to give a lot. A lot of grants are needed. If not of money, then it has to be of hard work, use of the mind, of the intellect, only if everything is put in, only then this work can be done. But those who cannot even do a little bit, what can they do? Tell Me. In that also they fight. Then it will not be Sahaja Yoga. It will be like some kind of a revolution.

Like others have done, sometimes they wore Gandhi cap, sometimes blue cap, sometimes yellow caps and went about with a flag. Then Sahaja Yogis will also take a flag and go about. We are sitting in the kingdom of saints. There was never such a gathering of saints. In this gathering of saints what should be there, the special Power of ‘Allahadayini’ should be seen. The Power of love should be seen. The light of happiness should be seen on the faces. This is all we desire, in which you are also uplifted and the universe is uplifted. This is the Mother’s desire that you take all My Power. As the depth in you increases and as your greatness increases, you will start accumulating everything by yourself in Sahaja. The small desire of the Mother is that whatever is Mine you should get, everything.

Nothing has been hidden. No knowledge has been hidden. Slowly have told you everything. And slowly will tell you some more. But today, minimum of minimum, you have to decide that Mother everyday we will meditate and progress. ‘Everyday we will meditate’. You will have to give that much time. If you give Me this promise today, then I will think that you have give Me thousands of flowers.

Shri Mataji speaks aside [Is there anything else? Can I have some…Give Me some water first – hot water.]

Sahaja Yogi: those Sahaja Yogis who wish to offer Mother flowers, please come one by one and after ‘aarti’. After ‘aarti’ if you offer flowers, do not touch Mataji’s feet. Just offer flowers in the front.

Shri Mataji: Alright? Yes what else? You want Me to say something?

Sahaja Yogi: We will sing bhajans.

Shri Mataji: Bhajans are alright, but let Me tell you about the arrangements. I have thought of appointing Nigam Saab as the treasurer – Dr. Nigam. And Gagan will work with him. Verma saab, I am appointing as secretary. Actually all this is just a play, you understand first. But without a play human beings don’t understand anything so I have to make it a play. Straight forward, people don’t understand. So have to make it a play.

Now the people who have come on the stage, please do not break their stage. Let the play carry on. You have to accept them. Because I cannot be in touch with everyone, so through them it’s possible. Each and every person need not be speak, let it happen through these people. Second question is the books that are printed – Nirmala Yoga etc. that is printed, for that Mathur saab is working very hard and even Rai Saab is working hard. Other than them I wish that Yogi Mahajan joins and all of you speak to each other and decide. There are some complains that the photos that are printed, their vibrations are not alright or the photo clarity is not good. Some think that mistakes are made. Many people have written articles which are not published. Regarding all such matters, committee of these three people should take care.

Whatever you tell someone that Mataji had told – this is wrong way. In Sahaja Yoga you say what you have to say. Mataji had told, ‘Mother said so’, you don’t have to say like that – ‘Sanjaya Uvacha’ [Sanjaya said so – from Bhagvad Gita]. What you have to say, you say – ‘I say so’, say it with courage. With courage you should say, ‘I say so, it is like this’. Taking the responsibility on yourself with complete prestige you say, ‘I am saying this thing and it is so’. It will be good if you say so clearly. Every person should not take up the authority. These people are there in front of you, you tell them if there is anything, it should be dispersed through them.

Whatever accounting is there. I have told you there are 2 types of accounting one is Trust related and the other which is day to day, both should be open to all. There is no big expenditure in this. I always say, “How much money you want tell Me, I will give you”. But like this we will be having a new arrangement, in the new arrangement the work should get done. Without more emphasis on English, emphasize more on Hindi. English language is not right for us in any way.

The reason for that is we cannot properly talk about the Spirit in English language. Secondly, when everyone knows Hindi, which is our internal language, we should speak in that. Also even if we say we speak in English – it is a very weird English which you call as Indian English. The English we had learnt of Chaucer, such English we don’t hear. Only My father I can say that he was a master of English. Even I say My English is Indian Engligh. I have not learnt English anytime, whatever I have learnt is Indian English. I speak in that English and these people say that I speak very good English and I am surprised that I have never learnt this language. When we know only Indian English, when we cannot become expert in that then we should first learn our national language.

Second thing is that when We were young, then everyone – see it is a surprising thing when English were here their influence was not much but when they went away the influence in more. Till the time a saint is living everyone keeps troubling him and after He dies they build mosques – it’s like that. After the English went everyone became English – it’s like they placed a cap on these people and went. Now that they are gone we should learn our national language completely. When we can learn others languages why can’t we learn our own language?

The way Punjabis speak in Hindi, God help them. You can’t even understand. The Hindi spoken by Hindi speaking – God help them too. For ‘spashta’ [clear] they say ‘aspashta’ [unclear]. An IAS officer who is incharge of this Kumbh Mela he did not know ‘prasasan’ [administration] I speak better Hindi than him. So we don’t know our own language, it is to be ashamed of. We should learn our Hindi language. Everyone should know Hindi. Because of this, the worst that has happened is this that in our country in many places very great saints are there even today. One person named ‘kavi Kurup’ [poet Kurup] a great poet is in South India. You haven’t even heard about him – surprising! But if He was there in our times, we would’ve known because during that time everything was translated to Hindi. If anyone says about Bharti, people these days don’t know him at all. We know everything about him. Because in those days whatever was there used to be translated in Hindi, we would know and then it would be translated to English.

I have read Sharad Chandra. If Sharad Chandra was here today no one would’ve known who Sharad Chandra is. No one would translates his works, it’s finished. Understand that if there is a river Gomati first it has to go into Ganga then only it can flow into the sea. If Gomati doesn’t flow into the Ganga then how will it flow into the sea? No one outside knows about Hindi poets, and no one knows about outside poets here. Even now the words of the Saints is there but it has been choked. Do you know any poet of Bengal these days, tell Me? Do you know any poets of the South? Southerners will not know any Hindi poets. Everything of ours is consolidated in these poems. I tell you that if this continues, it will get choked, choked, choked and the entire literature will be finished. Give up this stubbornness.

The people who are saying, “We want to learn only English”. We went to Madras [Chennai], from Madras we went to Jagannath Puri by car, it was a very long route but We had to go. There no one knew English, everyone were speaking in Hindi because they watch Hindi Cinema. Now does Meena Kumari know South Indian language? How do they understand while watching a movie? So you should stop being adamant. It does not mean that Hindi speakers will rule. Never will Hindi speakers know good Hindi. Madrasi will come and rule. Because whatever they decide to learn, they learn well. Now take the Hindi of Maharashtrians. Here for ‘spasht’ [clearly] they say, ‘mai aspasht kehta hoon’ [I will tell unclearly]. ‘main appse asphashta kehna chahta hoon’ [I want to tell things unclearly] . Ok ‘Tell, why you are wanting to?” This is the state of our Hindi.

Hindi speaking are thinking that they will become the Prime Minister, nothing like that will happen. I am telling you. There is no maturity, there is no knowledge. Whether anything can be achieved by speaking In Hindi – such broken Hindi. You will see one day that if people from Maharashtra come here you will be blown away in front of their literature. That too such low level literature that is coming out these days, such frivolous literature, how can you make progress? Neither the dramas are good, nothing. That’s how you make the language a beggar, how can it be national language? There is nothing in that which you can say as precious.

Whatever happened has happened. Now in the new language what have you gathered or given? If you read the literature of these days. We were coming in Air India, there was a magazine in which 3 poems were in Hindi. They were so graceless that I was ashamed at the extent of low level. Such useless people, they don’t understand. No depth, nothing

It is required of the Sahaja Yogis to write in Hindi and write about deep things, great things. Such thing are not there in Marathi language. Foolishness will not even work there. There is no effort to revive, how can Hindi be read? How to read Hindi? Now I don’t know how they got Me involved and they made Me the Chairman of international Hindi Parishad. I said, ‘I would like to speak ‘aspashat’ [unclearly] only’. 

That’s why you should not be adamant. Everyone should learn Hindi. People say, “We know Hindi”. Many times I speak in Hindi and they say, “We don’t understand, Mataji, whatever you are saying”, A lot of people who know Urdu are sitting there. Is Urdu language even a language? There are 50 words ‘Chaman’

[flower garden]

, ‘Manzil’


, ‘sahil’ [shore], and ‘doobna’ [drown] – that’s it. There is not depth in that, nothing. Maybe one or two here and there. Otherwise whomever you see they are having a heartache. Such complaining people, crying all the ‘time – no uniqueness [divinity], no comfort, nothing. Urdu language is of no use to us.

So learn Hindi, you cannot learn Marathi, but atleast learn Hindi. Otherwise how do we converse? Or learn Sanskrit, its good, but Sanskrit is very difficult so learn Hindi. From all these Ghazals, no development will come out of it. You’ll keep crying from morning till evening. If you have to listen then Goyalji has written 2 books ‘sher aur shayari’ and ‘sher aur sukhad’, he has written so well that if you read that you will stop listening to Ghazals. I have seen that realized souls do not like it. They will call Ghazals – what a puzzle!

Now leaving all that coming to the path of saints, you should read what saints have written. I have seen that realized souls do not like it. They will call Ghazals – what a puzzle!

Now leaving all that coming to the path of saints, you should read what saints have written. In Hindi language also there is a lot of cheap stuff. Lot of cheapness has crept into it. But earlier days there were great poets. They have contributed a lot. Now ask Maharashtrians – they will recite Namdev [his works], they will recite Ramdas [his works], will recite Tukaram [his works], will recite Gyaneshwarji. They know everything. They are enchanted by it. But here if you ask some ‘Atkad poet, Bhatkad poet’ [some irrelevant names – like Tom, Dick and Harry] – you listen to those poets, your kids also recite them. This is not a good thing.

The special poems that you have here, search for them – those who write of Sahaja. Listen to Kabir, listen to Nanak, one better than the other are there. From the time of Amir Khusroo so many such people have been there. There is Khawali, meaning the real Khawali in which they told about God. Search for such things and discuss those things and learn them. It is very important. If Sahaja Yoga is going to be established in India then what language should we learn? In what language do I teach foreigners, tell Me?

We can teach everyone in Hindi only know? How many languages can they learn? Will they have to learn 14 languages? That’s why, all of you kindly learn Hindi. So that they can also speak to you, talk to you. How many languages can they learn? Will they have to learn 14 languages? That why, all of you kindly learn Hindi. So that they can also speak to you, talk to you.

Now if a French come, then French do not know English. Spanish come, they do not know English. They also want to learn only one language – better to tell them to learn Hindi Language. Or they first learn English and speak to you. They see that Hindi people do not speak Hindi, they speak English. They say, “If we go to Delhi, they wear a suit and speak in English”. So they learnt to speak Marathi because Maharashtrian speaks Marathi – no matter what. They speak Hindi too, broken Hindi but still they speak Hindi. I request you that the way you have created a mountain or barrier towards Hindi, please break it. Till we speak one language, we cannot be together. For Sahaja Yoga, the great Poets whom we have to draw them close, we are not able to through English Language. In English Language what is the word for Atma – Spirit, word for alcohol – spirit, dead body – spirit? Everything is spirit. What do we call the spirit?  Meaning a dead persons spirit which we call as ‘bhooth’ that is also spirit. Such an English language, which we cannot master. Why should we master it?

Few people who are ruling these days, think that they can rule over, how long can the language survive? It is right and good for everyone to learn Hindi. Pure language should be used. It is good to use pure language but difficult language is not needed. There need not be tough words, simple words only can be used, but you should learn some Hindi.

Sahaja Yogi: The material used to spread Sahaja Yoga can be in Hindi.

Shri Mataji: What, what are you saying?

Sahaja Yogi: The material used in Sahaja Yoga for spreading awareness should be in Hindi.

Shri Mataji: You don’t write in Hindi? About Sahaja Yoga, you don’t write?

It will happen, I am telling you. It is a good thing that now that I have become the Chairman of International [Hindi Parishad]. I am never the Chairman of anything, they said, ‘Become Chairman’, when I don’t have the ‘man’ [desire], how can I be the Chair-man? But forcibly I have been made, in that there is one thing useful that one article will be of Sahaja Yoga. Now see this. When one article about Sahaja Yoga will be printed in the paper, then why won’t these people write?

It is true that more awareness is there in Marathi papers about this. Also lot of work has been done in Maharashtra, people know about Kundalini. Basically there people already know about these things. And people are more open minded. Also Sahaja Yoga has spread more in Maharashtra because of this it is important that it spread more there. But once you people are awakened, it will happen here also.

When you come to Maharashtra and see, you will be surprised at how people have awakened.

Sahaja Yogi: There is a complaint that no one writes in Hindi [unclear]

Shri Mataji: Write ourselves? But no one publishes about Sahaja Yoga. Alright this is positive, you write and Dr. Saab will get it published. Alright.

What other issues are there? About women? Hope no one is angry. The anger of a women – God only save from that.  Even I get scared.

Now we have stopped dowry system. Whoever gets married in Sahaja Yoga, there is no dowry system, it has finished. Now it is also followed that the girls are not given their ‘right’ in many places. In Sahaja Yoga – whoever is a Sahaja Yogi, they should give the girls also equal rights. It’s not that they provided them education, got them married and now you sit at home – no. She should also be given her rights.

The third thing is respect women. In Sahaja Yoga if there is a man who does not respect women, then set him right. There are also some women who are terrifying, they are told to give them up. That is also there. Slowly everything will become alright.

Sometimes people feel that the way we have progressed, the advancement in us, and Mataji talks such things that we have to go back to old ways, – it is felt sometimes. But if you go and see those people who have advanced more than you, if you see their state you’ll feel ‘God save us from this progress’. Whatever has happened to them, is they are in a very bad state. They do not have any brains, it is nonexistent. Worse than donkeys. So not to go in that direction at all, when we are seeing that they are falling in the ditch, why follow them?

By discarding whatever was the wrong in the old ways, it should be purified and used to our advantage. Whatever is good should be adopted, be it old or new. The new things which these people have made, I could not find anything [useful] even after searching. Whenever I try to search I find everything upside down, there are going downward only.

Earlier also I warned them that you will get a bad disease called AIDS, it happened. Next I warned them that you will become mad, that also happened. Now I have told them a third thing that if you don’t control your ego now, then your conscious mind will stop working. Consciously will not be able to do any work. Meaning if you want to consciously remove this, you cannot. By itself it can be moved, but consciously you will be paralyzed. Now this is third disease has also started. But still they do not understand that they need to turn back. They keep moving forward. Whether they are of 90 years old or 100 years old. They do not have any brains. The thing that is there is no maturity in them. How they were as 10 years old, the same remains even at older age. Maturity is not there. What we call as maturity it is not there.

From our culture, the person becomes mature. Does not mean that our culture has only good things, defective things are also there, bad things are also there, many have taught lies. But one has to use their reasoning, use the discretion and retain whatever is good in that. Because there I do not find anything good even after searching. The amount of violence, the chaos, the disaster, you cannot understand.

Is there any other question?

Sahaja Yogi:  There is a request that next year after the Maharashtrian tour You extend that by a week in Delhi.

Shri Mataji: Which?

Sahaja Yogi: The Maharashtrian tour You do, please extend it by a week in Delhi.

Shri Mataji: Bring the foreigners here?

Shri Mataji: No, no, they have come many times.  You do one thing, getting such a big crowd here will be difficult for Me, you first get a building ready. Once the building is ready I can go. It’s a very serious matter. These days it is very dangerous for foreigners to come to Delhi. Four undercover police will come.

What I want to say that once the arrangements are made then they can come. Because they have to give a lot of money, arrangements in Delhi is very expensive and they are not prepared to spend so much. I would say that some of you from here come for Maharashtra tour. For Indians we give a lot of concessions.

How many had gone for Maharashtra tour? Please raise your hands.

Audience: Ganapati pule, many had gone.

Shri Mataji: How many have come to Ganapati pule? You enjoyed or not tell Me

Sahaja Yogies: Very much

Shri Mataji: Those who cannot come for 7 days, they can come for 3 days. Was more money taken from you for 7 days? First of all there no place there, everything was coming from Ratnagiri. But the place is beautiful and holy. If you wish the rates to be reduced, it’s possible, nothing like that. If it’s not a lot at least once a year if you can come there, it’s a very nice place, beautiful place. It’ll be a good change, you can meet everyone. It was very nice I think.

What has been your experience? It was very good, it is very deep. Like think of it the way people go to Haj. Similarly we can arrange this. The travel may become a bit long. But if you buy a ticket to Kolhapur it will not be expensive. From here buy a ticket till Kolhapur. From Kolhapur, it’s very near. From there buses can be arranged, you can arrange from Kolhapur. From here if you tell the railways, they can give you a complete compartment also. If there are 200 people they you can get an entire compartment. You all can come in the compartment. From there, from Kolhapur, Ganapati Pule is a very close place. You can come from there. It’s not so difficult to come there once a year.

Now we will start like this and once a building gets constructed here, arrangements are made, then they can be brought here. Alright? Anything else? Its over? Now you can sing.

Bhajan starts.

Shri Mataji: Wow a very nice bhajan group is here!   

Shri Mataji speaks aside: Give Me some water.

Time: 2:11:37

Sahaja Yogi: I request that all of you do the Namaskar together. Time has gone far. Mother has to leave for [unclear]. So we will not let everyone come individually. We’ll all do pranam [bow down] together.

People offer flowers at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji

Time: 2:12:48

Sahaja Yogi: All those who have flowers, please form a queue. Please form a queue and come one by one. Others please be seated. Please keep moving forward

Time: 2:13:32

Sahaja Yogi: Make a line for women and one more for men. Please come this side. Come behind the men’s line. Come behind.

Time: 2:14:02

Sahaja Yogi: After offering flowers please go back to your places and sit down. Don’t stay for long [in front of Shri Mataji].

Time: 2:15:22

Sahaja Yogi: Please go back to your places.

Time: 2:15:28

Shri Mataji: He has come or not, [name unclear – dulhe miyan]? Has [dulhe or Dubey miya?] come or not?

Sahaja Yogi: He will come on 24th

Time: 2:16:00

Shri Mataji : [dulhe or Dubey miya?] has come or not?

Sahaja Yogi: He will come on 24th Mother, on 24th.

Time: 2:19:00

Sahaja Yogi: He has come from Shillong.

Shri Mataji: Which place?

Sahaja Yogi: Shillong.

Shri Mataji: Which gaon [village]?

Sahaja yogi: Shillong

[Unclear] Someone invites Shri Mataji to Shillong

Shri Mataji: What is he saying? He is saying Shillong! Now when I come again. This year we missed. Next year when I come. We had planned this year, got sarees, got everything, all arrangements were made. But I have to go back to London now. Have to return on 24th.  I will come back. But I have to go now, what you call that ‘non-resident..’. This year I can’t next year I will definitely come. [We have bought a saree for Shillong, isn’t it? I will definitely come – Dehradun, Shillong and Dharampal – 3 places. Now [Rajneesh – name unclear?] has gone and is sitting there in Himalaya. Let them drive him away

Time: 2:20:23

Shri Mataji: How are you? You are alright?

[The lady says something]

Shri Mataji: Go, go go. For Yogi’s school I got another girl. I told, ‘you will not have any problems’.

The girls from Delhi turned out to be very good. They earned a name. Really, very good girls. They earned a good name. I have to specially say this. Compared to Maharashtrian girls, Delhi girls are very smart. Let us see how Maharashtrian girls will turn out to be. But there was no problem, Delhi girls were very good. All earned a good name.

Shri Mataji: Haan how are you? You are alright?


Shri Mataji: What are you saying?

[a lady says something]

Shri Mataji: So what? Say – “Mother come in my head” What else? It’s very easy. Sit here. Your head will become alright.

Shri Mataji speaking to a seeker: You are fine?

Flowers are over now shall we go?

How are you Doctor saab? The person you were to meet he go paralysis. He became alright? You people go and see him. Make him alright.

[Sahaja Yogis are speaking – unclear]

Shri Mataji: I told you how to make him alright. Dr. Saab, Nigam Saab take these people.

[Another lady interrupts – Shri Mataji I need to speak to you]

Shri Mataji: Yes tell Me.

Shri Mataji: You people take Dr Saab to him. Or PhD will remain like that only.

Sahaja Yogi: Now he is bed ridden.

Shri Mataji: Who? You tell Warren to go and make him alright. Warren, Warren will go, will clear him 2-3 times, he’ll become alright.

Sahaja Yogi: Dr Spiro….

Shri Mataji : Yes what did he say?

Dr Spiro is here right? David what happened? How is he?

David: [How is Mr. Rai?]

Shri Mataji [speaking to the lady again]: Tell Me, how are you?

Lady speaking is not clear – You please tell him, kindly bless him so that he becomes alright. You please speak to him. Me being in Sahaja Yoga, am not able to do anything

Shri Mataji: You have become alright. What happened to him?

Lady: I became alright. You please see him.

Shri Mataji: Bring him on Thursday.

Lady: Should I get him to the centre or your house?

Shri Mataji: At My place.

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji has told you to get him on Thursday, you get him on Thursday.

David: Really vibration was quite badly off and very bad Vishuddhi, Nabhi.

Shri Mataji: You told him about the guru?

David: We told him, we told him, his picture – lost it’s vibrations, he shouldn’t keep it with other photographs. I am not sure how sincere he is. I mean he wasn’t. He tried to pretend to us he didn’t have any symptoms whereas when he talked to Nigam he said he still had.

Shri Mataji: What is he said?

Dr. Nigam: Says something not audible

Shri Mataji: So he thinks he’s alright?

Dr. Nigam: Ego Mother

Shri Mataji:  That’s why he got it also. Tell him that Mother was saying, “You have got too much ego, control”. Put him right to the left, Left to the right.

Lady speaking about chest pain and pain in the head

Shri Mataji: Do you meditate?

Lady: Yes

Shri Mataji: It doesn’t go. Alright sit. Sit down. Say, “Mother come in My chest, come in My brain”.

You are feeling lighter? Say. Say it with faith. You should become alright in a minute. Put both your hands towards Me. Look up and say. Say it with faith. Faith is not sufficient, nothing else is wrong. Alright? Now say, “Come in my brain”. It is a matter of giving an order.

Where? In the ashram? Be happy child.

What else? Shall we go?

Sahaja Yogi: All of you stand in your places when Shri Mataji is leaving. Don’t go out just now. Dr. Nigam and Dr. Venugopalan need to tell you something after coming back. So please wait for 5 more minutes. Please make way.

Shri Mataji: Good it’s going on fine. Vibrations were good today. Very good, I was very happy – the whole thing. And I hope the lecture has been taken in the heart. It has to go to the heart. Not the brain. It was meant for the heart. Delhi people have lots of brain, but heart is little bit

Sahaja Yogi: Please don’t obstruct in-between.