Public Program Day 2: Kundalini Ka Jagran Ek Jivant Kriya Hai

Jaipur (India)

1986-02-18 Public Program, Hindi, Jaipur, India, DP-RAW, 113'
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1986-02-18 Second Public Program in Jaipur (Hindi)

Translation from Hindi:

On seeing the welcoming by the worshippers of Jaipur, a Mother’s heart is overwhelmed with joy. I bow to you all worshipers.

As I had told yesterday, we went to a wrong street in Jaipur where we did not find seekers of God. But today, with great happiness and joy, after meeting you all we have to say in this place of believers, there are many people are seeking God. And one should only seek God.

Shri Krishna has said, “Yogakshemam Vahamyaham” (prosperity and welfare is looked after by Me). Without union with God there cannot be wellbeing.

People are devoted to God. We remember God, call to Him with respect. But till now if we have not made any connection with God; if we are not in His kingdom, then how can God hear us?

Sudhamaji also had to go and meet Shri Krishna. In the same way you have to have the ‘Yoga’ [union] first. After the union, the wellbeing takes place so nicely that people are surprised.

I don’t do anything. It is you own Kundalini which is awakened.

In Mother Earth, if you sow a seed, Mother Earth Herself germinates it. But what does She actually do? You are the seed, you are the germinate and you are the Power. Only the activation is needed. Once activated, it naturally germinates.

Awakening of the Kundalini is a living process. We do not understand that God is a living Power and this a living process.

In all directions you can see the Light of the God. Like in every season different fruits are there, different environment is there. You sing different songs. The person who does this, the One who makes fruits from flowers; the one who does innumerable living work within us, saying such a Power is not there is a very disturbing. Even thinking like that is disturbing. One should think with humility that the way the Universe is made, we can’t even make a speck.

Even if we want we cannot make a stick. From wood you can make wood. From stone, you can make stone. From a dead thing, you can make another dead thing. But not one living work you can do. Even dead thing you cannot make. Try making a dead thing and show, “We have made this”, even that you cannot make. But the human has developed so much ego that they think that there is no God.

But such worshippers who believe in God, who sing with devotion, on seeing this. I had told a year back, “Take Me to the villages. I am weary of cities”. This is the truth.

Today I will talk of Shri Krishna only as here you have a beautiful temple of Shri Govind.

How did Shri Krishna do Sahaja Yoga?

When He was young, He used to tease the Gopis. While they walked carrying mud pots on their head, He would hit with small stones and break them. Behind this playfulness, this action, there was a very big working.

In the river Jamunaji, where Radhaji put Her feet; Radhaji was Herself Ra-Dha.‘Ra’ meaning Shakti (Power) and ‘Dha’ meaning carrier of the Power. The feet of the Shakti was in the water, the water itself became pure as ‘Gangajal’ [the water of Ganga]. The water was vibrated. When the gopis carried water filled pitchers and walked, which when hit by small stones and the water fell on their back, their Kundalini were raised by the vibrated water. That’s why He was called Leeladhar [playful].

When RA-Sa, ‘Ra’ meaning Shakti ‘Sa’ alongwith, when He danced with ‘Shakti’ even then the vibrations would flow from Him and go into everyone and their Kundalini were awakened.

In those days, neither were there such public nor such people who would sit down and listen to someone’s lecture. Nor were there people who would sit for hours together seeking God and listen as to what it is. Through entertainment, through His playfulness, He raised the Kundalini of people.

Shri Krishna has told that the tree of awareness of human beings grows downward towards decline. That’s why you see in western countries, foreign people, if you go and see them, they have created hell. They don’t know about sin and virtue. Don’t think about mothers and sisters. Don’t have concept of Dharma. They have gone towards degeneration/ decadence. There’s nothing we can learn from them. Because the roots of awareness are in the brain. There should be upward movement. How to achieve ascent? For that Kundalini needs to be awakened.

In Maharashtra, Gyaneshwarji became a great Saint. When He wrote ‘Gyaneshwari’, there is a chapter on Gita. But He wrote openly that this work takes place only through awakening of the Kundalini. People put a condition that you cannot read whatever is written in the 6th chapter. Anything else you can do.

So people walk for miles chewing tobacco saying, “Vithala, Vithala” [Shri Krishna’s name] and go to the Vittala temple. They go mad. They say, “We break our heads”.

One Muslim said, “Mother knees are hurting reading Namaz”. “Walking for miles the feet are hurting” and “Throat is hurting saying ‘Vithala, Vithala” but we did not get Vithala.

You don’t have to go anywhere. Everything is built within you. Within you there is Shiva, Vithala, all Gods and Goddesses are sitting. God has made you like Himself. Only you have to know the Power. And this has to be done in ‘Sahaj’ [naturally].

Yesterday one man was saying, “People say this is very difficult task”. I said, “People who say, may be saying”. But the truth is that ascent should be Sahaj. The living process should be Sahaj [effortless/ spontaneous].  That is its identity. Tomorrow, for breathing, if you have to have a guru or if you have to read a book, how many people will be alive?

Similarly this is a living process – Sahaja. ‘Saha’ means born with you, ‘Yoga’ means you birth right. But to achieve it you need humility that we have not yet achieved it. We need to achieve it. After that the Kundalini which is dormant in the triangular bone will get awakened by Itself and break open the fontenell bone area.

Shri Adi Shankaracharya wrote a very nice book named ‘Viveka Chudamani’, in the beginning. After that He wrote many more ‘Granth’ [books]. In the end He got tired because there was a very learned man named Sharma who had a debate with Him. He got irritated, how to tell the learned that there is no light in their knowledge, what is he debating about. In the end He wrote a beautiful book called ‘Soundarya Lahiri’ in which He has only praised the Goddess and every stanza is a mantra.

Awakening of the mantra awakens one’s Kundalini. But all this as per Shastra [science] of God. Not like someone gave you a mantra – say, “Rama”. Mantra given by Narada is different. But every person comes and says, “You say Rama”. But why say Rama? Ask them. There is a chakra of Shri Rama. Has your chakra of Shri Rama spoilt because of which they tell you to say, “Say Rama”?

On every chakra there is a God and Goddess. Only those who know that and understand it should do the work.

When Kundalini is awakened, She pierces all the six chakras and also the ‘Brahma randhra’ – [fontanelle bone area] and there is flow of cool breeze from top of your head. Which Shri Shankaracharya as described as ‘Saleelam, Saleelam’ cool, cool breeze.

You read the book of all Dharmas [religion]. In all the religions they describe that you have to be born again. Even brahmins are called ‘dvija’ means who is born again. You are not falsely born again, you are truly born again. Meaning when the Kundalini awakens and crosses the ‘Brahmarandhra’ [fontanelle bone area] your second birth takes place. That you become like the Spirit.

When the Spirit joins Shiva only then yoga (union) takes place. Just saying you are yogi does not make you yogi. If you are a yogi what is the Power within you?

There is ‘Yoga’, people run after money. Does God understand money? Where I go people give Me 10 paisa, 25 paisa. I say, “I don’t take money”. They say, “Ok take one rupee”. They cannot understand that God has no relation with money.

Does Mother Earth germinate the seed after you pay Her? It is in Her nature to germinate the seed. It is Her nature, there is no give and take there. She is working as per Her nature.

If you give some money to the Sun, does He know how to take money? He works as per His nature. In the same way Kundalini awakening happens as per our nature. There is no give and take between us.

The Power you have is with you. It is kept in dormant state and needs to be awakened, that’s it. It is a simple task, not at all difficult. When Kundalini awakens, when she pierces the six chakras, there are small chakras within us that are awakened. When the Gods in them are awakened, then first thing we become healthy.

There are many people who are followers of different gurus. They have health problems and they come to Me to become alright. I ask them as a Mother, “You have gurus for what? At least they should keep you healthy”. That is what a Mother will tell you. They maybe gurus, but what is the benefit?

Nanak Sahab has said, “One who makes you meet the Sahib (God), he is the real Guru’. What is the use of other talks? They just keep talking? Can we fill our stomach by talking? Can we achieve our Spirit by talking? This is an action that has to be done. Till the time this act doesn’t takes place, you should also not go on blindly.

I’ve seen two types of people in our country. One is stuck in blind faith and the other in submission. Establishing Sahaja Yoga in-between these two is a difficult thing. But it has happened.

It has happened in a big way in Maharashtra. In this place, I wanted it to spread in Rajasthali. Because at this place there is vibrations everywhere.

But I had not met you people at that time. So I used to think ‘how is it possible that in such holy place real people are not there, just false ones’. Now that I have met you all, some work will definitely take place.

One cannot tell about Kundalini in one lecture. But She is you Pure Desire. Any other desires that you have are impure. Because today you desire for land, then you feel you don’t have a house. By fulfilling any of these desires, the wants are never fulfilled. There is then second, third desire, fourth desire. In economics there is a principle that desires are not fulfilled, never completely.

What is that after achieving it, you are left with no desire? That Power is called as Pure Desire. God has placed the Pure Desire nicely in our triangular bone. Once the power of Pure Desire is awakened and there is union with God, then what is left to take? What is left to achieve? It just has to be given.

Till the time there is no light, we search for ways to light the lamp. But once it is enlightened then it gives out light. In the same way there is a lamp in you. You are the temples of God, only the lamp has to be lit.

People say, “You are sinner, you have done this wrong and that wrong. That’s why you are suffering. So you donate so much money”. Is all useless.

God has made you humans. From ‘pashu’ meaning one in noose, you have been given your freedom. Now we have to know our ‘Swa Tantra’ meaning mechanism of Atma. By knowing about that you will become Yogi, who are in the kingdom of God.

About ‘Yogis’ also people have formed various opinions. They have given up their families and run away from the worldly life. But why run? All the Sadhus and Sant who were here were all living with families. Who were not married? Wasn’t Shri Rama married? Wasn’t Shri Krishna married?

Leading a family life you have to achieve God. Those who run away from family will never achieve God. How can people who run away achieve ‘Shakti ’ (Power)? If you have the Shakti, then why do you run away? There is nothing that you have to give up.

But whatever is against the awareness, will go away by itself. I will not tell you. But you come to this path and they will drop off. Here I will not have to say. I will not say otherwise half the people will go away. It will happen on its own. When this lamp is lit, you yourself will become strong and will become your own guru. You will understand what this is.

Because the vibrations will start flowing from your hands. The All Pervading Power of God through which all living work is done, will for the first time flow through your hands. You will be surprised and say, “Mother, what is this Power?”

Now we just have to tell if there is burning sensation in this finger (right little finger) or coolness in this finger (right little finger) or if you feel something in this finger (right ring finger), then which chakra it is.

This way 5, 6 and 7 seven chakras that are within us is represented on both the hands. [showing left palm] It represents emotions and desires and [showing right palm] here it is body and intelligence, which we call the power of action. Here (left) is the power of desire and here (right) is the power of action. The power between these two powers is the power of Dharma (righteousness). It does not mean it is an eyewash, Dharma is the representation of human nature.

Like carbon has 4 valence, humans have ten. If these 10 Dharmas are not there then there is no human. This brings balance. Balance is required because when you have to rise higher if there is imbalance, that thing cannot fly high; can’t even raise properly.

That’s why saints have told that we have to awaken the dharma in us. When there is Dharma, the Kundalini will rise easily.

Being in dharma does not mean that where you went and how much money you have given to how many people? The meaning of Dharma I’ll tell you in one word. Are you loving people? Love represents the Spirit. Its light is truth. Only because God loved, He created the Universe. In the same love He has invited you to enter His Kingdom. And enjoy the blessings of your kind Father.

He’s never wanted to give you sorrow or suffering. He does not give all this. What we suffer is our own making. The illusion which we have made with our own thoughts, we take up that suffering.

God has created all the Universe, like He’s created the birds for singing. He’s made it for your enjoyment. You have to reach that state of enjoyment.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about Sahaja Yoga, about the chakras. And day after I’ll tell you about Spirit. There is no end to this lecture. I must’ve given thousands of lectures still people say, “Mother every time you say something new”.

The more important thing, the truth is one that we are the Spirit and we have to achieve it. As soon as we achieve it all the light comes within us.

All those great Saint we had, were they educated? Have they studied in any University? Absolutely not. They had not studies anything. But all the knowledge was in them because of their good deeds of past lives. All their deeds we enlightened that’s why they were knowledgeable.

Even you can experience this. It is very simple and easy act. Right now it can take place.

He’s saying, “Please do it”. What do you people have to say?

Audience: Lets experience.

Shri Mataji: “Yes, yes, it has to be experienced practically”.

It can happen easily. But we don’t value our freedom because we got it easily. It’s very easy to germinate, but growing a tree out of it is in your hands. For that you have to practice and you need to pay attention as to how to keep the Kundalini stable. If you can learn this then you yourself will be great Gurus.

That much you must promise Me. I will raise you, but you have to establish yourself after that. It will happen easily. There is no extra effort, nothing extraordinary, it’s very simple but you have to be attentive.

We need to understand that God is as He is. We cannot make Him. We cannot say ‘God is like this, He has to be like this’. Just see the way He is.

Like a person of science opens his eyes and sees what is in front of him, understand it. In the same way see the God and understand. Not that ‘our ancestors told this’. Or ‘we have read this in some book’. No. The truth has to be experienced.

Hope Sahaja Yoga will spread very fast in Jaipur. After that I can go to the villages and small places. As soon as I came I said, “Take Me to the villages”. But in the city itself there are so many seekers. I felt very happy.

Now we will do the action. It is very easy. It is not even and action, it is very simple. If you have any questions, please ask. Otherwise later someone will stand during meditation and ask, “Mother what is this?”

If you have any questions, ask not. Don’t disturb in the middle. After that you can go home, calmly. Don’t get up and go in-between. Everyone should be here. It does not take even 10 minutes. Most people get their awakening within 10 minutes.

All of you have faith in yourself. Don’t think small about yourself. Have faith in yourself. This is a very precious time during which it has to take place.

If you have any questions please ask. Don’t interrupt later.

This palm, like I have told you it represents 5 chakras and 7 chakras within us. Keep your hand like this [opening both the palm]. Open both your hands towards Me. One is the desire power, the other is the power of action and Kundalini is the pure desire. In-between the two is the Sushumna Nadi on which Kundalini has to rise upwards.

Open both your hands towards Me. If you are wearing amulet on your neck, please remove it. It obstructs sometimes. Amulets and threads are not good. You should not take it from anyone. Anything purchased with money can never be of God.

Now keep your left hand towards Me and right hand on the floor, on the Mother Earth. Now you have to remember Shri Ganesha. Before doing any work it is important to pray to Him. Remembering Shri Ganesha keep your left hand towards Me and right hand on the ground.

All of you fist sit down first. Mother Earth does a big favour to us especially in India.

What are we doing now? Our desire power is the root power. From one side we are giving it vibrations and its heaviness, we are leaving it in Mother Earth through our right hand.

Now keep your right hand towards Me and left hand pointing towards the sky. Like this, turning the palm backwards. Need not be kept at a height. Just keep it comfortably. There should be no discomfort.

The right hand is that of action. Whatever action we do it dissolves in the sky later. Our ego and impurities should be dissolved in the sky. That is why we send it towards the sky.

I can feel that one of your chakras is catching badly. It is left Vishuddhi. It is catching because you have this feeling in you, ‘how can I get Realisation?’ ‘how is it possible?’ ‘I have committed this sin, that sin’.

Kindly understand you are Mother’s children. And loving devotees of Mother. You should not even think of anything like that.

Now place both your hands towards Me. I will show you how you yourself can awaken your Kundalini.

We have now established balance. Many people will be feeling cool now itself. You’ll feel.

On the left side which is our desire power, we have to touch the chakras on our left side with the right hand. Keep your right hand on the heart. Spirit resides in the heart. I will tell you one after the other.

After that, on the left side, on the upper part of the abdomen is the place of Guru and lower part of the abdomen in the place of Pure Knowledge. Now while moving upwards, place the hands in the same places and when you come here on the left side of the neck, in the Vishuddhi chakra is the place of Shri Krishna.

Entire Universe is His play. Then what are we worrying about? When everything is play, we are only to witness, then what are we worried about? Why do we pull ourselves down thinking ‘this mistake we have done’, ‘we have sinned’? You have to hold this chakra like this from the front. Many people are holding from the back, it’s wrong, from the front take it towards the back. It is catching very much now.

Next take the right hand on your fore head and hold it like you have a headache. Then place the same hand on the back of the head. There are two parts of the Agnya chakra. One in the front, then at the back you have to hold.

The same hand you should press it on the center of the head. Stretch your palm and press the center of the palm on the center of the head, which is the Sahasrara. At the place where the bone was soft in childhood, place the center of the palm and press it hard and rotate it clockwise seven times, so that the skin of the head also moves. Seven times you have to rotate.

All of you close your eyes. Please do not open your eyes. Because your attention is spread out like this shawl. So when the Kundalini rises it’s like the attention is pierced. That is why eyes have to be closed. Once it pierces and comes out, then the attention is enlightened.

The place of the Spirit is in the heart. But the place of Sada Shiva is on top of the head. When Kundalini touches His feet, the Spirit is awakened and we can feel the cool breeze coming out of the head. And also cool breeze on the hands.

First have faith in yourself. This will take place with complete faith in you.

Keep the left hand towards Me. It is your desire power. The right hand, which is the power of action, keep it on the chakras one by one as I am going to tell you. Don’t open the eyes. Please don’t open your eyes.

Now place your right hand on your heart. Close your eyes. Have a pleasant attention. Because you are going to receive the fruits of many lives. Have a pleasant attention, no conflict. Kundalini is your Mother. She is your individual Mother. She gives you rebirth with so much of love that you will be surprised.

Keeping your right hand on your heart, in your mind, you say with complete faith. You have to ask Me a question. “Mother am I the Spirit?” Ask this question with all your heart. “Mother am I the Spirit?” You can ask in your mind. No need to say it loud.

[Mother speaks aside to the kids, if they are feeling cool and instructs them how to place their hand. Also corrects those who are doing wrongly. And tells Sahaja Yogis to remove the child who is laughing and not paying attention]

Ask the question three times. This is a very fundamental question.

Next, along with that comes the second question. You place your hand on the left upper abdomen. Press the fingers. Place your right hand there and left towards Me.

Now you ask, “Mother am I my own guru?” “Mother am I my own master?” if you are the Spirit then the next question goes with it. Ask three times with complete faith.

Now place your right hand below the left abdomen, press it. I have told you this is the place of Pure Knowledge. Here I want to tell you that God has given you freedom to go to heaven or not. I cannot force you.

You have to tell in your freedom, “Mother please give me the Pure Knowledge”. Pure Knowledge means the knowledge of Gods laws. “Mother you please give me the Pure Knowledge”. You have to say this. With your heart you have to say, “Give me the Pure Knowledge”. “Please give me the chaste knowledge”.

Saying this only awakens the Kundalini. You have to say it six times because in this chakra there are six petals. So, to awaken them you have to say six times.

Now Kundalini awakening has taken place. But She cannot rise up without piercing the chakras. That’s why take your right hand and keep it on the upper part of the left abdomen which is the place of the Guru principle and press it.

At this place, because it is Guru’s place, you have to say in complete faith, “Mother I am my own master”. You have to believe in it. You say it ten times. “Mother I am my own guru”. Ten times. This you have to say with self-confidence.

This Guru principle is made by many SadGurus. Most importantly by the ten Primordial Masters who take birth again and again. The 10 Masters have made this Guru chakra, so you have to say ten times. “Mother I am my own master”. But say it having complete faith in yourself.

Place your right hand on you left heart. With complete faith, say twelve times, “Mother I am the Pure Spirit”. “Mother I am the Pure Spirit”. Say it twelve times as there are twelve petals in the heart chakra. Like we say, “Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham” [I am Shiva]. “I am the pure Spirit”, you have to say it with complete faith.

There is one more thing that God is the ocean of compassion, ocean of kindness, ocean of love. But more than anything, most importantly He is the ocean of forgiveness. That’s why you cannot commit any mistakes that He cannot forgive. By saying, “We are sinners, we have sinned”. It means you have not accepted His forgiveness. That is why please forgive yourself first.

Take your right hand, like I had shown at the joint of the shoulder and neck, press it and hold it tightly. There you have to say, with complete faith, sixteen times, because Shri Krishna has sixteen talents, “Mother I am not at fault”. “I have not committed any mistakes”. “I am not of low character”. “I am not a sinner”. Say it sixteen times. Take the hand from the front not from the back. Say 16 times, “Mother I am not guilty”. Just say, “Mother”. Even there is Mother Nature. Everything is Mother’s. You can say, “Mother Shakti”. There is nothing special. There is extraordinary hidden in the ordinary. The working will take place by itself. It is subtle.

Keep the right hand across your forehead and press it like we press it when we have a headache. Here we have to say a very simple thing. Doesn’t matter how many times. Right hand, the left hand be towards Me all the time. Say, “Mother, I forgive everyone”. Many say that it is very difficult to say it. But whether you forgive or not, you don’t do anything. In reality, both of them are a myth. When you think you cannot forgive, you play at the hands of others. So please say, “Mother I forgive everyone”, from your heart.

For your satisfaction, keep the right hand at the back of your head, tilt you head upwards and backwards, putting the weight on your hand; just say once, without taking  any sin or mistakes upon yourself, just say once, “O God if we have done anything against Your honour, please forgive us”. This is for your satisfaction. You don’t have to add, ‘I have done this’, ‘I have done that’. Say it with complete heart, “O God if I have committed any mistakes, if I have done anything against Your honor which is not right, you please forgive it”.

Stretch out the right palm and place the center of the right palm on the head which is soft during your childhood. Press the [Brahmarandra] fontanelle bone area. Let the fingers be stretched out. Press and move the skin of that area seven times. Now you have to say, “Mother please give us Self Realisation”. I cannot force you. Say it seven times. [Shri Mataji blows Chaitanya]. “Mother give us Self Realisation”. “Please give us Self Realisation”.

Slowly bring the hand down. Open your eyes slowly. Look at Me without thinking. You can see. Nirvicharita [thoughtless awareness] is established. Now keep your right hand towards Me, place your left hand about 4 inches, 3 inches for some 6 inches, above your head and move it and see whether you are getting cool breeze.

Now place left hand towards Me and check with your right hand. For some people they may feel much above the head. Now again check with your left hand. Keep your attention on the top of your head and see if you can feel the cool breeze.

Now raise both your hand towards the sky and ask, “Mother is this God’s Brahma Shakti?” “Is this His Power of Love” “Is this the Power through which the entire Universe works?”

Don’t doubt. It is not to be doubted. Bring both your hands down. You are feeling cool on the hands. It is usual. Some will feel more and some less. In three days everyone will become alright. But come here for three days with reverence.

[Shri Mataji speaks to different people] Just wait for a minute. Don’t go in-between. All are in meditation. You should respect others. Sit down for a minute. If you didn’t feel, the others are feeling.

Some people may not have felt it. It’s possible that there is some problem in your body or some problem in your mind.  That’s ok, in three days I’ll make everything alright. Staying for three days is essential.

[Shri Mataji speaks to various people] This person has got it very nicely. What about you? Just see this gentleman next to you. What about you? You have some problem right? Your hand doesn’t open up? That is the issue. It’ll happen. It’ll happen.

Now you can look at Me without any thoughts. This is ‘Nirvichar Samadhi’ [thoughtless awareness]. After that ‘Nirvikalp’ [doubtless]. That will also take place.

This I the beginning. In a very subtle way, like a strand of hair, Kundalini awakens on the Brahma Nadi and slowly rises opening the chakras. When the permeability of chakras is increased, when they start opening up; the Kundalini which is made of many strands will rise. Many strands will rise up. There just has to be a beginning.