Public Program Day 3: Sadhak Wahi Hota He Jo Sath Leta He Jaipur (India)

1986-02-19 Public Program in Jaipur

Sahaja yogi: Jai Shri Mataji! All the brothers who are standing outside, please come inside. In a short while Shri Mataji is going to come. All the brothers and sisters who are waiting for Shri Mataji, please come inside. As soon as you come inside we will start the program. Please come inside.

Song in the background

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji is going to come. Till then we will talk a little about Sahaja Yoga. […]

Workshop on False Gurus Problems among seekers Jaipur (India)

Workshop, day 2, Jaipur [India], February 19th, 1986

Take your seats Looks like the Doctor has worked very hard upon you all The old man: [Unclear] [Speaker advices everyone to sit in front] Shri Mataji: [To the lady] OH! How are you? Did you just touch MY feet! [Shri Mataji enquires about another person. The lady conveys that he/she has had a heart attack. Shri Mataji is telling her to bring that person along, he can get cured. […]