Public Program, Sadhak Wahi Hota He Jo Sath Leta He (morning)

Jaipur (India)

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1986-02-19 Morning Program in Jaipur

Sahaja yogi: Jai Shri Mataji! All the brothers who are standing outside, please come inside. In a short while Shri Mataji is going to come. All the brothers and sisters who are waiting for Shri Mataji, please come inside. As soon as you come inside we will start the program. Please come inside.

Song in the background

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji is going to come. Till then we will talk a little about Sahaja Yoga. Please come and sit in your respective places. Brothers who are standing behind, please sit down. Jai Shri Mataji!

Today we have gathered here on the third day of the program to receive something and learn more about what we want to receive. We are all are here for that purpose. Today, Shri Mataji will tell you about some more chakras, and also about Sahasrara, but before She comes, I want to explain about the same chakras in an easy way, through this chart, so that when She talks about chakras you will understand it better.

Anybody can come to the chart. I don’t need anybody to speak, but someone who can understand when I speak about the chakras to point them out. The chakra names are universal.

This Sahaja yogi is a doctor who has come from England and his name is Dr. Bogdan. Together we will explain about chakras. I will talk, and he will show the chakras with the pointer.

Yesterday, Shri Mataji told you about the initial chakra, which is Mooladhara. The deity and king of this chakra, who takes care of Mooladhara in your subtle system, and who initiates your awareness, starts from this chakra, on which Shri Ganesha is present.

Here, I want to tell you in the beginning that we have heard many stories about the form and the formless, but God is present in both the form and the formless. The only difference is that our eyes cannot see the abstract or formless. In our brain we have different images of the formless, but our physical eyes can only see the concrete form. So, weak people like me think that, if I can see the form, one day the formless will appear before me.

So, without falling into any discussion, I want to tell you that this pure form of Shri Mataji, whose name is Nirmala, is the embodiment of Adi Shakti. You must have heard and felt that the source of all the shaktis is the Adi Shakti. So, today we are fortunate that Shri Adi Shakti, in her physical form, that is, in the form of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, is coming before us. You all want to see miracles, and there cannot be a bigger miracle than this.

However, there is a seed of doubt in our minds, which is clouding our eyes and is not allowing us to see the truth which is before us. That is why the awakening of Kundalini has become necessary. What happens when the Kundalini is awakened is that your body parts are separated from one another; our mental state does not support our physical condition, our physical state does not match our emotions, and as far as our spirit is concerned, we have completely forgotten about it or it is covered with so many layers that we don’t understand anything. So, the awakening of Kundalini is important because the energy which is situated in the triangular bone, above Shri Ganesha’s chakra in Mooladhara, in our spinal cord, is sitting there and is born with us. Now, we have to understand and awaken this energy, in a very easy way, because when this energy is in a dormant state, we face physical, mental and emotional problems and our whole system goes helter-skelter. We don’t understand what we are doing. One minute we go into depression, and the next minute we become so aggressive that we start fighting, our ego develops, and we get stuck in this whirlpool.

And why does it happen? If we want to co-ordinate our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states, by the combination of which we humans are made, then we need to awaken this energy which is inside us. But to do that we need to know ourselves first. People who have attended this program in the last two days, and those who have felt the vibrations, are Self-realized. Those who could not feel the vibrations also are Self-realized; accept this. The only difference is that as the Kundalini gets stuck in some chakras, only a few strands of it come out of the fontanelle bone, and so they are not able to feel it. As soon as you come in front of Shri Mataji, who never differentiates between Her children, you attain Self-realization.

Now, the remaining thing is that when your Kundalini awakens completely, then you will see how you feel. You remember one thing. As all of us have shortcomings, we get diseases and we run to doctors or to physicians, or to any kind of yoga practitioner, to cure ourselves. As I observed in the past two days, some brothers and sisters came to me in Bhagwan Das Road with the only intention of curing themselves. I told them humbly that I am a doctor, but if you people want the regular treatment, please go to Sawai Madho Singh hospital or any other health centre and take the treatment. You may be all right for some time, and then the same problem will start again. But here the treatment is of a totally different kind. The difference is, I say, that you become your own doctor.

We are presenting for you the method by which you become your own doctor. When you become your own doctor, and start raising your Kundalini, because of the power given to you by the grace of Shri Mataji, then you will understand Her power. If it was some other guru, he would always try to make disciples. At least, I have neither heard nor seen any guru who tells you, “You become your own master,” and also tells you how to become that. In my sixty years of experience I have seen that only Adi Shakti, who has incarnated on this earth, can do this kind of job, because we all are Her children, and She wants each and every child of Hers to become so strong that he can take care of himself.

So, we should try not to go to the left sometimes and to the right sometimes. God has given us two shoulders and a head in between. So let us at least try to keep it that way. This is what Sahaja Yoga teaches you, that it is a matter of someone going towards Ida Nadi and some towards Pingala Nadi. But in Sushumna, when you raise your Kundalini, which is your individual mother, along with your spirit, when it comes out of the fontanelle bone, then the vibrations of the All-pervading Power, which flows in your body and passes through every part of your body, comes out. Then is it possible that any germ will survive against this power? Or is it possible, that any part of your body doesn’t become all right? When your body parts get nourished with proper food, that is vibrations, it is impossible that you will not get cured of any disease.

So, I always say that when you are learning Sahaja Yoga, when you are learning how to awaken your Kundalini, then you should work hard enough to raise your own Kundalini. Here in this crowd there are many people whose Kundalini has risen within seconds, and possibly they might have been great sages in their previous births and may not be aware of it. Their Kundalini rises with full force, within seconds, and sustains itself in the Sahasrara. There are many people in the world of this kind, that if I start talking about them, I may have to stay here all morning. But I want to tell you that some people have seen so many miracles and that they have been cured of diseases like cancer. However, if you think that just by touching Shri Mataji’s feet you are going to get rid of all your problems, then that is not going to happen. So, I request you all that whoever has any kind of problem, and if they want to cure themselves, then please listen to Shri Mataji very carefully today. Absorb everything inside you and learn how to raise your Kundalini by the grace of Shri Mataji, in Her presence, and start practicing this every day.

Here on this earth, many sages came to know about Kundalini, after taking thousands of births. Today in this Kali Yuga, we are so lucky to gain this knowledge, comfortably sitting in this place, with a roof over our head and lights around us, without going to the Himalayas, without doing hatha yoga, because Goddess Adi Shakti decided to take birth in a form, give realisation to the children who are seeking their spirit and raise their Kundalini, so that the children can take care of themselves, and slowly you will learn how to work on others when you are working on yourself. When you have any problems on your chakras, and you learn the methods to clear them, what happens is that your Kundalini will awaken, and after coming out of the fontanelle bone, it will communicate with Adi Shakti. At the same time, other Sahaja yogis’ Kundalini also would have risen. At this time, when a communication system is established through Adi Shakti, we are connected, whether we are here or ten thousand miles apart. Then you will feel the reflection of the person on your chakras, who is in your attention. So, you will see that if someone’s Nabhi Chakra is catching, whether he is here or in London, you will feel the sensation in your finger, and in an attempt to clear the other person you will also benefit.

Now there are doctors like me who have been learning throughout and think that we know everything, but after coming to Sahaja we realise that what we know is a myth. We do nothing. The power which does everything is among us. I am just a witness because I am a spirit, and if we are witnessing, then we cannot be doers.

So, I humbly request you not to touch Shri Mataji’s feet when She comes here. Also, don’t start discussing your ailments with Her, because you don’t know that as soon as you come in front of Shri Mataji, She knows on which chakra you are catching and what is your problem. Without your saying so, She absorbs all your problems in Her body. After this, Her body suffers so much that last night four of us had to sit with her for three hours to remove the negative vibrations from Her. Do you want to trouble Her in this way? If you want to, then say yes. Otherwise, stay calm.

Shri Mataji has arrived. Sit peacefully and listen to Her and, as I told you before, if you have any queries please talk to Sahaja yogis.

Song in the backgound


Background voice: Whoever is standing, please sit down. Whoever is outside, kindly come inside the pendal and sit down.



My salutations to the seekers of Jaipur. The seeker is one who achieves something. One who only entertains himself, keeps singing bhajans, wanders from temple to temple, and spends his whole life like this, has not achieved anything. There should be an instrument through which you get connected to the Divine, through which communication can happen, and the Divine has already equipped this instrument, very beautifully, inside us. The one and only thing remaining is that we make use of this instrument. Inside each and every plexus or chakra in our subtle system, there is a deity present. We believe in Ganapati, but we do not know that Ganapati is present inside us. We believe in Lakshmi and Vishnu, but we do not know that they are present inside us. Just now Jagadamba’s song was being sung; Jagadamba also is present inside us.

Yesterday, I told you about Nabhi Chakra. When Brahma created this universe, the Void was created around the Nabhi Chakra, and to establish religion inside this Void, starting from Adi Guru to this day, many great personalities have taken birth, who have ten principles. These ten principles bind our human religion. This human religion is present inside us, just like ten valencies are present inside carbon. These saints have been illuminating their ten principles inside us from the time of creation, and we are supposed to adhere to these principles, but human beings, in their ego or misunderstandings, turn religion into irreligion. That is why we see many deformations in our religion, and we start thinking that there is no religion and there is no God. Religion is present inside us.

Many incarnations have introduced religions to us. For example, Shri Ramchandra ate Shabri’s already-tasted berries. Shri Ram Chandra, who was an excellent man from Suryavansh, ate the berries which were offered to him by an old lady, Shabari, after she tasted them. Shri Rama ate them with lots of affection. There is a very strong religion implemented in this, and that religion is that love is most liked by the Divine. A human being who doesn’t have love in his heart can never step over the threshold of the Divine, and the Divine embraces a person, forgetting everything else, whose heart is full of love. For example, Sudamaji carried pounded rice with him, and Shri Krishna ate that with love. We create lots of fuss in the matter of food, but we don’t think that if a person, whoever it may be, offers us any food with utmost love, he is a personification of God. So, the reflection of religion is love.

But nowadays there is dispute among religions. People may ask, “Mother, if religion means love, then why are people fight among themselves?” The great masters who have taken birth in the world are like flowers blooming on the same tree, at different times. They bloomed on the same tree, but we start plucking them and fighting for them after their death. When they are alive we torture them. If we do not trouble them, we become the witness to their torment. We have troubled each and every saint, and even if we have not troubled them, we have not made any attempt to stop the people who were tormenting them. No one offered a single glass of water to them. These saints are flowers of the celestial tree. We pluck these flowers and fight for the dead flowers, saying, “This is my flower. That is your flower. My flower is better than yours.” This way, all the flowers are dead, and we are fighting for the dead flowers. The flowers that once decorated the celestial garden have become subjects for dispute today.

So, this religion is a religion of love because the whole power is due to the love of the Divine. If God did not love us, He would not have created this universe, but we don’t love ourselves. We negate and imprison ourselves and impose our own thoughts on ourselves, saying, “These are my thoughts and they are right. They are correct.” So when we imprison ourselves with this kind of conviction, then others also do the same thing, and keep shouting. Human beings become independent in love. They start knowing their own mechanism. So, religion is love.

At times, situations arose where violence had to be used, such as when Shri Krishna told Arjuna during the war, “Kill all these people, because they are already dead.” He did not teach Arjuna today’s non-violence that also protects all kinds of insects. Am I going to give Kundalini awakening to these insects that you are protecting? At that time, Shri Krishna said, “Kill all these people, and kill your guru also.” You should understand the religion completely. You know the story of Karna when his foot got stuck in the wheels of the chariot. At that time, Arjuna lifted his bow at Karna. Then Karna said, “You are a warrior, and I am also a warrior. According to the rules, you cannot attack a weapon-less person.” At that time Shri Krishna raised his finger towards Karna and said, “Where was your chivalry when Draupadi’s modesty was under attack?’ So he killed him. Only violence is going to work with evil. We people are violent with good people and use non-violence for evil. There are many people among us who would say, “We protect insects,” but the same people, when they want to capture someone’s property, will not hesitate to bring his wife and children to the streets. They will insult him and won’t mind sending the only breadwinner of the family behind bars, just for a small amount of money. This is not religion. This is irreligion. We should understand the definition of religion from the incarnations who came before us. They established the chakras within us and also set an ideology before us, which we should understand.

Now the next chakra, after the religion, about which we need to know is the chakra of Jagadamba, about whom people were singing just now. Jagdamba is sitting in the centre of the Heart Chakra. This Heart Chakra is made up of twelve petals. Up till a child is twelve years old, Jagadamba, who is also known as Brahmaramba, creates antibodies in the rib cage. This is called antibodies in English. By the time the child is twelve years old, she finishes making the whole antibodies, and when there is any kind of attack on the child these antibodies fight against them and protect the child. After the age of twelve years, these antibodies spread all over the body. Our rib cage is like All India Radio, from where the command goes out: “Now fight this disease, and attack here, and if necessary send soldiers”. In this way they keep fighting all the time, and sometimes they become very tired. This chakra gets caught up, particularly in women, because they don’t trust Jagadamaba, who is their mother, who is all-powerful and who nurtures everyone, who is the protector of everyone. A woman gets scared when her husband is rude to her, or when she hears some fearsome story. This land is bestowed with heroic personalities, like Queen Padmini, who have been living examples in history. But nowadays, ladies are very scared of everything, and men also suppress them unnecessarily and do not take care of them. For this reason, women get caught up on the Heart Chakra, and they get breast cancer, mostly. When this chakra gets caught up in men, they start getting scared of every small thing. Their hands and feet start shivering for almost everything. Jagadamba is sitting in a place from where she protects and pulls her devotees from the Void, when they want to ascend spiritually.

You know that the Goddess incarnated several times on this earth. She shone for some time in Rajasthali, also in the form of Sakhirani, and all the kings of this place also are devotees of the Devi. In spite of all these, there is a kind of fear and cowardice that has settled in human beings. Truth should not be scared of anything. A person who stands on the truth is never scared of anyone. He boldly faces the whole world and speaks the truth. In 1970, in Jahangir Kavasya Hall, I declared the names of all the devils who have taken birth now, and their names in their previous births. None of them filed any case against Me or created any problem for Me. One person said, “Mother, they will shoot you.” I said, “Let Me see who has the courage to do so. They will start shivering.” Even with this kind of mother’s powers, we are timid and cowardly. This is because we have not understood the truth and we never respected bravery. People who follow the untruth are cowards. Mother worships only the truthful people. She adorns and protects them. So, we should remember that Jagadamba is inside us, and we are awakening her. We get many diseases due to the malfunctioning of this plexus or chakra.

The chakra on the right side of this chakra is called the Right Heart. In Rajasthan, this chakra is easily caught up. This is the chakra of Shri Rama, who is an excellent person. People who are scared of government matters get caught up on this chakra, because Shri Rama was the ideal king. What is the need to be scared of government for those who worship him? When you are in his kingdom what is the need to be scared? He was a maryada purushottam, meaning he never crossed the boundaries of good conduct. Likewise, whoever remains within the boundaries of good conduct cannot be harmed by any government and is fully protected by Shri Rama. People get asthma when this chakra is caught up. This plexus represents our father, as Shri Rama is in the place of our father. This chakra gets damaged if there is a rift in the father-son relationship, or if there is a vacuum in the place of a father, or the father is troubling the child in some way or leading him in the wrong path. This leads to asthma. This disease can be cured. This doesn’t mean that you bring all the asthma patients to Me. It means that you raise your Kundalini and clear this chakra. Some people have such nice Kundalini that it rises up within seconds and sustains itself, and after that they never get any disease.

There is another set of people whose Kundalini rises and falls very often. This type of person should raise their Kundalini again and again, as the power of Kundalini is your injection, your medicine, your dhanvantry, your doctor and everything else. If this power doesn’t flow within us, then how will our hands work? There are people whose Kundalini is stuck. It is difficult to correct this kind of person, but if they are dedicated, and they feel at least a little difference, the Kundalini rises in them. I have cured many people and treated them for their diseases, but I have noticed that very few people among them get established in Sahaja Yoga. You should realise that the Divine is very clever, and why would it light a lamp which cannot give light to others? It is waste of time to light such lamps, who come here only to cure themselves.

There are also many restless people who come to me and say, “Mother, please give me peace of mind.” Can good health give everything? Today one chakra will get cleared, and tomorrow another will get caught up. Today you will have one disease and tomorrow another. Can I keep curing you day and night? You need humility and good deeds in the past to get realisation. Many people think that they are doing Me a favour by coming to Sahaja Yoga. They don’t understand that it is our good fortune that we can do Sahaja Yoga and our Kundalini is awakened. The Divine accepts the humans only when they start understanding this fact and rejects the egoistic people who think that they are doing Me a favour. The Divine is doing us the favour. We should be indebted to Him. We should be thankful to Him that, “God, you gave us the understanding to come to your door”. My attention does not stay on people who come here only to cure their diseases. Yes, it is true that when Kundalini rises, like I told you yesterday, all the superficial ailments get cured, but you have to establish the Kundalini with practice. It is also true, like Mrs. Padthal said, that her angina problem got solved within ten minutes. She is a different type of person. I know everyone in their family, and she is different from them. What can I do about it? There are some fruits which ripen faster, some do not ripen at all, and some others remain rotten. So, after awakening the Kundalini, you should understand where to sustain it, how to raise it, how to clear your chakras, and so on. If someone tells you how to do it, please listen to them and do accordingly.

Now above this chakra, in our throat is the chakra of Shri Krishna. In exactly this centre, Shri Krishna used to play with the gopis. Nowadays, there are people who say that Shri Krishna in the Gita is different, and Gopi Krishna is different, and who knows how many other forms of Shri Krishna will be created. There are sixteen petals in this throat chakra. It is called Vishuddhi Chakra, meaning very clear, because you know that Shri Krishna was Yogeshwara, and so no dirt can stick to him. He is Yogeshwara, and when you come to Vishuddhi, nothing adheres to you. You start looking at everything as if you are watching a drama and start witnessing it. Till now you were stuck in the ocean and were scared of the waves, but now you are on a boat and witnessing the same waves. This witnessing power comes inside you. As soon as this power comes inside you, you start witnessing the whole creation, and you are not affected by anything. Secondly, your attention is on getting solutions to your problems. As long as you are stuck in the problem itself, it can never be solved.

This place of Shri Krishna has two parts, left and right. The left side is the place of Sri Vishnumaya, who you know was Shri Krishna’s sister, and who went to the heaven and made the celestial announcement to Kans, through the clouds, “Kans, your killer is still alive.” The same celestial announcement works even today in the form of lightning. Sometimes you will be surprised to see amazing photographs of mine. You will be surprised that a camera, which looks so ordinary, has taken such wonderful pictures of mine even in the clouds. This is a celestial doing. All this is done by Shri Vishnumaya. This chakra gets caught up when we don’t consider the relationship of brother and sister and look at other women with adulterous eyes. It also gets caught up when we imagine things such as, “We have made mistakes, we are sinners, and we are evil”, and start feeling guilty for nothing. Sometimes I see too much imagination in people who believe, “I am guilty. I am a sinner”. This is mostly given to them by others who keep telling them, “You are a sinner,” as if they are saints. As a result, their Left Vishuddhi gets damaged, and along with this, if the Heart Chakra also catches, then fatal diseases like angina can occur. Day and night, most women get tormented, by family members or by the society, or by the husband, that “You are bad”. This can result in many diseases, the most lethal of which is angina.

On the right side of the Vishuddhi resides Krishna, who in Maharashtra is known as Vitthala and who ruled over Dwarika, which is in your city. When he is in the center, he is in the form of Gopi-Gopika, when he was ruling Dwarika he was on the right side, and on the left his power is that of a woman who was his sister. Radha was his power in the center, and Rukmini, his wife, was his power on the right side. Yesterday I told you that, apart from these five powers, there are sixteen thousand more powers on the right side, but there are also many defects there. Shri Vitthala’s statue was sighted in Pandarpur, like Govinda Maharaja’s swayambhu was seen in Jaipur. After that, people started their business there. They used to chew tobacco and walk for a whole month, chanting, “Vitthala, Vitthala, Vitthala.”

Now tobacco is against Sri Krishna. He doesn’t like tobacco at all. This chakra gets spoilt in people who chew or smoke tobacco, and thus they get cancer. The treatment for this is to inhale the fumes of carom seeds and smoke cigarettes made out of carom leaves. This makes Shri Krishna happy. Another treatment for this is that you drink warm water or milk with melted butter in it. Shri Krishna likes butter very much. Also, use ghee and camphor for your nostrils, because you know that camphor is Shri Krishna’s favourite. Apply camphor on your forehead. Do everything that makes Shri Krishna happy. This may cure your Vishuddhi problems, and your cancer may get treated. When all your throats catch, my throat also catches, and I have to struggle a lot to set it right. Still, sometimes the Kundalini of many people does not awaken at all. Particularly in this Vishuddhi Chakra, there are three entanglements. Because of this, the Left Vishuddhi gets caught up when a person takes mantras from a wrong guru and keeps chanting them throughout the day.

In Sahaja Yoga there is treatment for all these problems, in the form of mantras and yogasans and also certain elements like water and sugar are used.

The Agnya Chakra is in the middle of our forehead. This is the place of Shri Maha Vishnu. This has been described in Devi Mahatmya by Markandeya Swami, but who has time nowadays to read that? This is Maha Vishnu’s place, and on the left side of Maha Vishnu resides Buddha, and on the right resides Mahavira. Buddhists also have tormented Buddha. Shri Buddha said, “Don’t talk about any god or any statue, because until you are Self-realized, you are only worshipping a stone. Get this first so that you can differentiate between an ordinary stone and a swayambhu. First and foremost, Self-realization, Self-realization, Self-realization.” So, people used to say that he was anti-god, but he was a very practical man. In the beginning, I also used to say to get Self-realization first and then we will talk. But like you witnessed yesterday, one person was saying that he doesn’t want Self-realization. Then why did you come here? Here you get nothing but Self-realization. This is what Buddha said: “Get your Self-realization first”, but when he said, “Don’t worship anything before getting Self-realization,” people started misinterpreting him and going in the wrong path.

As far as Mahavira is concerned, he is the incarnation of Bhairavnath ji, a very great personality. Once, he was meditating in a jungle, and while returning his attire got stuck in a thorny bush. I really feel very bad about this because he is also my son. His dress got torn, and at that time Shri Krishna wanted to test him. So, he told Mahavira, “You are an ascetic. So you don’t require a dress. I am naked. I don’t have a dress. So please give your dress to me.” Mahavira gave his dress to Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna, who was a king, hid Mahavira’s dress for a second and wore his clothes, and then went away. But see how people have made fun of this today? Ask a mother if this is how her son should be made fun of. All over the world, they exhibit him in nude form, and they also roam on the streets shamelessly, without clothes. Did Mahavira ask anyone to do this? To become like Mahavira and do this? People have done many kinds of stupid things, which makes me think that their sins will never be forgiven. How can God forgive someone who has insulted such a great saint on stones and cements?

Neminath ji, who was with Shri Krishna, was a Teerthankar and was also the first cousin of Shri Krishna, had an aversion. At his wedding, when he saw many animals and birds being killed, he felt an aversion towards violence. This can happen to anyone. So, he declared that he would never do violence. But did he ever ask you to protect the insects and beetles? You people mistake everything. At least, try to learn the right thing. I spoke to many Jain sages and asked them, “Why don’t you people meditate, as told by Mahavir ji, instead of constructing temples?” To that they replied, “Meditation leads to acquisition of trivial knowledge (shudra siddhi).” I told them, “It is right that you get shudra siddhi. Now do the actual meditation through Sahaja Yoga.” Now, many Jains have started understanding that Shri Mataji is telling the same thing as Mahavir ji and Buddha, and this is the true Kingdom of God, and it is not right to waste your money and attention on useless things.

Thirdly, in the centre of the forehead is Jesus Christ, where we wear his blood in the form of a bindi.  Now, what can I say about the stupidity of Christians? There cannot be worse fanatics than Christians. We say Muslims are fanatics. At least, their fanaticism is visible. But Christians are hidden fanatics. They are so stupid that they never understood Jesus Christ properly. Jesus Christ, whose place is in the centre of the optic chiasma, said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes,” meaning your eyes should be so pure that there should not be any kind of greed in them. Tell me, have you ever come across a Christian who does not have greed in his eyes? The solid quality, which He expected Christians to have, is missing in them. This is the case with every religion. When we [Hindus] were told that spirit is present inside us, we divided ourselves into a caste system, according to birth. There can never be caste according to birth, and Vyas ji could never write any such thing. Whoever knows about Vyas ji, knows whose son he was. He was the son of Matsyagandha, who was an unmarried fisherwoman. Could Vyas ji have written this kind of thing? It was declared that you are a Brahmin from birth, but you have to become Brahmin. This is what I am trying to tell you.

Now, please understand that whatever wrong imaginations we have regarding religion need to be corrected. If we don’t do that, we will never attain our true religion; like Krishna said, “Kill him.” We have to recognise and achieve the truth. This will remove all the other religions from inside us, and the true and only religion will be established in the whole world, because ultimately, everyone has said the same thing.

As far as the chakras on the forehead are concerned, Buddha, Mahavira and Jesus Christ came on these chakras, and their lives were full of penance. Also, in the Veda, seven phases of humans are mentioned: “bhu”, meaning Shri Ganesha, made out of the earth element; “bhurv”, meaning Shri Brahmadeva, made out of the sky element; “bhur bhuvas swaha”. Swaha takes place in the Nabhi Chakra where we eat; that is, “agni”, or fire, eats everything. This is the place of Lakshmi Narayan, bhur, buva swaha. “Mana” is the place of Maa Jagdamba. “Jana” Is the place of Shri Krishna where he thought of awakening the human awareness. Not only that, but Shri Krishna is also Virat. The entire body part of the whole humanity is inside him. And “tap”, meaning penance done by Jesus, Mahavira and Buddha. And in Sahasrara there is absolute truth which is given to you by Shri Adi Shakti. The same essence mentioned in the Vedas was written by different people in Bhakti Marga by describing deities. All these are true. The only thing is that all these parts are scattered, and people fight to own one hand here and another there. So, this way both the hands are broken. The fight for the form and the formless also is a total waste. Now you all stand on the truth, and you will realise how there is form in the formless, and formless in the form. But you should say, “Mother, we will accept only the truth and know only the truth.”

Today, I have told you a little bit about the chakras. I may have to say a lot about Sahasrara, but since there is less time, I will tell you about the spirit. The spirit, which is inside us, is the reflection of God, whom we call Sada Shiva. He is Sada Shiva, who never incarnates. His reflection inside us is the spirit. And his power of Desire, whom we call Adi Shakti, is in the form of Kundalini within us. When the spirit and the Kundalini unite, then our union with the Divine takes place. This is not an event for which any certificate can be given, or you can stick a label on your head to show that you are Self-realized. When this union takes place, the enlightenment of the spirit comes into your attention, like the Doctor Sahib said just now that as soon as Shri Mataji comes before you, She knows everything about you. When My attention is enlightened, obviously, I will know everything about you. If My enlightened attention is all around, I will know what you are. When your attention gets enlightened, then you will also recognize the truth.

A person may be a very good orator, may give very good lectures, and can be melodramatic also, and people might be behind him saying, “Gurumaharaj, Gurumaharaj,” but finally you will discover that he was released from jail only ten months before. This kind of incident you may witness on an everyday basis.

Please come inside so that others do not get disturbed. Tell the children also that there is no need to peep.

Like a babaji comes today and he takes away all your money. Another comes tomorrow and runs away with your wealth. Nowadays, these babajis pop up everywhere, like frogs during the rainy season. Whichever village I go to, I see these new, new babajis.

So, only the spirit can tell you if a person is genuine or a cheat, because the spirit is absolute. There are not two opinions about this. Like if we see a person, we may not voice it but in our hearts, but we will know what he is, and whatever we know will be the absolute truth. You may ask how is that possible. It is possible because you are a spirit, and spirit knows only the absolute truth. It doesn’t have wrong knowledge, and in the absolute knowledge the spirit will tell you that is a fact. The whole truth will be in front of you. In the beginning, you may have to observe on your fingers and find out which chakra is catching in the person, what is his problem, and where is the catch, but ultimately, you will become such an expert that the moment you see a person, you will instantly know his problems. Although many people may deny that they have a guru, the feeling in his Nabhi will make you say, “Yes, you have a guru. Tell me his name, so that you can get cured faster,” but they will never accept. They are wasting their time and also My time. I have to work for the emancipation of whole world, but people get stuck with small issues. Why can’t they get rid of the false gurus?

So, when you start recognising the truth, you are surprised to find so many defects inside you. Like I was talking to a girl today and I told her, “You are such a young girl, and you have problems in your liver.” People who think too much get liver problems. “Do you eat plenty of fried items?” The girl said, “No, I don’t like them at all. I have had this problem since my birth.” “Does your mother drink alcohol?” “No, not my mother. My father drinks alcohol.” So I concluded that a drunkard’s child is born with a damaged liver. So, you have given your child a damaged liver from the beginning, and as soon as a child is born, he will get jaundice. If the father’s or mother’s liver is damaged, then the child also is born with a damaged liver.

So, to know the truth we should keep our attention pure. This doesn’t mean that you start washing your attention. When you meditate, and when the Kundalini rises above Agnya Chakra, you become thoughtless. We should keep increasing this period of thoughtlessness, which is called as vlamb. That brings peacefulness inside you. When you are peaceful, only then does the tree grow. The tree inside you grows in your thoughtlessness, and you ascend. You will know all kinds of truth. Leave about Me, I know everything anyway, but Sahaja yogis also tell Me, “Mother, we don’t know how, but we know that if we go to this particular shop, we will get what we want, and that is what happens. We felt that we should take this path, and found a Sahaja yogi who said, ‘I was waiting for you, as one of my relatives is ill’.” So many big and small things like this happen, and it surprises us. You know the truth by its roots. For example, if the leaves of a tree are damaged, you don’t treat the leaves. Instead, you have to get to the root and treat it. In the same way, first of all, you realise the truth on your fingertips. The knowledge of the whole Veda comes inside you, and you know the truth. The knowledge of the whole world comes inside you.

Recently, I went to Maharashtra. I had to travel by bullock cart. I started talking to the person who was riding the cart, and I said, “This is Kabira who is riding.” I asked him, “How did you know so many things?” He said, “Mother, all this was inside me. You enlightened me, and I knew everything. Am I not right?” I said, “You are absolutely correct. Hats off to you.”.

Which university did Tukaram attend? Which university did Gyaneshwaraji attend? They were not incarnations, but then how did they acquire so much knowledge? This is the absolute knowledge, which is inside us, and which we attain after Self-realization. This is the enlightenment of your spirit, which makes you see the snake as a snake and not as a rope. So, this is the truth. Our spiritual attention is also collective. You are part and parcel of the Virat, but these body parts do not know that they are inside the Virat. But as soon as your spirit enlightens, the parts of your body know, “I am roaming inside Virat”. His collective consciousness gets enlightened. When a person’s spirit gets enlightened, his attention becomes collective. An enlightened person’s attention is collective, meaning that it tells you your problems and also others’ problems. And if you know how to cure yourself, that also happens.

In Sahaja Yoga you get the total knowledge. So, consider that if you go to a doctor, he will say, “I am a gastro doctor. So please go to a dentist.” The dentist will take out all your teeth and say, “Your teeth are all right. So please go to an ear specialist.” He will tear your ears, and then say, “Your ears are fine. Please go to an eye specialist”. He will remove your eyes, and finally you will come back totally sick. All the doctors, please forgive Me. But in Sahaja Yoga the knowledge is aggregated. If a person comes and says, “Mother, my stomach is aching,” then someone will say, “Give him medicine for a stomach ache.” But no, some entity has come inside his stomach, and the entity has to be removed. This is the effect of some other person, and needs to be removed. This is some black magic which needs to be removed. Not that you go to a psychiatrist for this and so on. These are small children, and they do not know anything yet. The whole total knowledge comes inside you in Sahaja Yoga. Even the children know the absolute knowledge.

I have a grandchild who went to Ladakh with her parents when she was very small. There was a lama sitting over there. All these lamajis also are damajis. All are one and the same. This young girl was looking at him. Everyone was touching his feet. So, her parents thought they should do the same and went to touch his feet. The child got angry when the parents touched his feet. She went and stood in front of him and said, “Just by shaving your head and wearing this long robe, you don’t become a realized soul. Why are you making others touch your feet? Get down off the stage.”  A five-year-old child said this boldly.

There was some Prakhandanandini, Pakhandanand, or someone. I was invited as a chief guest, for the 100th birthday of a great Maharishi from South India. This Pakhandanand was also on the stage wearing a long maxi-like robe. My other grand-daughter was sitting in the front row. She said, “Grandma, ask this man in the maxi to go away. We are getting scorching heat from this person. We are all burning.” There were many other Sahaja yogis there, who started laughing. Even small children emerge as mighty scholars. The reason is that their attention is enlightened by their spirit.

The biggest reward given to you by the Divine is that your physical condition, mental condition and also financial state improve, and after all this you experience the prime thing, the absolute joy, which is Niranand. There is no happiness or sadness in joy. Joy is absolute. You cannot experience this without Self-realization. Very innocent people immediately achieve this. Intelligent people keep exploring, saying “Mother, what is happening in this finger, and that finger?” whereas other people say, “Mother, we are swimming in the ocean of joy,” and they learn the whole knowledge by themselves. Thus, a state of pure happiness, joy and pleasure is very clearly visible in our character, and people get surprised to see the total transformation, which makes them say, “Oh my God! This man has touched the heights, and he has become a diamond from an ordinary stone.”

Today, the blossom time has come when many more flowers are going to bloom. That is why this work is happening at this particular time. It is a matter of time. This is the time when you also should bloom and achieve your rewards. Whatever is your notion, and whatever you are thinking, has to be changed by you, and you have to recognise the Divine. You have to change and recognise the Divine. Leave all your notions aside and witness the whole thing with your eyes open with the perception of a scientist. May God bless you all.

Today is the last day. I came here only for two days, but I see there are so many of my devotees. I thought it was going to be like the last time when many people were eating my head. So I thought it is better to go away in two days. Next time I will come for eight days. You people can also go to Delhi, where there is a 7-day program, in Barakhamba Road, Shankar Lal Hall, at 7 p.m. People come from Madras also. Jaipur people should definitely come. You know that many foreigners have come several thousand miles to come to this program. Three hundred and seventy foreigners had come. I bring only selected people, because it is very difficult to arrange their stay. Most of them have left. Very few who were remaining who have come to Jaipur.

I had told you that if you have any questions, write them down and give them to Me, but no one has asked me any questions, which means no one has any questions. Now, it’s a matter of experiencing. So today we will raise the Kundalini again and like yesterday we will also meditate today. Doctor has explained to you in the morning how you should improve your chakras and how you can keep yourself in Mother’s shield. There are people who have many badhas or blocks. They should get rid of these badhas religiously and humbly. With effort, all kinds of diseases can be cured. Some people may need more time, some less. Mental diseases also can be cured. It is free of cost, but with effort and reverence it can be done. Getting Self-realization is effortless, but not for all. You must have noticed that some people get it after very hard work. The reason for this is there are many twists and turns in our lives. No problem; I have come here to work very hard with you.

Remember one thing, that to collect money in the name of God is a great sin. It is all right if you contribute money for the construction of a temple, or buying a bulb, and so on, but you can never buy the All-pervading Power of God’s Love. You cannot pay for that, as God doesn’t understand money. This is simple, or Sahaj, and simple people will get it very easily. The more complicated you are, the more difficult it is to get this.

Today, I have to take leave of you, and as a mother I am feeling very sad to leave you all. The seed has started germinating in you, and you are like small children. Take care of this, and yourself, and grow in Sahaja. Don’t leave this. Try to grow in this. As long as the seed does not germinate, it is all right, but once it has started germinating, it should start implementing also. Otherwise it will go to waste.

Now, like yesterday, this is the left side and that is the right side. I will address the left right only, so that most people can understand. Our left hand is the power of desire, which is Mahakali’s power, our right hand is the power of action, which is Mahasaraswati’s power, and the center path is that of Mahalaxmi. I could not talk about these deities as there was no time. Whenever I have time, I will explain all the information about Mahalaxmi, Sitaji, Radhaji and so on.

Now, keep your left hand towards Me, and use your right hand. The left hand should be towards Me, all the time. If anyone wants to go, please go away now. It is not right to disturb anyone in the middle of meditation. It will take ten to fifteen minutes. You should not cause any fuss during meditation sessions. So, if you don’t want this, please go away. This cannot be forced on you. You have to ask for it. You have to ask for it. Remember, I am not going to gain anything out of this.

Now, with your left hand towards Me, put your right hand on your heart. Today, we have spoken about spirit. So here, we have to ask our spirit a question, three times, with our eyes closed. Then, on the left side of our upper abdomen, we have to ask the second question. Then, you have to take the right hand to the lower part of your abdomen. Then, you have to bring the same hand back to the upper abdomen and then to your heart. Then you have to bring your right hand to the neck and shoulder joint, on the left side. Many people keep from this side, from the other side, like you wear the sacred thread. Then, you have to put your hand across your forehead and press on the temples. Then take your hand behind your head, press it and push back your head. Then stretch your palm, putting it on your fontanelle bone; push your fingers backwards, and give pressure and rotate your scalp seven times, by giving pressure on your hand. This is all you have to do.

Now close your eyes. Yesterday, people were using the wrong hand. This is your left hand. Keep your left hand towards Me throughout the session. Now, with the right hand, the action is done on the left side. If you understand this, then there is no problem. Now, close your eyes, and remove your spectacles also. Now, sit comfortably in sahajasan and keep your body straight. The neck should not lean to the front or to the back. Keep it straight. Now your left hand should be towards Me. Left hand all the time towards Me.

Now put your right hand on your heart, and ask a question, “Mother, am I a spirit? Mother, am I a spirit?” Ask this three times. This is a prime question.

Now put your right hand on the left side of your upper abdomen and press. This is the place of the great Masters. Here you ask Me another question, three times: “Mother, am I my own master?” If you are a spirit, then you are your own master.

Now take your right hand to the lower part of your abdomen, on the left side. This is the place of pure knowledge, and I cannot force this knowledge on you. Knowing full well the Divine law and the true knowledge of the Divine, you have to ask here, “Mother, please give me the pure knowledge.” Leaving behind your ego, ask very humbly, “Mother, please give me the pure knowledge.” You have to say this six times as there are six petals in the Swadhisthana Chakra. Hmmm.

Now, bring your right hand to the upper abdomen again, on the left side, which is your master’s place. Now that the Kundalini has started awakening, you have to convince her. So, with full confidence say ten times: “Mother, I am my own master.” Say this ten times. “Mother, I am my own master.” You should have full confidence. Say this ten times with full confidence. If you have any problem on this element, it will clear away.

Now, after saying this ten times, put your right hand again on your heart. With full confidence, here you have to say, “Mother, I am a pure spirit.” Say this twelve times as there are twelve petals in the heart chakra. “Mother, I am a pure spirit. I am not this body, this ego or this soul, but I am a pure spirit.” This is the absolute truth, and you have to achieve this. Haan! Say this twelve times.

Now, take your right hand, on the neck and shoulder joint, from the front side; not like this, but like I told you, like this, and press hard. This is Vishnumaya’s Vishuddhi Chakra. Here you have to say the mantra, “Mother, I am not guilty. I am totally guilt-free.” You have to say this sixteen times. I told you before that God Almighty is an ocean of compassion, kindness, and love, but more than all these he is an ocean of forgiveness. So don’t keep any guilt inside you, because he is so powerful that all your sins will be washed out by his forgiving quality. Just say, “Mother, I am not guilty. I have not made any mistakes.” This chakra is catching very badly. People who still think that they are guilty, say 108 times, “I am not guilty.”

I told you in the beginning to be cheerful and not to underestimate yourself. You are going to the Kingdom of God. So don’t demean yourself. Hmmm! Say with full confidence, “I am not guilty.” Hmmm. Say this sixteen times. Haaan!

Now, put your right hand across your forehead and press on both sides. This Agnya Chakra is present both in the front and back. Here you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone. I have forgiven everyone.” Don’t argue with yourself that you cannot forgive. Actually, to forgive or not to forgive, both are myths, but if you don’t forgive you are playing into wrong hands. So, from the bottom of your heart say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Today one person was not able to feel the vibrations at all. I told him, “You have not forgiven properly.” So when he said from his heart, “I forgive, I forgive, I forgive,” three times, his vibrations started flowing. Say from your heart, “Mother, I forgive.”

Now, take your right hand to the back of your head, and lift your head towards the sky. Here, without feeling guilty, without counting your sins, for your satisfaction, say from your heart, “God, if I have made any mistakes against your dignity, please forgive me.” From the bottom of your heart. You will see that his power of forgiveness is tremendous. Hmmm!

Now stretch your palm, and keep the centre of your right palm on the crown of your head, which was a soft bone in your childhood, and press hard. Rotate your scalp seven times, and you have to say, “Mother, please give me my Self-realization.” I cannot force you, because you have the freedom. Press hard. Press with all your fingers. Stretch your fingers outwards, and rotate your scalp seven times, each time saying, “Mother, give me Self-realization.” (Blowing air).

Now slowly bring your hand down. Now open your eyes and look at Me, and observe that you are thoughtless. There are no thoughts coming. You are established in the state of Vilamb, which is called Nirvichar Samadhi. Now you have to establish Nirvikalpa, which may take some time.

Now keep your left hand towards Me, and stretch your right hand also towards Me. Now, bend your head. Now take your left hand, four, five or six inches above your fontanelle bone, with your head bent. Bend your head, and see if any cool breeze is coming out of it. Bend your head and neck a little. Aaaan. Haaaan! Now lift your hand a little more above your head and check. For some people, the Kundalini rises very high. Shri Adi Shankaracharya has described this same Kundalini as “Saleelam, Saleelam, Saleelam”. Haaan! Now bring the other hand towards Me. With your left hand towards Me, bend your head again and check with your right hand. Some people may get a hot breeze from their heads; no problem. Some people may not feel anything; no problem. But try to feel. Hmmm. Now again bring your right hand towards Me. Keep your left hand above your head and check with your head bent. Check with your attention on your crown area, and try to feel if anything cool is coming out.

Now please lift both your hands towards the sky, look up by bending your head backwards, and say, “Mother, is this the cosmic energy of Brahma? Is this God’s Love? Is this the All-pervading Power of God’s Love?” Ask this question three times.

Now bring your hands down. Bring both your hands down, keep your hands like this in front of your heart, and check if you are feeling a slight cool breeze from your hands. Is it coming? On your head also you are feeling a little cool breeze. Check again. It’s coming. The Kundalini has awakened in you. The fontanelle bone has been pierced, but only a hairline thickness of Kundalini’s power has come out by piercing the fontanelle bone. You have to awaken all her powers, for which you will have to practice a little. Everyone can do this. You don’t need to be educated for this. Everyone can know about this. It is very easy. It is Sahaja. You don’t need to pay for this, but you have to spare some time for this. Much peace will settle inside you, and all your diseases will be cured, and many people can get rid of their addictions, too. Whenever you think of your addictions, please think of Me, and you will get rid of them.

Today I am leaving you all and going away, but I will come back after a year, and I hope to see you all in the form of a huge tree which will make Me say, “These are the saints who are realised souls.” May God bless you all.

Please sit down for a moment. Don’t be in a hurry. I am still sitting here. Whoever felt the cool breeze from the head or in the hands, raise both your both hands. Either on the hand or from the crown. Wow! Wonderful. My salutations to all.  Now you all have taken rebirth, and you have to respect this. Now, you are the knower of Brahma.

Sahaja yogi brother: Shri Mataji ki jai! Gentlemen, we the Jaipur people are very lucky that Shri Mataji came here and taught us everything. We are grateful to Her. On Jaipur public demand and their wishes, Mataji has arranged a center in Sarojini Marg, 49 c, where She is staying, on Saturday evening. On Sunday morning at 9 o’clock   in this same place, Shri Mataji’s learned disciples will guide you through the program. We hope Shri Mataji will come here from time to time and guide us to establish whatever She has taught us and show us the path ahead. Jai Govind.

Shri Mataji: Please, all of you take the photo.

Sahaja yogi brother: I forgot to tell you something: Shri Mataji’s photo is available in the

front. Please collect it, and whenever you are meditating, keep this in front of you and practice.

Shri Mataji: And whatever you want, ask My photo.

Sahaja yogi brother: Keep the photo in front of you and make use of it.