The Essence of Gita

Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

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Public Talk in Shankar Lal Hall, Delhi (India), 20 February 1986.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
I am very happy that this book is now published and a subtler side, a deeper dimension of ‘Gita’ is being brought, to the readers. As Krishna was a great diplomat and understood that human beings are very clever and they cannot accept truth in a straightforward manner. He, in His advice to Arjuna used His diplomacy and the essence of His diplomacy is always specially of the defined, Divine Diplomacy which He used that give absurd conditions and solutions to such difficult people who are so proud of their limited intellect. That’s a difference between a father and a mother I should say. As we say in Hindi ‘Sidhe Haath ghee na nikle tho tedhii ungli karni pardti hai’ [Meaning: when we can’t take out ghee with straight finger, we have to bend our finger. Famous proverb implying that when we can’t get a work done in a straight way, we need to bend our ways.].

The first and foremost thing we have to understand that Shri Krishna is a Divine incarnation and He came at a time where we needed to understand what is the essence of dharma. For example I have been quite surprised the way people explain Him as far as the hinsa is concerned. That Shri Krishna preached ahinsa to such an extent that we have to look after all the mosquitoes of Delhi. Such absurd things people have deducted by what Krishna tried to emphasize in Shri Gita.

When the war started, Arjuna actually became nervous I can say and He said, “I would not like to fight My own kith and kin and My Gurus.”

So Shri Krishna says, “They are already dead, they are killed. Because they were not enlightened people, are already dead people their eyes are not open. Whom are You going to kill here? Just You have to remove some people from this Earth to establish Dharma.”

Now the idea of Dharma according to us is some sort of a Hinduism or Islamism or some sort of a ism; it is not. Dharma is the valency in a human being just like carbon has four valencies; dharma has ten valencies in a human being. And when a person falls down from there then he loses his powers as a human being.

One of the examples He said at the time of war – Karna the great generous man very well known for His great virtues was caught up by a wheel of His chariot and He could not take out His leg out of that chariot. When Arjuna faced Him and raised His own Gandiva and Karna challenged Him saying that, “I am a Vira” – a chivalrous person, a person who is fighting, “and You are another warrior and in Dharma when I have no weapons on Me, You cannot kill Me with Your weapon.”

That time Shri Krishna pointed at Him like this and He said, “Kill Him. Where was His warrior virtues when Draupadi was insulted? Draupadi’s insult was the greatest sin that was committed and what was He doing at that time?”

And Arjuna killed Karna. This is Dharma. He’s called as the Leeladhara – the one for Him the whole world is a play. And that’s why He says that already they are killed. That doesn’t mean that you start killing people, becoming violent because you do not agree with some people. Shri Krishna can say whom to kill. You have to be a realized soul to understand why Shri Krishna had to ask Him to kill and why the Goddess had to kill so many demons.

But the idea today is – we should try to be sympathetic towards also demons and the devils who are spreading ‘asuri vidya’ everywhere. And we should be sympathetic with all the people and there is good in everyone. That is not Krishna’s message. He showed His love by killing the demons. I don’t know in this book if I have talked on this point or not because he had very limited subjects, which he dealt with, and I didn’t want to pressurize him with some new subject matters.

But there’s one thing definitely, which I didn’t say there which is a very important point one should try to see. That the awareness – ‘Chetana’, the awareness, grows downward of a human being and the roots of the tree of the awareness are in the brain. So one has to take to ‘urdvagati’ – means the ascent and not to the descent. A human being is born in the Bhavasagara, which is as we call in the void, as you can see here clearly in Sahaja Yoga. Either he can go upward or he can go downward. Now see the, how the human awareness has reached ‘adhogati’ – is a downward descent. Very simple to see if you understand what Krishna meant that the roots are in the brain?

When I’ve been in the Western countries I realize it’s much more because they are supposed to be advanced, developed, sophisticated, educated, intellectuals, whatever you may call them. I’ve been to all Communists countries and all the democracies and all kinds of isms. What I realized that exactly what Shri Krishna had said that asuri vidya will take over. The descent of awareness is seen clearly in those countries. Thank God we are not that advanced.

The descent starts from the Nabhi Chakra as we call it where a person starts seeking the food this that and other requirements, then it starts moving downwards. The essence of the Nabhi Chakra is ‘Swaha’. ‘Swaha’ is the consumption. It consumes everything, it aggresses everything, consumes, just like the fire. In the same way once upon a time these developed countries spread all over the world started consuming everyone. Ruling our country, China, all kinds of countries, they went round all over the world. Thank God Columbus missed his point otherwise we would not have been here. He went to America and you cannot find aboriginals unless and until you enter into some far fetched places like Peru. Then the consumption of money on the economic ground started. Then the consumption of the Mother Earth started at the ‘Bhu’ level. But the ‘Bhurva’ is the ‘Antariksha’ in the whole Universe. We are going to the Sun, we are going to the moon, we are going to this, we are going to that. What about going inside in the ascent?

Now little bit they are seeing it that there’s intelligence also plus the energy. But you are seeing it from the outside. That’s the intelligence of God Almighty, whether you like it or not. So now we are going to the ‘Antarikshas’, we are going to all these Universes to find what? So the ‘Bhurva’ is the essence – the ‘Antariksha’. Awareness reached there also. Then it has gone further. In the Sahaja Yoga we can say that from Nabhi chakra they started moving downwards towards the Swadishthana, which deals with the Antariksha, with the Universes, which was created by the Creator Brahmadeva. Below that they moved again, comes the Mooladhara, which is the essence of human life, which is the support of human life. For which Christ Himself has said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” I have yet to find real Christians of that kind who do not have adulterous eyes. And that’s why people have gone to now nothing but they have become sex points, I can tell you. The whole awareness of your intellectual movement has gone to nothing but to this filth beyond Ganesha. You have left everything that was holy, that was auspicious, much behind and crossed, and one step forward and the hell is there, the hell.

Where our awareness is going today? But we have not thought of the ‘urdvagati’ that Shri Krishna has said. Giving lectures on Shri Krishna, having bhajans about Shri Krishna, makes no difference. What about the urdvagati?

In the sixth century a great saint Gyaneshwara was born. In the sixth chapter of Gyaneshwari He’s clearly described, is the Kundalini, which is going to raise you higher, very clearly, openly He said it. Of course as usual everybody tortured His life. He didn’t have sometimes water to drink, that’s different. In the sixth chapter when He described, even today in Maharashtra it is said that sixth chapter is tabooed. You are not supposed to read the sixth chapter of Gyaneshwari. Why? Because they don’t know a word about Kundalini and they don’t know how to ascend? Because it is the knowledge of the roots you have to go to.

If you are honest please try to understand that what Shri Krishna has said that the roots are in the brain and the awareness grows towards ‘adhogati’. He did not say precisely that Kundalini is the one that gives you the urdvagati. He did not say; that was not the time. At the time of war when He was talking about Dharma, He did not mention the word Kundalini doesn’t mean that there was no device behind it.

Mark said that we would like to have a country without State. How? How will you have? I’ve been to most of the Communist countries I think the state is very powerful. The democrat said that we would like to have a free nation. Free? Abandonment. It is demonacracy they are practicing. If you want to deceive yourself and all the time, accept something that is falsehood nobody can help you. But the time is precarious and is important that we should see to the truth that the name of democracy and the name of communism and the name of capitalism is just a myth. It has not given what it had promised. So let us come back to the Saints – to the deeper people, to the people who understood life beyond life. There we find the urdvagati, has to be, the ascent has to be achieved. How, is the point?

Then later on Mohammad Saab also has talked about it, not that He has not talked; He’s talked about the Resurrection. He said that at the time of Resurrection your hands will speak. Who’s bothered about that? The whole Namaz is nothing but Kundalini raising. But it leads to another kind of stupid fanaticism. Christians are sophisticated fanatics. Hindus are another type of fanatics. Everybody is become a fanatic because it’s all a dead flower. All these flowers grew on one tree of life. They’ve been extracted, taken over as mine, mine, mine and they are all fighting about it. So it’s only the Kundalini awakening which is going to give you your Self-Realization and this Self-Realization is going to let you know that you are a part and parcel of the whole. It’s not just a mental conception. This is the point we miss every time. All these democracies and capitalism and all these theories are mental projections of human beings. All these mental projections are nothing but your own jails, your own bondages into which you are caught up. You have to get out of it. Even to such an extent that people start saying that Adishankaracharya did not write Saundarya Lahiri. Who says that? Intellectuals again. What makes them think that he did not write? They have explanations for everything. But he did, which we can prove after Self-Realization. How all the essence of all the religions are so much one can be proved only after Self-Realization and not through discussions. Because Self – the Spirit, is the absolute and is the collective being, that is not the awakened within us. One may say that why Buddha did not talk of God? Because he knew human beings very well and he said, “No use talking about God, better talk about Self-Realization”. Same with Mahavira. But what are the Buddhists and Mahaviris doing? God alone knows. Where are they?

But today is the time as described in the Puranas many, many seekers are born on Earth. A special time is a time of real blossom. Maybe in the olden day there were only one or two flowers like Nachiketa. But today is the time when thousands are there just to become the fruit. But unfortunately a market has been opened out where the seekers go and get lost. Get lost into the convictions and the ideas of some other person which is gone into their heads and they just finish off there. Their seeking finishes off there, they end up as sick or obstinate people. They do not want to go any further.

Shri Krishna is to be understood in Sahaja style. Leela – He was Leeladhara. In the Sahaja Yoga we believe that on the left hand side, the left sympathetic nervous system is represented by the ‘Ida Nadi’ – which we call as also the ‘Chandra Nadi’ and the right hand side it is represented by the ‘Pingala Nadi’ – the right sympathetic. The left we use when we desire. The right we use when we act. The left is the ‘bhakti marga’ [path of devotion] and the right is the ‘karma marga’ [path of action] that they used for doing all kinds of yagnas and all that. The central part of ascent is the ‘Sushumna’ is the path of dharma. ‘Dharaiti Sa dharma’ – means the one that is your sustenance is the Dharma. It’s not an outside concept but an innate nature of human beings is the dharma. This dharma we have achieved through evolutionary process, as you know ‘matsya rupa’ and other things took place. And afterwards we are today human beings. But why? Let us ask a question, simple question to ourselves ‘why are we here on this Earth? To seek what? To seek the truth and what is the truth?’ The truth is that you are the Spirit. Not this bhakti, not this karma. But you are the Spirit.

Now Shri Krishna’s diplomacy can be seen very clearly, if you want to see even, even without Self-Realization. He says for bhakti [devotion] – “patram” [leaf], “pushpam” [flower], “phalam” [fruit], “toyam” [water]. All these things you give it to Him, He’ll accept. But see the diplomacy on one word He has played the whole people and nobody has seen the point. What does He say? He says that you have to do ‘ananya bhakti’. ‘Ananya’ shabda [word] itself means, the word itself means when there is not the other; means you are a realized soul. Logically let us see what does it mean? If there is no connection with God whom are you praying to? The connection has to be established. You may go on describing God as a myth, you may go on supporting Him doing anything you like. But you have not yet been connected with Him what are you talking? Something in the air. ‘Ananya bhakti’.

Now about karma, see the diplomacy. If you keep your mind open as a scientist you’ll see My point clearly. For that He says that do your karmas but put the fruit of your doing at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. This is the absurd condition; is not possible, cannot be done. Before Realization you cannot do this. Many people come to Me, “Yes Mother You know whatever we are doing, we are putting at the Lotus Feet of the God” – black marketing, everything. What does that mean? That you put it at the Lotus Feet of the Lord, that you are no more there. It’s only after Realization you realize, that a Sahaja Yogi would tell you, he doesn’t say, “I give him Realization”, he doesn’t say that, “I am moving his Kundalini.” What he says, “It is not moving, It is not coming up.”

There was a lady who traveled with Me to America once and her son came all the way from Honalulu, a very rich man and all those things. So he could not get his Realization. So she came to Me and said, “Mother, give him the Realization.”

I said, “You give him.”

She said, “No, no, no I cannot give him.”

So I said, “I can’t give him either, the Kundalini doesn’t move what to do? Then give him a false certificate you are a realized soul. He can say ‘born again’ or sort of a nonsense he can go about, talking about.”

She said, “No, no how can you give such a false certificate?”

I said, “That’s it. If the Kundalini has not risen if it is not broken the Brahmarandra we cannot even say it is awakened, leave alone calling him a Sahaja Yogi.”

She agreed there.

You cannot give a false certificate about it. That’s what happens when you do your karmas. You don’t say that you are doing it. It’s done ‘it’ in the third; like small children always talk like that. “Mother this boy Munna wont listen, is a bad one.” In the third person they talk so many times you must’ve seen. In the same way a realized soul always talks in the third person. That’s the different world in which they have lived and they have been very, very few tortured, and never understood by the people who were ruling or the people who were the intellectuals or whose who were the priests. And the public was helplessly watching all their tortures.

In Maharashtra we have a great saint called Namdev. Very great saint – Namdeva, he was a tailor, ordinary tailor and when this tailor went to see another saint whose name was Gorakumbhar – is a potter. The words he says is so beautiful which you can understand with little subtler feelings about it. He says, “Nirgunachya bheti aalo sagunashi” – I came here to meet the nirguna – the formless and here is standing in the form. Where do you find these talks these days? If two great meet they go with swords, with pistols. Here he goes and talks to a potter that I came to see the ‘nirakara’, the ‘nirguna’ – the formless and here it is in the form. But he was a tailor. How can be a tailor a realized soul? And when Namdeva went to Punjab Shri Nanak Saab gave Him all the honor of a saint and told Him that He should also write some beautiful verses because He compiled the Granth Saab out of all the realized souls poems – that You compile the poems in Punjabi or Hindi. Namadeva, coming from such a far-fetched place He studied Hindi and Punjabi and you’ll be amazed that half of His book, which is so big is in Hindi or in Punjabi language. For that you need Shri Nanaka who can recognize.

But today seekers run after somebody who pampers their ego, where you can pay some money, where you can befool you by getting some Rolls Royces or some sort of a Geeta pravachana [discourse] he gives or gives you some sort of a name in the ear so that you become mad. This is the quality of the seekers, which I have to face. Whatever it is, the concern is so great; whatever is the quality today it has to happen, it has to work out. Which one now I heard to My complete surprise that now people – the intellectuals are propounding, that the Namadeva who came from Maharashtra was not the same as the Namadeva who was a tailor because he was not an intellectual.

I am talking about the unlimited not about the limited. Like in any one of your spacecrafts you have different cylinders, which explode one after another and accelerate the one, which comes. First one will explode and accelerate the second one; the second one will explode and accelerate the third one. In the same way the intellect is to be exploded to go into the space, to jump into the space, is the most important thing that the intellect has to leave its limitedness to the unlimited intelligence, which covers the whole universe. That is the ‘Brahma Shakti’ described, that’s the All-Pervading Power of God, that is the power of love of God. And is such a tremendous one where Shri Krishna Himself has said ‘Yogakshema Vahamyaham’. First He said ‘yoga’. Why did He not say ‘Kshema Yoga’?

Many people ask Me in the West that how is it in Your country there’s so much of poverty and that You talk that it’s a Yoga bhumi? Because we have not taken to yoga so far. And Kshema doesn’t mean how may pubs you have in your village, it doesn’t mean how many drunkards move about in your village, it means, how many saints there are in your country. Let the Yoga come up, you’ll be surprised this great country of Bharat Bhoomi will one day show its merit to the whole world. In its reality, in its glory and in its Divinity which resides in this country.

You are great people that you are born in this country but you don’t know, you have no idea as to where you are born? What is your heritage? There are people I’ve met very surprisingly so stupefied by Hegle and Kant and all such people that they believe that all these saints and all these great people including Krishna or Rama, all of them are false. This is the height of arrogance and ignorance both put together because they are ignorant one has to forgive them, there’s no way out. God is the ocean of love, ocean of praise, ocean of wisdom, ocean of this All-Pervading Power, which is so efficient, so kind, so understanding, works out everything so well. But above all He is the ocean of forgiveness I can tell you. I really tell you in My experience, I feel this forgiveness is so greatly effective today otherwise I don’t think I could’ve managed this job so well.

May God bless you all.

As a Mother I’ve try to explain and express My concern. Try to understand. It is Sahaja – is born with you, ‘Sahaja’ – ‘saha’ means with, ‘ja’ – born. It’s your fundamental right as a human being to get your Self-Realization. But if you want to deny it because you have some convictions because you are following certain people, because you think this is all right we don’t want to have Self-Realization. God is not going to fall at your feet. You have to ask for it. You have to knock at the door and the door will be opened. In Sahaja Yoga we can prove today that there’s no quarrel between Moses and Christ, there is no quarrel between Christ and Mohammad Saab and there is no quarrel between Mohammad Saab and Shri Krishna. They are all one together. As Christ has clearly said, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” Who wants to see that? Who are those? Christ was not even allowed to work out for more than three and half years. It took Me four years to give Realization to seven English men. So you can imagine what must be His plight? Three and a half years with all the mad people around. But not in our villages.

Yesterday I went to Jaipur; first we had a big meeting in a big sophisticated hall and all this and this, My Indian English. I was trying to explain to them and I thought it’s all gone over their heads; nothing went inside or maybe under their feet. Then I said, “Let’s go to a place where ordinary people live. And there I found thousands thronging together to get their Self-Realization. They don’t want money, they don’t want power, they don’t want anything, they don’t want any conviction, they want their Self-Realization. “Maa humko atma bodh dijiye. Humko atma gyan.” They understand that ‘bodha’ doesn’t mean lecturing, it doesn’t mean, it means on your central nervous system you have to feel the All-Pervading Power – that is ‘bodha’, that is the “vidh” which is described in the Vedas.

They understand; they live with the life, they are natural people. They know all this talking is on and on and on. They know something has to happen and the second thing they said was so encouraging – “Ke Maa parivartan hona chahiye ham mein” – we should be transformed. It’s not our mental idea that we have become some great yogi, this, that. We should be transformed. I said, “Not only transformed but you’ll have your powers as realized souls”. By God’s grace even in Delhi, which is supposed to be the most sophisticated place where after English left we became merry more, much more westernized; when they were here we were better off. And in this place also I find there are so many great Sahaja Yogis who are now completely endowed with the power of Realization, of curing, of doing all the things that can be done as a yogi.

I hope today all of you will get your Realization, but you have to establish yourself. It’s just a wee bit of your Kundalini, I should say like a hair comes out through the Brahma Nadi, but with humility, abhyase [practice], for few days you establish yourself. Of course today you might get your ‘nirvichar samadhi’ [thoughtless awareness] just like that, maybe. But you’ll have to establish your ‘nirvikalpa’ [doubtless awareness]. You must give some time to yourself and some respect to your Self-Realization and to yourself [pratigya? – It’s not pratigya but can’t make out the word said by Shri Mataji].

May God bless you.

I don’t mind if you people want to ask Me any questions. Whatever I have seen is this – they are very irrelevant and unnecessarily violent. I’ve not come here to fight with you. I’ve come here to tell you that you have all these powers within yourself and then you should have it. I’ve come here to tell you that you to have to cross about two and a half feet at the most to reach to your spirit. So there should be no argument, which is violent or aggressive. In one lecture as you know I cannot cover such a great subject like this and your desire to know more is understood. But the best way is to first get your Realization. Like – let the light come in and then we’ll talk.

Only yesterday’s experience was such that most of them got Realization, few did not get and they were just talking. One of them I asked, “Why don’t you talk?” He told Me, “Maa jab mast hue phir kya bole?” – In another word ‘why should I talk? Let these people talk to You’. Everybody has a possibility. You are all just there to jump into that. Some of you might have read some horrible books about Kundalini don’t believe them. I don’t want to condemn anyone. But only thing I want to say is not true. Like a open-minded scientist you keep yourself open. If it works you are fortunate, if it does not you are going to work it out again and again and again and again till you get your Realization. But we have to co-ordinate. So now if you have any questions would be better that you write them down and tomorrow I will try to answer these questions. If you like it that way I would like now to start the meditation and the awakening of the Kundalini.

Translation from Hindi

Haan! Son I wanted to talk in Hindi only, sit down. But it so happened, I wanted to talk in Hindi only, I have never learnt English language in My life. I was studying Medicine and in that where anyone would teach English? All this, everyone speaks Indian English only. Here they think they speak English, but they don’t. They write also like that. Here our big writers also write Indian English only. Does anyone write the English of Chaucer here? But we think we are English. And this Sahaja Yoga can be explained in Hindi only, even better in Marathi and more better in Sanskrit. But in Hindi the way I can tell clearly that much I can’t tell in English. Now see English language is so strange that for ‘Atma’ they say ‘Spirit’, for alcohol they say ‘spirit’ and for dead Ghost also they say ‘spirit’. In this language there is no ‘gyan’ – knowledge, better than that is French language; where there is no word for ‘chetana’, leave alone ‘atma’. These are the languages that take you to ‘adhogati’ – downward movement, to tell you the truth. Now, ok if we think ourselves to be English, we may think so. But in reality if you have to understand in this language only, is a little difficult job; you have to learn some Hindi. Even otherwise I think that we should learn our ‘Rashtra bhasha’ – National language. But Hindi speaking are also strange that they cannot speak simple Hindi.

My mother tongue is also not Hindi and neither have I ever learnt Hindi. But for ‘spasht’ [clear], they say ‘aspasht’ [unclear]. “I would like to say unclear” What unclear are you trying to say? So Hindi people also don’t know Hindi. Like this nobody knows Hindi and if I give any lecture in Hindi they say “Mother, You have spoken in very difficult language”. So I say, “What difficult language can I say? I have not even read any big literature. Now I can’t speak Delhi language. This you understand. Now because of this whatever I will say in Hindi tomorrow, you please keep your attention on it. And language should be correct. If I talk in incorrect or absolutely pure language you will not understand. The language should be correct. That is why I will definitely speak tomorrow but in correct Hindi. From this you will not be angry. Why because I cannot talk ‘kichidi’ [mixed up/ broken] Hindi. English I am able to speak in broken language but Hindi I cant speak. Because it is My National language. Now the English I’ve learnt in this birth, that is more than enough. Now I don’t want to learn anymore.

Now the biggest mistake in this is what I see today, that very great poets who are born now, one person by the name Kavi Krup is born in South [India], whose name you have not even heard because you Hindi speaking are like this and non-Hindi speaking are like that. But I have read Sharat Chandra. I have read all the poets, have read Bhaarti, because they were all translated in Hindi but in English language those days the poets were so great whatever got translated to Hindi got done but in present days all will die of suffocation.

All Hindi poets also should understand. They write so vulgarly, they have not kept any depth for Hindi language and have not even respected it as National language. In this language such vulgar poems are written that are not even respectable/ presentable (shobhaniya) as country’s language. This is the major problem of Hindi speakers. Whether you feel bad or good about it, I will tell you this that whatever you write in Hindi at least make it less vulgar. For vulgarity, there are many languages that you can use. For that there is English, even French is better than English, in that you can write a lot vulgar. But there is no need to make people of our country more immoral. Who have become immoral, you go and see, have become monkeys and are roaming. If you want to become monkeys then you become like them. Ask Me their state.

In Hindi language many things can be told about Sahaja Yoga, lot can be told, it is very very deep language. But the Marathi and Hindi languages we use these days does not have that depth. Please learn some Hindi, all of you. And when I talk from tomorrow then you don’t tell, “Mother you spoke in difficult language.” O.K.? But when I tell I will speak in Hindi half the crowd will come, you can see. Because all ‘English’ are sitting here. Tomorrow you see, while talking in Hindi how many people come in this hall. All those who come in this hall are those who know English. But when I speak at Ramlila ground then many will come. Our Country’s specialty is at the Ramlila grounds. There My real children are there. Tears rolled down looking at their Bhakti (devotion). Such simplicity, such love, such spontaneity should come in you people also.

Now there are many journalists sitting here now what all they’ll write about Me. I request you with folded hands that whatever you write keep, your attention towards urdvagati [upward movement] and write so that people are benefited. Sometime at least think of their well-being. Otherwise, “She was in a white sari, or she was in a yellow sari”, all this is what is written in Hindi. Look at the subject with depth, should proceed with depth. Such great poets were there. See Kabir Das, but he wrote in Sadukadi language. But in Bihar, I don’t know what they tell in U.P.[a state in India] for ‘Kundalini’, which is called as ‘Surti’, they call tobacco as surti. How else can Shri Kabir be insulted? And another very shameful thing I’ll tell you, there’s nothing wrong in discussing among ourselves: Vydasji – who was such a great saint and Kabir Dasji, they were told “you are untouchables”. And here in India they did not allow even one temple of theirs to be built. But in London in Birmingham their temple is built. Isn’t this a shameful thing for us? They are untouchables! In the God’s Kingdom it will be seen who is touchable and untouchable. All such things within us should be seen. From tomorrow I’ll talk in Hindi only. It is decided.

[Audience claps]

Now we’ll do some meditation, all of us with humility. Before we meditate just remember one thing that we are the temple of God. God has made you from amoeba to this, human being. Special class you are. So you should have a pleasant attention towards your self. Human being should have a pleasant temperament. Not that I have done this wrong. If somebody has said anything, forget everything. All that is of no use. “I have done this wrong. I have done that, I am so bad how can I get Self-Realization?” This kind of inferiority complex you remove from your head completely. You are the temple of God. This, if I have your permission I’ll tell in English also.

Transcription from English

Please try to remember one thing that God has created you from amoeba stage to this stage and it has a purpose. You are like the temple of God. The light has to just come in. The light is already there as your Spirit it has to just come into your attention and you will be a realized soul, in a split of a second. So please give up these ideas, ‘I have done this thing, that thing’ or ‘I am guilty’. Is a common fashion to say, “Oh I am very guilty” because the language itself, English language is such, at every point you must say sorry. So many times they’ll say sorry that you don’t know what, what’s wrong with you. ‘I am afraid, I am afraid, if should say such.’ Every time they are afraid. No, you are a human being; you are at the epitome of evolution. Just a little break-through and you are there. So you should be pleased about yourself. Now there’s no word like ‘prasanna chit’ in English language I am sorry to say. But it means a person who is pleased with himself. He has got, rather difficult to translate. One should not have any inferiority complex about oneself, any kind. Neither a superiority, but that you are going to enter into the kingdom of God. So be relaxed. You are not to be tensed; you need not go into padmasanas and all these horrible asanas of standing on the heads and things like that. Sit in Sahaja Asana. Sahaja asana is where your legs are opened out.

Translation from Hindi

Sit nicely and comfortably. But keep your neck straight, back straight and keep both the hands like this towards Me. These are the five chakras. This is the sixth and this is the seventh.

Transcription from English

These are five centers, the subtle centers – sixth and seventh. On the left hand side, which is the power of desire – ‘Iccha Shakti’. On the right hand side again the seven of them, which is the power of action.

Translation from Hindi

You people also sit this side at least. I should be able to see. Please come this side, in front. See son please do not feel bad about what Mother says. Sit on the chair if you want but come in the front. If you are here I will not be able to see. So place both your hands towards Me like this.

Transcription from English

Now all the action you will have to do because I want you to learn as well as get your Realization, how to raise your Kundalini, later on. So if you do it when I tell you, you can again repeat it, that’s why. Otherwise it is all Sahaj. You don’t have to worry about it but it’s better to know about different chakras. Now the first one would be that we put our left hand towards Me: meaning that you are desirous of Realization. Now Kundalini is the ‘shuddha iccha’ – is the pure desire. As you know in economics wants are not satiable in general because the pure desire is Kundalini and She is the desire of God Almighty, which is reflected as Kundalini within us. So when this pure desire rises which is of Yoga, which is of Union with the All-Pervading Power, then all the desires disappear. Like when you want to enlighten a light you have to use a light to enlighten it. But once you have enlightened the light, the light enlightens everybody. First you take the light, enlighten within yourself and then you give the light. You become the giver, so the desires disappear. So the left hand is towards Me and the right hand moves from heart.

In the heart resides the Spirit. On the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side, we are working everything on the left hand side.

Translation from Hindi

Keep your left hand towards Me and right hand on your heart. Here is the place of Atma. After that on the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side, all the working will be on the left side. Guru tattwa is there. This tattwa has been made by many Gurus. About this I will tell you later.

Transcription from English

This is the principle of mastery.

Translation from Hindi

Below that on the lower part of the abdomen is the place of pure knowledge – Swadishthana. Pure knowledge.

Transcription from English

The lower part of the abdomen is got the center of true knowledge. It means that knowledge about the laws of All Pervading Power, of God – laws of God’s domain. The whole action takes place by this center. This is the instrument that works out the laws and the technique of Divine laws, is called as ‘shuddha vidya’ – is the pure knowledge. Then you go back on to guru tattwa again, then onto your heart. Later on, the center, which is, is the center here is of Shri Krishna. On the left hand side is the center of Vishnumaya of this what you call the electricity – Vishnumaya. And this center you catch when you feel guilty, for anything. That’s terribly catching just now. You have to push back your hand. Now so many people make a mistake of putting the hands on this side. You have to bring it from front like this and hold it tight. Now, then you have to take your hand on your forehead just across like this and press it hard. Then on the back put pressure on your hand and push you head back. Then stretch your hand. I’ll tell you one by one everything, because you are going to close your eyes, I am telling you before hand. Stretch your hand, and put the center of your hand on top of the fontanel bone area, which is a soft bone.

Translation from Hindi

Now I’ll tell in Hindi. Lifting your hand from your heart, keep the hand between shoulder and neck joint, towards the back and press it hard. All of you do it. Today it is catching very badly. Don’t know why? Let there be ‘prasanna chitt’ – pleasant attention towards yourself. Forgive yourself, forgive yourself. Completely forgive yourself for Me; completely forgive. No mistake you have made. Now maybe something I have said in My speech, forgive it, and forget it. But don’t think you are guilty. Please do not think you are guilty.

After that, this hand on your forehead, hold it like this and press it like it pains, from both the sides. After that towards the backside of the head, resting your head on your hand, lift your head; bend your head towards the back. Then stretching the palm fully, keep the center of your palm on the fontanel bone area and rotate it seven times, pressing it hard. This I will tell you later. It’s very simple, not difficult. Because you may have to do this later again to stabilize your Kundalini. In Sahaja Yoga Kundalini is awakened, but to stabilize you have to practice. Like the seed automatically sprouts, but we have to look after the sprout carefully when it is a small plant. Similarly after Realization, what ever is individual will have to be looked after.

Now please all of you close your eyes. While closing your eyes some people raise the eyeballs upwards, don’t do anything like that. Straightforward manner like we sleep, bring down the eyelashes and close your eyes.

Transcription from English

Please close your eyes. Without turning your eyes upward or anywhere, just close your eyes as if when we sleep. We just allow the eyelids to fall easily and keep the eyes closed. Don’t keep them half open.

Now please raise your right hand on your heart and keep the left hand on your lap towards Me.