Public Program Day 1, Bhakti aur Karma

Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

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Public Program Day 1, “Bhakti Aur Karma”, Delhi, India, 21-02-1986

I bow down to all seekers of truth in Delhi.

Today’s questions which have come before me, have been written with a lot of interest, intent and intelligence as is apparent in the Bhautic (material) world. Number of Avatars (incarnations) have taken place and people ask why this seeking was not done before. Is this a question to be asked? You can call and ask them. If someone is doing this work then it should be thought that a very important work is  being done. If it was not done previously, it is fine. Earlier, a lot of work has been done, which has taken a lot of time because of its intensity. When a tree grows, it has  different  phases and during Spring, fruits appear. Many people are going to reap the benefits in this life. You are now getting the fruits of all your good deeds of previous lives in the form of your Self-realization. This has been written since times immemorial and you are all learned people. Now is the time of giving.  People see it in different context. Today, you have seen that you can get Atma sakshatkar (Self-realization) and also  impart it to others, by Shri Mataji’s grace. As in the case of Nal and Damayanti who are encountered by a Rakshasa (demon). After studying the Rakshasa, Nal told him that his actions were abnormal, and cruel and anti-human and that he should be destroyed, for which Kali agreed and said that with the advent of Kali Yuga, all sadhus and saints who are exceptional, will get Atma sakshatkar. Thereafter, Nal released Kali saying that he was unaware of Kali’s action.

It is observed that  Kaliyug is showing its effect in the current age. Shree Mataji is making it known to the devotees and common people about this in our day to day life and its activities. Shri Mataji says that it is Her endeavour to give rebirth to mankind who are affected by this. This can only be performed  with patience, wisdom, hard work and consistency in all our activities. It can be worked out mainly by women because they possess all the above-said qualities along with  a lot of intent and persistence. In fact, even our deities like Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Shri Buddha, could not have been as successful as women, who have the capacity by virtue of their various qualities and it is mentioned in the famous mantra “Yatra Nari Pujitaha, Tatra Devo  Bhava” which means “The household where a woman is respected is the place where the Gods reside.” Shri Mataji was successful in giving the blessing to women to develop for the better. The task was almost like lifting a huge mountain. Shri Mataji was equipped to do this hard work. In the past, people have tried to do this, but it was a very hard thing to establish and a lot of difficulties had to be challenged  and worked upon. Shree Mataji exuded a lot of patience and goodwill. Development is possible and visible, but it requires a lot of patience. This is a deep subject and not quite simple. We have to concentrate and not let loose  a single moment. Like in science, there is hypothesis, and after it gets proved, it becomes firm and formulated. A lot of care has to be taken. It is not a matter of success for  everybody. It requires lot of patience and one cannot waver.


Some Gurus give names to their devotees. Why give a name? The name Shree Rama was a great power. We, ordinary people, do not receive any name just for the sake of it. It can be questioned  as to why name has been given and what is the purpose? Questioning is important. But simple and straightforward Gurus are being questioned and not the others who  have different ways and means of attracting innocent people. We should ask what is the purpose of giving a name by any Guru, who has no real knowledge  and creativity. Not all gurus are capable and naming is not  everything and adopting a guru has to be done with a lot of  real reasoning.


You can be your own Guru and you yourselves are capable enough to guide yourself as well as others, with good reasoning. One need not bow down before anybody without knowing the reality of the people and do not soil your forehead before anybody, without knowing the antecedents of the person. Shri Guru Nanak made a lot of research and made the Guru Granth Sahib and bowing before such holiness is perfect, so also people like Mohammad Sahib.


False Gurus spread ill will and confusion amidst innocent devotees. One should first analyse the person whom they have approached for getting knowledge and awareness. Dr Warren finds you all devoted, but one should not be innocent and bow before anybody without analysing. Especially women, who are impressionable, get into problems of this kind. There is nothing like privacy, especially with regard to women and they should be careful before they approach any so-called Gurus. Many of our temples are also getting polluted, with a lot of underhand dealings. So, when you want to observe bhakti, you should understand who you are approaching. People went with simple chanting of names to Sant Gyaneshwara, along with the habit of eating tobacco and other such things. This is not bhakti. You should have full faith and that comes only through Atma Sakshatkar. Dr Warren was an evolved person and advised people to stay away from things which are not pure and healthy for the soul. Also, ladies should respect their husbands and take their advice before undertaking any activity. You all know the problems Shri Sita Mata had to suffer, for the sake of a small mistake, made unknowingly, without the knowledge of Shree Rama.


As regards fasting, what does it lead to and why it should be done. Why should fasting be done on auspicious occasions like birthdays of Shri Ganesh, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna and other such great Avatars? Fasting has just no meaning, and there is no clear reason for following it. Bhakti  is a very pure offering to Almighty and it has to be done with a lot of care, and there should be no casualness and irregularity or with any specific expectation. This shows the intent of love and respect to Almighty and the devotee’s gratitude for all the mercy and kindness that is bestowed on him.


People take the example of Shree Shivji who could digest poison. Do we have the capacity to do it?  With the help of knowledge, we can derive the importance of Bhakti. Our Saints have written valuable epics, and good sense should prevail on us to analyse and understand the same. Many are still caught in wilderness. Tantriks are busy with their activities, duping our simple people, who are totally unaware and get caught in a web. Tantriks possess demonic culture and make innocent people bewildered and confused. They have the capacity to influence even the learned people, holding good position. Please do not get into such a situation, where return to normalcy becomes very difficult.


Bhakti is a self-realised aptitude. Sant Tukaram was a self-realised soul. Such saints help you to understand what is Atma Sakshatkar Wherever there is a sensible approach, it reveals the Atma Sakshatkar of the concerned person. It is not possible otherwise.


Bhakti and Karma marg can lead you to Paramatma because such a person is capable of acquiring pure knowledge. Some people also indulge in fake Bhakti in order to acquire material things.


When Bhakti gets connected to karma, Atma Sakshatkar prevails. Are we like Shri Rama by way of thoughts, words and deeds? When we can combine them all, our activities will be complete with purity, and concentration. But mostly, we see that pride gets  in the way and complicates the situation. Connectivity with the Almighty is most essential for good and auspicious result. There are ways of doing dhyana (meditation) for connecting with the Almighty.


Shri Krishna, Shri Rama, Jesus Christ and Moses all came one after the other and contributed to the elevation of the human being in various ways, thereby making them grow in spiritual direction.


With limited knowledge, we do not get Atma sakhatkar. Just by chanting names we do not attain great things.


We can understand people with the help of our chakras. This gives a clear indication of our nature. It is not only through chanting of mantras, but by going inwards, we will get all the benefits which will enhance the quality of life of self as well as the country.


Sahaja Yoga is pure, spiritual  and scientific knowledge, which helps in elevating yourself for the better. It also gives  connectivity to all the human activities through bhakti and shraddha. Some do not believe in bhakti any more, because they are confused. People say that God is there but way of perceiving has become varied and difficult. God and Atma Sakhatkar are not separate.


Once, there was a problem. People were playing music near a Masjid (Mosque) and it disturbed the prayer which was being carried on. Care should be taken that none of our actions disturbs or trouble others.


Mohammad Saheb was an avatar (incarnation) of Dattatreya, Nanak and Moses. There was a lot of quarrel between Hindus and Muslims regarding this.


One should experience the same knowledge and happiness from the teachings of all the Gurus belonging to various cults and formats. All the saints and gurus are highly evolved and there is no difference in the essence of their teachings. When compared, the list of all teachings are similar but said in different ways.