Public Program Day 1: Bhakti aur Karma

Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

1986-02-21 Public Program: Bhakti Aur Karma, Delhi, India, DP-RAW (Hindi), 149'
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1986-02-21 Public Program Talk and Self Realisation, Delhi, India, DP-RAW (Hindi), 91'
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Public Program Day 1, “Bhakti Aur Karma”, Delhi, India, 21-02-1986

I bow down to all seekers of truth in Delhi.

Today’s questions which have come before me, have been written with a lot of interest, curiosity, intent and intelligence as is apparent in the Bhautic (material) world. As it has been mentioned there were already a number of Avatars (incarnations) which have come on this earth and people ask why this seeking was not done before? Now how do I know? You can call and ask them. Is this a question to be asked? If someone is doing this work then it should be thought that a very important work is being done and that it is a very good thing. If it was not done previously, it is fine. Earlier, a lot of work has been done, which has taken a lot of time because of its intensity. When a tree grows, it has  different phases – the phase that is currently going on, I had told you yesterday that this is the time of Spring. Many people are going to reap the benefits in this life. You are now getting the fruits of all your good deeds of previous lives in the form of your self-realisation as a blessing. This has been written since times immemorial and you are all learned people.

If you read the story of Nal and Damayanti which was written thousands of years back. When Nal one day encountered Kali, he caught his leg and said that “You are the evil who is going to destroy everyone and you are going to cause illusion in everyone. It will not be good to leave you alive as because of you I had to separate from my wife. In a similar way you will create illusion in the minds of everyone and make them fight with each other. If we have to stop any of the destruction that will happen in the Kaliyuga, then it is best that you are destroyed. I will do this good deed now.” Then Kali replied “Yes this is right, but I too have an importance which you should be aware of and listen to me. My importance is that when my time (Kaliyuga) will come, when the darkest phase of Kaliyuga will advent, at that time all the sages and the saints who are seeking God, those who are living a simple life as a householder, but they will be unusual (special) and will get their Aatma Sakshatkar (self-realisation).” After hearing this Nal released Kali from his clutches and asked forgiveness of Kali. Nal said that he was not aware of this greatness of Kali. There have been certain incarnations in Kaliyuga, but there was never this darkest phase of Kaliyuga in this world earlier and there was no such work done at this large scale in this world earlier.

One more question that arises is that why Mother has to do everything herself? The Father should also do some of this work. You will only say with complete heart that Mother you are so disturbed every day. Every day you have a program in the morning and the evening. Maybe you say that out of concern as only the women has to do the work and that is why people feel bad about it. But you need to understand that it is about giving you a “re-birth”. A Father has never given birth till now to a child. (Claps can be heard in the background). Also there is so much hard work to be done now, one needs to have a lot of patience, lot of love is required, lot of understanding is required, lot of caressing is required, lot of comprehension is required and the strong desire to take some one through their self realisation till the end should be profound. If Shri Krishna would have been there today then he would have killed half of the people in Delhi with his Sudarshan Chakra itself. If Shri Rama would have been there today then he would gone back to exile (vanavas). If Shri Jesus Christ would have been here today then he would have crucified himself again. If Shri Buddha or Shri Mahavira would have been here today then, they would have taken their renunciation as well and continued their work. This work can be done only by a Mother. I know that in our country (India), the women is not given the respect that she deserves, especially in North India. “Yatra Nariya Pujiyanthe, Tatra Raman Te Devatha”  which means “The household where a woman is worshipable and is respected is the place where the Gods reside.”  But when the women starts behaving like a man, then she takes all the wrong qualities of the men and their way of live becomes so bad that no one can believe that a women who is the form of mother can do a auspicious work. I will only blame this to ignorance.

This is a very difficult task. The Kundalini which is as heavy as a mountain needs to be raised. In many people the Kundalini is so damaged and is restless like a snake and is pleading that Mother please anyhow give me this opportunity to do this auspicious work because each one is  your personal mother, your own mother is your Kundalini. The Kundalini is so restless and says that see how my son has made my condition and how should I give birth to them? The Kundalini needs to be taken care of, asked for and then needs to be awakened. Also, this task today has to be done benefitting the collective, because earlier definitely some people benefitted and got their self-realisation, but everyone cheated them, no one believed them, everyone persecuted them. Some gurus were asked by the disciples who had got cancer that why they were not cured. There was no individual Mother for them then, all were only enemies. It is also possible that some of them may not have been self-realised souls. Hence, there is no use of this wasteful talking. There is no fighting with you and us. In Mothers’ language we say that, my child the food is ready, eat when you feel you are hungry. This is a spontaneous, easy talk of your Mother. This is a very deep subject, this is a very subtle subject, that it is very difficult to get stability in a person. I can see that even when a child moves from one place to another, everybody’s attention is diverted to the child. It is so difficult to have concentration and then after that you have to become the whole. Hence, I request you that please whatever you wish to tell me, first listen to me with complete concentration.

Like in science, there is hypothesis given  and after it gets proved, people believe that this is the law. In a similar way you have to approach Sahaja Yoga and see your Kundalini. If you talk against everything we won’t reach anywhere. But due to the antithetical intellect we keep searching and protesting everything. Like what is the difference between Mother and any other guru? There is a lot of difference. All those gurus who seek money from their devotees are your servants. There is a difference between those gurus who seek money from you and your Mother. They cannot raise your Kundalini energy. It cannot be done by just talking. When someone says that my child the food has been served, come and eat, but there is no plate or food, but go on insisting to eat, you should ask what is there to eat? But people don’t think like this. Whatever delusion is planted in the mind, people start believing the same, because this is the darkest phase of Kali Yuga. Any kind of delusion can be planted in the mind, like the guru says, “I will give you a mantra (naam)”. But for giving a mantra why do you need a guru? I do not understand this. Sage Narada had told Sage Valmiki the name of Shri Rama. Where is Sage Valmiki, where is Sage Narada, because the Right Heart of Sage Valmiki was catching, Sage Narada gave Sage Valmiki the name of Shri Rama as the Right Heart catches for all the dacoits. But are you a dacoit, then why are you taking the name of Shri Rama? You will only be given a name to chant based on the chakra which is catching for you. Even after the catch is cleared, you just go on chanting the same mantra. Anybody and everybody is giving a mantra. One guru takes six hundred pounds and gives mantras like thinga, inga, pinga and asks you to keep it as a secret. Are you stupid? Any guru who only gives you names to chant can never be right. Why don’t you ask the guru, which chakra is catching? The name that you have given me is for which chakra, what is the defect in that chakra, why have you given me this name? You should question this. But you will only question your Mother as she has given you all the freedom to ask such questions.

This freedom should be given, you should ask this questions, it make me happy that my children are inquisitive. That children are asking the questions in their freedom is a matter of pride for Mother. But we have never asked questions to those gurus who only seek money. There is a guru sitting on the seventh floor, everyone is donating money but the guru never speaks, only gives a name. Crores and Lakhs of rupees are being donated, but no one knows where it is going. No one questions there, because such gurus mesmerise you, keep you spellbound. In your own freedom you should also think, that what is the benefit to me from the name given by the guru to chant? You will even ask a doctor giving you a medicine about your illness. In our country there is no dearth of gurus specalised in giving names, that any person who has just come out of jail and wears saintly clothes and comes and sits at Bara Khambha road and starts giving names to chat, I can tell you that all will start running towards him. First thing you need to understand that just having any name to chant is useless.

Today, I am talking about ‘bhakti’. The question asked is can I keep two gurus, four gurus or tem gurus? Don’t keep any guru. In Kaliyuga, it is difficult to get a Satguru. I am asking you to become your own guru. There have been great gurus who have prepared the place for you to become gurus and you should take that place by becoming the guru and you should take control of yourself and help others by providing direction and guidance. You don’t need to search for any guru. Don’t prostrate (bow down) in front of any one. The Ekadasha Rudras are placed on the forehead. It is a very awesome and subversive (vidhvanskaree) chakra and you go on bowing your forehead in front of anyone. You go and bow down in front of a non pious priest in a temple, the priest puts a tilak (vermilion) on your forehead. After you come out of the temple you faint. Then you complain, I don’t know Mother what Shri Hanumana has done to me, I fell ill after visiting the temple. You need to understand that it was not Shri Hanumana’s doing, but was done by the priest sitting in front of Shri Hanumana in the temple. You should understand the mistakes of such bhakti. Bhakti does not mean blind faith (andha shraddha). Faith is developed only after receiving your Self-realisation. I tell you so many times not to touch my feet. Why do you touch my feet? What have I given you? When I have given you something and if you think there is something in me, then you should touch my feet. But why should you bow down your head in front of everyone? Shri Gurunanak has done such a wonderful work that he summarised the work of all the self realised gurus and made the holy Granth Sahib. If you wish to bow down, then bow down in front of Granth Sahib, which means you are bowing down in front of the consciousness (chaitanya). Shri Mohammad Sahib also said the same thing that do not bow down in front of anyone.

Today morning, lot of ill people had come of whom 99% of people were ill because of false gurus. Some had cancer, some had heart trouble, some had paralysis, all of which they had obtained from the false gurus. So you are buying illness by paying money to such false gurus. Is this real bhakti? In bhakti, one thing is very important, in marathi it is called “Dolas Bhakti” which mean open your eyes in your bhakti. You should see what has happened to the person who has already gone to a guru. What is the guru offering? Is the guru giving the ultimate (param) or giving some ashes (vibhuti) or diamond from somewhere. Your servants or drivers will not get diamond from such gurus. If you have twenty five diamonds, you will get one and the rest will disappear. You will be under such illusions and then have a heart attack and then come to me saying, Mother I have a heart attack now. This is the current state of our Bhakti. Dr. Warren respects you all a lot and he thinks that you people are very religious (dharmik).

But there is a limit to naivety (bholepann). It is not good to be so naive. It is not good to remain under a wrong perception. Any person who has come from anywhere or jail, about whom you have not enquired enough, but you are following them. All civil servants, my husband is a civil servant who is a very famous person is very honest, all go to such gurus only. Don’t they have brains? This is the case with lot of ministers, then what to say about the civil servants. What has happened to their common sense, has it become dull (Kunthith), cant they think that such person is talking only about money, talking only about diamonds?  Such person is only asking for money. Should we not think that if for a civil servant it is important to be honest, then for a person who is doing the service for the God Almighty how much important it is for them to be honest? And even if they scream at their top of their voice, you are ready to splurge your money on such people. In our country, even women are not left behind in behaving in this manner, hence even the men do not trust women. Any false guru or baba comes and sits down then they would like to talk privately with women. What is private in the Kingdom of God? Is God private? He is the All-pervading, what is the question of the God Almighty talking in private? I do not understand.

You would have heard about all such things happening in our temples, all that you hear and you think, oh God in your name what all unrighteousness (adharma) is happening in this country of ours. When people go there, they ask to let it be. Is ganja (type of tobacco) sold in your temples nowadays? Yes, in Mahalakshmi temple in Mumbai these things are being sold. If you inform the police, they say they have nothing to do with this. They say please take note of the plight in your temples. But we ignore these things. We do not think that God is pure, sacred, auspicious. When our attention is towards all that is inauspicious, then we will invite such inauspiciousness, how it can bring auspiciousness to us then? So first of all we should know that in Bhakti that you should keep your eyes open all the time.

Shri Gyaneshwara has written a lot on meditation. But in Maharashtra people are consuming tobacco and walk for a month chanting constantly the name of Vithala. Is this Bhakti? Or else they buy bodhi from Oxford street and wearing loose dhoti (clothing) go on chanting Hare Rama constantly. The dhoti is also constantly slipping. Even if you talk to them they go on chanting Hare Rama constantly, what is this? This is not Bhakti. This is irony (vidambana), irony of God. Keep yourself away from such irony. I have mentioned this to you before itself that Bhakti should be Annanya, you should achieve exclusiveness (annanyata) and this can be achieved only through your self-realisation. If you believe in any false person, it is a very big mistake that we do in this country. Dr. Warren doesn’t know that if any false guru (baba) that comes in this country and if he comes in an elephant then they are more famous. They say that Shri Mataji we are going to perform yagnya (Havan), I asked then what? They say atleast give me five kilos of ghee. I tell them janab (mister), I don’t even have half kilo or 250 grams of ghee. Then they say okay then atleast give us some jewellery. I tell them let me check with my husband. They ask me what does your husband do? I told them that he is the Secretary to the Prime Minister. Then they revert saying no.. no.. we don’t need anything and then they go away. They say in Dharma there is no need to ask permission of your husband. I told them, only once Shri Seeta did not listen to her brother-in-law and there was a big problem. I am not going to do anything without enquiring with my husband. This innocence of ours, which I call as stupidity. A person who is innocent is extremely sharp (atyanta kushagra). The knowledge that such innocent person possess is not that someone who is cunning will possess. But the stupidity that we keep doing from morning to evening, can never be termed as Bhakti.

Another thing that everyone tells you to do is fasting. We have to ask some people which day they are not fasting and when they will be eating food. I don’t know till today which God has asked you to fast? Which shastra says that you should fast? Why are you fasting? You should not fast. You fast the day when God was born. You will fast the day when Shri Ganesha is born, you will fast the day when Shri Rama is born, you will fast the day when Shri Krishna is born. Has anyone died on that day? Intelligent people also get caught in the trap of the women of their household and agree to fasting on a particular day in the house. They will go out and eat as there is fasting in the house. When we look at our Bhakti with such inertia (jadata) and we are unable to enter into the intensity of our Bhakti, such Bhakti does not give us the depth (bhakti rang nahi deti). This type of different Bhakti like singing ghazals when one is drunk, which is written by a drunken person, but it is justified that such person has devotion only when they are drunk. I have never heard of such thing before. Such strange things are within us and we have been following this for ages. This is because the eye within us that should be open for us to know God is still closed. Because of such things, all the Deities residing within us get angry with us. Then people say by even Shri Shiva consumes bhang (a type of intoxicant), then what is wrong with us consuming it? Are you Shri Shiva? Shri Shiva had consumed halahal posion, you also consume halahal poison then. One who can drink halahal posion can consume the whole poison of this world. He drinks it as poison, what are you drinking it as? This kind of perversion in Bhakti will not take you anywhere. When there is exclusiveness (annanyata) in Bhakti, then a person can enjoy it in a state of meditation. This cannot be described as there are no words to describe it. It is a state of eternal joy (nirananda). That is why it is said “jab mast hua to kya bole” – what to say when you are in a state of deep joy? The amazing thing is that all saints have written about this so much, but we still continue with the old habits. Look at Sant Kabira, Shri Guru Nanak, Sant Tukaram – Sant Ramadas Swami has written so many things about it – in marathi there are no abuses – he has made abuses in the mind and has described all the false gurus as “Mahisha Mardila Chandane” which means applying sandalwood to a buffalo and then praying it. When the buffalo hits them then they say that the guru has showered blessings on them. It means even in those days this kind of things were happening, in times of King Shivaji. So in this way our Bhakti has taken a weird form that people cannot understand whether it is scandal or what? In a way what you are doing, I don’t say it is scandalous (dhakosla) because you are doing it with belief. But you have believed in the wrong thing and you made the wrong belief your own, which takes you in the wrong path.

The other thing that I see here is that in the governmental Delhi there are tantriks in abundance. Some of them have ran away, but there are still some around. Now these tantriks are fulfilling the belief in Indian people. We cannot see anyone rising above us, if anyone is then we pull them down. Tantriks specialise in such work. There is a story that somewhere there was supposed to be a big display of scorpions. Scorpions came from many places including some special scorpions from India. One of the jar did not have a lid. They said that the scorpion can come and bite. Someone said, it cannot happen as the scorpion has come from India, if one scorpion climbs up, the other will pull him down. That is why the Tantriks are in demand, as if you go to them and ask them to put someone right (thikane laga do). You know that what these tantriks do, this is a monstrous knowledge, demonic knowledge (rakshasi, aasuri vidya). This is a knowledge which will eat away the whole country. If one tantrik comes to a house, then for seven lives you cannot be at peace. Don’t even allow their shadow to come near you. Let me tell you that any of their acts will have an effect for seven lives. One doctor came to me in London, he mentioned that he has left his job as he is unable to do anything due to his bad condition. I enquired if he had gone to any tantrik, he said no he had not gone to any such place. He said, I feel so worthless, I have become mad, I am leaving my job, wife, children, everything. I asked from where you got this disease? He said his father used to go to a tantrik who used to come to their house. I told him see the effect would be for four more lives. Doing tantra in name of the God is an insult to God. Please do not enter into such things. Bhakti is self-realisation. Sant Tukaram has said that I am smaller than the molecule but bigger like the sky. How is it? When the molecule become one with the sky then where is the molecule? Unique (annanya). Read their Bhakti, songs of separation only make us cry, read the songs of union. Those who sing the songs of union can only tell the real meaning of self-realisation. “Paancho Panchiso Padho Bulau, Ek Hi Dor Sunao”. It is the voice of rights. There is so much authority in this. One who is self-realised has the authority, they have the right at all places. Such people don’t come asking for your vote. They don’t say yes to everything that you say. What is bad is bad, what is good is good. Where you can hear the voice of rights, you need to know that there is a self-realised soul nearby. Look at Shri Jesus Christ who is nothing but purity and is himself the “Omkara”. He has no relation with any impure women. But when an impure women was being stoned, then he came in front of her and told the people that those who have never committed a sin can throw stones at him. No one could dare throw a stone at him. With this right of voice, who sings the song of God, believe them. Shri Krishna has said that using the “Bhakti marg” and “Karma marg” a human being can reach God. This is because only when the person realises that one goes beyond the both, then only they can achieve the real knowledge. Having the knowledge does not mean that someone has become a priest (pandit). I will tell you about a case today. One lady came to me and mentioned that her Mother used to go to visit a person, she used to visit Gurudwara, she took his exam, he had good knowledge of the Guru Granth Sahib and was regularly visiting the Gurudwara. She told him that she will marry her daughter to him. But he already had wife and children. Every day he used to come with ladies and fooled everyone. He took money from the lady’s mother as well. He knew the scriptures very well, maybe he would have remembered it by heart. Everyone felt that he was a very good person. This is not the real knowledge (gyaan). You should feel the knowledge in your nerves. You should know that the power (shakti) which changes all the season, which does all the work which is alive, that power surrounds us on all the four sides. When Bhakti and Karma come together, it has been said that the real knowledge is received then. You need to use your Bhakti in your Karma, but it is not the case everywhere – people doing Bhakti only do Bhakti, people doing Karma only do Karma. Today you have done Bhakti, Bhakti of Shri Rama, it is ok. But you should also see that when we are in Bhakti of Shri Rama, how does our Karma match to such Bhakti. Are we like Shri Rama, Maryada Purshottam Shri Rama? Are we from speech, mind, intelligence, deeds (Karma), like Shri Rama? if we are not, then we are not one with God yet. Now in Sahaja Yoga, there are two (2) channels Ida and Pingala. When they cross over at forehead, because of Bhakti or good sacraments (su sanskaron se). Whatever work we do, from that whatever state is achieved, is called as superego. And by engrossing ourselves in work, whatever state is achieved, is called as ego. When ego and superego cross over at our forehead, calcification happens on our fontanel bone area. The fontanel bone becomes very strong after the age of twelve years. The soft bone becomes very strong. Now we have seen that in some people Bhakti is very strong, it becomes more difficult, because if Bhakti crosses over to the right side or the ego crosses over to the left side, then it becomes very difficult to give self-realisation to such a person. But the Dharma only happens when a devotee in his Bhakti he becomes a reflection of the God to whom he prays, he does Karma like the God. One person whom I met, I asked him, you are a Bhakt (devotee) of Shri Rama, why did you leave your wife? He said, Shri Rama had also left his wife. Then asked, what about Shri Rama going in search of Shri Seeta to Lanka. He replied, I cannot go till there. When I ask, why do you have five wives, the answer comes, Shri Krishna also had done it. But he is Yogeshawara, it does not have any effect on him. Then the response comes, I believe in Shri Krishna and will follow him in this aspect, he did a very good thing by having five wives. Such people who are unaware (nirbuddha) are called as stupid people (moodh) cannot do Bhakti and neither can they follow righteousness (dharmacharan). This is following the Dharma (dharma ka aacharan) in which you follow the righteous path as guided by the God in whom you have Bhakti. Now someone like Sant Gynaeshwara who was the obvious form of Brahma (saakshat Bharma swarup), he mentioned only the technique of meditation (dhyan), understand this. An on top of this, all the places where his temple has been created and his statues have been placed, there is only excessive chanting (dindi karna) like Ram, Ram, Ram… Everyone who comes there, remove their hat (topi) and stars excessive chanting of Ram, Ram, Ram with a lezim (type of musical instrument with jingling cymbals) in their hand. I aksed them for the hall for one day as we need to do meditation, they mentioned that you cannot do meditation here, only dindi is allowed here. I aksed them, Sant Gyaneshwara whose statue is here, which dindi did he perform? The reply was, he was Sant Gyaneshawara..When I asked where has he written that you should only perform dindi? The reply was, how does this matter? We will only do dindi. I did namaskar to them and told them that if Sant Gyaneshwara would have been alive, I would have told you what you are. They are completely stupid (murkh). Sometimes by doing Bhakti in a wrong way, we are creating our own path to hell. You have to become alert and in that alertness we should understand where we are going wrong in our Bhakti. The biggest defect (dosh) in Bhakti is that when Shri Rama came on this earth, people said that they believe in Shri Parshurama. Shri Parshurama was not alive then. When Shri Krishna came on this earth, people said that they believe in Shri Rama and not Shri Krishna. When Shri Jesus Christ came on this earth, people said that they believe in Shri Moses and not Shri Jesus Christ. Because people who are not alive are good as they can be controlled. Keep a plastic photo with you, the work is done. But where is that plastic photo going to take you? What have you kept on yourself, you need to understand this. And then you come and ask, Mother we have done so much Bhakti, then why is our condition like this? You say that Shri Shiva resides in the Heart chakra, we are Shri Shiva Bhaktas (devotees), but still we had heart attack. The reason is that by just praying (vandana) Shivoham, Shivoham you do not become Shri Shiva. Did you get your self-realisation? By shouting that I am the spirit, I am the spirit, Shri Shiva has become angry with you. By chanting Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Shri Rama will want to go away from you. It is surprising that the Deity to whom you pray the most, the corresponding chakra of the Deity within you only catches. From that only I ask, are you a follower of Shri Shiva, people are surprised and ask, Shri Mataji how did you come to know? However I recognised, I could recognise it by understanding your chakras. There is no special knowledge required for this. The Deity that you follow and if you do not do your deeds (Karma) according to them, you just go on chanting their names (bhajan) day and night. You should do bhajan also, I do not say that you should not do bhajans, but by only doing bhajans, you are not going to reach God. By doing Bhaj, Bhaj, Bhaj, you will not reach God, you can only reach God through your self-realisation. When the light of the spirit reaches our attention (chitta), then we know where Shri Rama resides within us.

Now you see, I am telling you that those who follow Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya, they always have problem of stomach. Those who follow Shri Rama generally have problem of the lungs. Those who follow Shri Shiva generally have heart attack. Now how is this possible? It is only because you have done something wrong. Sahaja Yoga is very pure and clean. In the Bhakti of Sahaja Yoga, you know why you are doing something, why are you saying something, why are you reciting a specific mantra, what is the relationship of it with you, what is the relationship of it with the masses? Because now you have the knowledge of your spirit and also the knowledge of the collective. The time has come now to change the form of Bhakti where people are saying that there is no God that exists. In Algeria, some people who were looking at fundamentalists believed that it was better to forget God instead of following the path shown by such fundamentalists and instead adopt communism. But one of the boys there who was a scholar by mistake came into Sahaja Yoga. Then he went and told others that God exists, but the way to approach him was not correct. Those who believe in God cannot be fanatics, cannot be at all. And those who have got their self-realisation cannot teach (shiksha) you to separate from each other. Like, now I had gone to Aurangabad, there was a big fight going on. Although, it was a mistake of the people, but the fight started because the people were playing loud music (baja) in front of a Masjid (Mosque). I told them that Mosque is a place for meditation, whatever it maybe, you should respect that. Where it is the question of God, do you that when Shri Mohammed had talked about “Allah o Akbar”, he was talking about the Viraata who is Shri Krishna. Do you know that when Shri Jesus Christ talked about his Father, he showed these two fingers (Shri Mataji shows the fingers representing Naabhi chakra and Vishuddhi chakra) which represents Shri Vishnu and Shri Krishna. Do you know that Shri Mohammed is the incarnation (saakshat avtaran) of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya who came on this Earth as Maha Medha. But if you tell this to any Muslim, he will be behind you with a knife and any Sikh would be behind you with a gun. That Shri Guru Nanak and Shri Mohammed are both one and the same is known by many Sikhs, but are they willing to believe in this. How can they be two different persons? Not only this but Shri Moses, Jews and Muslims are fighting amongst themselves, he was also the incarnation of Shri Dattatreya. Today the gentleman who garlanded me is from the Jewish community. he is a Doctor and he believes in Shri Jesus Christ as much as he believes in Shri Moses or Shri Ebrahim or Shri David or more than him because he resides in Agnya chakra. Because you have not seen their houses, you have not seen their relationships and hence become fanatics and are fighting with each other. They are all deeply related (pakke rishtedaar). Their relationship is similar to the relation between the Moon and Moonlight, or the relation between the Sun and Sunlight, or the relation between the word and its meaning, so deep is there relationship. Beware if you separate them or talk about them separately, you will then have to bear the consequences. The work done by these incarnations is also been looked at with suspicion. In the time of Shri Mohammed, there were so many fights, there were so many stupid people, what to say. They even poisoned him. At that time he thought there were so many women and the men were less in comparison. So to give prominence to the institution of marriage, the women should be married and she should get married. Today if the population of men increases significantly which has happened in South of India, a women was married to four men so that the institution of marriage continued, because marriage is a collective sanction. That time has passed, but we are still following the same. The people who talk about shariyaat, you may not be aware, that it was introduced by Shri Moses at a time when Jews had performed decadence (adham se adham). If you read Bible, there is reference in a chapter called Inmaya, it is clearly written about shariyaat. One that was made by Shri Moses for Jews is now being followed by Muslims as they are now following the books written by the five ingels. The same five are being used by Sikhs, Christians, Jews and Muslims. But it was originally made for Jews, at that time there were no Muslims. Now the Shariyaat is followed by Muslims. Similar is the way of Hindus as well, very strange. I say that the word Hindu should be taken out because Alexander had named us as Hindus. We are Bharatiya (Indians). Alexander when he had come to the Sindhu river, they could not pronounce certain words, he mentioned Sindhu as Hindu and all residing on the side of the Sindhu river became Hindus. This is how we came to be known as Hindus. There is a theist, Atheist, Aarya Samaj followers amongst others, all are Hindus. We are first Bharatiya (Indians). This culture has been here for thousands of years (anaadi). Alexander had come only some time back before Shri Jesus Christ. So for us now Bharatiya (Indians) has become an old reference and the word Hindu has now taken precedence for which we are fighting with others. Our tradition is so great on the basis of which the whole world can be raised (enlightened). Who has not sung the praise of this tradition? You can read the Quran, he has written about the “Roohani life” and the Kundalini is called as “Assas”. Shri Guru Nanak is standing on this very premise. Shri Buddha is standing on the same culture (sanskriti). They have no difference amongst themselves, we are behaving in such a stupid manner. They are all sitting there and here human beings in their name are fighting with each other which has become their habit. But atleast don’t fight in the name of God. This misconception is within us. You should know this that, this life is very important, this time is very important, know this at this moment, if you do not get your self-realisation at this stage (paar nahi hue), then you will be lost. What did Shri Nanaka say – ” Kahe nanak been aapache ne, mite na bhram ki kahi”  What more could anyone say, what I am saying now is what they were also saying. The only thing was that at that time, self-realisation could not be given, but all of them are our own. By taking whose name vibrations start flowing, such is Shri Guru Nanak’s name, anyone who wishes can get his realisation. So is Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Shri Jesus Christ, Shri Mohammed, Shri Mahavir, Shri Buddha, all these great incarnations have come in this country and we are still in this bad condition. On this, it can be said that there was no mode of getting to yoga (yoga sadhan). What they said, we didn’t follow, what they told, no one did, we are doing all unnecessary things. I asked the Jains what are they doing by making so many temples, they make so impure temples and impure statutes, why are they making it? They say, it is because, Shri Mahavir has asked us to meditate, but by doing meditation, we get a state of lowness (shudra siddhi), that is why we make the temples. You come now and get your self-realisation. You should get your realisation. You should get your self-realisation. The point is that, you have gone on may incorrect paths in search of God and have been lost. A Mother’s heart cries out looking at this. All these are my children, where are they going? Whatever identification they have for themselves – Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, anything they call themselves, but I know that they are all seeking God. When you go into darkness, you cannot even see that who is sitting next to you and you are all over each other. Only in the light you can see that everyone is sitting here and are in a composed manner (itmeenaan) and are talking about the same God. So the one who has Bhakti can never bring such type of severity (teevrata). Bhakti is love, and for the one from whom there is only a flow of love always, can bind everyone in that love. Under the management (avagunthan) of love, they can bind everyone. The thoughtless (alhad) love in which they ask, why did you make your life so miserable? Why are you making your own homes as a jail, you will get finished in it. I am telling you specially with special words, with insistence in my love< I am telling you that you should get your self-realisation. And after that in its light you should see your dignity, and the grace of the God who has made all this for you. This beautiful world (mandal) that has been made for you, to see that you have to only walk a little and you will have to believe that everything else is in vain. Like it was mentioned by Surdas after writing all the Sur Sagar that “Surdas ki sabhi avidya door karo nandalal” which means Oh Lord Shri Krishna (Son of Nanda), please remove all the false knowledge. In a similar way you should become absolute (nirpeksh), childlike, you should get your self-realisation. This is the fruit of Bhakti, this is the fruit of Karmas, that you are in meditation.

May the God bless you all.

Today again we will give you your self-realisation and I wish that like yesterday when you all in large numbers had achieved your self-realisation, it happens the same today. Today also there may be many questions in your mind, I have spoken about this topic in a very simple and Sahaja manner. You should only know that Mother has spoken (aar) with and filled with lot of compassion and that is why she is telling again and again that my child get your self-realisation. Please don’t feel bad about anything that I say. Also, if you have any question please do ask, I will definitely answer those for you. One of the questions asked was by doing Sahaja yoga does one get cured of illness. The answer is yes, you  do get cured. When the Kundalini is awakened, I will talk about this tomorrow, then you get cured of your illness. Many diseases get cured, it has been done as well. But we are not here to cure illness. We are here to awaken the Kundalini energy. When the Kundalini energy is awakened, all your illness are cured. Your Kundalini cures you. That is why people who want to cure themselves of their illness should also get their Kundalini awakening. One more question was that do only healthy people get their Kundalini awakening? That is not the case. “Swastha” means – to establish yourself in the self for which you need to awaken your Kundalini energy. However it is, in whatever condition, in whatever state it is, we need to awaken the Kundalini energy and it will happen. You need to have that belief. Don’t have any complex about yourself. I consider you all as my children and based on that I think that all of you should get your self-realisation. Don’t keep any complex about yourselves. Somehow ensure that you do not drop yourself. If you want to trouble any Mother, it is said that you wily say, I am a waste, I am ruined, then the Mother will start crying. So to please a Mother, you should only know one thing, you are all in the Kingdom of God, have belief in me. You just trust me on this, that you are all in the Kingdom of God. You have to try, you have to put some effort, so we will do it. The labor pains (prasav vedana) that your Mother had to go through was not felt by you. One person mentioned that he felt like some 5 explosions on the top of the head. Now don’t know to which all gurus he had been where he got this feeling from. Now this is something new that I heard, there is lot of heat here. One of the persons just sat in front of me with the legs facing me. Then they said, atleast don’t face your legs in front of Mother. Then he said, that it is not about her, but when my Kundalini energy rises and I sit cross legged, I start jumping like a frog. Then I asked how is this? He said, my guru has told me that when you Kundalini energy raises then you start jumping like a frog. I asked where, he came and showed me a book where it was written. The guru’s name was Vishnukeerthi, that when your Kundalini is awakened, then you jump like a frog. I said, oh God, are you now going to become a frog, a scorpion or a snake? This is the limit. Then I had to get him down, the frog like behavior had to be undone, made him a human being and then gave him his self-realisation. You should leave all this kind of delusion and you should know that today we have come here as human beings and to become a super human (ati manav) you need to cross a little distance. I am a here and if your Mother is the master, it will be done. Then someone asked me, Mother who are you? I only want to say that whatever I am, I am. You need to recognise it, I am not going to tell you who I am. Doctor here (Mother is referring to a Doctor) spoke about it, but I am not going to tell you. If you crucify me, then who will do the work. I am dealing with idiots. That is why I am not going to say anything, you yourself should find out who am I and what is my work? Slowly, you will understand. But in the beginning, it is sufficient if you can know yourself. Is it ok? Many questions that I knew, I have answered them now. If there are any further questions, please write and give them, I will answer them tomorrow.

Shri Mataji giving realisation now:

Now one thing, is that for people who cannot see me, try, come and sit in front of me, there is lot of space here and should get your self-realisation. No one should get up and go in between. Thos who want to go can go now. This is not something that will happen with force. It is lot of hard work and then if you do it by force, if someone says that I am sitting on the back of a crocodile, then how can you bring him into the boat. That is why this cannot be given by force, you have to ask for it with judiciousness (samajhdaari). (Mother is asking someone to bring another light in front like that one. Warren, please bring that light. Hello, that light you bring down below. Down below you bring it, keep the light on my feet, that light). Now you have to be relaxed, sit leisurely. Sit in Sahaja Aasan, which means that the legs should not be kept on top of each other when sitting cross legged and you need to sit in such a way that the weight of the body should not be felt on our legs. The body should first be kept straight (vertical) and the neck should be kept straight, but there should be no strain the body or neck. When we sit, there should be no strain.

Now keep both your hands, palms facing upwards on your lap. Like I had told yesterday, the seven chakras are placed on our left palm represent our “Ida nadi” (Left channel) which is the power of our desire and the seven chakras are placed on our right palm represent our “Pingala nadi” (Right channel) which is the power of our action. When both the nadis (channels) comes together, it forms the chakras and the channel that runs in between the Ida and Pingala nadis is called as “Sushumna nadi” (Central channel). Sant Kabir said “Ida, Pingala, Sukhaman nadi re”.

Now in both these hands, one left hand represents desire, that you need to keep it facing me and the right hand which represents action, we will use that hand and understand how to raise our Kundalini energy. Because, the Kundalini energy will get awakened, but as I had mentioned, it’s only a small strand of the energy, it’s just one hair bit of energy will come out of the Brahma nadi (Central channel) and pierces the Brahmarandra (Fontanel bone area). hence, it is necessary that for its support (aadhar) more strands of the Kundalini energy should be awakened. Sometimes, even the nadi slips and falls down, then too it needs to be raised again. This is an important work that has to be done in Sahaja yoga. That is why, even though you would have received your self-realisation, to ensure it is done in a systematic manner and to make it a tree, you need to know why the Kundalini energy falls down. What is the defect of the Kundalini energy? Why is the Kundalini energy not stabilising within us and after understanding this what should we be doing, its diagnosis as it is said, should be done. Whatever needs to be done then, will also be told to you. That is why you need to come to the Sahaja centers. That is why center has been specifically kept for all new seekers a day every week for them to understand more about Sahaja Yoga. But you have to come there. For that you have to leave your bigotry (badappan), because we do not have any air-conditioned ashrams (centers). Someone has been virtuous (dharmatma) and given us a place, where we have opened the ashram. So, however is the place of Mother, Mother is not rich, no problem. You should surely come there, learn more about Sahaja Yoga and become an expert. You will then become a guru yourself. From one, there should be thousand, from thousand there should be thousands of lights and due to such lights in the country, we can celebrate Diwali across the country. There is no other treatment except change.

Now keep your left hand towards me, right hand which represents action, on your left heart. I knew punjabi earlier. (Right hand is called dayna haath in hindi and sajja haath in punjabi, left is called khabba in punjabi). You have to us your right hand all the time and always keep your left hand palm facing upwards towards me and all actions are required to be carried out on the left channel (Ida nadi). Just memorise this:

  • First you need to keep the right hand on your left heart;
  • then move the right hand to the upper part of your stomach on the left side;
  • then move the right hand to the lower part of your stomach on the left side;
  • then move the right hand back to the upper part of your stomach on the left side;
  • then move the right hand back to your left heart;
  • then you need to move the right hand to the left side of the Vishuddhi chakra (from the front side of the neck and not back of the neck) and press it;
  • then move the right hand to the front side of the forehead and press it which is the front window to the Agnya chakra;
  • then move the right hand to the back side of Agnya chakra which is the back window at the back of the forehead where you need to rest the right hand and then rest your head weight on the right hand;
  • then use your palm (talva), keeping all the fingers widely spread, the center of the palm should be kept on the central part of the fontanel bone area on your head, press it hard, and with fingers widely spread, press the central part of the fontanel bone area seven (7) times in clockwise direction.

That is it. This is what needs to be done. You should not open your eyes during the meditation. Do not open your eyes. During the meditation keep your eyes closed. because the attentions goes outside when the eyes are open. Because there is no mesmerism here. Let us assume this is the attention (Mother is pointing towards her shawl), Mother puts her hand in the shawl and pointing it upwards, shows how the Kundalini energy raises at first. After the Kundalini energy raises and pierces the Brahmarandhra, then in the same attention the light starts spreading across the realised person. But on the top of Brahmarandra which is the place where Shri Sada Shiva resides, the God (Paramattma) resides, it is considered the place of formless (Niraakar). As soon as it touches the place of the God, in the left heart, where the reflection of the God resides, the light of the spirit is enlightened and it enlightens (aalokit) our attention (chitta). All this will happen to you. You can slowly inspect (partaala) this growth within. You need to understand this, obtain this and know about it. You will be surprised to know about yourself. Like I had told you yesterday, if you go and give a television to a village, the people will ask what is this box? Then you will tell them, see how the whole world can be seen in picture though the television. Then you connect the television to the mains, you can see its miracle. Similarly, you are the most beautiful instrument made by God which starts working after your self-realisation.

Now keep your left hand towards me. Keep your attention happy, forgive yourself, don’t think negative about yourself. There should not be anything that diminishes your self-confidence or makes it defective. Those who are sitting on a chair are required to remove their shoes. It is better to keep your eyes closed and remove your spectacles as it also benefits your eyes. (Mother is asking to keep the candle near the feet and for clearing her chakras from behind).

Now keep your left hand towards me;

Now keep your right hand on your left heart and keep your eyes closed. Now ask this question to me, Shri Mataji, am I the spirit? Like you would ask a computer, you should ask this question to me: Shri Mataji, am I the spirit? Ask this question three (3) times;

Now the second question is linked to the first question – if you are the spirit, then you are your own guru as well. Now keep the right hand on the upper part of your stomach on the left side. Now ask the second question to me, Shri Mataji, am I my own guru? You are your own guru, but you still need to ask this question;

Now keep the right hand to the lower part of your stomach on the left side and press it. Here you do not ask a question, as here I am accepting the freedom that you have, so you need to say for this chakra, Shri Mataji, please give me the pure knowledge. This chakra is the source of all of the Divine laws, regulation and techniques. All such knowledge is called as pure knowledge. Ask for this with all humility six (6) times as this chakra has 6 petals. On the Swadishthana chakra you are asking, Shri Mataji, please give me the pure knowledge, because this cannot be given forcefully;

Now keep the right hand back to the upper part of your stomach on the left side. This is the chakra for the guru tatva where you need to reside. When the Kundalini energy raises, if this chakra is blocked, then the Kundalini energy cannot go any further. here you have to say with full belief, Shri Mataji, I am my own guru. Shri Mataji, I am my own guru. Tell this with all humility ten (10) times as this chakra has the 10 guru tatvas;

Now keep the right hand back to your left heart. This is where the Shri Atma resides. Here with full belief you need to say, Shri Mataji, I am the spirit. Shri Mataji, I am only the spirit. Tell this with all humility twelve (12) times with full belief. This is the biggest truth that you are the spirit. I had mentioned before, that God is the ocean of love, compassion and happiness. But beyond it, he is the ocean of forgiveness. That is why we shouldn’t do any mistakes that he cannot forgive from his generous (udaar) heart. You should completely trust his power of forgiveness;

Now move the right hand to the left side of the Vishuddhi chakra (from the front side of the neck and not back of the neck) and press it. This is the intersection of the shoulder and the head on the left side, like I had shown earlier. Here, with complete belief ay, Shri Mataji, I am completely not guilty (nirdosh). Mother, I am not guilty. I am completely innocent (nirdosh) and serene (nirmal). Tell this with all humility sixteen (16) times with full belief as this is Shri Krishna’s chakra;

Now with full heart you have to say keeping the right hand to the front side of the forehead and press it hard and with full heart you should say, it does not matter how many times, Shri Mataji, I have forgiven everyone. I have forgiven everyone, now don’t start counting how many times you need to say this. Mother, I have forgiven everyone. Not on your head, but keep your right hand on the forehead, where we keep the bindi; You don’t need to count, as this is the most easiest thing to do. We do nothing, whether we forgive someone or not. If we are under the delusion that we have not forgiven anything, then we are playing ourselves to others. Hence, please say that Mother, I have forgiven everyone. Tell this with full heart;

Now keep the right hand to the back side of Agnya chakra which is at the back of the forehead where you need to rest your head weight on the right hand. Not at the top of the head, but at the base of the head. Here, for your own satisfaction (samadhan) you have to say that, Oh God, if I have done anything wrong, then please forgive me. Please forgive me. But in any ways, do not start looking at your mistakes or you don’t have to think lowly about yourself. Oh Lord, please forgive me, if I have done anything wrong. This is just asking God for forgiveness;

Now spread your palm (talva), keeping all the fingers widely spread, the center of the palm should be kept on the central part of the fontanel bone area on your head covering the complete head, press it hard, and with fingers widely spread, press the central part of the fontanel bone area seven (7) times in clockwise direction at a slow speed. I am telling you again, here you have to say, Mother, Please give me my self-realisation. I cannot force your self-realisation on you. Hence, please tell this 7 times in your heart that Shri Mataji, Please give me my self-realisation. Press it hard. (Mother is now spreading vibrations through the mike).

Now keep your right hand back on the lap. Slowly, open your eyes now and look at me. Are there any thoughts that are coming to your mind? Have you become thoughtless (nirvichar)? Are you able to look at me without any thoughts?

Please raise both your hands above the lap (palm facing upwards) till your heart level (not very high).