Public Program Day 2: Dharm Acharan

Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

1986-02-22 Public Program: Dharm Acharan, Hindi Delhi India DP-RAW, 172'
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Public Program Day 2, Dharm Acharan, Delhi, India, 22.02.1986

Translation from Hindi:

Yesterday, I told you, when devotion and deed unite together, you start behaving in the same manner as the one to whom you are devoted to, and you start following the path, shown by him, and then the actual religion is awakened within you, the religion is established in you. There are many people, who follow others but they do not have devotion towards them, and there are many others, who have the devotion but do not follow their manners.

For example, I have seen that there are many people who get the feeling that ” we should do social service. We should serve people”. But, when you serve people, it is very surprising that  involuntarily you develop the feeling of ego. As an example, you would have seen that the people from the missionary, when they try to spread their religion, they forget that they themselves are not in the Path of Jesus Christ. Many times, Jesus Christ must have told that first of all you have to be resurrected. You consider yourself blind until and unless the spirit is awakened within you. In spite of being told in different ways, these people are in imaginary illusion (bhramak kalpana) that they are doing the work of the missionary. And by serving the poor, or by treating few patients they think that they are serving the God. This is not the service of supreme Being. This is the work of human beings. This poverty has been created by you, you have faced all the nuisance, and human only is responsible for all the calamities he is facing. And now if you are trying to undo them, then you are not serving the God in any way.

Many people say that service to the poor is equivalent in importance and piety to service to God. This is a huge misunderstanding. I have seen many people who have received many medals, many songs have been sung in their praise, they have received many prizes, received noble prizes. But when we look into their personal life, we find that many of them are very cruel, and angry people, they are very selfish and self-centered people.

So,this is also a very subtle facet of Ego, which when done, gives a person happiness, but others are not happy because of this. When the ego starts working inside us, we cannot see it. Because, we hurt others, but we are not sensitive enough to understand that, we are hurting them. We think that we are doing something very good. Because when we presume or assume that a certain thing is going to make a person happy, then this way on that way, somehow forcefully, we try to do that. Okay, let us assume that your intention is to Serve the People, but still your ego is going to be intact. And if someone talks against what he’s doing, he will forget that he is doing a virtuous deed. This ego cannot be controlled by you in any way. Because, whoever is blanketed with ego, does not know that he is sunk in ego.

We keep doing this kind of many deeds and think that we are doing something great. But in truth, we have done nothing except satisfying our ego. But the work of the supreme Being is Living action (jivanth). It is not necessary for him to tell any person to call 20-25 people, and give him the spiritual initiation of this religion, or that religion. A person who is authorized by the almighty, his one glance can awaken the kundalini. And with that single glance he can give realization to many people. Not only this, because of his kundalini Awakening, he can become healthier, his mental state may improve, his intellectual status may improve, his worldly problems also may end. And there can be a radical transformation in his whole state.

But when this incident takes place in a human, he does not have Ego of any type. He does not

have the feeling that “I have done something”. Like today, Doctor Spiro spoke about me, I was very doubtful that “have I done all this”? And if something happens because of us, still I don’t think there is anything so great, because for example consider this Mother Earth. If we sow a seed, the seed get nourished by itself and germinates by itself. So does the mother earth become egoistic that she has germinated the seed? When this is our nature, then what is so special about it?

But I can definitely say that this is something special for Sahaja Yogis, because they have allowed themselves to get transformed. They have accepted that they have to transform from within. This is a very great thing because, it is very difficult to get rid of ego. To enter into this hall, itself is the indication your ego is standing a bit away from you and saying that you are going to achieve something better than what you have. After that Awakening of Kundalini also is not so easy.

Today, in this Hall, very beautiful songs were sung, because of which lots of vibrations were flowing from us. Still some people were seen moving around. Depth could not be seen in them. Some were coming in, some people were going out. This action can annoy the deities present inside us. They start thinking “are you going to talk about yourself, or about kundalini to these people? On one side you people are there Who are seeking the truth, but you are covered with layer of ego, and apart from this you are filled with super-ego also. And on the other side these deities are there who get angry for every small thing. Stuck In between these two things, Mother sometime feels like laughing and sometimes feels like weeping. But still, this mother has hopes, very high hopes, that one day from this India many great personalities will stand high before this world.

But to understand this subject one should have some wisdom, should have some respect towards the self. “Now that I have come to this earth, what is the purpose behind it. Have I taken birth just to save money for my children, or have I come to this earth to become some minister, or have I Come here to take care of my children, and keep saving money and then grumble and die? Or there is some special purpose of this body”?

When this kind of a serious thought comes inside a human mind, then he starts thinking that “there is something special inside me, which I have not achieved yet”. So, the thing which you have to achieve is your spirit.

[talking to a seeker]— see, it is not right that you come so late and sit in the front. Please go and sit behind. Not right.

And we should look at it in a serious manner. if it is a lecture given by some political leader, you can be as you want but here something very serious and subtle matter is going to take place. And for that the kind of people who wants to receive and achieve, are required.

But people come just to watch the fun. This is not the place for fun lovers. And some people come here just with the intention of criticizing, and they think that they are very clever, and they are very intelligent, because they are laughing at everything. They come here to show their intelligence. But because of this stupidity, you are going to lose the very precious time. You are not supposed to lose this time, instead you have to achieve it.

Now the Kundalini energy which is  inside you in a dormant stage, is your pure desire, as I have already told you. This kundalini passes through every chakra (plexus), and comes on top of the head, (see the chart) and pierces the fontanelle bone (brahmarandra). The Kundalini which pierces fontanelle bone, does a live job. This is a living performance, and characters in this also should be live. The meaning of live, is that one is alert and understands what is happening around them. We see that there is loud lamentation around us. First of all, a human feels sad that there is so much of violence happening around him. Wherever there is plenty of money, there is plenty of violence also. What should be done to clear this violence and to bring it completely to an end? Many, many organizations have been made to establish peace. But unrest has been spread by the human, and so there has to be some inanimate thing inside human which makes him spread unrest. We should know where is this inside us. This inanimate body is sitting on our left side inside swadishthan chakra. When the left swadishthan chakra becomes agitated, then the human becomes disturbed. And when the right swadishthan chakra starts over working, his lever starts working overtime, and a lot of heat is generated. As soon as this heat, attacks the left swadishthan, a person becomes very aggressive and his eyes become bloodred. Then he doesn’t understand what he is doing. Now if someone says that we should start peace movement, then it is not going to work. The one who starts the movement, will be the one to start the fight.

I heard that, in Gujarat there was a big world Peace movement, and the people who were leading the movement started fighting among themselves. How can this type of people establish peace? And, the situation now is such that, in spite of our having a better lifestyle, better clothing, and we can even get a certificate for our advancement, but a brother cannot take care his own brother, a son cannot take care his mother, and a father cannot take care of his son. There is so much of a difference between the human beings. And so a person who is alert and vigil, sees this and says ” mother, how can this happen”? If we have really advanced, then what is the reason for this kind of a difference? The reason is, there is ego in your heart. When this ego gets into our head, it covers heart chakra which is also present on our head. And the same ego envelopes our heart also. But we do not know this. If you ask the father he says he is right, and if you ask the Son, he says he is right. Then the argument continues, they will go to the court, fight among themselves, break their heads. This is the way of living of a human being. The animals are better than us, who are in a bond, they don’t fight among themselves. Sometimes when they are carried away by anger, fight a little. Mostly the animals which are human beings are more aggressive.

Go to a jungle. You will find a lion in his own grandeur. You go to a jungle and if you ask how to know where is the lion in the jungle? Then the answer is wherever there is complete silence. Because all the animals know that “the king” is sitting there, and so they all are keeping silence. When a lion dies in a jungle, the whole jungle mourns for the lion. Other animals stop eating food thinking that “our king is dead”. That situation is not there among human beings.

See the nature, how beautifully it works. During the fall season, all the leaves from a tree falls down. And the nitrogen from the fallen leaves, is absorbed by the roots of that tree, because of which they are nourished and the tree again is laden with new Leaves. Fall season also is very important because, the Earth can receive the sunlight better, which is essential for the earth. The whole nature work in a synchronized manner, and keeps the whole circle intact.

But the human being breaks all the circles or rules, because human beings have only one thing, which is their freedom. But it is not freedom. A person who understands his own mechanism, Is truly independent. When a person thinks ” what’s wrong”, like the saying goes In English for everything, for example in foreign countries apply blue and yellow colors on their head, and wear dresses with big holes in them, and when I ask them “why you are dressing like this”, they replied ” what’s wrong in that’?

In this Cold weather, if you roam around with a dress full of holes, want to catch cold? The more the cold weather, the less the clothes on the people there. This is human’s adverse behavior or nature. This does not apply to the animals. Which are in the cold place have plenty of hairs on them. But you will be surprised to know that women in places like Norway, Sweden and Belgium, roam around half naked. In this cold weather, women go around without proper clothing. And you come to know after few days that they are no more. From this kind of mad people, which  according to them is right, we don’t have to learn anything. But human beings are slightly mad.

And he becomes mad because he doesn’t know how to make use of his freedom. He is sitting on a horse but he doesn’t know how to ride the horse. So, his own freedom acts against him, and he moves forward unbridled and that leads to his destruction. About this kind of ego, all the Saints and seers have told that “God save me from this ego”. And see, this ego can lead to stupidity. You will not find a more stupid person then an egoistic person. Something worth listening. A person who becomes egoistic, can either become extremely cunning or can become extremely stupid.

I see lot of stupid people in foreign countries every day. And I don’t understand whether this people are advanced people, or perverted people or people who are ready to go straight away to mental Asylum. There, mental Hospitals are full of mad people and we can see mad people roaming around in the streets. I’m not telling lies. But now same thing is going to happen here also. (IN INDIA).

And the Ego can convert a person an inanimate object, that it gets on his nerves. It affects the nerves so much that a person loses his sensitivity. Whatever you talk to an egoistic person, He will neither listen to you nor talk to you, for anything you say. And until you  poke him  with your words, it is not going to reach his brain that you are saying something. So, now a days, whatever music is famous in foreign countries, I call them as ” microphone eating music”. Because when they sing they make noise like, “hahahaha” million others dance to tune, because they don’t understand the simple music based on the traditional notes. For them, there should be something which can shake your whole body and get to your nerves also. This is another aspect of ego.

Now, the pingala nadi inside us, which originates from our right side and crosses over to left side, and which gives us ego for our deeds, is in fact a very useful thing, but only When our deeds are “pure”. And meaning of “pure” is, filled with genuine love.

People may give big lectures, but are you giving this lectures out of love and affection? Do you genuinely love people? Or you are lecturing for selfish reasons? Before lecturing ask ourselves one thing that “am I talking for other’s benevolence? Are my lectures really going to give others benevolence”? Then you’ll really understand.

But to get this truthfulness also, we have to establish the True Religion inside us. Now see, how complicated matter is this. You have to do good deeds to establish a religion, and you can do good deeds only when the truthfulness is established inside of you. So now it is like, whether the egg came first, or the hen. How should we start the matter, so that truthfulness gets established inside us, and after that on the basis of that truth we do deeds which are pure, sacred and full of love.

There is only one treatment for this. As soon as the Kundalini is awakened, the religion which is inside you in a dormant stage, gets awakened. What an amazing thing it is. You don’t have to do anything. I will never tell you that don’t consume liquor. I will never tell you. I won’t even tell you that don’t steal. I will not tell anything. But when the religion inside you is awakened, you yourself will not do all these things. Great saints and seers were never told by anyone, “don’t drink liquor”, “do not beat your wife”, ” don’t do anything wrong”. They never used to do anything wrong. They don’t require any government, they don’t need any police or anything, they can never do anything wrong. They always do what is right. How does it happen? Because, religion which is present inside our stomach is Awakened. And as soon as it is awakened, there is a new enlightenment inside us.

There was a gentleman, who is a great doctor, nowadays he is in Riyadh. He is a famous doctor,  When he started coming to me, He completely stopped drinking. And when he went to Germany, he had a thought that, “for some reason i’m not able to drink, but very good wine is available in Germany, I should definitely taste that”. He dared to drink that wine. And he said ” as soon as I drank that wine, mother! I smelt some rotten butch from that wine”. ” And the smell was so bad that I felt I was passing through a sugar Factory, but I forcefully drank that, thinking there is something wrong with my tongue. I could easily drink bottle after bottle earlier, and what has happened to my tongue now?” And he said “after that I started vomiting and vomiting so badly that finally I thought my whole intestine is going to spill out, and then I asked for forgiveness and it stopped”. I said drink some more and see what happens? He said “Now I pull my ears, I can never drink again, my stomach itself has become religious, what should I do? This is standing against me. I said ” who are you? Are you this so-called doctor”? He said “no, that is no more my identity”. Then who are you?

He said ” mother! I am a spirit, now I have become a spirit”.

Spirit is absolute. It cannot get used to a specific habit.  It can neither get stuck in any habit, nor in any kind of ego. When you become the spirit, you also blossom into a unique kind of lotus. The people abroad are in a worse situation than what was mentioned by the doctor. And in foreign countries there is real hell. As an indian women, it is very difficult for me to explain their way of life style. When I go there I get the shock everyday. But, in that slush, in that hell also how did these (sahaja yogis) lotuses bloom?

How did these people made this place so aromatic, how did they spread such nice fragrance in the atmosphere? This has to be some good deed from the previous birth or else it has to be the thought of a very pure mind which recognized and accepted it.

But by God’s grace, you people in this country know what is religion. If you go against religion, still you know that you are doing wrong.  We do it, no matter, but we do knowingly. But these people (foreigners) do it un-knowingly. It is very surprising that this all pervading power forgives the foreigners, but it doesn’t forgive the Indians. It forgives the foreigners very fast, but Indians are not forgiven. Because the vibrations or all pervading power thinks, knows and loves. It knows that you people are doing mistakes knowingly, so you should bear the fruits of your mistakes. That is why I see that many Indians come to Sahaja Yoga, take the realization, but vanish after that into the thin air.

All the halls will become full, there will be lot of crowd but after that, everything will happen, but after that they will never turn up. The sole reason for that is, we still want to take the path towards degeneration. But these foreigners come out of the hellish atmosphere of their country, and they do not want to go back into the same hell. They have seen what exactly is that. If you people want to experience that, please do so. But  I may not be there by that time, and you also may not transform.

So, the Awakening of the true religion takes place in the abdomen, and you start seeing whatever is wrong, not with your eyes but your nervous system can feel it. A gentleman was overwhelmed by his Guruji but he had many physical problems. I told him see! Your Guruji is not genuine we have to make him all right and whatever treatment Mohammad sahab has suggested, you have to do that. But he was not ready to accept it. Now what can be done about it? I told him okay, Stay with your complain, and stay with whichever Guruji you want.

At that time he was gripped by both ego and conditioning, and so he said that he cannot accept it. I said all right. After 8 to 10 days his condition became very serious and then he came to me and said mother! I will listen to you.

I asked him ” who is your Guru”? He said Mohammad sahab. I said Mohammad sahab cannot be wrong at all. Then he told me that, in fact he was a devotee of some mullah, or peer who was a Muslim, but he was not a “peer” at all. Because the meaning of  “peer” itself is a realized soul. Now, many of us here are in the same situation, that is why I told you this now. You all want your kundalini Awakening, It should happen and it will happen. But “Sarva dharmanam paritajya, mamekam sharanam braja”, this means “come to the religion of Krishna”. And what is Krishna’s religion? Hindu religion or christian religion is not krishna’s religion. Muslims also call Akbar who is none other than Virat. why not? So, muslims also believe in Krishna.

So what is the religion of Krishna. His religion is to plough. The deity of stomach is Lakshmi narayan ji. He incarnated as Shri Krishna to plough us (krishi). That is why he was known as Krishna. 6000 years back he told that, you forget all religions and do the job of ploughing. Today I would say that leave all other religion and come to the religion of Awakening. The situation has changed. First we do the ploughing and our self realization also should happen and if we miss this opportunity now then we are not keeping up with the time.

It means that we are not alert. But now if a peculiar person comes here, like a joker or a clown, and if he sings with microphone almost inside his mouth, then everyone will run after him and dance with him. But if someone says that today’s time is for self-awakening, Then very few people will accept it. Very few people will accept it.

There was a big ambassador. I asked him why do like “Swide” more than “Yung”? He said because “Swide” had told something new, which he liked, where as “Yung” constructed his fort on the old sayings. I said “wow” thats great. We were having food at that time. I told him “Let me ask you to do something new. Will you do that”? He said “yes, definitely”. I said till now you have not eaten a table, so eat that now”.  And what ever was a living thing, “Yung” did that.

So, the Eternal things are always built on the things which are already existing. For example, there is a root, on top of the root a plant grows, It starts branching out, and then leaves grow on it, then it blossoms, and then the flowers become fruits. So now, if someone comes and shows you a new kind of fruit, then it definitely has to be a plastic one. Does anything come out of wind?

So, up till now whatever religious work in total, has taken place, the Final Destination for everything is self-realization, which you have to achieve. In Sahaja Yoga you will come to know that, great incarnations and great personalities have done a lot of work to establish this. Now all you have to do is to achieve the Final Destination. They have laid the whole path for you. And all those who have laid the path are respectable for us, great for us. But, the thorns which were there at that time, in those paths are present today also, but you don’t recognize them.

In Sahaja Yoga you will come to understand who are thorns and who are genuine. This path has been used for thousands of years. Seers took this path first, then many Saints followed, then many different people came and constructed a tall tower of religion. Today, the summit is going to be in your hands. Sahaja Yoga is not against any religion, but it has to be a true religion.  These Mullahs, these priests, these almsmen, and these pundits are not part of religion. They are not responsible for religion.

Sometimes I used to think, that these people are under the impression that there is no God at all. If they really believe in God, how could they cheat others, tell lies or do anything against a religion? Maybe, they even think that “we only have made the “God”. We only have made the God, that is why we are fooling others, everyone knows there is no God or anything”.

We should understand that, to know the genuinity of anything, the Awakening of the truth inside us, can be done only by Kundalini. So, the Awakening of Kundalini should happen on our chakra, which is related to Dharma or religion. And then this religion chakra awakened, you can very clearly see that, whatever was right according to you, Is in fact unrighteousness next.

In Maharashtra there is a very famous temple of khandoba. I also went to the temple which is a self existing temple (swayambhu). One of our Sahajayogis, who was an old person also came behind us to the temple. And when he came back he fell unconscious. I asked “What happened”. Mother! You went to the temple and so we also followed you”. I asked,

“What happened then”? “Nothing happened”. I asked “who applied that “teeka” on your forehead?

reply- Oh yes! There was a priest sitting in the Temple, he put that teeka on our head, and we gave him ten rupees please”. I said, “very good, and you have taken this unconscious state in return”. What is necessity to let him apply the teeka. You are awakened Sahaja Yogis and your agnya chakra is open, and you are allowing everyone to apply teeka on you?

As you know, the priests in the church give baptism. Keep their hand on top of your head, sprinkle some water and say now you are self realized. This is a kind of drama, Same as thread ceremony in our religion. For this, william Blake said that, “a priest cursed on my head in my childhood”. So, these rituals are there in our country and which we consider as religion law, are not so in fact. Only the person, who is self realized can lay the religion law. If a person does the religion law, without self realization, then he will be harmed by that.

A pandit ji (priest in the temple) came from Brindavan. He said mother! I don’t know the cause but everyone in our family dies of high blood pressure. And now my young son also has high blood pressure. And I am doing only good deeds”. I said “is that so. In what way are you doing good Deeds? He said ” the name of our temple itself is “hita mandir”.

“Okay, and what do you do there?”. We change Radha Ji’s dress and we do the religious offering of food to Krishna. I said why do you do that. Krishna doesn’t eat your offerings. And What does Radha ji wear? He said ” I mean to say whatever money I get from the devotees, I use this way”.

I said ” how much do you swallow out of that, you let me know”. He said “but I am spending my life in religious things (charitarth). I said when there is no meaning for your character (charitra), then what religious life can you lead?

So we should understand that the idea of religion we carry, is very wrong. In our food habits also we carry a very wrong religious notion. A person who is very “right sided”, should eat one particular type of food where as a person who is Left sided should eat another type of food. It is an old belief that a person should eat according to his nature. But I think there has been plenty of attack on that belief also.

In Sahaja Yoga you will be told about your nature, and what type of food is right according to your nature. Now, you don’t need to go into the history of why some people are right sided, and some are left-sided. Whatever we are seeing in person,  should be considered. So, in Sahaja Yoga, at present, this moment, what ever problem you have will be considered. Tomorrow, you might be completely alright.

Recently I was in Madras, when a lady came to me and she told that she had inflammation of the glands in the neck, and doctors saying that she has cancer. She had her neck covered with a cloth. I asked her to sit with a candle. After some time I asked her to remove the cloth from around her neck. The inflammation had vanished. Everyone started Saying ” her neck was swollen so much, now everything has vanished. How did it happen”? She had problem of the left side, and when that cleared out, her inflammation also vanished.

A mad man comes here and becomes all right with in minutes. How? Because he had some negative effect and when that cleared out, he became all right. So, the Sahaja Yoga directly effects the essence. It doesn’t work from outside. It works on the  essence. And, religion is our principle. To live within the religion is our principle. There are many many such religions as religion towards mother (matrudharm), religion towards  father (pitru dharm), religion towards our country (desh dharm), and religion towards the whole world (viaswadharm). Our whole body is reared and decorated with these religions, which beautifies us. When these religions are awakened with in us, all other religions become a right. That is why it is told that by awakening the kundalini, our relationships with others become healthier. The ten religions, which in old testament has been described as ten commandments, have to be established inside us. These 10 commandments were told long back, and today the rules, and laws which we have made are based on those ten commandments. And when these ten religions are situated in the same place inside every human being, then how can we be Hindu, Muslim or Christian externally, when the definition of religion it’s a same for everyone. We are just human beings.

The divine did not make us out of plastic, with the similar looks, because he had no intention of making militry out of us. He made every one with different looks, one leaf does not resemble the other, one human does not resemble the other. This diversity and difference in the looks of human beings, gives us joy, when we look at them. And because of which beauty of a person thrives.

But we don’t understand that, the divine made us like this externally to fascinate us, And we get carried away by this. So we have to remember that in Sahaja Yoga that this is based on principles, it is Yoga within to enhance peace, which can not happen from outside. For example, you may dye your cloth in some colour and consider yourself a great saint. That does not happen in Sahaja Yoga.

In Sahaja Yoga the saintly changes happen from within. Like, Guru Nanaka said the whole dirt from inside is gone. When there is no attachment with anyone then where is the question of leaving anyone. All of them were married, but none of them showed-off anything. For Raja Janak, It is said that he was Weaned from bodily and earthly enjoyments (videhi), and because of him Sita Ji is called as vydehi. When he was a king, he lived like a king. When Shri Ram Chandra, became a king, he accepted the crown on his head, and when he had to go to the Jungle, he wore the bark of a tree, and left. This kind of a people are king by Nature. He doesn’t require anything, he does not bow in front of anyone, he does not ask for anything, he is not a begger, He is a king. He remains a king either you keep him in a jungle, or you keep him in a palace.  Kingship is in his nature. This kingship is awakened inside us in the form of religion, when we sit on the throne. This Kind of people are not frightened of anyone. This kind of a religious conduct is very special because people who have balanced themselves on this principle, get their self-realization Within seconds. It is very very easy for them. Very easy.

But the greatest thing we all should be knowing that inside Sahaja Yoga, we respect all the religions. Because when Mohammad Saheb is inside us and shri Krishna also is inside us then whom can we insult? But, we don’t sustain ourselves in the religion, we get diverted.

After coming to Sahaja Yoga also, for some time this kind of disturbance prevails. Afterwards,  Kundalini starts binding you, and you also get bonded, when the Kundalini pierces the fontanelle bone completely, you sustain yourself completely in your spirit, and you start enjoying it completely, then it is said that you have become dharmateet, beyond the dharmas. Gunateet, beyond all gunas (virtues). Does it mean that he leaves all religion? It means that the religion itself is established inside him. He need not adhere do any religion because he himself becomes the form of religion. He will never do anything against the religion. But his religion is living religion.

To kill Karna also is religion, and to kill Dronacharya also is religion for him, and to carry Govardhan on a single finger also is dharma for him. To understand the complete definition of dharma, firstly, the Dharma inside us should be awakened.

I will not discuss any kind of religion with you, where it is said that “be in your religion”. Now a days, meaning of religion is ” you give me everything of yours, and become a beggar and follow the religion. Instead, I will tell you that the meaning of religion is become alert and awakened. Wakeup. Be alert towards yourself. After the Awakening of Kundalini you find that we are holding a snake (negativities) in our hand, but we are not able to get rid of it. we just want to  leave it somehow. many people get rid of it spontaniously, but some people are not able to leave it, but with little attempt it can be shaken off. That is where, I say Is bravery and that is the uniqueness of human beings.

I told you about religion today, so that I can talk on spirit tomorrow. About the spirit, What is attaining a spirit, and after achieving the spirit, how to take care of this lamp. When The spirit is enlightened in your heart, how should you take care of it? But when a mother gives castor oil also, she adds a little chocolate in that. Like that, your kundalini gives you a lot of things beforehand itself. For example your health will improve, and half of them will leave Just after that. Many people come here only to cure themselves. After that, it is possible that your mental problems also get cured, children’s mental problem may become alright. After that it is even possible that all your worldly problems come to an end.

There was a person who got plenty of money after coming to Sahaja Yoga. After that he thought “now my job is done” and left Sahaja Yoga. He will come back when he becomes bankrupt. Or supposing, somebody’s hands are treated, they will not come back until they have some other problem. So, this has become my job that “come child, I will wash and clean you, and again you go and become dirty, and I will wash you again”. This is what I keep doing particularly in our country.

So, Kabir Das ji has said that “saints and seers covered themselves with this blanket and dirtied the blanket, but I, that is Kabir Das very carefully covered himself with this blanket and maintained it as it was”.  This kind of sanctity should be achieved, and to achieve this sanctity, we should have the dignity, and the Magnificence. It doesn’t mean that others are unsanctified, but see how overjoyed we are in the intensity of our sanctity.

Tomorrow I will tell you how enlightenment of the spirit shows us how sanctified or unsanctified we are and we should be prepared completely to get rid of all that is Unholy inside us, you don’t need to hold on to them. Come prepared for this tomorrow, and I shall explain everything to you. I hope, you will go back tomorrow, completely bathed in Ganges river.

May God give you wisdom.

Today, we will again devote sometime towards meditation. Please, sit peacefully for some time. You all know that I am also married, I too have children, and they also have children.

And for the past 3 months every night I have been giving lectures like this sometimes in The Villages, sometimes in the countryside, sometime in your Delhi. We also should devote sometime towards self, a little attention towards ourselves.

In olden days, when Gandhiji started agitations, my own parents went to jail, and we who were used to staying in aristocratic families, stayed in huts. How much of sacrifice they did  at that time. And today, for our selfish purpose, to know thy self can’t we sacrifice a little? Can’t we come before time? can’t we set for 2 minutes?  That too when it is for your benevolence and more benovolence. Only with little effort, all your diseases, all your problems will be rectified by the kundalini. There is no doubt that all your troubles will come to an end. But, you should be prepared to work hard and also to spare some time for this.

Now, whoever wants to go can please leave and whoever wants to be in meditation can meditate. You can meditate by sitting on a chair also. Whoever cannot sit down can sit on a chair, no problem in that. Whoever can sit down please do so, and whoever can sit on a chair please do so. That is absolutely no problem and that.

Some people want to go out and come, let us wait for 5-10 minutes for them. Be patient. If you want to go out, please go and come and then sit down patiently. Now this is your mother’s house, so there cannot be any kind of restrictions. Whoever wants to go out can go and come, I shall wait for 5 minutes. Go and come. And then sit peacefully.

See, how a mother knows everyone. and she recognizes everyone’s problems. Because, mother loves, and the love gives knowledge about everything.

Shri Mataji: Tomorrow, shall we keep the program at 10 AM? it will be good.

Sahaja Yogi: [Inaudible]. we have already told them.

Shri Mataji: 10 o’clock? Sahaja Yogis, come before 10 o’clock tomorrow.

Everyone has Come? Now, everyone sit peacefully. Like I told you, sit in Sahajasan, with your legs placed comfortably without any veil or covering, and when you are sitting, keep your back straight. No need to put any strain. comfortably, like the sahajasan is, where you sit cmfortably. And, if anything is tight or uncomfortable around your body then loosen it. So that while meditating your attention does’nt get diverted. So, this is a living phenomena. And how the live phenomena happens, even you do not know. For example, how does a seed germinate? You will not be able to say that. And, I cannot explain to you because still you do not have the capacity to understand this.

You all can achieve this livlng phenomena, you all have the capacity to do so. You are a capable, and the time also is perfect and this incident can take place very easily. Whoever got realisation yesterday or day before, again awaken their kundalini, so that it is established on our fontanelle bone. No one should have any degrading thoughts for the self. Don’t blame yourself for anything like I am bad, I am useless, this kind of thoughts do not suit Sahaja Yogis and it doesn’t suit you devotees also. Because, devotees are very dear to that God. And how can a person who is seeking the truth be bad? So, you should have a feeling of love and reverence towards yourself.

It is possible that you have certain habits which you think is not right, it is possible that you have spoken something against the religion which you should not have, And like this there could be other things because of which you are angry with yourself.

But God is not angry with you. He is very anxious that you come to his kingdom, and he wants you to be there. So, you forgive yourself. So, like I have told you that of a left hand is the power of Desire, and the right hand is the power of action and the Kundalini is our pure desire. The chakras  are made of the combination of left and right and in the centre is the central channel (sushumna nadi).

When you extend your left hand towards me, symbolically, you say that, “I desire to achieve this”. And when you use your right hand, You symbolically say that, “I am combining my desire with the action”. So, keep your left hand towards me and do the action with the other hand, which is your right hand. You will keep your right hand on your heart first, after that on the upper part of your abdomen, then on the lower part of your abdomen, then again on the upper part of the abdomen and then on the heart. All this, you will do on your left side. Then the right hand should be kept on the left shoulder and neck joint, now you see how I am doing this by turning your neck to the right. Then this hand (right) across the forehead, which is called as “kapal”, keep it horizontally. Then the same hand (right) should be kept on the back agnya chakra, which is present both in the front and back, lift your head up to the sky. And after that stretch your fingers and the center of the palm, should be kept on top of the fontanelle bone, which was a soft bone in our infancy, and rotate that 7 times, clockwise, by pressing that hard. Do you have to do only this much.

Very good. Best By doing this much, many people’s kundalini has awakened. okay. Now Keep your left hand towards me. Don’t think anything like, “I am old”, “I am this”. Don’t think any such thing. Forget everything. Forget everything like this is my Guru, and so on. Just observe the force of the kundalini. It will cross all the obstacles and come out. keep this hand towards me. (left), and close your eyes. Remove your spectacles, because the eyes also are benefited by this. Remove your eyeglasses. Now this hand towards me. If you are wearing many finger rings, remove that also. Sometimes that is also not helpful. And now keep this hand (right) on your heart. Close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes in between. Because, the attention goes out when you open your eyes. So keep your eyes closed. Under any situation don’t open your eyes.

Now, keep your right hand on your heart. And all these actions you have to do on your left side. With your right hand on your heart, a question be asked 3 times, which is a primary question “Mother, am I the pure Spirit?” “Mother, am I the pure Spirit?” “Mother, am I the pure Spirit?” Ask this question in your heart.

Now along with this question one more question arises. If you are a pure spirit, then you are your own master. Now, keep your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen, on the left side, and press it with your fingers. This is Guru’s principal, which has been made for us by true masters, from the time of creation. Now keep your hand here and ask the second question 3 times “Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own master?”

Now, take your hand to the lower part of abdomen, which is the place for pure knowledge. Pure knowledge means, the knowledge by which the rules and regulations of the Divine, and his technique are manifested, and which is used by you. That knowledge is known as pure knowledge. You’ll have to press here and ask me, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”. I cannot force you for this, because you have the freedom. So, please ask me, “Mother, please give me the pure knowledge”. Ask me this 6 times, because this chakra has six petals.

Now, keep your right hand on the upper abdomen, on the left side, and press there again.

This is Guru principle. Now, the awakening of the Kundalini has started but without your self confidence, it will not raise further. So, with full confidence say that “Shri Mataji, I am my own master”. Say this 10 times. “Shri Mataji, I am my own master”. Yes, say this 10 times. Just now I told you that inside us there are 10 principles of the Masters, of the religion. When a human awakens these 10 principles within himself, he becomes his own master.

Now, take your right hand on your heart, and again with full confidence say that “shri mataji! I am a pure spirit”. Say this 12 times. “Shri Mataji, I am the Spirit. Shri Mataji, I am the Spirit”. With full confidence say this.

Now, keep your right hand on the angle between your left shoulder and neck joint and turn your neck towards the right side. Right side. to your right. Here, you should know that God is an ocean of forgiveness. So, say with full confidence that, “Shri Mataji, I am totally guiltless”. “Mother, I am not guilty”. Say with full confidence 16 times. I am guiltless. Trust me, you actually are not guilty. Keep your hand on your neck, not on your head. Keep your hand on your shoulder. Keep your hand on the angle between your neck and shoulder. Keep from the front side, not from the back. say 16 times.

Now keep your hand On your forehead, on the area where we keep sindoor, (red mark on forehead), across the forehead, and press both side of the temples exactly as we Press, when we have a headache. Here, you have to say ” mother! I forgive everyone from the bottom of my heart”. Mother, I forgive everyone. From the bottom of your heart if you see this even once, this will work out. Don’t think it is difficult to forgive. To forgive or not to forgive is a myth but if you don’t forgive others then you are playing in the wrong hands. So, please tell that mother! I forgive everyone. See, how light you feel afterwards. You will feel light-headed. The biggest weapon a human has, is to forgive everyone.

yeah! And now keep this hand at the back of your head. Somehow, transfer the weight of your head on your palm and raise your head up towards the sky. Here you have to say ” oh my God! If I have done any mistakes, please forgive me. Please don’t count your mistakes, don’t consider yourself guilty, nothing, just for your satisfaction say that if I have been any mistake please forgive me. He is god almighty, so he can forgive you for everything. Have faith in him. okay. Wholeheartedly.

And now, stretch your fingers, and keep the center of the palm, on top of your fontanelle bone. That is the center of your right palm, exactly on the center of your head. Press hard, and with pressure, rotate your scalp 7 times. Now, I cannot take your freedom. So you have to say that ” mother! I want my Self-realization. Please give me my Self-realization. Say this 7 times, “Mother, please give us Self- realization. Press it hard. [Shri Mataji blows in the mike]

Now bring your hand down slowly. Now, look at me and see if you are getting any thoughts. Because thoughtlessness gives you peace of mind. Earlier, you had kept this hand (left) towards me, now keep the other hand towards me. Meaning, keep your right hand towards me and with your left hand check if you are getting anything cool from your head. Keep your attention on your head keep your eyes open and see if you are getting cool Breeze or heat is coming. It is possible heat also is coming. For some people, kundalini may raise up to 8 feet or, 10 feet also. Yeah, coming?

Now, keep your left hand towards me and check with your right hand. A little about the head. See 4 to 6 inches above the head. yes, now check again with right hand. Is it coming or not? Don’t get immersed in thoughts. Sometimes, some people do not have sensitivity in their hands. It is all right. To be thoughtless itself is a big think. Thoughtlessness is the first step for this.

Now, raise your both hands towards the Sky, and bend back your neck, look up and say “Mother! Is this the all-pervading power God’s love? Mother! Is this God’s power of love?

Mother! Is this supreme state of God’s power? Ask any one of these questions 3 times. Ask three times. Raise both your hands up. Lift your head completely. Now bring your hands down.  All of you bring your hands down. Now, spread both your hands, and check if something cool air is coming out of it. This is what is “salilam, Salilam “, the cool breeze, which performs all the living works all around. This is the same cool vibration.

People who are getting Cool Breeze from their hands, fontanelle bone, please raise your both hands up. Today, all of you have achieved the Self-realization. All of you are Self-realized. Now, fold your hands, be thoughtless and in your thoughts,  bow to your own selves, because you all have become Saints now. You are awakened.

If someone has not achieved the self realization, no problem. Everyone has to be awakened. Whoever has Come Today for the first time, may not have got the Realization but there is no need to worry, every one will achieve the Self-realization. Please come again tomorrow. The program will 7 a.m. Tomorrow. So come before time and sit here.