Dharma Ki Avashyakta – Why is Dharma needed (Evening)

Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

1986-02-23 Dharma Ki Avashyakta (Why is Dharma needed), Delhi, India (Hindi), 34'
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Public Program, Calcutta, India, 23 February 1986

[English translation from Hindi]

I bow down to all the seekers of the spirit! What can be even said after listening to today’s heavenly music! Especially Mr. Devdutt Chaudhary and Shri Govind Chakravarti, who accompanied him on the tabla, have provided so much enjoyment to the spirit that without even telling anything, I think the Kundalini has awakened in you. Another thing that should be known in the Sahaja sense is that the Indian music is derived from Omkar. This thing is so right, its fame, its progress is such that in foreign countries those who have never heard any ragadari music, who do not even know what is or how the Hindustani music is made. Whose way of playing and understanding of music is totally different. When such people also receive their self-realization and go deeper, you will be surprised that without knowing any raga, without knowing the rhythm, without any knowledge about this subject, they just get lost into it. And as Chaudhary Sahab played in front of you today, in the same way when he was playing in London, then for hours people got completely immersed into it and became one with the flow of the music. I was surprised to see that they have never known any raga, they have never been interested in such music before, the musical notes have never entered their ears before, today all of a sudden what has happened to them after listening to such music! After that Amjad Ali Saheb came. Whoever comes to sing or play the classical music, they get completely lost in it. Secondly, something like qawwali that should be understood. A big famous Qawwal came from Pakistan. I don’t know what happened, but on seeing Me, he said, Mother, You come in front and sit. Just on seeing Me. He was a famous man. He spoke such a beautiful qawwali written by Awaliya Nizamuddin and Chishti Sharif. I understood it, but this Englishmen, who had never heard anything like a Qawwali before, and who weren’t even aware what he was singing. Even his words they could not understand. And they were absolutely engrossed in it. In this I will say that Guru Nanak has done a lot of work. Because in the gurudwara, although now I do not know how it is, but whenever we used to go earlier, the ragis used to sing in such a beautiful ragdari. Now I do not know how it is there. Because they too had recognized that Hindustani music system has that specialty. Similarly south hindustani music is also very captivating. But for that I think that we Hindustani are like stubborn ponies. It becomes very difficult to learn any new thing for us. Especially, who has never listened to classical music, he says that I don’t like this music. It is very surprising! After self-realization this music should automatically be liked. I also never learned music. Although there was a very musical environment in my house, this I agree. All of them singers and all of them are very famous people.

But then there is Me, I have never learned to sing, never sat down and sang any song. But then I will not say that I never listened to the songs because my father used to call big people and have them sing. We have heard such great people that you may not have heard. But it has some deep connection with the spirit. They were playing music, but those who sing, they like them the same way and they are given so much respect there, among the Sahaja Yogis. But when our Hindustani people there arrange any music program, I came to know that they steal the money of these artists. Say, there is no respect for music at all in them. There is also insistence in Hindi speaking people that they do not want to learn the language of anyone else. Like Englishmen. Once you learn English, then you cannot learn any language. But the British are never able to learn the language of others because they all speak English. And if they speak with great difficulty, then it seems that they are speaking in English only. This is what Hindi-speaking people are doing. Now if they never listened to ragdari, then they do not like ragdari. But look at them! People listen to this music there even more than you people. Hope you too will open the gates of your heart and you too will listen to this sound of the spirit! It seems to Me that all this music chimes my spirit. And after chiming it, its resonance is reaching you. This music flows like vibrations inside all of us. Vibrations flow from it. What a deep thing we have in this country. This deep thing should be obtained. We should know about it. Then you will be able to understand that the depth of the spirit has settled inside you. It is due to ego that a human sometimes does such a thing that the awakening of the spirit in him becomes difficult.

Yesterday I told you what is the significance of dharma. And today morning I told in the ashram what is ‘Sahaja Dharma’. What is Sahaj Dharma? Today I am going to tell you what is the need of dharma and how we attain our spirit. The need of dharma is for balance. Today you saw how balanced the weight on the tabla was. How balanced was the weight of the hand on the sitar. Where to give weight, where not to give, how much the style of playing was correct. Similarly, the weight of life should also be kept balanced. To keep it balanced, human beings should not go to any kind of extreme. Some say that they give so much importance to their desires, that they do not do any karma for attaining them and some people believe in their karma so much that they do not pay any attention to their desires. But the person who keeps his life balanced, his desires are also balanced and his karma is also balanced. For example, suppose that I thought to myself that I will also erect such a big hall. Suppose. Now, I do not have enough money and neither land. So how can I erect such a big hall? But if I start thinking that I will do it? Now if I become stubborn and I start wishing that I can go and stay in the Governor’s house. So will that wish come true by itself? But when I get engaged in that karma, then I will come to realize that this desire which I have is not balanced. Because the desire that does not translate into karma, that desire is useless.

Now there are other people who are over-active. Like there are many in this Delhi. Because of the government jobs they have to do. So after going to work in the morning, if they do not return till 11 o’clock in the night they do not think they have shown their officers that they have done enough work. And the same officers think that if they do not work till 1 o’clock in the night their ministers will not believe that they have been working. As if they are insane they remain occupied with their work all the time. And their other desires and responsibilities, such as their wife, children, relative, friends etc., they do not take care of these. They will say, “we don’t owe anything to anyone. We are martyrs, we will only work.” Such people, I saw that if they live for even 40 years, then understand it’s their good luck. But after 45, you can hardly find anyone. But a man who is balanced, he can do good work too, can do great work, he is also efficient and his old age also goes well. But you will find many people who work like crazy. And the amount of that is being accomplished in our country, the less said about it the better.

And everybody does a lot of work. I do not see any work. Where God is lying, there is God. The one who is spoiled, is spoiled. One game we used to play in childhood, its name was ‘Where it lies it rots’, that thing belongs to our country. But the number of people who work here, people do not work that much in any country. And the most inefficient country is our own. The reason for this is that after reaching a limit, the person doing this work also gets tired. He should also look at the other side. Then it should be checked again in his desires. If I want to listen to music and I do not have time, I will become dull! My this life will become very dull. Just like you must have seen many people nowadays, they are running like crazy. They are jogging. I have seen many people from among them, they come and tell me, “Mother, we have become Sthitha-prAgnya (one who is above everything).” I said, “How?” “My mother died but still tears did not come into my eyes! My children died but I still do not care. My wife is dead, I do not care.”

Wow! Where did this Sthitha-prAgnya’s language come from? They become so dull and monotonous. And we have Hatha yogis, who stand on the head (do asanas). And they are too much right-sided. Today, standing on the head, I do not know what they will do tomorrow- maybe remove intestines from their stomach! I get nervous just seeing these people. I start thinking, what is going to happen now? Now those who are engaged in it will get into it so much that they will not even think about the reason why they are doing this in the first place. Like crazy, they get engrossed in it. And due to lack of balance in them, such people can get heart attack very soon. And the important thing is that their heart itself becomes like a stone. There will always be divorces in such houses, there will be quarrels with wife. They do not like anything. They become like an avatar of Hanumana. It is best to talk to them from a distance. If they are sleeping, better to wake them up with a wooden stick from a distance. Otherwise they will take care of you! And those who do so much work in the office they also have a big temper. The reason is that in the office, their officer always keeps ordering them. And when he comes back home, he starts getting angry at the wife and shouting at her. Because ‘I am working’, they will say. I have told you this which is a very common thing. 

But when we do exaggeration and go to the extreme even on the path of our dharma, and when we go too much on the left side, then if we are now engaged in devotion, so they will wash their hands 75 times, and 40 times they will wash their feet. Even in Sahaja Yoga too, some people do it like crazy. I see that I am giving a speech and they are working on their chakras like crazy. On the head, they are giving bandhan. Is there any need for this? I am sitting in front! Fixing this and fixing that. This is what is going to the extreme, leave it, and stay in the center. Now if someone thinks too much, ‘I am good for nothing’, especially those who drink alcohol. The drinkers will always cry and say, “Sir, nobody is more sad than me.” The whole world is sad just to see them. Now such people have moved to the left. Such people are caught by bhoots. One who tells himself, “I am a bad person.” If you have done bad things then all the evil people will come and sit on your head. And those who go a lot on the right side also catch a kind of bhoot only. You can call them demons (rakshasa). Just as Hitler had put rakshasas on the German people. That was the right sided movement. That no one is greater than us. We are the greatest and we will cut everyone’s neck. In this way people start feeling very angry and then they go on killing whomever they want. They think, “Okay, we must kill them.” This way there are kinds of people who go to the two extremes and if the movement (to the left or right) is too much then it is very harmful for human beings. So a man should remain in the center, should remain in balance. This is dharma.

Now why did we deviate from this dharma? Because the thing that wants to fly in the sky, if there is no balance in it. If there is no balance in the aeroplane for example, if there is only one wing in it, then it falls down in two minutes when it starts to fly. Therefore, when there is balance in a person, the Kundalini rises very easily. In our head, as I said earlier, there are two institutions. Which we will call man and ahankar, and in English it is called ego and super-ego. They both go and move on top of our brain in this way, then our fontanelle bone becomes completely calcified. Both these things come out of these two natures, one is the root (material) nature and the other is the active, working nature. And you can say what we call one as Tamoguni and one as Rajoguni. Because of these two, these two institutions develop and when one moves up more than the other, then you can understand that the upward movement of the Kundalini becomes even more difficult. Now when Kundalini is awakened, which is the pure desire, the Kundalini after piercing through these chakras, fully illuminating every chakra, comes to Brahmarandhra, pierces it and flows out of it.

As soon as the Kundalini goes to the Agnya chakra, it starts from the Vishuddhi but on reaching the Agnya both these institutions are sucked in. There is special power in these two chakras to pull these two institutions inside, cure them and dry them out. Due to this, a hole is formed in the fontanelle bone and the Kundalini comes out of it. Now we have heard about the spirit that the spirit is the form of Sat Chit Ananda. Sat, Chit and Ananda. Still there is a lot of ego sitting here. Sat, Chit and Ananda are considered to be the form of the spirit. Truth is not just something that we think is true. Knowing something through thinking is actually not the truth. Because thoughts are actually something unreal. We can hide in it. We can put such a thing in it that you will not be able to understand if it is true or if it is false. If this is not the case, then why do such false teachers flourish so much. How many false people are attacking the world so much? They are sitting on such a big place. How does this happen? Why does this happen? The reason is that we do not know only the truth. We do not know what is the truth? Now understand this that I am saying anything in front of you, saying anything. What I am saying is the truth or untrue? Can you say that I am telling only the truth? I am not saying anything except truth? And this is only truth? You cannot say that! Maybe I am also lying to you. It is possible! This confusion will always remain. Till when? Until you attain your spirit. When your spirit is awakened inside you, then that power flows in each and every vein, which is called Chaitanya. By which you can know if it is true or if it is untrue. Just like Doctor Sahab told you just now, how he came to know the truth. You too can know the truth only when the Kundalini is awakened and you are immersed in the Nirvikalpa (timeless). Before that you have to use your hands. When you see that it is coming in this finger and not coming in this. So what has happened is that this is the finger of the Agnya. Finger for the Agnya chakra! So this means that I have become egoistical. Now they will come and say clearly, “Mother, please correct my Agnya. Fix my ego.” And if you even tell a man, standing far away from you of course, ‘You have become egoistical’, then you are done for! But after realization the man himself will come and say to you, ‘Oh my God! My Agnya chakra is catching.’ Because the ego that once seemed pleasant, seemed joyful, saying, “yes, come and put a garland around my neck. Everyone was praising me so much. Everyone was applauding me.” The person who becomes very happy with this, that person after receiving his realization starts getting a headache. As his ego rises, he will say ‘My god! Mother, my head is hurting so much, my Agnya is catching.” So he runs away from things that give him ego. He then tries how should I not let my ego grow. This is like a balloon sitting inside me. Just when someone says a good word to me it just blows up. So he detaches from his ego and watches it. Aha! You have got on the horse again. Come on, get down! Before that, the man does not know that he is sitting in ego. Only when his ego hurts him will he understand. Only after self-realization will you know the agony of this ego. Now see that if man’s ego is broken in this way, there will be righteousness and calm in the world and peace will come.

Many people in the world will fold their hands and say, ‘Sir, what can I say? I am the dust of your feet.’ And by taking such a heavy burden of ego on their head and talking like this, people will think, ‘Aha, what a humble man.’ But only a self-realized person knows who is humble in reality. Then if that person shouts and screams and scolds you, still you will know that this person is scolding from his sweetness/humbleness. The job of the ego is to destroy others. But it also destroys himself. So man knows the truth only in the light of his spirit and he sees that there is this ego in me which he should discard. Therefore it is said that the embodiment of the truth is the spirit. This is the light of the spirit in which man sees the truth. Someone asked, “Sir, how did you know we have this disease? How did you know?” In the light of our spirit! You have come inside the light of our spirit and we know what problem you have. While sitting here, you can also know about anyone, if you are self-realized, that what is their condition. One day I said about Nixon saheb, lets see what is happening to Nixon. Sahaja Yogi asked, “Mother, what is happening? Our hands are trembling. I said, ‘I understood it, so that is why I asked you to find it for yourself, so you will understand about it later.’ I had understood it but I said you also see it. You can know about the whole world, about the truth, if you are awakened in the light of the spirit. 

Now we have a lot of places with Swayambhu in the land of India. Without the light of the spirit how will you know whether it is Swayambhu or something false? Because whatever would be a Swayambhu place from there, as they said, cool breeze start coming from there. And when nothing has happened to you, you do not even have eyes, how will you know that cool breeze is coming on your hands. To know only the truth, one must have only the spirit. Today’s Sahaja Yoga has been arranged in such a way that even if a little light somehow comes inside them, even just a little bit. No cleaning is required. There is no need to clean the candle [?] first. Many lives have already passed doing that. Now first light a lamp in their candle [?], then they will see for themselves that there is a stain in this candle here, there is a stain there, they will then clean it by themselves. When the light of the spirit comes and when the human is identified with the spirit, then he sees that the light of my spirit is not shining because my candle is a bit bad, so I should clean it up. In the light of this candle, his body, his mind, his intelligence, his ego, all the faults they all can be cleared together. If someone says that you wash the cloth in the dark, no one can wash it. So first of all, it should be known that you have not yet known the truth, so without self-realization we cannot know the truth. 

Nowadays people fight because of issues. Now there is going to be a nuclear war here. You then fight that there should not be nuclear war. Then you will pick up something else. In this way, one after one after one thing is made and then people quarrel about it. But who made this nuclear war in the first place? Man only. You agree? If man will himself change then how will this nuclear war remain? And if man does not change, then why would even God think of saving him? 

In old houses, you know, such lamps in the house, which we light on the day of Diwali, those earthen lamps that are broken, they are thrown away. Who will get attached to them? But if such lamps are prepared that are burning continuously, then the whole world can be saved. It is said that if one end of the sari is saved, then the whole sari can be saved. Similarly, only a few Sahaja Yogis can also save this world. Nuclear war can be ended. They can take care of the whole atmosphere. But that state has to come, until that state does not come, unless there are enough people here, then this work cannot progress. Those who come to Sahaja Yoga only to listen to lectures and go away, they should know that they have got the news. Even if they listened a little and even got their self-realization a little, but if they do not immerse into it, then whatever will happen in this world they are themselves responsible for it. Just now I had gone to eat food at someone’s house, a professor came there, saying, ‘If Mother comes, I will come to greet her.’ They reached there to greet me. And I saw that they became very happy just by meeting me and nothing else. It is like they had accomplished what they wanted just by meeting me! She is a professor of Hindi. I said, ‘Sir, do you teach Kabir?’ She replied, ‘Yes indeed mostly I teach Kabir. ‘How do you teach Kabir?’ ‘Now I teach what is written. And then I said, ‘you have to probably take seven births just to teach about Kabir.’ She said, ‘this is true indeed.’ I said, ‘Take your self-realization and then you can explain him in this birth itself.’ But it’s not that. They don’t have time! Then there should have been time in that era at least because they were all on strike. There is bound to be some benefit from a strike that these people can come to some lectures at least. But they don’t have time. Because they have got hold of an issue and are now fighting for that cause. This awakening of the spirit gives immense peace to man. Because there is no other choice left in the mind. Due to which man becomes completely calm from the inside. As you must have seen the wheel of a chariot that the wheel of the chariot keeps rotating on its circumference. But the middle point of it has to be situated perfectly. It has to be steady, otherwise it cannot move forward. When you get your self-realization, you settle down at that midpoint where you stand and see the whole circumference moving but you are sitting there silently. You don’t get distracted by anything. You see the whole drama and you are not disturbed, you become a witness. As a man gets nervous in the rising water and in the falling waves, but after sitting in the boat he looks at them in joy. Similarly, when a man sits in the boat of the spirit, he is not disturbed by anything. Peace is established in him. It is from the inner peace that the outer peace is going to come but from the outer peace inner peace cannot come because all the peace that has been created on the outer side is all artificial, all this is artificial. We say Chinese and Hindus are like brothers to each other. Are they brothers today! They don’t even see each other’s face today. Earlier the Sikhs who came into the world came for the protection of the Hindus. Now they no longer want to see each other’s face. How did all the friendship end? What has happened to us? Have you forgotten? The reason is that the one thread that connects everyone is this one spirit. Or we should say that that principle is this Kundalini and the spirit is like a gem within it. This principle was threaded into this gem. And when everyone is just one, with whom is the fight to be fought? 

The second state that comes within us, which is the truth, is that we become awakened in the collective consciousness. It means collective consciousness. The consciousness of human beings today is limited. This infinite consciousness comes inside us after which you can know at your fingertips what is bothering the other person and what is bothering you. Sitting here, like I said, you can know about Nixon. Similarly, you can learn about any person and you can also take care of them. Not in any bad way, but in a good way. This dimension, the dimension of new consciousness that settles inside you, to achieve that dimension is the ultimate goal of our evolutionary development. The person you have become today from amoeba is because you can achieve this last ultimate goal. Therefore, it is our right to have self-realization and it is also our ultimate goal. The third thing, the attention of such a person or of such a person in whom the spirit is awakened, that attention can remain fixed in time, at that very moment. It doesn’t think about the next, the previous thing, it stands at that moment. As you are now sitting in front of me, you are standing in front of me like in a photograph. Now I am looking at all of you, I know who you are, where are you sitting, what you are. Whenever I see you, I will know where you were sitting, what saree were you wearing, what clothes were you wearing, how were you sitting, like that. Like how the camera work, in the same way a photograph is taken inside the mind. And the one who does not want to see does not see at all. So, due to the awakening of your attention, dharma automatically gets awakened. This dharma in the form of your attention is spread inside our stomach. Because the attention is awakened, whatever a man sees, some other person may not see it. But he also sees, knows and understands, apart from this he can also work things out through his actions. He can also treat others. When you can have all these powers, why not illuminate your attention, when there is already a lamp present, light present and aura of the illuminating attention is also there. I don’t know how many lectures I must have given about this attention. Maybe when you come to the temple, listen to these tapes and know. The people who come in Sahaja Yoga in the beginning, we don’t have to tell everything at once. Although everything that is there I have to tell you, and give you the full right of everything. Whatever My powers are, all of them have to be given to you. But at first move slowly. You will not be able to bear the burden of many things. Therefore you will be perfected before you can completely understand everything and when you gradually move your steps, then the whole truth will be revealed to you. And then, you can represent it. You can also check for yourself if this thing is correct or not. You can check it. But the greatest thing that belongs to the spirit is the joy. That too only joy. Happiness and sorrow are two things – two sides of the same coin. Sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness, sometimes sadness, sometimes happiness. Man thinks what a farce this is! When it comes to the spirit, there is only joy. But when your ego is satisfied, there is happiness, and when the ego is hurt, or the superego, there is some misery in the mind, then there is sorrow.  It is a simple thing.

 Whether you put water in this pitcher, whether you put water in that pitcher, the pitcher where the water is there the effect will be felt. But there is only this state of joy where both happiness and sorrow can be witnessed. Like some play. While watching the play, sometimes people can also think that they are themselves Shivaji Maharaj and start taking out the sword! Later they realize that it was just a play. We were just watching the play. That’s how your plays breakdown. And then only joy remains. Man remains engrossed in joy all the time. There is no duality of happiness and sorrow present in it. That is the third state, for which I told you, those who had never listened to music before, those who didn’t know what ragadari is, they say ‘Mother, this is a joyful thing.’ When you look at something beautiful. So you may feel that you want to buy it. How much money has this come for? How many were bought? Some thought or the other will come to your mind. Falling on any object, falling on any human being – wherever your attention goes, it return back in the form of thoughts. But this is the state of Thoughtlessness. In this amazing state you are just witnessing. For example, a beautiful thing is kept here made of clay. I am just watching this. Whatever joy the creator has put into it, it is flowing into me from top to bottom. I am also listening to music in thoughtless awareness. The artists who are trying to fill the joy in this, that whole, the formless form of joy is flowing in me like a whirlpool. Like I am taking a bath in the Ganges! Then man remains engrossed in joy. But he doesn’t go mad. Many people think that when a man receives self-realization, he is on his way like a madman. He is completely conscious. No one can have as much awareness as the self-realized person has. He is alert in full consciousness, he knows everything. He knows what is auspicious and what is inauspicious because immediately it will start bothering him. Going to some place he will feel that something inauspicious is happening here, leave it. We do not even have the idea of auspicious and inauspicious. If such a person goes to any house, then the house becomes auspicious. Many people say, ‘Mother, ever since I became a Sahaja Yogi, everything is going well in my house. Everything is going well.’ Because you yourself have become auspicious. Auspiciousness is such an environment that on coming of a self-realized person, all the auspiciousness coming from the environment flows out and the inauspicious is left behind. This wave of joy comes very quickly in the hands. Because they do not think. When Sahaja Yoga starts here, the first question will be why the ones who had come before did they not do it then, why are You doing it now? Why You only are you doing it? Various such thoughts come to mind. If that doesn’t happen, then sitting down they will think that Mother is saying but I do not know what this thing is. It should be found out who Mother’s father was. Who was Her Mother? Who was Her brother? Third people will come and look at their watches. What is the time now? When will we go home now? Hey, you go home every day, son. If you remain here today then what is the issue. I haven’t gone back home for four months. I have been roaming around just in the service of you people. So that leisure we have of life- you are just sitting there comfortably.

 Now to catch the airplane. The airplane hasn’t arrived yet, there is a stampede in the house. Have to go, have to go. Everyone is worried. But a self-realized person will keep seeing what this madness is happening. The plane is going to arrive late. While running from here, and reaching there, came to know that the plane is three hours late, then keep sitting. But a self-realized person knows that the plane is late. Laughs and says ‘Come on, we were sitting here, just like that we will go and sit there. Who would tell anything to these mad people? None of them is going to listen. Leave it.’ In this way, many special powers of a man come flowing out because their suppression ends. Due to thoughts, the movement of our powers has stopped. Otherwise, you are so powerful that while standing here you can say that you can do whatever you want. One of our disciples or you can say son is in Bombay. He belongs to a family of fishermen. He is an educated man. One day he had the desire to go to another island and give a lecture on Sahaja Yoga. He sent the news that I am going to come. When they reached the sea, they saw that the storm is coming from all sides. And it’s going to rain now. And the clouds are thundering, lightning is shining. I don’t know what happened to him, but he stood up and said, ‘Beware, do not rain till I leave.’ Those people who were with him started telling that he stood up and said like this. He sat in the boat. When they looked at the other place, all the clouds had quickly dissipated. This is true. 

I don’t even say anything about myself. This camera definitely tells about me. It is a traitor! Just got this photo of Ganapatipule. Do I ever tell you anything about myself, ‘I am someone.’ Let these people speak about that. So such a big sun is present on my heart. What do I do now? Everyone has photos. I did hands like this and there was such a big sun on it. If I did this with my hand, then light comes out from here and such currents are coming out and writing Om. There is a Ganapati in Zermatt, called Matterhorn, garlanding the Mother. Some people had gone to that place, on the day of worship of Vishnumaya. A cloud appeared in the sky. That cloud seemed strange to them, it was so bright and out of it such threads came out and two other two clouds came. I said, ‘Come on, let’s take a picture of it- we have never seen clouds like these. No one takes a photo of the clouds there. We took the cloud’s photo, my entire photo was inside it, even the thing on my nose, this place in my teeth, from that point my entire photo was in it. Now if you show it to some intelligent man, he will say, ‘You have manipulated the photo in some way.’ So it is better to not even tell about it. A skeptic should never be argued with. Their kind is like that, stay away from them. They are helpless with their habits. In this way many types of photos, just like a photo has come now where hands could be seen. I said “is it a camera or a spectacle, it falsifies me in everything!” I say that I am a simple person just like you. At one place, sitting in a small school, I was giving a speech. Its name is ‘Mian Ki Takri’. I said, ‘There must have been a great saint here. So they started saying, ‘His name was Miyan’. It’s done. I said, ‘Okay.’ While giving the speech, the light came on me seven times, but I did not tell anyone that the light is coming. I said, ‘Okay, you can stop now.’ Like this I said. All of that was caught by this camera. A gentleman was sitting there. Maybe puja was happening there. He passed in front of us. Even through him we came into the camera. That’s right. Many things like this happen. 

This was about the camera. But with the other amazing things that keep happening in our life, then man starts thinking that there must be something true in this. This is not false. This is not some wrong thing. Come on, okay then. Now let’s keep walking on this path. Then he keeps moving slowly. To reach the ocean of joy some people take five to ten years, twelve years, some fourteen years. But a simple man from the rural area gets up and start walking, jumps on top of it. ‘Oh Mother, we are lost in it, now how are we to say anything!’ These are the very lucky people in our country. Millions are sitting like this. Now they are trying in Delhi. Lets see how many of them will truly understand. 

With folded hands I just have to say to everyone that they have to attain the light of their spirit. Where are you wasting your time? This time will not come again. The time you keep seeing on the watches you have put on is only because the time has to be saved for this. Not because so you can go to the ball-room and dance and sit in the cinema. Today everyone said, ‘Mother, please start the program a bit late as people will be watching television.” This is true! I was really surprised. People searching for God used to go to Himalayas. And today Ganga has come to your house only. If you don’t accept it, then you can’t blame me for that. If you do not want to accept this time of joy, this property, this wealth, then no one can force it on you. But the word patience is used by our Sainath of Shirdi. Need patience. I have patience, you also need patience for yourself. Only that is not real patience. Everyone is very busy. What are you doing sir? They are banging each other’s heads. What are you doing here? Sitting in a pub. Some would be doing something even better than that. Don’t know if there is something even to top that! The man who, like this, remains engulfed in these things. This time is very important. Your time is getting wasted. And when it comes to me, every person reaches my house. I said, ‘Come to my house’, I’m a very smart woman. I said come to my house. But I did not say that I will meet you there. Come to my house. You should assume that you should come there to sit and meditate. There will be four more Sahaja Yogis there who will see you. So, ‘Why didn’t Mother meet us?’ What do you want to do with meeting Me? What are you going to get from Me? This is an all-pervading yoga, isn’t it? What is going to change on meeting Me? Am I some minister that you want to meet Me. If you want to meet Me, then meet Me at your Sahastrar. Meeting outside- this has happened with many people we already know. All useless people. But the one who will meet me at the Sahastrar only they will say, ‘Mother has indeed given me something.’ They were fighting so much there. Even Dr. Warren sahib also got angry and started saying, ‘I do not want to do any work in Delhi.’ He started saying, ‘Everyone comes in Maharashtra, they just put down a flower and leave. You cannot even know who is a Sahaja Yogi and where they are sitting.’ Now here they come and say ‘give us our rights!’ I thought that tomorrow they don’t come back after forming a union! Saying, ‘Mother, you didn’t give us our right.’ Haven’t I met you all already? I will meet you in this life. But on the mountain top. See you at the mountain top. There you will receive. Do not waste your time on useless things and in useless quarrels. I am the only one who starts these traps in the first place. So don’t fall into these traps.

That Mother did not meet us today so we are aggrieved. We have a great way to throw out those useless people. Those who come I do not even meet them, then they don’t come back next day by the grace of God! They still try to be clever I will tell you this again. Because I do not want to spend my head on useless people. So how to drive them away? Let me tell you the truth, I am your Mother, why should I lie. So those who come do not meet them. The one who is true among them will come back tomorrow, otherwise he will not come. I don’t want vote from you, and I don’t take anything. I just want to test you. Tell me another way to test, do you have any? Without testing, the gurus never used to give anything. Instead they used to hang their students upside down, then they used to drop them in the well. The guru used to put water on them four or five times. Give them two or four slaps. Then make them sit on the donkey. Don’t know what they used to do. You will be surprised if you read about it. When I sent a sahib to a guru, he dropped him into the pit, broke both his legs. He came back to me with his legs hanging around his neck. I said, ‘What is this?’ He said, ‘Mother, I criticized you little bit in front of him.’ I said, ‘What did you criticize about me in front of him?’ He said I told him, ‘Mother, whomever She sees, even the most useless people, She gives self-realization to them.’ I criticized you. So this guru broke my legs. So I said, ‘Now what? What did he say?’ He said, ‘Go back to Mother only she will fix your legs, I am not going to do it.’ I said, ‘Okay I will fix your legs, don’t go there now.’ So the real gurus, from there they throw stones. When you have been hit by twenty-five stones, then they will say, ‘Ok, come son, it is good if one or two of you come.’ What can the Mother do? This is the best way to catch the real people. That Mother is not available. Whoever wants to come, come. And who is real, he just comes and sits in meditation, and get drowned in the joy. Sahaja Yoga is not going to run after the ones who don’t even have the desire. God will not touch your feet and say you should come into Sahaja Yoga- we will give you self-realization. Now it has also been thought that when people come to the temples, they should spend some money to keep tea and water for them otherwise people would not come. My God! Otherwise people will not come here, till there is no food there will be no devotional songs! But even after giving food to such people, even they listen to these devotional songs, there is not going to be any benefit, no one is going to get their self-realization, no one is going to become a Sahaja Yogi. Here many marketers also used to go to war. But these marketers won’t be able to walk in the battle of Sahaja Yoga. As Ramdas Swami has said, ‘Tyala pahijet jatiche.’ It needs the one who is strong! It’s the work of the brave. This is not the work of fools, weak and egoists. This should be understood. You guys have come you are most welcome. Get your self-realization and transcend in your pride and in your strength. Don’t waste your time just like that. With a little hard work for the first 1-2 months, you can very easily overcome everything. There is not any trouble in this. There is no money involved. There is no such thing. Your life will get organized automatically. Your diseases will go away. But patience is needed. Like yesterday a sahib said, ‘My wife’s health did not improve.’ One day he came and that’s it. Today he was saying that the health got better. Yes, what is the problem if it takes a day or two for someone? You need some patience. And try to live in the present. Try to live in the present. Try to live in thoughtless awareness. That’s it. These are very easy things to follow. And with these easy methods, next time, all of you who are sitting here today, all of you sit like a great tree- as a guru. I will request you all.

It is the desire of a Mother that whatever is Mine, you people take it from me. Everything is useless for Me. If these things do not come inside you, then My life too is meaningless. No one asked any questions today? Are there any questions? Even after telling them people still have fixed ideas in their mind. I told you earlier also that a person should eat whatever is acceptable to him. But by eating animals that are bigger than you, your muscles will also become like them. Animals smaller than you are to be eaten only when you need it. And there is nothing wrong in eating them. In our country Ram used to eat it, Krishna used to eat and Buddha used to eat too. How did Buddha die? You must have known that his disciple had brought meat after killing a wild boar. And Buddha went to his place and said, ‘Give me this food quickly.’ His disciple said that it will not be right to make this meat till some time has passed and it may cause some problem. But Buddha had to go somewhere. So he said in a hurry, ‘give me however it is.’ He died because of that.

So those who say that Buddha did not eat meat, it is a wrong thing. Not that I say that everyone has to eat meat in Sahaja Yoga. But Nanak sahib used to eat. So was he worse than these hypocrites, who do not eat meat but trouble other human beings? And also think that what realization will I be able to give to these hens. There are even some people who try to save insects. They even give money to Brahmins so that mosquitos can feast on him. They give money to the brahmins so that they suck your blood, so now we have saved these bugs! Should bugs sit here instead of you? Use your head! I have said on the Gita that Krishna has not said any such thing on non-violence. He has said that you kill! Kill your guru too, if he is unrighteous. So these opinions and ideas that people have created that non-violence means to even save these bugs. So a sahib started saying, ‘Mother, Sahaja Yoga will not work until you tell people that you have to become a pure vegetarian.’ I said, ‘Tomorrow people will come and say save the bugs. Even then should I allow it?’ And if you say that you become vegetarian out of respect for the goddess, then who will drink the blood of Raktabeej? You people? And who will kill that Mahishasura? You people? Those who carry the flag of non-violence are the most violent people. I have seen most of them like this only. I have also lived in Gandhi Ashram for many years and I know that some people there were such that you cannot even put a finger on them, absolutely fire! They were angry like the fire. Don’t have such deceptive fantasies. And many people think that you get many diseases because you eat these animals or that animals. It’s the opposite. For some people in our country it is important that they eat protein, eat protein food. Their muscles will become weak otherwise. Due to which many diseases can come. If you do not eat protein then. You have seen that white spots can come on the body. This mostly happens to vegetarian people. What is the reason? There is no protein in them. So their liver has become lethargic. And if even a slight badha comes inside them or if they eat any such oil, like peanut oil, then they will get those white spots. The only cure for such people is that they should eat proteins. They can eat something like soybean. Sure eat it. Yes, for some people they have never eaten since their childhood, but you can overcome it.

But I tell the British that you guys should become vegetarian because they are like big tyrants. They are aggressive with everyone. It will be good if they becomes more vegetarian. If that happens then it will be very good. But there are no vegetables there! Here you get brinjal for fifty rupees, but what will you do there? And one should think that there are some countries where there is are no vegetables at all. Like there is a Greenland, there is not even a single leaf of vegetable there at all. So has god done such an injustice to them that he is making them do sin? If the biggest sin is that you eat meat- who gave you this idea? In this, Jesus Christ has gone, Muhammad sahib has gone, Nanak sahib has gone. Most of the people have gone like this and I will tell you all the false gurus who take money, Rajneesh, who else, those who teach the transcendental. These are all true vegetarians. True ones! They don’t even eat garlic and onions. And if you show garlic to the disciples of Mahesh Yogi, they start dancing like this. They are scared of garlic!. If you show them lemons, then they are really gone! Those who are afraid of vegetables, what is the need to eat such vegetables. It’s the work of heroes. You should build your muscles. It does not mean that everyone becomes a wrestler. 

Then this is the matter of keeping balance. Stay in balance. You must have seen, should not say it, but Arya Samaj, they are absolutely vegetarian people, but their anger is so intense. Dear god! And among them, if any of the Arya Samajis has become old, they speak so much that you do not understand what they are speaking. Will keep on talking, keep on talking, keep on talking. So get full of so much energy. Where does this energy come from? Where does so much energy come from after eating this grass? But that doesn’t mean that you should start eating only meat from tomorrow, that’s not what I mean. There has to be a balance. All our time is spent on thinking about food and drink. In some way or the other, we have created this. The is the style of the Brahmins. ‘Brother, you don’t eat this, don’t eat that, but I will eat everything.’ One who is going to eat meat, ‘You don’t eat meat. Your money will be saved like this so give it to me.’ Its straight-forward. ‘You do this- fast for four days in a week in the name of god. One day for Shiva, one day for Vishnu, one day for Guruji, one day for Devi, four days. Four days of fasting. Money saved- now give it to me. Food and drink should be eaten in such a way that the body which is for our spirit is nourished. Nothing is forced in Sahaja Yoga. But yes, animals bigger than you should not be eaten, otherwise you will become like horses tomorrow. Now the second thing is that what we say that by killing an animal, we are committing violence. Then it comes to what Krishna has said that whom are you killing, I have already killed them. But more than that, I am going to tell you scientifically. It is easier to understand, what Krishna has said is still difficult to understand. That is, when you eat the meat of small animals, the meat that is in their body, it should be said, the muscles that are there, by coming in contact with our muscle nerves they get evolution. Now think- there is a fish, how will it obtain ‘higher life’? It needs muscles, where will they come from? This is the method. Like in our body, I told you that we have gray cells in our brain. Now to replace these gray cells, we need other cells, how will they come? So whatever fat you have in the stomach, that is, the fat, gets converted and goes to the brain. So you will say, you are killing the stomach for the brain? Similarly, when the muscles of an animal come in relation to you, then if you consider the whole creation as one creation and consider the body of the whole Virat as one body, evolution takes place in that body and they get higher life. I used to say sometimes that so many animals have now become human that now it is better if this does not happen.

Now because night and day it is being filled in our brain that by being vegetarian, you become saintly. I haven’t seen a single one yet. If you have met any person who has become saintly after becoming vegetarian, then let me know. Whatever communities here who are vegetarian, they are very miserly, number one miserly people and the other thing is they will take anyone’s life for money. I won’t take names, you know. They stick to money so much, where does this come from? Because the muscles are weak. They have to stick to something. The one who is powerful stands in his pride. This is not written anywhere in our country. I don’t know how everyone has been taught these new things and man has now started walking on this same path. When Gandhiji says, ‘what is the violence of the Nirmals? What violence will a Nirmal do?’ This is what he used to say. He used to say, first of all do non-violence with humans. And then do it with animals. Did you stop violence against the human beings first or not? Meaning that this is not going to happen and so you will not go there also. He used to say clearly. I have been with him for years. And maybe some angry people were needed at that time. They needed to be made angry. The British had to be driven away, so vegetarianism must have been started. Vegetarian people are very angry. It is said that they have a very calm demeanor. Not so. Because only those whose muscles are in turmoil will keep getting angry. If someone slapped, they will go and fall there. Now if he get angry and wants to hit back, but they cannot do it. There is no strength in hand. He will keep nagging inside himself that how should I eat the person who slapped me? And if the person who can hit back gets angry, then give him two slaps and the anger goes out. But the one who cannot slap, he will keep on getting angry, will keep accumulating anger. And then he will bite from somewhere else. If you find any vegetarian, who has a calm demeanor, then bring him to me I want to see. 

There should be a calm demeanor. I am not saying that the non-vegetarians don’t become angry. They can also be very angry. But the vegetarians who say that by eating vegetables, we become very much like a cow, then they will look like a buffalo with a horn! I have never seen them. I have been watching this for forty years. And my age is very much, but I have not seen it anywhere. That is why there is no difference in this, one should not give too much attention to food and drink. 

The other intoxicating things that sit in opposition to our attention. That intoxicating things should not be taken. But I will not say this, otherwise half the people will get up and leave. But I would say that you will leave it after coming to Sahaja Yoga. Everything should be evaluated, I repeat myself. Don’t think just with your rational mind. Take a direct look at everything and evaluate it. Today, by doing only your hand like this, cool breeze will start coming inside you. And you will be surprised that even those who are non-vegetarians have their chakras caught up in such strange ways, but those who are vegetarians have their left nabhi caught up so badly that there is no limit to it. Non-vegetarians get caught up, but chakras of vegetarians also get caught up very badly. This is how these gurus work. Now these foreigners will come and they will tell them to become vegetarian. It was told to us that six thousand pounds were taken in Switzerland and everyone stayed in the hotel and they were told that look here, you have to become absolutely vegetarian. And your muscles should loosen up a bit. Then only you can fly in the air. They were making them fly in the air! And these donkeys went by spending six thousand rupees. Six thousand pounds! One pound means about fifteen to sixteen rupees. Reaching there, they were telling that they had made such a menu that the water you get after boiling potatoes for six days they had to drink it. Water prashad! After that, you have to potato peel one day, and on the last day, if you have little life still left in you, then you eat potatoes, without salt. After that you will anyway start flying in the same air! And its cost is only six thousand pounds! And the guru sitting on top was laughing, that he has made a fool out of them, they have all been made a fool! He was giggling. I am not going to tell you such stupid things.