Dharma Ki Avashyakta – Why is Dharma needed (Evening)

Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

1986-02-23 Dharma Ki Avashyakta (Why is Dharma needed), Delhi, India (Hindi), 34'
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Public Program, Calcutta, India, 23 February 1986

[English translation from Hindi]

My Salutations to all the seekers of the Spirit. After listening to today’s heavenly music what to say, what not to say? Especially regarding Shri Devadutt Chaudhary and with him Shri Govind Chakravarthy who was accompanying him on the tabla. They have given so much of happiness to the Spirit, that without saying anything, I think your Kundalini would have risen within you. In the context of Sahaja, another thing to be aware of is that Indian music is derived from Aumkar. This thing is so right, its fame, its fallacy is such that, in the foreign countries who have never heard any Raga, those who do not know anything regarding Indian Classical (“Hindustani”) Music, like how it has emerged, the way of playing it, and the way of understanding the music which is all so different, when even such people also cross and become deep, you will be surprised that without knowing the raga, without knowing the rhythm, without having any knowledge in this regard whatsoever, they are immersed in it. And like, the way Mr. Chaudhary played in front of you today, when he was playing in London, people there got so immersed in it for hours together. Seeing this, I was so surprised that though they do not know any raga of our music, without having had any experience whatsoever of this, they never heard of the (musical) notes, today all of a sudden, wondered what happened to them today after listening to this kind of music. After this, Amjad Ali Sahib came, whoever sang classical music or the accompanying percussionist come here, they get totally immersed in it. 02.41 secs

Another thing is that there should be an understanding of Qawali genre music. A renowned Qawali singer had come from Pakistan. I do not know what happened to him, immediately on seeing me, he said ‘Mother please come and sit before me’, as soon as he saw me. He was a tall person and he recited a beautiful Qawali was written by Avvalia Nizamuddin and Chishti Sheriff Dargha. I could understand the meaning of it, but the Englishmen, who had never heard what a Qawali is, they did not understand what was being sung, were not able to understand the words also, and they were totally immersed in it. I want to tell you that Gurunanak Sahib had done a lot of work on this. Because in Gurudwara, now I do not know the situation, but whenever I used to go there, the musicians used to sing so melodiously. Now I do not know what the status is, because even they had recognised the fact that the Indian Classical (Hindustani) Music has that speciality. Similarly the South Indian music is also very melodious. But I think that we Indians are a bit recalcitrant (“अड़ियल ट्टू”), to learn anything new is very difficult for us. Especially the one who has not learnt Classical Music, says he does not like these songs, very surprising it is. After Realisation, one should like these songs. I have not learnt any music even though in our home there was a musical atmosphere. This I agree, all are singers and everybody excels in one field or other. But I am the only one, who has not learnt music, never sat and sang a song. Still I cannot say that I have not heard others singing, because my father used to invite famous musicians and used to request them to sing. We have heard such musicians, whom perhaps you have not heard. But this has some big and deep connectivity with the Spirit. These musicians were playing the instrument, but those who were actually singing, also have equal respect in the mind of Sahaja Yogis.  But our young Indians whenever we arrange for a music programme, I came to know that they pocket the money meant for the artists. Means they have no respect for our music. Some Hindi-speaking people, by their stubbornness do not want to learn any other language, somewhat like the predicament of English. Once you learn English language, then you do not learn any other language. But English people cannot learn any other language because everyone speaks English. And even if they speak other language with a great difficulty, it is as if they are speaking English only. These Hindi-speaking people, if they have not listened to a melody, they do not like the melody. But look at these people, even much more than you they will listen to their music. I hope your heart also gets opened and you will also be able to hear the chime of the Spirit. I feel as if this whole music chimes my Spirit and after chiming it is felt that the echo reaches you. This music fills in us like vibrations (“Chaitanya”) and then flows, vibrations flow from this. In our country we have such deep things, we have to obtain these deep thing. We have to understand it. Then you will be able to understand that you have achieved the depth of your spirit. On account of the pride within sometimes human beings say such things which will make the enlightenment of Spirit difficult for them. 07.51 secs

Yesterday I had told you about the importance of righteousness (“Dharma”) and today in the morning, I told in the Ashram ‘What is Sahaja Dharma’? What is Sahaja Dharma? Today I am going to tell you what is the necessity of righteousness and in what manner we acquire our Spirit? The necessity of righteousness is for balancing. Today you could see the weight on the Tabla, it is called weight, how balanced it was. The weight of hand on the Sitar was so balanced, where to give the weight and where not to give, and how correct was the estimation. In the same manner, the weight of life should also be kept in balance. In order to keep the balance, a human being should not go to any extreme level. There are some people who give so much importance to their desires that they do not perform any deeds (“Karma”). Some give so much importance to their deeds (“Karma”) that they do not give any importance to their desires. But a person who keeps his life in balance, his desires will be in balance and so their deeds. For example, think that I also have thought of constructing a big hall like this, just think. Now I do not have so much of money, and nor any land. Then how can I think that I can construct (such a big hall)? But if I start thinking that ‘No, I will do it’. And if I just entangle myself in this stubbornness, if my mind desires that I will go and stay at the Governor’s house, will such desires be fulfilled? But when I get into the deed, then I will realise that my desire was not balanced. Because, what does not get into action, is a wasteful desire. 10.24 secs

Now there are other type of people who are over-indulged in work. There are so many such people in Delhi, reason being, they are working in Government Offices. So once they leave in the morning then if they don’t return (in office) till 11 in the night, then they think that they have not shown to the officer that they are working. And officers think that till the time they do not sit in the office till 1 AM, the concerned Minister will not agree at all that they have been working. Like mad, they keep working, working, working, and their other desires, responsibilities like their wife, children, known people, friends, others, they (behave like) don’t have anything to do with any of them, we are like martyrs (“shaheed”), we keep working. Such people, I have seen, if they live for 40 years, then think it is their good fortune. But after 45 years, they will not be seen. But the person who is well-balanced, he can work well, be good at work, is efficient as well, and his old age can also be spent well. But you will see many people who are working like mad and the quantum of work that is going on in our country, the less said the better and everyone is working a lot. I do not see any actual work being done. Whatever has been dug up is just lying like that. Whatever is broken, is just lying broken. In our childhood we used to play a game, its name was, wherever it lays, there it will rot. That is the state of our country, but the quantum of work the people of our country do, that much of work is not done by the people of any other country. And ours is the most inefficient country. The reason for this is after reaching a particular stage, the person feels exhausted, they need to see the other side also. Then they should check it with their desires. If I like to listen to music and if I have no time, then I will become monotonous (“neeras”). My one part of the life becomes weak. Like you would have seen that many people run like mad on the roads, they do jogging. I have seen many such people who come and tell me “Mother, we have become balanced (“sthithapragnya”)” l asked how? The reply is “My Mother died, I never got tears, my children died, I did not care, my wife died, I did not care.” Oh wow, how did this become the language of balance (“sthithapragnya”)? They have become so dull. Then here we have ‘Hatayogis’ who stand on their heads, and very much right sided, they stand on their heads, then don’t know if they will take out their gut from their stomachs. I get frightened after seeing all this, Oh my God, now, what will happen? Youtube time 13.43 secs; Soundclound time 13.34 secs

Now those who get into these things, will go so deep, that they will not think for what are we doing this? People have indulged in all this like mad and because there is no balance in it, such people may get heart attack very soon and the most important thing about this, is that their heart becomes like a stone. In such families, there is always divorce problem, there are fights with wife, they do not like anything. They totally become like an incarnation of Shri Hanuman. They should be spoken from far only, if they are sleeping and need to be woken up, they need to be woken up using a stick from a distance, otherwise they will take you for a task. And, those who work too much in the office are also very hot-tempered. The reason being in the office, the boss is always angry and all that will be taken out on the wife, by getting angry and by shouting at her because ‘I am working’. I have told you a very common thing. But even while following the path of righteousness (“dharmacharan”), when people go to extremes and when we lean too much towards the left, then when they get immersed in devotion, then they wash their hands 65 times and wash their feet 80 times. Even in Sahaja Yoga, some people behave madly like this. I am giving a speech, and they are moving their chakras like mad, they are giving bandhan on the top of their heads. But what is the necessity? I am sitting before them. They are busy setting this right, that right. Just give up such over activities, be in the centre. Youtube time 15.28 secs; Soundclound time 15.15 secs

Now, if somebody always thinks that “I am not of any use Sir”, especially those who are drunkards. Drunkards are always crying and keep saying “Sir, there is nobody else who is more sad than me.” The whole world becomes sad looking at them. Such people have gone to the left side, such people are caught by Spirits (“Bhoot”). Those who call themselves as bad people, those who have done bad things will all come and sit on their heads. And those who go too much on the right side are also caught up by a type of Spirits (“Bhoot”), but they should be called as demons (“Rakshas”). Like Hitler, who put demons on the Germans. That was a right-sided movement, that ‘there is no body greater than me, we are the greatest and if we feel like we can cut everybody’s throat.’ In this manner, their eyes see blood, then they go on killing anybody they want to, they feel it is alright, we have to kill. In this manner if two types of abnormal people come together more than required, and if the abnormality becomes excessive then it will be very harmful to mankind. So, the human being has to stay in the centre, should be in balance, this is the righteous thing. Why should we follow the path of righteousness?  If anything wants to fly in the sky, if there is no balance in it, like in an aeroplane has no balance if it has only one wing, then it will come down within 2 minutes once it starts flying. That is the reason that when there is balance in human being, the Kundalini starts rising easily. As I had told you, in our head, there are two institutions (“samstha”), which we refer to as mind and ego, but in English language, we will call it as Super Ego and Ego. Both of these are on top of each other in our brain, and then our fontanel bonne area gets calcified. Both these things come out of two natural things, which is the root nature and the other is the active nature, which are, in other words, called ‘Tamoguni’ and ‘Rajogun’ respectively. On account of this both these institutions are formed, and when either of these are on top of each other, then you understand that the rising of Kundalini is very difficult. Youtube time 18.11 secs; Soundclound time 17.54 secs

Now, when the Kundalini rises, which is the pure desire, it rises through these Chakras and enlightening all the chakras, comes finally to fontanel bone area (“Brahmha Randra”), and after piercing this, it comes out from here. Just as Kundalini goes to Agnya chakra, it starts with the Vishuddhi chakra, but once it reaches the Agnya, both these institutions are drawn inwards. Both these chakras have the special power to draw both the institutions inwards, absorb it and dry it up. On account of this, there is space available near the fontanel bone (“Talu”) area, and from this the Kundalini emerges out. Now we have heard that the Spirit (“Aatma”) is true joy (“Sat-Chit-Anand”) Swarup; Sat-Chit and Anand; even now, there is too much ego is sitting here. Sat-Chit and Anand is considered as the form of spirit. The truth is not the truth what we think as the truth. Whatever is understood after thinking, is not the truth because, thinking is imaginary. We can hide in that and then we can keep some things from which we understand whether it is true or false. If this is not so, then why should these false Gurus would have prospered so much. In this world, how many false people are attacking others? What big position have they attained and are sitting there? How does this happen? Youtube time 20.16 secs; Soundclound time 20.03 secs

Why does this happen? The reason is that we just do not know the truth. We do not know what the truth is? Now understand, I am speaking something thing before you, anything before you, am I speaking the truth or the untruth? Can you say that I am speaking the absolute truth, other than truth, nothing else is being spoken? And is it absolute truth? We cannot say that. It could be possible that even I am lying to you. It is possible? This delusion will continue to be there, till when? Till such time you do not achieve your Spirit. When your Spirit rises within you, then the energy flows within your vein, which is called as vibrations (“Chaitanya”),  through which you can know whether it is the truth or not. Like just now Doctor told as to how did he realise the truth? You can also know about truth when your Kundalini awakens, and you will become one with the state of no alternative (“Nirvikalpa”) state. Before that you have to use your hand, where you see that it is flowing in a certain finger and not in another. So what has happened? This is the finger for Agnya. Finger of Agnya, then this means I have become egoistic. Now you will come and say clearly ‘Mother please clear my Agnya, means please cleanse my ego.’ And you can imagine if you tell any person, even if you are standing far away, that ‘You have become egoistical’, then you are finished. But if the person himself will come and tell you that ‘Oh, my Agnya is having a catch.’ Because, the ego that you once enjoyed, is a source of happiness, ‘Oh, what to say, I have been adorned with garland, everybody is praising me, everybody is shouting your name of joy.’ Such a person who becomes happy with such things, after getting their realisation, their head starts aching. As and how their ego bloats they feel, ‘Oh, my head is paining so much Mother, my Agnya has bloated.’ Then they start running away from such things which gives them ego. Then they try again, ‘How can I curtail my ego. It feels as if a balloon is sitting within me. When anybody tries to compliment, it will immediately bloat up.’ Then they distance themselves from their ego and sees “Oh, has got on the horse, come on, get down”. Prior to that, the person does not know that, they are sitting in their ego. When their ego gives them sorrow, then they will understand. You will understand the pain of this ego only after getting your self-realisation. Now see if the person’s ego is broken, then there will be peace and happiness in the world and peace will come. In this world, most people fold their hands and say ‘Sir, what should I say, I am dust in your feet.’ Taking the burden of ego on the head and talk in such a manner, that the person will think oh, what a polite person he is. But only a true self-realised person knows who is really a humble person, even though he is shouting and scolding, then also they will know that such person is scolding with humility. The work of the ego is to destroy others, but it also destroys us. So, the person knows the truth in the presence of light of the Spirit, and sees that there is ego within, which they should forsake. That is why it is said that the Spirit is the form of truth (“Sathya Swarup”). There is light in the Spirit, through which he sees the truth. Youtube time 24.59 secs; Soundclound time 24.40 secs

Somebody asked ‘Sir, how did you know that I had this health problem, how did you know?’ ‘It is through the light of our Spirit. You came under the light of my Spirit and I came to know what your problem was.’  Sitting here, you can know about anybody if you are Self-Realised that what is their status? One day, I about about Mr. Nixon, to check how Nixon is doing? The Sahaja Yogi put hand in front and said ‘Mother, what is happening? My hands are trembling’. I told that I already understood, that I was I have asked you to enquire, afterwards you will get to know everything. I had already understood, I wanted her to feel it as well. One can know about the truth of the entire world if you are enlightened with the light of Spirit. Now in the land of India there are many self-incarnated (“Swayambhu”) places. How can you ascertain without the light of the Sprit whether they are really self-incarnated, (“Swayambhu”) or false? Because in self-incarnated places, like they mentioned, cool breeze comes and when you have not felt anything, when you do not have eyes, then how will you know that cool breeze is coming in the hand? In order to know the truth, you must have only your Spirit. We are bound to Sahaja Yoga in such a way that somehow some light should come within them, very feeble light should be able to come in, no need for any cleaning. The lamp is not required to be cleaned, many lives are over doing this. Now first light their lamps, then they will themselves see the stain on different sides of the lamp and will cleanse by themselves. When there is a glow in the Spirit and when the person gets linked to the spirit, when they get identified with it, then they can see that the light of the Spirit is not coming because the lantern is not clean, it needs to be cleaned and in the light of that lamp only, their body, mind, wisdom, ego, etc., all the other defects, all can get cleansed simultaneously. If anybody says wash clothes in the dark, nobody will be able to do it. So, first of all, you must know that you have not yet known the truth, so, without getting our Self Realisation, we cannot know the truth. Youtube time 28.15 secs; Soundclound time 27.53 secs

These days people fight for issues like ‘see now there will be a nuclear war.’ For that they will fight that ‘nuclear war should not take place’. Then something else will be taken up. In this manner, people will pick up one-one, one-one, one-one thing and start fighting about it. But, who has made this nuclear war, it is the human being, do you agree? If human being gets changed, how will there be a nuclear war? And if the human being does not change, then why should the God Almighty even think about saving them? If during Diwali you light in mud lamps which are of no use, if such lamps are broken then it should be thrown out. Who would like to keep such broken lamps closer to them? But, if such lamps are prepared which remain lit for ever, then it is taken care of and is kept safely. It is the same with human race as well. If in the human race, if we can make such people towards who the God Almighty becomes aware, that my children are sitting here, then the whole world can be saved. It is said that even if a small piece of a saree is saved, then the whole saree can be saved. In similar manner, a small number of Sahaja Yogis can also save the whole world. We can end the nuclear war. The entire atmosphere can be saved. But one such favourable period (“Dasha”) has to come. As long as such favourable period does not come, till the time such people do not come, this work cannot be done. Those people who come to Sahaja Yoga only for listening to talks and go back, they should know that they are aware that they are realised, and if they listen a bit, but if they do not go deep into it, they are responsible for whatever will happen in this world. Youtube time 30.40 secs; Soundclound time 29.55 secs 

Recently, I had been to somebody’s place for having food. There, one Professor had come. He said that if Shri Mataji is coming then I will come for taking Darshan. He came for Darshan. I saw that he was very happy after having Darshan, now Darshan is over. He was a Hindi Professor. I asked ‘Sir Do you teach Kabir here?’ He said, ‘Yes, mostly I teach Kabir here.’ I asked, ‘How do you teach Kabir?’ he replied, ‘Now whatever is written, I teach that’. Oh, I said, to make others understand Kabir, you have to take seven births. This is the matter. I told him to take his self-realisation, in this birth only you will be able to understand. But no, he had no time. During that period there should have been plenty of time as everyone was on strike. One of the benefits of the strike is that people can come for lectures. But he had no time because he has taken up an issue and he is fighting for that. The enlightenment of the Spirit gives tremendous peace to human beings, because there are no negativities in the head. From inside the person becomes very peaceful. For instance, you must have seen the wheel of a chariot, a wheel of the chariot moves within the circumference of the wheel. But the middle portion of it should be completely balanced. It should be steady, else it cannot move. When you become realised, you come to the Centre, where you see the entire universe moving and you become peaceful. You are not disturbed by anything. You are seeing the entire drama, but are not disturbed by that. You attain the state of witness. Like in the rising water and falling waves makes a person frightened, but after sitting in the boat, he will see it with enjoyment. In the same manner, when a human being sits in the boat of his Spirit, he will not be disturbed by anything. Peace will be established in him. From inner peace he will get peace on the outer side also and with the peace on the outer side one will not get the peace within, because the peace which is on the outer side is only artificial. We people say that Indians and Chinese are like brothers. Are they brothers today? They are not seeing each other’s face today. First when the Sikhs came in this world, they had come to protect the Hindus. Now they do not see each other’s faces. How did all the friendship finish? What has happened to us? Forgotten everything? The reason that binds everyone is the Spirit. Or, in other words, the thread is Kundalini, and the Spirit is a form of a Gem inside it. Youtube time 33.57 secs; Soundclound time 33.19 secs (Youtube talk ends here!)

This thread has been weaved with this Gem and when everything is one, with whom should we fight?  Now the other state that we achieve is the truth that we become aware of the collective consciousness.  The meaning of “Samuhik Chetana” is Collective Consciousness,’ meaning the consciousness of human beings, is limited. The infinite consciousness comes inside you, you can know at the tip of your fingers as to what problem other have and what is your problem. By just sitting here, as I mentioned that you can know the condition of Nixon. In a similar way you can know about each one of them each and every one and set right each and every one, means, not on the bad path, but on a good path. The new dimension of this consciousness that has come within you, to achieve that dimension is the aim of our evolution. We have become human beings from Amoeba is to enable you to achieve this ultimate goal. That is the reason to achieve your self-realisation, is also our right, and is also our final goal. The third thing is that the attention of such a person or any such persons, whose Spirit is awakened, such attention will only be in the present moment. It will not think about the later or earlier moment, it will remain in the present moment. It is like you all are sitting before me, your attention is completely in the present. Now, I am seeing you all, I know as to you who you are, where you are sitting and what else? Whenever I see you, I will come to know where you were sitting, which saree you had worn, which clothes you were wearing, in what style you were sitting and what else? Just like a camera, in a similar manner a picture-like thing is drawn in memory. And what should not be seen will not be seen. So because of your attention being enlightened, the righteousness gets established within you. This righteousness in the form of attention is situated within our abdominal, stomach area. Because our attention gets enlightened, such person may see something that others won’t see. But, he will see also, knows and understands it as well, and other than that he is mage (‘enchanting’) as well, he can treat it as well. When there are so many powers can be present within you within you, then why not just enlighten (“aalokith”) the attention because you have the lamp, the light and the enlightenment spread by this attention. Soundclound time 36.52 secs

Regarding this attention, l do not know how many lectures I might have given. It is possible that when you all come to the temple (‘Sahaja Ashram’) then you should listen to these tapes and know about it. In Sahaja Yoga when people come for the first time, we cannot say everything at one time. As such I have to tell everything to you and I have to give you complete power. Whatever power I have, all that has to be given to you. But in the beginning, you have to go slowly, little by little. You cannot bear the total load of many things. That is the reason you will be made perfect before getting to understand all the thing and slowly you will take steps and slowly all the truth will come before you and later you will be able to understand all that and you can review the whole thing. You can verify whatever is said, but the most important thing of the Spirit is happiness and that too, only happiness. Happiness and sorrow, are two things, of the same rupee they are the two faces. Sometimes happiness and sometimes sorrow, and sometimes sorrow, sometimes happiness. Humans think what is this buffoonery (“tamasha”)?  When it is the matter of the Spirit, it is only happiness. But when your ego becomes satisfied (“trupt”), then you feel happy, and when your ego is hurt or when the super-ego makes the mind sad, then one feels sad. It is a simple fact, fill water in this pot or in that pot, whichever pot is full, you will be able to see the effects. But joy is the only state where both happiness and sorrow are seen. Like while seeing any drama, while seeing a drama people sometimes feel that they themselves are Shivaji Maharaj, they will start taking out their swords. Afterwards they will realise it is a drama. That they were seeing a drama. In the same manner, your drama gets broken and then only after that joy, people are in state of enjoyment. There is no feeling of happiness or sorrow in it. Joy is the third state regarding which I have told you that those who have never listened to music, who do not know what the tune is about, they say that ‘Mother, this is a joyful thing’. You see any beautiful thing, then it is possible that you may feel that you should buy it. What is the cost, how much was it bought for? The person keeps thinking on something or the other upon any article, on any other person, wherever our attention goes, it has to come back in our thoughts. But this is a thoughtless state, with full concentration you go on seeing. Like, for instance a beautiful thing made out of soil (Mud). I am just seeing it, whatever happiness the maker of this item has put into it, that is flowing from top to bottom within me. Even music, I am listening in thoughtless awareness. In this whatever happiness the artist is trying to bring in, that entire thing is formless happiness is flowing with force (‘zar-zar’) within me, as if am bathing in Ganga. At that time, the human being becomes immersed in happiness. But he does not become mad. Many people think that when human being gets realised, he will become mad. But he is totally under control. The quantum of consciousness and awareness a self-realised person has, no one else can have. He is totally aware and he knows everything. He knows what is auspicious and what is inauspicious, because he gets disturbed immediately. When we go to any place where some inauspicious thing is going on, we immediately fore sake that. There is no thoughts towards auspicious or non-auspicious in us at all. If such a person goes to anybody’s house, there will be positivity there. Many people say “Mother, ever since I became a Sahaja Yogi, everything is going on well in my house, everything is good.” That is because you have become auspicious yourself. Auspiciousness is such an atmosphere, by which on account of a self-realised person, if any impurity has come through in any manner, auspiciousness waves will restore and the impurity will go away. A happy atmosphere will come very soon in the villages because they do not think. In our place when Sahaja Yoga commences the first question will be ‘Whoever were there before, why did they not do? Why are you doing? Why only you are doing this?’ Such varied types of questions come your way. If not this, then they will think in their free time that Shri Mataji is saying but do not know what is all this. We have to find out the name Shri Mataji’s father. Who was her Mother? Who were her Brothers, etc? Now there are a third type of people who will be looking at the clock. What is the time? When are we going home? You go home every day my child. If you stay back today, what is the problem? I have not gone home for the last 4 months. I am going about doing service to you only. So you are sitting leisurely here, as they say very free. Now, I have to catch a flight. The flight has not yet come. There is a lot of commotion at home. Have to go, have to go, have to go. Everybody is put under trouble. But a self-realised person must be seeing as to what madness is going on. The flight is going to come a bit late. Reached the place running from here, only to know that the flight was late by 3 hours, so keep waiting. But one self-realised person knows that the flight is late. He smiles and says ‘come on, we are sitting here, we will go there and sit. Who will tell this mad people? Will they listen to us? Leave it. In this manner, the special strength of human being flows out, because they are frustrated (“kuntha”), their separation is finished. On account of thoughts, the movement of our powers comes to a standstill. Otherwise, you are so strong that you will say by being here itself, whatever we want can be done. One student of mine, you can call him my son, is in Mumbai. He is from a fisherman’s family, an educated person. One day, he desired to go to the neighbouring place and give lecture on Sahaja Yoga. He sent a message to say that he was coming. Soundclound time 45.08 secs (1986-0222-1-Dharma_ki_avashyakata_aur_atma_ki_prapti_Hindi_T01 is now complete)

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He sent a message to say that he was coming. When they reached at the seashore, they saw that there was storm over the place and it was going to rain now and clouds were thundering and lightening was striking. Don’t know what happened to him, he stood there and said “Beware, if you pour down till I leave.” Those who were with him said that he stood up and said this. All of them sat in the boat and once thy crossed the shore, all the clouds instantly started pouring down. This is the truth. I never say anything about myself. The camera will definitely tell about me. It is a traitor (“Dagabaz”). Now the photos have come from Ganapatipule. Now do I say anything about myself, that ‘I am something.’ Let the people say. Now such a big Sun is shown on my heart. Now what should I do? Everybody is having the photo. When I put the hand like that, a huge Sun on that. When the hand was turned on another side, then the light has come out and many strands have gone and written “Aum”. There in Germate, there is one Ganapati, by name ‘Matar Hond’ also called as ‘Ma ka Shrung’. Some people had gone to these places on the day for Vishnumaya for doing Pooja. In the still sky, one cloud came. The cloud looked strange and so bright and then from it some strands acme and formed two more clouds. I said let us take a photo as we have seen such a cloud. Generally, nobody takes the photos of clouds. They took the photos of clouds, and in that was my full photo to the extent of my nose, gap in the teeth, all put together my complete photo was there. Now if you show this photo to any clever person, he will say you have tampered (‘gadbadi’) with the photograph. That is the reason why you should (not) show this photo. You should not bump in to people who are suspicious. There are 3 types, better to stay away from them. They are caught in their habits. In this manner, there are varieties of photos, like the one which you have seen that they have shown number of hands. I told that this is a camera or a spectacle, in everything it tries to corner me. I always say that I am as simple as you all are. In a certain small school I was sitting and giving my lecture, there was a person named ‘Miya Ki Takari’. I said he looks to be a very big saint. They said yes, his name was Miya. I said ok. When I was giving lecture. Seven times I got flash of light.  But I did not tell anybody that light is visible. I said OK, now stop it, stop it. That entire thing got caught in the camera. One gentleman was sitting, perhaps there was a pooja going on. He walked past me, the camera captured me through him in the photo. This is correct. Many such things keep happening. This is relating to camera. But another surprising thing keeps happening in our life, from which a human being thinks that there is some truth, this is not false, this is not a wrong thing. OK, it is alright, now keep going on this. Then it goes on at a slow pace. In order to reach an ocean of happiness, some people take 5 to 10 years, 12 years, and for some it has been 14 years. But one good farmer got up and started going, jumped into it. Oh Mother, we are lost in it now, ourselves, now the ‘I’ doesn’t exist to tell anything. There are very fortunate people in our country, crores of people are like this. Now people are trying in Delhi. Let us see how many people will have good sense. We have to fold our hands and tell everybody to get their Self Realisation. Where are you wasting your time? This time will not come again. These watches that you are wearing and seeing time, is for the reason that you need to save time for this and not for going to Ball Room and dance, and sit in cinema halls. You all said today, ‘Mother, start the programme late, people are watching TV.’ This is true. I was very surprised. People who used to search for the God Almighty (“Paramatma”), used to go to Himalayas, and today Mother Ganga has herself flowed and come to your homes. If you do not use this opportunity, I am not to be blamed. If you are not able to accept this heap of happiness, this wealth and culture, then nobody will be able to force it on you. But our Shirdi Sainath has used the word ‘patience’. We have to have patience, I am having patience, you also need to be patient about yourself, and that patience itself is missing. Everybody is very busy. ‘What are you doing sir?  Breaking each other’s heads. What are you doing here? Sitting in a bar.’ Maybe doing some better work that that, don’t know if there is anything better than that. People are wasting their time on such things. This time is very precious, your time will be wasted and when it is about me, everyone comes over to my house. I have told ‘Come home, I am a very smart lady.’ I had said you come home, I did not say I will meet you. ‘Come home’ means you come there and do meditation. There will be four more Sahaja Yogis, and they will look into your requirements. Soundclound time 06.43 secs

But why did Mataji not meet us? What will you do after meeting me? What will you get after meeting me? This is a yoga that connects within you (“Antar Yoga”) right? What will happen after meeting me? Am I a minister that you want to meet me? If you want to meet me, then you meet me at your Sahasrara. Regarding meeting outside, I have met many people, all wasteful people. But those who meet me in Sahasrara, they will only say ‘Mother has given me something’. Mother we fought for it. Dr. Warren got angry, he said ‘I am in Delhi no one does any work.’ He said, In Maharashtra, everybody comes, offers flower and goes away. Do not understand which Sahaja Yogi is sitting where. At least come here and give us rights. I thought that at least tomorrow let them not make a union, then come and say ‘Mother, you have not given our rights.’ ‘What happened?’ ‘You did not meet us all.’  I will meet you all in this world, but at the pinnacle. I will meet you at the pinnacle. There you can achieve it. Do not get entangled in wasteful talk, and useless quarrels. All these illusions (“chakkar baazi”) is done by me only. That is why do not fall into these illusions that Mother didn’t meet us today, so they all sat taking offense of this. Soundclound time 08.19 secs

Those who are who are useless people, we have a good method to throw them out. Whoever comes, do not meet them, they will not come again the next day, by the grace of God. They will do such things, about which I am telling you again, because I do not want to entangle my brain with all such useless people. So, how to make them go away from here. I would like to tell you the truth. I am your Mother, why I should lie to you. So, whoever comes, do not meet them. Out of them, the one who is a true (seeker), will come the next day, otherwise he will not come. I do not want any vote from you, I don’t take anything from you. He does not want to take anything from you. I just want to test you, tell me if there is any other way of testing? Without testing, Gurus will people give nothing, they would hang you, put you in the well, bathe you 4 to 5 times, give you 2 – 4 slaps, make them sit on a donkey, don’t know what all they would do. If you read all this, you will be surprised. One person went to a Guru, he was pushed into a hole and broke both his legs. This person, putting his legs on his neck, he came to me. I asked, ‘What is this brother?’ He said, ‘Mother, I insulted you a bit before him’. ‘What did you do tell about me in from of him?’ ‘I told him, Mother gives realisation whomever she sees, any Tom, Dick and Harry’, this is how I insulted you. Then this Guru broke my legs. I said, ‘Now what else did he say?’  Then he said ‘Go to Mother. She will only fix your legs. I will not do.’ I said ‘OK brother, I will set right your legs. Now do not go there.’ People, who are real Gurus, will throw the stone, when you have been hit by 25 stones, they will say OK son, one of you can come. Now what will Mother do? In order to ensure you have genuine people, this is the only way that Mother will not be meeting, Brother, whoever wants to come, may come and the one who is genuine, will only come and sit in meditation and draws happiness. Those who are not interested run after such people is not Sahaja Yoga. God Almighty will not come to you to catch hold of your feed and say ‘Sir, Please come to Sahaja Yoga, will give you your realisation.’ Now this is also thought that people who come to the Temple, some money has to be spent on Tea etc., otherwise people will not come at all, Oh God, otherwise people will not come, till you have not arranged for something to eat or drink, people will not come for reciting bhajans as well. But there will be no benefit by feeding such people and then making them listen to bhajans, no one is going to get their realisation. No one will become a Sahaja Yogi. In our place, many merchants also used to go to the battle field. But, in Sahaja Yoga battle such merchants will not be allowed. Like Shri Ramadas Swamy had said, “Tyala pahije Jaati che” which means “people of great calibre are required”. People with strength and vigour are required. It is the work meant for brave people. The work of sahaja Yoga is not for the idiots, fools, egoistic people, this should be understood. You people have come, many thanks. Get your self-realisation and rise in your dignity and powers. Don’t waste your time unnecessarily. The first one or two months, if you put your efforts, you can easily overcome your problems. There is not much of difficulty in this, do not require money, there is nothing extraordinary in this. By itself life will becomes smooth, your ill health will become alright. But you need to have patience. Like one gentleman said ‘My wife’s health has not become alright.’ It has been one day since she came, today he is saying, her health is alright. Yes brother, if it takes 2 – 3 days more, what is the matter? Have some patience and you have to live in the present. Try to live in the present. Try to live in thoughtless awareness. That’s it, these are some easy methods and on account of these easy methods, next time, how much you have sat here today, all of you should become like a big tree, sit like a Guru here and I will prostrate before all of you. The desire of a Mother is that whatever we have, you just have to take it.  For me, whatever is mine is all a waste. If you people do not get this thing within you, my life is also a waste. Today, perhaps no body has asked questions. Soundclound time 13.09 secs

Do you have any questions? Is there anything else? Even after telling, people are adamant about some things in all these things. I had told you earlier also whatever suits a person, he should eat that. But if you kill an animal which is bigger than you and eat it, your muscles will become similarly like that. Animals smaller than you should be eaten, only when it is necessary, and there is nothing wrong in that. In our Country, Shri Rama used to eat, Shri Krishna also used to eat and even Shri Buddha used to eat. How Buddha died you may be knowing, one wild pig was killed and brought by the slaughterer, who was Buddha’s follower and Buddha went to him and started asking ‘give me food soon’. He said that let some time pass, before that the meat should not be cooked so soon, as it could be harmful. But as he had go hurriedly, he said ‘however it may be, please give me immediately.’ As a result, he died due to this. So who ever says that Buddha was a vegetarian, was wrong. I am not saying that all Sahaja Yogis should eat non-vegetarian food. But Nanak Saheb also used to eat. So was he worse than these hypocrite people who do not eat non-vegetarian food, but who eat human beings lives? And also think whether I am going to give realisation to these chickens. There are such people who save worms and reptiles and give money to Brahmins so that they can be bitten by bedbugs. Then they give money to the Brahmins that ok now that the bedbugs have sucked your blood, we have saved the bed bugs. Now am I going to ask the bedbugs to sit here? Please use some common sense. I had said regarding Gita that Shri Krishna had not said anything regarding non-violence. He had said ‘You kill, you kill your Guru also if he is an unprincipled person (“adharmi”). So in this manner the people have built a false narrative that non-violence means to save bedbugs. So, one gentleman started saying, ‘Mother, till you tell people you become pure vegetarians, till then Sahaja Yoga will not work out.’ I said, tomorrow, people will come and say, save bedbugs, will I do that also? And for the Goddess, if you say that you become vegetarian, who will drink the blood of Raktabeej? You people? Who will kill that Mahishasura? You people? Whoever takes the flag of non-violence, they will be the biggest violent people, I have seen most of them like that. I have also lived in Gandhiji’s Aashram for a number of years and I know that the people over there are such that you cannot touch them with fingers also, they are like fire, their anger is like fire. Do not keep such misleading imagination and many people think that many diseases occurs because of eating this animal or that animal. It is opposite of that, in our country it is essential for some people to eat food rich in proteins, eat proteins, their muscles may become weak. On account of this, it may lead to number of diseases, if you do not eat proteins. You have seen white spots on the body, which happens mostly to vegetarians. What is the reason? They do not have protein inside. So, the liver has become lethargic and even If they are affected a little by negativity or they consume postman oil, or consume a similar oil, groundnut oil, then they get these white spots. For such people the cure is that they should eat protein, so they can eat soya bean, eat it. Yes because for some people it is like this, from childhood they may have not eaten soya bean, so they have heat, leave it. But to English people I tell them to become vegetarians, because they are very aggressive, they force others. If they become slightly vegetarians, it is good or if everyone becomes vegetarian then very good. Soundclound time 17.52 secs

But, will they become vegetarians? Here, Brinjal is available at Rs.50/- per kg. What will you do there? We have to think about some countries that do not have any vegetables, like for example, in Greenland, not even a leaf of the vegetable is available tere. So, is it that God Almighty is doing injustice in making them commit sin? Is it a very big sin if you eat non-vegetarian food? Who has given you this idea? In this Jesus Christ has gone, Mohammad Saheb has gone, Nanak Saheb has gone, mostly people went away like this. And all those false Gurus, I tell you, who all have taken money, Rajneesh, who is the other who teaches transidental? They are all pure vegetarians, very firm. They do not eat even garlic or onion also. And these disciples of Mahesh Yogi, if they are shown garlic, they will start dancing like this. They are afraid of garlic. If they are shown lemon, they are gone. Whoever gets frightened of vegetables, what is the necessity of eating vegetables? This is the work of Heroes. We have to keep the muscles fit. It does not mean everybody should become a wrestler. Again this is the matter of balance. Be balanced. You might have observed, not supposed to talk like that, but regarding Arya samajis, they are pure vegetarian, but they have so much anger, Oh my God. And from them, from the Arya Samajis, if anyone becomes old, then gone. They speak so much, do not understand what they are speaking, they keep speaking, keep speaking, keep speaking. So much of energy gets formed within them. Where does so much of energy come from? After eating grass, where does so much of energy come from? But this does not mean from tomorrow you do not eat meat, I do not mean that. There has to be balance. We spend most of our time in thinking about eating and drinking. In some way or the other we keep this going on. It is the habit of Brahmins that you should not eat this, you should not eat that, I will eat everything. Those who eat meat, should not eat meat, this will save their money, is it not?  You give that to me. It is clear calculation. You do one thing, in a week fast for 4 days in the name of God; One day for Shiva, one day for Vishnu, one day for Guru, one day for Devi. Fast for 4 days, done. You have saved money now? Come on, you donate to me. Food should be eaten in such a manner, that it nourishes our Spirit, our body. In Sahaja Yoga there is no compulsion for anything. But, yes, you should not eat animals bigger than you as otherwise you will be looking like a horse. And another thing that is told is if we kill animals, we will be indulging in cruelty. Then the talk of Shri Krishna that those who are killed, have been killed long time back. But more than this, if I am going to talk about science, this will register fast in the mind, but not the talk of Shri Krishna. That is, when you eat meat of smaller animals, the meat in their body, in other words their muscles get in touch with our muscles (“Snayu ke sambandh”), it assists in their evolution (“utkranti”). Now, think of a fish, how will it achieve a higher life? Where will the muscles they need come from? This is a transition (“sankraman”). As I told you, in our body we have grey cells in our brain. Now in order to charge these brain cells, we need to have other cells. How will they come?  Then in our stomach which contains Fats, will convert that and go to brain. Soundclound time 22.14 secs

So you will say, we are troubling our stomach for the sake of brain. In the same manner, when any animal’s muscle comes in our contact, then the entire world if you consider it as one world, and the whole body of Virat as one body, in the same body the transition (“Sankraman”) will happen and they get higher life. That is the reason I say sometimes, how many animals became human beings, that if this does not happen now, it will be good. Because, now day and night it has been fed in our brain that by being vegetarian, you become a saint (“Dharmatma”), but I have not seen one. If any vegetarian is a saint, if you have found them, please show them to me. Whichever caste that is vegetarian in our place, they are extremely selfish, miserly number one and for the sake of money they can take the life of any body. I will not take the name, you know them. They stick to money so much, where does it come from? Because the muscles are weak. For some it has to be bonded. Whoever is strong, is on account of his respect (Gaurav). In our place it is not been written anywhere. It is, I don’t know how everybody has learnt something new and human being has continued to go on with it. When Gandhiji asks what the torture is for poor people?  How will poor people trouble anybody? He used to say this. This was the first thing he used to say that be kind to human being first and then with animals. Have you stopped torturing good people or not? It means that it will not be done at all, then you will not go in that direction at all. He used to say it clearly, I have stayed with him for many years and perhaps it was necessary at that time to have some angry people. It was necessary to make people angry. We had to send away the British people and that is why vegetarianism must have been adopted. Vegetarians are very angry people. What is being said that they are cool-minded people, is not so, because whose muscles are all messed up (‘Gadbad Shahbad’) their anger must be definitely rising. If somebody gives one slap they will go and fall far away. Now when anger rises, if they have to give 2 slaps, they will not do at all, because there is no strength in the hand. So they will be burning from within only how to finish the other and the person who was to be beaten, if the anger raises, gives 2 slaps and the anger goes down. But the person who cannot give 2 slaps, he will go on getting angry, storing anger and will go and then will bite from somewhere. If you happen to meet any peaceful vegetarian, please bring him to me, I want to see. One should always have peaceful attention. I do not say that non-vegetarians are not like that, they can also be very angry people. But what the vegetarians say that because ‘we eat vegetables, we have become like cows’, then they look like 2-horned buffaloes, never seen before. For the last 40 years I have been seeing, I am quite old, I have never seen before. That is the reason there is no big difference, we should not give much importance to any food and liquids. The other thing is the intoxication, which is against our awareness (“Chaitanya”), such intoxicants should not be taken. But I will not say this because half the people will get up and go away. For this, I will say that after coming to Sahaja Yoga, you will give up all such things. Everything should be tested, I tell you again. Do not think too much, see everything by testing. Today, just by opening your hands wide, you get cool breeze and you may be surprised that some Chakras of non-vegetarian get a catch peculiarly, but those who are vegetarians, their left Nabhi gets caught so strongly that there is no limit to it. Means, the non-vegetarians do catch, but the vegetarians also get caught up very badly, no doubt. This is the custom of Gurus, now when these foreigners come, they are asked to become vegetarians. I was told that in Switzerland they took 6,000 Pounds and everybody stayed in the hotel and they were told to become vegetarians, and your muscles should loosen a bit, in order to enable you to fly in the air. They were being made fools, and these people like donkeys spent 6-6,000 Rupees, 6-6,000 pounds, one pound being equivalent to nearly 15 to 16 Rupees. They reached the place and they were saying that such a menu was made wherein they had to for six days they had to drink the water remaining after the potatoes were boiled, feeding the water (‘Pani Prashan’), means like. After that, the skin of potato has to be eaten one day, and on the last day, if you are still alive, you can eat the boiled potatoes without salt. After that you will start flying in the air like that only and the price is just 6,000 Pounds. After that the Guru after doing all this is sitting on top, breaks into laughter that ‘What a fool I have made of them’, ‘What a fool I have made of them’, ‘What a fool I have made of them’. They giggle about it, giggle. I am not going to tell you any such foolish things.