Conversation, Going from Swaha to Swadha

Brompton Square House, London (England)

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Conversation with yogis. Brompton Square Talk, London (UK), 3 March 1986.

Part 2
This was the last thing I used in My lectures, in Delhi, that Shri Krishna has said that the human awareness goes downward and the roots of the human awareness are in the brain. And when human beings start going downward they move in the opposite direction of the Divine. That’s all He has said. He has not said more than that. Now see, what happens that we are born in the Bhavasagara. All right? At that [unclear/point]. Now when the human awareness starts growing what is the essence of Bhavasagara is swaha and the aim is swadha. Swaha means consumption, consumption of all the poisons, consumption of everything. And swadha is the one, means the swa is the Spirit and dha means the one that sustains. So the dharma of Spirit when it comes into you, then you become a Guru.

So in the Bhavasagara it is swaha and swadha. So from swaha you have to move to swadha. If you come to swadha state then the Mahalakshmi is awakened within you and you start rising higher. So it is called as [urdhobati] going to the ascent side. The descent side is called as [adhobati]. Now adhobati starts you see when, because to go down is very easy, first of all. Secondly when you are on the steps, on top, you see the steps very nice you see done with, I mean that nice platforms to go down but you don’t see the heights. You just go down, easily. So the first step you come onto is the Swadhisthana. But before that the step of the Nabhi, which is swaha, is the consumption, it starts acting in the awareness. Then you start consuming, say, attacking other countries, taking those countries and going to them and overpowering them and getting other. So it’s the imperialism, what you call that, that kind of a thing starts. Thank God Columbus went that side, as I have said many a times.

Now, when you have done that, then you start also digging out your Mother Earth and consuming Her things and through your machinery and all that, you start doing. Then the second point is that when you go little lower then you go into Swadhisthana which is [antariksha], which is called as [bhurwa]. Antariksha means all the Universe, universal. So you start going to the stars; you start going to that. I mean, it is of no avail, unnecessarily. You have to go within. You have to go higher. You have to go [urdhobati]. But you start going to these and feeling very happy. “Oh, we are going to moon”, you are going to sun, you are going. What are you going to get out of it, [that] I don’t know.

And when that happens then after that you come to Mooladhara. Awareness has to grow. And once you come to Mooladhara then you start, I mean, absolutely depraved, or you become perverted. You start all kinds of funny ideas about sex. I mean, you don’t know what to do with the sex: eat it or dump it or do what you like. And that’s how you become. And one step forward and you are in hell, direct. So that’s how the decadence of all these. I mean, if you see the television or anything you don’t know what all these people are [processing/proceeding] going from bad to worse. Idiots, such a [doom] idiotic like [Helshan] marrying the secretary, all this nonsense, is idiotic. This idiocity comes in because of this downward movement. Now, so you go downward and go to hell and finish off.

Now when the human awareness little bit tries to go upward also without going through the Mahalakshmi process, then it comes to the heart where it is manna, is the, is the heart. And then you start giving your heart to this person, your heart to that person and all this romance and all that. So you go like that and again you come down. But when the steps you start from downward first step when you start what you see is the height, you have to rise. To what? To your innocence, to your chastity, and you rise on that. Then you see the, going upwards you see other things while going down you see other things.

Now then from there you go to the other higher level of bhurva, is the creation. Then you become creative. You see to the esthetics. See, that’s why they don’t understand esthetics. I am not surprised that esthetics are becoming bland, nonsensical, funny. Absolutely this has no meaning. It is not connected with any creativity. Human creativity has gone down. It’s all machine creativity. We go to plastics, this, that and we start appreciating all that is modern. We cannot appreciate anything that has been and which has been, that could be better. Instead of that you are accepting something so insipid and so horrible. Because of bhurva, means that is the, you come to the [prithvi] tattwa and you start becoming materialistic. You become materialistic, money-oriented, at the Nabhi chakra ? absolutely money-oriented, no dharma, nothing. No dharma at all, because swadha is not there. But while going up, you, you, you get esthetics. You become esthetically rich. You understand esthetic, because you feel the vibrations of the thing. Anything you appreciate, you appreciate this house because you have vibrations. Without vibrations you would like to have something, what you call a insipid place, some funny looking, jazzy, nonsensical, what you call that, disco-like place. I mean, that’s the end of it, disco-like place. Imagine; imagine a disco compared to this house.

Then you go higher, go onto the Nabhi. Then at Nabhi point what becomes is dharma. You enjoy your virtues. You enjoy it, enjoy to be virtuous. And then you become swadha. Later it becomes a guru. You go to the heart. Then you become compassion. Expands, it expands. Why? The downward movement makes you smaller, smaller, smaller, till you become a sex point and then to hell. Then it expands your heart, then it expands your heart. You become compassion, love, generosity. Then janah, janah is higher. Now the same awareness, human awareness, when it goes on its own it becomes political orators, political this, political that, is janah, is going to the public. Janah is here, because he’s Virata. So you become attached to things where you have a popularity, which is very cheap type. There’s nothing deep in it, you see. Like Mrs. Thatcher coming now [unclear], Thatcherite and Thatcheram and all kinds of [things] are coming out. Then another is this [Hilton/Heath]. I mean, not only in this kind of, Reagan, this, that; all of them are horrible. So that happens. That is trying to solve some issues. This should not be done; that should not be done. But there’s no peace. Peace has to be established. That cannot be established by this. So that also, such people who are politically motivated, they also go down, up to Vishuddhi chakra.

Then here, when you rise, is the people who say, “Oh, we must sacrifice this. We must do this and we must achieve this through sacrifices.” Tapas, tapas they do. Like going to wars, this that, they also follow. But here is tapasya for God. And then you will come to Sahastrara. Sahastrara is satya, is the truth. You discover the truth. You will have to know truth here, because these are the roots. And that’s what you have got it. You’ve got the truth, [now and here]. And that’s why the people here, the decadence can be understood. They don’t understand color, you know. Even they said, My, say for My bathroom, “This thing is” ? I am very particular in bathrooms – “should be white”. It’s ivory. What’s wrong with ivory color? Even that they don’t have.

And now the faces they are painting white, trying to look pale. Just imagine, like death. Like walking like deaths. They don’t like colors. How will they have flowers? Nature is full of colors. Don’t do, they don’t like any color. Even they don’t like, say, transparent things. They want to have it colored white. Ghastly is that is. They all look ghastly, don’t they? And why these people appreciate? Because there is decadence. No color, nothing, just insipid. No designs. It’s terrible. It’s terrible things are happening. Out of that you all have come out. I must thank you for that. The way you have risen, you see, from that low-level atmosphere. Such a low-level atmosphere, think of it. They will die out. Like hippies came, they died out, they’re finished off. The other will come; they will die out. But those who are rising are the people who are important to us. I mean, imagine, you think of the hippies, where, where would they be? Absolute complete decadence, absolute, finished with them. Wearing rags, this, that.

There’s a Hong Kong fellow who is selling jeans. So I said, “What is such a specialty about your jeans?” He said, “You see, these are washed in a dryer, in a, in a washing machine, in which there are stones.” So I said, “Then what happens?” “Then it becomes, you know, a little oldish.” They put stones and the stones are sold in the market. Such idiocity, I tell you. And they are the most expensive jeans. Such decadence, such decadence. While you have to go to your head to Sahastrara. So this you know that is possible through Kundalini; there’s no other way out. Krishna didn’t say about it because He didn’t know whether Arjuna would understand or not. But in a way he did. Did you get the book, Geeta Enlightened? It’s nice.

Sahaja yogi: No, I haven’t seen that. This is of Yogi’s?

Shri Mataji: Ha. I’ll give you. We inaugurated it. I’ll give you. When I come out and then I’ll give you. I’ve got upstairs in My room.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi