Public Program Day 1

Modern High School, Pune (India)

1986-03-16 Public Program, Modern School, Marathi, Pune, India, DP, 169'
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Public Program, Modern School, Marathi, Pune, India, 16-03-1986

[Translation from Hindi and Marathi, talk starts at 18 min]

I bow to all the seekers of truth in Pune. Pune has got the name of Punya Patnam [place of virtue] in ancient Indian texts so that it should become meaningful. This fortune of pious deeds is in this place. This has been told by our ancestors, and those who have accumulated pious deeds from a hundred births, only those are born in Pune. This has also been told. But is it like that or not? Sometimes I have doubts about this because whatever was ours in the past, we have considered that gone is the time and gone is everything related to it. And now the thing we are hurriedly going after correction in that something must come in us and we should do something new. This is a tremendous desire of all people. But I see we have lost synchronisation in both these thoughts.

20:05 Tukaram said: “I will bring peace and happiness to the whole world.” Similarly, Marx said that we should establish such a state in which there are no police, and without any apprehension and fear people will be well-behaved. We should establish a state like this, but the question is how to do this? How to try this feat and how to achieve this? He didn’t shed any light on this. Similarly, Tukaram has said: “I will bring peace and happiness to the whole world.” But how will he do this? He did not say. Gyaneshwar has also very beautifully described today’s Sahaja Yoga in Pasaydan, but how it will happen he has not particularly described clearly. The reason being even if it was mentioned, “The 6th chapter is not to be read,” was told to everyone. So people did not pay attention to that. Those sages and saints who blessed this land with their teachings similarly nourished the land with their exemplary beliefs. In this land we have taken birth, and so there must be some truth in whatever the saints told us. They have not been bluffing; nor have they directed us to the wrong path. So when we are indulging in today’s modern thoughts we should give some attention to them.

Shri Krishna has said in Gita that when a man enters his consciousness, then according to his awareness, say human awareness, he moves towards self-destruction. Because the tree of consciousness is growing towards destruction, its roots are in his mind [Shri Mataji points towards Her brain]. It has been said clearly that whenever man goes towards any progress or development, then he moves towards decadence. If we want to see an example, we should go and see it abroad. 

Suppose we begin from Nabhi Chakra. The element of Nabhi Chakra is “Swaha”. Swaha means that whatever we see, we observe that or try to understand that by turning it into ashes. The Nabi Chakra is in our belly, and is known as solar plexus, which works outside. This plexus has a job that whatever is in it of the world, it has to Swaha it. So when this chakra is active in a healthy man, at that time if anything poisonous or defective goes in the stomach, it destroys [Swaha] that, and in this situation a man gets Swadha. The Swadha state means establishing in the self, meaning establishing the religion of Atma in ourself. Swadha. 

But opposite to that are those people who only grow mentally, using only their minds. This is observed more abroad. Then we should see where these people are going. First, Swaha develops in them and they begin to use this Swaha. Then they develop a new calling in their awareness of conquest. Which country should I swallow and which one to eat? Which country should I attack and which country to add to ours? In this way the British came to India, and by luck Columbus went to America. I bow to Hanumana that he took Columbus to America. So we are sitting here. Otherwise, not one of us would have remained. 

I went to America. In South America I didn’t find any indigenous people for name sake; when I asked they said, “You can find them in a museum.” I didn’t find a single Red Indian. Similarly, here you would not have found a single Indian. So by luck Columbus went there. Otherwise, we would have been finished a long time ago. 

Due to this tendency of Swaha, when they started swallowing everyone, then their treaty reached up to China. After that, now where can they go? There is a limit to it. So they return. But now they have started the era of machines in which whatever resources Mother Earth has, they have started to dig it out. Now the situation is such that whatever fumes and so on the machines emit, there is acid rain because of it, and it is destroying all the trees with their roots. From this, an ecological imbalance has come about, resulting in an imbalance in the atmosphere. This is the the outcry everywhere. 

Now after that, moving forward, they went into space. Now, our Swadishthana Chakra is the whole universe. So they went into space and went to the moon and further. Where they will go, you cannot tell. Simply wasting their money and time in this way. Instead of looking at themselves, instead of introspecting, they have wasted their lives for these useless endeavours. 

But the next decadence is such that when what we know as Mooladhara Chakra, due to which all elimination takes place, they reached to that Nadir of morality. I tell everyone that, “Your culture has become a bathroom culture.” We are running after these foreigners. So we should keep in mind where they have reached. Living in this country, it amazes Me that they have lost all judgment and behave however they want. They have no ethics and morals. There is someone called mother and sister; it never comes to their minds. Such a dirty culture they have developed abroad everywhere, and now our children are also going on the same path.

But Shri Krishna said that man has to move towards self-improvement, meaning that his consciousness and attention should move towards his mind, and for going towards that intellect in God’s master plan he has been provided with this Kundalini Shakti [power].[Shri Mataji points towards board.] Maybe six thousand years back, Shri Krishna did not mention Kundalini. However, he said one needs to move towards self-improvement. How is it to be done? If someone had asked, he would have told him. But at that time Arjuna had a different dilemma. He never asked Krishna this question. If he had asked Krishna, Krishna would have said clearly that, “The Kundalini in you will be awakened.” 

But it is a great fortune for our Maharashtra that Shri Gyaneshwar said a lot about Kundalini, and after that Nanak Sahib and Kabir Das have elaborated on it a lot, but at least we believe that. I should say it’s My good luck, and I am thankful to the sages and saints, not only that I am grateful to them, but that we believe that they were superior to us. They did not lie like us, did not have any addictions, had no ego, were not fluke. So they were a kind of special people filled with peace and forgiving natures and bliss. So there was a special enlightment in their consciousness. At least we admit that. But why did they become like that and how did they become like that? What was their mechanism, and how did they they interact with each other? How did they recognise each other? It is really worth knowing.

Nowadays, we have castism, this, that. Simply fake ideas have come up. At that time our Sant Namdev went to meet Gora Kumbhar. When Sant Namdev saw Gora Kumbhar he said, “Nirgunache bheti Aalo Sagunashi.” Now, the meaning of this, either he can understand or a yogi can understand. “I came to see here Formless, the vibrations, the Chaitanya, but here you are standing in ‘Sagun’ form. It means I see only the vibrations in you.”

But now certain Shivajis of Marathi bhasha have come up who say that this Namdev was a different Namdev from the one which Guru Nanak had honoured. Because of this fact they cannot tolerate how a tailor was so highly respected by Guru Nanak. “How can he give so much importance to that tailor?” Namdev went to Guru Nanak. He lovingly made Namdev sit beside him and told him, “Now you should write some poetry in Hindi because your words are very glorious.” 

Namdev stayed there and learned Hindi and Punjabi, and whatever he has written in Hindi and Punjabi, half of it surprisingly is about identification of saints. At that time Kabir Das and Ravidas were such big saints of the time, but you consider them Untouchable, and till now there is no temple for them in India. But in London I was surprised that in Burmingham the British said, “We do not believe this [untouchability]. You can build a temple here.”

This is really a moment of shame. Numerous times our incarnations have told us that love is the only religion, but by getting caught up in things that do not exist, we are losing our large heritage of religion and the joy of the spirit. So we should pay attention to it. Not only is it our heritage, it is also our responsibility that we need to dig out all that and ask what was the divine miracle by which such great saints were born here. 

Now the time has come. Now is the time, and this time you all will easily get the divine blessings. Guru Nanaka has said, “Sahaja Samadhi Lago.” [You get your enlightenment in a simple way.] He has said very clearly, “Kahe re mann khojan jayee sada nivasi sada alepa tohe Sang Samay. Pushpa Madhya Jo Bass basat hai mukura mahi Jaise chaee, taise hi hari base nirantar Ghat hi khojo bhai.” [Why go here there to find him? He is always there within you, just like there is fragrance in a flower and just as there is reflection in a mirror. In the same way, God is residing in you eternally. Seek him within.] Seek him within. But there in the temples they are singing, “Ghat hi khojo bhai”, for entertainment only. Singing, “Seek, seek,” but who is seeking? He says, “This is the medicine. Try to find in your heart.” Instead, they are only singing to the beats of the drum, “Ghat hi khojo bhai. Vithala Vithala.” I have never seen anyone finding God by singing “Vitthal Vitthal”. Instead, people who become ill, people who developed cancer by stuffing tobacco in their mouths, I have seen lots. Also I have seen people becoming ill due to unnecessarily doing gazar [sound of many music instruments being played at same time] of Vithala. Sir, doesn’t it take some authority to take the name of that Viththala [Manifestation of Vishnu in Pandharpur, Maharashtra]?

Now, if you call out, “Rajiv Gandhi [the then Prime Minister of India], Rajiv, Rajiv,” and reach his house, then won’t the police take you away? Any Tom, Dick and Harry who simply assumes God is in his pocket starts out and says, “Vitthal, you do this work for me.” Have we got any appreciation or respect for him? Without knowing him and without meeting him and without union with him, all the worship is useless and is only showing off. 

Even the meaning of Bhakti [devotion] has been explained very beautifully by Shri Krishna, but those who are hypocrites and escapists do not want to understand this meaning. They should not even try. But those who want the divine blessings, for them I am explaining, “Patram pushpam phalam toyam yo me bhatya prayachchati.” [Whatever flower or food you will offer, I will accept that.] But he was a diplomat. He threw a spin by a single word, but devotion should be done so that you feel there is no other [Ananya Bhakti]. But how will you do Ananya Bhakti if you have not merged into Him? Till then you cannot do Ananya Bhakti. It would only be any [other, different from self] bhakti.

Krishna had bewildered everyone by using a single word, because people do not take things at face value. Let’s try some other way. But now they say, “I am chanting ‘Vitthal Vitthal’, our Gazar is going on, and now we find relish in it.” “We talk to Vitththala every night.” “Really? Then what did your Vitthala tell you?” “Now he told me the number of the horse to bet on.”

Ha ha, by this superficial thing you are never going to get inner satisfaction because whatever happens you are a spirit. This is eternal truth. You are a spirit. However wayward you may become, keep in mind you are a spirit. You are not this body, mind and ego. You are a spirit. Until the time you become a spirit you are not going to get satisfaction from shallow things. Birth after birth, you will not get satisfaction, and you will continue a purposeless existence as if in a trance, and even if you go anywhere in the world you will reach nowhere. 

So leaving all this, you should take to the Sahaj way, and the Sahaj way is a spontaneous way of life. God is dynamic and spontaneous. Things happen in a Sahaj way. Like if you put a seed in the earth, it germinates automatically. It sprouts by itself. Similarly, whatever is there in you, it should germinate by itself. It should manifest automatically, and when it happens you don’t have to undertake any labor for it. You don’t have to do anything. But after that sprouting you have to nurture it. You need to understand its importance and see how we can grow in it. 

Now we are quite expert in receiving initiation from a guru. Here there are few people. However, in Mumbai seven, eight thousand people came to the program. For three days continuously they were coming. All were initiated. However, how many of them settled and how many made a big tree out of that sprout? That’s something that I have to go now and see. 

Because of our nature of being halfway, being neither here nor there, we don’t attain maturity. We should immerse ourselves in it completely, and for that we don’t need to do anything. We need not do anything special, but only meditate. Once we learn this by going to the meditation centre, then we can manage.

However, many people are pretentious. “Mataji, how will I go? I am the headmaster in the school. How will I go in that meditation centre?” “What will happen to you if you go there?”

 “No, but there are all kinds of people who come. There are people there who are ordinary workers in our school.”

Sir, they are going to Heaven before you. They will go in God’s Kingdom. In God’s Kingdom they are going to be enthroned, and no one will recognise you as a headmaster there. Keep this in mind: God only loves those who accept him from the heart. There your pretentiousness, your high post, your cars, your this and that, are not recognized. These have simply no recognition there. Only whether the the Kingdom of God is in your heart or not will be seen. 

And now today it so happens that now the time has come, and this atmosphere is conducive to it. I call this time the blossom time. At this time in the world a lot of evolved souls are born, out of which I can see a lot of them here who will be realized by a simple touch. But due to the atmosphere we do not understand how to take care of our roots. Abroad, people simply do not have roots. Even if Rajnish comes to them, they will go to him. If Muktanand comes, they will go to him. If Hare Rama comes, they will go to him. They simply have no wisdom regarding this. They do not know how to identify a guru. They have no idea what are the traits of saints and seers. Whoever charges more money is better! 

Now I am living my life in two ways. One is the Sahaj way, and the other is with my spouse. Now he has a big government post. So I regularly meet fools like them. They talk like this between themselves: “Have you met so and so guru? He charges more but he is good.” This means people have made a business out of that. These people who are halfway are not going to get Sahaja Yoga. If we have wisdom and we begin to dig a well, wherever we find some water after digging, only there we dig deep. We don’t dig up at ten places. A man like that will never find water. 

So after you get your initiation, I humbly request you to come again tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and in one month through determination you can establish yourself in Sahaj Yoga. There is a pact between you and Me of giving, but what after that? We should make a pact for later also. “Mataji, after you initiate us, we will show you that we establish ourselves in it.” Only then there is some meaning in it. Otherwise, all is wasted.

Now, is there a Kundalini or not? It starts from here, because doubting Thomases have a lot of questions. “Is there a Kundalini or not? You say this about Kundalini, but so and so said this about Kundalini.” Let’s see whatever anyone says, but I say that Kundalini is your own mother, of your own, and she is pure desire. She is pure desire, unadulterated. Desire means all the other desires that you have. In Economics, you know that wants are insatiable in nature. Suppose today you have a desire to build a home. Then you build a home. Then the second desire, then the third and so on. Whatever desire you have, it was not a true desire, because if it was a true desire, then you would have been satisfied in yourself. But it doesn’t seem like that. So at that time we clearly understand that whatever wish we have made is not true. It has some elements of falsehood in it. After a desire is fulfilled, why aren’t we satisfied? So it means there is only one pure desire, and the power of this pure desire is this Kundalini, and this Kundalini is settled in three and a half coils in our sacrum bone. Now when this Kundalini rises…

One gentleman was sitting with both his feet towards Me. I asked him, “What is this you are doing?” Another fellow told him, “You shouldn’t sit with both feet towards Mataji. This is not right.” He said, “When I sit cross-legged I jump like a frog. My Kundalini is awakened.” Then the Sahaja yogi asked him, “Sir, who told you this?” He said, “I will go and tell Mataji.” So he came to Me and told Me, “My Guruji has told me this. Not only this, he showed me a book in which it was written that when your Kundalini is awakened you will jump like a frog.” I said, “Is it so? Now are you going to be a frog? Are you going to be an earthworm? You decide first, and then fly like that. How much faith can we have in any idiocracy just because it is printed in a book? Sir, what does it take to print a book? If anyone prints a book, does it become a scripture? Are all books scriptures? Scripture is one by which rules can be formed that can be proved. I have come to prove all the scriptures and will prove them in front of you. If it is a fluke how it can be proved? Because it is non-scientific.”

So, odd things like these do not happen. Instead, after awakening of the Kundalini we experience a lot of miracles. The first is that our physical wellbeing improves. It improves automatically. A lot of people say, “Mataji, you have improved my health.” I laugh at this. Your Kundalini is awakened. That’s why your health improved. I have done nothing. It has no relation to Me. Whatever it was in you, it was awakened. Whatever it is, it belongs to you, it was with you and I gave it to you. For that, why do you say I gave it to you? It was yours in the first place. Now if this earth is sprouted, then it is in her nature. That’s why she has sprouted the seed. For that do you thank the earth? “Oh, you have given me so much!” 

So you have no obligation to Me, except that, being a mother, I need to tell you this time is very critical, and this time you need to make a full effort to establish yourself in Sahaja Yoga. You should take to Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is a very big dharma. Not only that, we now take it as a religion of the world. The gist of all the religions is in us, only in the form of a living process, but it has not completely awakened. It has not been completely enlightened in us. That’s why we move towards unethical behaviour. And these sages and saints, in them the light of the spirit had come, and they went beyond ethics and always behaved morally. I mean, no one needed to teach them ethics. 

Now there are many examples that they had offered a donkey water to drink. People said, “What’s this behaviour? You came so high carrying the water and now you have given this water to a donkey to drink.” Namdev said, “Vitthala had climbed down here in the form of a donkey. I offered him water.” We have a lot of examples like this in front of us, but still we stick to old rituals. Someone tells us something in the form of a bhajan and lectures, and we stick to it like anything, as if we do not have brains. We should use our brains also. Without any experience of it, we need not have faith in anything. But the experience in Sahaja Yoga will not be like this, that you start jumping like a fool. Are you to go into a vegetative state of mind? 

The day before yesterday, a gentleman came to Me and asked, “If one comes into your program, then does one go into a vegetative state of mind?” I said, “No, nothing like this happens.” He said, “No, I mean my son went to a renowned mathadhish [someone in charge of a monastery, where sadhus live]. He entered a transient state. He was a doctor before, but now he does nothing.” “Oh, I see,” and I can see the photos of the mathadhish plastered all around. All of these are sacrilege of the name of God. They give themselves a big title, and everybody simply bows at their feet. All the diseases that are spread nowadays, half of them are due to wrong ideas like this. And if I tell people to quit these ideas then people say, “Mataji speaks against our guru.” Don’t I have any better word than speaking against your gurus? But they are not your gurus. Those who could not even give you good health, how can they be your gurus? I am a mother. Any mother will say, “What kind of a guru do you have? You are always falling ill.” 

We should put attention here also. My work is only that of a mother. So I am explaining this all to you that in Maharashtra, whatever customs are there, there is a foolish custom that whoever comes, people fall at his feet. People fall at My feet also. I ask, “Have I done any good to you? Why are you falling at My feet?” Wherever I go, people come to My feet. Why? Why are you coming to My feet? Have I given you anything? No, but people say, “She is Mataji. So we come to Her feet. If we had Darshan of Her, then it is enough.” But is there any benefit by having a look at Me? Better take something from Me. There are already a lot of temples to pay a visit to. Did you get anything there? At least now take something living. But people do not appreciate it if I explain like this. Instead, if it is said, “Do not take Darshan,” then it is the end. If it is said anywhere, “Mataji says, ′Do not take My Darshan’,” then all hell breaks loose. “How can Mataji say this? We have come from so far for Darshan only. Took a rickshaw and came for Darshan, and Mataji says you should not take Darshan.” What is this? Is there any meaning in that Darshan from such shallow people? 

Those modern educated people are better who say, “There is no God. We are socialists.” Really? Then where have you come from? Were you hanging from a tree? How are you born? How was your body created, when you even cannot create an eye? First do even one living work. Then only you can say there is no God. “But we are socialists,” they say. Only fighting for these mental conceptions, creating multiple issues of these, and fighting for them, and wasting our whole life for it. This, too, is an example of man’s idiocracy.  

Man wastes his whole life in many such ideas. Till now his human awareness has not gone towards completeness. He is not complete. He has not yet achieved it. He still has to go a little further. Agreed, we have come from amoeba and become human, but now we have to be super-human from human, and in that there is no book to help. Your mind is also of no use. Nothing else will help you, except that you should have your Kundalini awakened. You should get your Self-realization. When that happens, Chaitanya flows from each and every one of your nerves. Not only that, on your nerves and ligaments, what you call your central nervous system, you should know that Chaitanya is spread everywhere. Chaitanya is everywhere, and this Chaitanya, which is named cosmic energy in scriptures, or All-pervading Power of God, or named Ruh by Mohammad Sahib, this Chaitanya we should achieve. And when we feel this Chaitanya in our hands, we say, “What is the meaning of this? We are feeling a little cold in our hands. What significance does it have?” Sir, your so big guru, Adi Guru Shankaracharya, has described “salilam salilam”, “Cool, Cool Breeze from the hands”. All this knowledge will go to waste! And man has gone so much off the track that if anyone comes and gives any lecture, says anything, now this ism, tomorrow that ism, day after tomorrow a new ism! With all this, man has become perplexed and baffled. How many of these things should I put in my head? Gandhidham and Nehru are on one side, and now new isms have come up, like Marxism or blah blah blah. The many types of man, the many types of isms. God has no different ism like these. God only knows that you are an Atma, and the spirit should be awakened in collective consciousness. 

I will explain the importance of Atma on the last day. However, today I will tell you this, as they have told Me that today the introduction must be done. So I will tell you clearly, whatever penance we have done, whatever efforts we have made, you are going to get the benefit of all that today. Today you are going to receive the benefit of all your good deeds. Forget the effects of ill deeds you have done. “I have done so many mistakes. I am such a big sinner,” because from morning till evening people tell you you are a big sinner. Now donate a cow so that all your sins are washed away. Hearing this every day, we are convinced that “I am a big sinner. So at the least I need to donate a cow, or I need to fast for forty days, and if I can’t manage to fast for so long, then my sins will not be destroyed.”

This is the business of greedy people, and none of them has any idea about God. It is clearly visible. Means you have to fast on the day Ganapati was born, fast on the day Ram was born, fast on the day Shri Krishna was born. Really, should people grieve as in death on that day? And then if Shri Rama becomes angry with you, you develop problems of right heart, and if Ganesha is angry then your prostate is caught up, and if Shri Krishna is angry then you will face a lot of problems of the Vishuddhi Chakra. Then you come to Me and say, “Mataji, we do so many fasts. Then how are we like this?”

The tragedy that we have created of religion by our imaginations now needs to be stopped. We need to awaken Dharma in ourselves, and after that our spirit shines. We should become glorious, and in that light we should see for ourselves how many powers we have. Only shouting, “Peace, peace, have pity, blah blah blah,” means nothing. I have seen big, big people, people who have got Nobel Prize, Nobel Prize for Peace, but if you go and meet them, they project only heat from themselves. They have so much heat in them. They have uncontrollable anger. How can they talk of peace? How can they have peace in themselves? Peace has a power, pity has a power associated with it, all things have a power. Just talking about them yields nothing, and even if they get a Nobel Peace Prize by talking about peace, they have no space in the Kingdom of God. They are told, “You have a Nobel Prize. You stay outside.” So whatever is the truth – pure, genuine, real – we should achieve that, and all the fakeness will fall off. With this mental preparation we should sit here and we should get that. 

Today, because it is an introduction, I will not say too much. In what I say I will speak in Hindi, and I should speak in Hindi too, and we are citizens of India and should know Hindi, as it is our national language. How could it be that we don’t even know our national language? There Madrasi are against Hindi, there Keralites are crying, and here you Maharashtrians are shouting. What does this mean? Full stop, but these Hindi-speaking people also do not know proper Hindi. This is the main reason that they do not know proper Hindi. We speak better Hindi than them. I need to tell you clearly. What is this? So you can learn Hindi. Learn pure Hindi, and you should learn it. Due to not knowing Hindi, all our languages have been so much disadvantaged. 

In Maharashtra there are so many high-quality writers but no one knows about them. In my time I have read from Sharadchandra, Bharti. All of them I have read in My time. Nowadays, no one is doing translations of them in Hindi, and if translation is not done in Hindi, if these distributaries of languages do not fall in the Ganges, how will they fall in the sea? Then no one will know about anyone. No one knows anything. Great writers were there, and where were they? No one knows anything about anyone. To avoid this impasse, first everyone must learn the national language. Secondly, those who put so much stress on English, do they speak Chaucer’s English? This is Indian English. Indian English. In fact, I also speak Indian English. My father may have spoken Chaucer’s English, but I do not speak like that. Nor have I seen any politician, writer or even one Indian speak Chaucer’s English. Everyone speaks Indian English. Then why the fuss over English? We can be expert in Hindi. So we should attain good control over Hindi, and we should be able to use it fluently.  

So if I speak in Hindi you should accept it. We should respect Hindi. We are first Indians and then belong to our state. It is true that as the heritage of India it should be spread out of Maharashtra, and we should never forget the greatness and blessings of Marathi language and of Maharashtra. Even if we accept the need to spread Marathi all over the world, do we not need to know Hindi? Hindi-speaking people will never learn Marathi. Even if they live here for generations, still they will not learn Marathi. But you learn Hindi. They are like the English. They will never learn anyone’s language, and they never expect everyone to learn their language. When your thoughts reach them in their language, only then will they know the greatness of your language, how glorious it is. 

To nurture our Sahaja Yoga the most apt language is Marathi. There is no doubt about it. It is easiest for me to speak in Marathi. The reason for this is not that Marathi is my mother tongue, but this language has been blessed with the largesse of saints. So for you to spread all over the world, first you must learn Hindi language. And I will now speak a little in Hindi, as Hindi-speaking people have come here, and they should not feel bad. And they should learn a little Marathi. For this reason I spoke in Marathi first.

Hindi: Now, I have to request you all that whenever you listen to any talk about Sahaja Yoga, then you should understand that it is not mere talk. It is reality. It is reality because it is about something tangible. Now someone said, “Sir, this is  something very difficult. This cannot be solved in this way. This is something very difficult.” Then I say that this is escapism. When a man wants to run away from logic, then he gives these types of arguments. Actually, we see, the path of Kundalini, most of all Kabir Das has spoken about to us. He told us very clearly: “Ingla pingla sukhmana nadi, paach pacheeso pakad bulao, ek hi dor udaun.” Ida, pingla and sukhmana nadis. I will call and gather five, twenty-five [many] and raise a single thread [Kundalini]. With such authority he has spoken, that we should understand that this man was a great master. But who reads Kabir Das nowadays? Those who are experts and scholars of Hindi language said that the language of Kabir is Sadhukhadi. There is no grace in it. His language has no elegance. Because they are not able to reach the depth of what he says, they reject him like this.This, I think, is just their incompetence. In Hindi language so much has already been written about Sahaj Yoga, but I don’t know how people’s brains have become so twisted about this. When Kabir Das referred to Kundalini as Surti, then I am astounded that in my Lucknow and in your Bihar, here people refer to tobacco as Surti. What can be more foolish than this? 

So to Hindi-speaking people especially, my request is that they should become deeper,should take to depth. Saints have nurtured this land a lot. It’s a great blessing that you are in Maharashtra because here, every true Maharashtrian, the only thing he desires in his life is Self-realization. He may go through many trials and hardships, but whichever Guru he finds, his only prayer is for his Self-realization. His attention is not on money, not on fashion, but his attention is on only one thing: “How will I find God?” 

Maybe this is the reason I see that when people from outside have come here, they become wealthier. Even In Mumbai when I see wealthy people, they have all come from outside. Let it be. All this dominion of wealth will be finished one day. We should have divine wealth. We should be nurtured only by this divine wealth. Otherwise, because of this, many people get sick and land in trouble, and I see big, big people in a pitiable state. Whoever has come in Sahaja Yoga has prospered. Not only that, as Shri Krishna has said, “Yoga shema vahamayam.” When yoga [union] takes place, then I will look after your welfare [shema]. But shema does not mean money, which gives headaches. Shema means Lakshmi, which gives you sublimity and grace. You shine in the world, and there is respect for you in the world, such that you are wealthy, just as Karna was, generous and benevolent. But to have an understanding of this, first you should understand that today you are in this land of Maharashtra, where even Shri Ram walked barefoot after removing his shoes, where Shri Sitaji also didn’t have shoes on her feet, who also bore the thorns in this land with pleasure, because this land flows with Chaitanya. 

As you have come to this place, at least learn the local language. It has become difficult for Me to talk in two or three languages at a time. In fact, they told Me to first talk in English language, then in Hindi and then in Marathi. Now, there are fourteen languages in our country, and if I start giving lectures in fourteen languages, then when can I say something? So everyone needs to learn the language of this place, Marathi, as I told these people to learn Hindi language. Both these languages are quite similar to each other. They are based on Devanagari which, if you learn it, would be very good because to understand Sahaj Yoga it is very important that we learn it in our own Indian languages. How can I explain Sahaja Yoga in English? English language is such a useless language! It has no word for Atma. Now take the word, spirit. If you understand spirit as Atma, then spirit also means ghosts. Also, spirit means alcohol. How can anyone talk about God in this weird language? So it is better that we take to our Indianness and try to learn more in our Indian languages.

Within us, the Divine Power that resides there is called Kundalini. It has to be awakened, and from it we are to be nourished. It is the only goal of our life. Now today when we have reached from amoeba to the stage of human being, so that we can achieve God. But if we are caught up in absolutely shallow, superfical enagements, then it becomes difficult to focus on a deep subject. That which is the aim of our life, that aim which has become clear to us after many lifetimes of seeking, the goal which is the blessing of the punyas [good deeds] we have been earning since eternity, we leave it, and we waste our time in useless things. Then after that when we get diseases, hardships and troubles, then we pray to God, “God, please help me.” First come into the Kingdom of God. When you become citizens of the Kingdom of God, then only He will look after you. Like if you are Indian, then the government here will look after you, if you are British, then the British government will look after you, and if you are in the Kingdom of God, then God will look after you.

But the working of His Kingdom is so beautiful and faultless that it never makes a mistake. It is so precise and effective that people are astounded, that here we haven’t even said it, and there the job is already done. In the blink of an eye, the job is done. Here, in that, in God, the greatest power is what we call intelligence. 

Recently, a great learned man, Maharastrian, whose name is Narlikar, said that between planets there is an energy force, but beyond that there is an intelligence. That intelligence you have to submit to. When you are in union with that intelligence, when you become aware of its divine principle, when you have complete knowledge of that, then whatever work you undertake, it will be so faultless and so great that people who see it will be amazed. 

Many people say, “Mother, miracles have lost their meaning in Sahaja Yoga.” Yes, it is true. Miracles have lost their meaning but God is full of miracles. All His works are like miracles. No matter how many stories are told of God, you will not be able to believe them, so long as you do not come into Sahaja Yoga and are not nurtured by His blessings. When His blessings shower upon you, then you will yourself say, “Mother, it’s really amazing! We never knew we had so many powers. We also never knew God is so generous, so benevolent, so joy-giving and such an Almighty Father.” To know Him, first we should have some relationship with Him, be in union with Him. Only then can this work be done. May God give you wisdom. 

And now, after this, we will have a program of Self-realization. All of you, please accept it peacefully, but firstly one needs to be humble; humble that, “We have not yet received it and  we are to receive it from Mother.”

People are put off by small, small things. Even if I say, “Please take off your shoes,” even then people think, “Ohh, Mother says take off your shoes.” Even when I say, “Remove your glasses or hat,” even then people are offended. To appeal to such people, will God have to fall at their feet? We ourselves need to fall at God’s feet! We should attain the depth of it, the depth that is already in us. We should reach to that. After that, you will tell me, “Mother, there is so much joy!”. 

So, senseless talk that is superficial and does not have substance, stop wasting your life on such things. After Self-realization, today, have full confidence in yourself and pledge that you will grow deeper. Only then can this work be done. May God give you wisdom and power, that you are able to enter into His Kingdom. 1:07:22

[Marathi] If you have any questions, please ask.

[Hindi] If you have a question, you can ask.

Tomorrow I am going to talk about Kundalini, and the day after tomorrow about Atma.

Male seeker: What saints have called Namak Namasmaran [reciting his name]? Is it right?

Shri Mataji: Sir, Namasmaran means when Narada took names of the Lord, it has meaning. Even in Sahaja Yoga we tell people that [You sit down. I will tell], we tell people that on whichever energy center the movement of Kundalini is stopped, you need to take the name for that center only. Do you understand that? It is the scientific way. It is not that you take random names. 

First, the Kundalini should be awakened. If your motor car is not running, then we need to at least see on which road it has stopped, what papers we need to show. At least we should see to that. Do you understand? So on which chakra the Kundalini has stopped, you need to take names, but now any Tom, Dick or Harry gives you a name to take and charges money for it. Names can be given only by realized people, by people who are very deep, who know how to awaken Kundalini and who know which chakras are blocked. Do you understand? This is a very big science. But you see, there are no regulations in the field of science. Any Tom, Dick or Harry, even Hitler, has given lectures on religion. You need to learn this technique. After you have learnt it, you will learn which name, which mantra is to be taken and how to take it. All this is scientifically proven. 

Next question.

Man: Do we need to take to aestheticism? Is there anything like this?

Shri Mataji: No, nothing like that. Sit down. I will give realization only to those who are leading a normal married life. If you have given a family, please excuse.

Man: I came here and sat for two to three hours but [unclear].

Shri Mataji: Have you joined yoga? Then leave all that now. That path will not work out. You can only light another lamp by using a lamp. Right, sit down. If a lamp is not lit, if he says he tries so much to be lit but it doesn’t light. No, you need not make any effort. Sit effortlessly. Sit in inaction. It is going to happen spontaneously. Now if you decide to stop making efforts, then only it is going to happen. You only need to put a seed in the Earth, but if the seed says, “No, I will germinate myself,” then will it germinate?


Woman: Awakening of Kundalini is not possible by ordinary folks. We have heard this.

Shri Mataji: Agreed. Commonfolk cannot do this, but then I must be something out of  the ordinary, isn’t it? If I can manage that, then you have come the right way. If you put reasoning to everything and apply your logic, then you will know that if Mataji is doing something like this, then She must be something out of the ordinary. But I will not say that for Myself. I am a simple woman just like you, because unnecessarily I do not want to get myself hanged. So wisdom lies in getting your Self-realization first and then identifying who I am. Do you understand that?

Next question.

What does she say?

Man: The story of Tukaram. In fourteen days his manuscript reappeared floating on the river. Is it true? [There is a story about Tukaram in which brahmins force him to throw his poems written on Vitthala in the Indrayani River. It is said Tukaram commenced a fast until death, and on the fourteenth day the manuscripts reappeared in the river.] 

Shri Mataji: Of course. Sir, it is the work of God. Let alone manuscripts; He can even make the whole Indrayani flow backwards! Who did you think God is? Even in this Kali Yuga we are seeing incidents like this. Of course there is no need to doubt it.

Man:  If I tell anyone about me, whatever I do, I don’t see myself settled inside.

Shri Mataji: That’s right, because up to now your Kundalini is not awakened. When the Kundalini, after awakening, crosses your Agnya Chakra, then thoughtlessness is established.

Man: Sometimes I feel trance-like. Sometimes my thoughts stop while doing [unclear].

Shri Mataji: But are you realized? Have you come in Sahaja Yoga? 

Man: [unclear] there is a book I have read. 

Shri Mataji: Can anything be achieved by reading? Sit down. I said earlier that nothing can be achieved by reading. This is a living process. Suppose if you go and read a book in front of a tree, will it start giving flowers and fruits? First, drill this thing into your mind that this is a living process.

What does he say? I need a little water. There is no place to keep it.

Hmm. Relax, relax. There are new people. So don’t disturb them a lot. 

So, what do you say?

Man: They say after two thousand years there will be the rule of Hindus.

Shri Mataji: It is true, but are you Hindu? Hindu means who? When Alexander came in this country and crossed the Sindhu River, he couldn’t pronounce Sindu as he was Greek. So instead of saying sind he said Hind. So we became Hindus. This means Hindu has not originated here. Is there any reference to Hindu in the scriptures? If you can, show me the word, Hindu, in any of the scriptures. Unnecessarily you all do Hindu Hindu. Better to call yourself Bhartiya, which means Bharat, the son of Shakuntala. Our race is since then only. Even Shalivahan didn’t know there is a word like Hindu. Shivaji Maharaj had to use this word because otherwise nothing else could have entered the brains of people. But then he was a realized soul, and at that time there was so much aggression from Muslims. That’s why we used this word.

But why after two thousand years? After only a few years, there will be the rule of yogis. There is no need to go that far. But for that, deranged people won’t do. For that we need people of high calibre.

Speak. Do you need to ask any more questions? Does anyone want to speak? 

Come. What do you say? What does he say?

Man: The definition that Savarkar gives for Hindus, is it acceptable to You?

Shri Mataji: See, do not put Me in between there. That war is over now, those freedom fighters are not there and now we have Independence. And now when within you, come let’s think like this. Overall, we should think like this, that when in a river if you used a coracle to cross, it doesn’t work if you put the coracle on your head. Whatever was done to gain Independence is gone now. We have Independence. Even I was in the War of Independence. No more. What I have to say is now, if you mention Savarkar’s topic, I don’t have to say anything about him. I respect him a lot.

Man: What is your opinion of his description of Hinduism?

Shri Mataji: But what I have to say is, even if he has made a definition of Hinduism, it is not applicable now. You miss the point. Today this definition will not be applicable, because today who I consider Hindu, he should be Indian. He should be in Indian culture. Now women roam wearing jeans and make everyone count them as Hindus. I am not ready to accept this. Whoever immerses himself in our culture, he is a true Indian. Whoever lives within our culture he is Bhartiya [Indian]. I have not come here to criticise anyone. For Me, Savarkar was also a very great man, but the definition was made at that time and is not applicable now, the reason being that today we are talking about establishing a world religion. Without the establishment of a world religion, this is not going to end. 

You would be surprised to know that today there are many Muslims who are Sahaja yogis, there are many Christians who are Sahaja yogis. In thousands, from abroad, they were Christians before. Now they have become Hindus. Do I have to say this? Then if they are Hindus, then if we compare them to such Hindus, what will it look like? Can we compare these pseudo Hindus to them? Those who have no idea about their religion, who have no value for their country. Those who suck dry our country’s wealth. Here only I hear, “In our country he eats money. He eats money. That one eats money, too!” No one here eats food, I think. So these people are not Bhartiya. 

So on the topic of any personality, I have only to say that whatever happened has happened. At this moment now we are going to establish Vishva Dharma [world religion]. If you have any opinion on that, then please say. What?

Man: Tukaram Maharaj had his enlightenment with his willpower. Some people have come here who say, “We tried the same but it did not happen.” After this, can it happen in the same way if there is willpower?

Shri Mataji: What do you say? OK, sit, sit, sit.

Sahaji (explaining): Tukaram Maharaj had his enlightenment by reciting a name. Can this happen with the rest also?

Shri Mataji: Aho, he was Tukaram Maharaj. He was an incarnation. This we should keep in mind. He went by plane to the next life. Will we go also like that? There is no comparison between him and us. We should look at our own state! He was Tukaram! Do you understand?  

You would be surprised to know that at Dehu our Sahajis from abroad had come. There were nearly 370 of them. When they finished their meditation, they rubbed the soil of that place on their foreheads and rubbed their foreheads on the ground. After coming back they told Me Chaitanya was literally bubbling from there. Where he had kept his feet, from there Chaitanya was literally bursting out! How can you compare yourself to him? His Kundalini was already enlightened, and you are comparing his taking names with you! This is the problem! Tukaram never knew what level the people were at. Maybe he thought everyone was at his level. This, this is the big problem I have. These big, big people who were born never realized the level of  the ordinary people. They should have at least looked at what level man is.

Man: Without the blessings of a guru your Kundalini cannot be awakened. Is it true?

Shri Mataji: Of course. Without the blessings of a guru it is not possible, I agree, but now that Mother is here, why do you require a guru? It’s better to have a mother than a guru. You can sit on Her. You can ask Her lots of questions. If you go and ask questions of the guru, he will give you two tight slaps and ask you to sit in the corner. Mother is better. But yes, I agree. I know two to four gurus to whom I sent some people. They literally left them in shambles. They have no pity or mercy. They say, “Who is going to give these worthless people realization?”

I said, “Why you do you call these people worthless?” They said,“How else to describe them? They are of no use.” And they told one gentleman to walk three miles every day and pour water on Shivalinga. So I asked him, “Why are you making him so conditioned?” He said, “A donkey needs to be given donkey work only. I am not a mother to give him for free.”

So it is like this. If you want to get hit by stones then go to a guru. They even hang you upside down in a well! [Shri Mataji laughs]. But you have a mother. Who is better than a mother? We even say Saint Gyaneshwar is Guru Mauli [caring mother-like guru] because if only Guru is said, it creates fear, but if a Guru Mauli is said, we feel better. 

Hmm. Now I’ll make you your own guru.

Woman: To master Sahaja Yoga, when should we come to You?

Shri Mataji: To Me? I will give you realization right now. No need to come to Me. I will give you realization right now. Right now I will give you realization. What is the need to come to Me and meet Me? And I am just near you. Why will you come to Me? I am with you.When I am with you, why should you come to meet Me? So it is like this. Isn’t it so?

Next, this is the benefit of Marathi language for Me, that if anything is spoken in it I can manage the answer correctly. 

Speak up. What’s next?

Now, enough of these questions. Haven’t you have had your fill of questions?

“Mite vaaad samvaad Aisa karawa.” [You should speak so that it removes all conflict]. Did you understand it or not? Hmm.

What do you say? What …. What… Come here. Take care while walking. Come from the middle. There is space there.

Shri Mataji to man with microphone: Now you go there and ask him what he wants to say.

Shri Mataji to man in public: You tell him, now do like this for tomorrow. Bring all your questions in writing.

Ok, sit, sit, sit. I am saying let it be. Let it be. Mane let it be. Now have some patience. We have had lots of questions and answers. Nothing is achieved by questions and answers. The question before Me is whether they will get their Self-realization or not. Now, this is the question before Me. So let Me give it a try. I hope it happens. The main question before Me is this. So for tomorrow do like this. Whatever doubts we have today, bring them in writing, and I will cover everything in my lecture only. I think it would be better so our time will not be wasted. The main purpose that you are here is that you should get it. Isn’t it true? Now, all should sit down and don’t roam.

Shri Mataji asks someone backstage: What did you say? 

Man: Should I give You another chair?

Shri Mataji: No, it’s OK. Nothing wrong with it. It’s good.

OK, sit down, sit down, sit down. Sit in front, sit, sit, sit sit. Come and sit here or sit there, doesn’t matter. Wherever you sit, it doesn’t matter. You are children only. If you sit on the floor, it is excellent. For your Kundalini it is excellent to sit on the floor. OK, sit.

Man: What is Kundalini? It was beating loudly in my heart for the last six months. Now that the knocking is gone I am very much pleased.

Shri Mataji: OK, sit. It’s good. Now you all sit. The question and answer session is finished. Now all of you sit down on the earth. Relax.

Now whatever I am going to tell you, you need to do it humbly.

[Hindi] Whatever I will tell you, please follow that humbly. Don’t doubt it and raise questions in your mind, because the benefit is for you. The welfare is for you only. 

Now first of all we should come into balance and be in balance. We have two sides in our body. One is left and the other right. On the left side are our emotions, our desire. The pure desire is Kundalini but desire is on our left side, and on the right side is the power of action. You need to have a balance between both of them. Only then will you come to the middle path. First of all, we need to bring ourselves into balance. Our left side is our desire, our emotions, our conditioning, and our right side is our power of action by which we work, whether it is mental or physical. First we need to bring these two into balance. 

For this there are two nadis. The one on the left side is called Ida and the right is called Pingala. Ida and Pingala are two nadis which run the left and right sympathetic nervous system within us. We need to bring balance between these two first. After that, the middle part, which we call as Dharma Shakti [the Power of virtues], is sought, and within the six energy centres we have, their path is opened so that the Kundalini easily pierces these six chakras, pierces the Brahmarandhra at the top of the head at last and comes outside, and a Cool Breeze starts flowing out of the top of the head. Like this. This is the beginning of the yoga.

Now, did everyone understand when I spoke in Hindi language? 

Now for balance, first before sitting in meditation, I have to say that everyone has to close their eyes the whole time. There is no mesmerism in this.

[Hindi] Everyone has to keep their eyes completely closed. There is no mesmerism here. 

Secondly, if you are sitting on chairs take off both your shoes and keep your feet on the ground, because this land is very pious. Also, those who are sitting on the ground, if they are wearing shoes, please take them off. The piercing of the Brahmarandhra is very important. Also, take off your glasses, as there is nothing to see here. You have to close your eyes. Now after one minute take off your glasses.

[Marathi] I have told them that if people who are sitting on the earth are wearing shoes, they need to take them off and put them at the back or put them on one side. Also, take off your caps. Later, you need to take off your glasses also. In the beginning you can keep your glasses on When I will tell you, you can take them off.

Now put your left hand towards Me like this.

[Hindi] Keep your left hand towards Me like this. Keep both feet apart on the ground, not touching each other.

[Marathi] Not you, not you. You relax. The people on the ground need to sit cross-legged like this, spreading your legs, with no weight on the legs. Relax. It means you need to sit with your legs opened. Put your knees apart. Don’t squeeze your legs. Sit cross-legged. How we sit at home, sit like that. No need to squeeze your legs. Relax. 

1:30:5 Now, left hand towards Me. This is your power of desire, and right hand towards the ground if you are sitting on a chair, but if you are sitting on the ground, nicely take Shri Ganesha’s name. Bow to this pious land. Put your right hand on the ground and your left hand towards Me. 

1:13:11 [Hindi] Left hand towards Me and right hand towards the ground, remembering Shri Ganesha and bowing to this pious land in the heart. Keep your left hand towards Me. Now what we are doing is that on the left hand, from the front of the energy centres that are there, we are pulling energy and removing static from inside us using the earth element.

[Marathi] What we are doing is, on our palm there are five chakras on the fingers, the sixth on the centre of palm and the seventh on the wrist, like this. Seven chakras are in our hands. We pull the Chaithanya [cosmic energy] from our left hand and from the right hand whatever is the static we are releasing in the earth element. This means that wrong notions we have within us leave our body.

1:32:20 Now, right hand towards name and right hand like this.

[Hindi] Left hand towards Me and right hand like this.

[Marathi] Again, you are doing it wrong. Right hand towards Me. 

[Hindi] Right hand towards Me.

[Marathi] Left hand, like this, not like this. Like this, facing back. 

[Hindi] Not like this, but like this, please. Everyone, do like this. Please do.

1:32:50 [Marathi] There is no need to have ego, whether we do it or not. Everyone should do this. This is a very important opportunity, and how will egoistic people be blessed by Sahaja Yoga? Now what we are doing is that the right side, meaning [1:33:26] the power of action, has developed certain flaws like ego and so on that we are pulling (putting?) it into the sky element.

[Hindi] The right side is our side of action and in which the ills like ego and so on that are developed, we are pulling (putting?) them in the sky element. We do not know how much ego has come in us, because we trouble others with our ego but don’t put any trouble on ourselves. So the men think, “I am a big conqueror like Hitler was.” Now after this balancing, how you yourself have to awaken your Kundalini, I will tell you. It’s a very easy thing.

1:34:33 [Marathi] After this, how you yourself can awaken your Kundalini I will tell you Myself. It is a very easy. You need to listen very attentively. Left hand towards Me means your desire is to have the awakening.

[Hindi] Put your left hand towards Me. This denotes that it’s your desire to get the awakening. The whole time keep this hand towards Me. 

[Marathi)] Keep this hand towards Me the whole time. The right hand is the power of action. So, this right hand, first put it on your heart.

[Hindi] Firstly, put your hand on the heart. In the heart resides the spirit. With this, many heart problems and so on are also solved by keeping the hand on the heart, as the spirit resides in the Heart Chakra. We will be working on the left side.

After that our hand will go the upper portion of the abdomen which is the principle of the guru [master].

[Marathi] On the left side. 

[English] Left side.

[Marathi] Our right hand will go to the left side on the upper portion of the abdomen. Press it a little. The reason for working here, just below that, on the waist, again on the left side, is so that you put your right hand where pure knowledge resides. Pure knowledge means knowledge of the working of God’s rules and regulations of God from where all his work is done. This is that chakra. Suddenly it has to be awakened. 

After the Kundalini is awakened, how can we move it above? So again put your right hand on the abdomen, again on the heart, and then put your hand here on the neck. Now this chakra is caught up a lot in Maharashtra as we have the dirty addiction of tobacco. Due to that, this chakra is caught up, but for that you don’t need to feel guilty. So there is no need to think that, “If I eat [consume? chew?] tobacco it is a big sin.” If you feel like that, this chakra is caught up more, meaning there is a double problem. “I have not made a mistake. I am not guilty.” You need to think like that. “There is not a defect in me.” In English [1:37:03] say, “Mother, I am not guilty. I am not at fault.” Put your hand at the place where your neck and shoulder meet, and turn your neck towards the right, like this. You need to turn your head to the right.

After that, put your hand on your forehead. This is the Agnya Chakra. This is very important, and after that, put the hand on the back, like this. At this place is the second window of Agnya. 

Then stretching your hands, stretch this hand, stretch, and put it on your Sahasrara, the place where your fontanel bone area is. Place the centre of your palm at this place. Press firmly and rotate seven times. At that time, what you have to say I am going to tell you all in theory. 

[Hindi] Lift your hand from the lower part of your stomach. Put it at the upper side which is the position of the Guru Master. After that you need to put your hand on your heart, and after that see here very clearly, as most people make a mistake here. At the intersection point of our shoulder and neck on the back side you need to hold, and after that on your forehead. Put your hand horizontally like this, on your skull like this. You need to hold horizontally as if you have a headache, and then take the same hand to the back of your head and press, and drop your neck backwards. Then stretch this hand completely and put its middle on the fontanel bone area and press, and then slowly rotate it seven times. After that you will see the Kundalini clearly flowing from here completely. [Mother points to Sahasrara.] 

So now please take off both your shoes and keep your feet parallel on the the ground. Keep this in mind that the feet are kept parallel. Don’t change position. Do not put one leg on another because just now I told you that both these hours [Mother points to both legs] are different.

[Marathi] Now sit down. Relax now. This will take a total of ten minutes, but put all your focus on it. If you do it with focus then it will happen, and if after going home you find your Kundalini has come down, you can raise it, because if you are not well or you have any other problems, your Kundalini will fall down. So I am teaching you how to raise it again beforehand. 

Now, without asking any questions, without having any doubts or qualms, have only one desire that, “Mataji, I should get my Self-realization. I don’t want anything beyond that, and I should experience that.”

[Hindi] There should be only one desire that, “Mother, I have only one desire, that You give me Self-realization, and I have no other desire.” Now like this, keep your left hand towards Me.

[Marathi] Now close your eyes.

[Hindi] All of you, close your eyes. Take off your spectacles. If anything is tight on your neck, then take it off. If there is any pendant, then take it off. If anything is tight or heavy, take it off.

[Marathi] If there is any pendant locket around your name then take them off. No need for Rose [Rosary?] beads. Better to take them off. Take them off for some time and put them down. Take them off for some time later. Only your mangalsutra necklace worn by married women in India [Mother’s words or the translators?]. Put your left hand towards Me. Take off your spectacles. If the wrist watch is heavy take even that off.

[Hindi] If your wrist watch is heavy, better take it off.

[Marathi] This means everything is done to ensure that your attention does not run helter skelter. If there is anything tight around your neck or throat it is better to loosen it. There is nothing special about this. As you know, yoga is achieved inside, but your attention is drawn to these things. Sit in a relaxed state without any discomfort.

 1:41:23 [Hindi] Sit in a relaxed way. 

[Marathi] But don’t put your neck up, down, here, there. Keep it straight like this. [Shri Mataji demonstrates.]

[Hindi] Keep your neck straight. Don’t put it sideways or backwards. Keep your neck straight. Keep your body straight but pressure of any kind should not fall on the body. 

[Marathi] There should be no strain in your body. Relax. OK, now put your right hand on your heart and your left hand towards Me, and keep the left hand towards Me the whole time.

[Hindi] Keep your left hand towards Me for the whole time, and now put your right hand on your heart, and after that, as I have shown you earlier, put your hand on the chakras there. I will tell you to do so at that time. Pay attention as I tell you to put your hand, right hand, up or down. 

[Marathi] Carefully pay attention so that when I tell you to keep your right hand on whichever Chakra, you keep it there. First, I am not guilty. I have done no wrong, I am not unscrupulous and I will definitely get my Self-realization. We need to have self-confidence in ourselves. 

1:42:40 [Hindi] First, I am not guilty. There is no fault in me. Even if you have felt guilty during My lecture, then forget everything. You should not feel that there is any guilt in me. Instead, sit with the confidence that, “Today I am definitely going to get my Self-realization.”

1: 43:05 Next, you should keep in mind that you are a human and the Temple of God. The only task is for it to be enlightened. So we should not have self-depreciation of any kind.

14323 Next is that you are the Temple of God. It only needs to be enlightened. So don’t have a feeling of inferiority complex for oneself of any kind. We should not think that there is some inadequacy within us. Kundalini, fulfill all the deficiencies within us and enlighten us with this complete confidence, and having confidence in yourself, keep your right hand on your heart and left hand towards Me.

1:43:58 Now ask Me a question which is a very fundamental question: “Mother, am I a spirit?” 

1:44:15 [Marathi] Your right hand should be on the heart and the left hand towards names, and you need to ask Me a very fundamental question, with closed eyes. It should be asked in your heart and not loudly: “Shri Mataji, am I a spirit?” Ask this question three times. Keep your hand on your heart. Your right hand should be kept on the heart, and my spirit. This is a very fundamental question. 

Now after this, a second question arises automatically. If you are a spirit, then you are also your own guru.

1:45:15 Why are you not doing meditation? If you don’t want to do it, then go outside. Those who do not want to do meditation, please go outside. Do not trouble others. 

Please close your eyes. Do not look towards others. 

Now the second question arises automatically. Put your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen and ask the question, “Shri Mataji, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times.

1:45:43 [Hindi] Now with this question, the second question rises automatically, because if you are a spirit then you are also your own master. Therefore, ask Me this question: “Shri Mataji, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times. Take your hand from the heart and put it on the upper portion of your abdomen. Keep it on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left side.

1:46:22 [Marathi] Now put your right hand on the lower abdomen or on the lower side of the stomach. Press your hand on your stomach on the left side.

1:46:50 Now keep your right hand on the left hand side of the abdomen and keep pressing with force on the lower side, on the lower side of abdomen. Keep pressing with force. This is the place of pure knowledge. This pure knowledge is the knowledge of the workings of God, His working mechanisms, His rules and regulations. All of its knowledge manifests from here only. Therefore you need to say, “Shri Mataji  please give me your knowledge,” because you are free. I cannot force you. 

1:47:49 [Marathi] Because you are free I cannot force My will on you. Put your right hand on the lower portion of your abdomen. It is the place of pure knowledge. Therefore you have to say it yourself, “Shri Mataji, please give me pure knowledge.” Say this six times, six times because this Chakra has six petals. 

1:48:10 [Hindi] At this place there are six petals in this chakra. So you say six times, “Shri Mataji, please give me the pure knowledge.” On the lower abdomen, on the lower abdomen, on the lower portion of your abdomen on the left side. [1:48:40] Just guide, just, just see it. Somebody go round to see. 

1:40:05 Only by saying this, your Kundalini power will be awakened. This power residing in the triangular bone awakens and climbs upward.

1:49:22 [Marathi] When we ask this, the power residing in the triangular bone starts to climb up, but now we need to slowly increase the chakras above. I mean, we need to, we can say, we need to loosen them. Currently they are sitting tight. They need to loosen up, by which the middle path will open up and the Kundalini will rise up.

1:49:56 [Hindi] So the Kundalini rises easily from the middle path. For this we need to meditate on this chakra so that they loosen up and open so that from them, the Kundalini easily rises up in them. Now keep this right hand on the upper portion of the abdomen on the left side.

1:50:25 [Marathi] Now keep this right hand on the upper portion of the abdomen on the left side and press. This is the place of the Guru Principle. It has a Guru Principle so that the Kundalini gets a push. With full confidence you should say, “Shri Mataji, I am my own master.” You should say with full confidence, “Shri Mataji, I am my own master.”

1:51:02 At this place, for the Kundalini to rise easily, say, “Jay Shri Mataji, I am my own master.” Please keep both your feet on the ground. Please keep both feet on the ground separately. Don’t cross your legs. Say it ten times.

1:51:23 Say it ten times. This is, this is the Guru Principle. Say, “Shri Mataji, I am my own master,” with full confidence. Now do as I say. Otherwise later you will complain, “I have this illness. I have that illness. Please, when should I come to meet you?” You will do like this. 

1:52:20 [Hindi] Now, whatever diseases and troubles will leave you in this way. Otherwise, later you will say, “Mother, when should I come to meet You? I need to tell you I have this illness, have this trouble.” All these things are useless. You will get your Self-realization now because the spirit resides only in collective consciousness, and this time when we are meditating collectively the power flows very strongly, and all your troubles will only be cured by this.

1:52:56 [Marathi] Say ten times. Now keep your right hand on the heart. 

1:53:09 [Hindi] Now keep your right hand on your heart. Keep your attention on your heart. 

1:5 3:11 [Marathi] Keep your attention on the heart. Herein resides the spirit. So with full confidence, say the element which nurtures Kundalini. “Shri Mataji, I am the pure spirit.” Say this with full confidence as this is the supreme truth, that you are a spirit only. 

1:5 3:33 [Hindi] Therefore, keep your hand here and please say with full confidence, “Shri Mataji, I am the pure spirit.” Say it with full confidence in yourself. This exercise is going to be done only by this confidence, because only this is the ultimate truth, that you are a spirit. Rest whatever you have in mind that you are this and that. It is only your misunderstanding. You are only a spirit and nothing else. Due to ignorance, you think you are something else, but after getting the pure knowledge, you will know you are a pure spirit.

1:54:12 [Marathi] Due to ignorance, you feel you are this or you are that. You are only a pure spirit, and as soon as ignorance is dispelled you will realize you were unnecessarily wandering here and there. Mankind has moved to destruction due to ignorance and ego. Hmm.

1:55:06 [Hindi] Now lift your right hand and put it on the joint of the neck and shoulder, on the back side, from the front side.

 1:5 5 :18 [Marathi] Now lift your left hand and put it on the angle joining the neck and shoulder and hold strongly, touching the vertebrae. If you feel you can pull your neck a little upward, lift up your neck. 

1:55:38 [Hindi] Either lift up your neck or turn towards your right. 

1:55:42 [Marathi] Or look towards your right. 

1:55:46 [Hindi] This is the place of Shri Krishna, and the whole world is a play for him. When you are a spirit, there can be no blemish in you. Therefore you need to say here, sixteen times, “Shri Mataji, I am not guilty.” [1:56:11] Sixteen times. 

1:56:19 [Marathi] We should say sixteen times, keeping the hand here, “Shri Mataji, I am not guilty. I am not guilty at all.” This should be said remembering Shri Krishna,Vitthala, that “There is no flaw in me. I am not guilty.” Keep your hand from the front, not from the back. It should be said sixteen times. Please say sixteen times,“I am not guilty. Shri Mataji, I am not guilty.” Don’t look towards the earth, towards others. Put the hand on the right side. Please say it sixteen times because God Almighty is the Ocean of Love and Mercy, but most importantly He is the Ocean of Forgiveness.

 1:57:07 [Hindi] God is the Ocean of Mercy and Love but mainly he is the Ocean of Forgiveness. There is a no mistake of yours which He cannot forgive. Hmm.

 1:57:27 [Marathi] If anyone still feels he is guilty then as a punishment he should say it 108 times. You should be careful. You are going into the Kingdom of God. How can you go to Him saying, “I am guilty. I am guilty.” 

1:57:42 Just tell him to put it from the front, please.

 15749 [Hindi] You should be cheerful. You are going into the Kingdom of God. How can you enter God’s Kingdom if you keep feeling guilty? From the front, not from the back. From the front. [Shri Mataji explains the hand position.] Hmm.

1:58:15 [Marathi] Now put the right hand on the forehead horizontally. 

1:58:19 [Hindi] Now lift and keep this hand on your forehead horizontally, on the forehead. At this place press with force from both sides.

1:58:57 [Marathi] Press from both the sides as if we have a headache. 

1:58:59 [Hindi] At this place you should say, “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone.” 

1:58:42 [Marathi] Keeping your hand here, you should say, “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone.” 

1:58:59 Keeping your hand here, you should say, “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone,” but a lot of people will say, “Shri Mataji, it is very difficult to say this,” but say it from your heart, and it is absolutely not difficult as it is only an illusion that we forgive or don’t forgive because actually we don’t think, but if we don’t forgive them we play into others’ hands. So please say from your heart, “I forgive everyone.” No need to remember any particular person’s name. “I forgive everyone completely.”

 1:53:30 [Hindi] Keep your hand like this and please say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” If we forgive anyone or not, this actually does nothing, but if we do not forgive anyone we fall into the hands of others. Therefore, say from the bottom of your heart, “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone.” No need to remember any specific person’s name at this time. 

2:00:00 [Marathi] Now say it from your heart. Now put your right hand on the back of your head.

2:00:07 [Hindi] And bend your neck backwards. 

2:00:10 [Marathi] Head. 

2:00:11 [Hindi] Head, hold head. Put your hand on the back side of the head and drop your neck backward.

2:00:17 [Marathi] And put the weight of your head on your hand like this. At this place, for your satisfaction, say to God, “God Almighty, if I have made any mistakes, please forgive me,” but there is no need to feel guilty. Simply say, “Please forgive me.” 

2:00:39 [Hindi] At this place say to God, “God Almighty, if I have made any mistakes please forgive me.” You are saying this for your own satisfaction, not to feel guilty. 

Now stretch your hand and put your hand on the fontonel bone area.

2:01:09 [Marathi] Now stretch your hand and put it on your fontonel bone area. Keep  your palm there and then rotate it seven times slowly. 

2:01:24 [Hindi] Rotate it seven times slowly. At this place also I will request you that, as I respect your freedom, you have to say, “Shri Mataji, please give me my Self-realization.”

2:01:45 [Marathi] Again, I cannot force it upon you. This freedom is given to you by God. So in your own Stadium you should say, “Shri Mataji, please give me my Self-realization.” Press your hand. Press, press your palm, and fingers straight, and rotate it seven times slowly. [Shri Mataji blows in the microphone.] Now take your right hand down.

20326 [Hindi] Take your right hand down. Open your eyes. 

2:03:33 [Marathi] If you have spectacles put them on. Open your eyes. Look towards Me thoughtlessly.

2:03:42 [Hindi] Look towards Me without any thoughts. See if any thoughts are coming. Now take your left hand about three to four inches above your head. 

2:03:59 [Marathi] Now open your eyes. Use your spectacles if you need to and look towards Me without any thoughts, right hand towards Me nicely, and with your left hand check about three to four inches above your head, if there is any Cool Breeze coming out above, above, little above. Keep your hand in the air about three to four inches above. In some of you, the Kundalini also comes about eight to ten inches above the head. Check if there is any Cool Breeze coming. A little above. Is it coming? Now put your left hand towards Me and check with your right hand above. Keep the left hand like this, facing upward.

 2:04:41 [Hindi] Left hand towards Me, and check with your right hand if there is any Cool Breeze.

2:04:47 [Marathi] Hand a little above. You should feel it a little above on your head. [2:04:57] You should feel cool, cool. Now right hand towards Me and check with your left hand, attention on the fontanel bone area. OK. Now put both hands towards the sky. Drop your head backward.

2:015: 17 Ask a question, “Shri Mataji, is this the Power of the Divine? Is this the power of the Love of God Almighty?” Ask this three times, “Is this the All-pervading Awareness?” Ask this three times.

2:05:36 [Hindi] Ask three times, “Mother, is this the Power of the Love of God? Is this the Divine Power? Is this the All-pervading Awareness?” The head should be backwards. Now put your hand down. Now both hands towards Me.

2:05:58 [Marathi] Check if you feel cold on both hands. Some may feel it in one hand. Some may feel it in the other hand. Are you feeling it? Whoever feels cool on their heads or in their hands, all such people should raise their hands. 

2:06:18 [Hindi] Whoever felt cool in their hands or on their heads, all such people should raise both their hands.

206 to 9 [Marathi] So all of you are realized. Namaskar [greetings] to all of you. I do namaskar to all of you, to all. You are saints and monks. Those who didn’t feel it, they also will get it very soon. Don’t wear your beads back again. Take them home and put them in water. Don’t wear them, as you catch because of them. When you go to your home put them in water.

Come back again. Again I will explain what this Kundalini is. Now on this there is no need of debating or even talking. Better be in silence. Be in silence and stay in yoga nidra. Also, those who didn’t feel anything, they will surely debate and tell someone, “You didn’t get it but we did.” There so many people who have got it, and only two people didn’t get it. Then it should be kept in mind that something has gone wrong somewhere, and you will feel pure thoughtlessness and joy. Come back again tomorrow. Bring your friends and Fox here because this is the biggest blessing that you can get. There can be no bigger occasion than this. So kindly bring everyone with you.

2:07:46 [Marathi] Now do like this. Put flowers here. Otherwise whoever comes for Darshan, put flowers here. Also take those flowers there.

Sahaja yogi: Form a queue.

Shri Mataji: Form a queue, make a queue.

 2:08:17 [Hindi] So did you get your realization? Did you? [Woman nods her head]

Shri Mataji: It’s amazing. Now take it. Here you are. Darshan. 

Sahaja yogi: No queue here, please. 

Shri Mataji: Some from one side. 

2:08:37 Keep your head here on this, not on the feet. Stop. Let women come first. Wait a minute. Let that women [those women or that woman?] come. How many of you got your realization? Oh, you are realized! Your eyes are shining. Look into the eyes of each other. Well, this is speciality of Maharashtra.

We were waiting from long ago to get your Darshan. It gives Me great joy. Now always be joyous. Did you get your realization? If you got it, you got it. Take a photo with you. Come back again tomorrow and bring more people with you.

2:09:29 Keep books on this side at this place. And Prasad? Haven’t you brought the Prasad? OK, bring Prasad tomorrow. How can it be that you come to Mother’s place and go without Prasad?

Sahaja yogi: For all those who are new, we have provided photos and books, here on the right side. So kindly please take them with you. 

2:09:56 Shri Mataji: Tomorrow all will get Prasad. 

Sahaja yogi: Tomorrow all will get Prasad.

Shri Mataji: No need to hurry. 

2:10:08 Sahaj yogi: All of you, please come in a queue. 

Shri Mataji: Remove the wire from here. Yes, all, all are realized. Wear a baniyan [vest] inside or you will get cold. It is compulsory to wear a baniyan in Sahaja Yoga. Everyone should wear baniyan, or the cold settles inside you. Good, good, great. Now all are realized. Yeah, you got it, right.

2:11:07 Come tomorrow, early, and bring your friends. Will you bring them? This blessing is very fortunate to get. Also, maybe you people are someone in previous lives. Otherwise how can one can get it so easily? My hands ache giving realization to the English. Also they are of no use. You are useful in the Kingdom of God.

2:11:31 So you got your realization? Right, great. No, we do not take money. This does not require money.

2:12:08 You got your realization? Did you get it? No? Why? All the Marathi speakers got it. You should also have got it. You got it or not. OK, you got it, but then why didn’t he? What happened? Come again tomorrow. You have to come.

2:12:50 Sahaja yogi: Someone seems to have left his watch here. Is the mic not working?

Another Sahaja yogi: Say it loudly. Women? Is it gent’s or lady’s? Man’s? It’s a gent’s watch.

2:13:09 Shri Mataji: Did you get it? OK.

2:14:47 Where is our Professor Sahib?

2: 16:49 What happened? Go and enjoy. I am with you.