Birthday Puja Evening Program

Mumbai (India)

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Birthday Puja Evening Program, Mumbai (India), March 21st, 1986

[Translation from Marathi]

I bow to the Sahaja Yogis of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Madras, Delhi, Calcutta, Nagpur and other countries. All of you have gathered here in such a great number to celebrate My birthday and it seems that Kaliyug has ended because I could not imagine that a Mother would be given so much importance in Kaliyuga.

Also, I could not imagine that so many of My children would be enveloped in this heavenly joy. Whatever has happened has been so fast that it is unbelievable. All this is God’s grace.

In your joy is My joy and in your desires lie Mine. I have no existence. Whatever is the desire of Sahaja Yogis, that is My desire; how the lives of the Sahaja Yogis are, that is My life.

To come to this superhuman stage from the human stage through this ascent is extremely difficult. Those who are godly, they too find it difficult to become human. But more difficult than that is for humans to achieve the state of Brahma (Brahmatva).

You have achieved this, established it, developed it and today you have decorated all this like a beautiful Nandanvana (forest of delight) for which I have to thank you.

If the emancipation of the world could have been done by Me then there would have been no need for Sahaja Yoga. In that, the Vishwa Dharma that I have established in which the true Dharma has been established – that sea in which all the dharmas have come and become pure, could not have been established without you.

If you did not have the intelligence and the wisdom of, first, believing in Me and then believing in the subtle elements of Sahaja Yoga, then, today, in this world where people believe in different ‘ism’s, you would not have been able to give up these ‘ism’s like a lotus arising from the mire.

On this birthday, I truly feel that I have grown.

A few days ago I was alone and now we are so many, I can see so many manifestations and in many countries, many ‘awakened’ places have come up which are giving form and personality to this beautiful love.

Words cannot describe what a Mother feels upon seeing all this. I see you and you see Me and we keep looking at each other – such is the state of this love.

You should have complete faith in this path of love upon which you have set. This path is that of ascent.

Two days ago I told you that if we have to ascend then we have to get rid of all that takes us downwards. The Kundalini is more than capable of taking the human awareness on the path of ascent. But if you desire to get into a boat with one foot on a crocodile, then it cannot be done. You have completely expunged it.

You have thrown away all the bad conditionings which are ancient. You have come out of that. You have gotten rid of all those ideas and ideologies which are causing so much destruction in the world even today. You have abandoned all kinds of false beliefs and today, you have achieved union with the whole, you have achieved this integration and I should congratulate you for that.

But this struggle does not end here. In every struggle, man has to sacrifice. In Sahaja Yoga, there is no use of sacrificing worldly things. But on the subtlest level the hang-ups we have, the false conceptions of God, religion, nation or other ideologies that we have on the subtlest level – these have to be given up completely.

For that, although the Kundalini is capable, the path has to be clear. Still there are people in Sahaja Yoga who start all kinds of differences based on caste and other distinctions.

For the Shiva Puja, many had fasted and My stomach was aching badly. I had told you that you should not fast on Shivaratri because Shiva, although does not take birth but had manifested in form.

On that day, instead of rejoicing, many people had come fasting and finally ate at 2 in the night, but My stomach was aching.

So, you should not fast on any day of celebration. But this simple thing is not understood by people because they have been fasting on Shivaratri for so many years and they feel that they might be committing sin by not fasting.

In this way, we are making many small mistakes. So, we have to understand the real form of Dharma and imbibe it.

Everything within us that does not befit Sahaja Yoga should be given up. Unbefitting things are not needed in this beautiful Nandanvana. You people are well developed and have gone to a high state.

Despite that we have some people who are on the ‘periphery.’ We have to pay attention to them. But unless you become strong enough and capable enough, it will not be easy to take them out of the mud. In Sahaja Yoga, all beliefs are born out of the awareness of reality.

Let anyone doubt it but you have experienced it for yourself. So, keeping complete faith in that realization of reality, in complete honesty, you should accept things.

You have become saints now, you have attained the highest state, you have gotten so many powers and through these powers you can awaken the Kundalinis of people, you can give them Self-Realization. This has never happened before.

I now have many hands which are you people. But you should behave in a manner that befits that hand and that hand should be kept decorated. Our attention should be concentrated. Small things can disturb it.

Now, this little girl came here and our attention was disturbed.

The attention should not move. It should be made steady. If the brush keeps shaking, then no picture will look good.

So, most importantly the attention should be made steady.

It should become deep. Only when it develops depth and gravity can it give results.

In Sahaja Yoga we say that we have become collectively conscious but to make that collective consciousness work, firstly, the attention has to be made steady.

For that, one has to meditate. Kundalini has to be kept awakened all the time. Apart from that, there has to be mutual love. All of us are Sahaja Yogis, no matter from where you come. Be it from France, England, America, Australia or India, all Sahaja Yogis are one. These are our true brothers and sisters.

So, we should have collectivity. This is a special quality. In times of hardship, it becomes evident in human beings, but when this quality develops in times of peace and comfort then we should say that everything has become heavenly.

We have many other shortcomings. One of them is that we sit and analyse each and every thing. We think about each and every thing. Thought is a concept. God is Reality.

So, by attaching any concept to God, we are simply hurting ourselves. In this way, we have made many prisons for ourselves and we have to escape those prisons, we have to burst out of those prisons.

God is not a form made out of our thoughts. What He is, is the Truth and we have to know that.

A form of God made out of our thoughts is not God. We cannot make the one who has made us. So, we should pray for the intelligence to know Him as He is.

Now, you all know that I am coming back soon to India and will be having a house here and in that house you have to do a lot of work. Till now you have done the job of receiving, now you have to do the job of giving. We have to work as one, there will be some hard work but Sahaja Yoga has to spread. There is no other path apart from Sahaja Yoga. In Maharashtra, Sahaja Yoga should reach every home.

After that, in other places this work can be done in full force. The work should befit the name of this land Maharashtra (meaning ‘great country’).

On this auspicious day, I grant you endless blessings.

In your spiritual ascent, may God help you and may you, with wisdom, attain the highest state. Not only this, may all My powers be established in you.

Such is My intense desire.

May God bless you all.

[Conversations in Marathi, Shri Mataji speaks again in Marathi. A gentleman speaks on the microphone in Marathi in front of Shri Mataji]

Yogi: I would like to appeal to My friends from abroad as we are going to have right now a puja of Shri Mataji – there are 64 lamps, there are 64 lamps put in one plate.

I request Warren to organize if possible one male and one female to represent the centres from abroad. Would you please stand at the left corner, so that we’ll call one by one.

(Marathi) Those who have brought presents for Shri Mataji – those who have brought presents for Shri Mataji, please keep them aside. After the ceremony is over here, then you can pick up your presents, give to Shri Mataji, and then you can go by this side. (Marathi)

Yogi 2: Now we will all say the mantra to Shri Mataji – first three mantras.

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahalakshmi Mahasaraswati Mahakali Trigunatmika Kundalini Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devyai Namoh Namaha.

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devyai Namoh Namaha.

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat Shri Sahasrara Swamini Moksha Pradayini Mataji Shri Nirmala Devyai Namoh Namaha.

Yogi (in Marathi):… Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Nirmala Devyai Namoh Namaha.

(Yogis repeat three times. Then yogis go to light the candles in the plate mentioned earlier)

Yogi (in Marathi):… Ganapati Atharva Sheersha… (“Ganesha Atharva Sheersha” is recited).

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Nirmala Devyai Namoh Namaha. [This mantra is recited repeatedly while some yogis light the candles and other yogis make aarti with the plate. Recitation of Sanskrit mantras follows. Three great mantras, then Shri Ganesha Aarti and Sab.ko Dua Dena are sung. Then the song “Hare Ram Hare Krishna” and other songs follow, and the recitation of “Jagadamba”, and of “Allah Hu Akbar”].

 Yogis: Our Father, Who art in heaven – Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from ordeals: For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Shri Mataji, we, all the Sahaja yogis of the world, desire Your good health.

Shri Mataji, we, all the Sahaja yogis of the world, desire Your good health.

Shri Mataji, we, all the Sahaja yogis of the world, desire Your good health.

(Three Mahamantras)

 Yogis: Bolo Shri Bhagavati Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki! Jai!

Yogi: On behalf of all the Sahaja yogis in the world we would now garland our Shri Mataji and offer Her roses. (Applause)

(Shri Mataji speaks aside in Marathi with a yogi. She uses some English words: “… What is the reason?… Sahaja yogi… Vibrations… Vibrations… left Nabhi… Left Swadishthana… May God bless you. (Continues in Marathi)… for no rhyme and reason…”)

Yogi: The inscription on the cake is as follows: “Our dear Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, from Sahaja yogi children”.

May I now request, on behalf of all the Sahaja yogis of the world, that “Shri Mataji, please give us the Prasad on this most auspicious day, by cutting the cake. Thank You”.

(Yogis sing: “Happy Birthday, Shri Mataji”)

Shri Mataji: Thank you very much!

(Shri Mataji tries to blow all the candles in the plate – She blows all of them apart from one)

[Then a concert with the musicians of Babamama’s group begins. Ultimately Shri Mataji says “Wah wah” repeatedly.]

 Babamama: (Marathi) For the benefit of the foreigners, may I tell you that we are going to perform, tomorrow in the evening at seven o’clock, and it’ll be a function entirely of the artists, so you’ll have more of them to hear. Thank you very much. Good night.

[Finally all musicians go to bow to Shri Mataji]