Birthday Puja

Mumbai (India)


Birthday Puja Talk, Bombay, India 21-03-1986

[English translation from Marathi]

Today all of you have decided to celebrate My birthday, for that I am thankful. Birthdays increase your age from one side and decrease your life from the other side. But in Sahaja Yoga it is opposite. When it is your birthday you should understand there is growth in our spiritual level (spiritual tree) and it has been growing regularly. Though our life is decreasing but the light of our spirit will keep on increasing and the rays of light will enter within us and make us divine. 

So till we are alive this light of spirit will keep on increasing in our soul. We should not be thinking about our life span. Once you become a yogi (realised soul) or the life after being a yogi is most important one. Each and every moment is important and you should understand that you grow on each and every moment. Like a seed which sprouts, so the seed thinks its life is over, but in real sense it has grown in to roots. The life of Yogis is important. When Yogis’ die they, in the form of seeds, sprout in to mother earth and get transformed into beautiful trees. Meaning after death people still remember us for our good deeds in the same way the time after realisation is very important. We can take a look at life of saints. People troubled Saint Dnyaneshwar, they say he always said abstract things. Kabir and Guru Nanak were also troubled. People never agreed to what Saint Tukaram said. They also said Saint Namdev does not have any special qualities. They all suffered. Every one suffered. Sai Baba from Shirdi was also troubled. When he became (digambar) i.e. bare, when his soul departed his body, he became deceased in real sense. Meaning, the people who were saying wrong things about him and troubled him all that were dissolved and only his glory was left behind and even after 1000 years he still resides in the hearts of people. These are the qualities of a Yogi. So though the life is decreasing still it refills in tiny forms, we need to understand this.

I had mentioned once that I had gone to Kashmir and on a distance of 5 to 10 miles, I got some vibrations and on that same route when we went ahead, we checked with some people if there was a temple around. They told us that there is no temple in and around this area, as only Muslims reside here. So we asked them whether there is a masjid around, this place. They told us there is Hazrat Bal. So I asked what is that, they said there is a hair (one hair) of Shri Mohammad Saheb, the vibrations of which I could catch on a distance of 10 miles, when it belonged to his head, it may not have given so many vibrations, these vibrations were emitted, as it (the hair) had got dissolved in mother earth. We know that yogis are given Samadhi (meditative trance) and we build graves on that. Graves are not built for common people. Reason being, bodies of yogis have specific aroma which gets mixed in to mother earth, in which many big yogis are buried due, result being in the whole environment there is spiritual strength or spiritual happiness which is being farmed. There is a specific aroma of mother earth and in this environment a human being becomes spiritual. 

The religious merit or credit which Maharashtra has earned today and the way Sahaja Yoga has spread here, the saints are responsible the same and we should be grateful to them as they died here in this place and they are present in the form of their glory and because of their blessing this has worked out. In the same way Sahaja Yogis should look at their life, that though their life is reducing but their spiritual life is increasing. The light of spiritual life after our death shines brightly and has huge effects. Today you are celebrating My birthday, but a lot of work is left. So according to your wishes let us celebrate many more birthdays to come and be happy and joyful and may this light of spirit turn into a torch which should burn in your hearts and the whole world should know.