Birthday Felicitations and Concert

Mumbai (India)

1986-03-24 Birthday Felicitations and Concert, Bombay, India, DP, 261'
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I feel so proud to hear the great musician playing here on the adivadya such beautiful ragas and melodies to enthral us with spiritual ascent. It proves that this is the adivadya we can say primordial instrument because it emitted the maximum number of vibrations. I wish other people also learn this great instrument. This integration between different styles of music in India must take place and I am so very happy he has so much knowledge of north Indian music as well and that all north Indian musicians who were sitting have appreciated this great music and have realized that such lot of wealth is lying in our country which is to be mutually appreciated and understood. This experiment of integration must go on.

As a great artist like you must honour the (hearts/arts) of all these great listeners also and give them the full ideas of what heritage lies in this country and I personally think people are not so deep enough to understand and to enjoy this music. Through Sahaj yoga I am sure all over the world will create such human beings who will go beyond the aura of eastern, western, southern, northern styles but enters into that home which is rendered through our ragas and (taals), and different styles of music all over the world. You need not understand the raga, you need not understand the taals, the name of it but you understand everything if you are on a spiritual level. This is what we need to achieve and I am trying my level best all over the world to create such people with such (ears )that they can feel divine music that is being played. It is divine and that divine person can appreciate without any difficulties. In the same way, we all can appreciate all such music played by divine hands to create divinity this is what we all should aspire. I must thank you very much (babu)you been so kind as to create this atmosphere of divinity here and to make the people feel the blessings of God all around them. May God bless you, live a long life all of you. Thank you very much, thank you.