Birthday Public Program

New Delhi (India)

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Birthday Public Program, March 29th, 1986, Delhi,

India I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis and to all the seekers of truth. After listening to all these beautiful words of My children, Mother cannot know what to say. It is very difficult to express My feelings of complete joy! Keval Anand! First time when I came to Delhi, I met a set of people and I felt it might be an impossible situation in this place, where they have not even heard the word ‘kundalini’. They had heard the word ‘Kundali’. And they asked Me, “Is this the Kundali that we have to see before we get married?” I was really shocked! I said , “Now, this is too much, that I have to talk to them, from the very beginning the meaning of the word Kundalini.” While in the west, the seeking has been so intense, that people went into deeper seeking into books and those who came to me knew about Kundalini. Also they told Me, that most of the seekers have reached the conclusion, it is the Kundalini,which will give us realisation. But today to find so many people, those who have got realisation, not only that, but they are so well equipped, so highly evolved, that I can only bow to them. When we deal with new people the sahayogis have to understand certain basic things as I understood Myself, when I first came to Delhi. Must know that they do not know a word about Kundalini. It is like the people, the tree or you can say the birds which are sitting on the tree, do not know anything about the bush. They may be very well read people, they may be Panditas, they might be anything, but they have no idea about the kundalini. And those who have read some of the books, are absolutely frightened with the word Kundalini. So, you have to start from the very scratch in the sense, when a child has to enter into the school, he gets such a fright with the ideas that he has about the school, or with the new environment, that he just runs back. Many a times and you have to again bring him in, and bring him in. So one thing you must have realised, that the all pervading power of Chaitanya, Omkara, is nothing, but the power of love of God. In love, one thing you have is patience. Patience is the ocean that you get when you love someone. But to love also is not very easy. For human beings to love means, you get attatched to that person. You get fond of that person. You get attatched to one or two persons. You like only few persons. But, as I have told you before that as a sap in the tree rises, goes to all the branches, to all the flowers, to all the fruits and comes back, nourishing all of them, the way they want to be nourished, comes back. In the same way, the Divine love has to nourish every thing to be detached…. absolutely nourishing every soul and then it comes back. If that cannot be achieved, then we should say, it is not love that is Divine. Today, I wanted to speak to you in Hindi language, because Hindi is a much easier language to explain Sahaja Yoga or Kundalini. English is a very confused language, I think as far as the inner side of the life is concerned. For example, when we say mental, we do not know whether we say, it is Buddhi or Mannah. Buddhi or Mannah We say, it is a mental projection. But a mental case is a person, who is suffering from Mannah. is a psychological. So the psyche as well as the intelligence is mental according to English language. and when they say ‘mind’ is such a confused word, that I don’t understand what do they mean by ‘mind’. Now in Sahaja Yoga we have to clearly understand what is Buddhi is and what is the Mannah is. And you must have seen in Sahaja Yoga, here is the picture. When the Sahaja Yogis are explaining to people in English language, they have to be very careful. Is better to use Hindi language, which is very simple, clearcut and gives you a full understanding as to what is what. But in English, you have to use lot of discretion to understand this word ‘mind’. Now here as you know we have two sides, left and right side. Left side is the side which deals with Mannah. The right side is the one, which deals with Buddhi and the Mannah part is the one in which, when we indulge it is not so rational and we cannot explain. We will say it is our desire, I don’t like it. I don’t like it has no connection with mind. My mind doesn’t accept it. It means there is something , which we cannot make understand, with the help of Buddhi. Now if we argue with the help of Buddhi There will be only argumentation by our Buddhi. Then whatever we present, and you will take it as truth. For example, if a capitalist will come he will eat your brain so much, that you will be convinced, that this is the truth. That you will think that only capitalism is the truth. If any communist comes he will just bother you. and he will prove that only communism is the truth. then, there will be some other ‘ism’. Then in the same way, in the case of religion as well, whenever a religion was established and man used his Buddhi, it (religion) was put in such a (Gharonda?)….. and was imprisoned in such a manner that, that religion became a perfect prison. Now these are the (Chakkar?) of Buddhi…. There is no word for (Chakkar?) of Buddhi in English. What can I do?…. Anyway you get a (Chakkar?) in that language. But there is no word for (Chakkar?). In that (Chakkar?), creating all the (Chakkar?) out of Buddhi entangled you in that (Chakkar?). In our religion it is so, it is so in your religion, in this person’s religion it is so, and in that person’s religion it is so and at last, beat, kill and put an end to each other. This is not possible in any religion. So where did these frogs come out?, you should ask…. If it is not possible in that religion, where did these come from? If you take water to some place and leave it to rot, What will be the result? Where the water remains still, it stagnates, there every type of insect breeds. The same is the case with this Buddhi. When you categorise Buddhi in a paticular (Gharonda?) any thought process, called as an opinion (dharna)…. you accept it as something special, then everything gets exposed and everything becomes useless and the same thing which you have accepted, your accepted (Gharonda?), becomes null and void (Sadasya?)…. Then it is difficult to come out of it. If somebody tells you, you won’t like it. Because this work is done like this, that when a person gives full importance to his ego and as I said, makes his palace or call it a prison, gets it completely done, when other people get impressed, enter and settle down there, then it is impossible to take them out of that, because they too develop the (Gharonda?) of ego…. and in that they are satisfied…. They feel they have achieved it. But a person who thinks that i have not acquired anything as yet Recently, while delivering a lecture in Poona, I said, “whatever dharmas you have done, did you achieve any thing out of that?” Everbody waved their hand to suggest ‘no’ And it is a fact, that till now we have not achieved anything. Then were those religions false? Now I will say “yes.” But, those who gave Dharma, those who had professed it before, they were not deceitful. We made them deceitful. We used our Buddhi to prove it false. We created the (Chakkar?), and got entangled in these (Chakkar?). These (Chakkar?), of every type, of every category, whatever suits him he joins that. Now to save oneslf from these problems a solution has to be found out, first of all. Because if you want to fly towards the sky, it has to be seen, that your gangway should atleast be empty. but in that only, if ox, buffalo, cow, goat and birds are grazing, how will you fly? The same way, path to our spiritual ascent is full of stange ways Which we are not ready to accept, that there is something within us. Now the same is the case with Sahaja Yogis too. No, it is not so. E.g., right now we had Shivratri Puja. Shivratri, I have said that, that day Shivji manifested In the universe, he took the place of Sada Shiva. It is a great thing, you should celebrate that day. That day it is spring time, it should be celebrated with great pomp and show. On the contrary, everybody keeps fast. Puja was during the night. It went on till 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock. The puja was over at 1 a.m at night. Everybody’s face looked ,as if they had beaten somebody, somewhere. I enquired, “What happened?” They said, “We were on fast since morning.” Why? why did you keep fast? When you are in Sahaja Yoga now,” Why do you keep fast?” When you have been forbidden to do so, still you will keep fast. because , Parents and grand parents, have been fasting, so we too will do so. If your parents or grand parents have made any mistake, why should you follow it? Your parents and grand parents would not dress up in pant. They would dress up in dhoti. “Do you dress up urself in dhoti ?” Today, when you know that in Sahaja Yoga fasting is totally forbidden, Yes, you do fasting, do it for your body but, don’t do it in the name of Shivji. To fast in the name of Shivji I cannot understand, because He would never fast. When He didn’t get anything, He would drink whatever the poison was there. People fast on the birthday of Shivji like this. In Sahaja Yoga too, we follow both the things. And that is, our old traps in our neck, we are influenced by that stretch. And when it pulls, we find that the horse has followed the other route and not only one. No problem Mother had said it is so, and you go that side. In reality, in this way you are direspecting Shivji. Those who are not Sahaja Yogis, will be pardoned for hundred crimes because they are not connected to God. They don’t know the truth. So, they are pardoned for their hundred crimes. But those who are Sahaja Yogis, all that is totally forbidden to Sahaja Yogis, when you do that, it effects you definitely. and after that four, five people had heart trouble. Then he came to me to say, “Mother, I am in Sahaja Yoga for the past so many years, why did I get heart trouble?” I said ,”Did you keep fast on the day of Shivratri?” ‘Yes, did it religiously. ” I said: “Then you have to suffer (Bhogiye?).” Now you please Shivji by taking a lot of food! No, doctor has forbidden absolutely. Doctor has said to lie down, do this, do that. I said, “Either, listen to your doctor or to me.” Sahaja Yogis must know that now they have come into the kingdom of God. When you have come to the kingdom of God, we cannot do, what is not there. The law of this country is, not that of London. In the same way the law that God’s kingdom has, should be followed. You slip down sometimes, in little little issues. As I had told the day before yesterday, one shakti is Urdhvagami. and the other is Adhogami, which leads us downwards. We, like monkeys sometimes follow Urdhogami and sometimes Adhogami. So in this way, how can you ascend if you jump like this. Many a times, people ask, “Mother, How can this be done?” Just hold one string ! Walk in one way ! Understand that ! You may fast or not it makes no difference to me. It is not so, that you keep fast and I will get some money, or you may not fast and confectioner will get money. All the things mixed together is that, it is absolutely deep and subtle. It is not a frivolous thing It is a very deep thing and its connection is with your understanding. If inside you (Shunyata?) doesn’t take place. then Sahahajayog will spread as such but will not raise you higher To raise it higher it is necessary to understand its depth. Today there are mostly Sahaja Yogis, new people are few. I am not telling them anything because if I tell them anything they will just run away. that SHE is telling something else, We will have to give up this, give up that Automatically it drops off. Automatically this thing drops off. If we observe otherwise there are so many people who have so many diseases they are unaware of. And they can’t even understand that how and when did they get this disease when they go to madhouse, they come to know that they have become mad They do not know till the end that they have become mad but other people know that they have become mad The reason is that had they got their self realisation, from the beginning only left side, swadishthan and agnya’s catches will indicate that he is following that path I am about to have some mental problem He will understand at once and at once he can treat it and get well. But suppose he did not take the treatment at all and would go on following the same path without paying any attention It is certain that you will reach the place where you have to reach. First of all it should be decided where we have to reach. We have to reach the Kingdom of God. To go there first of all a human being must have joy (Allhad). He should feel joy There should be enthusiasm Half dead people cannot go into the Kingdom of God. Fasting people cannot go at all There is (Chaaon?) of eatries. If you want to trouble any mother, then you should fast If you have to trouble your mother, you say “o.k. i won’t have my food today”. It is over then for the mother, the whole day is waste. It is the same thing that I told you such a minor thing, there are so many major things in which we get entangled. then we become politicians and then get involved in something else. You are saints. You have got innumerable powers which you can awaken yourself and can use. But when we say, “Mother we surrender to you”, what did you surrender to Me? I don’t want anything. What are you surrendering? Just think, what are you surrendering to Me you are surrendering what you have self made rules (Bede?). all these (Gharonde) in which you are residing all these what are called, self made individual prisons in that prison you are thinking in an organised way that you are in the Kingdom of God. This has to be surrendered and the easiest way to surrender is that you should first of all go into thoughtless awareness in meditation When you get thoughts through that thought itself your past actions we should say, your home, (Gharonde?) will encircle you. The amount of time you can be in thoughtless awareness, that’s how much your tree will grow. In thoughtless awareness only (Atmic?) tree grows. and there is no other environment where it can grow. Somebody will say, i sung a lot of Mother’s bhajans, not with that A person may sing any number of bhajans, recite any number of mantras or may say anything, with that mantra or bhajan if thoughtless awareness does not establish, you have missed the goal. There are many people I saw, ‘Hare Rama’, ‘Hore Rama’, ‘Hore Rama’ just like mad people the whole world is running. Where are you going ? Entertaining and running all, saying ‘Hore Rama, Hore Rama’. What will you get out of that? Did anyone get anything out of that? Was there any change in anybody? Did they acquire any good quality? Only instead of wearing these type of clothes you wear something else. And on the roads you are running and shouting ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ Did you get any consciousness of Krishna ? Krishna’s consciousness is to be in the witness state. Are you in witness state ? Then in such external affairs involvement also a human being sometimes from his Urdhavami Gati can turn to his Adhogami Gati. For example, I told you about a small subject, ENTERTAINMENT. Entertainment is not forbidden in Sahaja Yoga but the entertainment should be such that it establishes thoughtless awareness. Lecture should be such that it establishes thoughtful awareness in you. Mantras should be recited in a way, so that thoughtless awareness establishes within you. Dhyan should be such that it should establish thoughtless awareness within you. While doing any work, if you become Nirvichar all the powers of God will activate within you. So the first thing is that you should get thoughtless awareness But people like such things which make them thoughtful. in which man goes on thinking, like mad people thinking and thinking He feels Ah! Ah! how much did i think! or while reading, suddenly think like this yes, i am a great scholar ! These scholars don’t have any place in the Kingdom of God. There is a place for those people, who allowed their spirit to enlighten their attention thoroughly. And its medium is only one, Nirvicharita. So first of all, you should establish Nirvichar Samadhi. After getting thoughtless awareness you see that by and by, there will be a change in your attitude on its own. In thoughtless awareness, you start looking at yourself Apart from others, you start finding faults with yourself. First of all when Sahaja Yogis come from outside or first of all when, we should say (Satya Shodhak?) come they go on finding, oh ! is he a Sahaja Yogi ? He was like this is he a Sahaja Yogi ? he was like that. On seeing them, they take an about turn. Sahaja Yoga is open for everybody. For everybody, the door is open. Some people who are in its womb are great ! And those who are in its periphery Those who move about, those who move on the periphery, they can have many defects and they too can become alright You took a turn upon seeing them, and where did you land? When you will come inside you will see those who are sitting in womb, is there any quality in them? is there any miracle in them? They have acquired something. then while seeing them we should think that we too have to achieve something and there should be a transformation in us too. When you are in thoughtless awareness, you look at yourself in witness state and at once you understand that now a days i am playing tricks it is O.K. you are getting very tricky you look at yourself in a mirror You great tricky fellow! What do you want to say! In no time your trick collapses down on earth and comes to an end. The reason is that whatever is useless whatever overburdens us whatever is an obstacle to our ascent that sheds off by and by. In thoughtless awareness only, you can watch everything which should be called by a feeling of indifference in which you can’t have any attatchment to anything. For example your son is there, you watch him with indifference. you should watch him in a witness state. Just see this innocent child ! How beautiful is he ! How nice he is and how much loving he is to God ! Then you will watch his talking, walking and in every thing his joy, which God with His own beautiful hands has endowed him in his each step, in his minutest act in his walking, in his talking, in his laughing you will see how much he is absolutely some form made by God only. But it should not be that he is my child Again you have done so give him two slaps again you have gone, you have done that all that joy is to be enjoyed is finished. By being in the witness state, child also can understand you. and the child will think see they are watching me and i too am watching them. and by and by, the power of thoughtless awareness, he too can get Atma Sakhshatkar what is called ‘neutral’, after being neutral in thoughtless awareness, you watch others. When you come to Sahaja Yoga first of all you must be neutral For example, when a scientist goes to a college in the beginning he goes neutral, to see what is there further ? But if from the beginning only, you are wise then to you Sahaja Yoga says, ‘Forgive, (please) go!’ ‘Go with your wisdom’. Now what these people said, you should be above Buddhi It is o.k. to say to be above Buddhi but how ? The effect of Buddhi comes on one’s own Agnya chakra. And to remove the effect on the Agnya chakra also, the treatment is thoughtless awareness. Buddha had only said that you know only your spirit. leave the rest, don’t talk about God, don’t talk about anything. Talk about (Nirishwarwad?). He said leave it. Only to talk about how to seek God, it is better to seek your own spirit (Atmanubhav?). And don’t talk about anything else. The reason was to talk more in detail such people ask me also, ‘Mother when shall we become God ?’ O.K. You will be ! Shall we be? Yes you will be ! When? They didn’t give me any date in written, when you shall be so ! You be only the spirit you can come to the first step We have to be only the spirit. Mother said,’ Only be the spirit ‘. First be the spirit, then we will talk further. But as you are highly educated, you think all the more that we all in one go can be great Shankaracharya, is not possible. To be Adi Shankaracharya just on coming to Sahaja Yoga, you will not attain all the qualities. but first step is to know the spirit (Atmanubhav?), you get that. For knowing the spirit is again the same thing, you have to go into thoughtless awareness. This Delhi city of yours is such that I came and since then, MY right swadishthan chakra was working so much, that I could not even sit. It means that people here think too much, and don’t work at all. At least, if they will do something, the heat of thinking, will get released in doing something. But they don’t do anything, they think too much, planning this, that. Now there is so much planning and see the condition of the country. Can’t understand, in which country we are residing. The same, where there is so much planning. The reason is that, when you think also, till you do not work on it, what is the use of thinking, except this, that your head gets upset. And this right swadishthana catches here so much that, from the beginning only, since I am coming to Dehi, I find right swadishthana catches here, too much. It’s reason is, there is newspaper here, here people are always talking about politics. here, there were some on a political post and are not anymore, they speak all the more. They got something else, then from here there are others, like this something or the other keeps going on here. Some are sitting on throne, some down the throne. Some are coming up the throne, some have come down from the throne, and are creating friendship, here and there. One is cross with the other, he has mixed with the third one. They are doing all this nonsense. It is utter nonsense, wasting time ! Nobody is going to remember anyone. This didn’t give them any joy. They didn’t get anything special. But one who is used to run horses, doesn’t give up it. Then it is a (Gharonda?) of one type. For that too, it should be thought, if it is all useless, If some time has to be wasted, then stand on one corner why is he wasting his time like mad people ? If you have understood this, then think that now, your witness state is starting, slowly and slowly. In witness state a human being does not get entangled in any problem If there is any problem, he simply witnesses it. He only witnesses. Of course, in the beginning, one feels that he is standing there. For example, I was making Dr. Sahib to understand, If while passing by a crowd, you reach a hill and you look at the crowd from that hill, if there is a forceful brake or something, you feel that you, only you, move a little sideways. But when you will come to know that you are sitting on the hill, I have simply to see, then you won’t move. To get this, this is called Nirvikalpa state. In this state, a human being, sees, knows, even then he doesn’t get disturbed, he goes on watching peacefully. We will say, what is there in such peace? If such people become quiet, if nobody fights, nobody says anything, then how will there be any revolt? Such a person’s peace is mightier than an atom bomb. and it does majestic work. What importance shall I say about its work, that if one such peaceful person, goes to any such place where there is chaos, in no time, situation will change absolutely. But that person must be in that state, where he can spread the impact of peace all around himself. Everybody can be spell bound and become peaceful. All the chaos, can settle down systematically. As if he, has some, special magical skill, or has swirled some magical stick, that everybody becomes quite peaceful. To get this shakti is for those, who are Sahaja Yogis. Nowadays we see that everywhere ‘peace foundations’ are being built this is of peace, that is of peace. How can it bring peace? Peace is within us. Now if a human being says himself that he has found peace, but how can the other person get peace ? The other person gets peace, by being impressed by your peace. That effect is not on account of Buddhi. That effect enlightens the inner being and enlightens others also. and in this way, a human being becomes peaceful. Now you know, that in Sahaja Yoga , every type of people come, some very violent, some very hot tempered, some very short tempered some revolutionary, and too much argumentative, I have seen every type of people. But after coming to Sahaja Yoga, by and by, they become peaceful. But it doesn’t mean that they become cowardly. It doesn’t mean, they run away out of cowardice. No ! They stand on the basis of their confidence and others become peaceful, by watching them. There is a chinese story, a very good story. Chinese stories are very good. One such story is that, earlier there would be cock fight. A king thought, that there is a great saint, the people who visit him become very strong and capable. So he took both the cocks and gave him to be trained. and when there will be fight, i will take them. So the cocks went to him. One month later the King came and said, “Ok, give the cocks to me.” The cocks were standing gracefully. The king picked them up and took them and left them in that area where there was going to be a fight. All the cocks entered into that area Now, all the cocks were fighting among themselves, but these two were just standing. During the fighting everyone was surprised that these don’t fight. And when they would think of making them to fight, they would just go on watching. All the cocks left, after being defeated. The intent of the story is that, when a person is in the ocean of peace, is present fully, like a lotus flower, on account of its fragrance, people become aromatic and peaceful. They get complete peace. What can be more powerful than this Shakti of peace ? The Shakti of forgiveness too is great. You should also learn to forgive. I see that, in Sahaja Yoga people forgive very little. Learn to forgive, Without forgiving, you cannot get realisation on your own. For example, if somebody has hurt you, and you didn’t forgive him, then what did you do? You didn’t do anything. If you didn’t forgive, means, you didn’t do anything. Even if you forgive, strictly speaking means you didn’t do anything. But if you say, i forgive, then by not forgiving, you were playing in other’s hands he loses all his Shakti. The destructive power gets destroyed. But those who are forgiving, their Shakti is so powerful, that wherever they stand, because of their forgiveness, people can become pious. Their vices of numerous births, can be washed out. From all previous birth’s whatsoever problems, they have accumulated, can be over, because, he they have forgiven. Redemption from all sins is obtained only by kshma Shakti. Many a times, we say to God, “You are ocean of forgiveness !” We also say, that you are the remover of sins. We also say, “Destroy our papaas.” How can He do? Only by forgiveness ! By his uttering only one word ‘forgive’, by his one sight, by the sight of forgiveness only, all the sins are destroyed. But because we have not seen such people, We don’t even think about such people, We can’t even believe, that such people can be in the world. We have to find such people today. And you know, what you were, are not today. and what you are today, you won’t be like that tomorrow. Tommorow, such people will be in Sahaja Yoga, who have kindness, forgiveness and peacefulness. All these Shakhtis, are ignited. On account of those, We will get all type of comfort, pleasure and peace in the whole universe. Those who have said,”I will do this, i will do that, will bring all the comfort to the world,” and many have said, that the world should be filled with happiness. Marx has said, and you have come to know that many saints have said, that whole world should be joyful. How can it be? There is only one way. When a human being, in his ascent, will find his Kundalini awakened then his mental, spiritual and physical, material assets not only this much, but in all respects his Shakti will be so transformable, that he will be able to transform every thing. If there is any problem he will transform it if there is a wave he will transform it if there is a mountain he can climb it. This great Shakti can come inside your being through Kundalini, because you have achieved your Spirit. So to receive this Shakti, the small small laws of Sahaja Yoga should be followed. First of all, forgive your self, first of all, love yourself, First of all know your self esteem. One who knows his self esteem, will not talk untruth or talk frivolously. He will not talk about downfall. He doesn’t drink and fall down on the road. He doesn’t talk deceitfully. He has his self esteem. You should have such self esteem. In that, there is no importance to caste system. There is no importance to woman or man, no importance to any country. It is a human being’s own choice that he can get it. Only after acquiring that quality, a human being can know with which special form God has created him… You know, I am quite old now and I have to work very hard too. Also I have to travel a lot. Sometimes, people ask, “Mother, How do you work so much? ” I think, I don’t do anything, I only love. and the Shakti of love is such that it doesn’t allow a human being to feel anything. Now, I feel joyous to see so many people here. From here, I will go to Calcutta. After going to Calcutta, I will rejoice to see, so much love, from all over the world, I get so much love. To get that love, however much trouble I may have to take, I can’t see it. Which sadness, which troubles, which anxiety I have? Nothing. This is the greatest gift, Sahaja Yoga has given to me ! You also get it and be glad in it’s joy. This is my blessing to you! Those, who have come for the first time, specially for those, All of you. Are they spread all over, or sitting together? Those who have come new today, raise your hands up. If you can kindly come in the first row, it will be very good, do it from this side Rest of the people go to the back. It means that today very few Sahaja Yogis have come to celebrate My birthday. Move a little to the back and sit. Those who are realised may sit at the back. Move to the back. Let them sit in the front. Come and take your seats. Pull a chair also. Those who want to sit on a chair can sit on a chair. Mostly new people have come (Wah Bhai Wah?) Your Sahaja Yogis have not come It is very hot due to right Swadishthana, right Swadishthana is too much You have come for the first time today and it is good that you want to get self realisation. But one thing I request you It is very easy for you to get your self realisation. because you are Indians. Very easily you will get but it is sad that after getting it, it is just like a new seed it has to be taken care of and to go further. But I see that people, after getting self realisation, don’t go deep into it. The seed that sprouts and doesn’t grow will get ruined That is why every time, I say that we don’t have any modern, aircoditioned ashram. Because we don’t charge any money and one ordinary, we have got one place some kindhearted person has donated it. There we have set up our own center. When you will be greater in number, and when we will set up a place properly, may be, we too will have a nice hall. But right now we have a center, wherever we got it, we have set up it. Actually, you know that in Sahaja Yoga, self realisation is most important. where, how, when is not important. So, all of you are requested to come there. After getting your self realisation, try for your ascent. Understand Sahaja Yoga perfectly and in this, completely attain your Gurutva. You should have complete mastery over it. Then it is something. Otherwise, you came, listened to my lecture, and got your realisation, then went and heard some other lecture some where else for such people, it won’t be useful. For example, if a well is to be dug, wherever you get a little water, there only, you should dig it deep. Now, if you dig the well at ten places, then there will be only holes. So, from you, I hope, that those who have come here now, on My birthday I surely hope, that you will get Sahaja Yoga. Not only self realisation and awakening of Kundalini and its piercing of Bramharandran, something beyond that. In Sahaja Yoga, you yourself, have mastery overy it because of that you can give it to others also. For this you don’t have to give up your household, or any thing. Whatever is to be given up sheds off on its own. We don’t have any rules as such in Sahaja Yoga, which you cannot follow. Neither rupee, nor paise nor any thing else is required But one thing is there, respect towards yourself, and respect towards your self realisation is necessary. If it is not so, it is no use to give you realisation. If you have any question, please ask. You will have to come to our center, you come and as they tell you, you should do and your problem will be over. You too should pay attention It is ok. Don’t worry at all. Come to the center surely, and do as they guide you. You will be alright. Ok? You have put a good question, that is what we are going to do. That we will do, We will do that only. See, if we tell you how a seed grows, it grows because of the power of Mother Earth, it is so. That we will do, just now we will do, say Shri Mataji: What is he saying? Sahaja Yogi: (inaudible) Sahaja Yogi: (inaudible) Sahaja Yogi: (inaudible), light will be visible. Shri Mataji: What happened? Sahaja Yogini: He is saying that in your English book it is written that Sahaja Yogini: when you will meditate, cool breeze will flow on your hands and from your head also cool breeze will flow and you will see a light. Shri Mataji: Not light, not light, it is wrong to say that If they have written it, they have written it wrong. Now what to say, i didn’t read the book. Light is not going to be seen. It is wrong. Sit down. Light should not be seen. It is reverse. Light should not be seen. Suppose we see the light, that means we are not the light. We have to be the light. How can light see light? Sahaja Yogi: He is mistaking ‘enlightened’ for ‘light’ Shri Mataji: Yes, the word can be ‘enlightened’. Is it in English or Hindi? Seeker: In English. (inaudible) (inaudible) It is written in the book that….(inaudible) (inaudible) Shri Mataji: It is wrong, if it is written. Not at all. Can’t write like this. I have read it. You have misunderstood it. This is English language. Don’t read in English. Read in Hindi language. In English language……that thing is there. Now ‘Atma Sakhshatkar’ is called ‘Enlightenment’. Now tell me, doesn’t it contain the word ‘light’. Isn’t it confusing? God save from English language. Seeker: Before coming to Sahaja Yoga, i used to worship Shivji. (inaudible), I read mantras also. Is this wrong or right? Shri Mataji: What is he saying? Sahaja Yogini: He is saying that before coming to Sahajayoga he used to worship Shiva After coming to Sahaja Yoga, the same mantras come to his mind again and again. And he does ‘Paath’ also but the same mantras come to him again and again. Shri Mataji: No, they should not come. There should not be any conditioning of anything. It should not be such that you are getting reminded of the mantras of Shivji. You ask Shivji for forgiveness. Ask Shivji for forgiveness. He is very forgiving. Actually, what you have crammed in the beginning, that is sitting inside you. It should go. Ask Him to forgive you. Every thing will be done. When we worship Shivji without getting self realisation, we didn’t get connected to Shivji. and we go on saying “Shivji, Shivji, Shivji”. Shivji is not our servant. that when we want, take it out of pocket Do our this work, do that work, give a job for our son, do this, do that. After all, He is God ! First let there be a meeting with God, First you have to take His permission. He is God ! Then remembering Him even once is sufficient. First of all meet Him. Same way, the name of Rama. Walk on the street and say “Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram” By doing so, a spirit with the name “Ram” may enter inside. Ram should be awakened within oneself. When Ram’s shakti will come inside you and you will be surprised. God has allotted fixed places for all the Gods inside our being in an organised manner. We only have to awaken them. Even before that, while saying (Bhaktis?), we become mad. Bhakti can never mean any madness. Krishna has said, Bhakti is Annanya. Annanya means, when you get realisation, When you are not connected, whose bhakti are you doing? When your telephone is not set up, whom are you calling? Actually, renowned saints didn’t know that we had not yet got our self realisation. They said you do bhakti. Here we have a madness about bhakti…. Question: Two years back I had a spinal injury due to an accident (inaudible)…can I become alright? Shri Mataji: Yes ,you can. Will have to try. Will try. Ok? May be it will be alright by trying. Some people have become alright, some are getting alright, I will try. We must try. First, you get your realisation, at least you will enjoy your life Ok? (inaudible)…didn’t come? Is there any other question? (inaudible)…is small Question: Like Shri Mataji said a few minutes back…(inaudible) (inaudible) (inaudible) There is Surya (Sun) and Chandrama (Moon), like this there are so many. Have we to give them up to come here? Or if we have gone to some other ashram, have we not to come here? Shri Mataji: (Laughs) I have understood the question. He is saying that he goes to others Sahaja Yogi: (inaudible) (inaudible)…one has to give it up? Shri Mataji: Ok. See. Sahaja Yogini: If he goes there, let him not come here. Shri Mataji: =No,No,No,No,No, No, It is not so. Now you try to understand, Where there is truth, it is good to go. I will also go with you. In an ashram where there is truth, it is alright to go there. But where there is no truth, your heart will not like to go there. After coming to Sahaja Yoga, you will yourself not like to be there. But you should go where there is truth. May be this truth will be at a peer’s (Madaar?) To find this out also, you have to first find the truth, where you will be able to know with your vibrations which place is good and which is not good. Now, you will say, “Shall we go to Hanuman Mandir?” Yes, surely go, but don’t apply tika on your forehead there. He will rotate your chakra. He has no right. Go to the temple surely, but don’t apply their tika. Ok. These minute things you will understand yourself. Have you understood? You will yourself understand, what suits you and what does not. We will not tell you, you will yourself run from there. Say Question: (inaudible) (inaudible) (inaudible) Shri Mataji: What happens? Sahaja Yogi: (inaudible) Sahajayogini: He is saying he feels good while meditating upon you but people try to divert him from there. When people try to spoil your name, my heart feels very bad. What should I do? Shri Mataji: Where do they try to remove you from? From Ashram? From where do they remove you? Seeker: (inaudible) Shri Mataji: What is he saying? Sahaja Yogini: When he meditates upon you, they say that meditation upon you is to bother others. Sahaja Yogi: There are some people who speak against you. Shri Mataji: Let them do it. Sahaja Yogini: Please grant us wisdom Seeker: (inaudible) Shri Mataji: My dear son, they will say like that only. If they don’t say, then what? That should be there. If there is no darkness, light will have no meaning. Don’t feel bad about it. Seeker: I don’t feel bad about it. But when I hear it outside…I really don’t feel bad about it otherwise. Shri Mataji: Ok, you pray for them, that “Mother, let them all come into Sahaja Yoga”. “Let them also enjoy with me”. Seeker: Please grant them wisdom that they should not think like this (against Shri Mataji) Shri Mataji: Ok, very good. May you be happy. Shri Mataji: What is it? (inaudible) Sahajayogini: Does Atmasakhshatkar cause any pain to the body? Shri Mataji: No, No, No, No, No, No. SHri Mataji: How will you have pain, my dear son? Not at all ! Joy should be felt ! Question: (inaudible) Shri Mataji: What is it? Sahajayogini: He is saying that when he meditates, from bottom to top (inaudible) all (inaudible) tighten It gives pain. Shri Mataji: Are you doing ? Are you doing Sahaja Yoga? Seeker: You were saying that in Sahaja Yoga one has to be in witness state. Shri Mataji: Have you done Sahaja Yoga? Did you meditate by Sahaja Yoga method ? Seeker: I do not know the meaning of Sahaja Yoga, but i have meditated in witness state. Shri Mataji: No! No! That is different. We have nothing to do with that. Sahaja Yogi: You get your realisation first. Shri Mataji: It is Ok, I am telling you, if you have done it because of someone we are not responsible for that. Try to understand that if you go to a wrong medical shop, what can we do for that? Seeker: You are telling to be in thoughless awareness (inaudible) Shri Mataji: First, what you should have is that, your cords (Tantu?) must become loose. Cords (Tantu?) of your body must become absolutely loose, first thing. Now say, Seeker: (inaudible) Shri Mataji: Nothing, Why did you get pain? Seeker: Slowly slowly when it moves from bottom to the top it gives pain. Shri Mataji: How will it happen? Why will it happen? It has all been arranged. How is it? Sahaja Yogi: He is not practising Sahaja Yoga. Shri Mataji: Ok, son, see. You did not practise Sahaja Yoga, You have come from some wrong lane, now why are you coming on Sahaja Yoga? Shri Mataji: First you try it (sahajayoga) out, son. It is not a matter of discussion. First try it out. First do it. If you get it, it is ok, If not then you won’t get it. But you do it first, nothing happens in this. Where it happens, we have no concern with that. Seeker: If you said just now, in Sahaja Yoga (inaudible) Nirvichar? Shri Mataji: Yes, but till your Kundalini doesn’t awaken, till then you can’t get it. I was talking to Sahaja Yogis, not to you. The people who are new, will not understand this point. Seeker: Mataji i am also new. Shri Mataji: Yes, for that only you sit down and get realisation. First get your realisation and then we will talk. According to Me, right now, you are just nothing, neither it is witness state, nor something else. Sit down, sit comfortably, son! Son, sit comfortably, it is a matter of getting it. Say! Seeker: If i say, it is 7 o’clock, (inaudible) seeker: (inaudible) I have a request. Shri Mataji: What is he saying? Seeker: (inaudible) I want (inaudible) your feet. (inaudible) Amritsar Shri Mataji: Ok, sit down, so this is the matter. Please sit down! (inaudible) Yes, son, sit, sit, sit, have a chair if you want or sit down. Is there anyone else? Please ask Seeker: I had come (inaudible), did not get sakshatkar (inaudible) Shri Mataji: It will happen, it will happen, please sit down, don’t worry it will happen. We have to keep patience with ourselves. Work should be done with patience. Ok? Seeker: In Sahaja Yoga (inaudible) faith in one’s religion (inaudible) Shri Mataji: You see, if yours is Guru Nanak, then you should definitely have faith in Him. Those who are real gurus, we should have faith in them and not in false gurus. Clearcut solution. I am not telling for Nanak Sahab. Seeker: (inaudible) Shri Mataji: He (Guru Nanak) is a guru, he is an Adi Guru What to say sbout Him? Seeker: (inaudible)….some contradiction… Shri Mataji: What is he saying? Sahaja Yogini: Is there any contradiction in that? Shri Mataji: How can that be, Sahab? He and I are same, understand. There is no difference. How can there be any contradiction between Him and Me ? there is none at all, but if you tell somebody, that he is our guru, and is not atmasakhshatkari, and he says that, he believes in Nanak Sahib, I am not going to recognise them. Seeker: My vibrations Shri Mataji: Are you getting it ? Seeker: Sometimes i don’t get vibrations, that is why i was saying. Shri Mataji: Are you not getting it? seeker: Sometimes i don’t get. Shri Mataji: Then you ask, “Mother are you Nanak Sahab? ” Just ask. Ask ! Yes. How can there be any contradiction? Did you get (vibrations) ? How can there be His and Mine contradiction? (inaudible) Shri Mataji: Slowly slowly it happens sometimes that you lose your vibrations. You should find its cause. Somewhere in your heart there is a ‘but’ that should be brought out in the front, you should express it. That clears the problem. Sometimes vibrations can stop because of some ‘but’. It is not so. You should tell. In Sahaja Yoga, nobody takes it otherwise of anything. Let us now, now, For this, since I am here for a day only, I will also tell you, how to go on awakening your Kundalini, because even if Kundalini awakens, and even if it has pierced Bramharandra, even then if there are some flaws in some chakras, some shortcomings Kundalini goes back there. So, how to awaken it again and again, along with the method for that, we will talk to you about awakening. So this hand..because of the shortage of time, I can’t tell you much. I was not even expecting so many new people. Meanwhile, you should understand that the left hand is your power of desire. Keep it towards me. You also do it, son, just see, try it, left hand towards me. This is your power of desire. What is your desire? That you should get your self realisation. And this hand (right hand) is our power of action. With this we will not act, but we will point towards our chakras. So, first on heart. After that in the upper portion of stomach, then in the lower portion of the stomach. All this work has to be on our left side, on our left side. Then you, then again on the upper stomach, after that on heart. Here specially, which is Vishuddhi chakra, you have to put hand here, many people keep it from here (from back?) Keep it here from front, keep it like this and neck like this. After that, this hand like this. Hold it like this, hand will be like this only. After that it will be pressed. Then the hand will be shifted to back and like this, neck will be thrown back. After that this hand, palm of the hand Stretch it fully, in the center and press it on the Fontanelle bone. You will have to rotate it seven times. That’s it, that’s the task. Now which chakras are these, I will tell you. This is the Heart Chakra. And this is Tattva of Guru. Below is theTattva of Shudh Vidya. After awakening all these chakras, we will come up, when we reach Shudh Vidhya. It is absolutely easy. Please take off your glasses etc., and sit comfortably. It doesn’t mean that you have to loosen your body in any way. Keep your body straight. But if anything is tight loosen it. Take off your glasses, because the eyes are closed throughout. Take off your glasses, it helps people to improve their eyesight. because, eyesight also can improve. All of you take off your glasses. Now, there is no need to open your eyes. Left hand towards me. keep like this, on earth, in your lap. First thing, sit comfortably. Put right hand on the heart. and close eyes, close eyes, now do not open your eyes. After closing your eyes, put your hand on your heart and ask a question, In our heart, our Atma resides. So ask me a question. It is a fundamental question. It is a fundamental question. You ask: “Shri Mataji, Am i Atma?” Ask this question thrice. Because, it is true that you are Atma, but you ask this question. Now put the same hand on the upper part of your stomach. That too left hand, on the left side, on the left side. Put your right hand, on the left hand side of the upper part of your stomach. And press it. This is the Tattva of Guru. So the second question arises, if you are Atma, you are your Guru as well. So ask , “Mother, am i my own Guru?” Shri Mataji, “Am i my own Guru?” Now ask this question thrice. Now put your right hand on the lower part of the stomach, on the left side. Press and hold. Here it is the center of pure knowledge. Means God’s knowledge, which is pure, God’s rules and laws, are governed by this chakra, are put into action. All the work is done, with the help of this. There is one thing at this chakra, That I cannot force you. You will have to say, “Mother, Please give us pure knowledge.” It cannot be forced on you. So, please say,” Mother, Please give us pure knowledge”. Say this six times, because this chakra has six parts which are called six petals. It is considered like a lotus and it has six petals. So, “Oh Mother, Shri Mataji, please give us pure knowledge”. Say it six times. Now, Kundalini awakening (Jagran?) has started. So, the chakra which is of Guru Tattva, which is on the left hand side of our stomach, on the upper part, keep it pressed and say this with full confidence, because, Kundalini has awakened and for her, to help her, to help her you should say that “Shri Mataji, I am my own master”. With full confidence, Shri Mataji, “I am my own master”. Say with full confidence with eyes closed, with full confidence, “I am my own Guru” because it is very important that Guru Tattva should be opened You will have to say ten times. You are not doing anything, how will you be benefitted? Do it! How will your attention go ? Then, why were you wasting my time unnecessarily ? Either you do or you go. You should not do it like that. very bad ! You won’t be benefited by doing all this discussion (Dalilein?). Now, put this hand on your heart. Putting your hand on heart, you with full confidence, say this Param Satya. It has to be said twelve times. Shri Mataji, ” I am the Spirit ! Shri Mataji, I am the Spirit !” Shri Mataji, “I am the Spirit !” Say it twelve times. Now, Put the same right hand, on your shoulder. Here, between neck and shoulder there is a corner. On that corner, upto much distance keep holding your neck and turn your neck to the right side. Right side. This is Shri Krishna’s Vishuddhi Chakra. Here to get the witness state there is only one mantra, that “Shri Mataji, I am not guilty”. “Mother, i am not guilty”. Say it sixteen times. God is an ocean of kindness and love. But more than anything he is an ocean of forgiveness. In front of His forgiveness, none of our defects can remain. So, I am guilty, I have done this mistake, that mistake, we should not think like that. “Shri Mataji, I am not guilty”. Say this sixteen times because Shri Krishna has sixteen arts (Kalaein?). Some people have come only to observe Now, place this right hand on your forehead horizontally And press it from both the sides. This is Agnya Chakra. This Agnya Chakra has two windows. On the next, we should forgive everyone. Its Bija mantra is “Ham Ksham”. At this place you should forgive. “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone”, say it from your heart. It doesn’t matter how many times you say it. “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone”, say it with full heart. This establishes Nirvicharita (thoughtless awareness). Now, take the same hand at the back part of your head and bend your head to the back. Here, Agnya Chakra’s second Bija mantra is “Ham”, meaning, “Oh God, If I have made any mistake, please fogive me” “If I have made any mistake, please fogive me” but that doesn’t mean that we should feel guilty. Only say it. Now, put the same hand on your fontenale bone, place your palm, stretch it fully and keep it there. And keep the center of your palm on your fontenale bone and press the head. By pressing it, its upper layer of skin, rotate it, and seven times slowly slowly rotate it slowly slowly, not loosely, not loosely, by keeping your hand on it. Put your hands down slowly. Open your eyes slowly slowly and look at Me and don’t think, don’t think. Put your left hand on the top of your head like this. left, left, left, right towards me. Now see, is there any coolness coming out of your head? Feel it. Raise it a little higher. Sometimes some feel it at a higher level. Yes, right hand towards me, right towards me, check with left. This hand towards me, right hand towards me. This hand towards me, right, check with left. No No This right hand, put it towards me. Check it with your left hand. Now put your left hand towards me. And check with your right hand. Check. Attention here ! Left hand towards me. Check with the right hand on top of your head. Are you getting anything? A little air? It must be hot at this time. Doesn’t matter. Now again right hand towards me. Now check again, Saleelam Saleelam! Is it there? Raise your hand higher and check. Now take your both the hands upwards, and throw head backwards, ask a question, “Oh Mother, is this Bramhashakti?” “Is this God’s power of love?” “Is this Omkar Shakti?” Raising your neck like this, ask thrice. Yes, put your hands down. Put your hands like this. Now those who felt even a little cool breeze on their head or hands, raise both your hands. Those who have got, honestly. It seems most of them have got it, here all of them have got it, Yes did you get it? Sahajayoginis: He is saying maybe air is blowing Shri Mataji: With that air will you be able to cure cancer? Don’t doubt, that is why you didn’t get it. You should not doubt so much. If you doubt you will never get it. Have you understood ? All of them are not fools, those who are saying. Isn’t it? Now check, are you not getting? Check. Don’t doubt, its a wrongful act. Are you getting it? Now say,”I am sorry, I doubted it” Just one time say only this and you will get it just now. It is intelligence, pure intelligence. Yes is it coming ? Did you get it or not ? See wasn’t it a mistake ? Now check it with this hand. Don’t doubt it. If you doubt it will stop coming up. Say it was a mistake that I doubted it. Say only this much and it will be done. See how easily it was done Are you getting it, son ? Are you getting it? Now check his, who is sitting beside you. He is he not getting coolness? Didn’t you get? He, who is sitting in the front. He was doing it halfheartedly. And who else hasn’t got? Raise your hands. You didn’t get it, son? Hmm, you didn’t you get it? This person who is wearing white? Just check. You have got it. You didn’t get? Where do you live? Shri Mataji: Where? From here only? What happened then? You got it in hands, not on top of your head ? Ok if you are not getting it on top of your head, Say, “Mother you come in my head.” Say this with your hands like this. Say, if you are not getting over your head, see the magic. Say, “Mother, please come into my brain.” Say it seven times. You can ask for everything. Mark, has he got it? Yes ! now, Got it now ! Did you get it? Yes, it is slightly less, it will come up, just tie him up a little. Now see, you will get it forcefully ! Is it better? Somebody is playing a magical trick from behind you. Now say, is it better? No? Check it. Seeker: A little bit came. Are you getting it? He didn’t get it. Who didn’t get it? Sahaja Yogini: He is saying a little bit has come. Shri Mataji: You didn’t get? Seeker: Hands are cool. Hands have cool feeling. Now your hands are cool in summer. Now say, “Mother, come in my head ! ” Go ahead. Everybody say it because everybody’s head is very heavy. Isn’t it? The head is loaded with everything, with lot of things. In the brain. If you have read newspaper today, brain will be all the more bad. Yes,{LONG PAUSE} Ask for it ! {LONG PAUSE} Now? {LONG PAUSE} Did you get it now? Put your attention here. Did you get it? Didn’t come? It’s a (inaudible) catch. What’s it? What is the matter with him? {LONG PAUSE} Ok, those who have not got it those people, and those who have got it all of them should come to the center. Today it was not expected that you will come, new people will come, otherwise we would have done that programme first. Question: Where is the center, Shri Mataji? Center, I don’t know. Where is the center? Now you write down, all of you and all of you come. Check it and make it strong, strong. Sahajayogi: (inaudible) Shri Mataji: No No but let them not read it today. If they read it today, then they will be gone. Let them read it next time. You take it. Read it after you strengthen yourself otherwise you will get confused. Sahajayogi: (inaudible) Shri Mataji:Ok, now in Hindi. Tell him in English and again in Hindi. Sahaja Yogi: On Saturday the programme to be at 6 p.m In Sahaj Temple, (inaudible) (inaudible)…In Sufderjung area…(inaudible) (inaudible)….those who have not felt…(inaudible) (inaudible)…and the effort will be…(inaudible) Shri Mataji: Today also, you take the photo, by working on the photo it may work out. Sahaja Yogi: Here we have Shri Mataji’s photograph and along with that a booklet, in Hindi as well as in English. Whichever you want you can take (by?) Shri Mataji: And don’t doubt, about yourself or about Me because I didn’t charge you any money, so there is no need to doubt. Isn’t it? Without doubting, kindly work hard on photo. And I am cofident, that those who have come today, are special people and will get it nicely. When I will come next time, I will find big trees grown up. Yes, in heart? Say,”Mother please come to my heart”. Say “Mother please come into my head”. Did you have a guru previously? Shri Mataji: You have got it. Check it on your head. Do you feel cool breeze in head? Hot or cold?