Public Program

Kolkata (India)

1986-03-31 Public Program, Calcutta, India, DP (Hindi), 145'
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Public program, India, Kolkata, 31 March 1986

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Respectful  greetings to  all new seekers. It is very simple to say what is truth. The only truth is that you are the spirit Your soul is far above your mind, intellect, body, pride which  are instilled in you. But so far the light of your soul has not reached your mind, or it may be said that this light has not yet been seen. But when we look at truth, we feel that it is very harsh and  hard. Once upon a time it was thought, that truth, when spoken, may not be liked. So people used to say that when truth is spoken, it will not be endearing and what is endearing, may not be even truth. So , how to connect them. Sri Krishna has given a beautiful answer. To speak truth is comforting and endearing. Speaking truth enriches the soul. Truth may be bitter in the beginning, but becomes endearing in due course.

Having said this, sometimes we forget that God Almighty is both truth and love. Just as a mother, out of her love knows everything about her child. This love is the truth that child  belongs to her. All the feelings of love which is within us has emerged out of our awareness of love. It cannot be bound by any one aspect. It is like potent juice, which reaches amidst all plants , leaves, flowery roots, fruits, it goes back.  In case it gets attached to anything in particular, it gets drained out. Similarly it is seen that when we see love between two people , two countries two caste it could all lead to enmity.  How is it possible that love leads to hatred. This is thing to be thought about. All this is because, we have not seen the true face of love. The love of God Almighty flows, gives , helps  and thereafter not get

stuck up with anything. But, we are not able to combine love and truth, just like moon and moonlight, sun and its rays, just as meaning and word both stay together. Similarly, both truth and  love are together. It is because of this, many people , in their venture to search for truth, put in lot of efforts and go through difficulties. They think and feel that once body is punished, they will attain truth. One has no right to torture body, because this body is made by god Almighty. It Is a temple and we have to  light a lamp in it.

These days, some madness has come over in foreign countries to slim down, like mosquitoes. For this they work so hard that they get infested with various diseases. And these mosquitos do not seem to have received any pleasure ,  neither is there any happiness in the land .   Where has  our attention gone?  Must be on things which are not useful and are meaningless. Just think carefully whether anybody has achieved anything by doing such things. Just ponder whether you will achieve any satisfaction of having seen or felt god Almighty by this process .

Christians have crossed the limit by hanging the skinny bony body of Christ on the Cross and declaring it is Jesus Christ. I  would  like  to ask the people whether this godly personality lifted the big cross based on these bones? It is their contention that by this act, they feel contented that we are looking at Christ with cruel and bad vision.

The very same above-mentioned view point becomes strength of love when we go to Pope Sistine Chapel in Rome One needs a large heart to understand this strength of love. The one who does not possess a large heart, will not be able to understand. Like Systen Chapel, when you go to Rome and see Vatican, a very famous Artist by name of Michael Angelo has made a big picture of  entire Kundalini. He has installed Jesus Christ on Agnya Chakra in the form of Lambodar Ganesh, and people are being shown as being thrown here and there. Christ has named it as Last Judgement  . But the whole Kundalini is standing. If you are aware of Kundalini, you will be surprised and non-plussed as to  from  which  angle he has seen this picture and proceeded to make the whole picture. But, he has replaced the skeletal Christ with a strong healthy personality. Could not bear to see the skeletal body of Christ. Atleast in India, no incarnation is shown In this skeletal form. Neither is it believed that the skeletal farm is that of god almighty. We can never believe  that a skeleton form could be  God Almighty. The reason for this  could be that we do not have  love from within, or we may be possessing villainy of enchantment. The person possessing loving nature, only can go deep within. As said earlier, it is very essential to have a large heart. It does not mean you have to resort to un-natural  ways of charity, by being charitable to thieves and  undeserving.

The beautiful narration  regarding wealth, as made by Sri Krishna, as per my thinking, could not have been made by anybody else, because he was a great  and intelligent diplomat. As regards Karan’s life history, Sri  Krishna said  that he was a greatly religious, and a charitable person. He was always immersed in worship, and  charitable deeds. He was the eldest brother of Pandavas.He was always engaged in pooja rituals. He was  a brave Kshatriya.  But during war, when his chakra got stuck ,at the same time Arjun lifted his Gandiva to strike him and  challenged him to face it, Karna said  : Arjun we both are Kshatriyas and we are bold .  It is not ethical to lift a weapon on an unarmed soldier. At that time , Sri Krishna never talked of right and wrong, but  lifted his finger and  asked Arjun  to strike Karna. He asked where  was  he and his valour when Draupadi was being subjected to embarrassment. Modesty of a lady is very important. In this era of Krishna’s Bharath Varsh, are we doing  any good  in the name of religion.  When people narrate the instances of violence leashed on  women, people of world at large  ask us embarrassing questions  regarding atrocities commited  on our  women. Are we equipped with any answers  on all the above matters? I will give  you a comprehensive answer for this as  said by Sri Krishna  “ Yogakshemam Vahamyaham . First comes Yog, followed by Security.(Kshem)

When you praise Indian culture, the most important aspect of this is the attainment of ATMA SAKSHATKAR, to keep our mind pure and free.  They have preached Ashtang Yog. Number of practices  have been narrated  to enable you to attain  Atma Sakshatkar (Self Realisation). But how many people have resorted to it ? Jesus Christ said  that you will be reborn. But how many  people realize this ? In the process of Baptism, any body can come and put the hand on the head and pronounce that   you have been baptized. Similarly, in case of Brahminism, anybody could wear holy thread and  can proclaim that he  is a Brahmin .  Who  is  a Brahmin. It is said that the one who knows Bramha  is  a Brahmin. Brahmin is one  who is twice-born.   Both birds and humans are called twice-born. To explain, bird is first born as egg and later born again as bird. As long as a human being does not get his self realization, he is not aware of the essence of a Brahmin. Till he gets his self realization, he will not be aware  of  the Bramha Principle. And till he understands Bramha principle, he cannot be called Brahmin rightfully. There is a lot of reference  regarding this in our Shastras.

People discuss about Bhagwad  Gita. I have not read Bhagwad Gita . People say that as per Bhagwad Gita caste does not have much importance. As an example,  Sri Ved Vyas  the respected writer of Bhagwad  Gita, was the son of Fisherwoman. Not much is known about  his father, who was a fisherman.

The scholar Sri Valmiki, who wrote Sri Ramayan, belonged to the Fisherman  caste. Vidhur, who belonged to a lower caste, offered simple food to Sri Ram,  also became councellor in the kingdom of Lord Sri Ram.

From  this , it should be realized that  cast system is man-made, which is a wasteful pursuit. We have become happily imprisoned in this, which makes us feel that we belong to this cast, cult and so on,  and results in nothing .  All these are not pure pursuits,  and they  do  not relate to Dharma, because they are not bringing people together. All such acts are adharma and have no relation with Dharma. Whoever talks of high and low status, is not practicing  the principle of Dharma.

There is a need for revolution in our country, a very big revolution, where we can acquire knowledge of self. We are born in a fertile country like Bharat. This is really a Yoga Bhoomi and there is no doubt about it.  But, when one has not realized Atma, he cannot be called as a son of this  bhoomi, by just repeating the word. If one does not acquire the knowledge of yoga, you will be just walking on the ground, just like an animal.

If you are a real respectable son, you should get yoga established in yourself. Just by sacrificing anything in the name of Dharma, or steal or snatch from others  cannot be real Dharma. It is very shameful to note the observation of other countries regarding us .It is very polluted. I am not interested in outsiders, er even think  as to what kind of people they are. Many people  are not for entering the kingdom of God. There is no doubt about that. At times, we feel satisfied that a few suitable people have been found. But when we meet them we find that they are far ahead of us. For example, we have seen  Dr. Warren-and there are many others  like him. They have acquired pure knowledge  through constant efforts, and they are able to understand what is truth and how to acquire it, how to hold on to it and give up untruth. In other words, their will power and soul strength is  so great that once they acquire the truth, they hold on to it firmly. In fact, you people do not know so much about Sri Ganeshji as much as they do.  Of course, I  have told them , but you have to have people  to accept it.

Here in India, people come for health problems of their kith and kin, mother, father etc. They request me to cure them, or ask for financial assistance , or job opportunities. In case they raise above this, they will start arguing about Dharma. Such  Trustees of Dharma have to be told  regarding  Sri Adi Shankaracharya, who wrote  only on the greatness and glory  of  the supreme mother.

Do such people have any sense and what have they achieved  other than indulging in  useless argument    possessing  weak spiritual personality  and  no substance.If at all they raise above this, they will only hold useless arguments with me.  It is to be told to these so called big stalwarts,  after defeat, Sri Adi  Shankaracharya wrote only about the glory of supreme  Mother. Do they possess any wisdom, after all what have they achieved  to speak on such topics?  Just to realize that we have achieved nothing, is sufficient for the concerned person to do better. When a person takes the stand of untruth, he is in full form of  arrogance. Have you seen Mahishasur, Ravan, heard  their talks ? In arrogance, such people think low of others . They feel that they know all about God Almighty. Some people  are also of the opinion that they  have made  God Almighty. They fool others with their  pride and arrogance. God, for some, is a tool to fool others. There is another Group of over smart  people, who say that they do not believe in God  Almighty. They proclaim their honesty  in this regard. They believe  that there is no dearth of scholars.

When outsiders come and explain , perhaps some people get it into the head. But there is already full preparation  to weaken the country, leading to total destruction. This does not happen because we are sinners or bad , but because we misunderstand  Agnyan as gyan. Suppose we understand Agnyan as gyan, what will happen. When you are in darkness, and start walking , somebody or the other will  jump, run beat the other , because of the fog-like atmosphere , which clearly shows that we do not have awareness . Also, we should be aware , who has to be enthusiastic for awareness. Who will know better. Here, eminent scholars are present. They  are busy with their studies, performing big yagnas doing  many things, not aware of many things. Nobody knows where Paramatma can be found.

Regarding paramatma, people think that if some money is offered, he will be happy. Bhagwan is not even aware  what money is. I personally have aged and if you tell me to write a cheque, I will tell  you to write  and I will sign it.This is not under my capacity. My brain does not work on that : “you offer money to God and we are admitted in his kingdom .” This   belongs to the Pope era. Here Pope says ‘ come on bring the ticket, and you will be sent to heaven. They themselves  are  going to hell and we will also follow them blindly.

Such habits are being inculcated, because we are happy with lack of real knowledge. However and whatever it is, there is willingness to follow the same. But the Earth is slipping under you. You have to takes care of this. This ground is slippery and you are standing on that. This Earth, vegetation is auspicious. Because of filling this with sinful matter , we are unable to achieve anything.

Whatever it is, there is willingness to follow the same. But the Earth is slipping under you and you should take care of this. This ground is slippery  and you  are standing  on that. This Earth, vegetation is auspicious . Because of filling this with sinful matter , we are unable to achieve anything.

Today,  you have been told regarding Kundalini.You are aware that there is shakti called kundalini within you.It is pure knowledge. Even if you have  to follow it,  you may study the same  fully.   You will  also start giving lectures like me . But what good is it going to bring?  Till you experience this, you are at zero level awareness and experience. Because, in our Country, this is  the only  deep-rooted vidhya. In  order to encourage us, both nature and various avtars have worked. It is our responsibility to understand that we  will achieve this knowledge  and go deep-rooted in it by reading books. Dr.Waren  acquired knowledge both through reading books  and through his experience.  I would like to tell about Science. One Senior Scientist, who missed his Nobel Prize narrowly, said that his mother says  Sri  Ganesh is placed  in  Mooladhar Chakra. On one side it is  Omkar, and on the other side  it is  Swastik. When he asked  how is the above possible? He was told the simple explanation for this was, to make a picture of Atom, once from the left side and  the other from right side . He was amazed to see  Omkar from the left side  and swastik from the right side.This is carbon atom. He asked how I came to know this. I told that it is already written, there are 4 valencies in it and that is carbon.I told him this is nothing and why do you not believe me?  There was Sri Ganapathi  photo at home  and offered namaskar to it. But, how to explain to Doctor that it is on account of Sri Ganapathi that pelvic plexus is functional, for which  they will not easily understand and agree accordingly.

One example, I would like to tell regarding one old Sahajyogi  by name Agnihotri, from traditional Brahmin Family, who came to our house in Pune and  complained about problem in Mooladhar  chakra.One gland  was not working properly.   I was surprised  as to  how this problem occurred, because he was Sri Ganesha  Devotee  and also a Sahaja Yogi. When he was about to leave, I offered him Channa Prasad in his hand and asked him to eat it. He started looking here and there.  I asked him whether he wants his prostrate gland problem cured or not  and what is the reason for hesitating to eat.He said being Sankashti, he will not be able to eat. I said that the problem is due to fasting and  how can you fast today, on  the birthday  of Sri Ganesh? Sri Ganesh will not be happy with this. After eating channa Prasad and  on reaching Pune, his realized that his  prostate problem had been cured.

We  make many mistakes of this sort. People fast  on birthdays of our deities, which is  not the right  thing to do. We do not know anything about our pooja rituals, but we adhere to it generally . Similar   problem is  with the English people, who keep fast  for various reasons. They have champagne   on various occasions. When asked why they take this drink, which is made of  ingredients  not so good for health, their answer is  they are used to and  comfortable with it and do not have a  problem of any sort. We asked alcoholism against Chetana. They reply back saying that it may be so in your religion, but not in ours. In reply to return question, Christ had prepared drink in a marriage for which I said this was impossible. He had made grape juice. Now you tell me whether drinks can be made without rotting the fruit?  Can any one make the drink in seconds.  But, based upon this verbal exchange , drinking liquor has become a religious practice for Christians. Similarly, fasting has become a ritual in Hindu religion. OK, God Almighty says  if you want to fast, do so.Whatever the devotee desires, God Almighty fulfills it.God Almighty cannot  explain to a reversed brain and make him understand.  Whatever and however they are, they remain that. To think that we will help them to reform, is a very big misconception.

You are independent, is what you say. We have taken a lot of pains for acquiring freedom. To day  you have achieved independence. But I do not think  we are independent. You have got freedom. But you should know the value of independence. Shivaji Maharaj was a self-realised personality.  According to me, he was pure Indian.  He said that one should know the  meaning of freedom. His Guru was Sri Ramdas Swami.He had told Sri Shivaji Maharaj, that till the time we all realise our duties and responsibilities towards our country, we cannot enrich our country.  We are unable to understand  our duties  and discharge them properly. This is so in respect of all Nations  and Countries . Mohammad Sahib had said that when  the time to progress comes, your hands will speak. This is called ‘Kayama’. At the time of resurrection, our hands will speak. He has written a number of things in QURAN. My father himself has translated  this. I know he has said that at this stage our hands will speak.  The entire Namaz  is the awakening of Kundalini. And Allah ho Akbar, which has been chanted by him, refers to Sri Krishna. But if I pronounce this matter, Muslims will be upset  and unruly with me, and if I speak to Hindus they will also be disturbed. Because , by elaborating truth, we are in a quandary with regard to both truth as well as untruth. In order to remove this confusion, first and foremost as Dr.Warren  and all Sahaja Yogis say ,first obtain Self Realisation. This is not a thing to play with, as and when you feel like. You are playing with yourself. But the time  is precious   and cannot be lost just like that.If you are honest with yourself, and if you understand your life fully, you should  accept the fact that you are  lacking in something. You are not only the truth,  not even absolute , and in order to move upwards, if Kundalini has been provided for you, so why not utilise it. You may read the books written by famous personalities like Socrates, Lao Tse, Confucious, who have said one should get one’s self-realisation. Mostly, people say that we are doing meditation.  Meditation is a state of mind, it is not done, it just happens.Once, a senior  Jain Aacharya,  who was the head of Jain Society had come over and he had a big complaint. Some people requested me to rectify him. I asked him how  he is a Jain. You do not  look like that. He said  I am truly a Jain. I  told him that he had not taken self realisation, and how did he take up such a big responsibility. He said beginning from 6th. Century  to 12th. Century , around 26 people had evolved, who are addressed as Kashyap.  As evidently seen, the son of Sage Kashyap, who was a realised soul,  has been named Kashyap. I told that you people do not understand who Jain is. As long as you are not realised you cannot be called  jain.  After self-realisation, whatever work is  executed, people come to realise the happiness and comfort, and people realise the speciality of one another.

When I visited  Kolkata, many years ago, I was lodged in a hotel and one unknown person, coming to know about me, came to meet me and requested for self-realisation and I agreed.  When he touched my feet, mother Kundalini rose very fast  and other  sahaj yogis who were in the adjacent room, felt happiness all around. They came running  to my room and asked  whether I had given self-realisation to any body and I asked them to see for themselves when I kept my hand on his head, he was happy and exclaimed at mother ‘ what is this happening?’

Such types  of experience keep coming in Sahaj.  Some times, a person whom we think as highly evolved, may not be actually so and vice versa. To evaluate properly, we should be in possession of truth.

These days, there is a big rush for visiting. Kumbh Mela. In the first place, what is the reason for going to Kumbh Mel. Can you identify  Sri Gangaji, Sri Jamunaji just by looking at the holy water?  It is not  possible, we are not aware of exact truth. A true Sahajyogi can do so because  he has those vibrations, as the flow is from the Sahasrar of Lord Shiva. We do worship Gangaji, but we are not aware of the auspicious Gangaji. For years we have been bathing in Gangaji. The river is full of stones, but people just go about bathing in the river and come out.  You do not find anything special in the ritual. Similarly people go for Haj , but after coming back they are back to their smuggling and other activities.There seems to be no change in their qualities and work  but their appearance has changed by growing a beard,  now looking like a Haji, but with no changes  for the better. Now what is the reason that you have not become  sensitive in your nature and a better person even after bathing  in river Ganga. How could you?

We say that  this is our enlightened place and we  affirm that everywhere we have enlightened  place. And in the Bible it is written that whatever the Earth element and Space  is existing, do not remake and worship again. It does not mean that  the Earth material need not be worshiped . Now  how do we know that this element which has arisen from earth element , is enlightened or not. Do we say this is enlightened place, after keeping a stone there. Now, whether this is Ram Bhoomi or not, in order to ascertain this, if you help both  Hindus and Muslims to cross over, it will be said that this is undoubtedly  Sri Rama Bhoomi. It does not imply that all Hindus will go and fight and acquire the land for Sri Ram,  and there will be change in us from within. These external things will not bring internal changes. Whenever the real change comes from within, then it will be understood  that this Sri  Rama Bhoomi is  both for Hindus and Muslims. Also it will be clearly understood Sri Rama is same for both Hindus and Muslims and  even Mohammad Saheb is same for both the communities. We are all related to each other closely and firmly. There could be no fight between them.  We do not even comprehend that they commend each other. We are only foolish and keep fighting with one another. This relationship is like  flowers blooming  in the same tree, but at different times. When  the flowers are plucked, then we start fighting for our rights. What great achievement  have you done. What is your speciality? What special and soothing words have you spoken. When it comes to doing something unproductive,  we do not see many things clearly and all are alike in their work and words. We make  different divisions  by way of caste creed and show our foolishness, to people and public in the name of caste, creed and religion, when actually our dharma is within us.

When Kundalini arises which we call as void, also named Bhavsagar and when bhavsagar gets enlightened, our Dharma gets enlightened. Such people are Dharma Bound. Just think when Sri Tukaram, became Sant, no one had to tell him  not to indulge in drinks  and do not use money  belonging to others. We never had to tell such things to these great saints. Did we have to tell Nanak Sahib not to steal. They were not even aware of such bad acts and habits. And we had number of such strict disciplinarian Saints, who were honest, duty-bound  and on the whole, people of high caliber.

We all should practice, what they advised us to do and why not?  We should make a beautiful garland of such big saints in Maharashtra.

Here in Maharashtra, there was a Tailor who became famous as  Sant Namdev. He went to meet a potter by name GORA KUMHAR. We normally discuss  about high  and low caste, which is absolutely a wasteful thing. We went to meet Namdev, he had written article in Marathi. He was a great genuine writer. He said in Marathi ‘ Nirgunachi Bheti,  Aalo sagunashi’ meaning when we came to meet nirgun, we had sagun before us. What a big statement. In order to understand this, you should have self-realisation, they had come to have vibrations, and they received self- realisation. We cannot speak more on this. There were two people, one a potter, who was handling mud, and the other was a tailor.We have wise people amidst us, who say that this Namdev, who was introduced by Gurunanak, who was given a lot of respect and who had written articles in Hindi and Punjabi, and whose name is in the holy ‘Granth Sahib’ was different from the Tailor, who had the same name. Having said this , he spoke another thing of  excessive wisdom, that Sri Adi Shankaracharya, who had written Vivek Choodamamani, had not written Saundarya Lahiri at all. This is because this person could not understand Saundarya lahari , and all this is was foolish according to him.  This is the level of knowledge some exhibit. After mingling with such people, we also become half-bred  and people with half-knowledge. On listening to such people, even  normal intelligent people,  also become foolish. At one point of time, I used to wonder as to how intelligent people become foolish in this manner. Now when I meet such people, I become silent  and tell Kabirdasji , that he has given me good darshan and understanding  such people.

Kabirdasji faced  a lot of injustice. He called Kundalini as Surti very clearly. But in  Bihar and UP, which is my In-law’s place, people call tobacco  by  the name Surti and I do not know about other states, but I know about  above-mentioned States.  Where is the comparison between Kundalini and this monstrous tobacco. Eminent scholars conferred with Kabirdasji  and said that there was no clarity in the language. According to me when you are talking with ordinary people, one should speak the colloquial language as otherwise, how will people understand.  We belong to Maharashtra  and Marathi language is quite difficult  to understand and speak. I have to think a lot and write. The great saints have written great epics  with great depth and beautifully  so in local language.

There was one gentleman, who was a butcher. There is a narration with regard to this. Once a Sadhu Baba came over  and resting under the tree. A bird happen to fly by and drop  excreta  on the gentlemen. When he looked at the bird, it suddenly dropped dead. When he proceeded, he happened to see woman, and when he knocked at the door, she said ‘you wait, I will come’. This gentlemen  again asked , ‘please give me alms’. Now the lady  brought rice and said, what is the necessity to loose temper, I am not like the bird you have killed. You may try. The man asked , how did you come to know about the bird ? She went on to say, ‘there  was something  or the other to now about’. She went on to say that ‘you go a bit further and you will come to a village. There you ask whether there is a person called Sajan. He has taught me.  Accordingly, he went to that village and asked whether any person by the name ‘Sajan resides here?’ The villagers said no, but  there is one butcher here. They asked whether he was knowledgable about God. They said he had a lots of it. When they reached there, they said they have heard a lot about him. They said they knew about it. They said that he had killed a bird and in that village a girl told  about it. Ok, now you have come here. He was astonished that these  people know so much about him ? He was  a Butcher. But we are such learned peopled who do not  believe in these butchers for some people saints are those people who have been released from jail, who would have indulged in some fraud or the other, or they would be capable of of indulging in some fraud activity or the other, and would be wearing orange robes  and big tilak and giving big lectures. They could be some political leader,  who, after having been  unsuccessful in politics, would have resorted to this type of fake activity, and people  get linked with them. We are not able perceive how fast such activities are coming closer to us. It is going to spread across the world very fast. Sri Mataji  says  in order stop such destructive activities, we, Indians  have to  take  full responsibility , especially those  from Bengal, who are ardent worshippers of Sri Adi Shakti, but currently involved in worship of demon Mahishasur.

Whatever I have said to day  is proper in fact that  pure love is energising in quality.  It is the responsibility of  mother to explain things to children without fear. You would have heard of Shivaji’s mother who has taught her child in the matter of warfare. This great soldier was the son of most revered mother Jijabai, who had acclimatised  his brave son with warfare using sword. This  brave mother was   Sri Lakshmi personified. She would have seen her son’s great sacrifice for the motherland. There have been many brave mothers, but Jijabai was  above all. It seems, we have become totally westernised  in our standards. It is not advisable to do so. We should all take care of ourselves, and we should receive self-realisation, in other words, ATMA SAKSHATKAR.

I am sure and confident that we we will become Atmasakshatkari. There is great change  in the sense that we are not indulging in the traditional type of worship, but will take up  Sahajyoag, because  we can only grow up in collective  worship. People say that they have become Dikshit and what next? People have to be made aware that by sitting at home and indulging in Pooja, will not take us far and people will not gain by it. We have to get into collective worship. May God Almighty bless you all with wisdom and good thinking , and with this may you  obtain Parmatma.

My hearty blessings to you all.