Birthday Puja

Kolkata (India)


Birthday Puja (Hindi). Kolkata (India). 1 April 1986.

[English Translation from Hindi]

Since 21st March, you all are celebrating My birthday… and, in Bombay too, birthday was celebrated for 4 days with full vigor… after that birthday was celebrated in Delhi, and today too, it feels that, you all will keep celebrating My birthday.

This tent has been decorated so beautifully… with flowers… and with different colors… all decoration has been done so much, that words stop, seeing the artists, that, how, with their heart, they have made such a talent-ful thing, in so little time.

Today, the special thing is such that, mostly, in these days, when, Easter happens, I am in London… and every Easter Puja happens in London only. So they sent news that Mother, wherever You are, wherever Your puja happens, remember us there, and here we will do the Easter Puja that day. Arrangement of the Puja today happened so quickly… and with so much beauty… all this is immense blessing of God, that He, made such arrangement happen. But, here, a very big work is starting from today. Till now, I used to talk a lot about false gurus, and very openly I told about them, that how much they are wicked, how much they are demonic, and how they stop the path of true seekers, and put them in misunderstanding, and put them on a totally reverse path… and for this, many people said that it is not good to talk about such a thing… by this, the gurus will attack You, and will trouble You, but, the totally opposite happened. No one showed Me the court, neither anyone told anything about Me. One by one, every wicked person came in open, and the world knew that whatever I told about them is absolutely true. Today, slowly these false gurus are getting wiped out, but, the tantriks still have a strong hold… and in your Calcutta, I think, its main source is there. Here they thrive, and from here they spread to the whole of the world. Today only, the person who I met with, talked with him so much tantriks.. he told who all came to his shelter, and who all became mahatma. I felt, this campaign has now started… it is not necessary to correct these tantriks one by one… they should all be washed into “Ganga Ji” together. Then only they will understand. So, from today, this Mahishasur which has spread everywhere, the campaign to end this, should begin.[clapping]

This is one very big spiritual revolution, by which the whole world will be benefited. The whole world will become pure with this revolution, and will remain in the ocean of joy, in the Kingdom of God. But for that, with patience, everyone should do some sacrifice, and for that, the biggest thing is that, strength should be kept. If we work with strength, then that day is not far, when our world will be filled with happiness. But, in that, the biggest hurdle comes to Me, when sahaja yogis do not go deep. It should be for sahaja yogis, to go very deep. It is a big responsibility for every sahaja yogi, that they should do such work in this revolution, which should be very special. Till now, whoever sahaja yogi I see, they have this thing that, we are having this catch Mother… our these chakras are catching… this is happening with us… we have this mistake within us… this and that. But, when we start giving… when you start giving to others, start their welfare, then by itself, these things will start diminishing. Your attention should only be here, that to how many we have given, how many we helped cross over, how many we have bought in Sahaja Yoga. Until we do not do this with much force, the work of Sahaja Yoga will not go forward. And this moving forward is utmost important.. for this many other things should be done, which we are thinking, should happen within a year. From that one thing we are thinking such that… we create such an ashram, where sahaja yogis will come and live from different places, and the whole path of Sahaja Yoga will be made known to them. Not only that, the awakening of their Kundalini will be done fully, and they will be activated in the whole world in the form of very great sahaja yogis. We are thinking of this arrangement, and I think within a year, some or the other such thing will be made, where you can come and stay at least for a month, and by staying there, you become master in Sahaja Yoga, and by becoming a master sahaja yogi, you can work in the whole world.

But, the biggest thing is that, within ourselves, we have a kind of, lack of faith about ourself… the diffidence that we have, we should overcome that. I will tell you, one Dr. Warren is here, when he came to Sahaja Yoga, he lived with us for, at the most 8 days, and in that too, he kept fighting the whole time… he could not understand initially how to correct himself. Anyways, whatever happened, when he became alright, he went back to Australia, and after going to Australia, he helped so many people cross over, put to good so many people, that I was very surprised that he, who did not know what was Ganpati, who did not know about any devta, who did not know anything about Kundalini… became alright within 8 days, and spread all over Australia. So, to think, that we cannot do this… or how to do this… this problem is there… what will people think… if you keep such mentality, then Sahaja Yoga cannot move forward. God is with you, Shakti is with you, you are yogi yourself, and it is a responsibility on all yogis to do this work fully. Till you all don’t stay united, this work cannot happen. Have to be united, and to be united means, you are part and parcel of one body. One sahaja yogi should never be thought of as different from another sahaja yogi. Like I see, in the beginning, a sahaja yogi, turns more towards a person who is not a sahaja yogi, rather than one who is a sahaja yogi. So, first thing should be there that, those brothers and sisters who are sahaja yogis, in front of them, everyone else is not related to you. Whatever one says, we, under any circumstance, should not agree with them, because they will put you in a fix, and there will be a divide between you people. If you have to avoid this demonic knowledge, then you will have to understand that you are yogi people, and you are in the Kingdom of God. Every demonic knowledge has one-one agent, understand, who wants to pull you, so that you leave this knowledge, and go to their knowledge… and their clever tricks are so beautiful, that you won’t understand. So, the first thing is that.. rule… that we sahaja yogis do not go against sahaja yogis… and we don’t form a group. If somewhere, even a little group starts to form of Sahaja Yoga, I break that… and have broken. Now like… groups are made, like Delhi people are there… then they are in Delhi, then… like, Karolbag people are there, then of somewhere else are there… Bombay people are there. Then Bombay people… in them too, some are of Nagpada, then some of Dadar, and some of somewhere. Now, doing all this, you will reach such a small place, where you will be sitting alone, and say where have the sahaja yogis disappeared.

So, in this, not a thing can make a group. When cancer sets within a person… then it happens by making a group. If in a person.. DNA which you call… if it becomes bad in a person… if in a cell mistake happens… if only a single cell becomes bad, it will force on another cell, and that second cell will do on third cell, and such a group of their will begin to form… and that will want that our group should overpower everyone. When that starts to overpower everyone, then for example, suppose cells of your nose are there, if they start to grow, then they form a group, and a big lump forms here, and that goes and attacks on your eye, and covers the eye. Then from there it goes, and covers the ear. Like this, one who is cancer understands others lower compared to himself, and forms a group and pushes those, who are the others… who are sahaja yogis. If such a disease spreads in Sahaja Yoga, then I put it away for good nicely, wherever I am. Whether am in London, whether am in America, whether am anywhere… that is put away for good automatically. Therefore, no one should do any kind of groupism. No one should think that we are of one group. If 10 people stay together, and if everytime 10 people stay together, then we should understand, a group is being formed. For sahaja yogis, 10 people should not stay together all the time. When today you sit with them, then tomorrow with them… tomorrow with them… then with them. Like we have in ourselves, small-small cells of blood…which we call cells… suppose if they sit at one place, and 10 cells think that we will sit here only, then that person will die… Sahaja Yoga will die. That’s why, us 10 people together, because we are of one group, these are of one group.. those are of one group… “rakta-visaran” which we say, that, which is the circulation of blood, should flow freely within us. So, no group should be formed. Where you see a group is forming, leave that group, and go to another group. Break that group, tell that to come with this group, then that should come with this… till you do not do this way, negativity will keep forming within your collectivity.

Like I say, if you churned and took out butter… butter particles are all around… in that you have to put a big lump of butter, then after that, then around it, all the particles start to stick to it. But, if 4-5-6 particles get together, and sit aside, then the one who has churned, says that, let them go, this butter is bad.. pick up the one that is bigger. So, everyone should get together, and big one… like butter, like that, should become a big group… and doing like this, should dissolve into one big ocean. So, if one drop you have to dissolve in the ocean… then, by creating 4-5 drops, you will only make bubbles. Whoever works by this method, forms a bubble, and those bubbles you know, come for 2 minutes, and then get destroyed… by themselves, by nature itself, nothing has to be done to it. That’s why, you don’t have to create any group. Should meet everyone the same way, should go with everyone, should love everyone, and should try to understand everyone. You should not criticize each other, in any way, ever. You are not brothers and sisters with each other, but you are the part and parcel of My body. Suppose if one finger of Mine, criticizes the other finger, then what good will happen… only loss will happen by this. That’s why, right is that, man should… what happened, sit down at least(to someone)… that’s why, most right is this thing, that we should think that now we are not human, we are super human, and the condition of super human is such that, we should roam everywhere, and keep attention towards God. This one big problem comes in Sahaja Yoga, in the beginning, when a person, don’t know why, breaks the collectivity. This is also one demonic knowledge, where collectivity breaks. Now, like I say, in Bombay this work is less, in Delhi, not yet even now… and I don’t know the situation about Calcutta yet, but I will say that do not let diseases spread. You all are my sons, and my daughters. Within yourselves, if any kind of difference happens, then its not a big thing, but that, you should not do groupism with each other. If one group forms, then that group will say, that put forward our man… that will say, put forward our man… and the effect of that you see, is that such people go away from Sahaja Yoga.. their place ends. Like gurus have been finished, in the same way, such people are finished… if I don’t do, your own nature will do it.

That’s why, to you, specially I have to say it, that please, you all give attention to yourself, and also love towards others. Give love to others, and put attention on yourself. Look towards yourself, and see yourself, and say, how are we. Are we alright? Are our chakras alright? Do we have any mistakes within us, or if you think that someone understands, then go and ask him… “if a chakra is catching then please tell, as we can’t understand”.

The day you accept the thing, that we are sitting as part and parcel of Mother, you will understand how much importance you have. No matter how you are, I have accepted you. Now you also have to accept Me, and have to know that, by living with feeling of immense cleanliness and purity only, your Mother can get happiness and joy.

Today is this special date, the date on which the new campaign is starting, that, whatever tantriks are there in this whole world, I am going to get after them now, and I wish… [clapping]… and I wish that all of you also, should be after everyone… and wherever you see a tantrik… for people who go to him, if you wish, for that, print pamphlets etc, and send there, that this man is a tantrik, and keep running from tantrik. Because, a person who goes to a tantrik, and tantrik comes to his house, then he cannot prosper for seven generations… his children won’t prosper… seven generations will suffer of his. Big losses will take place… his home will burn.. and it may happen, that his wife may commit suicide somewhere… his home will always have problems, sadness, and despair.

That’s why this campaign… today’s day is such that it is called April Fool’s day jokingly. So, these people will be made fools and thrown over. These people will be fooled, and thrown over, because they think themselves to be very intelligent. So, their foolishness which is there… their full inauguration, is the work of you people.

With your love, and affection, and with this decoration, really… I am overwhelmed. So much you have spent, so much you have decorated… only have to say, its not necessary to spend so much. Your Mother is so simple, that She does not need anything. You all… whatever is there, whatever you give to Me, is enough… I do not want anything. Whatever you have to take from Me, you all take it. But, for your satisfaction, I say, OK, you have to give a saree, then give, what to do. But, that too, you think that, sarees given 4 years back, are still locked in lock and key. That I do not understand, that later when some museum etc is built, then you will put there. So, all these things, for your interest, whatever you say, are kept with me as your deposit, and its not necessary, but your love is such that, in front of that I cannot speak anything, cannot say anything… whatever you give with love.. whether they are fruits of Shabri… or whether they are expensive sarees of yours, all matter to me.

So now, it is the time for our puja… today like I said, its the occasion of birthday, and exactly at 12 o’ clock, I started my lecture, and exactly at 12 o’ clock, I was born. That’s why, so much time was spent, so much time was spent in flowers, its nothing to worry about, because the opportune time is such that, at 12 o’ clock only, today’s birthday was to be celebrated. So, in this… [clapping]… all things, all at their own time, set properly… in that no one should feel any guilt.