Public Program: About all chakras

Kolkata (India)

1986-04-02 Public Program Hindi, Calcutta India DP-RAW, 156'
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Public program. Kolkata (India), 2nd of April 1986.

Translation from Hindi:

Sahaja Yoga commenced as a small blade of grass, which has now grown to the size of sea. But it has to further grow to the size of Ocean. Now, I am totally convinced that this can grow further to the shape of  a big Ocean, in this Mahanagar. Today, I would like to tell you about the purpose of Sahaja Yoga and the benefit meted out  to mankind by  the awakening of Kundalini. Mother’s nature is such that whenever she has to give any thing bitter, she has to sweeten  the same  and  give it. But, it is not like that in Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga the outer covering is sweet and  the inner portion is also very beautiful. Sahaja Yoga, as you are aware is, Saha means, it is born with you. This is such a Yoga, which is your birthright, and you have to obtain it. As told by Shri. Balgangadhar Tilak Sahib in a crowded court that independence is our birth right. In a similar manner, it is our birth right to know  about  our svatantra. This tatva of ‘sva’ tantra has been made in our system by God Almighty most beautifully, thousands of years ago. This is the reason, why we do not have to do anything about it. Only Kundalini gets awakened  and when  you get related to  the  all -pervading creation  of Almighty, and  bind with its strength of love, then Yoga becomes possible, and based upon this, whatever has  been explained, that which  has been described by saints, what has been said by Marks, that kingdom of Almighty will be obtained by you. All this takes place through whatever beautiful creation, that is within you.

Today, I will tell you, just as these people have told, through the medium of Kundalini what are the various  gains that can be obtained, and secondly, there is also a request that whatever has not given relief  till day, and if relief is the most important thing required by you, then you will have to give up everything else and get down to only selfish interest. Our elders have given beautiful meaning of ‘svartha’. To get the meaning of ‘Sva’ is itself selfishness. But we get the meaning of ‘svartha’ with an opposite meaning. Who  has got  the ‘ artha’ of ‘sva’, became ‘svartha’. And after getting the meaning of svarth, it becomes  useful for self, and  apart from self , whatever  is  connected  with self, will also be comfortable. At the very outset, when Kundalini starts getting awakened, Shri Ganesha establishes it  in Mooladhara Chakra. In whomsoever the  power of  Shri Ganesha  is strong, the  Kundalini rises  very fast  and will remain there, awaiting.

Like small children, in whose mind, there are no thoughts, there is no dirt in their heart, where there is no harshness in their talk. The rise of kundalini in such children is very fruitful. And after obtaining such beneficial thing, children will distance themselves voluntarily from bad things. They will never take to bad ways. They will never do such things, which will give sadness to themselves, or do anything which will give trouble to society. Their mind does not go in that direction at all. Their behaviour towards everybody is very soft and respectful. They will not make anybody sad and they will not trouble anybody. Their vision is very pure and clean about everything. They will not be   touching  others’ things, will not blame others for their own mistakes. They will be away from doing all these things , and  will become good and efficient souls. And  their efficiency is such that  in case they see anything wrong, they will speak it out boldly anywhere.

There is an example for this quality. My grand daughter, when she was about 5 years, was taken by her parents to Ladakh. There they saw one Lama, who was wearing a big, long gown, with clean shaven head, sitting there. They were from Bihar. When the child saw people

going and touching this mahatma’s feet, including her mother and father out of respect, she could not bear it though she was small, sitting on a jhula she turned her neck, looked at him and said, ‘you have shaved your head, and are wearing this robe, you are asking everybody to touch your feet. You are not yet realised’. She was only 5 years of age, when she said this.

I remember once, on the occasion of 100th year birthday celebration of Shri Ramana Maharshi, I was invited as a guest and I was sitting on the stage and my second grand daughter was sitting with me. Near us, one sahib was sitting, wearing a big gown, he was considered to be renowned pandit there. My grand daughter stood up and said ‘grandma, please drive away this gentleman who is wearing a maxi. He is exuding so much of heat, we will not be able to sit here.’ In that hall, many Sahaja Yogis were sitting, and they also waved their hands ‘Yes brother there is lot of heat emanating, just send this man outside.’

From this. It has to be understood, that children, who are very soft and honest, when they see a wrong person has been made to sit on the stage, and everybody is being affected by this, they stand up. This way, they get the feel of truth. Wherever there is no dharma, they stand up. When you awaken to the Ganesh principle, you also become like a small child. Jesus Christ had said that in order to enter  kingdom of God, you should become like a child, and there should be innocence. All smartness and cunningness, will disappear in no time. Then the  Kundalini awakens within you, only when Shri Ganesh awakens within you, and when Ganesh is duly awakened, protecting  the chastity of his mother, then Kundalini rises as per his advise.

Now, when Kundalini awakens and comes into your  Swadishthan Chakra, then you feel that a new life has started. The sense of beauty becomes very sensitive. One gentleman came to me and said that ‘I do not have any work’. I asked him why he could not take up interior decoration work. He said, I do not know anything about wood, so how can I take up interior decoration work. I told him ‘you start the work at least’. Accordingly, he did interior decoration work and he became rich. I told him, when ever you want to make anything beautiful, you just look into its vibrations. If the vibrations are coming, it means that the work is done, otherwise, do not do it. I was surprised to see that he went on making, and it turned out to be beautifully done and no where the vibrations stopped, no where he felt the heat or had any problems.

The sense of beauty sometimes flourishes in such a manner, like that of people who never wrote poetry in their life, who were mathematicians, who did not know in their life, what writing was, they wrote such beautiful poetry that was worth reading. Those, who had not taken any artistic work in their hands, who had not made any pictures in their life, made such beautiful pictures, that one wondered whether Ravi Verma had come back again into this world. Because, the person gets into that philosophy which is having eye for beauty. The eye for beauty in human being, is great. When he gets  above this, his sight becomes sensitive. He will not like anything dirty, and cheap. Whatever he makes, he will make it pure and keep it. To understand this, he should be a Sahaja Yogi. Like poet William Blake, who was a great poet, born in England. This poet has written so much in detail about Sahaja Yoga that he has given all minute details of the house, where I was staying. In the belongings of William Blake, he has kept so many things, which only  a great person or an Atma Sakshatkari can understand. He has made the Agnya Chakra so beautiful, to make it open from top some how. But, who can understand this. In that they are only showing of Almighty, how  muscles have been mad, how his nose has been made, how his face has been made from the coefficience  of the entire form , how much of auspiciousness is coming.

When I  reached London, being the 100th year of  birthday of William Blake, I said I will have to attend that. All children started saying, ‘Mother, you do not go to any place like that.I told that I have to  attend  this. As we reached the place, we found the entire atmosphere so beautiful, that from all over  the place, beautiful energetic waves were being felt, and the feeling of music was being felt by me. But, people over there were seeing through binoculars, who is naked  and who is most abhorring  to see and who  is standing in which pose. According to them, it was not anything beautiful, which we could enjoy. Whatever we felt as looking beautiful, was not being felt by them in that manner. As you are aware, in their opinion, whatever we saw as beautiful, could not be enjoyed by them.

Now you know that vision has become very vulgar abroad. They cannot see anything other than something vulgar. Their vision is going down to such a dirty level so drastically, but today I see in Sahaja Yoga  the system of Sahaja Yogis for whom, seeing an old lady sitting, feel a lot of beauty even in her. The greatness of seeing beauty is seen with lot of skill, wonder how, it is depicted outwardly. To see the beauty through heart, I do not know how it is being displayed out side and it amazes me how these people  who were seeing world in such a low level, are today seeing world with respect, saying see what the world is like. You might have heard that a painting of  Mona Lisa which has been made by Leonado D. Vinci, has been kept in a very big exhibition in Paris, where many people go just for seeing it. One day I told them to go and see the vibrations coming from Mona Lisa. It has been made years ago.  People come in  thousands to see it. And she looks like a modern film star and has a beautiful body and there is smile on the face, there is a simplicity and thousands of people have been coming to see her from so many days and I said ‘you  people also go and see  whether vibrations are coming or not’.

So, when these people went to Paris, and saw, they started saying that mother, there was so much of vibrations as soon as we went  inside that we went on seeing, totally wonderstruck, and we have never felt like this before. People from France, who are experts in enthusiasm, hoping that those who are involved in dirty words, whose literature and habits are so dirty, that nothing should be learnt from them. I used to tell them they are used to bathroom culture and do not know anything else. But today, those who are sitting in heaven and are so beautiful, and have become so beautiful that I feel surprised that as soon as their soul was  internally lit, their love, being  pure, under the influence of pure and impure lotus sitting in the slush, do not know when they opened up and flourished.

This happens when Kundalini comes on Swadishthan Chakra. Those who do not listen to music, they now know that most people like  classical music. Now, this is  Indian music which has come from Omkara. We keep fighting that we are Indians, we are Indians. If they do not understand our music, I will never accept  he is an Indian, from any angle. In this matter, we always run towards foreign countries. We try to learn their music from them. This Gharana, this great Yoga Bhoomi has given such high quality of music, we are not able  to understand it. My lecture  was going on in Delhi. Amjad Ali Saab, who is a Sahaja Yogi and his friends have also become Sahaja Yogis, and there was a difference in the way he played his Sarang instrument . But, as soon as he started playing his instrument, half the people got up and went away, saying that ‘We have come to listen to Mother. I said I am only speaking what Amjad Ali is playing, I am only speaking, sit down.

Such people, who have no interest in music at all, they should think that a day will come, that they will get such interest in music that the singer may get up and go, but  they will not. This is the condition of our Sahaja Yogis. To day Sahaja Yoga has reached different countries, thousands in number. You have heard of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, very great exponent of music from Maharashtra, sings ragas like Shri and Marva Madhyam, which is difficult to be rendered even by great musicians. But, he binds, plays Marva, and those sitting with him see the madhyam being bound as if some building is closed from inside. He is a genuine Indian. I consider him a  genuine Indian, who is related with Aumkar. This music is full of Aumkar, which is understood by Indians. Recently, Chittibabu had come from South. Everybody got totally enthralled. Actually, nobody from Maharashtra even knows what South Indian Music is. They know a little bit of theory, but all Maharashtrians and foreigners were  just sitting, listening to him, his playing the instrument, and were perplexed seeing him playing the instrument, and listening to music, you do not get to see so much in Madras, as much as they are sitting and listening here.

The person becomes so sensitive. Regarding music, art, anything which is creative, the inner quality, he catches where there is happiness. How does it happen? Because, when you listen to any raga, any music or any drama or dance, any such thing, then your thinking chain starts within. Like ‘Mother, when will you  talk? Now, this dance is going on, means, your next  thought process would have started. Or, you will think, this person has given good dance performance, why cannot she be asked to dance elsewhere, danced very well. Who danced? In this manner, such thoughts start playing around and you will think, there should be enquiry regarding this dance, and also in this manner. With this, the entire happiness regarding this gets over, when you start thinking like this, the artist who has made this and pumped  happiness into that, disappears. Your own thoughts only go on, one after the other. Any things made beautifully, if we go on seeing it continuously, and think of who made it, and how much does it cost, from where it has come, then that happiness with which the artist has performed it, just goes waste. Just  like water overflows from Ganga. This becomes apparent, only after Self-realisation . Because with thoughtless awareness alone, you can realise all this.

Now, we will go forward and come to Nabhi Chakra. Only through  Nabhi Chakra, lotus-like Brahma comes out and makes creation, through which we obtain eye for beauty. But, when we come to Nabhi  chakra, it is the chakra of finding. Through Nabhi Chakra only, we have started our searching. It means, think that through animal only, searching has commenced. In the beginning, they were searching for food, and when matsyavatar came into existence, somebody put a step forward, saying come and see on land, then he made  slowly crawling-like tortoise crawling on the ground. In this manner,animals came on earth. This search went on and on and when it reached the stage of human being, then dharma dawned within them. Dharma evolved in such a manner that for us  some things became dharma and some adharma. This matter could only be thought of by human being. An animal can never think about it.

Once, one of our young Sahaja Yogi asked Me, ‘Mother please tell me what must be happening to cubs of tiger?’ I asked why?  Because tiger must be telling its cubs to eat this cow, and they must be eating it also. So, a sin would have been committed is it not? I told them that there is no sin for them, because they are animals. There is no sin for them. Only human being feels the thought of sin. Now, in human beings only the feeling of sin occurs. This  feeling of  good and bad in human being enlightens from within. And this is the dharma, which when arises within us, we call it the dharma of Nabhi Chakra, has gone into ten dharmas and on  those ten dharmas those ten  great Adigurus have been established. On having established them, our Kundalini establishes Dharma within us. Meaning, we do not have to say ‘do not do this work.’ Some Sahaja yogis have come here, some more of them are in foreign countries and more from elsewhere.

We have never told them not to drink. If you were to tell this in England not to drink liquor, more than half the crowd would get up and go away. Even here, condition will be somewhat the same. But I have never told. I have not told them not to eat tobacco. I have not told them not to take drugs. I told them to just come. And as soon as they acquired Sahaja Yoga, they stopped taking drugs from the next day. Second day only, they stopped.This is snake, you leave it. It went off by itself, I did  not say anything. Whatever problem that is there in Nabhi Chakra, like we go to false gurus. Go to one Guru, whomever you see, we keep doing namaskar to them.

The Gurutatva is that which spreads on all four  sides through the Swadishthan Chakra. Swadishthan goes around all the four sides  and  whatever limit that is there, in that lies our Guru Dharma. While searching, the human being again comes back to Guru, foremost, he will search the place, then money, then position, he will search in this, that, but when he does not get any where, just go along and make a Guru, like we keep a regular help to carry on our household work. Money will be sent across to them, pay them this much, that much money, give them food facility, we feel amazed regarding how such quantum of food is consumed. Make this arrangement, that arrangement for them, and they will be nicely sending money to their Banks. They do not even think that the dealings that they are doing, is it the dealing of Gurus? And those who are their students, who are obediently running after them are not even aware whether these people are worthy of being called a Guru. Their entire attention is on our purse. Even then, why are we consistently following them, expecting some happening of wonder from them? If people get something from somewhere, they go after them.

At this point, our Guru Dharma gets broken, and bad period starts. When a person instead of searching for truth, runs here and there, which I call as right side, left side, when it turns towards left side, his sub-conscience and thereafter collective sub-conscience will  be coming down and coming down to that world, where everything which is already dead is past, just kept the entire past. And that person who speaks about future, thinks of future, keeps  planning, thinks of position, philosophy, punishing the body, talks of going after siddhi, goes on the right side. Now  Gurus belong both to the left side as well as right side. Similarly, some drugs, put you in the right side and some on the left. You may be surprised  that disease like cancer is termed as psychosomatic. Many people think  cancer is body-related, but it is not. It is psychosomatic.

On your right side, you carry on your physical and ‘bhouthik’ work. And on your left side you carry on your mental work. English language is so strange. It has the same word for different  things. It could be for intelligence or mind-related. The work you carry on from your mind, it is left side, and the work from your intellect and body, it is right side. If you work too much from right side,  you undertake number of  troubles, for which I say in your Nabhi, you have left Nabhi, on left side where your special “sanstha” which is called spleen, I think it is  perhaps called pliha, in Hindi. Which you call as extreme, is being used  like this. You get up in the morning, immediately start reading news paper, start getting agitated, speedometer has started  shaking, with news something like this person has been beaten, that person has been hit,  Vishwamitraji’s  sensationlisation which has started in such news, which shakes people, soon after reading. The chakra, which is resting in your stomach, this speedometer is showing its effect. After this, get up and rush, and you thought that if we go by vehicle, there is lot of jam on account of heavy traffic. Again you are frustrated, and with great difficulty, on reaching office, there you find lot of problems. Have not taken proper food, neither have you brushed. Whatever food that is given by wife, you are just gobbling. There is lot of trouble in this, and it results in blood cancer.

In olden days, in this state of Bengal, husband used to sit comfortably eating his food, after having a good bath. Wife used to fan, and serve food carefully. It was considered that the speed of eating should be equivalent to the speed of fan, and husband used to eat slowly, nicely digesting, and afterwards go to any place he wanted to go. But, there is nothing like that anymore. Now, such things just do not work. Now it is not like that, because of hectic  life, running here, there. Because of that your speedometer gets spoilt on account of which, the red blood corpuscles which have to make  blood cells, go mad. And in this madness, which we call ‘go crazy’, it does not know which method to be used to supply blood to this mad person. Now this, what you call vulnerability, has started with regard to your cancer. With this, say call it either black magic, ‘bhoot vidya’, or Guru Prasad, or any such type of things, if they enter your internal system, then blood cancer will be caused. If any mother is of this type, who is in trouble from morning to evening, saying will have to  roll out papads today, and something else tomorrow, in order to keep husbands in control, will work very smartly. She will be planning for preparation of different varieties of  food. She is always  planning to do some thing or the other.

This disease can happen to her children also, if she is pregnant  at that point of time. In case the child is born normal, she will be after the child saying ‘common get up, be quick, you have to go to school, with great difficulty we have got admission, have paid so much of money for that etc.’ The entire society is made like this where everybody is working in troubled condition and in chaos. On account of this, there  is possibility of getting blood cancer. We are  always sitting in examination and in spite of sitting  in examination, nothing will be lacking. Everything will be going on properly. According to my thinking, there is nothing as such, for which a human being has to hurry up and create confusion.

Now, how can this be treated? The treatment is that, as soon as Kundalini comes to your Nabhi Chakra, then peace will prevail. Human being becomes peaceful. He will be looking at things peacefully. He will be going on seeing, and  that peace  tells him ‘become peaceful’, ‘become peaceful’. Now see, I have to travel by flight, and others are worried, saying ‘you have to go, get going, get going.’ In the last minute, ‘leave this, leave that’. I said, brother, who has to go yourself or myself? I have to go, why are you getting  troubled? So, you leave it. Let me go. I will go comfortably. Now, sometimes, some funny thing also happens like, reached the Airport  very quickly and came to know that the flight is late by 8 hours. I had  already told  that ‘why are you going so early? Leave the house conveniently. You should have asked earlier.’ But that restless nature which is within us, for that, I have given an example, that today’s nature is such that you are making venue for cancer to put  its effect on you.

Now, in London, we have cured three to four people of blood cancer. I will not say I have done it. By raising their Kundalini, they became all right. I have not done anything. Those, whose Kundalini was awakened, were cured. Besides confusion, we make many types of mistakes. Like, Doctors who are associated with us, are one excelling the other. If we explain to them,  they look with such amazement, as to how Mother is telling this? Because, I  know this with sensitivity. The sensitivity which is within you, should know that there should be peace within your body. There should be peace within you. And your entire system should be peaceful. If you are in a hurry, you will get  such sickness. More than this, I would like to tell you regarding sensitivity, some doctors sitting here, may not even know and perhaps not even agree that when your Swadishthan chakra acts, this has to take care of all the organs of the stomach, like liver, pancreas, spleen, and kidney etc.

Besides this, in the head, there is what is called brain, requires grey matter, which is made by converting fat in the stomach, and after transforming, to be sent to brain. This is not  the only important work it has. One more work is there. But, when a person thinks too much, thinks of future, keeps planning, he does this, that, with brain thinking all the time, at that time he has to do all the work by himself. At that time all other work comes to a stand still. That is the reason people get liver problem. Especially in Kolkata, largely, many people have liver problem, because there is Surya Nadi, and the excessive working of Surya Nadi, already in the influence of heat of sun and over and above the Surya Nadi is active, poor Swadishthan chakra has to work so hard, that it is not able to take care of just even one liver. That is the reason that people here have liver problem. Doctors, have named this as migraine. There is nothing called migraine. All this is useless talk. In this, if your liver gets upset, you will have migraine, or if you are troubled by any devil, that will also will give you migraine problem. This is the talk of left side, but I am talking of right side.

So, your body problems get solved because you become thoughtless. In Sahaja Yoga, you do not think much. You are beyond thoughts till you are encouraged, and when you get thought provoking ideas, you start talking in the same way and you work also in the similar way. Thoughts stop all of a sudden. One thought rises, falls down. Second thought arises, then falls down. The gap between two is called interval. This interval is the present. To day, now, this time, this minute, this place. We either think of the future, or about the past. We go on jumping according to the command, from the same place. Our entire time our brain keeps working. Our brain goes on working. Our head keeps on going round. At that time, poor Swadishthan, working hard, is ready to go on to complete the work.

Then you get diabetes. Diabetes occurs when your entire strength of Swadishthan goes in thinking. In villages, I do not know about this place, gets used in thinking. In villages, I do not about here, in Maharashtra people consume so much of sugar in villages, they say that when a spoon can stand in the quantum of sugar used, then it is considered that sugar has been put.  What were they drinking, whether tea or milk. So much of sugar is consumed, nobody gets diabetes. In villages nobody gets diabetes. Why is it that people in cities and towns only get diabetes? And what about those, who are planning daily, sitting at the table and duping the people. What happens to them? Why do they fall sick? The reason is you are thinking more than necessary. It is not necessary to think  more than necessary. But, when somebody tells you not to think, it is just not possible.

One gentleman came in Switzerland to meet me. He was a Barrister. Now he came to Sahaja Yoga. He was very famous Barrister in Algeria. He came to Switzerland and tells me, ‘Mother, you may cut my throat, you may break my head, but preserve this knowledge. I will become mad’. To day, he has become a very renowned person. Now all his problems like diabetes  etc., have been cured.

After this, your blood pressure also is because of this. Because Kidney has been neglected, you have not taken care of kidney, you have not managed it. So that also became your  disease. Many diseases occur because of all this and in Sahaja Yoga when kundalini  energises your Nabhi chakra, all these diseases totally run away. And your attention becomes fixed in the middle. When your Dharmic Shakti awakens, we will say that from Lakshmi tatva you have come to Mahalakshmi tatva. Like, whenever people become rich, they get assurance, there they go about in strange madness.

Like when you go to America, there all the rich people get either ignored, idiot, or if not that they speak on such topics like somebody has committed suicide falling from roof top and died and somebody else killed their 4- 5 children. Then, we Just do not understand if by getting money , such habits are acquired, it is better we remain poor. If you listen to their talks, then you will be surprised, that  this has never happened either in the past, or in future such people coming to the world of the kind as we are seeing now. It is not only the topic of America, you go to France, or any where else. It is to this extent, that people say that communalism has spread widely. Even in Russia, there is  one problem. Every now and then they divorce wife, next day marry again, and in old age all will go and sit in an orphanage. They have acquired 10 husbands, 10 wives, and all have gone and sat in orphanage. Such a society has emerged. If you acquire such dharma, it will not be Shri Lakshmi swarup.

 Now, the description of Shri Lakshmi has been made so beautifully for us by our ancestors that Shri Lakshmiji is standing on a Lotus, meaning, she is not putting any pressure  on any body. She does not show her big palm to anybody. In spite of being Shri Lakshmi herself, her one hand is shown in the form of  giving, and from the other gives shelter. And two hands placed above in which there are lotus, pink in colour. The meaning of pink colour is  that there is love for all in the heart. It means that by chance, even if a bee which has a  lot of thorns inside and is black in colour, comes and sits on lotus, it accepts, and puts the bee to sleep in its beautiful bed. The one who has this quality, can be Lakshmipati. But, I do not accept that person as Lakshmipati, who is rich. If you put a garland of money on a donkey can that become Lakshmipati? To become Lakshmipati, one must possess minimum of these four qualities. In this manner, Shri Lakshmiji, who will arise again and again, becomes Mahalakshmi. And when a human being starts searching, he will rise towards top.

When a person rises, at that time  Shri Jagadamba, residing in our heart chakra, will punish single-handed all those bad people, who torture sadhakas. She kills them. She finishes them totally. She does not fear anybody. Yesterday or so I had told about tantriks. In 1973, near our place, there is Cawasji Hall, I stood up and told about each and every false guru, equivalent to Rakshas like Narakasur, Raktabij, and others. This news went to my husband, who said ‘people will kill her tomorrow. ‘I said let them kill me, let them lift their hands on me’. But, nobody gave any announcement in news papers, or any thing  was filed in any court, because this was a matter of truth.

So, here Jagdamba stands up, she faces bad people all alone, saying that ‘my children are seeking paramatma, may they be totally safe and secure. Let them not face any difficulty, let them not have any trouble, let them, under the safety of mother, climb up and go on’. The chakra of Jagadamba has been made here. This matter can be medically explained in this manner that our sternum bone is in the heart, and in this bone, Jagadamba who is also called Brahmar Amba, makes ‘brahmar’ which is called antibodies in science, is germinated here. And these fight, when there is any attack, and they are capable of inflicting total defeat by fighting.

This sternum bone develops upto 12 years of age. Later, it spreads in the whole body. As soon as any danger is seen, immediately this starts going up and down. And the message reach those antibodies and they get ready. After getting ready, they fight and win. They keep on fighting. As long as any trouble is there for the human being, the ‘brahmar’ of the Devi keep fighting. This is the arrangement made by Devi for us.

But, when human being comes to the state [level?] of Goddess, the love of mother over flows, recognises Mother. People are filled with love. The same love, the person would like to distribute to the world. He cannot be stopped. Somebody is worried, sad, he may be sitting anywhere, will ask ‘brother what is the problem? This is called kindness, compassion. He will not bring the like of missionaries to homes, and teach Christianity to people who are on the verge of dying. And thereafter such people get  Nobel prize. He will not indulge in such things. Whatever compassion, kindness, that is there, on the strength of that, he will save people from diseases, and other problems. He will make them alright. He never brands people saying you are Christian, Muslim or Hindu, nothing of that sort. What is the meaning of all this? It is nothing. Even if you put anything on a donkey, it remains a donkey. But, he is made super human.

Many people come to us for purposes of getting the diseases cured and today, they have become big renowned Sahaja Yogis. Her kindness is so strong that it is said for ‘Devi, ‘kataksh kataksh nirikshan,’ with one kataksh only he will get cured, “svastha”, what is present in “sva” becomes “sthith”. There are many words, which you observe closely, is on “sva”. That person becomes from “sva” to “sthith”. You can recognise him from his looks. There is no wonder here. The thing which you do not know may look a wonder, that is another point. But, actually there is no such thing as wonder. A thing which you do not know, may be like wonder for you. But, there is nothing like wonder. Everything is within you.

When kundalini gets awakened, you will acquire good healthy feeling. Now, you might have heard from many ladies regarding the occurrence of breast cancer. Why does this happen? The reason is that men folk do not give any sense of security to women. In some form or the other, if woman feels insecure, unsafe, then this disease occurs, because her motherhood gets shaken. She loses security regarding motherhood. Like a poet has said, ‘hey unprotected woman, this is your story, you are having milk in your hand and tears in your eyes’. The fact is that you have shaken her sense of security, which results in such illness. Perhaps, she does not know about this.

Now on the right side, which we call as Right Heart, though actually heart is not on the right side. But, regarding Heart Chakra, which is also called Anahat which is the right side, if some problems occur, then one will get asthma. On the right side, which we call as right heart, when actually heart is not on the right side, any problems prevails, then asthma occurs. Now, this is Shri Ramachandaji’s chakra. People take Shri Rama’s name frequently. ‘Shri Ram, Shri Ram, Shri Ram’. But Shri Rama is within our right heart, and those who take frequently the name of ‘Shri Ram, Shri Ram, Shri Ram’, they suffer from this problem more. There is one more reason for this, Shri Rama is our father, and if our father’s place is disturbed by any chance, if we have lost our father in childhood itself, or if we are also a bad father, or if we neglect our children and get busy in other activities, or in spite of being husband, our attitude is not proper with wife, and we trouble her very much. If we are troubled with our wife, then also like how Shri Rama wandered in forest, or being troubled from wife’s side, or giving trouble to her, then husband’s and father’s place, the chakra of Shri Ram, which we call as right heart,  on account of them, such illness may occur.

Within us, there are many diseases, which can really be cured. If we instill Shri Rama, how can you get Asthma. But, this ailment largely occur in Government Employees, Bureaucrats Politicians, or those who have been rejected from their position, but still running after power, or  those whom we call  politicians, Shri Ram is, as described by Socrates, a benevolent king, a benevolent king who believes in benevolence. Welfare of people is his goal, as described by Shri Rama and Socrates. But, how many such people are there. How many bureaucrats are there who think that we are for the benevolence and comfort of these people. In India, God Almighty save, I do not know at all  what the  fate of these bureaucrats will be, and also the fate of these politicians. There is lot of fear from the point of view of a mother. Because, it is very small thing, have to buy a piece of land. He said, “Mother, we are not able to acquire this land”. I said, “Brother, when you are paying money, why cannot you acquire land?” “No, they eat money for this”. “What, why eat  money? Why eat money, why do you not send food for them. Why money?” “They eat money, they eat money, they all eat money only”. Shri Rama is not within them. Only by chanting Shri Rama’s Bhajan, you cannot become a benevolent king. Whoever rules with peace, that person only can become a servant in the kingdom of Shri Rama.

Out of this, there are some people, who get possessed to such an extent that they become mad by repeatedly saying  ‘catch this thief, catch that thief, catch that thief. As a result, Shri Rama within them becomes invisible by their own cause. Shri Rama had purified them all. That power of purification becomes enlightened from within. Like Valmiki was purified, Ahilaya was purified. That power of love wherein the fruit brought by Sabari, was eaten with love and taste. That simplicity with which he removed the foot wear and started walking around. In the whole of Maharashtra, he has left behind the beautiful awareness of his feet. That Shri Rama, if he gets enlightened within us, these physical ailments cannot enter within us.

Now, Left Heart is the abode of mother. If somebody’s mother has passed away during childhood, or who has not  at all seen his mother, who has not known his mother’s love, he  cannot be a good husband. If some body’s mother is cruel, then her husband can also be very bad. The one whose mother has given love, care, happiness, and comfort, such a person only  will be able love his wife. The left heart is intensely deep because of its dependence on  mother. As your aware, Indian culture is based on mother. Indian culture is fully loaded with motherly feeling. Even Shri Ganeshaji relied only on his Mother and nobody else. Because, only through mother you can know your father. That is the reason for the importance of the role of mother is considered very special in our country. But, when your heart has a catch, left heart, then the first problem that comes over you is, that your nature becomes dull. Weakness comes over you. It is not that power, which is the Sandra Karuna of Devi, in the corner of which there is ardhrata. That Ardhrata will not be within you. You will become a weak person. Like, if somebody has to wake you up, it is better to do it with a stick, as otherwise you will ge up and run to hit. If somebody wants to speak, you will rush to beat up. You become a weak person. To fill up this weakness, you have to remember your mother, who gave you so much of love, and made you grow up with a lot of love.

There was a person whose name was Dharamdas, who used to indulge in lot of  wrong activities. I remember the words of Shri Shastriji. When he came he asked, ‘Dharmdasji, what was in your mother’s mind, when she named you Dharamdas?’ Our names like Karunasagar, and this Karunasagar, standing with a stick in his hand, beating people brutally. Such abnormality we see in life is because there is no respect towards motherliness, especially Muslims, who have done such a big help on us, and that is, though I agree that they, who expounded this Dharma and nourished it, had undertaken a big Tapasya. But their followers, like us who had made lot of mistakes, made a very big mistake in  that they did not respect women. No respect for women, no respect for mother. Mother was nothing. If the mother was bad, wicked, or wrong, had dirt within her, indulged in wrong things, then it is alright. Like Bharat, who had criticised his mother, and kept her away from him. Leaving her behind, he took the foot wear of Shri Ram and worked for Ram Rajya. That is a different thing. But, in this country, mother is not like that. Even if some people were like that, seeing the others, it should be understood, that whoever has hurt the mother’s chakra or has been placed away from mother, or who has not received love, the nearest organ is the heart, only the heart.

Now, why does the catch of the heart occur to the human being? Because , when he becomes over worked, when he goes towards outer world, he forgets his spirit. Or, when he bows down  before a wrong person. That is the reason why it is said you should not bow your head before anybody. I also tell you not to bow down your head before me. Do not touch my feet. Now, it is not necessary to touch my feet. Because this is the head, if it is bowed down towards wrong people, the heart comes under a catch. The left side and right side catch comes to those who are over-worked, whose “chith”  he is towards out side, and not towards soul. In order to  turn  “chith” towards  soul, your kundalini has to be arisen. As long as kundalini does not rise, Aatma becomes just a light thing, unable to understand what Atma actually is?  Atma is the  inner reflection of Paramatma. When our chith runs towards outside, then we are not able to give attention to our Atma. And when we are unable to give attention to our Atma, it gets upset and when it gets upset, the heart activity also becomes haywire and sometimes becomes troublesome. We view Atma in a wrong way. Some people wrongly go to some unfit person and take Diksha, they fall at their feet, then the soul becomes angry, seeing wrong  feet being touched. You are a human being. I am living within you. As long as you keep touching feet of such people, I will remain angry with you. So, only after Self-realisation, all these sickening habits get erased. Not otherwise.

One gentleman came to me. We had met in a program at Rotary club. He was after me.

‘Mother, I have problem of Angina, and we are going to Boston. Lot  of money will be spent. If you could just oblige to see.’ I said come over. They came to me at Pune, and said, ‘kindly give some treatment’. I said, o.k.  When I raised the Kundalini, he had little pain immediately. Again he suffered a heart attack. I just got up and went away. I had to go to another place, as is said ‘Ramte Ram’ in the same manner. When I was leaving, he was suddenly frightened, he got another attack, started looking at me with tearful eyes, ‘how is Mother leaving me and going.’ I came back. I told him brother, you are alright. Go and show it to a doctor. When he went to show it to doctor, he asked ‘Was it your X-Ray?’ These days he is moving  around quite normally. In this manner, many people have been cured. But, I have not done anything in that. I only attracted  the chith towards soul. But this person had many other health problems. He used to run after wrong people, and he had taken wrong mantra also. When you take wrong mantra, then your Left Vishuddhi and heart get into problem, and thus suffer from angina problem But, if your heart does not get attracted by such things, by God’s grace, and some good deeds done in the past, somehow, your heart does not get attracted on all these things. These are untruthful,  dramatic, anti god, i would not like to go to them. Then the heart will remain pure.

“Das Kabir jatna se odi, Jaise ki taise rakhi diya neeche chadaria.” When this happens, then where is the chance of getting a heart attack. Your Soul is happy with you. You are all sitting here, at an opportune moment, the kundalini will get awakened. And you will immediately possess it. This is called ‘Atmasakshatkar’

Vishuddhi Chakra is the chakra of Shri Krishna. There are sixteen types of art in this chakra. In this manner 16 sub plexus, which we call as ‘petals’, are within us. And whatever is within us

Letters like A,E,I,O,U etc. they are called vowels. They are all ‘Bija mantra’. When you pronounce any wrong mantra, on account of that, the ‘preta atma’ of a wicked person comes and settles down here. When you do wrong Pooja, when you do your meditation in a wrong way, or when you approach a wrong Guru and take ‘Deeksha’ from him, then your this chakra gets frozen and on account of this, you will get a number of diseases, specially one which is called throat cancer. This starts from your throat and slowly, by consistent growing  and coming downwards, catches hold of lungs.                                                                   

Like mad, tying something on the head, in the name of God Almighty, wear something on the neck, start screaming ‘Hare Ram, Hare Ram’. What is the necessity for doing all this drama. God Almighty is within, everything is inside itself. Outwardly indulging in such kinds of drama, doing something or the other, doing something funny, It becomes known from within, that somebody is doing something wrong, and that is the reason why human being feels guilty sometimes. And some time people think as a matter of courtesy that it is good to remain wrong. Like in the morning get up and start talking to them by saying ‘please pardon, please pardon, please pardon, please pardon, please pardon’  Brother, what has happened? Why are you talking like this? Talk properly at least. From the time of getting up in the morning, I feel as if I have committed some mistake. Even English language is such that when you speak ‘I am afraid’. I said, “Brother for what are you afraid? The world is afraid of you”. Saying 17 times ‘I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry’, then why do you do such work. So, the person who gets pessimistic like this, that too when Left Vishuddhi is clear, it is surprising  for people, that Left Vishuddhi gets a catch.

In Sahaja Yoga when Left Vishuddhi is clear it is surprising for people that ‘mother, all kinds of spondylitis, all types of problems, mother, do not know where they run away’. And this is place of Vishnumaya, who is sister of Krishna. For those, who do not have the feelings of brother and sister, those who look at women with bad intention, this chakra gets a catch. Those who do not have feeling of purity, their Vishuddhi chakra gets catch, because they are aware from within, that they are doing  wrong. Some times, it may be just false, or it may be true, whatever may it be, it happens, and whatever it be, it is easy to remove it. The most bad thing to do from morning to evening, is to tell any body that  ‘you are a sinner, you are a sinner, you are a sinner, you are a sinner’, and then the person starts thinking, ‘I am a sinner’. In this matter, I see that in catholic dharma, many people have catch in Left Vishuddhi always. Like these people, when ever they go to Church they have to say ‘I have committed sin,’ though they may not have done it. Through some strange tradition also, a person gets this. By taking wrong mantra, this happens. Through various things, Left Vishuddhi gets a catch, and it needs to be told, today also ,the  catch is for the same reason. Through smoking, and intake of tobacco, Left Vishuddhi  gets catch.

Those people experience catch in  right side, who speak loud and in a scolding manner. They  scream and get annoyed, and their anger is very severe and do not know how to talk pleasingly at all. Those who give a big lecture, who have no knowledge, who do not posses Atma, they also give lecture. The Right Vishuddhi of such people also gets a catch – the Right Vishuddhi. These people can be cured through the mantra of Shri Vittal. People are prone to get many diseases. This way they have connection with throat.

In the middle, there is abode of Shri Krishna. When kundalini is steady in the place of Shri Krishna, then human being becomes a witness and sees the beautiful activities of Yogeshwara.

This whole world is fully wonderful and playful. Where is the presence of hurry or fatigue in this. This is just a drama and you go on seeing the drama. When you realise this is drama, for a while you get bewildered, later it becomes  firm and then you become steady. When you become  steady, then you realise that this is just drama, and this drama may take the life, but for you it is very comfortable. Because, what was said by Shri Krishna about the language of ‘Sthitha Pragnya’ now becomes true. You need not be told that  you do not become troubled. Such a person does not become troubled. We feel surprised as to why people are becoming restless. There is no need to become restless. Why become frustrated unnecessarily and spoil your energy. But, it does not happen just by telling, whoever is habituated to that, he will become restless. Some people tell me that you do not get troubled, and that is the reason, why we become restless for you. I told, ok, if you want to become frustrated, go on, but there is no reason for getting frustrated.

Now, I will tell you about Agnya Chakra, which is placed here. And this is Mahavishnu’s place. Agnya Chakra starts moving very fast, when you happen to think very much. When thinking becomes more, then Agnya Chakra moves. Agnya Chakra moves even when a person becomes very proud. When he is infested with pride, Agnya Chakra moves more. When such a person becomes proud, his Agnya Chakra moves more. When such a person wants to  be free from pride, he will be fighting with his own shadow. Pride is also his own shadow. It is nothing else. So, he will start fighting with his shadow, and by continuous fighting and struggle, they get tired more and will start searching for new means, like liquor, keeping relationship with woman, to run away, to avoid self, because he is not able to see his pride  and this state becomes that of many, he gets dejected. Because of our pride, “Oh God, how much we are being harassed!”

Now, one big sickness is going to come, of which I have told in America, regarding AIDS. And after that regarding new disease Alzheimer, which has just started. And now  regarding third disease I am telling that such people will get paralysis, whose Agnya Chakra will be very strong and in whom pride will flourish, after getting affected by paralysis, they will be paralysed to such an extent that even if they have to do any work, he will not be able to do it. They will go on walking about, and when they think that they are walking, they will suddenly fall. Now this disease has commenced and 2 – 4 patients have started being examined. It is not sufficient to fight against pride. It is not sufficient to oppose pride. It is wrong notion that we can fight with pride. Pride is our making, and we are carrying the entire world’s danger on us.

Some people who were from village were travelling by plane. They were told not to take so much luggage. They agreed. Then they boarded the flight and put the luggage on their head, and they told that ‘we are carrying our luggage load’. The plane which has lifted your luggage, is also lifting the weight of plane. The one who has made you, is the creator as well the recipient. He only does everything. Just by saying nothing happens. This is your state. When Kundalini gets activated and crosses the Agnya, then thoughtlessness establishes itself. On the other side, if the chakra gets a catch on the back side, on account of diabetes, when there is catch (Back Agnya), then when Swadishthan ,which is spread on all four sides, gets a catch, then eyes gets disturbed. Even more disturbance can take place, in case you have gone to wrong gurus, you may become blind, eyes become weak, your children may become blind also, because you have gone blindly to that place. So, total blindness could come in.

Left Agnya which we call as back Agnya, if there is a catch in this, number of diseases may occur. Now there is no time so I will not tell, but as soon as it is cleansed, there will be brightness in his sight. A light will come into the eyes. And, the person whose Agnya has a glitter, his sight will be very pure. This will be so auspicious that whosoever it falls on will be very lucky. Such a person’s entire personality becomes auspicious. Such a person need not be examined, because his figure is perfectly made. As soon as he stands up, his personality  is such that whosoever gets in touch with him, can obtain auspiciousness and positivity. By the way you talk so much about shubh, but you do not even know what shubh and ashub is.

When something is auspicious, positive energy starts flowing from it. When positive energy starts flowing, think that this is auspicious, if not, then it is not. So, this is the first thing that comes within us, which is called as nirvichar samadhi, which many people used to get in olden days, which is now established in you, and you go into nirvichar samadhi. In order to get it, if any thoughts come in the mind ‘have pardoned him, pardon pardon,’ this has been taught to us by Isa masiha. There is no second or third Isa masiha, this is Shri Ganesha Avatar which has taken place in this world. If you read full description of Maha Vishnu, and that of Devi Mahatma, you will learn he is Sakshat Shri Ganesha. He is neither of Hindus, nor Muslims, nor Christians, but he is of Sahaja Yogis. He is their eldest brother, just like Shri Ganesha is the first Sahaja Yogi in the same manner is Isa masiha also. The name of this Masiha has also been written beautifully, because his name is Christ. In Hebrew, he is called Christ.

The name Christ has come from Shri Krishna. Radhaji’s swarup was also that of Mahalakshmi and Radhaji took birth in this world in the name of Mary and she, please understand that Christ is the son of Radha, and took birth, whose father is Krishna, and when he talks of father, he speaks only about Shri Krishna. Isa Masiha’s fingers, fore finger which represents Vishuddhi Chakra is of Krishna, and centre finger is of Narayan. And the other name which is Jesus, is known as Yeshu. You are aware that Yashodha’s name being Yeshu, used to be called as Yeshu, and that is the reason Radhaji thought that his name should be written as Yeshu. Now, who will go and tell Christians and who will tell Hindus. If I take the name of Isa Masiha, people will say you are converting everybody to Christians. And, when I take the name of Shri Krishna, then they will say I am converting them to Hindus. I do not want to make anything of anybody. All I have to say is that I want to give back what you have lost. That is all. I am not  in this quarrel. Whatever beautiful status you have within you, what ever beautiful inner self status is there within, which is your legacy, I want to give it back to you.

Now we have come to Sahasrara which is made of 1000 petals. Petals are seen as if the brain is cut in transuresection, and you can see all the 1000 nos like petals. Clearly as if they are all separately, neatly arranged. Now, doctors are arguing and fighting that there are, 998 petals, less by 2 petals, they would like to fight. Prior to this, they had got 600 only. What is there in that? When this Sahasrara opens it looks as big, beautiful lights, which are peaceful, cool, and exuding varied colours, all 7 colours, which are shining, looks like this Kamal. Sahasrara Kamal opens like this. And within this, Kamal, Sahasrara Kamal, opens out like this. And from within, Kundalini, like some telescope, opens like khat, khat, khat comes up and resembling a golden plate-like look of Agnya Chakra, in which there is Sun glow, pierces near limbic area, wherein  there is hollow place, which is called Limbic  Area, coming out of this, Sahasrara just opens out.

The reason for this is that as Kundalini pierces Agnya Chakra, in the same manner as the ego and super ego which is within us, gets pulled out, and that is the reason all our Karma becomes empty. Kundalini and whatever negativities that were there within you, consumed it all. And both these go back there on, and in this manner Sahasrara opens up and through your Bramharandra, you will start getting the cool breeze. Some times when your Vishuddhi chakra gets spoilt, you will not feel the cool breeze on your hands. As soon as Vishuddhi  gets cleansed, you can experience it. Regarding rectification process of Vishuddhi, these people will tell you. Now, in the end, I am very thankful to all of you, that you sat for so long and listened to me. This knowledge is our primary foundation, which is very essential to the entire world. We have to give this to them. Teaching these things from Shri Ganesha, have spent 7 years. And next 7 years have been spent in teaching regarding Shri Vishnu. I have already undergone 12 years of ‘Vanavas’. I do not know how much more vanavas I have to do. But if you all get ready, you will be able to explain all this to the people.

Another thing is that, what you have been complaining that I have come here for only three days, I understand and that I should be coming here for more days. Now when ever I come, I will be here for at least 15 days. (Loud claps from the Sahaja Yogis). I wish that you will come  in large numbers. This work happens very well in any open space, sitting on the ground. Now I  didn’t know how beautiful this hall is. It is good that it has happened here, but like Ramji has  said, that the Mother’s doors should be open for all and more the number of people join, the better it is. In Mumbai we do a program in a large hockey ground itself with seven to eight thousand people in attendance. Where can we accommodate them in a hall? By doing the program in open places, I have seen that the raising of Kundalini is also very easy. Ans it is better that you also realise that this work should be done in a simple public area. We do not need such a magnificent hall for such program. If we get such hall, it is our luck and even if we do not get such hall, there is no problem. Any simple place where we all can sit on the ground and are able to do this work is what I am looking for. I trust we all meet soon. (Loud claps from the Sahaja Yogis).

Realisation experience:

First of all I request all of you to take out your shoes. Take out your socks as well if you have worn them. It is a very sahaja simple technique for raising the Kundalini energy. You do not have to do any special pranayama for that. It happens with ease. I am only going to tell you how you can also raise the Kundalini energy.

Now like I had told yesterday, our left side is the power of our desire and right side is the power of action. Now keep your left hand palm facing upwards towards me. Now this means that it is your desire that by all means you obtain your Self-realisation.

The right hand should be kept on your heart. The left hand should always be facing towards me. Keep both your feet on the ground in the same way. As I have told, Heart is the place where the Spirit resides. In the left side of the abdomen near the stomach is where all the work is going to be done and this is where our Guru Principle (Tattva) resides. After that below the abdomen is where the Swadishthan Chakra resides which is the place for the pure knowledge through which you can know the pure knowledge. And if you are possessed by any false knowledge or if you have been to any false guru then even that can be cleansed through this. After that your right hand again goes back to the upper part of the abdomen, then to your heart, then to the place the right hand where most of you are caught, I don’t know why, is the left Vishuddhi Chakra. You need to tilt your head to the right side and place the hand around the back side of the neck on the left side. After that you need to keep your right hand on the forehead in front of the Agnya Chakra and after that place your right hand at the back of the head tilting the head a little backwards. After that spread your right hand palm and place the centre of the palm on the top of the head on the fontanel bone area and then slowly, don’t be in a hurry, move it in a clockwise direction seven times. By doing this your Bramharandra will be pierced by the Kundalini energy.

Now please close your eyes and do not open your eyes. Take out your spectacles because with this energy the eyesight also gets better. Now sit straight, don’t bend your back nor be too stiff. Sit in a relaxed mode like it is said in ‘Sahajasna’ straight like you sit everyday.

Now keep your left hand towards me al the time keeping your eyes closed. If need be keep the left hand on your lap through the process but facing towards me.

Keep your right hand on the left heart. Keep your eyes closed. Now ask this basic question three times to me – ‘Shri Mataji Am I the Spirit (Atma)?’ ‘Shri Mataji Am I the Spirit (Atma)?’ ‘Shri Mataji Am I the Spirit (Atma)?’

Now the next question is on your Guru principle after this. Keep your right hand on the upper side of your left abdomen and press the fingers into the upper part of the left abdomen. This is the Guru principle and you need to ask the second basic question three times – ‘Shri Mataji Am I my own master?’ ‘Shri Mataji Am I my own master?’ ‘Shri Mataji Am I my own master?’

After this keep your right hand on the left side lower part of the abdomen and press it. Here you need to ask, because here I cannot cross your freedom. Your are free, if you want you can say and if you don’t want then don’t say. If you want it then you need to say – ‘Shri Mataji, please give me the pure knowledge’. You will have to ask for it, I cannot force you for it. You need to tell six times – ‘Shri Mataji, please give me the pure knowledge’. You will have to say this with politely and with love six time – ‘Shri Mataji, please give me the pure knowledge’.

Now bring your right hand again on the upper side of your left abdomen while pressing it. This again is your Guru principle. Here keeping your hand on the Guru principle you should know that your Kundalini energy awakening has begun. So to open this chakra, you have to say with complete self belief ten time times – ‘Shri Mataji I am my own master.’ Say this ten times – ‘Shri Mataji I am my own master.’ Tell with full confidence. You have to tell this ten times – ‘Shri Mataji I am my own master.’ I have told you that we have the ten principles of Guru within us. Ok.

Now keep your right hand again on your left heart and again with full self confidence you have to say twelve times – ‘Shri Mataji I am the spirit (Atma).’ ‘Shri Mataji I am only the spirit (Atma).’ Tell with full self confidence.

You need to know that the God Almighty is the Ocean of Mercy and Compassion and Ocean of Love. But more than that he is the Ocean of Forgiveness. That is why keeping complete faith on his power of forgiveness, we should believe that we cannot make any fault that cannot be forgiven by him. Therefore, keep your right hand on the place where your shoulder and neck meets, place till the back of the neck area and tilt the neck towards the right side completely. Here with full confidence say – ‘Shri Mataji I am not guilty.’ Say with full self confidence – ‘Shri Mataji I am not guilty at all.’ Tell this sixteen times because this chakra has sixteen petals of Shri Krishna. ‘I am not guilty at all’.

Now, take your right hand and place it on your forehead and press the forehead from both the sides while keeping the left hand towards me. Here from the bottom of your heart, does not matter how many times, you should say – ‘Shri Mataji I forgive everyone’. With complete heart say ‘I forgive everyone’. Now don’t think that you cannot forgive anyone. At the end whether you do or don’t do, you are not the doer. But when you do not forgive anyone, you are playing into their hands. That is why you should say – ‘Shri Mataji I forgive everyone completely’. Tell with complete heart.

Now keep your right hand at the back of the head while tilting your head backwards to rest on the hand and with utmost humility you must say – ‘Oh God Almighty, please forgive me for any mistakes that I may have committed against you.’ Tell with complete heart. Again, don’t start counting your mistakes.

Now, stretch your right palm and the keep the centre of the palm on the fontanel bone area on top of the head and slowly move your hand on the scalp of the fontanel bone area in clockwise direction seven times.

Now keep your hands down and open your eyes slowly. See now you have become thoughtless. No thoughts are coming now.

Now keep your right hand palm facing upwards towards me at the height of your heart and the left hand on the top of your head, four to five inches above your head, palm facing towards the scalp and see if any cool breeze is coming from the head. Some of you may feel the heat, especially those who have come for the first time, no problem. Now keep your left hand down facing towards me and check with your right hand on the top of the head, four to five inches above your head and check for cool breeze or heat. Now again check with your left hand on top of your head and right hand facing towards me. I can feel the right Swadishthan catching which means you have some complaints about the liver. Hmmm.

Now keep both your hands facing towards the sky above your head level and bend your head backwards and ask a question – ‘Shri Mataji, is this the Brahma Shakti? Shri Mataji, is this the love of God? Is this the Ritambhara Prajna?’ Ask this three times.

Now keep both your hands down. Keep both your hands palm facing upwards towards me and don’t think about anything. Look at yourself and try to be thoughtless. Dont think at all. Now all those who felt the cool breeze in their hands and all those who felt cool breeze at the top of their heads, either in the hands or at the top of the head, please raise both your hands up. See most of you have got your self realisation. All of you have got your self realisation. Shri Mataji to the organiser – ‘Why dont you turn the light on? I want to see how many have raised their hands, just turn the light on.’ See most of you have received your self realisation. Some of you have not felt it, but no problem. All of you should come for the follow on program. Here we have Dr. Talwar and Dr. Rustom Bujorjee, Dr. Warren and all the other Sahaja Yogis. Dr. Baghdor (not very clear) is there, Dr. David is there. They are all staying here for you and will work out for you. Other than them we have very good sahaja yogis in Kolkatta. All will work out on you and will prepare you so that you can also give realisation to others.

Now you need to understand that this did not happen by your thinking. This has happened in ‘Akriya’ (maybe inaction). You should not have any discussion or thoughts around this. Go home with a calm mind (‘Shant chith’) and sleep keeping your attention at the top of the head on the fontanel bone area. You also have books, take the books with you. My photo is also there in it. It is surprising that even the photo has the vibrations. Use the books till you need them. After that you yourself will become saints (‘Siddha’). I wish that all my powers are absorbed by you within you. There cannot be any more matter of pride for me.  

Eternal Blessings.