Talk After Sahasrara Puja: Unless and until you are conscious you cannot ascend

Alpe Motta (Italy)

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Speech after the Sahasrara puja. Madesimo, Alpe Motta (Italy), 4 May 1986.

These are the songs they are sung in Himalayas, and to be sung here is something really remarkable, isn’t it? You brought it all the way to be sung here.

Now, I think I have already given you a very, very long lecture and a speech as you call it, but some reactions were very good, and some could absorb it very well. But some, they said, were sleeping. Now these things happen because of negativity. You have to fight your negativity, because negativity is the thing that asks questions. When I am talking I am telling the truth, absolute truth, but it asks questions and it reflects.

When it starts reflecting, nothing goes in the head because you are left with the past sentence, and the present you are not with it. So the whole thing boils down to something like an escape, and then you escape and you sleep off. I mean, I tried My level best today to put you onto your conscious mind. You have to be conscious, you have to be alert; and that’s the point, is that unless and until you are conscious you cannot ascend. Any abnormal person cannot ascend. You have to normalize yourself.

So many of you had lots of abnormalities which were brought out and thrown away, and many have been cleansed, but now if there are some still lingering with it, they must work it out. They cannot just go on justifying it. Normally negative persons attract a negative personality. So if you have such a negativity of any kind within you, you should never sit next to a negative person, never go near such a person. Keep away, but stick on to the positive person. Like I said, stick on and support your leaders without question, without questioning.

But this is the trouble is that you start fighting your own leader. If the leader says something to you, you quarrel with the leader and you argue with the leader, so it’s finished. I speak through the leaders, so you don’t question it. If you question it, then there will be a problem. You have to stick on with your leaders, who are positive people. And if you start questioning them, then you will be nowhere – no link between you and Me.

And this is everywhere: I was told in Switzerland it is like this, in France now is better but used to be like that; everywhere, except for Italy – I think Italy has the best results. So don’t fight with your leaders, don’t argue them. Do not reflect about Sahaja Yoga – what can you say, what do you know, how can you reflect? What is your knowledge? Do you question your chemistry teacher when he says hydrogen has got two atoms or one atom? Do you?

And when you start doing this with your ego, you are thrown out of the realm of evolution. So do not reflect, just listen, and try to take it inside. These are all mantras; take them inside.

Instead of that you start questioning, arguing with your leaders, giving them advices. Please don’t do it – stop it now. This is not politics, where everybody can advise, everybody has to say something. Mostly the bhoots are such; the bhootish people go on advising and having their own say. And they go against the leader throughout.

Now specially for the elderly people, I would say, because you are more grown up sometimes than the leaders are. Then you think you have a right to correct your leaders – it’s not so. In Sahaja Yoga it is not how much you are old, but it is how much you are evolved. So when you start questioning your leaders and reflecting on their behavior or anything like that, and answering them back or also giving your ideas, you are gone. It’s like a link. Say, there’s a link between the chakras and the cells, say it like that. Now if you deny the chakras, how one has to work it out; because I am connected with them, and through them you are connected.

But when you deny them, then you fall out. I know what to do with the leaders, I choose them, I arrange them, I organize them, I change them; I know what to do. Now you people do not challenge them – is nothing but your ego. In India it doesn’t happen at all, doesn’t happen. Once Mother has appointed somebody it’s accepted, because for them this is the truth that they have been seeking. The all other is nonsense, is all complications; and because you are so complicated, to you other things look nice, you think you’re surrendering your personalities – not at all. Is developing, surrendering yourself to the sap of life, to the vitality, to the vital force of life.

Surrender, accept more, accept more. This ego can never allow you to take inside anything – be careful on that. This will never allow you to sleep, this will never give you peace. It will never allow you to grow, it will never take you to your own goal. So surrender that ego of yours.

So one thing I have to tell you: don’t fight, don’t quarrel, don’t question, don’t reflect about your leaders to begin with; or otherwise you will be cut off.

Keep in his good book, try to support him. Ask him what does he want, what help he needs. The more you get attached to him, the more you get closer to him, the more you will get.

But you see, people are very wasteful. They have wasted their lives in drugs, this, that, all nonsense. And the women have another bad habit, is to gossip. They want to gossip: gossip about this person, criticize that person.

It’s a very bad habit of women to gossip. I never pay heed to anyone who gossips, and I don’t like a person who gossips. So don’t gossip about things – cheaply, frivolously talking about others.

It’s not necessary you should be educated, it’s not necessary that you should come from a very well-bred family, nothing is necessary; as long as you are a Sahaja yogi, you can be a diamond. But allow yourself to be cut into the diamond. Allow!

So the reaction of some people was very good, they absorbed what I said, they took everything inside; but some of them went off to sleep. Now, if those who were struggling at that time may not have understood – it’s a difficult subject, I told you, it’s a very subtle subject, doesn’t matter. But those who have been like that should look after themselves, should find out.

I’ve found out one thing with the left-sided people: if they can put a candle near their left Swadishthana, a little far, and put one candle before the photograph, and put left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the Mother Earth, it works. And the candle at the back should be kept a little far away because it makes sounds, it goes this way, that way, burns.

Those who have been taking drugs, not LSD but other drugs, which are drowsy people who feel sleepy, whose brains are destroyed by drug, all those people can benefit a lot by this. Do it every day.

Going into drug you never felt you’re surrendered to drugs, never felt that way – which was something that was going to kill you completely. You know how so many people are killed, so many are dying, but you wanted to do that, I don’t know, because your ego said, “All right, go ahead, try this. You will be the one who nothing will happen to you.” That’s the ego suggests. So you did it. All right, doesn’t matter. Whatever has happened has happened, let us clear it out, because we are seekers.

So those who have really felt one in the lecture, without any questioning, should know that they are doing well. Those who were questioning, reflecting, should know they have ego, and those who were dozing out should know that they are left-sided. Left side is worse than the right side, because the right side can be easily corrected: it shows, it shows outside. People don’t like it. Such a person is criticized, everybody says he’s egoistical, he’s this, that. Everybody knows that such a person goes out like Hitler.

But the left-sided person, you see, is very pitiable and you’ll have very great pity for such a person and you sympathize, and you get lost with that person. They are more dangerous, and difficult to be cured, very difficult. So it’s not a easy task, we have to work it out. I am trying My level best. You should also help Me.

I was thinking that if you can start using a little oil for your head will be a good idea, in the night. As Sahaja yogis you should. I think the hairstyle should be changed for Sahaja yogis. This modern fashionable style won’t suit us. Because this will, we’ll have all bald heads one day, I can tell you, and you will see the Sahasrara with a big dimple here. Better use some nice coconut oil, rub in your head nicely, and in the night and in the morning – after all, it doesn’t show much – and comb your hair in a proper way. Because also I think, if your dresses are like bhoots, your hair are like bhoots then the bhoots will take over thinking, “Oh, this is a bhoot sitting down here, I better take hold of that bhoot.”

So dress up in a way – shouldn’t have hair on your forehead at all, keep it straight, make it nice, and have it absolutely clean foreheads.

We are Sahaja yogis: we have to change our dresses, we have to change our styles, we cannot become fashionable like these stupid punks.

So we are a type, by our hairstyle people should know that these are Sahaja yogis. So before you start getting bald, better try putting some oil in your head. That’s one very important thing the Sahaja yogis have to do. They can take vibrated oil if you like and I think olive oil is good, but better than olive oil, I find, it is coconut oil is better for the growth of the hair.

But sometimes you can also put almond oil, is also good, almond oil for you; because if you have any problem that you feel exhausted or your nerves need attention, you are nervous type of person, then almond oil is good for you.

And for people who have teeth which are troubling them, they must look after them. No use going to the dentist, because dentists create problems. Simple thing is to use olive oil and some salt, and rub it on your gums nicely every day before sleeping. That will keep your teeth all right. You’ll be amazed, till today I have not been to any dentist. Never been to a dentist, and I hope I won’t go to the dentist. So, but one thing is that I have certain bad habits, one of them is that I brush my teeth quite often. But don’t use electrical brushes and all that, but use brushes or use your fingers, is the best way is to rub with the salt and the oil, it’s very good for you. And then allow the whole thing to come out, and then wash off.

Then the third thing I find in Europe, that you people do not clear your throats, and your tongues, which is another thing very much against Vishuddhi. And that must be one of the reasons why your Vishuddhis are bad.

So, though it is not in fashionable here in the West, but very important thing is to put your two fingers in the mouth and rub your – fingers, not the thing, fingers – and clean your tongue in such a way that everything comes out in the morning. Is important, because that accumulates and then it rots. So this has to be done. And may be that you might think that this is doing, you make a noise and all that, doesn’t matter. You have to clear out your throat; I mean, that’s how you will keep your Vishuddhis very clear. This is one of the things.

And another thing is that you must always use water as much as possible, for washing: when you go for your morning ablution, water must be used. The paper is a very dirty and unhygienic habit, very dirty and unhygienic habit. But even if you use paper, you must use water after that. It’s very important that all the time the water should be used as much as possible; for Sahaja yogis it is a very, very important thing.

Now for some people who will find that they are on a subtler level quite on the verge of collapse, in the way that they still have those problems that they want to sleep with other women and they want to do all these things: they should give up Sahaja Yoga. Best is to leave us alone.

We can’t have such useless people with us. So they should give up Sahaja Yoga and don’t trouble us; because we can get thousands and thousands in India, we have no problem. For them it is not difficult, they are already there. So those who are still like that, who are trying to have relations with other women and having their eyes on other women, and all the women like that, you see, all this kind of maniacs – I call them maniacs only – should give up Sahaja Yoga and should spare us. This is for definite.

Now, we have always been saying that those who are very negative people will have to leave Sahaja Yoga, and the day will come. So for all of you it is very necessary that you should try to clean yourself, and never sit with a person who is negative. Never make friendship with a person who is negative. Try to be more helpful to a person who is positive. Clear out yourself, clean out yourself, look after yourself, respect yourself, love yourself. Live with your dignity. Cheapish thing, frivolous thing, useless thing should not be done, and make your ego be challenged. Let somebody insult you and see that, that you do not answer back. Just see it, not to get into temper. Try that your ego doesn’t react. That can be achieved very easily if you try in the mirror, look at yourself and laugh at yourself, make fun of yourself. What do you think of yourself? Who are you? What do you have? Nothing.

Now today’s lecture was really, was not only was a great lecture, but also it was like mantras, all good for the brain. And I would say that this lecture must be listened to again and again, and to be taken in, not to be questioned. Not to be questioned – to be taken in, to be absorbed. I hope that you understand this. Now after this Sahasrara Puja I hope you people try to maintain the position you have reached.

I would expect all of you to support, to glorify your leaders and not in any way debase them, argue with them, give them ideas. Even the wives I have said are not to argue with the leaders. It’s like pulling each other.

Like they said there were some scorpions sent for investigation from different places. And they saw one jar was open, and they said, “What is this? This, from this jar all the scorpions will jump out.” They said, “They cannot, because one comes up, the another pulls him down.”

In the same way we behave. So if there’s a leader, this is ego that makes you jealous, and this is ego that says that you know better, you better give a suggestion. Not that you cannot suggest – people tell Me also things, but if he doesn’t accept, well and good. That’s a challenge to your ego. It’s better that he says no to you so that you see for yourself, “Is it my ego still insisting on that position?”

Now, on the second thing that I have said, that we should not be drawn by convention.

Like the convention was that, say now, this time the English felt, the English leaders felt – which was a big mistake – that Italians would be inconvenienced if they stay over.

Italians are very large-hearted people, like Indians are, they’ll be overjoyed if they stay over. But it is the English mind. It’s the English who cannot tolerate one person staying for two days. They’ll ask you immediately as you go, “What time are you leaving?”

So it is their mind that worked out that way that it will be inconvenience, because they’ll be inconvenienced. Though they were told “you could stay here till Monday, there’s no problem, you have to just pay just ten pounds”; but – “I thought” – like that.

You see, it’s an English image of being good to others; because to them anybody staying in their house, finished! They won’t even allow anybody to come inside the house. Let there be snow or anything outside, they’ll just see and talk to you and then they’ll send you.

I’ve seen it Myself. One day we had, I had gone out; it was snowing, and I saw a lady standing out on a doorstep with a pram, and there was a little baby. And the other lady was an old lady talking from inside, just from the chink, in a way that the door was not completely opened out. And when I came back after an hour or so, still that lady was standing outside and talking. This lady didn’t have sense to say that “you come in.” But this another lady did not mind it also, because she must be doing the same!

So the large-heartedness of anything they cannot understand. Moreover there was no problem, it was suggested that you can stay here and you can be here. Now today we had to hurry up a lot, the whole thing was quite inconvenienced and we had to do it, because of a slight mistake that they should have asked Me.

And I thought you all were staying on Monday, because it’s logical, it’s sensible. But because of the conception that “we should not inconvenience” ….

It is not only with English, it is possible with anyone of you. When you start thinking “I thought,” you are gone. So these concepts that you have about things are actually very dangerous things. I’ve been having experiences of experiences of these stupid conventions people have. “I thought.” They try to be good, but ultimately try to be nasty. They are nasty. So that means there’s something definitely wrong with the convention they have about things. And that’s why people, if they were right when they were thinking, world would have been a different thing. But they are thinking at a level where it’s just everything is sloping down, and you are going downward. As soon as you start thinking, you go downward.

Such is the defect of your thinking, because it is bound by the tags of your conventions. Whenever you think, you see, you are bound by your conventions, and you go down.

I didn’t touch many points today which I could have touched, like art, I was saying: I was amazed, an exuberance like this, a flower like this makes Me so very happy to see a garden. But to a sophisticated mind is Baroque or something nonsensical. To them one flower somewhere, because the rest of the area should be their space for their ego.

So they cannot see the beauty: “it’s too much, too much.” Even Sahaja Yoga: “there’s too much for us.” What are you, a little baby or what? What is too much? You see, as if like a baby we give a bottle, so much of milk, so much of milk, so “Sahaja Yoga is too much for me.” You are dwarves or what? And there’s no substance in this kind of a nonsense.

That’s why “this is sophisticated,” “this is nice,” criticize everyone. People are so frightened even to decorate their houses, because it will be criticized. “Better keep it plain, white. Just white.” Even the nose they don’t like, they want to cut out the nose, eyes, everything, just have plain!

And imagine, it’s the play of the ego which wants an individuality. How they are in juxtaposition with what they want to do – see this, clearly.

If you go in a garden they’ll have one, you see, tree somewhere hanging in the air. This is supposed to be garden. You say, “Where is the garden”? “This – garden.” Microscope: “Where is the garden?”. “Oh no, we put only one thing at a point, you see, so it becomes important.” So this is only a tree here and then you move up, there will be another little bush, then another tree. Everything is too much, why? Because the ego is too much in the head. That’s why everything is too much for them.

This stupidity has to go now. You have to take whatever is good, too much you must take, and give up whatever is too much in you. That has to be understood. All these stupid ideas, all kinds of stupid ideas – like you want to buy a house, so it’s all right, you’ll go and buy a house. I went round, and most of the houses are about seven-and-a-half feet height, but they like it. I said, “Why?” “It’s very old.” I said, “So what?”

“But it’s an old house, it is this and that, and the old houses …” “But why do you like?”

New houses are eight feet, at the most. So there’s no choice. But why do you want to have a house which is old house? Victorian houses they don’t like. Why? Because they are not so conventional, they are not so fashionable. You must have a house where you should break your neck. Walk into the bathroom in an awkward way, you can’t even sit or stand; halfway you hang in the air. That’s the very house of a character. And a character is that which makes you awkward and feel funny: that person “has character.” I mean, a person if he’s absurd, he’s queer, weird, he’s strange, he’s a man of character. This is the situation today. He’s a man of character and he’s weird, absolutely a strange personality. How is it?

“You know, he came on a bicycle with a half-pant.” I said, “Really?” “He’s a man of character.” Here he is getting arthritis with it.

Doing queer, funny stupid things is regarded as something of personality. Now as Sahaja yogis you have to realize that you are not that stupid. You are crowned with your Self. Now you are not going to behave like these stupid people and their fashions, so give it up.

They laugh at you, you laugh at them! In a lunatic asylum if you go, all the lunatics will say, “Oh, so you have also come here to join us, isn’t it?” They all think they are the wisest, and you get lost with them. You start thinking, “Am I a lunatic myself?” So you all, when you see such a person you should just laugh at him.

Like a lady, you see, think, thought her to be very fashionable, she came with her dress, you see, very open, her body with all her bones showing, and this and that. And we happened to go to see that house, Myself and My husband. So as soon as he saw her, he came back and vomited. I said, “What’s the matter?’” “I saw her – I vomited.”

And we got into the car, we didn’t enter even, came away. And she thought she was a very fashionable lady, showing her bones, all her body – horrible. Imagine, like a dead body standing before you! But the dead body is regarded as fashionable, so everybody wants to behave like a dead body. Now you should see the sense in it, otherwise you are not Sahaja yogis. You must see the nonsense that is going on, and you are not a nonsensical personality.

So all these things now, if you see from a new angle – as I’ve told you now that you are higher personalities, that you have achieved a new awareness of your chakras – you’ll be amazed, your reactions will be very, very different. If you see something like this: “Ah!” you’ll say, “beautiful!” But till you have those horrible conventions with you, you cannot.

A house which is dilapidated, absolutely going to fall on your head, is “what a character!” The whole character will fall on your head! Absurd ideas people have. Or then they want something modern which is absolutely weird and nonsensical. You see, there was a lady, she built a house – modern, and we had to climb up her steps, and every steps she has divided into smaller, smaller pieces. We were so much worried that we’ll all fall off. You see, every step was made of small, small pieces like a step, you see, every step was made into steps.

So when you put your foot there you don’t know where you are putting your foot, you see. And she must have spent a lot of money making that kind of a nonsensical thing; but to her, she would show everyone, “Now, come along, see this.” I refused to go up. I said, “I have nothing to do.” I went back. Yes, yes, doesn’t matter. As they show resentment, you must show resentment. Stupid! It doesn’t appeal to Me, it doesn’t appeal to Me these things.

I have seen and I don’t like it these things, the way there’s one flower hanging somewhere, and anything if I see, I don’t like it. I don’t enjoy it at all Myself. And if I am the criteria, if I am the one who can judge things, then I would tell you I don’t like all this nonsense.

The way people dress up these days they look like clowns to Me, lunatics, like I can say brats, or you can call them – what do you call them? – tramps. You cannot make out one from the another. Their lousy pants, you see, some grandfather’s pant they are wearing, and their grandmother’s blouse on top, and the ladies walking on the street. See, is you feel there’s some funny, queer people walking across – and they think it’s fashionable! I think from India we should get all old clothes here and sell them off for a high price!

It’s very queer. You just look at it, see from this angle. Standing on the hilltop you look at these mad people, see how lunatic they are, stupid they are, how they are behaving, what is their fashion. I mean, if you see in the olden times people used to dress up well with all kinds of frills, all kinds of things, but this is what they don’t like.

Whatever is God has given us should be decorated and respected. I mean, yesterday the way you did the hall, I mean today, the way you did the whole of the hall and all that, so beautiful it looked, so nice it looked. But somebody would say, “Oh, let us have absolutely plain thing for Mother: some dilapidated wall behind, which is about to fall down. That would be real character.” How can these ideas be acceptable to Sahaja yogis? This I just don’t understand.

And they pay for it. They pay for these conventions and they pay for all these kinds of odd things, they do pay for it. Supposing there’s a fashion today to have your hair cut like this on top, they’ll pay for it.

Then you cut them another way, they pay for it. You have to pay for all these misdoings also. The fashion is: supposing somebody invites somebody to your house, you must have a different type of a glass cup and a glass for this, otherwise you are not all right.

And then what you find, there’s another group of these hippies and all those have come, they will give you the dirtiest possible mugs that you cannot drink anything. So either you accept this nonsense or that nonsense. It’s absolutely absurd! And you know, I have seen Indians when they are in England, they just don’t understand, they just “Cancel them, all right, cancel them. They’re mad people.”

The quality of personality is very, very low, very low, take it from Me – very low. You might have ego, might exist with that ego, but it’s very low here, accept it. Innocence is missing, auspiciousness is missing, cleanliness is missing. The, the attraction of simplicity is missing – so artificial. Even the idea of simplicity is artificial. With artificiality how can you have a quality of human life? How can you? You become artificial people.

So give up all these conventions. I am not here to propagate Indian culture as such, but I must say if there is any culture it is in India, because this is no culture. All becoming – if you walk about, I mean you look like, when I see the people around, they look like host of mad people walking. You see them on the streets, not one person is normal. America is even worse. They must be doing like this, or this like this; not one person has a proper face.

Is a fact, I tell you! With Sahaja Yoga your quality has come up, it has come up. You’ve become that now, so great.

That’s why you do not feel here there is lakshmi. You have money, but no lakshmi. There’s no beauty of that. It’s so desolate, like a barren land. Your ego has blown off everything that was beautiful. You could not tolerate anybody’s art, so you would not have anything artistic things in the house. You need not have many things at all, so you have plastics. Beauty has run away from your lives. When you talk also it’s fashionable to be arrogant. Imagine – to be arrogant, to be very dry: there’s no beauty in it. Is all put-up show; there’s no bravery in it, nothing sublime. On the subtle form you have lost it, that’s why in the gross form you don’t see it.

Whatever you have lost inside is shown outside – bankruptcy, complete bankruptcy.

So when you see that with others – when I am saying “you” I am meaning the others, those who are not yet Sahaja yogis in the West – try to understand they are at a much lower level than you are, and don’t take to their ideas and their ways and methods.

Just keep yourself aloof. And then you will see they’ll run after you. Ego is like a donkey: if somebody is ahead of them, they know somebody is ahead of them, then they bend their head to that. And if they see somebody is behind them, then they kick.

So you have your dignity, you have your special style, you live with a special style. Don’t be one of them. Dress up properly in a proper way. You may have only two shirts, you may have only three shirts, you need not have many; but have in something sensible, normal, comfortable, and also which is not jarring to others. We are the ones who are going to encourage our art, we are the ones who are going to bring back all that is lost. We can’t have Rembrandt anymore, we cannot have Leonardo da Vinci, we cannot have Michelangelo again – finished them all completely. But everybody thinks they are Michelangelo! We can’t even have, say, Gorky; we can’t have William Blake*, can we – of that courage? We cannot have Abraham Lincoln, can we have? All dwarfs, useless people. You scratch them and you find they are good for nothing, useless.

Out of you all these great people have to come out now. And their speciality about them, they had their own personality, and they would not give way to any fashions or anything. They wouldn’t give way to any cheap popularity.

Out of you people all these great personalities are to be born. So for you and for your progeny you have to think, what are we doing in such a great work as it is. It’s not only for your enjoyment that we have a seminar, nice music, nice food, nice place, we come, we enjoy – no. Enjoyment is just an advertising department. You have to really work hard inside, not outside. No arguments of any kind. Useless!

Simple thing, if I say I have to carry, say, this box, somebody will come out and start saying, “All right, then I think we should get a van.” “No, but a van is too much.” “Then what should we do?”

They’ll go on arguing till that the box is gone, everything is done, and I come back and say, “Now, what are you doing?” “We are still discussing how to take the box” – it’s already gone! Such wasteful habits we should give up.

We have to have new wisdom within us. All this old wisdom, you just throw it away. Unless and until you do that, your ego won’t go away. It won’t leave you, unless and until you decide to throw away all those ideas which to you appear to be real (the reality?). You have to be like children, trying to learn something new all the time; we are to be open to learn something new all the time. You have to learn – you have lost it. You had something that you have lost, so many. Instead of going ahead, you have lost it. You were doing all right; if you had remained on the right path you would have achieved, because after all, some countries are traditionally very old.

They also got lost – like Greece, you can say is lost. Horrible Greek tragedies: I mean, you sit down and cry for nothing at all. Nothing has happened, everything is perfect; people just go and sit down and cry. It’s like you make somebody say that “This one is dead. Let us now feel that he’s dead. Sit down, all of us should cry.” Stupid as that!

It’s all artificially-created problems and artificially-created gloom, because you have no real gloom, you have no real problem. You have got food to eat, you’ve got everything – that’s why you are creating problems for yourself. That’s why you need psychiatrists, you need drugs, you need this, you need that; because you have no problems, so you want to have some problems – as simple as that. Those who have problem have to fight with it. They have no time for all these nonsensical things. You have too much time. All your problems are solved as far as the material things are concerned, but still you are very much involved into it.

So now face it, face it clearly, that we are not that any more. We are different people. We are no more worms in the mud but we are lotuses, we have fragrance, we have powers, we are specially blessed. We have a special sense of joy. Let’s enjoy that and give it to others and be glorified with it, feel the dignity of it.

I’m sure it is going to work out this time. I have done My level best, I think, and this lecture should really go through you all.

All right, any questions? (Please have some water.) Any questions you have? (Water.) They might be thinking that I’ll drink from here! Modern idea maybe that I drink from here! So there’s no need to have glass, Mother may like to drink from there!

All right, any questions?

In thoughtless awareness. Now keep it up, keep it up in thoughtless awareness – absolutely you’re blasted. Keep it up. Keep yourself blasted. That is this ego business. Little bit is still there, rudimentary: keep it out. This is meditation, where there’s no ego any more, you are in thoughtless awareness, absolutely stunned. Can’t think. But that I have done, is not good – you should do it. That is the point I am coming to. Have your own personality. If punks could behave like that, why can’t you behave sensibly?

And also I have to say few words about how we behave in our day-to-day life; because a Mother has to see that they are, children are not to be ill-bred. People should not say that Sahaja yogis are ill-bred, you see. Now the first sign of an ill-bred child is that he leaves his bed in a mess. He leaves all his things in a mess.

While coming I saw all the beds. What are we doing here? Nothing. So put yourself into a discipline of leading a neat life. As a Mother I have to tell you this. It takes hardly ten to fifteen minutes, but just tell yourself this is meditation, do in meditative way. We in India think that the Western people are extremely neat and tidy. Really! They can’t believe it. They think you are on top of the world, you must be the neatest people ever lived.

They’ll say ten times “thank you”, but even once you will not keep your bed all right. Your things should be neat. You must keep yourself neat, appear neatly.

Then second thing I have seen, noticed this, which is told by many people which I have also noticed, that you go to somebody’s house. Then an ill-bred person will start using the phone without asking. Certain things are important to understand, like entering into the kitchen, eating everything. It’s a very common thing people are noticing this, that you get the food – like paupers, like beggars they come in the house.

I had at least twenty-one bottles of honey which people had given Me as present, and when My son-in-law came there was not even one bottle to give him honey. So who ate? All the Sahaja yogis who came ate the honey.

I mean, it’s all right, but you must ask. You polish off everything in the house. All right, you have come, if there is a food cooked for you, just have your food. If you go in the larder or you go anywhere, you find everything is missing. You buy for the whole month, you find everything’s polished off.

So an ill-bred person can be made out like that. But you’ll be surprised, a good-breeding person, even if this much is left of another person, that person will keep it and keep it till it is passed over. I’ll tell you about My own husband who is – he need not worry about this thing, but if he knows we have something of another person, he’ll put it in lock and key and see every time it is there, till he returns it to him. And same I can say about My children, or anybody I know of.

But this is beggarish that you take somebody’s things, misuse it, throw away where you feel like, break everything.

But I have seen with My own things; so when the leaders have been complaining to Me that “they come to our houses, they polish off everything from our fridges” and all that, I was not surprised. The Sahaja Yoga has become like a resort for all the beggars and the paupers of the world, because it is free. All the poor people come down to Sahaja Yoga, and you have to nourish them and look after them.

It should not be such. You may be poor, but you must have dignity. Even the servants are in India better. They wouldn’t touch your things without asking.

They have much more breeding. An ill-bred person is a person who is a rude person, arrogant person. You can say the same thing in a proper manner.

As a Mother, to give Me real glory is that, that people should say that you are very well-brought-up children. A kind of system must exist. A spartan system. It’s a spartan system. It’s not all a sort of a lousy system, it’s a spartan system. You are yogis. Should be neat, tidy, all the time clean, with few things. Like in India, people are quite shocked: you carry such big, big bags, and it carries all the – for ladies specially – all the paints and this and that. Where are you going to use before the villagers there, these paints? They don’t understand.

All these things we have to see for ourselves. We have to be dignified, we have to be people with a kind of a personality. Supposing somebody is a saint. He might be a poor man, but you can make him out by his dignity.

There was a saint called Tukarama whom, which you have heard about him – this “Amhi Bi Ghadalo” is coming from his music. He was poor and very generous also. He used to give away everything, and always left with very little. So Shivaji Maharaj, the great Shivaji came down to his place, brought lots of ornaments and things and presentations, and gave it to his wife and children. He was out. She was very happy to wear all these things because he gave.

He said, “This is …” Of course, in the beginning she also said that it’s not all right. But he said, “No, I am just trying to sort of pay my respects to you, this, that, and give.” And she wore it.

He came. He said, “No, I am a saint. You take this. You are a king, and you have to live like a king. All right, as a king you can have it. But not – as a saint I don’t need all these things, my wife doesn’t need all these things. Because you are living like a king, you – maybe you are a realized soul also, but you are a king, so live like a king.”

But one has to realize that in Sahaja Yoga you are not to move like a barren personality also. You have to be properly dressed, properly appearing. You should not look like beggars, but you should look like dignified people of the society.

Now for example, as you know I am the Goddess, and the Goddess has to wear I don’t know how many ornaments just to adorn Her chakras. I mean, I have lots of ornaments Myself of My own. But only for puja I wear, otherwise I don’t wear: I am supposed to wear lots of things. Why? Because it may not be that all right, may be dignified, but may not be that all right to wear all those things all the time. But I am supposed to wear.

Like You are supposed to wear many more things in the hand here, rings on the feet, everything.

All the time You have wear gold in the – what do you call the – you don’t have that ornament here which we tie up like a belt. But I don’t do it. I keep it to a marginal point; only in puja I wear some things out of it.

So you must have that discretion: what to wear, how to wear, how far to go, how to look dignified, how to be well-bred, so that you glorify the breeding of your Mother.

This time I hope when you all come to India, you will notice all these things among Indians. You will never see them eating, you’ll never see them having their baths, you will never see them sleeping. You don’t know how they live, where they live, how they work out, everything. They are just there on the spot whenever you are there. Isn’t it true? They take their baths, they finish everything, early in the morning, about four o’clock or five o’clock they are out – spartan. And always clean: whether he’s a villager, whether he is a scheduled caste or a brahmin or anything, they’re all neatly dressed, you cannot make them out.

Clean white clothes they’ll wear, clean white cap they will have. They’ll never have dirty clothes.

So this is another side, which is not so sublime, but gross side, and not so subtle and, but it’s very important; because whatever is in the subtle expresses outside. In all your behavior this would shine, like thousand facets of a diamond, because you have attended now the Sahasrara Day – let’s see; what are the thousand facets we show.

Love each other, respect each other, respect yourself, and all the time say one mantra within yourself, “I am a Sahaja yogi.” It says everything about your responsibilities, what are your aspirations, what you are. You are a Sahaja yogi, being reborn by Adi Shakti Herself.

Any personal problems you have you should write to Me, and I’ll try to answer. If I do not answer, then think that answer I have managed. If I do not answer, then think that I have managed the answer; but if there’s anything to be suggested I will definitely inform you. Any other problem.

But like a lady today came, she was crying about her husband. This she did before also, again today she is crying – she’ll go mad. A Sahaja yogi should not cry. Overcome your problem, try to handle your husband, try to handle everything. I do not very much like the divorce part of it, but if somebody’s a gone case is all right. If I say it’s a gone case, you divorce. But unnecessarily, just because there’s not yet proper understanding, one should not cry, weep and do all these things. On the contrary, one should try to overcome your own personal problems, because you have powers.

And You can write to Me. Not very long letters, but I get lost! Ha, really, I get lost! In the morning there are so many letters for Me to read, one better than the other, and My husband also get a big post. But he says, “Nobody writes me love letters, they all write about their bills to be paid.” I said, “It’s just the same!”

(You may translate this, Gregoire, if they want.)

Letters … full of problems …

I said, “I have to pay for their love.” That’s what it is.

But children write very sweet letters. They just make some painting or something, or some flowers and few things there, that’s all. They’ll make the heart and put Me there, or something like that; very sweet, sweet things they do. And just the joy and happiness, you see, they express it. Never their problems – they have no problems, children don’t have, they are not complicated. You catch hold of the problems, that’s the trouble is. They have no problems of any kind.

So you have not told Me, any one of you, anything that you want Me to be done. Now only thing, at the last I would like you to listen to Warren who will read it out to you, the programs we are going to have in this summer-time. Come forward.

W: So Shri Mataji’s programme for the rest of Italy I think is known. She returns to the UK – are you returning on Monday morning, Shri Mataji?

Yes, now.

W: Monday morning. Then she comes to France on the 17th, and returns on the 22th, not the 24th as originally planned. The original proposal to go to Spain at that time has now been postponed until later. And the next programme is in June, on the 7th of June, She goes to…

No, no, no, then I go to Houston.

W:I’m sorry, yes, you go for three days to Houston, yes)

Yes. I’m just visiting London, that’s all.

W: Twenty-eight, I think …

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Warren: You go to Houston, and then back. …. Twenty-seventh I think, I go.

W: I haven’t got that detail, Mother.

Yes, about twenty-seventh.

W: Then comes back to London, then to Switzerland, June the 7th, to Switzerland and She returns to the UK on the 15th. Then there’s a programme in Scotland, for the weekend, on the 21st

That’s not definite, but we’ll see.

W.: Then in July She goes to Austria on the 5th, Guru Puja is to be held not on the 13th but on the 12th, on Saturday the 12th. Then on the 14th She’s there or possibly goes to Germany, but in any case on the 14th and 15th there are to be programmes in Germany. On the 15th there will be a puja in Germany and then She returns to the UK on the 16th. Then in August She goes to Belgium and Holland. On Saturday, not Sunday but Saturday the 10th

In the evening.

W: In the evening… There is a puja on that day?)

Puja. That’s the puja for Belgium and Holland.

W: On arrival in Belgium, or Holland, wherever You decide to have the puja…

No, better to have puja at a place where we have the Monday program.

W: Then it will be in Gent, is it? In Belgium in any way)

In Belgium.

W: So on the 10th evening there will be a puja in Belgium. Then on the 11th, 12th and 13th there will be three public programmes, one in Gent, one in Brussels, and one in Antwerpen. Then on the 14th and 15th there will be public programmes in the Hague, and then on Saturday, which is what they wanted, there will be a seminar, a follow-up seminar for all the people of Belgium and Holland to attend, to follow up and to establish themselves, and then Shri Mataji will return to London in the evening. We celebrate Raksha bandhan in the UK on the 19th, and on the 23rd She leaves for the United States, which tour will be from the 23rd until the 14th of September. That takes in Krishna Puja on the 27th of August and Ganesha Chaturthi on the 7th of September. Then Shri Mataji probably will return to the UK then, and then She proceeds to Spain at a time yet to be decided.

No, just after that.

W: Immediately after?

About fourteenth I come back?

W: You come back on the 14th.

So that is what, a Saturday or a Sunday?

W: Not sure, Shri Mataji. 14th of September.

Spanish people are here still? Or they are gone?

W: Two here. So 14th is a Sunday.

So, they would like Me to be there for a weekend, or for the weekdays? That’s the point to be decided.

W: Don’t forget we have to go to Montpellier as well one day. One or two days.

One day. So, what is – Spanish people, are they more available on weekends or weekdays? Weekdays, weekdays.

So I can fly on, say, Tuesday. On Monday I can fly, and Tuesday we can have a program: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – three days, all right? Yes. And then I can – we have to have a puja, so on Friday. Or I go on Monday would be better: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And Friday I can go to

W: Montpellier. You see, Shri Mataji has to go from Spain to the south of France, to Montpellier.

I can come Sunday evening, and Monday morning you’ll have the puja, it’s better. And we have programs after the puja; it’s much better to have programs afterwards. Then My vibrations are also released. So Monday morning we’ll have puja.

W: So that’s Tuesday.. what is the day?)

Have you given them the saris and things like that?

W: Yes, Shri Mataji. 16th of September Shri Mataji will fly to Madrid….

No, no. No, no, no.

W: Sunday is the 14th.

Sunday I’m coming back.

W: When did you wish to go to…

No. Then next Sunday is what?

W: Ah, the following, I see.

What is the following Sunday?

W: The following Sunday is the four…the twenty-first.

Ah, twenty-first.

W: I see. So twenty-first you’re flying to Madrid. Puja on the Monday?

Monday. Puja, morning Monday.

W: Programmes: Tuesday, Wednesday…

Or you can have it Sunday night if you like, puja, which will suit better – Sunday night. For puja, Sunday night would be better. So Sunday morning I’ll go.

Twenty-first Sunday morning I come, all right? All right. Then Sunday we have puja, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I could be there. Thursday I’ll go to Montpellier, and I can return from there to London. How many days? Three days are sufficient? Three.

W: How many do you want, She’s saying?

Keep it four now. So I’ll reach there on Sunday; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – it’s all right, four days.

W: Twenty-first until Thursday, then She goes to Montpellier…

Thursday morning I’ll go to Montpellier. Thursday evening we’ll have program there, and then …

W: Twenty-fifth to Montpellier. Then from Montpellier back to London on the 27th.

Is there a direct flight?

W: Any flights from Madrid to Montpellier? Find out.

But is there a flight from there to London? It’s a rather out-of-the-way thing.

W: I’m told there’s a flight from Montpellier to London, yes, Mother.

Is there?

W: Yes.

So why not do Montpellier first…?

W: Sorry, Patrick told me there’s a flight from Montpellier to London.

So why not do Montpellier first, and then go to Spain?

W: Is there anybody from France here who knows, confirm…But Patrick did tell me there was a flight to London from Montpellier.

But from Montpellier to Spain, is there a flight or not? That you find out first of all. But you keep it that time, about that time; definite we’ll let you know, once we have done with the Montpellier. …. No flight?

W: Juan Antonio will find out and will be in touch, we’ll let you know. Because it depends now on the flights to and from Montpellier.

But in any case you keep this program with them. Otherwise I’ll do it earlier or later, whatever it is. First of all keep this program, definite. See, Montpellier even if I don’t do, France is there, it’s all right. I can do it later on, doesn’t matter. But this I have to do, Spain, properly. All right? Rather awkward, I think, to go from there, isn’t it? There’s no flight.

It’s too much for Me. Then I have to travel back, you know; I’m coming from America all the way. So forget about Montpellier. Somehow or other try to tell them that let’s forget about it. See, I must also think how far I can go. Then I have to go back to India …

W: On the sixth…

Shri Mataji: Sixth or so, fifth or sixth, so hardly any time for Me to prepare to go. Also better keep it like that. Just tell them that it may not be possible; so I come back on Friday, it would be better.

I can come Saturday night, and Sunday morning we can have the puja, if you like. And Saturday arrive, Sunday puja, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And Thursday morning I go back to London. Because, you see, I’ll have hardly two weeks left for Me to go to India. It’s too much strain. So I won’t be able to do this time. They can all come to France. They can come to Paris. Yes. They should bring all the people. And we have place there for people to live. During that time there’s no problem. France, when am I going? Seventeenth?

W: Seventeenth.

Will it be cold now? Not so.

Yogis: No. Not at all.

After some time it will happen that I’ll settle down in one place, and you’ll all have to come there; because I won’t be able to travel so much, I can tell you this much. It’s all right for the time being. You must also understand that now, the Mohammed has gone to the mountains; now the mountains have to come to the, to Mohammed.

All right. So thank you very much. You haven’t told Me any one of your problems, so I think there are no problems!

Tomorrow morning I may not be able to meet you, so may God bless you all. Give yourself a bandhan now, all of you, properly, with full attention, with full dignity, with full movement. See, full. Nothing should be done cheaply.

I don’t need anything, but just doing it to please you all.

In India they asked a question that if She’s the Goddess, why does She say namaskar to everyone? They can’t understand the Goddess saying namaskar!

Guido: We’ll have a public programme by 6 o’clock in Milano (…) ten…

Shri Mataji: OK. Nine or ten.

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