Sahasrara Puja: Consciousness and Evolution

Alpe Motta (Italy)

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Sahasrara Puja. Alpe Motta (Italy), 4 May 1986.

Today is a great day for all of us, because it is the sixteenth Sahasrara Day. That in sixteen beats or sixteen movements you reach a higher position in the coil. That it is complete, that Shri Krishna is called as a complete incarnation because He has sixteen petals. This completeness is called as “purna.” So, now we move into another dimension. The first one was where you got your Self-realization.

In the evolutionary process, if you see, the animals are not conscious of many things which human beings are conscious of. Like the matter cannot be used by animals for their own purpose. Also they are not conscious of themselves at all. If you show a mirror to animals they do not react to it as if they are in the mirror, except for, I think, chimpanzees. That means that we are rather close to them! [Laughter] So, when we have become human beings, we became aware in our consciousness of many things which were unconscious to the animals. So, in their brain they did not understand that they could put matter into their own use.

As human beings you were all unaware of the chakras that existed within you. So your consciousness still was working halfway through unconscious working of the chakras and the conscious working of the mind. You also never felt your autonomous nervous system or your inner organs, how they’re working. You did not even feel how you are getting affected by other influences.

As a result of that, with the freedom that human beings achieved or were granted, they gathered all kinds of things into their brains, into their Sahasrara, without being aware of it. They used their Sahasrara, their brain for all kinds of purposes which were fruitless. They were not aware, again, of the warning that Shri Krishna had given that if you use human awareness except for your ascent, you will go downward. They were told. Not that they were not told. They knew about it. Whether it was East or West, everybody knew that you have to be born again.

And it so happened that in the West people thought that by using their brainpower they can now master the matter; that they can use matter for their own purpose. If they had done it after their Self-realization, it would have been a very different situation, because after Self-realization you all have become aware of vibrations, which is chaitanya, and also of your chakras. With this new awareness, you would have avoided all that was wrong.

But it is like a greedy person, who gets a wee bit of money and he spends it off. Now this problem has complicated your brains. You have certain concepts, which are very much away from reality. The way we have started using machines, we have become machines ourselves. So, we have no feelings and we cannot relate to others in a natural way.

In human awareness you had achieved how to relate yourself to others and to the nature. But this ego-oriented approach took you away from natural, real life. And we became artificial. The whole thing comes from a concept of being artificial. Like they say that it’s fashionable to be arrogant, to be snobbish. This is just the opposite of your ascent and evolutionary process because you have lost the power to relate to others, which you had gained as human beings. All the organizations which you have formed also on collective understanding are also artificial. Then a movement started that we have to be natural. That is another copying of the artificial. Natural does not mean a primitive personality. Natural is to evolve. The whole purpose of creation is to evolve.

So, the another concept also that you accepted very easily because you have got brains and you accept everything that comes your way. And you became so artificial that you needed all the time some sensations to feel yourself. Now in every walk of life there is a conceptual, artificial understanding. For example you see the sex, which is such a natural, normal thing. There is nothing so great about it. But that also you made so artificial that you have now your sex in your brain. By that not only you have silenced Ganesha in the Mooladhara, but also Mahaganesha in your brain.

In another aspect, say art. Now the concept is so stupid that it says that art should be according to what is laid down.
Gregoire: This, I have not understood, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: No, no, no. Whatever is laid down about art, that art should be such, such, such, such. Like you will call somebody as baroque to condemn it, then rococo, this, that. Condemn everyone. And ultimately you reach a conclusion that the most insipid thing is art. As if, like the sugarcane, when we have taken out all the juice, whatever remains will become art one day.

So, the brain, which does not nourish the heart is absolutely an artificial brain, just like a robot. So, people have become just like robots. Now this can be handled by anyone who has a mastermind. Because you don’t have your own heart and the brain is controlled by somebody who has a greater brain of concepts. All these concepts are destructive. Say Hitler got the concept that he is an Aryan and he is of the superior race. And to establish that, he did not mind destroying the whole world.

Same is the case in the religion field. There also, every religion was put or poured into the cups of concepts. Now the worst concept that human beings have achieved, is that money is everything. First they tried for political domination, thinking that political domination is everything. And now they feel that money is everything and all other sublime things are imaginary.

So, when I started my life, I saw the complicated Sahasraras. And the more I tried to solve the complications within My own awareness, the more it became more difficult. Because if you see my age, in fifty years, you can see how much complicated human beings have become. And after opening the Sahasrara, when I come to the West, within these sixteen years I found that they are now incorrigible. Now the stage for you is laid down to ascend higher. This is the background which I have described to you.

And you can see how, when you have a program, there will be 500 people for the program and within two weeks all will disappear. Because when the ascent takes place, the Kundalini pushes out the ego and brings the person close to reality. But again that ego, which is being built up so fast in its speed, overpowers the speed of the Kundalini and covers the head. Then it suggests that, “How can you have godly life? You will miss all the alcohol, all the madness, all the fun of life”. That they feel, they will lose all the freedom to become mad. When you see from this position the way people react, it is amazing. You have to do something extremely stupid to sell it in the market. The other day I heard that somebody has become rich selling the empty tins as lamps. All kinds of stupid things, which are nowhere near natural beauty or natural joy, are accepted as sophisticated.

The other side of it is that the “asuri vidya” [evil knowledge], the “black vidya” has taken over. As Shri Krishna again had warned that, in the fifteenth chapter, that if asuri vidya takes over, then the suddha vidya [pure knowledge] cannot compete with the speed of asuri vidya. Like in America there has been a big argument amongst Sahaja Yogis if my photograph should be in the drawing room or not. But if you ask them to paint their nails black, their faces black and black clothes like witches, they will do it. That even at the stage when we are Sahaja Yogis, we are shy of our godly life. When they became hippies or when they became punks or they became anything like that stupid, they gave all their life, all their time, all their money to it. They changed their dresses, they changed their lifestyles, they changed their family life, went all out. I mean, and even when Sahaja Yogis are convinced about the godliness of Sahaja Yoga, still they are shy.

Now you know your Mother doesn’t take any money from you, on the contrary She spends, you all have gained out of it. But when it comes to giving, everybody feels shy. From that background you are coming to the light of God’s grace. But you don’t want to dash at it, you want to take your time, gradually, so gradually that maybe you may lose your chance. So, in the awareness of Sahaja Yogis where you know all about your chakras, you know about vibrations, you know how you relate to others, still all this knowledge is for personal advantages. So, the shadow of the past still lingers on, even when you have this new awareness.

Animals can swim automatically, they don’t have to learn. But human beings have to learn to swim. So they had forgotten the techniques which were known to the animals and have taken to the techniques of human beings. But in Sahaja Yoga you have got your Realization in one lifetime. And in this lifetime you have to grow. And in this lifetime you have to achieve the highest. So, the time is so very short and the background is so dark. You are surrounded by people who are pouring out, morning till evening, destructive concepts. Now, you are the people who have to shoot out much faster than all of them.

But a kind of a lethargy, though you understand that your awareness is very different from them, a kind of a lethargy, which does not accept it the way it should accept Sahaja Yoga. Every one of you must think every day, “What have I done for Sahaja Yoga today?” But you are all still very busy with your jobs of making money, of have relations with people who do not matter at all in Sahaja Yoga. We have to make an all out effort to rise to that point, that whatever we know, we believe in, we act on that and become one with it. You can do that with concepts, but not with reality, this is the problem. I mean, I’ll explain this point but later.

Like, supposing a fanatic believes that he can do such and such thing in his own religion, he will do it. When the concept is not reality, it has given no benefit to anyone, had shown no performance of any substance, still people do it. I see in my own country when they were fighting for freedom, my father himself gave up all his property, gave up his practice, with eleven children in the family. And we were living in palaces, started living in huts, for days together, for years together. But for the gross freedom we’ll do anything, but for the subtler freedom the Sahaja Yogis have to do everything that is possible.

[So, the first thing is] to be aware, to be in your conscious mind all the time that you are yogis. You are the ones who are very much higher than the rest of the humanity. That the salvation of the whole of the humanity depends on you. The purpose of creation will be served by you. So, first of all you have to be conscious in your consciousness that you are so important, and that’s why you were given Realization. How can you be living with your conditionings and with your ego? The conditionings are like this: supposing you are coming from a Christian religion, then you must bring that little bit of that religion into Sahaja Yoga. Or if you are from a Hindu religion, you want to bring some out of that. We have all the essences of these in Sahaja Yoga, the pure essences; but we can’t have the gross nonsense! All these things are like dirt over our Sahasrara which must be shaken off.

Though now you are aware, you are aware and conscious of your chakras, you do not keep them clean. Ordinary human beings if they have clothes, they have houses, they try to keep it clean. But you do not feel ashamed of them also when they are bad, because after some time you also lose the awareness of them. That means you have become subtler, but in your consciousness you are not yet subtle. There are so many things you know more than the people who are not Realized, as absolute reality.

For example, we don’t even use vibrations. Whenever it is needed, we don’t use it or sometimes mechanically, just like a machine, we start giving bandhans. So, you are still unconscious about your chakras. Slightly conscious when you put your mind to it, otherwise, in your central nervous system you are not yet so conscious. This is the reason why you do not know why you had to do a thing at a particular time. Unless and until you rise to this Nirvikalpa state, you cannot go further.

For example, I know everything what I do. I can handle any power whenever I want to. I can absorb any negativity I want to, I need not absorb any negativity I don’t want to. You may be thousands of miles away from Me, I know about everyone of you. I may not know your worldly names, but I know you as a part and parcel in My Being. I also can behave like a human being, absolutely like you, aging like you, using spectacles, doing all the things that will make Me a complete human being. I have accepted this role consciously, not unconsciously. To Me, nothing is unconscious. So, if you have to be conscious of what you are doing, you have to be alert about it.

The first thing that you have achieved is the peace, the peace. But even now I find that peace which would become joy becomes the quarrel. Truth is one, you cannot argue about truth. It is a homogeneous thing. It doesn’t quarrel with each other. We are unconscious about our fingers, but when we have to hold something, all of them come together and work it out. So, the part of the brain, which is working this out, the unconscious part of it, is to be made conscious. That is what evolution is.

So now adherence to any concept is against evolution. You must learn to face the reality, to accept the reality and act a real way. Now you may say, “Mother, this is a miracle. Something happens, this is a miracle.” Maybe for the human beings, maybe for Sahaja Yogis also, but not for Me, as I know what it is. So, to rise above this half-baked consciousness, one has to see how you are working it out.

The whole system of relating to each other must change completely. That is very important, at least for western people. Because at least in India people know that human efforts lead you nowhere, you have to take to your ascent – I mean the real Indians. Some of them do take advantage of Sahaja Yoga and then disappear, some of them do. But mostly they know that you have to be conscious of what you have got. So, we can say that we have got self-knowledge, but we haven’t got self-consciousness.

Now, for example, you take somebody`s name, say of some great saint, you feel the vibrations are flowing. Also you know why: because he is a saint. But why not you the Sahaja Yogis, if your names are taken, why not the vibrations flow? And in this, you have greater advantages because the Adi Shakti Herself is before you. They did not have anybody to tell them all these things. But the disadvantage of that is this, that you take it for granted.
Gregoire: How do you say ‘take it for granted’ in French? [Gregoire goes on translating]
Shri Mataji: Sometimes French is small, sometimes so big.

Now, in expression, when we say something, when we express; are we natural, are we it doing from our heart? The consciousness that “I’m doing it from my heart,” is what I want you to achieve.

Like there are people who work very hard in Sahaja Yoga, others will just take it for granted. They do not want to help. They want everything to be ready-made. That shows that they are not conscious of their own powers of enjoyment. If they do it from their heart, then they will never feel what effort they have put in, they will only feel what they have been blessed with it or what they have achieved. The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction will overcome all your problems, specially your left Vishuddhis.

Now the second stage would be where you will be conscious of whatever you are doing, where there will be no mistakes. Whatever you will do may appear to be mistake will turn out to be all right.
Gregoire: But only when we are there.
Shri Mataji: Nobody is so far like that. So, I would like to tell you. Because some people do feel, whatever I say of praising they think I’m saying it to them. No, no.

Now for example, today I had my watch, I wanted to set my watch, so I pulled this screw up, say, simple thing. Now this I did, I would say, in a way unconsciously, but quite consciously. Because the watch stopped and I knew the time, what time I have to be there for puja. So, consciously I’ve put Myself against Myself. If the watch had not stopped, I would have come earlier. But that was not the time I had to come. So, I had to pull the screw to keep it stopped. So, whatever mischief you play, you know and you can play it against yourself also. And then you can make a drama, “Oh, I made a mistake!” and things like that, for nothing at all. But such a stage is far off, I must tell you.

Just now the stage at which we are, we are still making lots of mistakes because we are not Self-conscious. In a gross way we understand this word self-consciousness like this: when a person has to go for an interview then, he selects his suit properly, he’ll comb his hair properly before going, he’ll clear his throat – self-conscious. But when it is the question of your ascent, are we alert? Or we are taking it for granted that Mother is just now going to give us a nice bath, put us in the cradle and take us there. This is being childish. You have to mature in your ascent. Now you may say, “What should we do?” Face yourself every day! In reality, see how much time you spend about mundane worries and how much about your ascent.

Have you left everything, all your worries to God Almighty? Have you completely jumped out of your background? Have you come out all the way, leaving everything that was nonsensical? And how do I relate to others? How do I talk to others who are Sahaja Yogis?

I am surprised sometimes, if the one Sahaja Yogi is attacked by a non-Sahaja Yogi that a Sahaja Yogi group should support a non-Sahaja Yogi. Or a Sahaja Yogi who has to come up pays more attention to the negative people than to the positive. He relates better to the people who are negative than to the people who are positive. He is more friendly and open with the negative persons than with the positive. You have to cling on to the positive. But it’s always the other way round because also is a very subtle ego in there. All these subtle understandings I have told you many a times. But with your complicated brain, which is like a machine, like a spoiled computer, you can reach some conclusions out of what I have said which are just contrary.

Like, supposing I say, “You forget the past.” A simple thing. That means you forget everything that is good of the past? That is as if you should not understand why you’re behaving like this? Forget the past means don’t allow the past to overpower you. A brain, which is simple, which is straightforward, which has got love in it, can understand what I am saying straightforward.

This complicated brain is to be put right, and the best way is to stop thinking. Just stop thinking. That’s what you have to do. Now when you stop thinking you feel that nothing can be done. But by thinking only you don’t do anything.

Now for example, I have to give you a speech now, but I start thinking about it, what will you hear? Can you hear My thinking? You have to, say, enlighten these lights, all right? Then you just start thinking about it, “I have to enlighten.” Will it get enlightened? This is to be understood, that by thinking you do not do it.

Thinking is lazy man’s garb, and is used to avoid work. Once I asked a lady I had in the house that “We are going out. Will you be cooking something for us?” When we came back she had not cooked anything. I used to cook every day but she had not cooked anything. I said, “Why? Why didn’t you cook something for us?” She said, “I thought You may eat outside.” She was a western lady. So my husband said, “All right, we are going to eat outside. You stay at home.” I said, “It doesn’t look nice.” He said, “No, let her know what she thought is meant for herself.” So this is the escape which, you have learnt before, the cleverness.

So you do not argue about it.

Do not argue about Sahaja Yoga.

You do not argue with your leaders. You may be his wife, but don’t argue. We are having a very bad time from some of the wives of the leaders because they try to influence the husbands. As far as Sahaja Yoga is concerned, they have nothing to do with that. Supposing you are working in an office and the husband is some great official and you are a clerk, will you correct the husband? In this case the women have to nourish the organization, nourish the husband with love from their heart and not from their brains.

I think it’s so great to have been born as a woman Myself, because I can enjoy the heart, the emotions. The emotions of My love, the working and the play of My love. It’s so great that no incarnation can enjoy that as I can. So the women should not feel degraded if they have to look after the heart, but they are in a higher, in a way, in a higher aspect. You can do without thinking but you cannot do without the heart.

So the ladies should not argue with their husbands if they are leaders, and also one should not argue otherwise, also. Because I have seen if the women are very argumentative, the men become deaf. They just don’t listen what women are talking. If they are very aggressive, then the men become absolutely shut up.

So in relationship with each other, you must behave in a natural way that you are a man and you are a woman. You should become more a woman and more a man and then you will see the fun. Imagine in this world if there were only men or only women, what would have happened? So we have to know that in our awareness we have to be conscious how far we have achieved the consciousness for our relationship with each other, that is the collective consciousness of Virat, of the brain, that is of Sahasrara.

So in principle Sahasrara is Vishnu Tattwa, but the Deity is Mataji Nirmala Devi. So you can see how the beautiful integration has taken place. All the powers of Shri Vishnu have to act according to the Deity, surrender at the Lotus Feet of the Deity. So the consciousness of Shri Vishnu is absolutely in the hands of the Deity. I do not want to talk about this tremendous Deity, it’s too much, because it may fill you up with awe.

So, whatever is working out, allow it to work out. They say, “Surrender your Sahasrara to this Deity.” And it’s so, so simple for you, because you have the Deity, you have your own Sahasrara, and it’s only you, the people who are Sahaja Yogis today in modern times, have seen that Deity.

They say that you have to ask for three things called salokya, samipya, sanidhya from God; meaning to see God, salokya; samipya, the closeness with God and sanidhya is the companionship of God. But you have got tadatmya, is oneness with Me which is not in the concept of any one of the yogis and the saints and the seers who have been before. And this tadatmya you have when you are outside My body, while they have this tadatmya when they are inside My body, they are no more.

Now, so you should understand the time limit. You must understand your greatness and you must understand how you people are chosen for the highest work in this creation. So now there’s no time for lethargy. Now you have to rise and awake.

Today is the day when I hope you have to jump into Nirvikalpa. But only by effort you will stay there, otherwise you’ll again slip down. So go through this lecture again and again, and do not think about it. Don’t think that it is for somebody else, it is for you. For all of you, each of you, and you must know yourself how far you are going every day.

Today is a special day of Sahasrara. Actually, if you see, it is according to the sun calendar, Sahasrara would have been tomorrow. It’s a Monday, which is the Sahasrara and just imagine that we are having it one day earlier. So one has to know that the calendar of God has nothing to do with the human calendar. According to certain calendars, I should have come two thousand years later and some think I should have come at least two thousand years back, in this form. So the calendar is all right, timing is all right, everything is all right.

You are not robots, you are not machines, you are evolved through evolutionary process. And through evolutionary process only you have to achieve the higher personality. So whatever we may do or whatever may be all right, it’s you who have to show the results. We may take your Sahasrara to a great enlightenment but again it will collapse. So you have to know that whatever heights you are brought to, it is you who have to maintain it with full will power and action.

May God bless you! This lecture is a concern of your Mother. Do not take it as anything ill. I could not have said this even two years back or one year back, because you are at the stage where I can say these things to you. You can understand it, but it has to become your consciousness. The stage has reached to understand, but it should become your consciousness. By today’s happening should become, if you keep it there.

So, again, may God bless you!