Only thing we have to accept that still we have to know much more

Milan (Italy)

1986-05-05 Only thing we have to accept that still we have to know much more, Milan, Italy, 71'
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1986-05-05 Public Program 1 in Milano

[Completion of an introduction in Italian until min 02:36]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. 

So far we have heard so much about the truth. All the great prophets, seers and incarnations have taught that the truth can be only realized if you are born again. This happening as people have put before us has been a very artificial one. Just by having a concept or a belief that you are born again you cannot become that. In the process of our evolution we have become human beings and if we have to become something higher it has to be in the same process of evolution. But we do not think about how did we get to this position, what is the energy within us which has made us human beings. We are not aware of this energy within us. We take our human life for granted. And even the scientists do not explain how we have evolved. 

Now in human awareness you are not aware of your organs in the body, till you feel the pain in the stomach you don’t know it exists there. Now these centres are existing in a subtler form and till you become that subtler being you cannot see them. These are the centres which exist on your parasympathetic nervous system. And for doctors it is very little known what is parasympathetic. They say it is autonomous nervous system but if you ask them who is this auto they cannot say. 

Now we have those centres within us and if we say that you need not believe us. But as scientists you must keep your minds open. It’s like a hypothesis for you but if we prove it then you have to believe. Only thing we have to accept that still we have to know much more. If we were absolutely knowledgeable and complete we would have had no problems in this world. But what we find: we have physical, emotional, spiritual, mental problems all the time. Also we have social, economical and political problems. All these surround the human being. That means there is something missing in the human being that we do not know how to relate to each other and to the whole.

And this is what the truth is one has to find out about oneself. So this we are talking about the self-knowledge which is within us. These centres as he has described do exist within ourselves, no doubt. And there is a power within us which is called as kundalini at the base of the spine which when awakened gives us this self-knowledge. In the evolutionary process whatever we have achieved is expressed in our consciousness through our central nervous system. So the truth has to be felt on your central nervous system, on your nerves and should be felt by all the people who have achieved that state.

This is a little breakthrough where we have to be attentive and that can change the entire humanity. But we live with our concept and propound that which is just a mental projection but not the reality. Reality is which we cannot conceive ourselves, we cannot organize it, we cannot make it – it is what it is. We have to just open our eyes to see it. And the reality is that we are all part and parcel of the whole, that we are the Spirit, that we are the reflection of God Almighty. 

In those days, or I would say in the modern times, to talk of God is really out of date because people think nobody has proved God. But now the time has come to prove the existence of God. But to prove that human beings have to go one step forward. Then you will realize that what Christ said, what Mohammad Sahib said, what Rama said, what Krishna said was all the same truth. Because we are not at that state we cannot see their integration. And when we see the mess of religions we get shocked. If you see a Jew he’ll talk so much ill about Islam, if you meet a Muslim he’ll talk so much against the Jews. Same thing you can find in all other religions that people think they are the best and they are the chosen ones. But the sense of all these religions is that first you must get your Self-knowledge. 

So the first step is to get your Self-knowledge and then to get God’s knowledge through your central nervous system. Faith is not blind; faith which is based on actualization of the experience is the one which you should call as real faith. And that is why we have to have our eyes opened out to reality. Every human being, whatever race, whatever chaste, whatever community he believes in has the worthiness to become the Self. Everyone is capable of feeling the All-pervading power which is the subtle power which does all living work. Like these flowers become the fruits, all the living work that you see around are done by this great power which is All-pervading. People have talked about it, have told about it but very few have felt it.

Now the time has come for thousands to feel it, for millions to feel it. You can say the time is mature now that all of us have to feel that All-pervading power. But as the result of the awakening of this power within us the first thing we get is the physical well-being, it cures most of the diseases; it makes you healthy and wealthy, and wise. It does, it is to be experienced it before denying it. 

But we have one big problem – is Mr. Ego which denies everything that is reality. It is so subtle that we cannot see it, we cannot watch it acting on us and without understanding this ego we deny the reality. This is a spontaneous living happening within us. It’s a living happening of the living force of God’s love. You cannot by concept make it happen nor could you make it happen with effort. It is like sprouting of the seed which just spontaneously takes place. The seed has everything built-in in itself and it spouts by itself. When you put it in the Mother Earth it just sprouts because the Mother has got the power to sprout it. In the same way this power awakens spontaneously and when it happens, as I told you, you get rid of all your problems because you become one with the whole. Like this finger if it is not connected with the whole it will have all the problems. But if it gets connected with the whole it gets looked after by the whole, nurtured by the whole and protected by the whole. In the same way every human being has to enter into that kingdom and enjoy the eternal life.

Sahaja means, “saha” means “with”, “ja” means “born”, it’s born with you, it is spontaneous. And “yoga” means “union with the divine” so you get united with the Divine as a matter of right. You have this right to get united but you are lost sometimes in your concepts and that is why many people do not want to see that, “So far why we didn’t get what was promised?”

So the time has come to fulfil all the promises by the Divine. Of course you cannot pay for God’s work, you cannot organize it. Many people believe that as you have to pay for everything in this worldly life you have to also pay for Godly life. This is another misleading concept. It is something beyond your human mind and you should get out of all these human concepts which talk of money or power and all these worthless things. But as a result of this happening you become so blessed that you don’t need anything anymore. You get completely fulfilled, all your wants are fulfilled and the eternal peace exists within you. 

People talk of peace who are themselves so disturbed. Peace comes from within; you cannot have outward symbols of peace. The peace is within yourself which is to be achieved and achieved spontaneously, not by lecturing or by any other artificial means. It is a state which is a reality within us. But people believe that if you just pose that you are peaceful you become peaceful. This is self-deception and if we want to deceive ourselves nobody can stop us. We have all the freedom to deceive ourselves and go to hell and also the freedom to know yourself and go to heaven. 

Because of misunderstandings people have given way to cults and false gurus and lots of money has gone from the western countries. From 1970 I’ve been talking against them, [UNCLEAR] them by names. Thanks God, so many of them are now exposed. About three years back when the BBC interviewed me I told them that you cannot pay for God. They said, “We cannot understand this because Anglo-Saxon brain cannot understand that you can achieve God without money.” It seems to them everything is business. This is business without money, without power, without hankering of a thing, letting to your own glory and to your own beauty, to your own powers and to your own peace and love.

We have never used the power of love so far which is the most powerful thing. So this transformation has to take place within us which is very simple. Without any trouble, without any cause for disturbance it works out. 

I have a special feeling for Italians. So far I’ve seen they are the best in the whole of Europe to understand this spontaneous happening. I hope it will happen today and I’m going to come tomorrow again. In these two days we’ll achieve something. 

[An exchange about not having a second Public Program but a follow-up]. Sorry, I didn’t know because I don’t have the program. There should be at least two programs.

[Shri Mataji to the Sahaja Yogi: Advertise, you must tell about the radio, TV, all that.] 

[He informs about Shri Mataji being on TG3: on 7th of May at 19 o’clock and on 8th of May at 22 o’clock, as well as being interviewed in “Domenica In” on 11th of May.]

If you have any questions you can write them down and tomorrow when you come and see me I’ll answer your questions. But just now keep your questions on one side. Because you’ve been asking questions after questions, what will you get out of it? As it is you have to go beyond your mind into thoughtless awareness where are you are neither in the future nor in the past but in the centre – in the present.

It is very simple. Those people who do not want to do can go away but you should not disturb others. It will take about ten minutes for you to get your Realization. But please don’t disturb others. 

You have to just take out your shoes to touch the Mother Earth because she gives us earthing. All of you have to do it. You may take out your spectacles if you want because it helps your eyesight also. And if there is anything tight on the neck or on the waist little loosen it so that you are not uncomfortable. 

(min. 36:18)

It’s a very simple thing that you have to just put your both the hands towards me like this and as a result of this happening you’ll feel the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost which is the kundalini within us on top of your head through the centre what you call the fontanel bone area, here in the centre of your head. Here, where it was a soft bone you’ll feel a cool breeze coming out of your head, yourself. So the Holy Ghost is no more a mystery for you and you’ll feel absolutely relaxed and without thoughts. You can think if you want to; but if you don’t want to think you are in thoughtless awareness. Then you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands and then you start feeling this cool breeze, very soothing cool breeze all around. This is the All-pervading power. Then only you have to learn it how to use it and keep it fixed here, that’s all. And then you’ve become a great master of yourself. And miraculous things happen through your hands.

Now please put your hands like this. On these different chakras I will ask you to put the right hand because this is the hand of action and this is the hand of desire, left hand. Now left hand to me like this towards me, parallel to the ground, on your lap comfortably please. And the right hand is to be placed on different chakras as I’ll show you just now before you close your eyes. You can use your spectacles to see that. 

First we put our hand on the heart where resides the Spirit. Then we put this right hand in the upper part of the stomach on the left hand side. All this working has to be done on the left hand side using the right hand. Then you put your right hand in the lower part of your stomach, again on the left hand side. Now you raise it again on the upper part of your stomach, then on your heart, then here – between the neck and the shoulder. This centre is very much caught because people feel guilty for nothing at all. So here you have to say before you start that you are not guilty at all. Put the hand from this to this side, not like this, but this way. Now this hand goes onto the forehead which is the centre of Christ, here, and press it hard on both the sides, like that. Then it goes at the back and hold it in your hand and throw your head upwards. Then stretch your hand, the centre of the palm you please put it on the fontanel bone area, on the taalu as they call it and press it hard and move your scalp seven times slowly, slowly, stretching your fingers, little bit bend your head.

Now please close your eyes. Now the left hand should be put like this and everyone should close the eyes. And please don’t watch others, you have to see yourself today. And be pleased with yourself, be pleasant to yourself because you are the temple of God and only the light has to be put there. So in that pleasant mood you close your eyes, please now. Please sit little straight, not very slouching, not … be straight and put both the legs apart from each other, parallel and feet touching the ground. 

Now put your right hand on your heart. Keep your eyes closed till I tell you to open. The Spirit resides in your heart so you ask me a question in your heart – you can call me “Shri Mataji” or “Mother”, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. 

Now when you become the Spirit you become your own master. Now take your right hand and put it on the upper part of your abdomen. Now here you ask a question which is followed after the first one, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times, please.

Now please take this right hand on the lower part of your stomach, abdomen on the left hand side. Now here lies the centre which caters to the true laws of the Divine. Now you are free people and I cannot force you to do anything so you have to ask, “Mother, please give me the pure knowledge. Please give me the true knowledge.” Say it six times, you have to ask. I’m sorry but you have to ask, I cannot force it. Ask six times because this centre has got six petals.

Now please raise your right hand again on the left hand side of the upper part of your abdomen and press it, here now press it hard. Here is the centre of your mastery. As you have asked for it the kundalini has started moving. But to open this centre properly you have to have self-confidence. So now with full confidence, with full confidence please say ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.” Ten times because this has got ten petals, like Ten Commandments. Be careful, you have to be careful, you have to enter into the Kingdom of God, be careful.

Now raise your hand to your heart again where resides your Spirit. Now here with full confidence you have to say to open your heart, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say it please twelve times. 

Now you have to know that God is the ocean of love, that he is the ocean of compassion but above all he is the ocean of forgiveness. So you cannot do anything that he cannot forgive. So please put your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder, with little bit pushing it backwards. Here first of all forgive yourself. And now after forgiving yourself you have to say 16 times, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Sixteen times. Sixteen times you have to say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Even now you cannot forgive yourself then you better punish yourself by saying it 108 times. Let God judge you. Why do you judge yourself? 

Now raise your hand to your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Here you have to say from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Say it from your heart, how many times is not the point. Some people think it is very difficult to forgive. But it is a myth whether you forgive or don’t forgive. But if you don’t forgive then you play into the hands of wrong people so forgive them once for all. Don’t remember anyone of them. 

Now take your right hand on the back of your head and push back your head, look up, [UNCLEAR] your head on that. Here you have to say for your own satisfaction that, “Oh, Divine, if I have done anything wrong, please forgive me.”

Now put your right hand on top of your head with stretching your palm. The centre of the palm should be on the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now move it seven times slowly. And here again I cannot force you so you have to ask that, “Mother, please give us our Realization. We want our Realization. Please give us our Realization.” Say it seven times. Press it hard and move your scalp, press it hard, press it hard by stretching your fingers. Seven times. 

Now please take down your hand and open your eyes very slowly. Now watch me without thinking. Put now left hand on top of your head, right hand towards me. Now see if there is any cool breeze coming in. Move it forward, backwards, upwards. Little higher, some people get it very high up, this is too close.

Now put the left hand towards me, please. Now don’t think, don’t think. And left hand towards me like this and see if there is cool breeze coming in your head above, see maybe above. Some people get it so high sometimes, they are very great people so they get it high up in the head. Some get it here and then it goes up. 

Now you put your hands up in the air like this and push back your head and ask the question, “Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask three times, “Is this the Chaitanya? Is this the Brahma? Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the All-pervading power of God’s love?” Now put down your hands.

Now see in your hands you’ll feel the cool breeze and you’ll feel peaceful also, there is no thought. 

All those who have felt the Cool Breeze from their head or from their hands raise both your hands, either from the head or from the hands. So many, just [UNCLEAR]. 

May God bless you all.

But now it is to be maintained. It is to be understood otherwise it is useless. Those who have not got it also can get it. All of you can get it. So tomorrow I’ve decided to have a program or we can say a follow-on program if they want to organize. You are all welcome to come there and we will give you all the information needed for it. You don’t have to pay for it. Only you have to get it, it’s your own. But respect your Realization. And respect yourself. This is the most important thing in this lifetime. It is invaluable so you cannot pay for it.

May God bless you all.

Hope to see you tomorrow.