The problem lies with human beings

Rome (Italy)

1986-05-10 The problem lies with human beings, Rome Italy DP-RAW, 158'
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Public program, day 2 – Rome Italy, 10-05-1986

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I am also very sorry today that because of some procession we got delayed and I hope you don’t mind. And that it was for peace. It’s very surprising that by agitating how can we have peace? If you stop one thing they start another thing. First they will have wars then at the peace time they will prepare for wars. They cannot sit down without quarrelling. The greater nations they become, the greater quarrelsome they become. This is the problem, no use agitating. Already they have had one shock and they have to have another one. But even if they stop atomic energy they’ll start something else. Problem is to be attacked basically. The problem lies with human beings not with atomic energy. 

Human beings do not know the power of love. They have only one way of relating to another – is some sort of a hatred. You must have heard of the relationship of love-hate, its funny staff, isn’t it? But human beings are not yet complete. That’s what I told you yesterday, they have to be complete to understand what they are up to. As I told you yesterday we have to be the whole, evolve to be the whole. Now how can we quarrel when we are at the whole? Like this finger won’t quarrel with this finger, is it? Because it knows that it is a part and parcel of the whole. But when you are not the whole then one finds out any kind of difference for quarrelling. It is absolute stupidity. It comes from ego that person has developed that he becomes so stupid that he is killing his own people, his own community, his own country and his own human beings. 

So we have many people who have talked about human awareness, how it can go astray. Like Shri Krishna has said that when the human awareness acts on itself, without the Spirit, then it goes downwards. See, as in the chakras you have seen, he says that the roots of the human awareness are in the brain. Now if we do not ascend to that and start using our human awareness, in our own ego we go down and down, and down. 

So at the Agnya chakra here when you come what happens: that you have to forgive everyone. Instead of that you never forgive anyone and try to find out ways of taking revenge. Now you start thinking about everything. You see this carpet – you start thinking how much it must have cost, how much money it is, how should I steal it, how should I take it away. So the thought of possessing that comes into this Agnya chakra while the matter has only one capacity, that is it gives others the expression of your love. You give to a little child, say, a little doll – the child feels that the doll is the baby and the child loves the baby and looks after the doll; does not think of anything else but that it has to love it. So when, at Agnya chakra when you are a realized soul what happens? That you go beyond thoughts. So at that state when you look at this carpet there is no thought but the beauty that is created by the artist starts pouring onto you like joy all over. 

Today the worst state is that of the Agnya chakra. The first is that you have to have eyes which are pure. But if you have lust and greed in your eyes you can never look at anything with joy. Now Christ has said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” How many Christians can say that they have got eyes which are not adulterous? But when they become pure with the kundalini’s awakening Christ raises within you and then you have the power in those eyes. And when these eyes fall upon anyone they bring peace, they soothe the person, they redeem the person and comfort.

The second chakra onto which when we come down then is the chakra of what we call Shri Krishna who is the collective. Which philosophy or Geeta, all these things that he has produced has said that you should form different groups? Which one of them has that – nothing. Which one of his philosophies, which one of his teachings has said that you should form cults and groups? He just said that you are the whole and you have to become the whole. Now you find in this world there are people who are talking about Shri Krishna just taking his name without having any value for the name. If you are not connected with Shri Krishna what’s the use of taking his name? And if you take the name of anyone of them without the connection you are not at all in any way in rapport with them. On the contrary, you are somewhere else. So just to take their names and sing these names and all that, people think that they are mad and they are mad. When this center is awakened then you develop a witness state. You do not talk, you are silent witnessing the whole thing as a play. 

Supposing you have to take the name of your President if you have to meet him. If you go in front of his palace and start shouting his name you will be arrested. When you are taking the name of God without any protocol you will be arrested. So all such people who go on chanting, chanting like mad – either they become mad or they develop cancer of the throat. Actually they are spoiling the name of God. God cannot allow such mad people to enter into his kingdom, can he? So taking the name of God and using this Vishuddhi chakra for maligning or saying harsh things to others, for creating problems between two personalities – all this is against Shri Krishna. Now his power is Radha, “ra” is energy, the one which is sustaining the energy of love and that is the energy which is “Ananda Dayini“, it’s joy giving. And in the name of Shri Krishna to take Sanyasa and torture your body is madness. Actually Shri Krishna himself played like a little cowboy we can call him, with the young children of his age. He made them enjoy, he played with colours, he was full of joy, happiness, bubbling with enthusiasm. 

Now in the name of God whatever you do you get it. Now you want to behave like a Sanyasi? Alright. So you get all sanyasi‘s clothes, like the hippies are moving – all dirty clothes, never have bath, just to become that. There is no joy in that life. In our country people fast in the name of God. You can fast for your health. But why in the name of God? So it is better that they starve once for all. 

We have to keep very happy, joyous and satisfied to please God. When we want to displease our mother we don’t eat our food. So all these stupid things are done for this Vishuddhi chakra. I mean to say juxtaposition of what you are supposed to do. Now this tongue has to be used for speaking something sweet, something nice for the Spirit. Or it should be used also for soothing the others and for singing, for giving joy to others. Melodious music, beautiful music must be sung. Instead of that nowadays you find these people are singing with such broken throats, you don’t know what they sing – like mad persons go on, I just don’t understand. So what is happening? We are going down with this. 

Now at the Heart chakra is the chakra of the Mother, of the Mother of the Universe and where your antibodies are formed. She has already made such arrangements for you that you should never feel insecure at all. But you really boast all the time, “I am very insecure.” By saying that you make others insecure. Those people who make others insecure are really sinners. 

For example the women get the breast cancer because they feel insecure. As you will grow in Sahaja Yoga you will know that it is absolutely curable by establishing the security in a woman. When you are secure you are absolutely peaceful; there is complete peace within yourself because you are so secure. But nobody feels secure in this world. If they have money they have to carry two gunmen with them. If they are Prime Minister they have to carry ten gunmen with them. Even if they are fake gurus they have to carry machine guns with them. That’s how it goes on, the insecurity. Now there is Russia – so well off, the America – so well off, but they have to have atomic bomb to carry with them. Even in the animal kingdom you won’t find one tiger insecure of another tiger. It has gone to such a low level that even a husband is insecure of the wife, wife is insecure of the husband, the mother is insecure, the father is insecure, the professors are insecure, everybody is insecure. Can’t understand. With all the laws, everything you have done, with all the civilization that has come up, with all the great and great developments you have achieved. You have achieved nothing but insecurity of all kinds. 

And then you come to your Nabhi chakra. There again instead of becoming your power as a master – where this power, the power in the Nabhi chakra can make you a master – you become a slave. Slave of your habits, slave of your ideas, slave of all the things that are wrong and against yourself. Anything you see that the people do as habits are mostly detrimental to their health. So at this state the human awareness on the Nabhi chakra becomes a sort of a very negative force within us. On top of everything by the time you come to Nabhi chakra love and everything is finished. At that state there is only one consideration – money. For money they will kill anyone and for money they will do all kinds of things – like we should say Switzerland now. For money they’ve grabbed the money of this one – Markos something, he brings in another money. Everywhere you see people are mad with this money. What are they going to do with it? The people who have money go and ask them – they cannot sleep the whole night. The best way to have the merchandise is not to have it.

Now supposing I have a car. I have a problem with the car, insurance, this, that. If I’ve no car – no problem. Now I have no money, I have no income, I pay no income tax. I have no property, nothing, I live at peace. I don’t understand banking – I’m alright. If my husband says, “Alright. You must wear this kind of a dress.” -alright. If he doesn’t have – alright. A person who has a Nabhi chakra which is just satisfaction, complete satisfaction, he is like a king, like an emperor, he doesn’t need anything. If he’s living in a palace – alright. If he’s living on the streets – alright. If he is living in the jungles – alright. Nothing is needed. But that’s not so with kings, emperors, rich people – they have hankerings; that means they are still beggars, never satisfied in life. Today they will have a house, tomorrow a car, then a helicopter, then an airplane. Now this lady had 30 000 shoes. What is she going to do with them? Look at the madness, look at the level to which we have come. So they have no love for anyone. They will snatch the money from the country; they will take the money from there, put it in the bank somewhere; make everyone starve, die – doesn’t matter, as long as they have the money. 

Now thank God, Columbus did not go to India and by God’s grace he went to America. Otherwise I would not have been here, no Sahaja Yoga for the world. You won’t find even a single aboriginal persona in that Argentina, or in that Chile where I had to go to the museum to see them. Can you imagine? Such aggressiveness, such plundering from where does it come? From the bad Nabhi, the other way around. I do not want to say how many countries have gone to slavery. But this is what today now – where are we? Now the hatred has gone even subtler. 

After that if you come now to the Swadishthan chakra where the creativity was in this your Rome you see as beauty spread – Michelangelo was there, you had other people, such great, great people here. Like Sistine Chapel he made so beautifully. Have you got even one person like him? Do you have one such person like him to come now? Now the art has become so stupid you can’t understand the art at all. In art they want to use muddy colours. In the house they put muddy colours. They want to put one little line somewhere, not more because the rest of it occupies their ego. There should be just one flower somewhere, on a teapot, just one flower, they can’t bear many flowers. Such intolerance for beauty, no aesthetics of the Spirit. Only the children in their innocence understand and appreciate and they go into exuberance. 

In every day-to-day life our whole appearances, our questions and all those things show our stupidity. In London now it is fashionable to become a punk. Thanks God, Mrs. Thatcher has not taken that so far. Anything is possible under the sun. Now this, imagine that this punk business spoils your eyes. I’ve got people from these punks who have become blind and we had to cure them. But if you tell them, “Why do you do that?” they’ll say, “What’s wrong?” And the word “fashionable” is nothing but it’s a beggar’s job. 

I went to a very elite house and they had a lamp in an empty tin of coca-cola. The husband and wife have become [UNCLEAR] and this empty tin has now become fashionable in London, fashionable. So a beggar who cannot afford a lamp will have it in a coca-cola tin and all the beggars will join because it is economical. And then the elite and the people who are in charge of art will also take it because they cannot be otherwise. 

It is the most surprising thing that in the western countries where it is so very cold women have a fashion of becoming nude, I can’t understand, it’s madness. Where they have to work so hard they wear such big high heels – I can’t understand. Then they got varicose veins or some other trouble. Why don’t they understand this? The sense of beauty has gone down so hopelessly bad that those whom we call as beauty when the children see them they scream, cry or vomit. Now women are looking are mosquitoes and I don’t know what men look like, cockroaches I think. 

So now the last of all is the center which is very important – is the Mooladhara. Here there is the climax – Freud replaced Christ. Can you imagine, people worship Freud not Christ. When I went to America in 1973 I told them, “Don’t do all these things, you’ll get a horrible disease. You must get out of it.” But they said, “We want sensations.” Why do you want sensations? Are you dead bodies that you want sensations all the time? Have you lost all power of enjoyment, power of loving, power of meeting others and seeing the beauty of others? All those things that give you sensations are unnatural. These flowers, do they give you sensations? The Moon and the Sun and the stars, do they give you sensations? The poets who have sung the beauty of Nature, do they give you sensations? 

We have become nothing but sex points now, worse than animals. Just don’t understand, human beings are normal people and sex even an animal has, what is so special about it? On that basis have divorces; two, three, four, five husbands, ten wives – all of them end up in orphanage. Everybody is falling in love every third day. What sort of a romance they are having I can’t understand. What kind of poetry can we have? 

This world is not going to be destroyed by any energy as atomic energy or anything. It is going to be destroyed by the energy that is the perverted within yourself. So we must ascend. We must relate ourselves to the Spirit, not to become just machines of sex or machines of money but the instruments of God’s love. 

Like there is a very sweet story, I will tell you in my speech about Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna used to play the flute so Radha felt jealous of the flute – just a sweet story. So she said, “Why is this flute always on your lips?” So Shri Krishna said, “You better ask the flute.” She went and asked the flute, “What is your speciality that you are all the time on the lips of my lord?” She said, “You know, my speciality is this that I have no speciality. I’ve become absolutely egoless. Only he vibrates through me and plays this beautiful music. People say that it is a flute that is playing. I know who is playing the flute.” So Shri Radha ji said, “Please Shri Krishna, also make me the same as the flute.” So we have to ascend. 

There was a question, somebody asked that, “How can this be the truth?” It is the truth because you can feel it on your central nervous system. It is the truth by which you can redeem others, you can comfort others and you can counsel others. It is the truth because it can be verified. And it is the truth because it has been described by saints, seers, incarnations from ages. Only some anti-God people like Freud might have denied. Where are they today? So this is the Truth. Please take to your Spirit. No time is to be lost.

I’m sorry I’m going away tomorrow back to London and I’m travelling all the time. I always come to Rome after a year or so. But we have a very good center here and we have got very well established Sahaja Yogis, very well established. Those who want to establish they will be helped without any obligation but you must have ardent desire to establish yourself and to respect yourself. 

May God bless you all.

We should have the Realization. 

Like yesterday we should now … There were no questions so it’s alright. It’s very simple to get your Realization. Those who got Realization yesterday will get it more. And those who didn’t get it will get it today definitely. But you should not just seek it, in a way that it is one of the meetings. You have to get to it. Like if you find water in one place you must dig the well there. Don’t go on digging wells everywhere otherwise you will reach nowhere.

What is she saying? [A lady asks for a private meeting with Shri Mataji.] Come in the morning around 9. Please come. I am a little far away. Thank you. No, there is no time, madam [for a question], we are late. I’m sorry, because of this procession, you see …. Yesterday you were not there. Tomorrow, will you be able to come, madam? Please come. Alright. Thank you. 

And definitely, if you have any problems, please come and see me. Alright? I wish I was living in Rome.

(min. 54:10) 

Now, very easy, you have to put both the hands like this. And please take out your shoes. Now left hand – I don’t know if he has told you or not because he had a big chance to tell you about everything – left hand is your power of desire. And the right hand is the power of action. Please put your left hand towards me like this. And right hand is to be used for releasing your chakras. By this you will know how to raise your own kundalini. 

First of all you’ll have to put your right hand on your heart, then on the upper part of your stomach, or you can say abdomen, then the lower part of the abdomen, then back again on the upper part of the abdomen, then on the heart; now here – but not in any way, it should be done that you try to put your hand this way – please try to put it this way; then on forehead – pressing on both the sides, then on the back of your head – pressing your head backwards, then stretch your hand and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area and move it seven times, that’s all. 

First and foremost thing is that you do not in any way condemn yourself or feel guilty. You are the temple of God, only the light has to come there. Whatever you might have done, forget the past, don’t think about it. Don’t think of any past thing which makes you unhappy or upset. Be pleasantly placed towards yourself and know that God loves you very much. 

Now first of all you have to put your hand on your heart. I hope you have taken out your shoes. Please take out your shoes. And with both the feet parallel on the ground. Now let the hand be on the heart and close your eyes, with the left hand towards me. Now please remember that all these things are done on the left hand side. Now close your eyes please. Ask the first fundamental question, because in the Heart resides the Spirit please ask the question three times, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” 

Now put your right hand on the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. This is the center of your mastery. If you are the Spirit you are the master also. So please ask this special question …

Madam, please do it. Then again tomorrow I’ll have to work on you. Why don’t you do it? Put your hand here on the stomach and keep the left hand towards me, please. Keep your eyes shut, please.

Now please ask the question here, “Mother, am I my own master?” three times. 

Now put the right hand on the lower part of the abdomen on the left hand side and press it – the center which responsible for working out the true knowledge, working out the laws of the Divine, the center is Swadishthana. But I cannot force you so you have to ask me, “Mother, may I have the pure knowledge of truth?” Ask six times because there are six petals to this center. Now, six times.

Now raise your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it. Because you have asked for the pure knowledge the kundalini has now started moving and to help her at this center you have to say with full confidence ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.” 

Now have full confidence in yourself and put the right hand on the Heart. Now here, again with full confidence because this is the center of the Spirit you have to say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” twelve times. “Mother, I am the Spirit.” This is the Truth. 

Now you are not to feel guilty, I’ve told you, please don’t feel guilty. You have to know that God Almighty is the ocean of love and compassion but above all he is the ocean of forgiveness and you cannot do anything that he cannot forgive. 

So now raise your hand in the center of the corner between the neck and the shoulder and press it hard, turn your head to the right. And now say with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Sixteen times you have to say it. You see, even now you don’t want to believe that you are not guilty then you better punish yourself for believing in that and say it 108 times, would be better. 

[Shri Mataji speaks to someone in the audience: Why don’t you do it? Better do it, you can.]

Sixteen times.

Now raise your right hand and put it to your forehead and press it hard. Here you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.”, how many times is not the point – from your heart. It is easiest to say so and it is a myth that we do not forgive anyone because you play into the hands of others. 

Now put the right hand on the back of your head and push it backwards. Here now you have to say just for your satisfaction that, “Oh, Divine, if I’ve done anything wrong, please forgive me.” For your own satisfaction. Don’t feel guilty.

Now stretch your right hand and put it on top of your head, press it hard and move it seven times. [Shri Mataji blows in the mike.] 

Now take down the hands, both of them. Keep them towards me like this and slowly open your eyes. Now put the right hand towards me and left hand on top of your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming onto it, left hand, not right. You can bend your neck a little bit. 

Now place your left hand towards me and right hand on top of your head, put your head down a little and see if a cool breeze is coming in. 

Now put the right hand towards me and with the left hand you see if a cool breeze is coming. Some people feel it higher. 

Now put both the hands towards the sky and your head and ask a question three times, “Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the All-pervading power of love of God? Mother, is this the living force of Chaitanya, Brahma?”

Now take down your hands. Now raise them and see if you are feeling the cool breeze in the hands. Don’t think about it. And don’t think, you can see me without thinking now. Please put both the hands like this. 

Now those who have felt the cool breeze on top of their heads or in their hands, please raise both your hands. Practically everyone has felt it, everyone has felt. 

May God bless you. May God bless you. May God bless you.

Now you have felt the All-pervading power. Don’t think about it. Tonight you’ll sleep well. But you must know what this power is and how to handle it for which you all should come to follow-on programs, work it out and then – you can see these people who are here already – you will all become great masters by the time I come next time. That’s the only desire I have that all my powers should be shared by you all. 

May God bless you all. May God bless you all.

Did you feel the cool breeze today, that gentleman there? Yes? That’s very good, yesterday you did not. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

You felt it? May God bless you. Now I must see you again when I come here, absolutely on top of the world. 

You come and see me tomorrow? Now it’s not necessary I think. But you see, you must know the centers. Alright, it’s a good idea.