A living force of God has to work through you

Universite Paris Diderot Paris 7, Paris (France)

1986-05-20 A Living Force Of God Has To Work Through You, Paris France DP-RAW, 97'
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Public Program Day 1, University Paris Diderot, Paris (France), 1986-0520

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

In these modern times, a new wave of consciousness is working. People are trying to seek, perhaps many of them do not know what to seek. The atmosphere is filled with this idea that there are a special category of human beings who are seekers. And with this demand, there’s a market now established to give you the truth. But we have to understand that you cannot find truth in the market. It cannot be found by your effort either. The truth is a living force. It’s a living force of the Living God. And you cannot find anything that is living through your efforts. That living force has to work through you, to manifest that truth within you.

So we have to be honest to ourselves and understand that no amount of theology or theories are going to achieve that state. We came from amoeba state to this state, and whatever we have achieved in our evolution, we have felt on our central nervous system. It is not that somebody tells you: “This is truth, and that is truth“, you have to believe it.

[To the interpreter: If somebody tells you “this is truth and that is truth“]

Moreover, even if I say anything, you should not believe into, but keep a mind open. The thing is even they need not sort of blindly have faith in Me. I’m trying to say.

Because he’s got his Realization, he doesn’t know how to say this.

[Shri Mataji is laughing]

That’s a fact! But you have to, yourself, achieve it and feel it yourself.

As you can feel you are a human being, you have to feel the state of truth as well. And that is not difficult at all. That cannot be difficult because it is so vital.

Like, supposing we have to breathe, and for that, we have to go to some guru, or we have to go to some library, how many would exist? So I request you to have an open mind of a scientist. And if you find what I say is the truth, then you have to believe into it.

Now, what I am going to tell you is the knowledge of our roots. In the West, you have the knowledge of the tree [to the interpreter: “of the tree”.] You have to understand that as India has accepted the science of matter, you may also know the science of the roots.

Now, to know about the roots, one has to understand that you have to become a subtler being. To become the subtler being, what are we to do? What are we to do?

Now, when I say that already there’s a mechanism within us made ready for this purpose, you have to see for yourself if it works or not. I’m told that there have been many books about kundalini yoga, written by all kinds of people, frightening everyone that this Kundalini can do harm to anyone who tries to raise it. This is very surprising! Supposing I put my hand into the socket of electricity and I get a shock, what will you say? That means I have no knowledge of any kind, that I’m doing something extremely unauthorized.

For your information, this Kundalini is the energy of pure desire within you. All other desires are not pure. They’re represented by this- another blue line that you see here, which manifests in the human beings outside on the gross as left sympathetic nervous system.

Now, the other one that you see here is the yellow colour’s power, which is the power of action. So, it asserts itself through our physical and mental being and manifest, within us, as right sympathetic nervous system. The central one which manifests, the parasympathetic nervous system, is the one which is responsible for evolving us.

This parasympathetic nervous system is unknown to the doctors. This power, which is the Kundalini, is for the last breakthrough, the fourth Power, Gauri. This Power is going to give us the last breakthrough into the space of God’s kingdom. She is your individual mother. This is the Holy Ghost reflected within us.

If you ask a priest: “What is the Holy Ghost?” They say: “It’s a mystery” because they have no knowledge of the roots. Actually, they did not allow Christ to survive.

Now, this Kundalini is lying in the triangular bone into three and a half coil. She is awakened just like a seed awakens itself in the Mother Earth. This seed is to be sprouted through a living force.

Shri Mataji to the translator: French is rather difficult.

French and English language, both fall short for the knowledge of the Self, I am sorry to say. As an Indian language falls short to describe scientific words, in the same way this science is better expressed in Sanskrit or in some Indian language. But love does not need any language. Love acts spontaneously. It acts in such a way that you don’t even feel it. That is how the Kundalini rises. And forget about all that you have read about Kundalini so far. This is a fact that for the last fourteen years, I’ve been awakening the kundalini of thousands of people and nothing has gone wrong with them. On the contrary, when the Kundalini rises, she passes through the six centers, which are the subtle centers of all the plexuses within us, and nourishes them with vital energy. And like a string passes through many pearls, it integrates all of them. As a result of that, you receive physical, mental, emotional, complete recovery in that, complete comfort in that.

Shri Mataji to the translator: Gregoire would like to translate I think.

Gregoire: .. Patrick cannot translate.

Shri Mataji: He’s got thoughtless. All right.

So when this Kundalini rises, she pierces through all these centers, which represent or which nourish within us different subtle energies Now the lowest center here is- it is, what you see is the center which is responsible for our innocence. And also it looks after the pelvic plexus which is responsible for or all excretions inclusive of sex.

So one should understand that sex does not play any part in our ascent. But innocence does. And that innocence within us informs this Kundalini that there is Someone who cannot awaken it. So, whatever we may be thinking about it, whatever mental projections we might be having about it, Self-realization is something that is an actualization. It is spontaneous, means “sahaja” as we call it. “Sahaja”: “sah” means “with”, “ja” means “born” and “yoga” means “union with the Divine”. Yoga doesn’t mean “standing on your head”. It means the spiritual union.

Now when this Kundalini rises, she pierces through your last fontanel bone area and you start feeling the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, coming out of your own head. Now, then you develop a new dimension in your awareness. And the new awareness, we call it as Collective Consciousness.

For example, now, a gentleman is sitting next to a lady, and he doesn’t know what are her problems. He goes to someone who calls himself a very evolved soul – he might be a person coming from the prison. Now, he cannot say whether this person is a Realized soul or not. So the Collective Consciousness which is a new dimension in our awareness tells us through, on our fingertips about another person.

Now, we can say that Christ has always said that you are to be born again. In all the religions which are true religions, it is said you are be born again. Actually in India, which is a country which we think is not very developed, has been always the idea that you have to achieve your Self-realization.

Zen has said the same thing. Lao Tze’s Tao is the same thing. In Islam, it is said the same thing. Mohammad Sahib has said that in the time of Resurrection, your hands will speak. But they do not talk of the Resurrection. They talk of the doomsday, which is a wee part in the Koran. Christians also don’t talk about what John has said or Christ has said that: “I’ll send you the Holy Ghost”, that: “You will get your redemption, your comfort and your counsel through that person.

Another problem is that they talk of God Almighty and His Son and The Holy Ghost, not of the Mother! How could a father have a son without a mother? So the Holy Ghost is the Mother. So, by understanding Sahaja Yoga, you will be surprised that all those people, these Prophets, Incarnations in whose names today everybody is cutting each other’s throat, are all one. They reside on all these milestones of our evolution. Christ has said: “Those are not against Me, are with Me”.

Now, with all these insular religious ideas, another group has started which says there is no God at all. This may be rational but not logical. Now, to refute all this and to establish the truth about God, you must get your Realization first. This is what Buddha insisted on that: “Don’t talk of God, just talk of the Self first”, the first step forth. Mahavira said the same. Because once you start talking about God, everybody thinks they have become God.

So, Sahaja Yoga is the becoming of you It is not just a theory or a lecture, but it’s the happening that has to take within you and you have to become a Self-realized person. As a result of Kundalini awakening, you might get cured of cancer and any kind of diseases and we have done it, it has happened, so many people have been. It is unbelievable, I know, but it has happened. Even our president was cured of his cancer, you can write to him and find out [to the translator: ex-president]. It has happened. I have myself done medicine, and in the ego of medical science, they cannot see the subtler side, which is looking after us. In America, it is so difficult because if anybody cures anyone, then he’ll be arrested, even Christ would have been arrested there. So I’m trying to tell you that through mental projection, you cannot understand reality. Because mental projection is limited and linear in its movement and it turns back upon you

That’s what happened to science. You can see now, Chernobyl, how it exploded, the atomic energy. So the movement of a mind or of the emotional side are all linear and in conflict with each over. But after Realization your attention itself becomes enlightened and everything that is mental, emotional and physical becomes enlightened and integrated.

By that integration, you are peace with yourself- you are at peace with yourself. When people talk of peace, have conferences, this, that, what I find, there’s no peace inside them. Human beings have got the capacity to establish that peace within themselves, and once they do it, they can have peace among themselves. So because of emotional disturbances and emotional approaches, we loose that seat of our peace.

These all centers represent, like the yellow one represents the aesthetics. Now, a person who is mentally equipped has all ideas of esthetics according to his mental idea. That would be not acceptable universally. One person makes a painting, another doesn’t like it. So what is the criteria to judge any art piece?

In the realm of Realized souls, the criteria is that beauty must give vibrations. We have built many temples, many churches, many mosques, but there are very few which emit vibrations. For example, the “Notre Dame” has got vibrations, because the statue of Mary has got vibrations. The painting of Mona Lisa has got vibrations. Sistine Chapel has got vibrations. Because the artists who made them were Realized souls. If you hear Mozart, it has vibration. So the criteria is the coefficients by which you can feel the vibrations of cool breeze.

Because when you’ll get your Realization, you’ll also feel all over the cool breeze cooling down, soothing down on your fingertips from all over. Then only you know that there is this All-pervading Power of God. This state is called as Ritambhara PrAgnya by Patajanli. Adi Shankara Charya has described it as “Salilam, hum, Salilam” [Salila, the great Primordial Water in Rig Veda]. That Power exists everywhere which converts these flowers into fruits, and does all that is living work.

With mental projection, one may say there isn’t something like that, but why not? See it? In all modesty, you must understand that the human awareness is not a completeness. It is not at its absolute state. That is why there is so much diversion, so much of quarreling, so much of fights. But, when you reach that absolute state, you are amazed to find out that you are part and parcel of the whole, and that you are looked after by that Divine Force.

Some might think: “These are miracles”. But after some time, you’ll be surprised, you will say that the word “miracle” has no meaning in Sahaja Yoga. This miracle has to happen within you and all of you are quite capable of getting your Self-realization.

One big problem I have faced in the West is that, for nothing at all, people feel guilty. And that is the reason they catch on this center, here, very much, on the left Vishuddhi as you call it here. So much so that I start getting a pain here [on the neck]. So, first of all, you have to forgive yourself. You should not try to say that you have done this mistake, that mistake, is a wrong attitude because after all, you are human beings! Human being makes mistakes, you are not God. But all human beings have a right to get Self-realization. And that, you should have.

As you will know, gradually, that the knowledge is like a vast ocean. You yourself become the knowledge and you are amazed as to, so far, you have not known anything. And when you know the power of love then you are amazed how you are the vehicle of that power. We have never used that power, we have never used that power of love, we have always used the power of hatred. That exists everywhere and that is the most powerful thing. Only thing, we have to get connected to the mains, as this instrument has to be getting connected to the mains. Then you will discover how fantastic you are.

So, I would request you, first of all, to forgive yourself. First, you must love yourself and respect yourself as the temple of God. Only with this guaranty, I’m sure you’ll all get your Realization. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself, that’s the point.

May God bless you!

Tomorrow again, I’ll explain the different chakras to you.

[Cut in the video. Realization process starts]

[After the Realization process ]

Now, take it down, your hands. Are you feeling? You are thoughtless. You watch Me without thinking. Without thinking, it’s very relaxing.

Now, those who have felt cool breeze from the head or from the hands, please raise your hands, both the hands, both your hands, please.

So many have felt today. Everybody can feel it, everybody has to feel it.

[To seekers in the front]

It’s there. Now, see, it started. You didn’t have patience with yourself, a little bit raise your hands. A little bit raise your hands.

No, like this. You got it too, all right? Yes, good. Just raise your hands. Don’t think, don’t think about it, it’s beyond thinking. Binge? Is she feeling, this lady?

There. Ah, now, good. You see, when this center is a little out of gear, this center, then you don’t feel in the hands, but on the head you do feel. There is no sensitivity, but there is Realization. The sensitivity, it’s because of one chakra being a little out of gear.

Now, all right? Are you feeling now? There, not in the hand.

[To someone else] Are you feeling? What about you? No?

[To Gregoire]: They are feeling peaceful all right?


Those who are not feeling in the hands have to become Muslims for a change. You have to put your fingers – these are [forefingers], these are two, are the fingers for the centre, this centre [Vishuddhi]. So you have to put these fingers into ears and turn your head and say: “Allah Hu Akbar”.

Just pull back.

In your heart.

“Allah Hu Akbar”

16 times.

[The audience is saying “Allah Hu Akbar”]

Now, just see [Shri Mataji stretches Her hands].

[Laughter in the audience.]


Gregoire: I was saying towards the picture, Shri Mataji.

[Shri Mataji laughs.]

Shri Mataji: See now, better? Better now in your hand?

All right, do like this: [Shri Mataji puts her right hand on the back of her left hand and vice versa]. It’s there, it’s there, it must have improved. This is the- See, you can feel it also like that, it goes, you can feel it, it’s all over. [Shri Mataji makes the gesture of approaching and then spreading the palms of both her hands].


You got it. Just see from your eyes. Eyes get a sparkle in the eyes, you get, when you are Realized, you get a sparkle in the eyes.

[To Gregoire]: You tell them.

A sparkle. Yes, now, are you?

All right? Now.

Again tomorrow you have to come back, but don’t think about it, because you will lose it. So don’t think about it. Tomorrow you come along and we’ll all work it out again and it will increase and those who haven’t got it will get it.

Get your friends as many as possible. And we have a very nice centre here where you can go and know all about it, absolutely free of course, and you can enjoy yourself!

Thank you.