Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty Within Us

Universite Paris Diderot Paris 7, Paris (France)

1986-05-21 Spirit Is The Reflection Of God Almighty Within Us, Paris France DP-RAW, 119'
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Public Program Day 2. Medical College, Paris (France), 21 May 1986.

[partial transcript]

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

As it is, at length, Gregoire has told you about the chakras and about the three nadis which are within us. But what is the purpose of the mechanism within us? What is the purpose of getting self-realisation? People have been talking about the self, about the Spirit. But what is it? Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty within us in our heart. He is the witness of the play of this power which is the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is reflected within us as the Kundalini. She’s the residual energy. She creates the whole of our being but still She is residual because she is still not manifested. As I told you She is the energy of our pure desire. The pure desire is to be the Spirit. We may avoid the issue, we may try to do something else, but actually what we really desire now, after becoming human beings, that we should become the Spirit.

But English language, as you know, is very confusing for Me, for Spirit is the Atma which is the reflection of God and spirit is the dead body or a dead possession and spirit is also an alcohol. So when I’m talking about Spirit here I’m talking about Atma, the self. We talk of the autonomous nervous system in the medical science. This auto is the Spirit. It is the witness of the play of the Divine energy. He watches what we do until we are all right He keeps its reflection going but when it finds that it’s not required anymore to be there, it disappears and that’s how people die.

The Spirit within us gives us three great things which we do not get otherwise. The first is the absoluteness, the absolute truth. For example, if you meet someone you may like that person, another may not like him. There is no criteria to judge whether such and such person is divine. So once you get your realisation kind of cool vibrations start flowing from your hand and from your fontanelle bone area.

But actually what happens like the Kundalini when She rises, say this is the attention and the Kundalini is rising, She takes this attention upwards and pierces through the fontanelle bone area. But as soon as She reaches the fontanelle bone area, the seat of the Spirit is here, the seat is, the seat of God Almighty is here and is reflected in the heart. As soon as she touches that point, what happens that this attention gets enlightened.

So when your attention is enlightened, wherever you put attention, you get information absolute information about that person. For example, sitting down here, you can find out about anybody as to what is the condition of his charkas and as you grow in your realisation, you are amazed to see that sitting down here you can cure those chakras. Whatever communication and other mechanical things you have devised on this earth have all come from inside. SO the condition that is divine is absolute and very efficient, it doesn’t fail like our telephone and other things like that fail.

That is how you relate to others in an absolute manner, not in a biased manner. Evolution shows that as a person evolves he knows how to relate to others. Like in the animal stage, the chimpanzee only when he sees the mirror he knows that it’s him who he is seeing the mirror and the human beings also know that this is my image. So the only human beings know how to relate to others and when they are evolved they know it in an absolute level how to deal with others because the relationship is not in any way hampered by, say, racialism or anything.

The attention becomes the love. But the part of it, the most important thing is that this love acts, it works out problems. Miraculously it helps you in such a manner that you are amazed. Now the attention becomes collectively conscious. So you become conscious that you are part and parcel of the whole. For example, if this finger is paining and if I try to rub it to soothe it, I’m not helping or I’m not being kind to this finger. It’s my own finger.

So in the realm of collective feeling, who is the other? And so many problems that we face based on hatred or biased feelings all drop out. First time you start enjoying another person without thinking about it. Once I was in Calcutta in a hotel and we had other Sahaja Yogis in other rooms and one gentleman came and sat before Me for his realisation and when he got his realisation all the Sahaja Yogis ran from their places and said, “Mother, what is happened? Such joy we are feeling.” I said, “See this gentleman, how great he is, feel his vibrations.” So they put their hands towards that gentleman and they felt the whole joy was coming from their head downward like that.

So this sort of a feeling without understanding who the person was, what was his rank, what was his name, you just feel the person as he is on his vibrations. So you know the essence of that personality, the truth of that personality, and you don’t condemn anyone on something which is absolutely artificial. This is the one thing happens to your attention which is enlightened and this enlightened attention, the one who has, is innocent.

It is integrated and it is creative. I met a lady who was a law graduate. She said, “I never had this sense of beauty that I have now.” Because whatever is very beautiful gives immense joy to you without thinking about it. Supposing I look at these flowers here and don’t think about them. The joy of its creation will completely fill Me up. But if I think I possess them, I’ll have to insure them and I’ll have a headache or else I will start thinking from where did I get it? How much I should pay for it, all those things, horrible thoughts of money will come into my head and the whole joy will be finished.

In our attention, a style is such that whatever we look into, the thoughts come to us. Either we are thinking of the past or of the future. Thoughts rise, fall, another thought rises and falls and we are jumping on the cusp of these thoughts all the time. So we live in the future or in the past. Now if I say, “Pay attention to your self,” you cannot. It is the Kundalini when She pushes through our attention like this, then the attention is sucked in.

That is how we stand in the present. If I say you stand in the present, you cannot because in the present there is no thought. In the present, you enjoy the dynamism of that moment, the complete dynamism and the memory of that moment is so deep that you see the whole thing like a picture and the joy of that moment completely flows into you. I would request some of the Sahaja Yogis to get up and give seats to the people who are coming from outside. Thank you very much.

So such a person with this attention so enlightened becomes so powerful that he looks at someone and can give realisation within one glance. When such a person looks at others there is no lust or greed, it’s a pure innocence and this innocence is nothing but benevolence, pure benevolence, that gives nothing but benevolence to others of every kind.

So this is one of the greatest things one achieves that your attention becomes enlightened and it becomes a very peaceful attention. You are not conditioned by anything. You don’t feel the frustration because you don’t want anything from anyone. You don’t expect anything from anyone. You look at others as if something is flowing from your eyes and whatever flows is the love which comes back to you as beautiful ripples of joy.

So you enter into another realm of peace. Supposing you are standing in the water. The waves of the water will frighten you. But if you climb up onto a boat you can enjoy the same waves which were frightening you. So you become peaceful watching the waves, not getting frightened. So the fear goes out of your mind completely. Also the experience of God’s blessings are so great that you really become fearless. But you don’t become arrogant. On the contrary, you become very mellowed down, beautiful, magnetic personality.

I had some Sahaja Yogis who came to Me, extremely hot tempered, very angry with Me, shouting at Me. They just mellowed down, they became beautiful people. By just forming some organisations, or by preaching about peace or doing something around these lines, you cannot achieve that. Man has to be transformed. As the seed has to be transformed to become the tree, human beings have to be transformed to enter into that space of peace and love. So by this attention, you become the truth. You don’t tell lies, you don’t cheat people, you don’t play games. You don’t need to deceive people, you enjoy your honesty, you enjoy your generosity, you enjoy your chastity. You enjoy all that is virtuous and righteous because you become.

There have been lots of seekers who took to drugs, alcoholism because they were so frustrated. I never said, “Don’t take drugs, don’t take alcohol,” nothing of the kind. I don’t say that. I don’t say, “You don’t smoke,” either. I just say, “Come into the realm of the Divine.” And everything drops out without telling you. It’s like this. If you are holding a snake in your hand and you are in darkness and if somebody says, “That’s a snake. Throw away.” You will never. You will, on the contrary, hold it with a great clutch on it. But as soon as the light comes in, it just drops out. Nobody has to tell you. You can see for yourself, your eyes are open.

That’s exactly what happens that you know the truth. You become the truth and you know the truth. Then you stand by people. Like Christ did when Mary Magdalene was stoned, he went and stood there when he had nothing to do with a prostitute like her. He went insteaf and said that, “Those who have not committed any sin can throw a stone at Me.” And they dropped their stones. Such a power of purity and truth is residing in you. That’s the glory you have to achieve. That’s the glory you have to find, and for that you have to understand that it is a spontaneous happening. You don’t have to do anything about it. It just works spontaneously.

People are sometimes angry with me because I say, “You cannot pay for it.” They have been attacking Me throughout because they think I am coming in their business. But truth is truth. You cannot pay for your ascent whether it is Christianity, Hinduism or Islam. You cannot pay for that. You cannot live in the name of God and earn money out of it. God does not understand money. It’s very difficult for a godly person to understand bank. It’s a very different type of a temperament a godly person has.

Now you become the truth and then you become the joy. Joy is not a dual, a feeling of duality. It is not unhappiness and happiness. When your ego is pampered, you feel you’re happy and when it is hurt, you feel unhappy. But after your realisation you don’t feel happy or unhappy. For example, they’ll say, “Mother, my Agnya is catching, meaning that my ego is troubling me.” Then you have to say, “All right, you forgive everyone.” Forgiveness is the solution, that’s the mantra, that’s the chanting you have to do. I forgive everyone. I forgive. The ego will disappear.

So now when you become the joy, it’s an absolute quantity of substance which cannot be described otherwise. It’s a wise understanding. Like a sap it rises within you and gives you complete satisfaction of existence. Now this joy is not available to us because we live in two circumstances, that is, the happiness and unhappiness. So this joy gives you a state which we call as the witness state. Like a drama we witness the tragedy, the comedy, everything you witness like a drama. You are outside. When you are not involved in the problem then you can solve it much better and if you can learn the method how to use this power, to get rid of the problems which are very, very simple, then you are the master.

To give an analogy, we would say like this that the motor car has got a brake and an accelerator. Now in the beginning when you are trying to learn how to ride a motor car, you try to balance both of them. Sometimes you’ll press this and sometimes that, but then you learn how to do it. Then you become automatic person, you do that, you become a driver. This is what is religion. If you get the balance within yourself. Religion is not outside, it is within yourself. When you become temperant and balanced, you become, say, the driver of your car. But the master is sitting at the back of the car. So when you become the master you can watch the driver and both these accelerator and the brake working, but you are the master and then you don’t worry.

But this happening has a weakness. This has to work out and even if you reach a state, where I would say, your Kundalini has pierced through one has to remember very clearly that the machinery that we have is rather defective. We have ourselves spoilt our machinery. We have accepted certain things, some dogmas, or some sort of nonsensical ideas in our heads and we have spoilt our head much more than anything else. I think in the West especially now everything we do with the brain. Even the sex, even the love and all that we do through our brain and the heart has become like a frozen iceberg. We cannot even smile at each other. It’s too much. Everybody looks so serious, insular.

So these things are to be corrected by the rising of the Kundalini. So you have to take this Kundalini by your own understanding to all these various places to cleanse it and to remove all darkness. And for that we have to have little understanding. All this knowledge which was supposed to be secret is your own today without paying anything for it. But one thing you must remember that you must respect your self realisation. There’s no need to have any exhibitionism, there’s no need to show it outside. It is all inside, antaryoga. You have to work out.

Only thing you have to be sincere about it and earnest to achieve the second state which we call the Nirvikalpa. The first stage is thoughtless awareness which is called as the Nirvichara samadhi and the second state that you achieve, can achieve very fast, is Nirvikalpa where it is doubtless awareness. At that state you can start giving realisations to others. You can start curing others. Just with the movement of your hand, you can raise the Kundalini. This Mr Michel has given realisation to so many. We have one here, Dr. Warren who has given at least to two-three thousand people realisation when he went to Australia.

These are the powers of the Spirit. This is the solution of all our human problems. For understanding Sahaja Yoga, you don’t have to read much or to think about it but to become. Yesterday some people did not feel the vibrations, doesn’t matter. You should not feel in any way guilty about it. That’s one thing I have to request you again and again, don’t feel guilty. I’m happy yesterday you all agreed to say, “Allah-o-Akbar.” I didn’t know you don’t like Muslims very much in France. But, Allah-o-Akbar is not Muslim’s as Lord’s prayer is not Christian’s.

One better than the other, these people are, I tell you. If you want to know about the Muslims, ask the Jews. And if you want to know about the Jews, ask the Nazis and you can go on like this one after another. All are made by God and this world is one. Just to create beauty he has made variety. If we all had looked alike there would have been no interest, it would have been boring. One leaf doesn’t tally with another leaf, so why have these stupid ideas that we’re different from anyone. That also will drop out in no time. We are all universal beings and when you said “Akbar”, it means the great, the God is great. That means the whole being.

So in the brain resides the Akbar, in the heart resides the Spirit and in the liver resides the Creator. Akbar we can call it the one who is our evolutionary force. In the central path takes you to that. So Akbar stands for truth and the Sadashiva in the heart, the atma stands for joy. And the Creator is in our liver which is the attention. Now the problem is only this that every country also represents something in this body, in this Akbar and France represents the liver and every Frenchman’s liver is out of order. (Laughs) So we have to first cure the liver. Yesterday it was so hot that I was perspiring completely, sucking in your heat from your livers.

I was happy to see this painting which shows that from a human being the tree of life is taken out and this is the tree of life that we are showing here. I have given thousands of lectures now in English language and have been translated also and I would like you to go through them to know more about this tree of life. In these two days whatever was possible we have tried humbly to explain to you. But the main thing is you must get your realisation and more than that to establish it. Thank you very much.

Now we’ll have the session of meditation for about 10 minutes only. And I have to make a request: Those who do not want to do it should go and leave the place with no anger. So those who want to go can go and will be great help to us. In this process nothing can happen to you, nothing that is dangerous, nothing that is troublesome, will happen to you. But if there is somebody suffering from epilepsy, would be better that such a person goes out and we’ll treat such a person later on. Epilepsy. They only can’t bear the power, I think. Now I have to request you to take out your shoes to touch the Mother Earth is a better idea, for a while.

It’s a very simple method as I told you, it’s a living process and it won’t trouble you at all, by any chance. But before we start it I have to again request you to be in a position that you don’t feel guilty at all. Don’t blame yourself for anything whatsoever. At this moment you must know that you are to be like temples of God and the one who has to enter into the Kingdom of God, how can he be guilty? He made you so beautifully, how can you be guilty? So you must forgive yourself fully and be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. This will help a lot.

Now don’t think of your past or future. Just this moment the Kundalini has to rise so you don’t worry about your future or about your past. Just leave things at a relaxed state. First you keep your eyes open. I’ll show you how you are going to help your own Kundalini to rise even when you have gone away from this place. In the beginning, if you want, you can use my photographs for vibrations, then you can give up later on when you are grown up into it. All right. Now if you put your left hand towards me, like this very comfortably on your lap, which is the power of your desire and the right hand is to be used for the action on the different chakras.

So the first thing is to just to put your left hand like this on your lap. Everybody should do it and the right hand on your heart where resides the Spirit. Then the second chakra. We are working everything on the left hand side. Now the second chakra on the left hand side is on the upper part of your abdomen, is here which we call as the centre of mastery. Then lower abdomen, in the lower part of the abdomen on the left hand side, is the centre of pure knowledge of the Divine. Now again you have to go back in the upper part of the abdomen then on the heart, then here on the left hand side of the corner of your shoulder and your neck, turning your head to the right. This is the centre catches very much. I’m catching now today with you all because you people feel very guilty.

Now then you have to put this hand on your forehead across like this, and press on both sides, sides, like this. Now you put this hand on the back of your head here like this. Now you have to stretch your hand, stretch it and put the centre of your palm on the top of your head pressing it hard and moving it seven times. Here, press it hard. Now, that’s all. Now we have to close our eyes. There’s no mesmerism, so you have to close your eyes. Don’t have any doubts about yourself and also about Me because I don’t want anything from you. It will help better. All right, now we put the left hand, as I said, on the lap, and close your eyes and right hand on the heart and close your eyes. Slowly. Both the feet should be on the ground, parallel and nothing should be tight in the waist or in the neck, I mean, you should not be…