The truth has to be honestly understood

Madrid, Colegio Mayor Universitario Isabel de Espana (Spain)

1986-05-22 The truth has to be honestly understood, Madrid, Spain, 142'
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Public program Day 1, Madrid, Spain 22-05-1986

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

And the truth has to be honestly understood. It cannot be comprehended, it cannot be organized, it cannot be asked for – it is what it is. Actually the truth is the thing that you must feel on your central nervous system, like you can feel hot and cold. The mental conception and the mental projection by which we try to establish truth is always exploded as untruth. If we do not want to seek ourselves and do not identify ourselves with something that has not given us the truth then it is very easy to know that truth is to be discovered. You cannot buy in the market, you cannot pay for it. It is only expressed or manifested through the living force of the living love of God.

Like we have become from amoeba to this state, there is something still missing in our awareness and that has to happen through the same evolutionary process by the living force. This living force exists within us and can easily give us this breakthrough without putting any effort, spontaneously. It is like the seed, when you plant it in the Mother Earth it spontaneously sprouts. And this spontaneous happening is described by Christ and all other prophets and incarnations – your second birth. 

Now in the West the knowledge of the tree exists but the knowledge of the roots is not there. Though it is mentioned in the Bible and in other scriptures that there is a Tree of Life and that God will appear before us as tongues of flames nothing has been explained more than that. Now the reason is Christ lived only for three and a half years publicly. I’ve been coming to Spain for the last eight years and I have achieved few people but very, very few numbers. 

It is the power within us which has so far made us human being and the same power is going to make us the higher being – the Spirit. Now you have to accept me as a scientific person with an open mind and if what I say is true it then becomes a law out of this hypothesis. 

Now within us lies a power, as I said, in the triangular bone called as kundalini in three and a half coils. All kinds of false things have been said about the kundalini which is your mother, which is your only mother and you are her only child. She is the reflection of the Holy Ghost within us. 

We talk of the God Almighty and his Son and the Holy Ghost. How can a father have a son without a mother? If there has to be a mother that is the power we call as Primordial Mother, she is the Holy Ghost. So we have God Almighty and his power – the Holy Ghost, reflected within us. The God Almighty is reflected in all human beings in the heart as the Spirit and the Holy Ghost is reflected in all human beings as the Holy Ghost what we call the kundalini. When the two unite then you get your yoga, that is the union with the Divine.

Sahaja means “born with you” and yoga means “the union with the Divine”. So you have the right to get this union born with you as right. But one must realize that you cannot pay for it, it’s a living happening within us. And you cannot just put some effort for it. When this awakening takes place the kundalini rises through these six centers, which are subtle centers placed on the parasympathetic nervous system, nourishing all your physical, mental and emotional being. And it integrates all these beings within you like a thread passing through several pearls. You can’t guarantee that it will happen. It may happen, it may not happen in one day but it will happen one day.

Now these subtle centers look after our gross being and when the kundalini enlightens them they start expressing a new dimension in their manifestation. But when she pierces through the fontanel bone area giving you the real baptism then you become absolutely peaceful with yourself and a new awareness dawns upon your nerves by which you become collectively conscious. That is, you start feeling what’s wrong with another person, you start finding about yourself on your fingertips what’s wrong with yourself. On your fingertips you can find out what sort of problem exists with another person and if you know how to solve it you can solve their problem. 

Now the question is, “Where is it mentioned?” People many times ask me about Sahaja Yoga where is it mentioned. It’s mentioned in every scripture, little bit here and little bit there, and a little bit there. Like Mohammed Sahib has said that when the Resurrection will take place then your hands will speak. And also in all Indian scriptures it is described that you have to get your Self-realization and that you feel a cool breeze of the Adi Shakti or as described in the Bible – of the Holy Ghost. Zen has talked about it, Lao Tze has talked about it, all of them have talked about this. Even Socrates has talked about that. But all these saints, prophets and incarnations had to suffer a lot because of the ignorance and ego of human beings. They made the life of all these saints so miserable that they did not have any time to explain these things so clearly in those days. They were so arrogant and so cruel that they could not see divinity in anyone. They had no sensitivity to understand what was Divine. Say, it could be like talking to your bull that comes in the arena to fight you in Spain. They were on that charging state, you see, they were on a charging mind, all the time the divine personality. So how can you explain to such people anything about God? They had no sense of receptivity. So whatever was possible they said whatever was possible they said and explained. 

So I have to request you to understand that all this power is within you and it is your right to get that power of the Spirit. But if you do not want to have it nobody can force you. You are beautifully made, all these centers are within you very beautifully kept there and this can happen to you but you must have humility to receive it. 

Now on the left hand side we have the power of desire within us. But our desires are not pure. If they were pure we would have been satisfied with one of them. But in general they are never satiable. So what is the pure desire? The pure desire power is the Kundalini. The pure desire is that you have to become one with the Divine. Unless and until you become one with the Divine you cannot have any satisfaction of anything. 

People talk of peace, have conferences, organizations. That is not going to bring peace because the people who talk about it have no peace within. So one has to understand that human beings have to become Spirit otherwise they are not complete. Maybe in their ego they may satisfy themselves thinking they are perfect but they are not. 

After getting your Realization you are no more prone to any slavery, to any habits, not prone to any serious diseases. You develop a magnetic, dynamic character but you are peaceful at heart. It happens because you become thoughtlessly aware. A thought comes and goes, another thought comes and goes, we live on the cusp of these thoughts which is either for the future or for the past. And we are jumping on the cusps so we are very nervous people. Especially in America, you won’t find any American who doesn’t twitch his mouth or head or throat, or hands or feet, like this. They are supposed to be developed people. I don’t know, they are nervous wrecks all of them. They have maybe developed materially but they are not evolved.

So now we have to understand that this power that is the pure desire within us is to be awaken. The right side power within us is the power of action. We act but we are not sure. We act because we think it is correct, ultimately we’ll find it was wrong. There is no absoluteness about it. All our action is relative. So we have to understand in all humility that we haven’t reach that state where we know what is absolute. 

So when the kundalini rises what happens is that you start feeling the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost around you. For the first time you feel that there is some other power which is described as the All-pervading power of God’s love. And this is the power that does all the living work of creating flowers and fruits out of flowers. That power starts flowing through you and you can feel the flow. You become absolutely peaceful and a joyous person but you become so powerful that you can raise the kundalini of others. All these powers are your own not yet manifested. But it is not difficult to manifest them. 

Let us try today what happens, if you people will be manifested it or not. 

I was rather disappointed with Spain throughout, I must say. But I was happy to see that eighteen persons came to Sahasrara Day in Italy and that gave me hope that again maybe the Spanish will understand. I had met your Queen about eight years back at the Ambassador and she told me that the people are so crazy that they are running after this 14-year old guru who is asking them for Rolls-Royces. There are 50 000 of them. It’s very surprising that I tried and tried, and tried but I found that it’s very difficult for Spanish people to understand something that is reality. It’s something I can’t understand, why it is so. While in all other European nations it has been much easier. So in any case I would like you to ask me some questions, sensible questions, so I would like to know what the problem is. 

Loudly please. I can’t hear you, madam.

[Lady in the audience starts explaining at long instead of making a question.]

What is she talking? Lecturing. She is giving a big lecture. What is it? It’s a question, madam. See, they are very good at this, I tell you. Spanish are very good at asking questions. What is it?

Question: Spanish people are very religious and very great saints have achieved God very difficultly. How can Sahaja Yoga be easy and without effort?

Shri Mataji: Listen now. If you think that way that how it can be easy, it has to be. Whatever is vital has to be easy. Supposing if you have to breathe and you have to work hard for your breathing and read something about it, will you achieve it? It is vital, it has to be the easiest. One point is that. Second point, the time has to come, this is the blossom time. In the beginning every tree takes time to produce even one flower, it is difficult. But the time has come so many should get it easily. And if you can get it easily, why not? 

Now, just listen now, just a minute. Now, another myth is that you are all very religious, it’s wrong. Because what you I see in Spain or in any Western country that they are not at all following Christ. He said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” I don’t find adultery missing anywhere in anyone of these western countries, it’s a shock. But Spanish people who went to Brazil or to Argentina are much more, much more religious than the Spanish here. 

So what is the wisdom? It is to understand that if it is easy why not try it? Supposing we put a diamond here and say, “This is a diamond easily available.” How many of you will not stop to take it? Then where does this your wisdom go that why don’t you think, “It is easy.”? Only because it is easy that’s why you are denying the truth. Is it wise now? It’s not wise, it’s not wise. Whatever you have you should get it, you don’t have to pay me. And maybe whatever you have done earlier, in earlier lives, you are paid for it. Why do you think that you are not worthy of it? Really it’s no wisdom here.

Question: In Spain being religious is confused with suffering.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see, that’s the point. Now I’ll explain that. Can you say that in Spanish, what question he has asked a very good question. It’s a very good question, very good. 

No, I understand your point, sir. But I’ll tell you now. It is a wrong confusion. Why? Logically see. Christ has suffered for us. Alright? Christ has suffered for us, alright? He has, he has suffered for our sins. 

Just a minute. No, no, listen, madam.

He has suffered for our sins, alright? When he has suffered for our sins can we suffer more than he has suffered for us? How many of you have been crucified? After Christ’s dead only the Jews, they denied that Christ suffered for them. They said, “We have to still suffer.” This is a Jewish idea, not Christian, Jewish idea. They said, “We have to suffer.” So alright, they had Hitler. Do you want to have Hitler here? You had one. If you like suffering you will have it. Do you want a Hitler to come down to Spain?

What she said? [UNCLEAR question from the audience]

No, not at all. I am not because, you see, I understand this is the biggest mistake you people have committed through I don’t know what ideas the church has given you that you have to suffer. No more suffering. Christ has suffered for you, have faith in his suffering. 

[Lady replies back at long. UNCLEAR]

Let her suffer now. I think it’s better for her to suffer for one more year and then you can come again, madam. It’s alright. Yes, it’s better to suffer now. If you want to suffer, you can suffer. 

Haile Selassie of Ethiopia believed in that suffering and what has happened to Ethiopia? Why are you helping Ethiopians? Let them suffer. They will become spiritual automatically. All the beggars will become spiritual automatically. 

See the logic, use your logic, use your brain. 

No, no, I am not answering her, I’m answering this gentleman. She is just, you see, she is taking over all the time. We have answered her but she is taking over from everyone, sort of she is rather aggressive. This gentleman I answered not her. Alright? I’m not answering her because out of question. The question she asked I’ve already answered her but she doesn’t want to feel satisfied about it. You understand my point? She is not the one I’m answering. I’m answering this gentleman who said that the Spanish are confused with the suffering, so I’m answering him, not her. But every time she jumps up like Jack in the box. Do you understand the point? She is not I’m answering. I’ve answered her.

I’ve answered her, she does not want to see the point. She asked me one simple question that why it should be easy. I said it has to be easy because it is vital. And what is the wisdom of saying that we deny the truth because it is easy. Why not try it. Logically. They said, “Suffer.” then you want to suffer. But if I say, “Don’t suffer.” why do you don’t accept me? It’s a simple thing, I told you.

Now the gentleman said, “We are confused because it is confused with the suffering.” So I told him that you don’t have to suffer anymore. The time has come for you to enjoy. You suffer to enjoy something, isn’t it? Or you go on permanently suffering? You have to achieve an end or not? Or you want to continue with it like a shopping going on of suffering. The time has come for you to enjoy. 

Yes, please.

Question: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: I think it is Portugal and Spain. These two countries I found rather difficult. One of the reasons could be economic, I think. When you are economically seeking something you are busy with it and maybe the attention doesn’t go to [UNCLEAR]. But in India we are just the same like you. As you are developing we are also developing. Alright? But the problem is from ancient times we have known that no development is joyous unless and until you have achieved your Realization. It is coming to us from ancient times in our heads that Realization is the main thing you must then you will enjoy all development, otherwise you will not. This is coming into our heads so in India there is no problem. Alright? But in Spain and Portugal people have been developing, you can shortcut here. What I’m trying to say those who are developed people, affluent people are seeking something more than affluence. Now it is alright, you can shortcut it. But even if you get money and affluence, say in America, they are many such people. Even if you get affluent you cannot get joy, you cannot get peace. The whole society gets disturbed. So what I am trying to tell you that why not shortcut it?

Because any development like that is linear and it recoils back on you. But if it is from the Spirit it is on all sides balanced. And you can shortcut it, all this, you can become realized souls and dynamic, and developed. Will be a much better idea than your children become drug addicts or become sort of punks as in England and all kinds of things and then you come to Sahaja Yoga in a roundabout way. Why not have it now?

Now you have to compromise with yourself, appease yourself and say that, “Really, if I have all this powers why shouldn’t I have them?” There is no quarrel between us. I have come to give you something that is your own. I have come in love in loving Spain here. Don’t I look like a Spanish myself? Yes, many people said so. Many Indians came here long time back. So why not get it? I have come as a mother to give you something so why not have it. Why to be adamant about it?

I wanted to clarify this point very much because this is one of the reasons even whatever one may try it is not received because you deny it. And cannot force on you, you are free to accept or to deny. 

Alright? Should we try now? Good, that’s good. 

It’s very simple. First of all you have to believe me when I say you are the temple of God. Secondly that you are to be pleasantly placed towards yourself. You do not know what with what beautiful delicate care you are made. So don’t condemn yourself nor think of torturing yourself but just knowing yourself which is very glorious and beautiful.

Now let us have it in this way that we have to first of all touch the Mother Earth with our feet. You can take out your shoes, would be a good idea. Please do it the way I tell you, you must do it the way I tell you, don’t be adamant. Just try to do it the way I tell you, don’t be adamant. Now take out your shoes. Please take out at least your shoes. Be quiet. Be happy with yourself and count your blessings. And don’t be frustrated but count your blessings. 

Now, actually you must adore yourself, the way you are made. 

Very simple thing you have to do. It is extremely simple which you try to follow without getting angry with yourself. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. First of all I would request you to forgive yourself completely and not to feel guilty at all about anything whatsoever. 

Now as I said the left hand is the power of desire. You just put it on your lap comfortably but don’t bend too much or put your head up. Just be in the center, be comfortable. Put both the feet on the ground and don’t stake your feet, just keep them steady for one minute. Now put your left hand towards me like this and for a change love yourself also, be kind to yourself. You are such nice people. 

Now you put your right hand on your heart first. I’m telling you what is to be done but later on you’ll have to close your eyes and do it. Then put your right hand on the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side. We are going to work it out on the left hand side. Please everybody do it so that you get the result. Then put your right hand in the lower part of the abdomen. And all this has to be on the left hand side. Then you have to raise your right hand on the upper part of the abdomen. Then you have to raise your right hand on the heart again. Then raise your right hand on the backbone through the corner of your neck and the shoulder, turn your hand to the right. Now this is the center catching the most today, it means you are feeling guilty. Don’t feel guilty at all for anything. Then you have to put this right hand on top of your forehead across which is the center of Christ and you have to press it hard here. Then you have to take your hand on the back of your head and just put it back, your head, upwards. Then you have to stretch your hand and the center of your hand should be put on top of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood, so you press it hard and stretch your fingers and move it seven times. Press it hard, press it hard, stretch your fingers. That’s all and you get your baptism. Alright. 

All of you must do it. Nobody should see others. And close your eyes. Now be in a pleasant mood. 

She wants to know something. [The Spanish Sahaja Yogi provides explanation in Spanish.] 

He is bubbling with joy. 

(min. 1:08:48)

Alright. Now put your left hand towards me like this, the right hand on your heart and please close …. Right hand on your heart, left hand on the lap opened out and close your eyes. And don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Anybody who doesn’t want to do should leave. Now please keep your eyes shut. You have to ask me a very fundamental question. Three times you have to ask, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Or you can say, “Shri Mataji, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. 

Now we take down our right hand in the lower part of the abdomen on the left hand side. Here you have to ask another question because this is the center of your mastery. And if you are the Spirit you are your master as well. So please ask the second question, “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guru? Am I my own guide?” Ask this question three times. 

Now you take down your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard on the left hand side. Now here is the center of the pure knowledge of the Divine technique. Now as you are free I cannot force on you, you have to ask for this pure knowledge of the Divine technique. So you have to ask, “Mother, please may I have the pure knowledge.” six times because there are six petals to this center. Six times. 

Now with this asking the power of kundalini starts getting awakened. So now you have to raise your hand in the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. And here you have to say with full confidence to make the kundalini rise, “Mother, I am my own master.” Ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.”

Now raise your hand to your heart. Again with full confidence you have to say twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” because this is the truth. I assure you, you are the Spirit, you have to just become.

Now please raise your hand to the corner created by your neck and your shoulder and push the hand to reach the spinal cord and turn your face to the right. But please don’t try to go from the back, put the hand on the chest and then do it. Turn your head to the right. Now here is the center which catches when you feel guilty. Now for God’s sake you have to say 16 times with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” 

We have to know that God is the ocean of love and compassion but above all he is the ocean of forgiveness. So please say that you are not guilty at all. But even if you still feel that you are guilty then to punish yourself you can say it 108 times, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Sixteen times. 

Now put your right hand on your forehead across and press it on both sides and say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” From your heart you have to do it, how many times is not the point. This is the center of Christ and message of Christ. It is a myth whether you forgive or you don’t forgive. But if you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands. 

Now take your hand on the backside of your head and push back your head. On the head, not on the neck but on the backside of your head. Here you have to say for your own satisfaction without feeling guilty, “Oh, Divine, if we have done anything wrong please forgive us.” Push back your head quite a lot. Say it from your heart without feeling guilty. 

Now put your head right and stretch your hand and put it on top of your fontanel bone area and press it hard by stretching your fingers, and move your scalp seven times. Now again you have to ask for your Realization, I cannot force on you. So please say, “Mother, may we have our Realization. May I have my Realization. Please give me my Realization.” Please say it seven times. 

Now please take down your hand. Please put both the hands towards me. Now with the left hand like this, with the left hand try to see …. Open your eyes please. Without thinking just see on top of your head, right hand like this. With the left hand try to see if there is a cool breeze coming. There must be lot of heat coming out. Right hand towards me, right hand. Please open your eyes. 

Now put the left hand towards me and the right hand on top of your head. Now feel, some people get it very high also. 

Alright. Now again turn your right hand towards me and with the left hand feel it. 

Now raise your hands to the sky, push back your head and ask the question, “Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the All-pervading power of God’s love? Is this the Brahma Shakti?”

Now take down your hands please. See, are you feeling the cool breeze in the hands? You may feel it like this. [Shri Mataji holds her hands facing each other without touching.] Try to feel it like this. Watch me without thinking, you can do it. 

All those who have felt the cool breeze on top of their head on in their hands raise both your hands, please. See, so many Spanish have felt it. Aaah, good. Why not all the nation of Spain feel it? 

You’ll feel very relaxed. Now don’t argue about it, it is beyond thought. Now go and rest at home nicely in peace. And tomorrow I’ll tell you about the chakras and about the Spirit. 

May God bless you all.

Those who haven’t got will get it tomorrow and those who have got will get it more tomorrow. And you should inform your friends and call them. 

You didn’t get, sir? No? Not yet? Alright, it will work out, just now, you’ll see. [Shri Mataji asks Sahaja Yogis to work on the gentleman.]

Now, don’t argue about it, don’t talk about it, be quiet. Those who have not got it should not worry. They’ll all get it.

[Shri Mataji asks Sahaja Yogis to see a person in the audience.]

He’s got it. His son got it. Oh, very good son you have. And the little boy, he’s born realized. Yes, you have a good son. I just feel the cool breeze – your son. Feeling shy.

May God bless you.

Now tomorrow come with a more relaxed mind. 

May God bless you all.