Mahalakshmi Puja: The Importance of Puja

Madrid (Spain)

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Mahalakshmi Puja, The Importance of Puja, Madrid (Spain), 24 May 1986.

[Shri Mataji arrives in the room where the puja will be held. The Yogis recite the Sahasrara mantras]

Please be seated.

Today I will tell you the importance of puja. [To the Spanish translator: “You could take this” (microphone)]

Even among the early Christians, they used to do the puja of the adoration to the statues, maybe, or maybe the photographs, or, we can say, the stained glass copies of the Mother and Christ.

But later on, people started becoming more rational and they did not understand what is the importance of puja. And when they could not explain it, they gave up doing pujas in that regular manner.

Even before Christ, they used to have a particular type of a tabernacle, which was measured and was specially made and a puja place was created to worship – to worship what they call Yahovah.

Now this Yahovah in our Sahaja Yoga is Sadashiva, and Mother Mary is Mahalakshmi. She incarnated before also. She incarnated as Sita, and then She incarnated as Radha, and then She incarnated as Mother Mary.

Now it is clearly written about the birth of Christ in a book called Devi Mahatmyam.

He was the son of Radha. Radha is the Mahalakshmi, so He was born in another state, as an egg, and half of the egg remained as Shri Ganesha and half of it became Mahavishnu, which is our Lord Jesus Christ.

All the description about Jesus Christ is given in that Mahavishnu’s description, exactly the same.

Now this Mahalakshmi came on this earth and She brought forth Her child with immaculate conception, which She had done before also, as Radha. So, the Christ is the son of the great being of the Virat.

Actually Vishnu, Mahavishnu, Vishnu becomes the Virata. Now this Vishnu Tattwa becomes Virata and also He becomes Rama and Krishna and then the Virat, means the Akbar.

So Christ is the Omkara itself, is the vibrations itself. All other incarnations had to take the principle or the essence of the Mother Earth to create their body, except for Christ’s body, which is absolutely Omkara.

And the earth element of that being is Shri Ganesha. So we can say that Christ is the power of Shri Ganesha which incarnated.

So He – that’s the reason He could walk on the water. So He is the purest form of Divinity, because He is just vibrations.

So when you do puja to Me, because I’m in person, there is nothing unreal.

If they had done puja to Christ – they must, they have done puja to Christ also when He lived and to His Mother.

It is said that in the Ten Commandments whatever is created by the heavens and by the earth should not be re-created and re-produced and worshipped.

So the incarnations are created by the heavens.

Only in modern times it is possible to take a photograph of the incarnation. But in the former days there was no possibility.

Now whatever is created by the Mother Earth is what has come out of the Mother Earth, which is the swayambhu, is created by the Mother Earth.

Now we have everywhere, we find the swayambhu things. Another thing is, some realised souls also have made beautiful statues.

I went to Portugal and they had a festival of the Lady of the Rocks.

So I went to see that place and there was a very small little statue of this dimension, height of the Mary, about say, five inches, at the most. And the face was just like Mine [Shri Mataji laughs], exactly like Mine.

And they said that this was found suddenly by two children who were following a rabbit which hid inside a niche.

So these children saw some light inside the niche and they started following under a rock, and they reached the source of the light, was this statue. They brought it out.

And in that light they walked, and when the people outside, were lots of people were gathered, they were amazed to see that they brought out the statue from somewhere inside. So they worship that statue in that place.

Now, these statues give you vibrations, as I give you vibrations, but not so much as I give you. And all the other statues also, there may be many, who might be giving you vibrations.

Also in India, as you know, you went some of you to Ganapatipule, where it is the Ganesha which has come – Mahaganesha, that is Christ – has come out of the Mother Earth, Mahaganesha.

So the lower portion of the body you see there, and the head is the whole of the mountain. And there the water of the sea is also sweet, and there are many sweet water wells there.

If you remember, a photograph of Mine was taken there, many people took photograph. And in some photographs, in My heart there’s a light coming out.

And some told Me that some photographs which did not have the light, but when they re-took, I mean the negatives were again taken as a photograph, and again they took a photograph with that, then the light came in there.

So, one must know that in the realm of Divine there are all kinds of miraculous things.

Same is the puja.

Now when we do the puja, first of all you will praise Shri Ganesha.

By that, in you, Shri Ganesha will be awakened and established. By worshipping Me as Shri Ganesha, your innocence will be established. And you will see, the vibration-wise also, your vibrations will increase and you will feel very stable within yourself.

Now when you will take Shri Ganesha’s names you will know what qualities He has, what powers He gives you.

When you praise those qualities, those powers of those qualities will start emitting through you.

This is how the Divine works, as if you get charged with those qualities.

Then you praise the Goddess, the Adi Shakti. Now the Adi Shakti has all the seven chakras within Her awakened, and She has to work with all these seven chakras. For the first time such an incarnation has come.

It’s like you make first one room, then second room, then third room, seven rooms, and then the whole house is done, you get the keys and you open, the house is yours.

That is how I could achieve Self-realisation en masse. It could not happen earlier, but now possible, because of this combination of all the seven chakras.

So now when you are praising the Adi Shakti, I’m also a Mahamaya, that I look like you, I behave like you, I have made Myself exactly like you – very difficult to make, but I have [Shri Mataji laughs].

And this body has to bear lots of things to make you understand Sahaja Yoga and your own powers.

For example, you are – if you are rude to Me, if you are not respectful, Christ gets very angry because He has said that anything against Holy Ghost, He won’t tolerate.

So the My chakra, the Agnya starts, you see, throwing anger [Shri Mataji laughs], and moving very fast [Shri Mataji moves Her hand fast around Her Agnya chakra]. Now I have to bear it. I cannot tell you the way Christ wants Me to tell you [Shri Mataji laughs].

Because He is very direct, and I have to little bit be careful so that you don’t get upset.

Moreover, while doing the puja, supposing you are a doubting type, or you are opposing it, then you don’t absorb the vibrations and I have problems, because the vibrations are flowing and you are not receiving it.

So I don’t know how to contain within Myself if you don’t suck in the vibrations, so I take time to take them out.

So all these things are very symbolic, whatever we are doing is very symbolic. And that symbol actually acts.

For example if you give somebody a flower, that fellow feels, that person feels extremely joyous and happy, and gratitude comes in.

So when you offer Me say, flowers or anything like water or anything, then the elements are happy and the deities are happy in the chakras. And then they emit their vibrations of their quality and of their blessings on you. They give you their quality and their blessings.

That is how the Divine acts. And gradually after puja you will feel it, that the whole thing is working out.

Now we are doing puja at this time, and all over the world people know that there’s a puja going on here, so they are also sitting in meditation and they also get the blessings.

[While the yogi translates, Shri Mataji says to somebody aside: “Vibrations”]

They are also waiting for this moment when the puja starts. So we give them a time like eleven o’clock or so, up to eleven o’clock we should sit down and they start at eleven o’clock.

Now they are getting the same blessings, though you are doing the puja but they also get the blessings in their meditation.

If you are not yet so clever and if you don’t know all the few things which are important in the puja, does not matter. Because if you are ignorant about it, innocent about it, God knows, He forgives, He doesn’t mind. You should not mind if you commit any mistakes or anything: just with a humble heart, do the way you like. Gradually, you will learn.

But if you know and then you deliberately make mistakes, then it’s not good.

As we forgive our children, God also forgives innocent children. So you should be very relaxed about it. And just do it for the joy of your heart.

May God bless you all.

I think – he finds it difficult to sit in the lap. He can sit at the back if he likes, this gentleman. This little boy is too much for him to sit like [that] – you can sit comfortably, be comfortable, there’s nothing to feel bad.

Now, they have to wash the Feet.

Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: The children have to wash the Feet and we’ll be singing that time the praise of Shri Ganesha.

Yogi: Yes. In Spanish, Mother?

Shri Mataji: In Spanish.

Yogi Yes.

Yogi 2: OK. Pujari?

Shri Mataji: Now see the description of Shri Ganesha which was written thousands of years back. It’s translated and exactly the same of that of Christ. We have little added to it about Christ in the end, but it’s the same.

First the boys must wash and the girls must paint.

Yogi: OK.

Shri Mataji: So she – they are unmarried girls. Unmarried women and unmarried girls should do it, paint.

First let them wash. First let the boys wash – just tell, first let the boys wash, and then the unmarried women, unmarried girls should paint, and then the married women should give the ornaments.

Now, can you bring it from the…

Warren: She is going to help with the washing, for children to wash.

Shri Mataji: All right. So now, can you get the ornaments also?

So first of all you get the water together, now this one [container of water from Feet] is to be brought here. Yes. Can I have this kumkum?

Swastika should be made on that. Swastika should be made.

Then other things also, My necklaces and all that. No, no, the bangles are – and necklaces I gave you [A lady traces swastika on water container]. Yes.

Just correct, correct, correct. It’s the other way round it is. Yes. No, it’s not that. Once this is made, just take it to go through.

Yogini: Excuse me.

Shri Mataji: You take a cloth. And bangles are there?

Yogi: Yes, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, it goes like that. Just if you can wipe it, it’s all right. You can just yes, wipe it, I’ll tell you (how to trace swastika correctly. Lady traces correct swastika). All right.

This was the correct swastika. And the other way is the Hitler’s swastika. (Shri Mataji laughs)

Can I have the towel? I’ll have the towel. [Warren: “Yes”. Yogi: “It’s the same, Mother” Warren (aside): “Did she respect the form?”. Yogi: “It is the same”.]

You may keep it in a plate.

Warren: Yes, I’m just going to get it, Mother, I’ll get another plate.

Shri Mataji: And the bangles?

Warren: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Just give Me that, Albert. What is it, are you giving these bangles?

Warren: Done the same that the…

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Warren: Yes, done the same that the swastika is the same, is the one that was used by Hitler, he just turned it on the side.

Shri Mataji: No, no. You see, what happened in the beginning he was using the other way round. Then what happened, they used – that’s your Mother’s trick – they used the stencil in the other way round, so the thing, swastika, turned round and they lost. You don’t know this?

To begin with, they started an upside-down thing, you see, the other one, to begin with. They started using the other way. But then the stencil was used in the other way round. You see? (Shri Mataji laughs). You know, the whole thing turned and they kept to this. That’s how they lost. You don’t know this?

Yogi: No.

Shri Mataji: Just tell her, this is the trick I’ve played. [Yogi: “They’d made the stencil the wrong way”] You see, the other way, they used the stencil.

[Yogi: “Yes. And so it came out this way”]

You see, first they started using the stencil on one side, and then they started using it the other side, and that’s how they lost.

Yogi: And it came out this way.

Shri Mataji: No, no, if you make a stencil like this, you see, first the other way round it was, you see, and then if you turn it the other way round, then you come this way, it came this way.

Yogi: Yes. It was on the flags at the start this way, Mother.

Shri Mataji: No, this is the second swastika.

The first swastika was the other way round. That’s how they got it. They used the stencils, you see, to make the swastika first.

So first one was the other way round. But then the stencils were spoiled or maybe whatever it is, so they turned it round.

When they turned it round this swastika started coming, they didn’t know. One stands for destruction, another stands for construction.

Explain to them, so they’ll understand. All right.

You follow the point? (Shri Mataji laughs) [Yogi: “Yes, Shri Mataji”] That’s how they lost.

They took their advice to begin with from the lamas, and lamas told them to use the swastika the other way round.

But then the mistake was that they drew for them, and then they turned the stencil, they didn’t realize that they have turned the stencil, so it is coming the other way round (Shri Mataji laughs). They were their gurus.

So it’s all right, doesn’t matter, as long as we know how to do it, that’s all. Nothing to worry (Shri Mataji laughs).

Yogi: It’s time to wash Your feet now, Mother?

Shri Mataji: Now you have to wash My feet, the children have to. (Aside to a Sahaja Yogini: “Be careful”).

Just to pour water, that’s all.

Next time also remember we’ll have to give them the pots for this, for washing My Feet, all right? For them. Warren? They haven’t got them.

Yogi: Yes, Mother, I’ve noted that.

Shri Mataji: Rub it with both the hands. All right, this and this. Yes. Two persons can do at a time, two of you would be [better].

Will be better.

Two, two, ha. Now you two do it. With both the hands. With both the hands. Tell them to do it with both the hands. Use this hand also.

[A yogi starts talking in Spanish about the qualities of Shri Ganesha]

Shri Mataji: Loudly, I should hear.

[Yogi starts reading “The Divine essence of the prayer to Shri Ganesha” in Spanish]

Shri Mataji: Let Javier otherwise read it. If he wants. Javier, you can read it. His voice is not too low. All right so? Everybody should hear what he is saying. Or read it…

(To the children) Yes, good now, you do it. Now. Let them, both of them.

Good. All right, good. Let them do it.

Yes, yes. Give Me a towel, towel. Towel.

Wipe it. Yes, you do it. Yes. With force.

Now you do it… You’ve done.

Javier (In Spanish from the prayer to Shri Ganesha):

Tu eres Brahman, Vishnu, Rudra

Shri Mataji: The essence. Essence of Brahma, Vishnu – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, Rudra is, is Shri Ganesha. The essence, the power. Is Christ. Essence. Jesus.

Javier (In Spanish from the prayer to Shri Ganesha): … Tu eres Indra, Agni

Shri Mataji: Indra is the God of… the king of the Gods, all the Gods. Agni is fire.

Javier: … Vayu

Shri Mataji: Vayu is air. All the five elements, this means all the five elements. Vayu means air, but with the Agni, Vayu…

Javier: Indra, Vayu… Tu eres el sol, the sun and the moon.

Shri Mataji: One minute. You come along – those who are not yet married ladies. And the boys can go back. Come. All unmarried?

Put a little water.

All right. More water, little more water. Little.

You take out the…

Be careful. [To a lady decorating Her feet with kumkum].

[At the end of the prayer the yogis recite Shri Ganesha’s mantra]

May God bless you.

Now. If we start the… [Yogi: “108 names of the Devi?”] – Eh? We can just start the Devi stotra is all right, because they have started with the Devi.

Yogi: The 108 names or…

Shri Mataji: This side also. Here.

Only now – married women have to come after this.

Just you say one name, you say: “Shri Mata”, then you say the translation.

[Recitation of the 108 Names of the Devi begins. One Indian yogi says “Shri Mata”, and Javier reads the Spanish translation.]

Now you must verify, you see, these are the qualities they are describing of your Mother.

Now you try to, try to verify it also. And these names were written also thousands of years back. These are thousand names, we have chosen only 108.

[Decoration of Feet and recitation of names continues]

Shri Mataji (to a lady decorating Her right foot): Yes. It’s all right.

Again, again.

Yogi: Nishkàla.

Javier: (translates into Spanish) Indivisible, completa.

Shri Mataji: Nìsh-kalà (She corrects the accents in the pronunciation).

Yogi: Nìsh-kalà.

Shri Mataji: (To one of the ladies) Complete. Full. Complete toe.

Now. The married ladies now. Now the married ladies come in – then you can start it.

Bangles, did you take bangles?

There are no bangles as such. Sorry.

It’s all right. Doesn’t matter. Good. All right. Give it away.

Yes, yes, now. Yes, yes. Yes. Good.

Yogi: Nirmama.

Javier: No es egoista.

Shri Mataji: Nirdwanda. Nirdwanda.

Yogi: Nirdwanda.

Shri Mataji: Mirror you [can have]. Mirror. Mirror you can have.

Family (Shri Mataji indicates Her necklace).

[Yogini: “Yes”]

(To the young boy bringing the Mangala Sutra) Hold it.

He’s very nice. It’s correct, now, it’s correct, that’s right. Should be in this way.

Thank you.

(Aside to the lady who is putting the anklet) Other way round, other way.

Warren? They are missing here all the (toe rings) for other toes. All they were there in France.

Warren: They were in France, Mother, but they went back to London…

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see. It’s all right, let’s see. We’ll have to get separate ones for them. For every… (Warren: “For some reason they held them separately in the…”) All right, then it’s all right.

Yes. You’ll give it. That’s right.

Yogi: The sari.

Javier: Sari.

Yogini: Sari…

Yogi: I gave it.

Shri Mataji: Just keep it. Just keep it. Towel. Now. I’ll take water. Water to drink. Water.

That’s all. That’s all. (Ladies put the container for the elements in the lap of Shri Mataji)

Hold it. Hold it.


Now honey.

It’s all right. (Then yogurt is given in Shri Mataji’s hands, then milk)

Sugar, sugar. Sugar. Water.

Sugar, sugar. Sugar, sugar.

Water, water. Saffron, saffron is there.

Some water.

Now. Clean one… Scent. Scent.

Scent. On the swastikas. (One of the ladies rubs the scent on the swastikas on the Feet and on Her left hand and then on the hands of the other ladies). … Yes, yes. Attar.

They’ll have… good. (To a girl) Please put it to all of them like this. Yes.

Girl: All the women?

Shri Mataji: On the wrist.

Girl: All the women?

Shri Mataji: Eh?

Girl: All the women?

Shri Mataji: To all of them. I told her to put to all of them the Chandan gandha. [Unclear] [Yogi: “Yes”]

Now. Ah, with flowers.

Sari, sari. So…

Warren? Warren? There’s no blouse with it? Half, half, put it half way. [Yogi: “There is a blouse”] There’s a blouse, where is it? Maricruz, Maricruz.

There, good… Leave it there. Yes, good, leave it there. Tell her to leave it. (Shri Mataji laughs)

Now. Every lady has to take a fruit and the rice – hello? Every lady has to take a fruit in the hand, and – a fruit in the hand and some rice and put it here. See, I’ll take it a little.

Where is the cloth? There’s a cloth there. That’s it. Now you tell them. To catch one fruit in the hand.

Yogi: Before the sari, Mother?

Shri Mataji: No, sari is all right. Keep it like that.

Now fruit is there. Now, take the fruit.

You see, will be confusion, that’s why to say one by one. Keep it. Keep it. [Yogi: “After the sari”] See, take the akshata.

Yes. Now you hold it. You hold the sari. Hold it. Like that. Yes. Yes, take one side.

Yes, she has all… All right, now. If this you can remove, then we can go ahead, well, with flowers.

Just remove these, one by one. It’s dangerous. Just remove those (candles)…

You better have the sari now. But they have got something for the hands? Flowers for the hands, they have any? No? Just flowers, ask them, otherwise they might be disappointed, if they have made. Garland? [Yogi: “There is a big garland”] All right. Now. You put this.

The other way round. Yes.

Put the flowers around… And some garland.

Yes. Exactly, when you have finished (Shri Mataji probably means that the recitation of the 108 Names of the Devi finished exactly when the decoration finished with the sari wrapped around Her).

Yes. Now the garland has to be put. Oh, you got that? Yes, that’s what I’ve asked. That’s beautiful. So I’ll wear the garland first and then the… All right.

[Garland is offered, applause]

(The crown) tie it up more. Tighter, still.

Now, still tighter. Should be tighter.

Should be tighter as it is. It’s all right? Now I’ll have.

Some photographs, if some people want to take?

Cloth there, in the corner. Make it neat, so the whole thing comes out, and now you can put the lights and everything, so you get a full picture of the puja – remove that towel and make… [Yogis start singing “Kundalini”]

Warren: All together.

Shri Mataji: Now, can you little bit do it neat and then we’ll have the Aarti.

What is there?

[Prasad is offered to Shri Mataji]

Sahaja Yogi 1: Thank you, Shri Mataji.

Sahaja Yogi 2: Aarti.

[Conch is blown, then Aarti is sung. Mahamantras follow.]

Yogi: Bolo Shri Bhagavati Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki!

Yogis: Jai!

Shri Mataji: May God bless you all.

May God bless you all.

May God bless you all.

May God bless you.

It’s very good, everybody has very good Kundalini.

May God bless you.

That’s good.

May God bless you.

Except for Vishuddhi, all other chakras are all right – for which you have to say Allah Hu Akbar. Say it now, sixteen times.

Yogi: Sixteen times.

Warren: We should stand.

Shri Mataji: Sixteen times, to open the Vishuddhi.

[Yogis say Allah Hu Akbar. Afterwards Shri Mataji opens Her hands to feel vibrations]

All right. Good.

Give yourselves a bandhan. [Shri Mataji shows it Herself] One. Slowly. Two. Three. Four.

Five. Six. And seven.

Now raise your Kundalini. Tie it up. One. Again. Tie it up. Again. Now tie it up three times. Fix it up on top of your heads.

One – two – three.

Very clear, today it’s very clear. Ah! Can you see? Feeling? [Shri Mataji laughs] All right.

May God bless you.

Warren, I can wash My Feet in the room or not?

You have to take out these things here. (Warren: “The ladies”.)

Or we can go in the room and take it out. It’s all right. (Yogi: “All right”)

… Yes. [A lady goes to Her Feet to take out the ornaments]

Warren: It’s vibrations on the gold.

Shri Mataji: Ah! This was – are they given by the English, I think. All right, yes. [Warren: “Yes”]

Take it closer first, then it will become good. Bring it closer (not clearly audible)…

Warren: Take it closer.

Other Sahaja Yogi: Mother, we have some presents.

Shri Mataji: Presents? (Shri Mataji smiles) Oh, have you?

Sahaja Yogi: Can I bring?

Shri Mataji: All right. But not too many, you have given Me those presents today. Warren? This also goes… now, thank you. While this is, this one is Mine, and this one is – or you can keep it in your bag (necklace). [Yogi: “Can I help, Mother?”] This one also (bracelet).

It’s all right. Please, be seated.

[A packet is brought. Yogi: “This is the collective present from Spanish people, Shri Mataji”.]

Shri Mataji: From where?

Sahaja Yogi: Collective present.

Shri Mataji From Spanish? [Yogi: “Yes”.]

Thank you very much. [Yogi: “May I help You, Shri Mataji?”.] Beautiful rose (decoration on the packet) you have made.

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, yes, yes, decoration. May I help You, Shri Mataji?

Shri Mataji: Yes, I am not very good at it, thank you (Shri Mataji laughs). Only I can open Kundalini (Shri Mataji laughs, laughter).

It’s beautiful, this is Toledo work, yes! Beautiful, beautiful.

Chakras is, this is the what you call the birds flying, like the Holy Ghost.

Thank you very much, very beautiful, very beautiful. You must write it down here (behind the picture) from Spanish people. And date, because you know, so many presents, and they’ll be all going in the personal archives (Shri Mataji laughs). Yes, so. So the progeny can see what you people have given the Mother.

Oh, thank you very much. So their engagement is now announced and they’ll be getting married in Ganapatipule, both of them. Fernando …


(Shri Mataji reads the paper with the present)

May God bless you.

Take this. I’ve tried to (open the package, which contains a coloured prism)

Oh beautiful, it’s very beautiful. Nice, isn’t it? Beautiful.

Thank you very much, thank you. I hope you have written your name there, somewhere. Inside the box could be, inside the box, both of you. You should have given Me the present after the marriage, not before (Shri Mataji laughs, laughter). As it is.

I would like to know the list of people who want to get married and their photographs – would be a good idea if you can send it to us earlier, before we go to India.

I mean, we have a form, and you can get those forms from England, and they are to be filled in with a photograph, so that we get some time to see for ourselves, because from all over the world – see heights, and also qualifications, and aptitudes and everything. So that we can match better. All right. Thank you.

[Shri Mataji does namaste] Thank you very much for a very nice puja. May God bless you all. Thank you for all that you have done for Sahaja Yoga, and all that you have done to look after Me. A little translate. And to look after Me.

May God bless you.

Now look after the new people, with care. It’s very delicate, with care.

Let them feel your love first. Then your knowledge.

May God bless you.

[Shri Mataji does namaste then stands up to go out] Very good puja today, very good puja I must say, very good.

[Spanish Sahaja Yogis sing a song in Spanish]

Shri Mataji: Beautiful. May God bless you. Thank you very much.

[Shri Mataji leaves the hall saying:]

Very good puja I must say, very important. Done with heart, that’s the point is. Done with heart, that is. [End of video]