The Importance of Puja

Madrid (Spain)

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The Importance of Puja, Madrid (Spain), 24 May 1986.

Today I will tell you of the importance of puja.
Even among the the early Christians they used to do Puja of the adoration of Shri Mary’s statues and also to stained glass windows that had images of the Mother and Christ.

Later on, people became more rational and no longer understood the importance of Puja and as they could not explain it they gave up regular worship and the glorifying of the Puja. Before the time of Christ people used to have a Tabernacle which had precise measurements and was made specifically for Pujas’ which were held at a Holy Place created for the worship of Jehovah. Jehovah in Sahaja Yoga terms is Shri Sadashiva, and Mother Mary is Mahalakshmi. She had also incarnated before this time as Shri Sita and Shri Radha and then as the Mother Mary.

It is written in the Devi Mahatmayam about the birth of Christ who was the Son of Radha, and that Radha was also Mahalakshmi. He was born in another state (apart from a human womb), and within an (cosmic) egg, half of which incarnated as Shri Ganesha and the other half became Mahavishnu who is our Lord Jesus Christ. So Jesus Christ and Mahavishnu are one and the same Deity. When Shri Mahalakshmi came upon this Earth She brought forth Her Child by the Immaculate Conception which She had previously done as Shri Radha. Jesus Christ is the Son of the Great Being of the Viraata. Vishnu was the Vishnu Tattwa (the Adhara or the Support of the Viraata) so Mahavishnu became the Viraata is also called the Akbar (the Greatest Person).

At His Ascent Jesus Christ arose above the earth and the other elements and became the Omkara who is the source and the support of the vibrations. All the other incarnations of the Deities had to take their principles from the essence of the Mother Earth itself when their bodies were created.

The exception to this principle was that the creation of the body of Jesus Christ, who is the Absolute or the Omkara, was an Incarnation of Shri Ganesha. The earth element was contained within Shri Ganesha as He was formed First and from the Mother Earth before the Creation itself.

Jesus Christ is the power of Shri Ganesha Incarnate, and that is the reason why He could walk upon the waters (as He is above the elements). He is the purest form of Divinity because He is the vibrations made manifest. When you do Puja to Me and because I am here in person there is nothing unreal about this.

If a Puja had been done to Christ whilst He was living then they would have also done a Puja to His Mother, Shri Mary. In the Commandments given to Shri Moses it is written ‘whatever is created by the Heavens and by the Earth should not be re-created, reproduced and worshipped’ (Thou shalt not have false idols before me) as the Incarnations are created by the Heavens. It is only in modern times that it is possible to take a photograph of the Incarnations. In former days this was not possible. Whatever has been created by the Mother Earth and taken out of the Mother Earth these are the Swayambhus. We find the Swayambhus (self- existent marks or signs of God Almighty found in Nature ) are not made by human hands. Everywhere realised souls have also made some beautiful statues.

I went to Portugal where they celebrate the Festival of the lady of the Rocks, and to see the place where there was a very small statue of the Mother Mary which was about five inches high with a face just like mine – exactly like mine! They said that it had been found by two young children who were chasing a rabbit and that it hid in a niche. The children saw that there was light coming from within the niche and they discovered, hidden under a rock that the source of the light was a statue and they brought it out. They walked in that light and a lot of people gathered around and were amazed to see the statue that had been taken out from the niche. They now worship this statue in that place which gives out vibrations but not as much as I give out to you.

There may be other statues that you might know about that give out vibrations. In India some of you went to Ganapatipule where Shri Ganesha had come from – the Mahaganesha is the lower part of the body that you can see there and the Head is the whole of the Mountain and there the water of the sea is sweet and there are also many wells with sweet water.

Some people took photographs of Me at this place, and in some of them a light was coming from My Heart. Some people told Me that some of the photographs did not show this light, but when they looked at the negative image of the picture the light was there.

There are many miraculous things in the Realm of the Divine and in Pujas. When we do a Puja we must first praise Shri Ganesha so that Shri Ganesha will be awakened and established within you.

By worshipping Me as Shri Ganesha your Innocence will be established, and you will see the vibrations rise and increase so that you will feel very stable within yourself.

When you take Shri Ganesha’s names you will know the qualities that He has and what powers He gives to you. When you praise these qualities then the powers of these qualities will start emitting through you. This is how the Divine works. If you are changed by these qualities then you praise the Goddess – The Adi Shakti.

The Adi Shakti has all the seven Chakras awakened within Her and She has to work with them. It is the first time that such an Incarnation has come. It is like making the first room and then a second one and then third one until the seventh room is done and the whole house is completed. When the house is completed you will be given the keys and you can open the house, which is your own Self. This is how I have achieved en masse self-realisation. This could not have happened earlier, but it is now possible because of the combination of all of the chakras and the subsequent opening of the Sahasrara.

When you are praising the Adi Shakti you are also praising Mahamaya who was created so that I could look like you. This was a very difficult thing to do, and this body has had to bear a lot of things to make you understand Sahaja Yoga and your own powers.

If you are rude to Me, and not respectful, Christ will get very angry because He has said that He will not tolerate anything against the Holy Ghost. If this is so then My Agya Chakra (the place of Jesus Christ) will start projecting anger and moving very fast, and I have to bear this. I cannot tell you in the way Christ wants Me to tell you about this because He is very direct and I have to be a little bit careful so that you don’t get upset. Whilst doing Puja and if you are the doubting type or acting in opposition to Me and do not absorb all the vibrations then I have some problems because the vibrations that are flowing out of Me are not being fully absorbed by you. I do not know how to contain them within Myself so I have to take the time to take them out. All of these things are symbolic for whatever we are doing and that symbol acts. For example, if you give somebody a flower that person feels extremely joyful and happy and gratitude comes in. When you offer Me flowers or anything else like water then the elements are happy, and the Deities are happy within their Chakras so that they emit vibrations of their qualities and their blessings upon you. They will give you their qualities and their blessings because this is how the Divine acts, and gradually after a Puja you will feel the whole thing is working out.

We are doing Puja at this time, and all over the world people know that there is a Puja going on here, and they are sitting in meditation so that they will also get the blessings. They are also waiting for the moment when the Puja will start.

If we give them a time, say, 11 O’clock then at this time we will all start the Puja together. Whilst you are doing the Puja they will get the same blessings in their meditation.

If you are not clever and do not know about the few things that are important in a Puja it doesn’t matter, because if you are ignorant or innocent about it God Almighty knows about it and forgives. He does not mind, and you should also not mind if you make mistakes. Just be with a humble heart and do it the way that you like best. You will learn gradually, but if you know what to do and deliberately make mistakes then this is not a good thing. As we forgive our children so God Almighty also forgives innocent children. You must be very relaxed about it all and just do it for the Joy that is in your Heart.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi