Your forth is thoughtless awareness and Workshop

Houston (United States)

1986-05-31 Public Program and Workshop Houston USA DP-RAW, 123'
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1986-05-31 Public Program and Workshop Houston USA 

Introduction by Dr. Warren :

 Power of achieving your union. Once it’s over this growth process has to manifest has to develop you have to learn little techniques we have to teach you how to meditate so that your Kundalini stays here [top of the head]. So the connection with Almighty God’s all-pervading Power is a permanent thing. Because what can happen is Kundalini can come up and fall, come up and fall. You have to stabilize it. As if you have to put a close plug here (top of the head) to stabilize it and make yourself strong. So that all the time that connection is there and now why because when this connection is there not only are you feeling vibrations because frankly, that is just the outer manifestation. When you are connected and that connection is strong, you are a very different personality. You are enjoying yourself. You are enjoying the blessing of God. You are a magnetic person. You can give to others. You become extremely generous. You develop all the qualities of all these chakras. So you become innocent and pure. You become creative in that divine way. You become satisfied and you live a righteous life automatically. You become secure in every way. You become the witness who just watches the whole drama. You become a forgiving person and you find where is this ego where is this superego that I was so troubled by before disappears you become a third person and so forgiving and with that power of forgiveness nobody can manipulate your mind, trouble your thoughts, make you feel tensed, make you feel bad. You become a powerful person and this Agnya Chakra starts opening and your whole awareness starts improving. When this centre (pointing to Sahasrara Chakra) becomes opens and the Kundalini stabilizes your whole awareness your brain, your consciousness expands. The light expands in every cell of your brain. All the angularities all the bad chemistry all the synapses which are a little bit out of balance all the tracks which are having to reboot themselves and which are a little out of balance start to come into some of coordination. All the glandular systems and all the efferent and afferent nerves from the brain start functioning in a perfect way. This starts to become a tremendous powerhouse which is not just a computer which is limited but it’s an unlimited connection because this is open and the Power of God starts flowing inwards and bathing every cell of your body and giving you knowledge which you never had before. Every cell of your body becomes aware of it.

Shri Mataji is here.

Just as You came Shri Mataji we were just speaking about Sahasrara, the last chakra.

[ Shri Mataji: I was expecting a call, I  thought nobody was turned upon.

Dr. Warren: Oh yes]. 

So at the Sahasrara, we become silent. Extremely powerful. But powerful in the love of God. Powerful in the sense that you become a totally collective being. You want to share this joy with others. Your central nervous system starts functioning in a most miraculous way. This collective consciousness, this telecommunication system which starts working is tremendous. Mother has given us all these things. Now that we have got it we have to learn how to develop it. And this is the beautiful dynamic of Sahaja Yoga. 

Thank you very much.

And now Mother you said last night that you do nothing, you don’t do anything, you don’t claim any Powers but I’m very frank with them this morning. Mother claims nothing but we have to know from where is this coming. What is the source? Is there an instrument which was meant to become the mouthpiece for the knowledge. What was it Christ said? I will send you a Counselor, a Comforter, a Redeemer, the Holy Spirit. Have they meant the ideal was [ UNCLEAR]. Mother came to give us Counselling to give us the knowledge which is been hidden away because man was too stupid to accept it. She has come to give us the Comfortering to heel and to nourish and to bring things back into balance and She is giving us our redemption because redemption is the Second Birth. If this has to be the part of the plan of God we should just like little children be so abstract [UNCLEAR] and yet so be grateful. That’s the time. It’s taken place. So it gives me great pleasure to again introduce to our dear Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Thank you.

[ Shri Mataji: (Talking to Dr. Warren: There is no end to lectures. I would say that why not ask them if they have any problem, any questions and I will answer. Because there is no end to it, isn’t it). 

Dr. Warren: Good idea]. 

Shri Mataji: I was just suggesting to Warren that you have come here so kindly and there is no end to these lectures. You will be amazed I must have given thousands of lectures and visited so many places. What you really achieve is through your own ascent. No amount of lecturing and convincing on a mental level is going to really help you. But we have certain problems and specially mental problems. Now I would say that if you have any questions is better that I explain those questions to you rather than give you some lecture that is may not be related to your problems or questions. Which is better that you ask freely whatever questions you have to ask. Feel free to ask the question. Absolutely free. That’s much better to have a proper report and understanding about the Divine.

Yes madam!

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

[ Shri Mataji: You just come here ( addressing to Dr. Warren). I’m not very good at American English. Let him, if you don’t mind. Just a minute, just a minute. I mean I’m all right, sometimes I miss a point. I must say I’m rather..( talking to seeker)].

Yogi:  First of all she thinks that You came here just for her. 

Shri Mataji: Yes it’s true. A very true for all of you.

Yogi: But she herself has been doing what may or may not be some sort of Kundalini awakening and she is feeling some sort of energy at the base of her spine. She just likes you to explain that little more about it. 

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: She doesn’t quite know what it is moving around her body and so.

Shri Mataji: Now you don’t mind if I tell you the truth isn’t. Yeah. You see when you start doing something with the Kundalini it is unauthorized in a way. Unless and until you are a Realized soul and you know all about it you should not really try to touch it. The reason is has he has told you that at the base of the Kundalini sits a deity of innocence. A very powerful deity and it has a fixed reaction about things. So anybody who tries to put the hand towards the Kundalini in an unauthorized way the movement of anger starts like energy heat giving energy from this centre goes through the left side and moves again to the right side. And it can be very dangerous in that way because this deity which is actually later on manifested as Jesus is a very powerful deity and extremely aware of its responsibilities. And when this starts I have seen people going into frantic states and also one fellow came as if he said that many bees have bitten him in the body whole time the energy was just sort of biting him all over. But it can be smoothed down, it can be brought to the normal. But this is what we call in medical science the excitement of the sympathetic nervous system and not of the parasympathetic which is the central path. So if the sympathetic is excited then what happens that you get all the sympathetic systems working and the system sympathetic has a job of doing some emergency work. Like supposing you see a tiger for example you see a tiger then you get frightened. What happens actually when you see a tiger the sternum bone starts pulsating because there is a centre in, what we call as the Heart Chakra or the Anahata, it starts reacting to it and sending out messages to the antibodies to react. So as a reaction to that fear you see we start getting palpitation and this and that and also perspiration and all these things happen our body becomes numb. In the same way when the Kundalini doesn’t rise, Kundalini doesn’t rise through these left hand or the right hand. It’s the reaction of this deity which comes as heat wave and that reaction when it is combated by the body then you feel these problems. But it can be easily come down brought down to the normal. And once this deity is brought down to the normal then the Kundalini will rise slowly in the central path. Already it has started if you see. Now just see yourself. Shri Ganesha that way is an eternal child. As a very sweet thing. It’s very easy to please Him, very easy to please Him. That’s why Christ said that you have to be like children when you enter into the kingdom of God. Because is this child-like innocence which helps you to be there. So there has been something wrong, in the awakening of the Kundalini. It has to be authorized. For example, Warren can raise the Kundalini. But when he tried supposing before doing it he got the other funny experiences of supra-conscious experiences, we call it like you start seeing things and seeing lights and all those are supra-conscious. But you become the light is the point. You become the light you don’t see the light, you become the light and you have the powers of the light. All right. That should happen. So there is nothing gone wrong as such but the thing that has moved in the wrong direction which can be brought down.

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: When this happened, She has no prior knowledge about Kundalini was.

Shri Mataji: But you must have gone to an wrong person perhaps or you might have [someone interrupted Mother]. All right. I don’t know why it should happen. I mean anything is possible. You see these days in modern times as Krishna has said is full of demonic forces working, Asurividya (Sanskrit word) . God knows from where what works out really it is impossible. I was this morning talking to him I was surprised that how these ideas of homosexuality and all this nonsense such a waste full frustrating nonsense that comes on this Earth. From where does it come and how it works out, you see all these are demonic forces. I just do not know it should not happen because you are a seeker. And you are a simple person. It shouldn’t happen. I know that. But maybe anything anyone can work out specially I find in a Houston a kind of a black magic working out somewhere. I told them as soon as I came here I can see the forces of black magic working out here. People are innocent, they don’t know they are naive and they can be attacked. You can feel it. And that’s what I feel something must have happened. All right. May not be, you may not be responsible at all. It is quite possible I know. Like I went to a place called Mombasa and I was surprised that so many people were possessed there. As soon as I touched the shores I said bah (it’s a Hindi word ) what’s this place is like it’s full of negative forces, full of these things and you are not aware of it. It is in the atmosphere. So it’s all right doesn’t matter not to feel bad or guilty about it. You are perfectly all right for me. 


Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: That of course. That is, that is the thing one has to do is. First of all to get you Realization and then your forth is thoughtless awareness. You have to develop that and it’s not difficult. There are very simple methods of putting yourself into what we call as a bandhan is a kind of a your aura is to be protected. But your hands themselves are now charged with the divine force and you can put a bandhan to yourself like this. We put it seven times, some people put three times, only with your attention also. But as soon as you are a Realised soul you get protection, you get protected. Surprising thing is that say when Warren got Realization, I mean he was hardly with us for some time and he always felt he is protected. It happens because you have entered into the kingdom of God. So you don’t have to worry at all about these things. Actually, before Realization, our situation is such like the Indian villagers you see if you tell them that you don’t have to take any heavy luggage on the aeroplane. Because you see aeroplane can’t carry all these, it’s too much. So they went on to the aeroplane and put all their luggage on their heads you see. In the same way we are carrying our problems. When we are sitting in the aeroplane made by God, He is the one who is going to carry all our problems. And then the awareness comes in you. Awareness comes in you gradually when you see these miracles happening. You are amazed why should I worry. I’ll give a simple example, you see how on a material level also, it was on a very gross level. In Australia there was a little girl who wrote a letter to me saying that “Mother, I want to come to India and my mother also wants to come, but I’m sorry we don’t have sufficient money to travel down. And I don’t know what to do how to buy the ticket to go to India. And she had a faith in her school, she took some trinkets from the house for sale, and the teachers saw one chain and she said “Oh god this is real gold”. She said “How can this be gold, we never had gold in the house”. Maybe your grandmother’s. No we never had have anything like that. We better take it to the jeweler. So the mother took it to the jeweler and you will be amazed the price he gave was exactly the price they would pay for their ticket, exactly. Happens so many times just surprised that on such material level you are looked after. Like one lady came to Canada from Australia to work it out and she has to borrow some money. When she went back to Australia she was rather worried because her money was exhausted and she didn’t know how to pay back the loan. And just she said I didn’t even write to you Mother, I was thinking of writing to you. Next day she receives the money from the income tax saying that she has paid more income tax but exactly the same amount that she owed with the interest in it. So we don’t know how God is kind. How he looks after us. All the miracles you have read so far you will see it in your life and will be surprise how these miracles are taking place. On absolute material level, to your physical level, to your emotional level, to your spiritual level, you will be amazed how it works out.

After all, all these communications, all these instruments have come from within yourself. So whatever you are you are the best computer you understand, do you realize that. God has created the best computer there is no programming needed, as soon as you see me, you see me. Then now you are going to know the computer how to work it out. Only thing you have to know how to work it out this energy which is all available to you. And everything is absolutely arranged, organized for you. You will be surprised yesterday only the day before yesterday somebody told me a miracle happened to her. She had come from India and she wanted to come and she had no money to come to Houston and she thought why to borrow money from anybody else but she borrowed and she took the ticket. And when they went to the airport they were five people coming they said that we are sorry we can’t give you the seats because all the seats are overbooked. So they paid her ticket free and gave her a hundred and twenty-five dollars each to all five of them. So sweet are His ways. So delicate. You get worried and suddenly you find “Oh God” why was I worried see here on the corner standing there you find “Oh”.  It’s so wonderful. I’m not telling you stories, it’s a fact. I mean now Sahaja Yogis say Mother, miracle has lost its meaning in Sahaja Yoga. But try to understand that God loves you and He knows each and everything about you. And that now you have entered into His domain. Believe into your position. Actually, look at this Sahaja Yogis who are sitting here they all are most of them must have given Realization to thousands of them, but if you look at them they look so simple, there is nothing. But these gurus who have done nothing, no Kundalini nothing of the kind, have no knowledge, just they know some chanting and nonsense, they have made big big buildings, they are boosting. Yesterday I had to tell them why don’t you tell people they still feel shy to talk about it. You become so humble. But no doubt miracles work and work and then you start thinking where am I? That’s very true you will start it from today only all these miracles happening. So don’t you worry you are protected. Also immediately you know on your fingertips. And now if you see somebody you wouldn’t like that person somehow or other you will get out of it, not insulting that person but you just try to just get out of it.  But you will feel say on this chakra if you feel left Agnya and you will feel it on this (Left Swadisthana finger) finished, that means the person is possessed but with this, if you have also has this finger [ right Agnya Chakra] then be careful of that person, such a person could be very aggressive. So all these little little things once you know, you can manage it. Immediately you can ( you see you) become so sensitive that you don’t have to be told you just know because you are standing in a position where you know the absolute. 

You become the light I say. You don’t see the light you become the light. Unbelievable isn’t. But again I tell you a story about the (say the) villagers that a box was taken there and shown that this is called as television and if you put to the mains you can see nice drama and play in that. So, they said now you are coming from the city to telling us the stories. And when they were put it to the mains they were amazed. You are made like that. You are the computer of all the computers. You are the television of all the televisions. You are the telecommunication of all the telecommunications. And when it works you will be amazed how it works. We have not know His grace that’s why we have not been happy people. 

Now I am 64 years of age you can imagine and I am traveling I got my grandchildren, traveling no body can travel like me I think now, even a young man will go mad. Warren gets tired sometimes with me. I travel and I work nothing happens to me. I am all right. Nothing wrong with Me. It will happen to all of you. You will knock down your ages, you feel very energetic, the energy will flow when you know how to handle it. Everything can be worked out. Nobody can harm now any saint. You see that. Anybody who tries a little bit like that will be harmed so much that they will be frightened of harming any saints. Those days are gone when they managed it. No more can happen of that kind. Nobody can get away harming a saint. So be sure about yourself. But one thing is there they should be little acidity, little bit respect for your Realization and to work it out, to know about it. That’s all. Everybody can know. It’s nothing a big sort of an intellectual feet or anything. Anybody can know it. Just know it well and reside in it. 

The second part it’s a collective happening now. So the more you collective together it works out. It’s not in the house I have everything Mother and I am doing meditation, no. You must meet every week or something. Luckily you have very powerful Sahaja Yogis in Houston. So you must meet there meditate, understand, and discuss. And wherever you all meet there is the attention of God Almighty. But if you just stay somewhere else for months together and you don’t meet each other then it doesn’t work out. Because this is a collective being. Like this finger is cut off from the body you don’t feel it. You are part and parcel of the whole. Like this finger now is sick or has any pain, the whole body reacts to give it relief, isn’t it. And there is no obligation after all this is my own finger, who is the other. In the same way you become a part and parcel of the whole like the cell in the body and anything happens to you the whole body, the whole universe, the whole creation of God looks after you. But you have to be aware about it that’s all.  We have no idea about ourselves that’s the main point. 

Any other yes, please.

Seeker: [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: Oh I see all right. 

Seeker: [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: Of course, of course. That’s very important. 

Yes, please. Yes. Yes. There’s a lady, two of them. All right. Should we have her first?  All right. Yes, please.

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: First of all she thank you for coming to you. The other point is you raised last night was that you are saying we have to realize our guilt. She says the most of the guilt is subconscious so how can we realize it if we don’t know that it exists?

Shri Mataji: It’s not at all subconscious. There is nothing like subconscious guilt. Is a myth. It’s our own storing[UNCLEAR]. Just say “ I’m not guilty”, finished. I must tell you this problem started with the Paul. Paul in the bible. I don’t know why he is there. And he started all this nonsense of saying that you are guilty, you must feel guilty, you must confess this that. I have seen so many priests come to me they are mad because if you go and tell them this I have done wrong, that I have done wrong and suppose if you have not even done wrong you have to make up some story to go and tell. This is absurd. What is there to be guilty about I mean you are at the epitome, epitome of this creation. Is like a little flower saying  “I’m guilty” it won’t say. But you are at the epitome all the flowers everything is for you the human beings. What is there to be guilty. I mean always putting down human beings to these levels has caused problems. This is because I think it’s money-making proposition I think. To make everybody feel guilty so that you give lot of money to remove the guilt. They all will go to hell and take all others with them. That’s not the way God’s ways are. There is nothing to feel guilty. Of course I mean somebody who has really done something wrong like Hitler, you can say. He never felt guilty that’s one thing sure and none of them will feel guilty even now. That’s a trouble. Because if they could not been that cruel if they have felt guilty. Still they are going strong. And you people who have nothing done wrong are like small little children feeling guilty. Don’t worry about your subconscious and don’t worry about your supraconscious. Just be in the conscious mind that is today. Just now at this moment you have to be here. Every moment is so dynamic filled with joy. But we live in the past or the future. A thought comes falls down and another thought comes falls down we are jumping on the curps. But when the Kundalini rise what happens that in between the thought there is space where we stand, that’s the “Present” without thought and we enjoy the complete beauty. The guilt and all this nonsense comes to us through   thought. What about the animals they don’t have any guilt, do they. So our subconscious come from the animals they have no guilt. From where does it come then. It’s only the training of the mind. People have trained the mind that you are guilty from the very beginning. But it reacts the other way around. I really tell you it reacts the other way [UNCLEAR].  For example, Indains never feel guilty. If you ask them are you guilty? They said no I have been never being to a law court. They just don’t understand this word guilty business. What is there only in law court they say that you are guilty or not guilty. They don’t understand what is guilty, what is guilt. Indians don’t understand. It’s unknown to them what is this guilty business is. Only when the priests from England went there and taught them you see it’s a story that in a village they were saying farewell to a missionary and they said “Thank you very much, Sir for telling us we are guilty and that we are sinners”. We never knew. For giving this special knowledge about ourselves. It’s nothing to feel guilty at all. That’s the point I’m trying to make, you see and this subconscious and all that is brought by this horrid people like Freud. He is the one who is responsible for AIDS today. Where is he gone now. He should be crucified first. Not only that we listen to him but he was treated like Christ. Stupid fellow, he didn’t know anything, he suffered from all kinds of troubles, all kinds of problems and he talked against the Mother from the very beginning the whole basis is against the Mother, the virginity of the Mother. She can’t think of something sublime. This horrible Freud. But I tell you people are really fed up with him. (Because in) He worked actually in Austria and in Austria when I said all these words they clapped the hand very happy because they were feeling guilty about him being there. He brought you down to the level of a sex point. You are sex point you must dance like a sex point all the time. I mean all these sex problems are our own mental problems I tell you. We don’t have these in India. We have no sex problems on the contrary, we are producing much more children than anybody can produce. And I think the children also before taking their birth they must be thinking these are crazy people in the West, they were thinking about something nonsensical and that’s why they are fighting among themselves, husband and wife fighting, you see so many divorces better to be born in India. So, I think your surplus is also coming there only. We don’t fight our husband and wife, nothing of the kind. We lead a very sensible sex life. We are not bothered at all. We have no frustration on that and it’s perfectly all right. That’s normal. Every animal kingdom, everything is all right why should it be so difficult in human beings. It is because mentally you see you have put all those horrible things into your head. Nothing exists. All mythical. Believe Me, all mythical. 

First of all we must give up arguments. I Mean such beautiful people can’t live together because mentally somebody has put some injections in the head. People like Freud or Hilter all these horrible people. Freud couldn’t come up to Bombay even you see. Nobody would accept such an nonsensical person. But he was so much accepted here. And Yung who was a sensible man was discarded. In the whole of the United States, there are twelve Yungilaes. Can you imagine only twelve. And everybody is a Freudian. But thank god, aid has come so Mr.Freud is going in the background. He is the one who brought all these problems to you. Now so we come to one thing that don’t worry about the subconscious which is the left side, don’t worry about the future supra-conscious, be in the center. As very simple is that we say I’m thoughtless aware, I’m thoughtlessly aware. That’s all. This is the mantra.  This is the chanting it will happen to those who are Realized. Those who haven’t got will get it just now.

Any other question? Yes, please.

Seeker: What is the difference between this Yoga and Kriya Yoga?

Shri Mataji:  Just the opposite. This is “Akriya” where you don’t do anything. It’s spontaneous. Sahaja, Sahja means “born with you”. It is born with you and is a right of every human being to get this Realization. Yoga is the “Union”. And in kriya Yoga, you have to do something. In the early days of Kriya Yoga, I don’t want to because you have brought in the thing I don’t want to be controversial about it. But you will be amazed there are still people in Los Angeles whose tongues were cut the thread was cut and waging their tongues, even today you will find them there. Because they said this tongue should be taken back and could be done “Kechari”. Kechari is an action that takes place when the Kundalini rises you see, this Vishudhi Chakra opens out naturally the tongue is pulled inside. But you don’t feel it at all. Yesterday did you feel anything, nothing. It just automatically opens out because supposing the car gets ignition or when you start the car automatically all the instruments in the car start working. Because they were made like that isn’t. In the same way when the Kundalini starts rising all these bandhas [Hindi word] and all these things takes place otherwise how will you support the Kundalini up there. But it is all built in within you which automatically happens. You don’t have to do it. The other way down the Kriya Yoga is like this that to start the car you move the wheel. All right. It is just the opposite of it. Absolutely. I don’t know from where these ideas have come.  Because even in Patanjali’s Yoga Shastra it is not described that way, nowhere. If you have to take Patanjali it is Sahaja Yoga completely, except that in Patanjali he has not described the Kundalini. But absolutely is the same thing he has said. Samadhi yoga, nirvikalpa, nirvichara but he didn’t mention the Kundalini. Actually, it was first mentioned fourteen thousand years back by a great saint called Markandaya. But his books were never translated in English language and then gradually it was kept as secret knowledge by the people who were doing the central path work you see. The right side people were doing the Vedas work and the left side were doing the devotion bhakti work. But the central path were people kept it into a very low tone and would give Realization to one or two persons. At the time of Shri Rama there was one Natchiketa who came to Janaka who was the father-in-law of Shri Rama or the father of Sita, who was a Realized soul and who used to give Realization to people and he took his test several times before giving him Realization, big stories about it. So like that, you see this is about eight thousand years back. Very few people got Realization. Like on a tree of life, you can only find few flowers to being with, and then blossom time like today is there so everybody gets Realization. As simple as that. But every time it is spontaneous no where it is written that it is done through so kriya. Even Kabira has said “Sahaja Samadhi Lago”. “Sahaja” you get it. Nanaka has said. Kabira is the recent one. Kabira came even after Mohammed Sab came. Mohammed Sab has said it is spontaneous. Buddha has said it. Mahavira has said it. All of them has said the same thing that it is spontaneous, nobody has said you have to stand on your head. It is simple to understand it is a living process and for living process you don’t have to do anything, you just built in.

Yes Madam!

Seeker: How is it related to Hatha Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Hatha yoga, you see Hatha yoga was practised in India thousands years back when we had a system called “Four Ashramas” you see four style of life that we used to lead or four periods of life. In the first period of life it was “Brahmacherya” when they lived like “Celibate” people in an university. Even today that university we carry as a name as a “Gotra”. Like My is “Shandilya”. Shandilya was of my family Guru long long time when they were thousands of years back, at the time of twelve nadas, means I don’t know how many must be about sixteen thousand years back, this Shandilya lived. But even today if I have to marry someone I can’t marry of the same gotra. Means of the same university even today after so many years I can’t marry because we are one family. So university was regarded as a family and nobody could marry in one family because they were all brothers and sisters. To keep a very celibate attention. Because if our attention is all the time, nowadays you see the boys are looking at these and girls are looking like at that, you see they can’t concentrate. So the whole idea was to keep them till about twenty-five years at the most as celibate people, that was known as “Brahmacharya”.

The second one was called as you know “Gruhastha” where children were born. And they looked after the small children. Then these same children after five, six years were sent to these colleges where their grandparents went for “Vanaprasthashram” where the grandparents live like normal people not having any sex relations and all that, so the children are kept very clean from five to twenty-five years of age. And then they marry and enjoy the best of married life. Like that it was and ultimately the “Sanyasa”. So these institution of four ashramas existed long time back when Patanjali’s things were worked out. Because he had “Ashtanga Yoga”means there are eight parts of the yoga. And in the first ashtanga, he has talked of “Yamaniyama”. Yamaniyama means by which how to keep yourself absolutely your attention clean and pure and secondly how to keep your body mobile. And that’s why he thought all these different, different asanas. But the first thing was to awaken the Kundalini. When we awaken say your Kundalini or your Kundalini is awakened supposing, now if you have a problem say here, for example, supposing you have a throat problem then what is the use of doing the asana of the stomach. So first the Kundalini must move so you know where the problem is and then correct it by asanas. But nowadays the way people are doing Hatha yoga is like taking all the medicines from all the medicinal boxes, without any discrimination about it. We too do asanas but whatever is required. Whatever is not required we don’t do. But how will you know unless and until your car moves, how will you know where will be the obstruction. So where ever is the obstruction discretely we use that asana. We to use but it’s an integrated thing, it is not just physical. Human being is not a physical being, you know that. He is a emotional being. Supposing if you do Hatha yoga the way people are doing, I can assure you such a person will become a dry personality, there will be problems in the family, he may have a divorce, he may become impotent. Because it is very one-sided. Like even the people who are running and jogging they may have the same problem. They may become absolutely emotionless. Body is not everything. We have our mind, we have our emotions, we have our intellect, all these things are there, to be looked after. Has to be integration. But so much importance is given to the body I just don’t know. Nowadays you find people suffering from anorexia and all these troubles and some women I find just like mosquitoes if you just, you see blow heavily they just go in the air. For My body, I need a lot of what you call fat and lot of water. Because I need to protect all these chakras which moves so fast. You will be amazed if you put your hands sometimes on My chakras you won’t be able to put there, it will be just jumping. So, I have to have lot of fat because the fat has the vibrations and I have to accept it. And now I’m not going to be any actress anywhere, am I. All these ideas are not absolute. They are all relative ideas and we live by some fashion comes in, you see. This is also a funny thing this fashion business is. It’s maddening, I tell you real maddening. The other day in England, I think England is now becoming the worst in this. They had a (they came to) ask for empty tins I said why? Said now new fashion has started with empty tins, I said what? Are you going to put them down on your head and tie up your hair or what is it now you are going to do with the tins, empty tins? They said the new fashion is that instead of using anything of this kind we should use empty tins to make lamps and the rich people are having empty tins you know. Cocacola tins will be very expensive after some time because it is getting fashionable. Now the fashionable word itself is a nonsense. Fashionable means something better and higher. On the contrary, a popper supposing has a torn clothes, so he goes around with the torn clothes then another popper joins him, another joins him and there are more poppers nowadays than people who can afford something perhaps. So the rich feel nervous why should we have proper dresses, they also make holes in their clothes and walk about. Imagine in that England people now having a holy pants means with holes in that cold already your feet get frozen and now this is a new fashion it has started. We must have our own personality and understating that we are living in England, it’s a cold country and we can’t afford to have these fashions here. It’s all right for India. This kind of a funny fashion they have started. All kind of things now these punk business is there say I don’t know whats wrong with them. I asked them why do you do this all this nonsense of the punks. So they said what’s wrong. I said the wrong is this that if you put all these horrible things in your head this is your Sahasrara you will first of all loose your eye sight. And now we are getting people Sahaja Yogis who are coming to us who say Mother our eyesight, we are losing our eyesight. Because the pigment you see goes through the blood into the optic lobe and you really become blind. All these funny funny fashions that we start why it is self-destructive. It’s self-destructive. Imagine in a place like London to wear holy pants is it of anything. Now those tight pants people started. Now with that they develop varicose veins. So why, why make your body a miserable I don’t know for what. Fashions because have we no personality of our own. So all these ideas you see play upon your mind and make you absolutely slave of these nonsensical things. Today this is the fashion tomorrow that is the fashion. I asked one gentlemen he gave up his wife suddenly, I said why? He said she changed her hairdresser. I said so why, why did you divorce her for that. He said it because I liked her first hairstyle better than the second. Imagine that is how we relate to each other, do we. Evolution is shown how we relate to each other is only the chimpanzee which does that. And human beings know how to relate to each other. There is no pure form of relationship, either it is through fashion or if you eat with the fork and spoon in the opposite direction we form a club. What is the relationship, nothing. Is a relationship because we dress up like this or we have this kind of a skin or that kind of a color, this is no relationship. Our relationship is spiritual. We are part and parcel of one personality. So all these nonsensical ideas have really I tell you, have disturbed your attentions too much. And I do not blame you because you are seekers. Anything that comes to you, you think is seeking. And that’s how you go to, I don’t even blame the people who take drugs because I know they are seekers, so many drug addicts have come to Sahaja Yoga and have been saved. They are seekers madly seeking the truth. And everybody who is marketing all your weaknesses is very nicely using you and you are playing into their hands. What about these gurus the way they made money out of you. That is to be understood. We have our own personality. We must have our own discretion. We must have our own absolute values and nobody should changes. That’s real freedom not to play into somebody’s hands. That’s how we have to live like kings not like beggars. Who should give us ideas except for God. That’s how we should stand on our own grounds and it will happen you will be surprised. 

Now is it all right. Now should we have Realization again. Is all right. All right. 

Is one person only all right, may I have your question? 

Seeker: Is there any difference between feeling the warm breeze and feeling the cool breeze?

Shri Mataji: Yes there is very much. If you are feeling the warm breeze that means there is a heat coming out of your body. Any kind of heat coming from the body means there is something definitely wrong in the sense supposing you are a liver patient, you might get heat. You have some other trouble you might get heat or you are a very tensed person also you might get heat. Normally I have seen people get little heat coming out in the beginning because you see there is a ventilation here and all the worries and everything comes out as heat. Dosen’t matter. But afterwards the cool breeze starts. In your case, it is little liver you have and which is easily curable. All right. 

Yes sir.

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: What did he say?

Yogi: They are just testing the sound. They are just testing.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see.

Seeker: [UNCLEAR] ( something about the blockade of the chakras).

Shri Mataji: Yes it is in the beginning, you see I have seen mostly it rises in a very good way because inside the Sushuma is the central path is the innermost, inner most channel is called as the “Brahma Nadi” and which is normally open in the people, normal open is not to close to that extent. But it’s a very very thin line and like a small you can say thin hair-like energy rises through that. You see it’s very, it’s a trick of the Kundalini I should say. First of all just a line is sent up then that line opens out you see on the sides and what happens that the “Grace” then starts falling. Because when it is opened up the grace starts falling and this grace relaxes your sympathetic nervous system and the blockades opens. But still there are blockades. So what happens that  Kundalini then goes down and again goes to that particular part and then helps there. But if you know how to remove your blockades you help the Kundalini. That’s all. But you have to have little knowledge about it. That’s all. Little bit you have to know and you will become perfect knowledge in it. Absolutely this knowledge is your own. You don’t have to pay for it or anything, just you have to give little time that’s all. 

Seeker: In America, they repeatedly have some kind of [ UNCLEAR] schizophrenia and depression. Is that related to some way to chakras or vibrations?

Shri Mataji: Of course, of course it is very much and to the atmosphere, I don’t want to frightened about it but it’s curable. Schizophrenia comes from the attack from outside what you call from the collective subconscious. When the movement starts from the left side you go to the collective subconscious. All these disease which are incurable suppose to be incurable like cancer, and this muscular problems and all that, they all come when there is an attack as they say in the medical science by the protein 58 and protein 53 they have names for that I mean they are honest about it. Because they don’t know what it is. They are actually (they are actually) entities which have gone out of the circulation of our evolution. Like even you can say that virus is nothing but a kind of a vegetable which was parasitic and has gone out of the evolutionary process, dead. But when you start moving in that area it catches you. Now in America, there are certain problems and one of them is that there are lots of dead spirits here who were killed. They didn’t die their natural death as you know very well. And when people are killed they hover around. And that’s why schizophrenia is quite a lot. Apart from that the whole society is not based on the value system that gives you a balance. The value system is wrong. And the value system is that, that we should have money and everything based on money, is not all right. Because supposing a woman sells her chastity say for money, she is lost. She can get any disease, she can be into any problems and she can be schizophrenic. You see all your great actresses who are supposed to be very rich become mad. So the value system which is righteous, which is godly life you can say is being neutralized by these ideas coming into it that money is important. Then a person becomes shallow. When you become shallow what happens like a floating personality you can go to the left or to the right. So I have seen people then go to the left they get into these troubles because if they are emotional they go to the left and see you feel very unhappy or if they are not going to the left they go to the right. And right they go they become extremely aggressive, they do not understand what aggression they are causing to others. That’s the reason is. The whole value system has to be changed through Sahaja Yoga. Because in Sahaja yoga the best thing is your own example. When they will see Sahaja yogis how contented they are, how happy they are, how they are devoid of diseases, how they get cured of diseases, how their problems are solved, the other people start seeing it and start following it. And once that is established, schizophrenia is easily curable. Curable but in a society like that is difficult. If you take the same person to India I can cure. For your information, we are going to have a very good school in India for children who can be ruined here. But if they go to India we can save them. And then we can have also places where such people who are suffering from such diseases who can be cured in that atmosphere.  In an Indian village, supposing they go there it is very clean thing immediately schizophrenia will disappear. In India we have not many mental hospitals and those mental hospitals are suffering because there are no patients. 

Seeker: Is money the evil in as such or is the value system associated?

Shri Mataji: No nothing wrong with the money as such. Money is a part and parcel of our life you see. But the way we look at the money is the point is. Now in India, the Goddess of Lakshmi is the money and then this Goddess is made very beautifully because She is first of all a Mother and She stands on a lotus means She doesn’t try to show off you see, doesn’t try to show off. She is on her beautiful lotus but She doesn’t also live like a beggar you see and then She has one hand (left hand) which is like this and the other hand (right hand) like this. This hand ( left hand) means a person who is really a rich man in a sense he is a “Lakshmi Pathi” should donate, and give to others without knowing what he is giving. And with this hand ( right hand) is the protection. He must give protection to others, like an enlightened businessman you can say this one. And in the two hands She has got pink color lotuses which means Her house of a lady or a gentleman who is rich should be “Pink”. In the sense like a beautiful heart that anybody goes to that house should feel very much welcomed and looked after because in the lotus there is a horrible beetle we call as we in India we get a black one which has got all thorns you see that enters in the lotus also and sleeps very closely. So every person must have an open generous heart.


In drugs, in nonsensical women or all nonsensical things which has no meaning. Not on an art. They will have plastic in the house. But they must have champine, then they must have five glasses of that, ten glasses of that. But art is suffering today because the rich have become hypocritical. They don’t want to have artistic in their houses because they want to look like hippies. They feel ashamed to say that no we are rich and we have to look after our artists, let them do their work and let them have their skills. Now in India for example nowadays of course they are also becoming westernized but in olden days a king would live like a king. He would not live like a popper. Why? because he is supposed to look after the artists. He doesn’t take away his palace with him when he dies, does he? No, he does not. But he creates a art, he creates Taj Mahal for you to see. What are we going to show to our progeny, these plastic things that we have made. When our children will come to ask “What did our forefathers made for us”. What this plastic things are we going to give them. So money if it is shared and enjoyed with others is perfectly all right. But if it is for yourself then it is destructive because you take to destructive ways that’s the point is. So money is not the point, the attitude towards money, towards everything is upside down. It can be changed very easily. In Krishna’s words that human awareness if it doesn’t ascend, its roots are in the head and tree starts going downward. That’s why chakras by chakras you have come down to the sex point now and after that is hell. But when the ascent takes place immediately you go above all these. All right. So actually it is not money that destroys you, it is the attitude. I would say India was the richest, richest countries in the whole world once upon a time. If you go to Iran you will find the richest sight of the world where there was one Mohammed Gajini who went to a part of India and brought all the wealth from there. If you see you will be amazed at such big, big diamonds kept in buckets just like ordinary stones all over the place it’s such a huge big place. And gold and everything they had but it was all looted and it was taken away. That’s how they lost everything. Doesn’t matter, but what I’m saying at least the value system is still, I wouldn’t say it’s perfectly all right. Gandhiji was the one who is saying about it talking about it. But that time the beaurocates were blessed by British in India and they thought that Gandhiji was living in a fool’s paradise. They never followed him what he said. Because of that we too are in an upside way you see, but doesn’t matter. Now if you people do some justice to us by following a sensible path, imported goods are very much welcome in India. So when it goes from here to India I’m sure they will also improve. But you will be amazed Sahaja Yoga is very strong in India, very strong. We have thousands of people who are Sahaja Yogis. Thousands. And you should meet them. We are going to have a tour of one month, in December. We have a beautiful tour (and it’s), there you meet all of them and we most of them come together and from all over the world we have people there. Last time we had forty-seven international marriages. These marriages are very successful. They are very nice. Realized souls as there children and no problem you see it’s really heavily if you see their lives, no divorce nothing. Unbelievable but it is so. Now there are some sitting here you can ask them. So this is what I’m trying to tell you that is the attitude towards the thing changes entirely. Because you see from the window of the Spirit and the whole thing becomes a different drama all together. You are no more afraid of anything. You are no more selfish. You have no these what you call them hankerings and hang ups, hang ups, hang ups, it’s an American word isn’t, (I have to learn some America hang ups) you don’t have all these hang ups. You become a free personality. Not bothered. And bothered also. As I say “I’m the greatest capitalist because I have all the Powers and I’m the greatest communist because I can’t live without sharing it”. So all your this theories of political theories, economics theories absolutely manifest as realities later on and you will be amazed that all of them merge together. There is no difference at all. 


Seeker: Roles of males and females changing and learning how to balance the male and the female aspects and how would you define womanhood itself? 

Shri Mataji: Now in that I think we have gone a little wrong in the West. We must know that you see we are like two wheels of one chariot. One chariot has two wheels. One is on the left-hand side and another on the right-hand side. And the left-hand side can’t be brought to the right and the right can’t be brought to the left. It is made like that. You are made like that. This is by nature. And when the chariot has one wheel smaller any one of them it goes round and round, it can’t progress. So both of them have to be equal but not similar. They have to be equal but not similar. Now to feel that men are superior is absolutely wrong. They are not. Once women understand how superior they are to men they will be amazed. But they are. Not in earning money. I mean that’s a very simple job. That’s a very simple job. Now today say we respect Christ very much why because He had those womanly qualities to bear. Like a Mother Earth, a woman should able to bear anything. That’s her speciality. A man can’t. That’s why you have seen women seldom get heart attacks, men at the slightest thing heart attack supposed to be very brave. So women have a capacity to bear. She is the potential energy the whole source of energy. And man is just a kinetic energy like the light is burning here you see is coming from the source, but the source is silent. Now which one is superior. Both are complimentary. Once a woman has accepts this, she is in her glory complete glory you see. But when she tries to become a man or a man tries to become a woman, it’s upside down. Because supposing if I use my nose for eating the food which is not made for that what will happen. So natural thing what God has given try to understand your own glory in that. A woman is a capable of love, affection, emotions. She is the one who give peace to the husband, to the family, the whole growth of the family, the whole growth of the whole nation depends on the women. Not on the man at all. And where the women are respected and respectable both the ways ( there remains) there remain the Gods. [Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devata]. In India, a woman is very much worshiped. Worshiped actually worshiped. Because she is worshipable. In no way she is less than men. If it comes to wars women can take out their swords. If it comes to that then the men are finished. They are capable of highest sacrifices. But otherwise, they don’t compete what is there to compete with them. Poor things they have to attend to a hundred bosses. I tell My husband I’m a lucky woman that I have to only please you but you have to please so many of them. He says, I know it’s terrible next life I must become a woman. I said all right but I will never become a man that’s one thing I will not do. So try to understand the beauty of your own life. It’s like you see somebody else and think he is very happy and something higher, you jump into his shoes and find “Oh god”, you runway. So we should not have funny ideas. This is has started now and what good have we got out of it. I don’t know what good we have got. Like they wrote about Me that there’s an Indian woman, so some of the Sahaja Yogis you see from India didn’t like it. Because calling Me a woman because according to them “I’m a Lady”. But then they said there is an objection because of a woman is a man and a man and a woman, something they started explaining, I couldn’t understand and I said alright, doesn’t matter. It was not for insulting but there is a some sort of a complication about that. I said what is this new complication that a man becomes a woman and a woman becomes a man and you can’t be a boy. They try to explain to me but it was really a greek and Latin for Me. So all this is not necessary. Now see I’m a woman. Absolutely a woman and I have a husband, I have My family, I have got in-laws, My own family, My father’s family is there, everybody is there and I’m just a woman. But a powerful one. And they can’t exist without Me. None of them. In whole of My family if I go to Bombay all My brothers, sisters, cousins, all my husband’s relations all of them are there to receive Me. They ( pointing to yogis) know that. None of them can exist without me. Just My love. They are not all Realized souls. They are not. Just My love. This capacity only the woman has. But here if you believe in greek tragedies, then go ahead with it, if you want to suffer, you suffer. Women are great always. And all men when they have womanly qualities they become great also. Anyone take for your country I think  My hero is Abraham Lincon. What a compassionate man he is. Such a great even to think about is a realised soul no doubt but what a personality. He is the real balance. When that balance is achieved then one can say that you are a balanced personality. The woman also is a man when it comes to that. She is a greater personality than ordinary human beings. But she must realize her potential nature and live with it happily. She is the potential energy, not the kinetic energy. The source of all the energy. She is so glorious. But stupidly men have tried to show them down and so now they are coming up in another form. Big you see don’t get played into their games. As some Indian, My husband also says that men have be fooled all the Western women  here nicely. They have befooled them. Now men wanted to be thin so they are becoming thin. They want to be fat they become fat. He says they have befooled them. And now poor men are suffering you know in England, hard to find a husband who is not a cabbage. They are just cabbages I tell you, very difficult to find a husband who is not a cabbage. I don’t know about American husbands they may not be that bad. Absolutely cabbages. And the woman dictating them do this, do that and they like. It’s miserable I tell you it’s miserable people. So we are not to make them cabbages. We are the ones who can make them great. We can make them. Every man who is successful has a woman behind them. We know that. But behind them and not ahead. Otherwise, we (became like)  women become like Misses. Marcos. Marcos, I have met her. Now all these examples should prove, all these examples should prove that we are not going to go that way at all. All right. So now with all this pleasant talk we have had, let us have a Realization also and not to be serious anymore. I wanted you to laugh and laugh to clear out. 

Now put your both feet. 

 [ Talking to yogi: this is nylon, that is nylon too and that one, all nylon everywhere.

It’s better. Burns, you know. This is better. Now ( talking to Yogi: what’s that candle, all right if you want to put it you can put it in front of the photograph)]. 

Now simple thing is that, you have to put your both the hands towards Me like this to being with. 

 Warren you can stand up and show them. 

Warren will show you how the chakras are to be released for the Kundalini’s raising. It’s very simple. That yesterday we put our right hand on the heart and left hand towards Me. You may take out your shoes, would be a better idea to touch the Mother Earth and to take out your spectacles also would be good and if there is any pressure on your stomach or in your neck. 

Now, put your right hand on your heart. And left hand towards Me because left hand represents your desire to be Realized and the right hand represents your action of releasing the different centres. Now when you put your right hand on your heart then this is the centre of the Spirit. I will show  all the centres you will be touching on the left-hand side of the body. So first we put it on the heart, then in the upper part of the abdomen, then in the lower part of the abdomen, then again on the upper part of the abdomen, then on the heart, then on the corner which is made by your shoulder and head from the front side not from the back side, front side and turn your head right like this so that your hand can go further. Now this is the one that is catching still because this is the one you catch when you feel guilty. So to being with you must forgive yourself fully and love yourself and have the full idea about yourself as I told you whether it’s a man or a woman. Both are great beings so don’t have any anger towards yourself. Then you have to put your hand across your forehead and press it on both the sides then the hand has to go on the back, push back your head and let it rest looking at the sky I mean your eyes will be closed though. And then stretch your hand fully and the center of your palm should touch the fontanelle bone area you may bend your head a little, here which is the soft bone in your childhood, and stretch your fingers and press it hard and move it slowly the scalp seven times stretching your fingers and pushing it down seven times. 

That’s all. It’s very simple. 

Now close your eyes. Put your feet apart from each other. Please stretch your left hand towards Me on your lap. But don’t be uncomfortable. You should not bend your body or anything. Sit straight without stretching much or taking a strain.  (on the left) Left hand towards Me. Right hand on the Heart. Now close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you. Now here on the heart resides the Spirit. So you have to ask Me a fundamental question, “Mother am I the Spirit”? In your heart.  Please put your hand inside your coat is better. “Mother am I the Spirit”? Please don’t feel guilty you are catching on this centre very much. Just without feeling guilty, you are perfectly all right. Have all full confidence in yourself. Three times ask the question. Now Please take your right hand in the upper part of the abdomen. Press it hard. Here now, you ask another fundamental question because this is the centre of your mastery. “Mother, am I my own master”? Ask this question three times pressing on this centre left side of your abdomen on the upper part. “Mother am I my own guru, am I my own guide, am I my own master”?  Any one of them you can ask three times. Because if you are the Spirit you are your own guide. Now bring it down the hand again on the left-hand side in the lower part of your abdomen press it hard. Now this is the centre which works out the Divine laws, the pure knowledge, the technique of the Divine laws are worked out through this center. So please here you have to ask Me because I can’t cross over your freedom, you are free to ask or not to ask that you want to have the true knowledge. You want to have the pure knowledge. So here please ask six times as here you have six petals for this centre. “Mother may I have the pure knowledge”.  Six times, please. “Mother may I have the true knowledge”. 

Have faith in yourself. Just have faith in yourself. It will work out. It will work out in every one of them. You just forget what I have said in the lecture nothing, nothing should deter you, in believing in yourself. 

Now raise your right hand in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side and press it hard. Here we must know that the Kndalini has started moving as soon as you have asked for it. So here you press hard and help the chakra to open by showing your full confidence in yourself, by saying with full confidence “Mother I am my own master”, “Mother I am my own guru.” Just say that. Ten times. 

Now please raise your hand on your heart. Here again with full confidence please say twelve times “Mother I am the Spirit” and this is the truth, is the only truth which you have to become. “Mother I am the Spirit”. 

[Heart. Heart. All on the left side].

Now please raise your hand in the corner between the neck and your shoulder on the left-hand side and turn your head towards the right, placing the hand behind towards the spinal cord as much as it can reach. This centre is caught when you feel guilty. Here now you have to say with full understanding that you are not guilty at all. So sixteen times please say “Mother I am not guilty at all”. As I said God almighty is the ocean of love, ocean of compassion, above all He is the ocean of forgiveness. And we can’t do anything wrong which He can’t engulf into His compassion and love. By feeling guilty we really challenge His Powers. So just say “Mother I am not guilty at all”. Sixteen times. As I said yesterday and again today, I would repeat that even then if you feel guilty then better punish yourself by saying it hundred and eight times. You have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself. You become serious for nothing at all. There is nothing to be serious about it. Just works, automatically. Just say ”I am not guilty”. Just say “I am not guilty”. That’s all. Saying itself will help. Don’t start counting your guilts. Please don’t start doing that. All right. 

Now raise your hand on your forehead across and please push it on both the sides in the sense you press it as if you are having (when you have) a headache on both the sides press it. Now this is the centre of Christ and here you have to say, how many times is not the point, from your heart “Mother I forgive everyone”. Now some people believe that it is very difficult to forgive. But it is a myth, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive. It’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So you better say from your heart “ Mother I forgive everyone”.

Now take your hand on the back side of your head, of your head not neck but head and put the pressure of your head on that hand and push it  back slowly turning your head towards the sky. Now here you have to say for your own satisfaction without counting any guilt, without counting any wrong, without feeling guilty, you please say “if I have done anything wrong against You or Divine or Oh God almighty please forgive Me”. This is for your own satisfaction. But you don’t feel guilty. 

Now take your hand out and stretch it nicely. Stretch it nicely and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood and press it hard and move it slowly your scalp please, for seven times. Now again I can’t take away your freedom. Here you have to ask for your Realization otherwise it can’t work out. So please say seven times “Mother please give me my Self Realization”. 

[Shri Mataji blowing into the microphone].

Now please take down your hand. Slowly put both the hands towards Me and try to open your eyes slowly. Now you watch Me without thinking, you can do it. Just watch Me without thinking. 

Now put your right hand towards Me like this and left hand on top of your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. You can bend your head a little is better. Bend your head a little you can see here if there is a cool breeze is emerging out. There can be hot but afterwards it becomes cool. Now put your left hand towards Me. Put your right hand on top of your head please. Now please feel with your right hand maybe little higher some people might feel little higher those who came yesterday who got Realization might feel it higher. Now just see if you are feeling the cool breeze coming out of the fontanelle bone area. Now put your right hand towards me again, now see with the left hand now bend your head again and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. 

Now push back your hands and head backwards and here you have to ask a question to Me, “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost”?, “ Is this the all pervading Power of a God of His love”?, “Is this the Brahma Shakti”? Ask anyone of these questions three times. Now bring down your hands. Now see in your hands. Little heat is there but doesn’t matter. Don’t be doubtful. You can feel it this way also in the hand. It’s all over. But first the sensitivity is only on the finger tips for some people, for some people it is only here depending on whatever chakras are perfectly all right. Now better. All right. 

Now those who have felt the cool breeze out of their heads and on their fingertips anywhere, please raise your both the hands. Let’s see what’s the matter today. It’s good. Most of you have felt it. Now let us see those who have not felt it. Because they can be helped very easily, can be helped very easily. Good not many. 

Can you come down here we just see. One minute, just come one minute. You can sit down here. It’s very simple and we tell the people who have got it how to do it. It’s a simple thing. Just make a line. It’s very simple. It is nothing to maybe that you have come for first time today, is it so? You came yesterday no. You came yesterday. Who else came yesterday. Oh God. All right. Let see, let see. It’s simple. Now Those who want to try now can come forward the new people. Let’s see. Yes, yes just see how you got your Powers let see. Come along. Come along. Come along. Come along. Yes. Yes. We will teach you. 

[ Shri Mataji working on seekers continued…].