Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Destiny is the glory of God

Betty Hubble's House, Houston (United States)

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Talk to New Sahaja Yogis, USA, Houston, 1986-0601

Sahaja Yogi: And the various movements that we do, what you do by knotting is to actually lock it in. This agitation (?) is to strengthen the meshing of your individual connection to the all-pervading Atma and the knot is symbolic of the final tying after that agitation, which you’ve done by the, by the twisting. Why we’re doing this is because we’re agitating the Kundalini and we continue that agitation, and then we give it a knot, to lock it in, to tie it in to the all-pervading spirit. It’s on the contrary, it makes it more secure. It doesn’t in any way weaken the connection. Alright, can you see, you probably can’t see here.
I want to talk to all the Sahaja Yogis this morning as well as the new people who’ve come about something which Shri Mataji has explained to us fairly recently and which many people here in America generally don’t know about. So perhaps if you could just be in a place where you could see, even if you have to stand, I’ll explain something. People at the back, if they could just, right in the back, if they could just stand so that you can see on the chart. Mother, as you know, has explained to us the area, which is the super ego, the area, which is the ego and through the center, the area which takes us into what we call the super consciousness. Super consciousness, supra consciousness and the subconscious. Now, at the risk of boring some of the oldest Sahaja Yogis, I’ll just explain again what that means because I want to come to a fourth system, which you don’t know about, but which has been explained by Mother.
As a result of our desire, power, our left side is given expression; our desire, our emotions and so therefore our past. What we feel, what we emote (?) and the various things that we, by our conditioning, put in the subconscious, we create through this left side, a subconscious mind, a mind which is filled with past conditionings. Conditionings which govern what we do today. The patterns of the past condition what we do today. And this is achieved by the left by the right brain, having crossed over at this point behind the Agnya chakra. This is our personal subconscious. This is our personal super ego, our own. But if we become too much involved in the emotional way of life, we enter a new realm, which is the collective subconscious, not only our own, but the whole area of subconscious, which is made up of dead matter; dead matter of various kinds, be it dead matter of souls that have not reincarnated and it’s a whole area of confusion and rather bizarre conditions.
The collective subconscious we enter if we go to extremes of emotion. And so we speak of it is being the sort of person who gets very depressed and goes to the point of starting to have all sorts of strange feelings way beyond their own personal expressions of their own feelings. I won’t elaborate on this, because I think you know what I mean and I don’t need to explain very much more about this.
On the right-hand side, we have, this channel, which gives us our ego, which gives us what we call the supra-conscious. It gives us our pre-conscious mind. It gives us our capacity to meditate, and to think and to project and to analyse and to be a little futuristic about what has to be done. It gives us our capacity to apply our mental and our physical being and putting it into action. This is the hand of action but how does it become action? Because I think, I do, therefore I am. Okay, so this is the part of our being which gives us that faculty. This is the part of our being which gives us our emotions and these emotions and these egotistical projections are the two elements in which we’ve been operating for so many births, for so many births, and we’ve either been tending towards one or the other, or we’ve been oscillating between the two. But over our many, many births, we’ve gradually come towards the centre ready for the ascent through this channel, which is a potential space which is not yet open, and so as seekers, we’ve moved more towards the center.
So instead of going away from our personal subconscious and our personal supra-conscious into the collective subconscious and the collective supra-conscious, we have come the other way. Do you follow? We’ve become more centered. We’ve become more people who are primed and ready for our ascent. That’s why, we’re seekers, because over our birth we’ve been living in one or the other extreme, but less and less and less and less as we progress. Now, as seekers, we passed through the center, and we achieved what is our super consciousness. I mean, they’re words but you know what I’m getting at. It’s a new state of awareness in which you become in the charge of your spirit. You become under the guidance and the control of the master, who is your own personal Atma, your spirit, which has been residing in the heart until now, in reflection then which now becomes the master here, as that super consciousness, it is the unconscious, if you like. It is the all-pervading knowledge of God, it’s the all-pervading love of God, it’s the energy to which we’ve become connected. Now, those three systems we understand and we clear about. But there is a fourth system, and the fourth system is the system of the conscious mind, the conscious mind or the consciousness. Now, all that we’ve achieved thus far, through our ego and through our super ego before realization, is the state of consciousness that we are at. And it is related to the Agnya chakra. It is like a formation that has gradually built up around this chakra. And which gives us our brain power. Our capacity to do this and our capacity to do this in human terms and it’s related to our brain. Our brain being tied into if you like the Agnya chakra. That is the conscious mind up until Self-realization. So it’s an accretion of all that we’ve achieved thus far as a result of the good and positive aspect of our ego and our super ego because it’s not all bad that we achieved through our ego and super ego, in fact some of it has led to a higher and higher state of awareness but unfortunately we’ve also misused our ego and our superego. We’ve used our ego to dominate others. We’ve used our ego to always be futuristic, to project to analyse, to pre-plan everything, to, in other words deny the spontaneity of life itself. We’ve used our super ego to go too much into the emotion to always go on feelings and emotions too much and leaning on that side of our nature and so our consciousness unfortunately gets squeezed, gets compressed, gets relatively underused because of these two balloons that often blow up much bigger than this, these two balloons often get much bigger than they’re represented here. You talk about an egotistical person, maybe this huge balloon will be enormous and will swell out and puff out like a balloon. The super ego does the same, it puffs out and blows up way beyond even the limitations that was shown in the diagram. This means that the poor little conscious mind as such is getting squeezed into a small little space and cannot express all the goodness and all the greatness that we are, up to this point. And so we are a little victim if you like of the ego on the super ego. We are at the mercy of these two pressures depending on which one is biggest, so do the conscious mind gets distorted this way or that way or maybe it gets distorted both ways and compressed. Now, after self-realization this conscious mind gets liberated, gets released, because you remember what we said yesterday, when the Kundalini rises to the Sahasrara chakra, two things happens. First of all, it passes Agnya chakra and the two institutions of ego and super ego gets sucked in. You remember we said this, they get absorbed and all the aspect of ego which we have been using thus far get absorbed and it allows this conscious mind to blossom and to go back and occupy its proper place so that our conscious mind itself all that we’ve achieved thus far in our evolution can start to manifest and function our brain power, our sensory system, our deftness with our fingers our capacity to write great poetry, whatever it might be, starts to expand. And this is the beauty of self realization because instead of the conscious mind being controlled from here now after self realization it is now under the blessing and the guidance of the Sahasrara chakra which is the place of the spirit. So this conscious mind starts to blossom as if like a little bud tightly closed at first compressed by these two pressures above but when these two pressures above get released and sucked in the flower itself starts opening and the conscious mind expands to its true capacity which we have achieved thus far in our evolution. Our pure intelligence starts to manifest, our greatness starts to show itself and what happens is that not only do these two institutions deflate and not only does the conscious mind which is really the brain start to expand to its real potential, but the down flow of the grace and the vibrations, the down flow of the divine power, the down flow of the all-pervading power of God starts to enlighten every cell of the brain, starts to give light in the very cell itself, so that not only does it become less under pressure, but it becomes an enlightened, aware, active group of molecules which start functioning in a far better way which is enlightenment. Enlightenment, you start to see things clearly, you start to understand the whole process of what the Divine is all about, how and what your destiny is, how things are working out for you. You start to know on your fingertips what’s going on in your whole system. You start to write poetry, sing songs, you start to become great scientists, you make great discoveries, you become a peaceful person, and so this whole conscious mind expands because now it’s completely under the control of the cell structure. These two institutions are no longer cumbersome pressures sitting on top of this beautiful thing. And secondly, the down flow of the grace into the brain itself starts to expand and you find the things that you never even knew that you could do, you start to become a very beautiful person. And that is your birth right, that is what you’ve achieved, that is where you are in your evolution. It’s been hiding, it’s been compressed, it’s been concealed. You understand the point? And so, after realization, this third system, fourth system of the conscious mind starts to manifest, and so ego and super ego become unimportant. What becomes important is the consciousness itself, and so the enlightened awareness becomes the beauty of what you are. So you now have a fourth system, which in you new people, has just been awakened, and you can look forward to its expansive force. The existing surgeries may be wondering why it is, why it is that I suddenly can write poetry? Why it is that I can use my voice better? Why it is that I can understand mathematics much more clearly? Why it is I can use my hands in a much more deft way? Why it is in other words, that my brain power and its expression of consciousness becomes far more adroit? Because of this state of enlightenment, of the fourth system, which is the system of the conscious mind. Okay? Any questions? Even from the other Sahaja Yogis? I just wanted to put this little bit in because you people haven’t heard this story from Mother yet. Okay> Any questions from anybody at all? Yes?

Sahaja Yogi in Audience: The superego and ego are they, are they, basically planted in the biological brain and the brain matter? As part of that, and then that part, does the intelligence then takes a more rightful place in the brain matter as enlightenment increases (?)

Sahaja Yogi: I must plead ignorance of words like imprinted and so on because I know little or nothing about computer science or anything else. All I know is that these are two God given instruments which were there for a purpose. First of all to perceive the desire power then having achieved that desire power in its rudimentary than it’s more refined sense in its higher emotional sense then the ego came at a later stage in evolution after man lost this posterior lobe and started developed the frontal lobe the ego started developing to perceive rationally that there must be something beyond and those institutions of ego and super ego had a divine purpose. But you can’t open up the brain and sort of surgically remove the ego, there is no such thing but ego is something which relates to the left brain activity but when it swells up, it’s not only left brain just as contained in this rather limited chart. It is the left brain but it’s swelling starts coming out this way in other words, it doesn’t swell out that way, it swells forward and starts to give you like a big bulbous yellow balloon if you like, at the front and similarly the super ego doesn’t swell out that way, it swells to a point and then posteriorly backwards. And if you’re in a very, very depressed mood or if you’re in a very, very extremely low mood, this super ego starts to swell at the back. Both are institutions, which, after realization, gradually cease in importance and the conscious mind starts to blossom and the whole thing changes in its character because then the conscious mind is under the guidance and control of the Atma. Yes?

Sahaja Yogi in Audience: This conscious mind has got any connection with any of the other related chakras like Swadishthan, Heart or Vishuddhi?

Sahaja Yogi: At first, at first, it’s related to, as I said, Agnya before Realisation. It’s as if it hangs off the Agnya, because this is not open. But then, whence this is open and the Chaitanya starts coming down, it’s relationship leaves Agnya and in the limbic area of the brain itself, which is a higher point of consciousness, the control starts from there. So it shifts from here to here. But yes, it is controlled from there at first. But after Realization, this is the control point. Yes, let’s not make this into a big seminar. I just wanted to make the point for the older Sahaja Yogis because they hadn’t heard this new knowledge that Shri Mataji has been given. Any questions at all? From the newer people? Let’s come back to something a little more simple. Anything else? Yes?

Sahaja Yogi in Audience: How do you explain the Kundalini (Inaudible)…

Sahaja Yogi: How it absorbs? I don’t know how it absorbs. All I know is that mine got absorbed and thousands of others got absorbed just buy some automatic process of sucking. (Did you want me?)

Sahaja Yogi in Audience: (Inaudible question) I mean through Agnya chakra?

Sahaja Yogi: No, consciousness doesn’t expand through Agyna chakra. It is the focal point off the consciousness before realization. It expands as the result of Sahasrara.

Sahaja Yogi in Audience: (Inaudible question)

Sahaja Yogi: This is the lower state. This is just your limited brain, dominated principally by ego and super ego before realization. But after realization, after the Kundalini passes Agnya and goes through Sahasrara, it’s totally under the command of Atma progressively and the down flow of the grace purifies, enlightens and expands the space, ego and super ego by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ himself acting within you, gets sucked in. See, what I said yesterday He died for our sins. Our sins are here. Our karmas are here. These were the things that were before, these are the things that had yet to come before our realization after Christ. Remember how I explained it yesterday, these are the things that had yet to come, these are the things that had already bean. But sins, if you like and wrongdoings and things that were accretions of no use at all. But Christ died for those. And so if He died for them He sucks them in and absorbs them. That was His function. That was why He came, to absorb the ego and the super ego so that man could enter into the Kingdom of God, and so expand the space, and so join with this universal consciousness which is the Kingdom of God. Yes? I hope we’re coming down to nice, low levels.

Sahaja Yogini in Audience: I have two questions that are tied together. First one is that (Inaudible)… Is the knowledge we can repeat collectively?

Sahaja Yogi: No, no. Destiny is limitless. Limitlessness, not specific, not a certain narrow little pathway that was pre-ordained for you. Destiny is the glory of God. Destiny is the total, expansive, limitless glory of complete God’s Realization. That is your destiny, not some little path where you had to become a nun in Africa. And if you didn’t become a nun in Africa, then you weren’t following your destiny. Destiny, in the sense in which I’m using it, is that glorious condition where you move from Self-realization, which is here, which is what we’re moving into now and achieving day by day fully because at first, we don’t achieve it fully. We are like little children, as I said in the kindergarten, and we grow up. But ultimately, from this point, we move higher and higher and that’s our destiny into the limitlessness, not the limited little narrow path, which we’ve all preconceived, was my destiny. You know, I was meant to be a social worker, but actually, I’m a dreary housewife, you know, like that it’s, sort of not quite like that at all. After self-realization, it’s just like that, it just is an exponential opening to the limitlessness of creation itself and you start to imbibe all the glory of that limitlessness. Okay, that’s the destiny. Yes?

Sahaja Yogini in Audience: (Inaudible question)

Sahaja Yogi: Yeah it’s an accretion over many times because when we die we take with us our ego and super ego which is the collecting point if you like of all our past in all our projections. So our spirit, our Kundalini, our Chakras and our ego and super ego go with us and it’s called the soul then it takes another birth in another body and so you bring with it certain of the accretions of the past but be clear cut when you get your realization and when the Kundalini rises to here, all those sins and all those accretions get forgiven because you enter into the Kingdom of God. The two substances if you like of these two institutions get dissolved and absorbed and the whole thing works out in a very beautiful way because if you have to enter into the Kingdom of God, you don’t take with you things which are impure because if you enter a new dimension you leave behind all those conditionings and all those thinking’s and planning’s and organizing which were useless and you just take with you that which is good. See in India it’s a little different, they speak of conditioning which are good and conditionings which are bad. In other words general conditionings or conditionings which are specifically for your good. Now in the tradition of great religions, religion gives us the good conditioning but what we’ve done is we’ve ignored basically the limitations and the boundaries and the commandments if you like and put in any conditioning we like. Now, they all have to be sifted out so after Realization your useless or bad conditionings get thrown out as hot air but it leaves behind the good conditionings because good conditionings are good conditioning. I mean for example there are so many things which we do in the west which are a little strange to people in the east generally. For example, but even just putting your feet out like that towards somebody in the east is considered one of the most offensive things. We don’t know that, we don’t know it, so we’re innocent and we’re, we don’t, we don’t get worried about it. We don’t get worried about it but to an Eastern person that is just something that’s, that’s there, you know it’s not important but it’s one of those little conditionings that we don’t know about but which to us to the older, more established traditional societies is something which is never done. But I did it, we’ve all done it and it’s something that we gradually learn but don’t feel bad about it because you know we’ve all done it. Good conditionings are things that are injected through tradition, through the great boundaries, if you like of the great religions through what are called the maryadis or the boundaries of life themselves the good conditionings of mother, father, grandparents and the integrated family group. All of these tremendous things that have affected the progress of great societies, or, equally, the downfall of the weaker societies. Okay, any other questions?

Sahaja Yogini in audience: There are times when I am speaking to a spiritual or a spiritual message will come through for me and this point here gets very (agitated?) even to the point I have to put my hand up here, you know it’s just…

Sahaja Yogi: Yeah that’s because probably something is troubling you at that time. Who knows what it is but it shouldn’t happen if you are speaking like yesterday when I was talking to you in the hall, it wasn’t me that was talking and nothing was disturbing me. I wasn’t actually speaking in a way. Nothing was disturbing me here or here or here or anywhere. Doesn’t often happen, but it happened yesterday and when it does disturb you, it means that not you, but something troubling you in that chakra is irritating, annoying or trying to interfere with the beautiful expression that you’re feeling at that time. It actually comes from this region here. I’ll be very frank with you, it comes from this region here in your consciousness which is the left Swadishthan. This is the place in which we have the quality within us of pure knowledge, pure knowledge of the technique and the divine aspects of knowledge of God itself. Now, if we’re in any way troubled by spirits of the dead, if we’re in any way troubled by thoughts coming from outside of our own consciousness, it’s here that it starts to influence us. It can travel up and it can start to confuse us in the back of the head here and give us wrong thoughts and ideas which are relatively useless or troubling. Now it does happen, it does happen if people have had all sorts of funny initiations by some of these funny people that don’t really know anything about the Divine. Or it happens if we’re perhaps too much attached to a relative whose died. Or that relative whose died is too much attached to us and they come in and trouble us from time to time. If people become media mystic and want to be host to something which is dead so that it can give them impressions of the past or the future. In other words, if they become media mystic, clairvoyant or anything, these things are anti-God auntie, anti-ascent, and they trouble us. They really give us irritation in the chakras. You start to feel your chakras burning. This finger will burn sometimes if you’re troubled from time to time. This chakra will burn. Because people get affected by the environment. By the condition that this society in this world finds itself in today where everything is upside down. Souls that have died don’t automatically take their rebirth. They hang around, they don’t understand, they’re confused. They’re busybodies, they’re trying to trouble the dead or they too much attached or spiritually anxious to cling on to the people that are living, equally the people living hang on to the people who are dead and so that becomes a confused condition and we have to understand that that confused condition is not to be tolerated and we as Sahaja Yogis have to throw it away. That’s why when this lady was asking me about a photograph of somebody who’s dead, there’s nothing wrong in respecting the dead but not being attached because if you’re attached either your magnetic pull or the magnet magnetism of that soul after death towards you can trouble your center heart and can give you all sorts of wrong irrational thoughts, disturbing thoughts, give you dream states which are a little troublesome, these sorts of things. Now you just simply have the power to put your hand on your heart and raise your Kundalini and the whole thing disappears. By putting your attention to Spirit, all these things disappear you don’t put attention to them but in the West, we have to understand something that we don’t know. Bhaskar will probably be amazed that we don’t know all this because to them they grow up as little children knowing that there is another world which is troublesome, but we don’t. But when we get to know a Sahaja Yogis, you just have the power now to throw it out, throw it up, clear it out, feel the vibrations. And when the vibrations are there, none of this nonsense can trouble you at all.

Sahaja Yogini in audience: Does that mean I have (?)

Sahaja Yogi: I don’t think so. I don’t think so, but it probably means at that moment you get troubled by something from the outside. It just temporally troubles you at that time. That’s all. It’s a temporary thing, in most people. Some people are possessed, some people are obsessed but it’s very rare. Okay? It’s not such a problem, but at the time when you are feeling the Divine expression of what you are, these troublesome entities can annoy you, can give you irritation, that’s what I’m saying. Okay?

Sahaja Yogi in audience: Does it amount to the Divine (?)

Sahaja Yogi: Yeah, there’s a big war on. There’s a battle going on. That’s why I say everything’s upside down today. There’s a war going on in the world and the forces of evil are definitely there. But these spirits are not usually evil, they just troublesome, annoying. Okay?

Sahaja Yogi in audience: What about the people who are chanting… (?)

Sahaja Yogi: Useless people, absolutely useless people. They’re possessed people. I’ll be blunt with you. Lamsnag (?) rampo (?), third eye business is a load of nonsense. The third eye, it’s the name of his book. It’s just, it’s sheer spirit possession, nothing else. Forgive us. We have to talk about these things because these are books that people read, these are things that are there and they’ve been influenced by them and it’s something that we have to face. So many books are written which give the impression of Divine knowledge. At best we can say these people are mediums. At worst we can say that they’re troublemakers and creating confusion and problems in our minds. We have to be connected to the Divine energy, not to the nether regions of all sorts of nonsense. To be possessed is a disadvantage, it’s anti-ascent. To be a medium is anti-ascent, to be clairvoyant is anti-ascent. To be any of these things, to have a spirit that can work through us to do healing is anti-ascent because that’s not us. It’s not our power. It is the power of something working through us over which we’re got little or no control so we don’t know whether it’s doing good or bad. Outwardly it appears to be doing something good but actually it’s empty ascent so when we get our realization, all these influences just get thrown out and you feel heat on your hands sometimes and that’s an indication, I had better clear this out in whichever chakra it might be and you raise your Kundalini, tie it up, sit in meditation, you feel better after it’s all over and you start to feel the cool and everything starts to work. You’ll understand these things as you go but in America more than anywhere, this knowledge, this, it’s not a Suri Vidya (?) but it’s this middle region of confusion and media mystic tendencies is everywhere, everywhere. Ii mean even people in respectable communities are going along to people like Rajneesh and getting their red clothes on and dancing nude and doing all sorts of horrible things. Perfectly sane people, so where are we? Our brains have gone upside down because we fall for these traps because we are souls have become confused. This consciousness is so compressed by these two hemispheres and the nonsense that’s gone into it that we can’t even make sensible decisions. I’m such a person before my Realization, I was in that condition, I was doing healing, I was doing this, I was doing that, a hundred and one things. Very successful my ego thought it was wonderful it was having a ball but my poor spirit was so compressed, my body started to collapse. I had heart attacks. I had this, I had that. I was a sicker person than my patients but after realization, I’m well and I don’t get this confusion. I don’t do any of these things. All I do is I just simply share the blessing that Mother has given me, that’s all. And that’s what you can do and you don’t have to read any books, you don’t have to, just keep this beautiful funnel open, keep this funnell open because when that happens, the grace comes down and just rewards you with all the Divine knowledge. So if I’ve been a little bit blunt about some of these practices rather early, better that I do it now perhaps then leave it gently until later. Yes?

Sahaja Yogi in audience: What about continuing the spiritual characteristics that I was brought up with? (?)

Sahaja Yogi: No problem. There’s no conflict. There’s no conflict. If it was, what was good, was good. What was good, was good. You’ll find that Sahaja Yoga has no conflict with these things. You see, what was bringing you to the point of balance and preparing you for the ascent, you don’t throw it in the sea. You respect it, and you start to see it for what it was, something beneficial in bringing you to this point. What you do with it now is entirely a matter for you, but it’s in no way in conflict, it’s in no way in conflict. But if you enjoy the blessings of your spirit, if you enjoy the kingdom of God, if you enjoy achieving what the priests and your teachers told you, you had to achieve, then you will be so grateful. And you just enjoy that new state of awareness. But there’s no conflict.

Sahaja Yogi in audience: There was some amount of negativity I can feel (?)

Sahaja Yogi: These are little intrusions into the teachings of the church. I mean, the church is an institution. Let’s face it. The church is an institution which was never really intended by God as an institution. It was meant to be a temple within us. So we as human beings busily institutionalized it but doesn’t matter. Essentially what the church has given us has been good. There have been some wrong inputs as Mother has talked very frankly about before because we’re human and we’ve injected all sorts of human qualities into Divine revelation. But whatever it might be, we don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We just simply know that in this new state of awareness, we respect that which brought us to the point just because the Mohammed’s are going crazy today doesn’t mean that Mohammed was wrong. Just because the Christians are doing stupid things doesn’t mean that that Christ was wrong. Christianity and Christ are two different things if you look at it sort of broadly, but there is some essential features which have been very valuable in bringing you into the center, ready for this ascent, ready for the fulfilment of what was promised by that religion and by every other religion. So we should never be disrespectful, ever, it’s very important. Yeah.

Sahaja Yogini in audience: I actually have two questions. What about practice of Reiki? Are you familiar with them?

Sahaja Yogi: Yeah, I am. I’m familiar with most therapies because I was involved with most of them and they did me a lot of harm.

Sahaja Yogini in audience: …(?) I mean (?)

Sahaja Yogi: Look today I don’t want to get onto the pros and cons of different therapies. I’ll tell you, very frankly, Reiki in therapy contrary to releasing emotional energy, get you possessed. I’ll put it very bluntly to you. By these kneading and shovelling and pushing and…

Sahaja Yogini in audience: Actually, there isn’t.

Sahaja Yogi: You’re talking about Reikian therapy?

Sahaja Yogini in audience: Reiki.

Sahaja Yogi: Oh, I don’t know what that is. Sorry, that’s one I don’t know, I beg your pardon, but right, let me finish with Reikian therapy. Reikian therapy is suppos to be releasing negativity in your emotions so that you get back to your original self. It’s, a sort of different form of re-birthing, which is equally nonsense. You see, all of these things are going against your Atma, going against your ascent. The only way that you can achieve your ascent is by the Divine blessing you with achieving your spirit, not by techniques, not by effort, not by all of these things. Even Shri Krishna said that five thousand years ago, Christ said it again. Okay? What was your other question, sorry?

Sahaja Yogini in audience: Prior to the Saturday, I can’t remember (?), Mother said that sex was fine within marriage. What about sex outside of marriage? What about sex which is not for the purpose of procreation?

Sahaja Yogi: Well, the first one is obvious by what Mother said, I don’t have to answer that. Just casual sex outside of marriage is to be taken out of the books, because this is what humans have done with justifications for lust and sexuality, and so on. The second one relates to sex which is other than for procreation – you will know as a realized soul, you will know as a realized soul, when and when not to have. It’s as simple is that, if within marriage, you will know. And there’s absolutely no, you know, hard and fast rule. You in your state of awareness at this particular time. Today, maybe not the same as tomorrow but you will know what to do at that time. Whether it is lust or whether it is pure, whether it is for the purpose of procreation or whether it’s not, you will know. It’s your awareness which will tell you. There’s nothing I can tell you or Mother will tell you but the other one is obvious. Sex, the sacred act of within, the sacred state of marriage, the act of sex is to be enjoyed, but within marriage. Okay?

Sahaja Yogini in audience: Am I understanding to say that the state of the being is not to try put in your power but just to maintain and let everybody else maintain theirs. Clearly, you’re never try to use your power to do no harm to anyone else.

Sahaja Yogi: You, as you said, remain centred, establish your vibrations, become a more and more a whole person. And as you become a whole person, the sheer joy that you feel will want you to share it with others, and you will give realization to others. You let others heal themselves as you have healed yourself. But you won’t be healing. You’ll be giving realization and allowing that person to become his own, or her own Master and curing himself.

Sahaja Yogini in audience: There’s never (?)

Sahaja Yogi: No because you see this central channel is open now. Before when we did healing, we were closed here, so whatever you did as healing was not your power. It was the power of an entity using your body and secondly, you are not connected to the source, so you got sick and let’s face it most people who do healing get sick. Absolutely common so after realization you don’t do the healing. You heal yourself, you give others the realization. You let them heal themselves but not only heal themselves but developed their realization, grow become fully Self-realized souls. So we’re not on a missionary zeal. We’re not there as healers. We’re here to essentially become one with the self and to share that joy with others by giving realization, telling them about it, how to do it, what to do, what I’m doing, what you’ll be doing, what we’re all going to be involved in. So sharing the blessings because it’s a collective evolution. It’s a collective thing. It’s not something you keep to yourself. You don’t hide away in the Himalayas waiting for one little student to come to you. You give it freely to seekers, to seekers, to people who are seekers, not to sick people. You’re not there to heal the sick, you’re there to give realization to the people who are seekers. People who are genuinely expressing this pure desire to be one with God. The pure desire, no other desires. Just I want to be in that state of glory in the kingdom of God. You’ll feel that on your hands, you’ll feel it in your being. You’ll feel it as a flush of vibrations when you’re with somebody. And you know that person to be a seeker. But people who are sick, who are curious, who are wanting some ego trip or curiosity trip, you be discreet. As Christ said, don’t throw the pearls before swine. Be discreet and discretion is based upon the vibrations. A person may have many catches, many blockages, but equally, their desire may be very strong because we’re seekers get very damaged on the way because we do funny things. We go this way and that way, and we get twisted in the highways and byways of are seeking. So quite often, the seekers are quite badly damaged, but there Kundalini desire power is so tremendous and you feel that tremendous desire power and you say that’s a seeker out in out. And you’ll spend little time showing that person what to do, how to do this, how to do that, how to clear the chakras, and within a few days or weeks, you’ll find that, like you, they’re in a strong state of awareness. But that’s not to say you’re healing, that’s to say that you are sharing your blessings with somebody else through the love of God. But discretion, based upon the vibratory tree awareness that you’ve got. This vibratory awareness is important and you have to use it. We stopped using these two institutions, and we start using this, which is this. Okay?

Sahaja Yogini in audience: I don’t know, when it was, since Friday evening, I’ve been getting pain through here to the shoulder blade.

Sahaja Yogi: You’ve got a heart chakra catch. That’s all.

Sahaja Yogini in audience: I don’t know what it means.

Sahaja Yogi: Put your left hand there now. Just put your right hand there now and left hand to the photograph. Just put, just sit there like that for a few minutes and give it a little rub and maybe one of the Sahaja Yogis will work on you a little later. You’ve just got a little catch on the heart chakra, simple. And you’ll find miraculously that if you take the vibrations in through the left hand and out through, see it’s making you release it already. Just say: “Mother, I am the Spirit?” Just say it in your heart twelve times. “Mother, I am the Spirit?” Please be in my heart. “Mother, I am the Spirit? Please be in my heart.” See these things are so simple, just in five minutes the pain will go. We all get these little catches but you now know that you’re in a position to clear it because as the Kundalini rises, that’s an indication that She’s working, nourishing, fixing up a little problem because She’s giving you this little pressure as an indication. You don’t always get it on your fingers, sometimes you get it in the chakras. That’s the other way of discovering what the problem is. Maybe you worked too hard in your life. Maybe even a very hard worker and maybe that left heart catch is an indication that your poor old right side is overdone it on so it’s now reaching across and taking the energy from the left-hand side. In other words, you have run out of steam here, so you’re dragging the energy from the left heart. That’s very common, especially on hard working, hard thinking people that have had a hard life. It happens. Getting better? Okay. It’s miraculous, it’s miraculous, so you don’t believe it. You just jolly well, experience it and say, ok, Mother, all my brains that have thought of this and that idea, I’m going to think, shut up. I’m just going to do it and clear myself about it. I’ve had three cardiac infarctions. I was paralyzed. I told you, there’s, not a sign of those cardiac infarctions on the electrocardiograph that is written to though (?), that is taken today. Not a sign yet five or six years ago, before my realization, there were massive scars and massive problems. So, it works. It just works. How it works, well, God knows.

Sahaja Yogini in audience: I goes across my mind. You know inside there’s been this awareness as a child. (?)

Sahaja Yogi: You’re a seeker, that’s why. You’re a seeker, you’re in the centre, just ready for your ascent. Now the knowledge gets revealed. See, Christ said, I will send you a counsellor, a comforter, a redeemer. Now your redemption has happened. That’s this. The comforting is happening. The pain, the suffering, the mental torture is being taken away, and the frustration and the counselling is the knowledge, which hand where, how, how it works. Any other questions? Okay, let’s have a little meditation. This time, we don’t have to do more than what we did with Shri Mataji before of putting our hand on the various chakras.

[49:20 Cut in the video. SHRI MATAJI STARTS HER TALK ]

Shri Mataji: Problems are endless, isn’t it? Please be seated. Thank you. How are you? Better now? Better? Better? May God bless you. So you all have been enjoying each other here? So what have you been telling them? Ka sangha to? Introduction.

Sahaja Yogi: They’ve all had a nice meditation Shri Mataji. I think most of them are feeling it. They asked a few questions this morning, I tried to answer but I’m sure You (?). Perhaps you would like to ask Mother some questions.

Shri Mataji: Yes, better ask, it’s better. Because I don’t know what to say. Because I don’t know what you want to know. So better to ask me direct.

Sahaja Yogi: They’re all thoughtless.

Shri Mataji: She has, you have some problems? You, I’m asking.

Sahaja Yogini in audience: The fontanel bone … Kundalini is burning (?)

Sahaja Yogi: The Kundalini when it rises can be quite fiery and dangerous. It’s written in books and things.

Shri Mataji: Oh yeah, all nonsense. It’s all nonsense, you know I tell you this is the trouble is that supposing again a villager comes in and he puts his fingers in the switch you see, plug and says I get a shock from electricity, no light. What will you say? That you have no knowledge about it. ,In the same way, those people who felt the fire and all that have been the people who led a very bad live themselves and they use sex to awaken the Kundalini. Now, as you have seen in the chart, you can see clearly there, that the Kundalini is above the Mooladhara chakra. That is a very significant point. It is above the Mooladhara chakra, means when it is awakened, it doesn’t pass through the Mooladhara which looks after the sex. So sex does not play a part in the Kundalini awakening. On the contrary, when the Kundalini is awakened, the sex sleeps off. You become like a child, innocent and then it rises. So, these people tried to excite the sex to raise the Kundalini so there is Shri Ganesha sitting there you see, He gets angry and that’s how you get this fire. I told you the other day how people have such problems. There was one fellow who felt that lots of bees have bitten him but another one I knew who had a blister all round like, all round in his neck, like a garland. So these are the people who do not know what to be done and they just, what we call it, Anadikar Chertya (?) means unauthorized behaviour. But as a mother, I give them, a sort of chance, benefit of doubt about that, as a mother. I think that they must have tried to, see the chakras. You can do it, supposing you go jump on to your sympathetic, you can jump on to your sympathetic. If you try very hard, you see, you go to the right or to the left, you jump on the sympathetic nervous system. Then what happens if you are on the sympathetic nervous system, say this is nice three flowers that can give you an example now put it this way. So what happens that when you jump on the sympathetic that is this one or this one, all right, this gets, this has a connection with this, like that, see the connection moves the path is like that, you see, can you see my hand going around this flower, this flower. All right? So what happens when you move towards this side, you can move around these centres on go back and they can see the centre, but while you have got your realization passing through the centre. You don’t see, you didn’t see any centre or anything. They see because they’re from outside. Say, if you want to see this house, but you have to go out to see the house isn’t it? Like that. So they, what happens, that they come round like that and go around like that. So while going around the Mooladhara chakra, they tried on Mooladhara. On Mooladhara chakra, they must have seen, the…

Have you seen Ganesha? Have you seen Ganesha or not? He… (Marathi words…?)   You haven’t got any Ganesha here?

[Some Sahaja Yogini tries to find one.]

So the whole story will know about Ganesha, how Ganesha was created as an eternal child, and now he has a trunk, see, and that trunk they must have seen and felt that this is the Kundalini, you see? So they must have fixed the idea, I’m giving a benefit of doubt of myself, just not to curse them permanently. You cannot use sex for your awakening. So they tried doing this sex business, let us excite the sex and Kundalini will rise. How can it be? This is why when you try to do all these wrong things, you get the heat and that’s why they say it’s a fire, it is not. This is all very recent. You’ll be surprised these books are written only, about at the most sixty to seventy years back. But if you see our ancient books, no where, not very ancient also, Gyaneshwarans, (Marathi words?). 18th century we had Gynaneshwara. We had Kabir dasa about 300 years back? 300 years back Kabir Das. They never wrote anything. This is all recent, because this stupidity came from somewhere that you excite sex. The sex business started only recently, isn’t it? And since then they started saying, if you excite the sex, you get your realisation. Imagine. Sex plays no part. You can see it clearly there.

Sahaja Yogi in audience: Mother, somebody in the room, I won’t name the person, but since their seeking has gotten stronger, the relationship with the husband has gone down to the point now where it is not good. And secondly, the sexual communication is absolutely finished.

Shri Mataji: How can that be that? That’s not possible. That means in a wrong way you’re going and I’ll say it again, we’ll use the same. Good idea, three flowers. So these are our three channels, all right? Now, what happens that when you start seeking, how do you seek? Through your mind? There’s no other way out. You have no Kundalini awakening, nothing. I mean, the real path is through Kundalini awakening, your attention goes up. So what you do, you take your attention like this you see, it is here, spread out. Now when the Kundalini rises, She pushes up like that on pierces through. And then, the collective consciousness and all these qualities penetrate and that’s how you get your attention completely covered with these qualities. Otherwise, what you do is to either move to the left or to the right, so this attention goes to the left or to the right. You cannot do otherwise. You cannot go up because the path is off Kundalini.

[A Sahaja Yogini gives a photo to Shri Mataji of the Ashtavinayaka, the “eight Ganeshas” swayambhus in Maharashtra]

These are the Ganeshas which have come out of Mother Earth in India, you see? And that, they give vibrations. That’s how you make it out. In the Bible, it is written that whatever is created by the Heavens, that is the incarnations, and whatever is created by the Mother Earth should not be reproduced and worshipped. But we miss the point. We don’t want to see what is produced by Mother Earth. There must be something.
So many things, and the Realised souls, when they make some statues, that, they also emit vibrations. They also emit vibrations.
I don’t know about America but in America also, I may be able to find out places. But in France, this place, Notre Dame, the Mary’s statue gives vibrations. Notre Dame gives vibrations. Stonehedge gives vibrations. So many places give vibrations but unless and until you are a Realised soul, you cannot make it out isn’t it now?

So what I was saying that when you go to the extremes on this side or this side, now if you go to the extremes on the right side, what happens that you become right-sided person.
First, your liver goes out, then you get your heat, then you become a dry person, then you go with it more and more especially if you do Hatha yoga and all that, you go to the right side much more. Then by going to the right side much more, it has physical effects also or it has also emotional effect and the emotional effect is that you become very dry, very dry person. So dry that you become of course very dominating, very angry person, very hot-tempered, no doubt, plus you become a dry person. So, as a result of that, your sex organs do not operate normally. One can become impotent.
Even if somebody has a very dominating wife, a man can become impotent. It has emotional, we can say the feelings are necessary for sex life. It’s not mechanical. It’s not mechanical. Now, what happens that when people are possessed, then they, they’re not aware of it. It becomes mechanical because they get possessed, like rapists and all these people are possessed people. They are possessed. So this right-side movement gives you this problem, but if you’re left-sided, then you start indulging into too much and going into it and then you start, a sort of all of the time pining for it, asking for it and also whatever the other party may do to you, but still you feel you are not adequate. You haven’t received your love from your husband, and you start feeling all the time in what you call a separation mood.

That also happens, and you will become hysterical, start crying for not understanding. So if you are too much in, say, in a way, in a seeking, where you become a devotional personality, then what happens such devotional people, they are all the time, they are crying. Those who are seeking in the other way that reading too much about it and sacrificing this and sacrificing this, and then also saying I’m detached and detached and all that nonsense, you see. You really get detach from your emotions. There’s no balance.
Even a person who’s running on the streets, I find all of them, you see, running all the time, what you call them? Jogging. If you overdo it, they may become the same, very dry, very dry. Those who pay too much attention to their physical fitness become very dry people. A questionion of an imbalance personality.
Because seeking, you cannot do yourself, it is spontaneous happening, the fulfilment I mean. Seeking you can have but they go to extremes, you know, they do all kinds of things. I will not eat my food for ten days, and I will not do this… This is all not necessary. I know you are seekers, I know you are madly seeking. I know that. I know that. It happens when you are mad about seeking to do every sort of thing doesn’t matter, it’s all right to get your realisation. You are all right in the center, makes no difference. It happens but you’ll come around. Suddenly we will find you become so romantic with your husband.

Sahaja Yogi: In this case, the husband has lost the interest and creativeness has separated himself because he’s… (?)

Shri Mataji: Is he jogging? Jogging is also madness off seeking I think. It is a madness. In this country, America, such seekers are born, I tell you, such seekers. That’s why the first country I visited was America, you’ll be surprised. But nobody listened to me because they were on another trip of ego, you see. We must pay to the guru. We must buy the guru. This, that, and they couldn’t digest Me. This is too much for them. So they went to all kinds of trips.
So, I said all right, I’ll come later. As a result, we’ve lost lot of them, no doubt. Lot of them have lost. I know, but what to do, you have your freedom to do what you like. I can’t cross over your freedom. I cannot force you to do something, I cannot mesmerise you like the gurus did. It was like a guru shopping, I tell you, going on, regularly. Even in the society, which I move like, so called elite society, they talk like this. Have you been to this guru? He’s much cheaper, you know. Discount, discount is on and all that sort of things. But you are wise people, sensible people, now try to understand you cannot make market of God. You cannot pay for God. How can you pay? I mean, what will you pay? It’s a living process.

We have gone too far with it. We think we have to pay for everything, you see. So, we just can’t conceive an idea that you can get it without paying. And now you have become from amebae to this stage, how much did you pay for that? From monkey to this stage, did we pay anything? Or did we do anything? Just automatically there’s a force within us which has worked it out and that is going to work it out. Leave it to God, who has created us. It is His job, not our problem. It’s His problem. But the seeking is so great and competition as it is in England or in America is so much that you must compete. So in seeking also there’s competition.

And thirdly the worst part is this, which is the worst of all, you are born in a country, which is affluent as a reward of what good you did in your last life. But this country does not have the knowledge, the roots. So you are misled. If you had accepted a country like India, which is a poor country, things would have been all right. It was your choice. Where this knowledge is there it resides, not in the cities where the Gurus are existing to catch you say as soon as you go to the airport, they’ll catch hold of. I (?) was very angry with me when I told them against this parapsychology, very against me, you see. And now the whole foundation has gone down, and the people have become mad in San Diego.

So it was such a contrast and tried, I tried, but didn’t work out. So this dryness comes by thinking too much. You think too much. What are you thinking about? By thinking you receive nothing, you have to be thoughtless awareness, then only you will grow. You cannot sort out anything by thinking. By thinking, you can only move, move in a linear direction, like your science has moved up to what point? To create atomic bomb. Now atomic bomb has become a sort of big demon for them. Anything you do, go to extremes on one side linear, it’s not on all sides and it’s not integrated. But after realization, you see the integrated being within you. Then you don’t think. Let God think for us. Why should we think? He solves our problems. But if you don’t give him the problems, He will say go ahead, try yours. As simple as that, isn’t?

Sahaja Yogini in audience: I have a friend who has a severely schizophrenia son (?) and you mentioned yesterday, that in India, you can help them. Is there anything the mother could do? Or?
Shri Mataji: Yeah, uh, you see just now we have no place as such but we can help him, no doubt. I could arrange something. We have an Ashram near the Himalayas.
Sahaja Yogini in audience: This is in Canada.
Shri Mataji: He’s in Canada?
Sahaja Yogini in audience: The boy is in Canada.
Shri Mataji: What is his age?
Sahaja Yogini in audience: Thirty.
Shri Mataji: We could drive to Yogi Mahajan. All right?
Sahaja Yogi in audience: Would he respond by coming?
Sahaja Yogini in audience: Yes, I think he would. He is belligerent in certain things, but I don’t think he would be within.
Shri Mataji: Well, what is the symptom?
Sahaja Yogini in audience: Uh, he hears voices. He thinks people are trying to poison him. He keeps in his room, won’t come out. His mother puts his food outside the door and he brings it in.
Shri Mataji: Oh, that can be cured without much trouble. Have you got his photograph?
Sahaja Yogi in audience: Where in Canada is he? Mother’s going to Canada.
Sahaja Yogini in audience: Toronto. Well, he’s north of Toronto.
Shri Mataji: I’m going to Toronto. Now, please give me his photograph. May work with photograph.

Sahaja Yogi in audience: Mother is going to Toronto in July.
Shri Mataji: It is the same as we had done in Middlesborough (?). You see this newspaper people in Middlesborough came and asked me, “Supposing somebody cannot see you, Mother. So, what will you do?” I said, “What can’t she see me?” “Because she’s locked up herself in the room. She doesn’t come out. She’s so frightened.” I said, all right, bring me the photograph. And I said, you don’t go and see her for 8 days, let her alone.

But newspaper people as they are, you see, the next day, they went there to see her, and she had gone with her husband out for a walk on the muse (?). And they published it in the newspaper. That  was something good. They said, “The guru who really kept the promise.” They published about it, in the newspaper, they did. Thank God, at least that much sense they had. She’s perfectly all right. She’s written a nice letter to me. That’s very simple. I think, let me try with the photograph.
Sahaja Yogini in audience: All right.
Shri Mataji: All right. When will you bring the photograph?
Sahaja Yogini in audience: I don’t think I have one.
Shri Mataji:  Then can you send it to Warren? London Address?
Sahaja Yogini in audience: I will send it to Warren. I’ll get his mother to send.
Shri Mataji: That’s better. Toronto. Now, purna Torontola (?)
Sahaja Yogi in audience: Michael’s gone. But Mother’s going to Toronto in July.
Shri Mataji: But you can write to Michael also. Take his address also. Michael Knight’s. All right? It’s very simple. Works out. It’s a possession. It’s a possession.
Sahaja Yogini in audience: Is it? Is retardation anything in the same area? I have a son who’s retarded, who can’t… (?)
Shri Mataji: What is the age?
Sahaja Yogini in audience: He’s 32.
Shri Mataji: 32. Can work out, let’s see. Because only at this age, the brain, I mean the skull is calcified but he would be better than what he is. You tell her how to do it? Left Swadishthana. It’s all the same thing. See all this madness, schizophrenia, even cancer, is due to left Swadishthan. His possession. And you see this country when you came in, when the, when the Spaniards came, they killed so many of them. So many of them. First, when I came to America, I thought I was walking in a cemetery or what, God knows. It’s funny vibrations. And you were born in this part?

Sahaja Yogini in audience: No, I was born in France.
Shri Mataji: Huh?
Sahaja Yogini in audience: I was born in France.
Shri Mataji: No, what I’m saying on the whole. It’s so, I mean, full of these horrible people who want to take revenge with you. And they are there waiting, just to grab you. Wars, wars, wars, so many wars you had. All the time wars. In the south and north war and all those things you see. I think so many presidents were killed also, so much violence in this country has taken place.

Person like Abraham Lincoln has been killed. God can’t forgive these things, you know, He was such a great soul. Now, just see how it’s reacting. This, how many can (?) danger, for nothing at all. Everywhere they go, people are after them. Isn’t? It’s very sad. But this is what it is. You’ll find out gradually how, you see, because you have money, people became so conscious of money and, to give you an example, I’ll give you, in India, once upon a time they needed, I think, some sort of a rice. So they sent horrid rice to India, horrid Rice, Americans. And people could not eat that rice. It’s so horrid, absolutely. So they threw it out in the fields. As a result of that, a funny type of a grass started growing and they call it as, a, Congress grass and it started eating all the crops and all the things. So when I went to Maharasthra, they started saying Mother how to get rid of this one, it doesn’t, it’s like a demon, it doesn’t die whatever you may try. We’ve tried everything. Then, it rained and rained and rained and that grass was finished but there were some other seeds inside which grew up into Acachia, such big, big thorns and they were fatal to children.

All over these Acachis spread out. Even now, it is such a dangerous thing for children to play around because if you go, touches any child, the child may die. They have seen all that and this is called as a mad Acachis in India. Now, we were going to, we were having a procession when I was going in the village. They take out my procession. We had only one American with us, you see and they were all taking photographs and suddenly he got this Acachia in him. Of all the persons, this American should be chosen. Imagine, and then we had to look after him well because it’s a very dangerous thing. Of all the persons, he’s the one only was attacked, I was so surprised. Alan what? Alan Nicks, isn’t it? He got it. So I mean, if you do something like that, you see, I mean this was done by the government.

They should also, when you are helping somebody, be gracious about it. Not to send something which is so useless, isn’t it? That way Russians are very clever. They, whatever they do, they do with grace. So what happens? You get attached to Russians. You give one rupee, you give one dollar, but give it with grace, you see. And if you try to show off, Oh I’ve given you so much money, you don’t want it, isn’t it? Because it hurts yourself, that’s why. So it has been happening like that, the money consciousness has been very vulgarly expressed so many times and this is not good.

So these people have to come down at that level and to see that for helping someone you’re lucky that you can help someone, isn’t it? Because you’re better off. One must know you’re better off, so you’re helping others and it’s a very great thing God’s blessings on you that you can help others. One should think like that. The whole thing should be off love and affection and do it with love but on the contrary, the way they did it was really, they got very angry with all the people that what do think us to be? Worse than our even our beggars would not be such rice, they said. And you have to show them down, you see. And this made them very angry all these people. Off course, I mean, that problem was solved next year. No problem. But the other problems started again. (?).

So one has to understand that when you try to do good to others or anything, you must know that it is, God has made you so capable, that He’s a part and parcel of you. Whom are you helping? Yourself isn’t it? Say, my finger is sick, so I’m helping my finger. Who is the other? I’m helping myself. So, because of these little, little things also, I think God is angry because the way, we have felt about other nations, you see. After all, this is a country belonging to Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is the chakra of Vishuddhi. This America is Vishuddhi chakra, is the most important and the perfect. I mean it is a very important chakra, this one, and has to take the responsibility of the whole world, supposed to be taking, for the benevolence, for everything. On the contrary, that’s why it is so blessed because it is Vishuddhi.

But they don’t, they’re not aware of it. We should think once, why are we blessed so much? Shouldn’t we? And that’s what has happened. If you think, why are we blessed, there must be something. God wants us to do something, something much greater. This is, that has kept him (?) away from reality. That God has blessed them with a purpose.

Now, say Maharashtra, where you will be coming. Maharashtra, where our work is going on in India, is the Kundalini. Is the Kundalini of the Universe. And England is the heart of the Universe. Imagine, heart is frozen.
English people have a full heart, (1:18:35)