Talk, Eve of Guru Puja

Gmunden (Austria)


Evening before Guru Puja. Gmunden (Austria), 5 July 1986.

(Sahaja Yogis singing)

Shri Mataji: Beautiful! Now, we should have one joyous song also, after the victory of Christ.

(Sahaja Yogis singing)

Shri Mataji: May God bless you!

I find it difficult to express My joy and gratitude for all of you to come down here specially to express the thankfulness towards Austrians, who have arranged this beautiful spot for all of you to come for this puja.

One thing is that Austria has never given Me any problem. Like in the center, always standing in the right path, taking to wisdom, helping every way possible to solve the problems of other nations.

As I said that it is standing between the two extremes in geography, in the same way, it is very much so, as if it was fed up with the aggressiveness on one side and the depressiveness on the other side. (Shri Mataji laughing) It has never caused any problem of – any one of them going to the right or to the left too much. No member has done that, it’s remarkable, so give them a hand. (Applause)

Now, the word Austria, I don’t know from where it comes, but Astra in the Sanskrit language means the weapon. And if the weapon has to give you problem – then how are you going to fight? How are you going to use? It has to keep its balance and its blade clear.

Every other country and the members of those countries must try to understand how Austrians have been so sensible, so wise and not deviating, not causing problems. I can ascribe it to only one thing, that is, they have learned their lessons.

They know what it is to go to the right or to the left and that they’re extremely sincere about keeping themselves on the right path.

Actually we have very great Sahaja Yogis in every country, no doubt, individually, but collectively what we find that in every country there are problems with individuals and suddenly they come up with problems and they have no shame about it.

Suddenly they express themselves as a problem as if it has some sort of a significance. In their own understanding of Sahaja Yoga they must realize that you are chosen for a Divine work which in the history was never performed before. And a mediocre personality or the one which suddenly changes from one to another suddenly shows up, some sort of a funny behavior – it’s not meant for Sahaja Yoga.

The learning of the lesson should be that we are not obliging Sahaja Yoga; it is the Sahaja Yoga that has obliged us.

Without even thinking about the consequences, some individuals behave in such a manner that it is atrocious and against God. Those who still are carrying on and are living with all kinds of catches and problems should really leave Sahaja Yoga. That’s what we had told you before. It’s better to have few wonderful people than to have so many who are about to rot. And that is why the sincerity of purpose has to be there.

Sahaja Yoga is much greater than your life, than the lives that you have lived, than all the lives of this world put together. We have to understand what a great thing it is to be a Sahaja Yogi.

In any office if you go and if you become the head of that office, you become even more responsible for committing any mistakes and everybody watches you. Today you are the leaders of the whole world in spirituality, all of you, each one of you, but if you do not keep to a standard, to a proper understanding of Sahaja Yoga which I would say, if you are not a Sahaja Yogi, still has problems, better give up.

So even now I see some – very few though – people with problems.

And when I see Austria without any problems, I think we’ll have to have one jail also in Austria (Shri Mataji laughing) for all those who are not all right, to go down there and get some training.

I would say we should try to see why it has developed so fast in Austria without causing any problems whatsoever.

Is it that every person who comes to Sahaja Yoga in Austria is something very wonderful, or is it basically he is a very sincere man or a woman, or is it that the people who allow them to stay in Sahaja Yoga are themselves, are positive, and only take people who are top-class?

Whatever may be the reason, the result is so good that this weapon of Sahaja Yoga gives you confidence and joy. Like a mother who has children and she sees one child absolutely dependable, responsible, she can rely on them, on that person or that child, or that son or that daughter. There’s a inner feeling of tremendous relief and confidence. So I want to thank Austria for giving Me that confidence.

I wish all of you from all the countries will do the same, not to trouble your leaders but try to improve yourself in such a manner that there are no problems of any kind.

The problem that comes in the West is of a varied nature, no doubt, but because West is ego-oriented, our attention always is outside. Apart from that we catch wrong things, we also see wrong things in others and nothing in ourselves.

If you start seeing what is wrong in us, specially as related to your own country, what are the bad things you have imbibed from your own country, what are the bad things that are being accepted in your country which are very dangerous and detrimental, even destructive, that has trickled down into your own personality. If we all see that point very clearly within ourselves, try to note it down and watch yourself, where is it lurking, I think you’ll do the greatest service to your own country. Because whatever goes out of you goes out of that country.

It’s like the salt. If you have the salt taken out of any food, you don’t feel any salt in it. In the same way when all these things are sucked out of your personality, your country will be helped the most of all, that you had such great people in your own country.

I had to come to Salzburg, they said what is Salzburg is a mountain of salt and who was that? Mozart. I had to come there because of Mozart. One man, one man like him has made such a tremendous difference to this country. See what he writes, how beautifully he feels; as if he’s died with Christ to see what Christ must have faced. Why did Christ have to die? Why He should be crucified? Because He had to see the death. Himself, what is death? Because he’s eternal. What an idea.

So if one man can do so much with so many people who are realized souls, how much we can do for our country? And once we realize our importance, we can see that our life can light the beacon of tomorrow’s great world.

But this light can be hampered by people who do not realize that they have to give light to others. They have to realize that they have to give light to others, that they have to be like themselves.

Because of this basic problem of extraversion and aggressiveness one has to be very, very careful that by becoming a nuisance we’re trying to aggress God and Divine.

If you are caught up better keep out of Sahaja Yoga, voluntarily, and say, “I’m caught up, I have no business to be in the temple.”

Instead of that, as the aggressive nature is, we start blaming others. That we may feel happy because our ego is satisfied with that, but it cannot bring us joy.

Only our sincerity can give us joy. First of all, we have to be sincere to ourselves; we are here to improve ourselves, to enter into the Kingdom of God. Then we have to be extremely careful that we keep ourselves clean and give no problems of a very gross level, of a very cheap level which I do not know how to stoop down. So the members of Sahaja Yoga have to be not only saying that they’re Sahaja Yogis, they have to be Nirmal, following the religion of purity.

We believe in purity, we have to be pure and we are pure. This is what is to be seen.

The another thing which very much surprised Me how symbolically, it’s so suggestive, the word ‘Gmunden’ itself is so suggestive. In the Sanskrit language kamandal means a water carrier for a saint. A saint carries the water in a kamandal and kamandal is made out of a white gourd or you call it a pumpkin, a white one, we get in India. And cut it in such a shape that even the handle is attached to the whole thing like that, and the handle is there, beautifully shaped.

When this dries out, this fruit dries out, then it becomes like a boat and is surprisingly is not spoilt by water. So the saints in those days were not well-off like you people are, used to live in the jungles and forests and they had to use something to carry water. So they would make water carrier out of that.

I feel the shape of this beautiful lake also is something like kamandal and the whole thing is an expression that a water container which is a kamandal made for saints, great sadhus and gurus, we’re here, to cleanse ourselves with the water of this kamandal. It’s very, very symbolic, the kamandal is the symbol of the Void.

As so many things today are suggesting and showing that you have come to the right place to achieve something very great.

So I’m just trying to prepare you for tomorrow’s puja, that to accept your personality as it is and to live with it is wrong. You have to aspire and achieve a personality which is that of a Guru and tomorrow I’m going to tell you what is that.

I just wanted you to prepare yourself for that. We have come here to enjoy each other’s company, everybody’s love, attention and the knowledge. The vibrations are very good. It’s a very peaceful, silent place.

And I’m sure all this will be a beautiful nourishing factor for the establishment of that personality which is the flower of spiritual life.

We have to prepare ourselves for that. We need not be depressed or to be aggressive – in the center to see and witness ourselves and in others their greatness. And when you see others then you feel the greatness, the joy, the peace, the happiness, their contributions, their gestures, their sweetness, their smiles, and in yourself you have to see your thorns, where they’re pricking you.

So I hope tomorrow morning before going into puja all of you will go into meditation and come with that silent mind where I hope – your Mother is not like a machine, of course, but My love will act and you’ll be in a mind, state of mind which will receive and fill in the kamandalu, the kamandal, with that love and carry the water for the whole world.

It’s so nice to see so many of you here but a mother always has a little fear behind her mind. I hope there are not some people hiding behind the curtain in the garb of Sahaja Yogis and are going to bite sometime or are going to take away some good souls.

So be careful, be watchful. Could be the jackals may be in your own mind, could be outside. We have to be careful. A day should come when nothing should disturb us, nothing should spoil us. I’m sure it will happen; all of us would be in that state, enjoying the complete bliss and emitting total joy – Niranand.

May God bless you!

So to celebrate this Guru Puja I must tell you a story. I wanted to give to every country some sort of a present and I went for shopping, you know, was a busy housewife. I was tired, absolutely walking and walking and walking; couldn’t get anything sensible, came back home, very tired and then at the door somebody rang the bell.

And a little boy, not very small, I think, about twenty-two years of age, maybe, appeared on the doorstep and said he has got some paintings to sell. I said, “Really? Let’s have a look.”

And I got beautiful paintings. (Laughter) I said, “Why did I go all the way, walking all the way and feeling so tired?” (Shri Mataji laughing) But immediately after seeing the paintings all My fatigue disappeared, so beautiful.

So I think the Divine is helping Me to communicate, to talk to you in the way I want to, by doing these little, little things so important and so beautifully. So we have to distribute these presents today, that’s how we’re going to be, start our Guru Puja in a joyous manner.

May God bless you!

So, keep it. Now, one by one. So, I’ll call the name of the country, every country, and one by one try to come, the leaders have to come. This one is for Rome.

(Sahaja Yogis singing)

Shri Mataji: …who has seen the Sahaja Yogis dancing and singing the praise has seen Me in the villages of India. It is very clearly described in that. You can have a look at it how they saw the real picture of truth.

And the second one, we’ll read it out to you about the great poet in India, called Rabindranath Tagore, what he saw at Ganapatipule. Where you might see the word called Bharat. Bharat is the real word of India. India was given the name to us by Alexander (ed: the Great), but actually the real name of India is Bharat. Because there was a great king called Bharat. From there this word comes – Bharat. All right. So first they will read out the part which is about the vision he saw. Which is so clear cut. Those who have been to India have been dancing on the streets of India in villages, Indian villages. We remember exactly what it is how he saw you right there.

Sahaja Yogi: So this is an excerpt from a book by C.S. Lewis, called ‘The Great Divorce’.

Shri Mataji: C.S. Lewis from – Lewis means he is a welsh by birth, welsh people have something to do with Maharashtra, I must say, because they called Bombay as Mumbai, still. They don’t call it Bombay. And that means they must have been going to India much before the English reached there.

Sahaja Yogi: The reason why I asked: if there was another river was this: all down one long aisle of the forest the undersights of the leafy branches have begun to tremble with dancing light.

Shri Mataji: Slowly. Slowly, because they don’t understand English. So, do it slowly and deliberately. First of all, again.

Slowly, Warren, now it’s too speedy. (Laughter) Very speedy. Speed should be less, I asked you because your speed is normally very low. I think, why not ask James. James, you come along. Let’s have James.

He’s still not there.

All right. Start it.

Now he’s there. Come along. Warren is in a big speed today, I don’t know why. What are you up to? (Shri Mataji laughing) You see, because they don’t understand English, you see. So I also require little pauses.

I think it should be raised a little more to the mouthpiece. Meant for you, not for Warren. (Laughter and applause)


Sahaja Yogi: Forgive me, I’ll start again.

Shri Mataji: It’s good now.

(reading of poem)

Shri Mataji: Bring it down that height. All right.

This is about Ganapatipule, just see, how it is described. Both the poets are no more now.

Sahaja Yogi: From Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore: (“On the shores of Bharat where men of all races have come together. Awake, my mind…”)

Shri Mataji: So, just to begin with the whole thing as I said in the morning that Austria never gave Me any problems. We have to admit beyond doubt that in Sahaja Yoga Australia is the most progressive country. (Applause)

Credit must go to Dr. Warren, who has started Sahaja Yoga there and to James, who is carrying on the work of Sahaja Yoga in the absence of Warren. It’s something great.

(Gregoire translates)

Shri Mataji: And a full progress can be seen as far as the schooling is concerned in that great country of Shri Ganesha. Where school has to be established first, because it’s a Ganesha’s country, but the way they have got beautiful remarks from the government saying that whatever they proclaimed, whatever they preach, they practice. It’s such a big thing to say.

And beautiful reports they have got. And I hope that all the schools that you are going to start should be on the same pattern, same sincerity.

And for Europe we have to give full credit to Gregoire. (Applause) Sending him to Me we must give all the credit to Rajesh Shah. (Applause)

He is also doing with his friend [Jahlal?] tremendous work in India to establish a very good school.

And for England we have to give full credit to Gavin Brown who has really – despite all kinds of problems – has stood up strong and fought all the negativity in that country. (Applause)

And for America we have to give full credit to Christine, who – though being a lady – has done such well. Slowly and steadily she has established Sahaja Yoga in America. And also in Canada, in a way. (Applause)

We have to think of many people like them and those who have been very helpful to Me, from the very beginning – like Mr. [Modi?] in Bombay. (Applause)

And Rustom in Riyad. (Applause)

Now, UK we have a joint leadership and we have really a very, very strong leader there, is Dr. David, who is doing tremendous work and he is helping Gavin in a very big way. (Applause)

In Switzerland we had Arneaux, who has. (Applause)

And in Spain we have Patrick now, who is doing very well, and he’s brought these French round very well, I must say. (Applause)

But wisest of all is Guido from Italy. (Applause)

Who has come from Spain? So, please convey also to Spanish people that we have thought of our leader there, Jose. He is another very wise man.

This Austria is doing so well under the – I should say now – joint leadership of these two great people, who have organized all this and we really must admire the way everything is moving so smoothly, thanks to them. (Applause)

And Richard and Pat from Holland and Belgium.

And the most difficult one, Germany, by Hugo. (Applause)

The most formidable was started by Jamel and carried on by [Al Jahal?] in Algeria.

So one more, one more, but otherwise – there’s Sierra Leone is another very great surprise to Me, beautiful surprise came from Sierra Leone, by Peter and Christine, both of them are here, very sweet lady, and they have been able to manage it so well in that farfetched country. (Applause)

And the most fantastic is from Nepal – Herbert and Lisa. (Applause)

South – in the – we can say – East and West we have two sides of America. And in Canada also we have two persons on two sides. And one is [Laury ?], another is Steve in Canada, and we have Dave on the west coast of America.

We have to think of all of them, because they are really the Adi Gurus for you. (Applause) Steve in Boston.

Adventurous were Peter and Rosalyn (?), who went to Hongkong to establish Sahaja Yoga there. (Applause)

(part 3 after music)

We have not been to Scandinavian countries and to Greece. And we have to somehow or another start going towards Greece as well as the Scandinavian countries, if possible. But that’s rather a difficult case, let’s see what happens. (Shri Mataji laughing)

So, if we have to think from countries point of view we have had really such great leaders to help, to guide, to nourish the Sahaja Yogis.

And I’m really thankful to them all for keeping their balance and attending to Sahaja Yoga work without asking for a single pai from Me.

And we have to know that we are not going to start priesthood in Sahaja Yoga, at any cost.

The work has to be done absolutely freely. Free, I mean, free and freely.

Otherwise we’ll end up like another Christianity or something nonsensical like that.

So now, after all this you heard the description of yours that was found in some visions of these great poets. I would request you all to find out in your own languages, in your own countries there must be poets who must have described at length about Sahaja Yoga. Try to find out and we have to compile more and more of literature that announces the coming of Sahaja Yoga.

Also those who are making any poems or anything should be sent to your leaders first and then the leaders must sort it out and send it to Me. That is a much better idea, because sometimes, you see, people write all kinds of trash, nonsense, this that, they will send to Nirmala Yog. It’s not proper. You must send it to the leader. Let the leader see. The leader can appoint two, three people who understand poetry, music and should scan it properly, establish it properly and then we should put it. Because we have to show that we are quite expert in everything.

Nothing should be done haphazard, but we have to be really methodical.

We have to be very organized and in a way very understandable for others. That’s how people will be convinced that we are following Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.

All right. Thank you very much! (Applause)


Shri Mataji: Beautiful. That’s a folk – innocent dance, the folk people so innocent. They dance so innocently expressing their joy for gratitude. Beautiful! Thank you very much! (Applause)