Guru Puja: Cosmic Consciousness

Gmunden (Austria)


Guru Puja. Gmunden (Austria), 6 July 1986.

Please be seated.

I’m spell-bound to see all this beautiful expression of your love. Such attention and creativity. I must be the luckiest guru to get the outside nature reproduced here so beautifully. After seeing this, no guru can escape complete melting of his heart.

Actually, My disciples are very clever people. They can neutralize any guru. So that guru’s staff which is used for disciplining the disciple also melts away into a lotus.

Every time it’s such a beautiful surprise to see how Sahaja yogis are getting one with the Divine. The expression of their joy, the conception of the Divine you can see very clearly. This is how I want you all to sit in the Kingdom of God as I am sitting today.

We have to realise that we are now the part and parcel of that cosmic consciousness itself – the Brahma. The One that creates, which coordinates, which plans into all the details and the One that loves through its creation, through its expression is that cosmic consciousness.

We are not only in it, but we can handle it. We can regulate it, we can use it, we can work it out.

This is the state when we are in we are the guru. Guru means a thing which is higher than the gravity of the earth, or stronger than the gravity of the earth. What is the gravity of the earth? Superficially when we see that we understand it as a thing that acts on our body to keep us on the ground. Also there is a load of a big atmosphere on our head, of many elephants standing on our head. Plus the Mother Earth has the gravity to pull us towards herself.

That’s on the gross level we understand the gravity and on the gross level also we sometimes understand the Guru Principle.

On the gross level we think a good guru is that person who just attracts you towards himself – body attraction, or may be other attractions which are gross. And that’s why people always go to the gurus who are false, who are superficial. But the one who is above the gravity of the Mother Earth, the gross, the subtle, the subtle, subtler and the subtlest – beyond all these attractions – that is the one, is the guru.

So in the very gross way we see that normally people are attracted towards other through the body element, the gravity acting through the body.

A guru who looks like a cinema actor is very much appreciated. They cannot see the totality of beauty, but just one aspect.

The earlier gurus, who came as false gurus used to paint their faces even, in India.

Or they would go to special decorators, who would make their hair look like Shankara’s jatas and eyes were painted with big black coal up to this. And the whole body was covered with a funny type of a powder.

Or they would wear a kashaya, a cloth that was given a color of saffron without using the saffron. In two rupees you can get that. And people would be attracted towards such a person. They would carry an elephant, to sit on an elephant, even to add to the propensity of the superficial gravity and walk on the streets. And people would bow to them and give them whatever they wanted.

This cannot elevate anyone. Any body attraction can enslave you, cannot give you freedom. It will give you habits for your body enslavements, and also it will enslave you to your guru if he knows how to keep attractive in various ways.

The whole understanding of the cosmic consciousness can be put in one little sentence: that it cannot be attracted by the gravity of any stars, earth, moon or sun.

The other attractions one has from the Mother Earth are all for food, greed, lust – materialism at its worst. It comes from matter.

All that comes from matter, once you start getting used to it you become a slave and not a guru. So the first attempt should be for anybody: to be a good guru is to get over material attraction.

In a subtler way we can see it happens like this: a lady or a gentleman buys an ashram in Sahaja Yoga. And the Sahaja yogis start living in that ashram. The owner of that house starts worrying about the house and all material things in that house rather than the emancipation of the disciples or the Sahaja yogis who are there.

The whole attention is towards the material upkeep of the house and not towards the emancipation of the Sahaja yogis who are supposed to rise into the cosmic consciousness.

And such a person, if he starts believing that he is the guru or in any way even a Sahaja yogi, he is sadly mistaken.

Where is your attention is the point. If you are the guru, where is your attention? If your attention is on the correction and the nourishment of yourself and of others then you are first of all the Sahaja yogi. And once you rise above the gravitational force of materialism, then you could be called as the guru.

Anything that is living has a capacity to rise against the gravity, up to a point, that is limited. Like we have seen the trees, they come out of the Mother Earth and grow upward, up to a limited space.

Every tree, every type of tree has its own limitations. Cedar will be cedar and rose will be a rose. Is all controlled by the gravitational force. But there is one thing which rises against the gravitational force which has no limits, and that is your Kundalini.

It cannot be controlled by the gravitational force unless and until you want it to be controlled. Nothing can control it but you and your Self can control it. So, as soon as you become in charge of your Kundalini, you have crossed one step forward that you have overcome the force that is the gravitational force.

Then the cycle of all the five elements is bound together. All the five elements have to go in a cycle in such a way that nothing is wasted, nothing is spoiled, everything is organised. But the cycle is broken only by the awakening of the Kundalini. Because you enter into the highest of highest, which is the cosmic consciousness, which you know how to regulate yourself.

That cosmic consciousness is the Param Tattwa, is the principle of all the principles, controls all the principles. So it controls also the principles of all these five elements. It controls the Mana Shakti. It controls the evolution and gives you the power to evolve others. So, this great Brahma Shakti is at your lotus feet.

Perhaps Sahaja yogis do not realise what they have achieved. The only difference between a Adi Guru and a guru, Satguru I would say, is this that the Adi Guru knows that He is the controlling power. He knows He is with absolute oneness with the Brahma Tattwa, with the cosmic. The authority with which He talks, the complete confidence with which He says things. There’s no doubt in His mind. In anyone of His teachings He’ll say, “I verily say to you that confidence that I am with the Brahma Tattwa, that I am the Brahma and that I am controlling all that Tattwa,” makes Him a prophet.

Because whatever He says, prophesizes, is the truth. Whatever He says about the past is the truth. And He knows that; He has no doubts.

The authority with which Moses talked, authority with which Socrates talked, authority with which Lao Tse talked – all these great Adi Gurus, from Adi Nath to Sai Nath, they didn’t say, “If you do this way will be good, or that way would be good.” No, “This is what it is, you better do it!” This is what it is.

But in modern times those gurus may not work out. That’s why a Mother had to come. First to give you realisation.

Because these gurus did not realise another point: that their disciples not understand them at all. Whatever they are doing, they are doing out of awe. But awe doesn’t have understanding in it. Or even the earlier ones may have had, the generation that came afterwards did not have.

So they turned the gurus into a façade and the whole building they owned as their own. Creating all kinds of problems, killing the universality and the collectivity because Brahma Tattwa is the power of the collectivity. Is in everything – in the atom, in the molecule, in the human heart. Everywhere it is reflected, depending on the reflector. And it controls. This understanding they had, but the human understanding perhaps they did not have. That if you today tell them something they might listen to us, but tomorrow they will forget.

So, it was necessary that you all should be given realisation. Otherwise, also without realisation, what’s the use? What’s the use of talking to people about the colours, those who don’t have eyes? So realisation has to be given. But it should not be done with diffidence. When a guru does not feel vibrations properly, he become diffident about giving realisation. But even when he feels it clearly he will not say things with authority. Authority by any chance does not mean aggressiveness. Authority is because you have it, that’s why you express it.

Like this light is now shining on My face. It is shining; it’s not aggressive. Because that’s the quality it has got – that it has to shine, so it is shining.

In the same way a guru shines before the disciples. It’s very easy to understand this word shine. When you have something dirty, it doesn’t shine. Even the gold which is always shining, is not tarnishable, if you put it under the mud it won’t shine. So you have to wash it, clean it and rub it nicely so that it shines.

But in Guru Tattwa it is from the basics you have to start. Before the gold came into its own state of gold it was mixed with so many other things. So it had to be heated up, melted away, sieved out, and so many processes it had to go through to become gold. So, when you become Sahaja yogis, you have become gold.

Now, the second job is to keep this gold shining. And third would be to get a part in the crown of your Mother, so that you can never be tarnished.

Into these three stages one has to come. First of all to judge yourself to be a guru you have to have a gravity of your own, which is not bound by the gravity of the Mother Earth. That’s the minimum of minimum.

Which does not mean you wear outside the kashaya, the dress that suggests that you are a sanyasi. But from inside you should be a sanyasi. Now a sanyasi who is inside a sanyasi will have a big bank balance, maybe, but will know nothing about it. Will be very indifferent and any day willing to part with it.

A sanyasi has to be a person above lust. Should not know what is a lust is, what is this attraction of lust is. That through his Kundalini and Mooladhara he can achieve it. Because now you have a capacity to rise above the gravity.

You have got that power now to rise about this lust business where your attention gets absolutely ruined.

But in Sahaja Yoga we have everything.

Like on Indian streets you’ll find the most modern car, a Rolls Royce, Mercedes as well as you can find a bullock cart and also lots of cows and buffalos, everything there. In the same way, I think, in Sahaja Yoga we have all kinds.

We have some people who are very great and try to achieve a state of untarnishability, put their attention to it, work it out. But we also have people who are absolutely useless things, just hanging onto Sahaja Yoga to use Sahaja Yoga for their own popularity, maybe, for their own gains. I don’t know for what.

I have seen people who give lectures in the name of Sahaja Yoga and are badly caught up. There is that gravity acting in you, remember that. The gravity of the Mother Earth. Some sort of a gravity which should be located. But some of them are nothing but worms, they cannot go higher. And the outsiders see those worms only and try to say that Sahaja Yoga is no good.

Your Kundalini has the power, it has all the powers to make you the highest of highest. An ordinary grass can become a cedar. There’s no limits to it. But you must have confidence in yourself and confidence in Sahaja Yoga. If you don’t have confidence in yourself or in Sahaja Yoga, nothing can work it out. But the highest of all is the sincerity which nobody can instil in you. There are so many descriptions of a guru, how a Satguru should be. Not in the West, I didn’t see that, because I think they never believed in gurus, but they have lots of gurus, like Pope is another horrible, fake guru sitting here. Then we have another one, Bishop of Canterbury sitting there.

All of them are false gurus, know nothing about Kundalini, don’t know anything Brahma. And they just want to denounce Indian ideas not because they are Indian, but because if Sahaja Yoga is established they will lose all their earnings. From where will they get their money and their crowns? So they want to propound that they are the solution, achieving nothing, spoiling the name of Christ, saying all kinds of things against Him, stupidly, without knowing the Divine.

Then we have many in the Islam, horrible people, just the opposite of Mohammed Sahib, doing all wrong things in the name of Mohammed Sahib. It’s something like one can understand that a thief has to become an imposter to behave like a king to show that he is not a thief and to have his thieving done. This is how they are, all of them. Right from India we have many Brahmins of the same category. This priesthood has to go. Wherever there is a priest, know it’s a mafia. It’s a sophisticated mafia.

No Sahaja yogi guru is going to take any money, nor anybody is going to bow to them. Nor they are going to take any kind of special attention. In the sense in one place we had a ashram where the guru and the guruvi became very important, and the guruvi wanted her tea to be sent on her bed with a proper table, and she became a mini-Mataji – or a greater Mataji, because I don’t demand many things which she demanded. I never demand anything, whatever you do is very great for Me.

And this is how they felt they were great gurus by asking for this privilege and that privilege. Guru has to suffer the most, that’s how he can command. He has to be the example of austerity and of detachment, that’s how he is going to get respect. In Sahaja Yoga nobody is going to respect anybody because that guru has made so much money out of Sahaja yogis.

But the attention on money itself of Sahaja yogis itself is suggestive that they are not Sahaja yogis. For example, when you wanted to collect money – I mean, I never asked for a house or anything. The idea came from some Sahaja yogis – there should be a house for Me. Who can house Me? Just think of it. Is it possible? Is it possible to house Me? Not possible. So, with the purpose and with My name, we could have something done in the heart of the universe where everybody is sleeping practically. We had to do something dynamic there. And I heard that some stupid people started arguing on that. That’s again the sign of not understanding. If Mother has said, “Yes,” She would not do it for no reason.

So, the power of understanding only come when we become the power of cosmic consciousness. Because cosmic consciousness understands each and every thing; sitting down here you can understand every thing, you don’t have to go there. Everything. And because your Mother is a Mahamaya it may not show, but it will expose one day. So you have to depend on that part of Sahaja Yoga, that it is a Mahamaya’s job. So we should not get disturbed or upset, it will show.

So, you are doubly blessed. First of all you got your realisation, which they say is the hardest of hardest thing to get. You have overcome the gravity. And secondly, your Mother is the Mother of all the Adi Gurus. She’s the One who taught all the Adi Gurus. She created the Adi Gurus and She’ll create out of you the Adi Gurus.

But the quality has to be of gold. The guru has to himself accept all the challenges, everything, to go through it. To work it out, to cleanse himself, to see for himself how far he has reached. He has not just to depend on some certificates of you people. It’s not artificiality; it is not falsehood, is reality. And when you come to reality you must know that you have to be satisfied about yourself. Then comes the confidence. That’s how the authority comes in, that you are sure of yourself that whatever you are doing is the reality. Reality and nothing else.

And this power is within you. The Kundalini is within you; She is your own Mother. All your life you have wasted in doing all kinds of things. People have gone into lots of penances doing anti-culture, great jobs of ruining themselves and destroying themselves. What did they gain? Then they started another sort. They are busy now with another trip, and they’ll be busy tomorrow with another trip. Or whatever they do stupid they do it so seriously.

That’s the most surprising thing is. And to all the details, you know? Nothing should be missing. The complete stupidity must be achieved with full sincerity. That surprises Me the most. And then – what confidence! If you ask Me, “Why did you do it?” He said, “What’s wrong?” You’re amazed. There should be a new word rather than bumptiousness for this kind of thing.

That you cut your nose and when the doctor asks you, “Why did you cut it?” he says, “What’s wrong? I’ve done it well, better than you could do.”

This is how human nature is – that stupid. But when it comes to reality, how are you?

Devastatingly we work out our destruction. Our construction and our ascent – do we do it that assiduously, with that caution, with that care, with that detailed understanding?

And the best part of it that when you are doing it you get joyous – immediately rewarded.

For example, doing all this you must have all enjoyed, no doubt. Anything that you do in the name of God is immediately rewarded, the subtlest of subtle in the form of joy. And grossest of grossest in the form of all kinds of things.

So why not do it, something with complete understanding? Meticulously, carefully. Why not? With full attention and concentration. Because the reward is joy.

Ultimately what do we seek is nothing but joy. Rationally we understand, but not from the heart. It doesn’t go in the heart easily. Now people are saying, “Mother, open my heart.” How am I to open it? Just tell Me. One has to go for an open heart surgery, I think, the way things are. To open your heart the guru has to be generous. Whatever these other agurus are doing, just the opposite of that. What have you given?

For example, you are having some people with you in your house – and you are the guru. What have you given to them? On material level, let us see. Then on physical level, have you ever massaged their head? I have massaged so many people’s head. At least fifty percent of you had that. What physical comfort you have given to that person? If you are the guru, then what is the emotional confidence you have given to that person? If you are shouting for that person, “Why did you keep it there? Why didn’t you keep it here?”

Also it is vice-versa among human beings. If you try to be nice to somebody that person becomes ego-oriented. Dangerous stuff, you know. You are nice to somebody, you are kind to that person, you give him some money, or you give him something then they say, “You go, come and see that person,” I’m surprised sometimes, how can it be? But it happens. I mean, I have been victim of such a nonsense. The people had to say, “Mother, You have spoiled that person.” But I just don’t know, how can I spoil?

Why it happens? Because human beings have another great quality that they cannot understand that anybody can care for them, because they cannot care for anyone. Anybody cares for them they become egoistical.

I’ve known about some Indians who went abroad and people thought Indians have come as if Adi Gurus have come. They can be worse than you people. And are, no doubt. And then you start worshipping them as Indians. And then you understand that this is just a donkey from India you have brought, which is kicking you all the time.

The image of that Indian goodness is not there. Because of this problem the guru finds it impossible how to deal with the disciples.

But there is a solution: leave it to your Mother and I’ll put them right. All such problems you can leave it to Me. When people try to take advantage of you or take to ego, tell them, “Now I’m going to leave it to Mother, I’m not going to look after you any more.” That will settle them right.

They do not know that this cosmic consciousness is also very mischievous. It has lots of mischiefs up its sleeves. And it can work out such mischiefs that people are amazed and aghast. So, all such problems, if you cannot deal you can leave it to Me. And another one is to their Kundalini, to tell them that they are catching on this or catching on that. It’s your duty to tell them that “You’re catching on your ego. Better be corrected.”

Now, all of you can become gurus. Every one of you can become gurus and can develop that great capacity to be one with that cosmic consciousness, completely out of the clutches of the gravity of the earth – materialism. Without achieving that you have no right to tell anybody what is to be done.

First it should be your practice and precept in your own life, in your own example. And then your example is sufficient to convince others.

Today, through this understanding that you have to rise above the gravitational force of materialism which is today’s religion everywhere, whatever they may call it. Whether it is communism or capitalism or democracy or demonocracy. Whether it is Christianity, Hinduism, Islam or any other nonsense – all of that is nothing but materialism in its all absurd forms. Kundalini is the only thing that can take you like the stalk of the lotus out of this mud of materialism.

And that is what one has to achieve, specially in the West. It goes in the subtle and subtler and subtlest forms, so be on the lookout, and ultimately it expresses itself as ego.

All materialists are egoistical, racist – they are robbers and plunderers. They go to other countries like South Africa and settle down nicely, robbers and plunderers. And extracting the wealth of another.

All this can become very sophisticated and beautified – we have to fight that. But to fight that we have to get out of it completely. Otherwise we cannot fight it when we are in it. So all of us should try to get out of it fully. It does not mean that you should all take out your clothes and say that “We have given up everything.” That’s another style it has started now. It means that you respect all that is beautiful, you respect all that is good, but you are not dominated by anything. You are not in the clutches of anything.

If I want I can wear a gold chain, otherwise nothing, doesn’t bother, I don’t care. That should be the attitude: if I have, or if I have to, I will.

Nothing can dominate Me. Nothing can give Me status. I stand on My own status and on My position and on My authority. Because I’m that pure consciousness. Nothing can spoil Me, nothing can bring Me down, nothing can bow Me. I cannot make anyone dominated by Me either.

This is how we are going to become great gurus. Imagine – six hundred and twenty people are here and one guru is sufficient to change the whole world. With six hundred and twenty gurus, God save the world now.

There’s a beautiful saying of Adi Shankaracharya, Tad Nishkala, about Brahma Tattwa. I am that Brahma. On that. If you have? Let Me see. That’s the best way to understand what you are. Just bring it. It’s very famous. Have you got it?

Sahaja yogi: Dakshina Murti?

Shri Mataji: No, not that, another one. Just bring it. Have you got the book?

This is the one. This one is the one. We just read it in English language.

When you have got your Nirvana, what happens to you – it says that.

Guido reads:

OM, I’m neither the mind, Intelligence, ego nor chitta, Neither the ears nor the tongue, Nor the senses of smell and sight, Neither ether nor air, Nor fire nor water nor earth, I am eternal bliss and awareness.

I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

I am neither the prana, Nor the five vital breaths, Neither the seven elements of the body, Nor its five sheaths, Nor hands, nor feet, nor tongue, Nor other organs of action. I am eternal bliss and awareness. I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

Neither fear, greed nor delusion, Loathing nor liking have I, Nothing of pride or ego, Of dharma or liberation, Neither desire of the mind, Nor object for its desiring. I am eternal bliss and awareness. I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

Nothing of pleasure and pain, Of virtue and vice do I know, or mantra, or sacred place, or Vedas or sacrifice, Neither I am the eater, The food nor the act of eating. I am eternal bliss and awareness. I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

Death or fear, I have none, Nor any distinction of caste, Neither father nor mother, Nor even a birth have I, Neither friend, nor comrade, Neither disciple, nor guru. I am eternal bliss and awareness. I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

I have no form or fancy, The all-pervading I am, Everywhere I exist, And yet I am beyond the senses, Neither salvation I am, Nor anything to be known. I am eternal bliss and awareness. I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

Shri Mataji: That’s what you are. You are eternal bliss and awareness. The consciousness, the pure consciousness.

I think, this must be – everybody must remember by heart. And must say in all the ashrams. That’s a very good way of remembering what you are.

May God bless you!

Sahaja Yogis sing Satchitananda Rupam Shivoham Shivoham.

Shri Mataji: Now all the leaders have to come on the stage today to help with the puja.

Yesterday I could not take the name of all the leaders who were very good, who have come very recently and are doing great work like, persons like Xavier I would say, he has been appointed only a few months back in Milano and he is doing such a good work. And there are other people, say in Venice. And also we see that recently some leaders have been appointed in Melouse and Montpellier. They are doing very good work, I get very good reports about that place. I’m amazed how the new centres have coming up so well. Even in Australia there are many new centres that have come up which are doing such good work.

In England there are so many new centres that have started and we are doing good work. Some of the old people are dropping out, but the new people are coming up are very good. We find it all over, all over this kind of thing happening now. A new dynamic leadership is coming from people and I’m amazed how they have joined very recently as leaders of smaller places and are doing so good in every country.

Even to take all the names may not be possible, but I feel that so many of them have been really doing such a good job that only Divine can explain it.

It’s the Divine’s great blessings that we have got all the right people. Sahaja Yoga is definitely progressing. It should not progress faster than the Divine wants it to progress, and so we should accept that speed.

But still we should try our level best, because it is our job to try and work out as much as possible and as far as we can go.

May God bless you all.

All those who are working in smaller places as leaders, for everyone I get report and I understand them and I have tremendous feeling for all of them. But some of the places where there are smaller ashrams and things, problems are cropping up and I’m surprised how still these problems are there. So everybody must try to correct oneself – should become an example of compassion, love and understanding.

And I hope I will have no reports at least about the leaders or their wives specially, the wives. Wives is a big problem, I wish I had told something about the wives, maybe this evening I might be able to speak about the wives of the leaders. I’ve been speaking about them all the time. So, the wives have a greater responsibility because they are the source of compassion and not of disciplining. They are the source of joy and not of controlling. They are the source of motherliness and not guruness. So they have to be very different personalities. Instead of that they think, “We are guru’s wives, so we can do what we like. We can dominate people, and shout at people and can arrange everything ourselves.” No, they have to be completely on the background. And for that I can mention it so many of them are very good wives, who have shown great, great understanding of their role as Sahaja yoginis.

So, I would request you not to become gurus yourself, but to become guruvis. And guruvis are the ones who look after the other side of the guru which may be neglected because of his disciplining nature which he has to have. And they are the ones who are the cementing factor. If the guru is the brick, they are the cements. But it acts sometimes other way round. So, I didn’t say much about them, but I hope this evening I might say something about them.

May God bless you!