Press Conference, Time has come to become the Spirit Vienna (Austria)

Press Conference. Vienna (Austria), 7 July 1986.
Alright we are here to inform you about a power which is within us and the power that can give you what is promised by all the saints, scriptures and all the incarnations.
Today when you see the young people in every country – especially in the West – you`ll find they are not satisfied with their own atmosphere, their lives and they think that there is something missing and they are extremely confused. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Challenge the Past and Future Vienna (Austria)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Vienna (Austria), 7 July 1986.
[I thank them] …again for what they achieved in Guru Puja. The way the [autel ?] was arranged so beautifully and organized so beautifully, so that nobody felt any strain whatsoever.
Of course in Sahaja Yoga there are always ups and downs. As you have seen, we try to do our level best, but still sometimes you feel that there can be some mistakes we might have committed. […]